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Norma Jean's Sun Memoir ( Based on a True Story ) "A Wonderful commentary on the very things that make us all human" "Brave honesty of confession, makes the book unique" "Touching story, full of hope" The story is not only convincingly true, but will rivet the reader with its genuine and unassuming pathos. It is this kind of brave honesty of confession and growing philosopNorma Jean's Sun Memoir ( Based on a True Story ) "A Wonderful commentary on the very things that make us all human" "Brave honesty of confession, makes the book unique" "Touching story, full of hope" The story is not only convincingly true, but will rivet the reader with its genuine and unassuming pathos. It is this kind of brave honesty of confession and growing philosophy that makes the book unique. Miraculous tale of how a boy, born into unimaginable physical and emotional pain and destined to be a misfit, finds his way in a world of "others." Few could survive so many torturous years of surgical intervention and a ensuing lifelong struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction and come out ahead. This moving tale reveals not only the struggle and heartrending elements of generational lives "gone wrong," but also the love and growth of a human being overcoming the odds and determined to find a way to live life to the fullest. Based on a true story, the author's unapologetic prose prompts enduring ethical questions and makes a gripping, personal read. Norma Jean's Sun is painfully reflective yet ultimately hopeful, a story told through the eyes of a boy who believes he has been mistakenly born into the world and a man who conquers physical and emotional injustice--and thrives. The reader will be challenged to answer the difficult questions of right and wrong as they may apply to his or her own life. It is clear that it is the hope of this author that the reader's conclusions will lead to a more fulfilled view of the "parallel beauty that lives just beneath the surface for us all."...

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Norma Jean's Sun Reviews

  • Bruce
    2018-12-27 11:01

    I just finished reading this book and I'm emotionally exhausted. I actually know the author because we are alumni of the same high school and have acquainted ourselves on Facebook. Reading this book took me back to places that have been relegated to my long ago past. Although we didn't share many of the same experiences, there were some tangential lines that not only could I completely relate to but I relived as I read his words. He is an artist and he writes like what I would expect an artist to write like, painting a picture with his words and exposing emotion and reality with his honesty.

  • Joy
    2019-01-18 11:15

    It took me a little while to finish this book. It was a heartfelt loving story about family and life. If you like those things you would like this book.

  • Giddy Girlie
    2019-01-07 08:18

    The author has a very interesting story to tell as he recounts his family life beginning with his grandparents and on through his own adult life. However, I think he focuses a bit too much outwardly. Based on the first maybe 50% of the book, it seems that the author is intrigued with his family history for one small reason: his grandparents were also cousins. It was/is taboo and caused some friction within the family and in their small town. The author spends a good deal of time detailing their love story, as if in an effort to convince the reader that they're not bad people - they were just in love and happened to be related. I don't think it was really necessary to justify it that much to an outside audience (because, let's face it, cousins marrying each other isn't really that big of a deal in this modern world). The need to justify that to the reader, I believe, has to do with the fact that some of the family members had health conditions (both minor and major) that they believed were "caused" by being part of an incestuous bloodline. There was a lot of resentment and guilt all around. It's really too bad that no one ever had a better understanding of genetics. The afflictions, at least as outlined in this book, are NOT "caused" by their lineage and I think any geneticist could have told them that. Unfortunately, the family did not have that level of information which set the tone for a lot of secret resentments and hurt feelings even before the author is born. And when he is born, with significant malformations of his limbs, it seems to send the family into another shame spiral. He is, by all accounts, handled to the best of their abilities. He has numerous surgeries and corrective braces, etc. but beyond the medical care what he needed was some compassion instead of a need to be insular and hide. He and his mother move across the country many times each time severing friendships and interactions with the community - which are important to a child's development, especially one who is shy. Ultimately, this leaves a young man who lacks confidence and ends up getting himself in all manner of trouble for many, many years before finally settling down and writing this book.I think the story was good and the author clearly has a passion for his topic. I would have liked to see more from his perspective, rather than through the smudgy lens of the family history. He has a unique view of the world - someone born into a family of 'secrets' and shame, someone who has overcome physical challenges, someone who has persevered through adversity, someone who has had problems with drugs and alcohol, and someone who has overcome all of those things. THAT is the story that I would like to see developed, from his own first-hand view. Maybe a future book?

  • Cherie Atkins
    2019-01-07 06:53

    Wow, I couldn't put the book down so I read it in one sitting. Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes, definitely!! I identified three stories in one. First there was the history of the family. I enjoyed reading about life in small town middle America during the middle of the last century. Family secrets are always intriguing, as are family tragedies that serve to derail life as the players know it. Those tragedies, along with an apparent predisposition to alcoholism, set the stage for much of the immense suffering that followed. That suffering is what I considered the second story within the book. Finally, there was the miracle of survival, talent and joy, which left me as a reader almost overwhelmed by the power of God, as I understand Him. By the end of the book I had witnessed acceptance of some awful truths, courage to change circumstances within human power, and yes, wisdom. At the end of the book I had a vague wish that some of the earlier players had been able to better manage their own realities. I didn't dwell on that however, as it would have changed the second story, and then the third story might not have unfolded as it has.

