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R to L (Japanese Style). What would be a present that's better than your past?It's simply this...You're here,And I'm here....

Title : We Were There, Vol. 6
Author :
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ISBN : 9781421520230
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 200 Pages
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We Were There, Vol. 6 Reviews

  • Ale
    2019-04-01 23:18

    Chapter 21La perrita se llama Lalami.Lalami.Nanami.Lalami.Estoy llorando.Chapter 22No hagan esto t.tAHHH AYUDA LAS LAGRIMAS este fue el mejor de los capítulos chaoChapter 23Chapter 24/>AY YA YAYAYAYSHASYDAD

  • Emma
    2019-04-07 18:19

    I'm really interested to see where this story goes. I'm coming up to the end of high school in volume 8, which takes place after highschool. I'm still rooting for Takeuchi, but it's interesting to learn more about Yano. I read in the back that the mangaka, Yuki Obata, tries to match the season in the manga with its season of publication, which makes the characters age quickly. It's really fun to experience them aging and changing!

  • Kristen
    2019-04-10 18:42

    Ugggghhhhhh. I'm starting to hate Yano. I just want her to get together with the non-shitty guy and that's what's pushing me to keep reading at this point.

  • Christina
    2019-03-23 22:30

    Yano's long time best friend, Takeuchi, has fallen in love with Nanami and now that her and Yano have broken up, Take can no longer hold back.Yano and Takeuchi race against each other and through the crowd to find Nanami, both to confess their own feelings to her.In the end, Take decides to say nothing and allow himself to play a part in the destiny that helps support Nanami and Yano as a couple... for now.After meeting with Yano, Nanami decides that unless he can admit his lingering feelings for Nana-san, Nanami will continue to refuse to get back together with him.Will Yano be able to break down the wall that he has built up these past two years, all for the sake of his new love? Or will he continue to run away from his feelings forever?

  • Soobie can't sleep at night
    2019-04-14 20:22

    Povero Take! Povero Take!! Povero Take!!!Costretto a lasciar campo libero al suo migliore amico. E poi, caspita, chi glielo dice a Yano che quando una ragazza dice NO è no. Non è forse, non è un sì nascosto, bensì un semplice NO.C'è una cosa che mi lascia perplessa. La sorella di Take gli consiglia di non dichiararsi, se sa che nulla cambierà. E visto che io sto seriamente pensando di dichiararmi a qualcuno che mi rifiuterà sicuramente... beh, mi sento un po' coinvolta. Ecco. Take è più nobile di me, però. Perché se io dovessi farlo, beh, è solo perché sono IO ad aver bisogno di some closure, non perché lui debba per forza conoscere i miei sentimenti. Va beh, la vita che entra tra i libri...

  • Niratisaya Niratisaya
    2019-04-03 19:20

    Ketertarikan awal karena gaya gambar Obata yang simpel, nggak terlalu sok dipercantik dengan berlebihan, tapi begitu baca....agak kecewa, karena plotnya terkesan simpel.Tapi begitu sampai di volume 2 dan seterusnya.....uwaaah....keren!dalam artian apalagi di bagian yang menyinggung tentang kematian pacar Yano dan kelanjutan hubungan Yano dengan Nanami.not a happy ending, though, but not all ending must be happy. Right?

  • Jenten0018
    2019-04-08 01:27

    Can't wait to read the next volume. I wonder what Nana would have said if Take had been honest about his feelings for her. I believe that she does love, Yano, but somehow I wonder if their relationship will really be okay. something tells me there are still obstacles up ahead.

  • Snow
    2019-03-30 20:31

    read for fun

  • VampireAngelSadist
    2019-04-17 23:34

    I know I read this book a long time ago, but I love it anyway. Everything about it so.. I just can't find the words, I've yet to find a manga as amazing as this one, and I probably won't ever will.

  • Kimikimi
    2019-04-15 23:42

    Full review on last volume

  • Evey Morgan
    2019-04-16 21:37


  • Jace
    2019-04-11 19:38

    The first and the best shoujo manga I have ever read nothing made me feel what I felt the same as We Were there did.

  • Rosario Rolon
    2019-03-24 17:36

    To think Takeuchi will fall in love with her .I thought they p'd make a good couple and all .He is a good man .And that is rare.The dog is so cute .

  • Mehsi
    2019-03-31 21:45

    Another amazing, lovely volume of this manga. So much love <3 So glad Nanami and Yano (view spoiler)[ got back together. Kyaaa finally! (hide spoiler)]

  • Gaby
    2019-03-19 23:23

    Hmmm... Creo que me quedaré con Takeuchi, Yano es un encanto y todo pero demasiado volátil.