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[Penguin Readers Level 2]Original / American English Audrey Hepburn was a beautiful and great actress. When there were unhappy times for her, Audrey always showed a warm, friendly face to the world. The world loved her, and people love her now!...

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Audrey Hepburn Reviews

  • Kiko Kawashima
    2018-12-27 15:17

    1. Penguin Readers Level 22. 1 hour 30 minures3. Audrey Hepburn / Ballet Dancer / Acteress / succesful / life 4. a. This book tells us the life of Audrey Hepburn, who is very big actress, she was born in aristocratic family but her parents devorced when she was six years old. Meanwhile, her mother had continued paying money for ballet school that Audrey had gone for a long time. But people around her said that she does not have a future for ballet dancer because she is too tall to be that. However, her actress star life bagan with then.b. In spite of her success, there was much sadness in her life.Her two marriages did not last and several pregnanciesended with her losing her baby. In later life, she turnedher back on the world of movies and acting and workedinstead with deprived children in some of the poorer countries of the world. I think that she is very beautiful women who can feel a pain of other people because she also had experienced some hardships.5. She could not be ballet dancer because of her height, but she successed as big actress. She was popular as the position of pretty comedian actrees but If she plays the position as bad or general women, she had a gap with expectation of people around her. I read this book feeling her life that is not free and uncomfortable because she was big actress.

  • Mizuki Touda
    2019-01-11 07:28

    1. Penguin Readers Level 2 2. 04/12 = 120 minutes 3. Audrey Hepburn DancingActress MarryBaby divorce United Nations4. a. This story is about Audrey Hepburn. She was a famous actress in the world. She wanted to be a ballet dancer when she was a child. However, one day the ballet school told her “I’m sorry, but you’ll never be a famous dancer. You’re too tall.” She was sad, but then something happened. It was work as an actress. Producers remembered her from the ballet school. So they choose her as an actress in the movie and musical. Roman Holiday is a very famous movie in the world. She was a main character in this movie. She made a lot of famous movies in her life. The people loved her movies. When she was a young, she was poor and hungry. So she wanted to help poor and hungry children too. She worked for the united Nations when she became older.b. I liked this words " My family was always more important to me than my movies" I thought that she always think about her family. I also think that family is important for me. Therefore, I could have same feeling with her. 5. I have never watched her movies. Therefore I thought that I want to watch it and know her performance through her movies. I found that there were many troubles in her life. But she always smiled to everyone!!

  • Aoi Kaneko
    2019-01-13 08:11

    1. PENGUIN READERS, level 22. 04/08 15minutes 04/09 15minutes 04/10 20minutes 04/13 30minutes3. beatiful, great, actress, friendly, smile, singing, dancing4. a) "God has a beatiiful new angel now." b) When she died, Elizabeth Taylor said this passage. I like this passage because I can know everyone likes Audrey. it's a wonderful things. And it implies that the way of Audry's life. She lived like an angel and lived her life she wanted to do, singing and dancing. 5. I could know her life very much. She was a great actress, wife and mother. She was very beatiful so many men spoke to her. I thought she has a lot of relationships and problems. And she lost her baby twice. It was very sad things. She worked hard but I thought she have to take care her body than her jobs. However she could have baby and good husband. She had various happy or difficult things but her life was wonderful.

  • Ayumi
    2019-01-18 13:25

    -PENGUIN READERS LEVEL2-Time: 10/12= 60 minutes-7 words summary= Audrey Hepburn, gave up, dream, but, come true, another, dream-Discussion Question1. Have you ever watched the movie "Roman Holiday"?A. Yes, I have! I think it is immortal masterpiece! Audrey was very beautiful.2. Who is your favorite actress? Why do you like her?A. I like Keiko Kitagawa very much. She is very cute and also smart because she graduated from Meiji University!I have watched only "Roman Holiday". This movie was very good. Audrey was very beautiful.However, I found that Audrey didn't success everytime. She also had mistaakes. I'm encouraged by it. I don't have to afraid to make mistakes!

  • Jessica
    2018-12-26 13:31

    What does this book remind me of? -Audrey Hepburn's great actress.Why do I like this book?-When there were unhappy times for her, then she know how to fix that.Why do I dislike this book?--What did I learn from this book?- some people need they act is bad but just face is nice, they need like Audrey Hepburn's act.What is the best character and why?-Audrey Hepburn, When there were unhappy times for her, Audrey always showed a warm.What will happen if there is a sequel?--

  • Rebecca
    2018-12-28 09:09

    I had watched Roman Holiday and Charde before I read this book.In the movie Audrey was just a pretty girl. But after reading this book I found how hard she tried to make good movies.In the later part of her life, she devoted herself to help poor and hungry children in Africa. I think it's a great thing for a famous actress to do such good activity.

  • Mayuko Miwa
    2018-12-22 10:03

    I don't like long stories because I'm bad at reading but I could read even long story for me. This book told me detail Audrey's life from both side of private and work. I have't watched many Audrey's movies but this book made me want to watch her movies.

  • Lolwa
    2019-01-09 11:17

    This book talked about her life and how she became actor.If you are new in reading English books I advise you to read this book because it is eassyIt is very nice book.

  • Mariam Hamzatoof
    2019-01-03 13:08

    It's not bad.

  • Namiko
    2019-01-04 13:14

    Audrey Hepburn passed away in 1993! I didn't know I lived when I was grow-up.

  • Yuki
    2018-12-30 07:05

    1 Penguin Readers , level 22 05/12=15minutes 05/13=20minutes 05/16=30minutes