  • Sharon Bressen
    2019-01-03 14:09

    Norma Jean’s SunBy Kris CourtneyThis e-book was received from the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program in exchange for a review.This book tells the frank story of the consequences that occurred when cousins ignore common sense rules and marry. The author is the son of such a family. Knowing it was wrong to be married; his grandparents (who were cousins) ignored society and followed their hearts. Fearing the outcome of this forbidden love, every member of the family dreads the birth of a new child. When Norma Jean’s son is born with multiple disabilities, they begin to understand who now must confront an unforgiving world and pay the price for their decisions. The second half of the book deals with the author as he makes his way through life.Two additional points:1. The photographs included in the book assisted the reader in understanding the characters.2. The numerous typo’s and grammatical errors contributed to the development of Norma Jean’s son.The jumping from past to present was a little confusing, but in the end I would recommend this book because I did enjoy his incredible and poignant story.

  • Ryan
    2019-01-16 14:54

    Note: I received a free copy of this book via Goodreads' "First Reads" program.The memoirs of Kris Courtney, an American artist born with several physical limitations that set him apart as an outsider growing up in middle-of-the-century rural America.It's not the most complimentary of memoirs - Courtney spares no details in outlining how both his physical differences and family difficulties led him into a descending spiral of depression and substance abuse.It's clear from reading it that Courtney's an inexperienced author; the prose seems clunky at some times, and he seems at times to be trying to make amends with his past as much as he is telling a compelling story. He bares his soul to the world with it, though, which is a courageous thing to do.

  • Beth
    2019-01-11 11:14

    This book is a labor of love. It covers a man's life gone horribly wrong - the author's. It is an example of how history can repeat itself. The story begins with an abusive step father, and cycles forward. Many times a person is able to rise above his situation, to varying degrees. Clearly, this is not one of those examples. In this regard, it is a painful reminder of human weakness. At the end, you wish for some redemption, but there is none. Of any change this novel may wish to impart, it is hoped to be one where a family is reunited, apologies are given (and clearly lived out), and no one is left to live or die alone.

  • Krissy
    2018-12-29 11:10

    The reason I am only giving this book one star has nothing at all to do with the story. It has to do with the writing style, which I just couldn't get into at all. Honestly, not to put myself down or anything, but it almost seemed too smart for me, if that makes any sense. Well, maybe not smart, mature would be a better word. It seems like the kind of book my mother or grandmother would enjoy reading. So I feel a little bad for rating it this way, and I hope the author understands my reasoning. I really did try, I just couldn't get into it.

  • Merrie
    2019-01-17 15:00

    Although seemingly going in depth, this book covers a very long span of time and frequently skims along the surface, touching lightly on events and time frames with little explanation and detail. Perhaps because there was so much subject matter to explore. I felt like I was missing something because there were often huges gaps in time. And the reflections stuck out of time in the middle of things were sometimes distracting. I must give the author credit, however, for laying a clearly painful life bare for all to see and contemplate.

  • Judy Lee
    2019-01-06 13:56

    Very well written story of the tapestry of lives within a family.Join Mr Courtney on his journey of how families and the people they connect with become interwoven throughout the years. This is a story of strength and sheer will power overcoming the physical and emotional bricks that are handed to us as children, what you build with them are the choices we make as we continue in this life.

  • Michael Decamp
    2019-01-02 09:12

    This is a heart-felt and honest look at one individual's own life, a life of extreme physical difficulty and family strife followed by internal pain and a fog of chemical self-abuse. Through all that mess, he emerges on the other side to be a man of integrity and purpose. I think most of us could find some part of ourselves in the story, and maybe, just maybe we can hope to better understand the pain of another man's personal demons. Thank you Kris for sharing your story.

  • Diane Pollock
    2018-12-22 09:21

    A fascinating instospective history. The story is compelling, that of a deformed child and his family. There is much that is good here, but the style is somewhat offputting. While his mother is the apparent focus of the tale, she never comes clearly into being...most of my impressions are of the author, his anger and depression. Too introspective, but yet still worthwhile.

  • Andrea
    2019-01-14 12:06

    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaways. I was really rooting for the main character in this book the whole time. I kept hoping the author Kris Courtney would over come his insecurity's in life and triumph in the end. It really kept me turning the page to find out what would happen next. I loved all of the characters involved especially Flossie.

  • EloidaRodriguez
    2019-01-13 11:18

    A bit depressingI can't say that I really enjoyed this book. It didn't really flow well in the beginning but it improved a bit after the first few chapters. I think the writing could have been better but overall it is a good book, just a bit sad though.

  • Megan Hansen
    2018-12-27 15:14

    This is a memoir that bounces from tragic to inspirational then back to tragic. I couldn’t get into the writing style myself, but the effort put into each chapter was obvious and many parts were beautifully written. If memoirs are your thing, you won’t regret picking this one up.

  • Melissa
    2019-01-20 07:01

    Won this on first reads.Pretty good read. Glad I had the opportunity to read it.

  • Gloria
    2018-12-30 14:09

    Wonderfully written memoir portraying the true spirit of motherhood and the triumph over life's hardships and suffering for her son.

  • Kris Courtney
    2019-01-15 09:11

    Author: Kris Allen CourtneyThis newly edited release of Norma Jean's Sun will certainly exceed expectations. The story is not only convincingly true, but will rivet the reader with its genuine and unassuming pathos. Norma Jean's Sun is painfully reflective yet ultimately hopeful, a story told through the eyes of a boy who believes he has been mistakenly born into the world and a man who has conquered physical and emotional injustice--and come out ahead. The reader will be challenged to answer the difficult questions of right and wrong and apply those answers to his or her own life. It is clear that it is the hope of this author that the reader's conclusions will lead to a more fulfilled view of the "parallel beauty that lives just beneath the surface for us all." To those of you who have received a complimentary book or purchased, congratulations and bless you. As you have read, the First Edition is un-edited. My financial reach is extended beyond my disability because of your support and that will allow a professional edit. At the time of this posting, there are only approx. 200 books available in the Rare and not to be reproduced signed First Edition. I am so glad those of you who have been kind in your words and reviews, have encouraged my next journey. I am sure your reading will only improve from the Second Edition. I am anxious and thankful.[image error]20% DISCOUNT Enter this code BNW97JKR thru CreateSpace Amazon Books.Your candle burned-out long beforeYour legend ever did.[image error] Those simple words from Elton John’s famous song, “Candle in the Wind”, could easily apply to the lives of many people. To Kris Courtney, these words touched his own heart at a time when he mourned the death of his mother, Norma Jean. A beautiful woman in her youth, Norma Jean met the challenges of life with grace and dignity and perseverance. She did not give up when her first and only child was born severely crippled. She wept when the doctors put her newborn baby into a body cast in an attempt to straighten his spine and his limbs. Through the countless surgeries during his grow-up years to correct his hands, arms, legs, feet, Norma Jean would declare with great insistence: “Fight, Kris, fight.” One defeat after another did not set her back until, in the end, the fight was her own, a battle against cancer that she could not beat.Norma Jean’s Sun is Kris Courtney’s tribute to a mother that sacrificed everything for her severely crippled son. Courtney is an artist in both paint and words. In his touching memoir, he captures the essence of a tragic life and the beauty that lies beneath the surface. His words paint a picture of a hardship and a suffering that only few could imagine. Using a painter’s brush, Courtney scratches out his emotional story in an abstraction of language that parallels a life that just will not give up. As his mother told him many times, this remarkably talented man continues to “Fight”. Norma Jean’s Sun is a story about differences and the tragedies that life presents a person who is visibly different from the rest. Norma Jean’s Sun is recommended by: Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Allbooks Reviews Kris Courtney

  • Stephanie
    2018-12-28 11:57

    UPDATE: I just finished this book last night. It's the author's story of his life, his disability and his family. I have to be honest - I didn't like this book. The author defined himself too much by his disability, and not enough by his hopes and dreams. And he didn't protray himself as a very likeable person. He abandoned his children, cheated on his wives, abused drugs and alcohol and leeched off of his family. I think this was his attempt to mitigate the damage he caused to his family throughout his life by owning up to his mistakes. I can respect that. But I don't identify with the author, and I think that is why I couldn't get into the book.EARLIER REVIEW: I'm only about 50 pages in, but so far it's pretty frustrating to read. Since it's an unedited version, there are tons of spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax errors. I'm trying to get through it because I think the story of Norma Jean is at least interesting, but I'm getting hung up on the mistakes. There's at least 5 major errors per page. I think the author announced that he's getting it professionally edited, so hopefully in future editions it will be easier to read.

  • Carissa
    2018-12-28 13:04

    This was a book that I won from the Goodreads first reads program, but it wasnt all the enjoyable. The writing style was poor and it was hard to follow who the characters were. Overall, the book was pretty depressing. The author had an extremely challenging life and even though it appeared as if he had people who loved him and cared about him, he threw it away to become an alcoholic and drug addict.

  • Tabitha
    2019-01-03 12:17

    Oh my, where do I begin? The author's self-defeatist attitude sickened me, and he was so focused on emphasizing what a horrible person he is, blaming it all on his disability...speaking of which, from his description of himself, it seemed like he was this horribly disfigured being, and I'm sorry, but he's not. I have known people more disfigured than him and they weren't all woe is me....they made something of themselves. they didn't let their disability become an excuse for atrocious behavior.

  • Kristie
    2019-01-04 07:13

    I am sorry to say I was not able to get through this book. The premise of struggle and hardship was of interest to me. I very much wanted to read about this person, however the poor grammar and structure of the book made it very hard for me to get through.I would be happy to pass this book along for someone else to read and review.

  • Lissi Lu
    2018-12-27 13:59

    So excited to win this book!! Love the memoirs :)

  • Kary
    2019-01-21 08:16

    so sad but good to see he turned his life around; sad that kids pay for the "sins" of their parents