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Mike is a swinging bachelor with a big empty house and plenty of time and money to spend as he likes. But the second he sees Lee in the bar, he knows something's about to change. He brings Lee home for some hot-tub fun-and plunges headfirst into love. And Lee is right there with him. But Lee isn't flying solo. Years ago, he married his best friend Cate so they could pleaseMike is a swinging bachelor with a big empty house and plenty of time and money to spend as he likes. But the second he sees Lee in the bar, he knows something's about to change. He brings Lee home for some hot-tub fun-and plunges headfirst into love. And Lee is right there with him. But Lee isn't flying solo. Years ago, he married his best friend Cate so they could please her parents, share a household and have a baby together. Their relationship is strictly platonic, and Cate is thrilled that Lee has found someone. She doesn't want him to give up his love life to care for her, but she's living on borrowed time due to a terminal illness. As Mike discovers passion the likes of which he never knew before Lee, he realizes he needs to step up and think of others for a change. And Lee-and his family-are about to learn what it's like to have a real-life knight in shining armor....

Title : Knights & White Satin
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ISBN : 9781419916328
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Knights & White Satin Reviews

  • Cee Brown
    2019-03-13 05:44

    Absolutely loved it from the word go! It was inspiring and heartfilled and I cried and laughed and couldn't put it down.A great New Years gift for myself.

  • CB
    2019-03-11 09:57

    A romantic, sweet and lovely story.

  • Amy Jacobs
    2019-03-22 08:52

    I didn't think this was going to be a great book because of the cover. This was a lesson learned in judging a book by its cover instead of the writing on the pages. First, the couple on the cover looks nothing like the characters described or the ones I picture in my head. The tarot cards on the front do represent a certain part of the story, but it was a small part. The only thing about the cover photo that really represents the book in true nature is the pose that the two men are in. It is a pose that you will come to know throughout the entire story and has a meaning behind it.When Mike meets Lee at a charity function, he has no idea how fast he would fall for him. What he also has no idea about is the secrets that Lee holds as well. Lee married his best friend Cate after college for a matter of convenience. Together they had a son so Cate could enjoy the experience of being a mother. Lee is gay, but he loves his son and his best friend. Cate is also dying from breast cancer. After the charity function, Mike and Lee share a passionate night of love. It is interrupted though by a phone call Lee receives that Cate collapsed and is being rushed to the hospital. When the doctors tell Lee that Cate's cancer is back, he feels the world crumbling around him. Mike arrives at the hospital after Lee left his phone at his house and discovers that Lee is married with a child. He feels like Lee lied to him and calls his friend Kelly/Keith to chew him out for setting him up. Once Mike figures out that it was a marriage in name only he returns to the hospital and tells Lee and Cate that they can move into his house. Not only does he do this because he feels bad for Cate, but he selfishly wants Lee to be around him.I wasn't a really big fan of Lee and Mike. Their emotions were all over the place and I couldn't really feel a strong romantic connection between the two. It felt like their relationship was sex based instead of a true romantic story because they jumped into it way too fast. My favorite characters of the story had to be Kelly/Keith and the rest of the drag queen group. They were hilarious and kept me laughing throughout the entire book. Imagine you walk into a room with the following people: Two gay guys in love, one of the gay guys' wife, a priest who happens to be gay and was involved with the other gay guy, girls uptight Catholic parents, a toddler boy who is sweet and trusting and a bunch of drag queens performing a show for everyone! It was hilarious. Especially the scene when her parents are confronting the priest out in the hot tub and she falls in. While I wasn't a big fan of the romance between Mike and Lee, the story itself was pretty good. I laughed through the antics and witty dialogue. I cried near the end when things were falling apart but starting anew. I even liked the side characters that were written in the story. Overall not a bad book to read if you are wanting to step into the romance world of male/male.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-03-10 06:49

    Reading the blurb of this book, I was expecting Mike to be a macho man type of character, and instead he is our typical flamboyant gay man, lithe and with a taste for expensive things... Mike is a wasp gay man; he works in the dress department of a very big store chain, but actually he doesn't work for money, he is independently wealthy. He has a very big house, full of very expensive item but he is lonely, he has no real reason in his life like his home as no real reason to exist. Then one night he falls in love at first sight. Lee is a big man with a tender heart; he is handsome and gentle, and Mike thinks to have finally found Mr Right... but the morning after he has a very big surprise: Lee is married and he has also a son! Fortunately Mike soon discovers that Lee's marriage was a consensual agreement between two friends: Cate, Lee's wife, wanted a child but not a real husband, and Lee was the very man she wished as her son's father. Now they are still friend, and not lovers, and Cate is always pushing Lee to find a mate. Above all now that she has discovered that she has a terminal ill and soon she will be no more there to help Lee and raise her son. From a one night stand with possibility, Mike finds himself in a cohabitation with Lee, Cate and Sam, their son. Plus a bunch of Drag Queens who help Cate during her illness; and Cate's parents, who don't know of Cate and Lee's agreement and are wondering on Mike and Lee's relationship; and Mike's former lover, Shawn, an episcopal priest who wants to help all the people around, but who really can't suffer Cate's mother and maybe is also a little jealous of Mike and Lee's love. The book reminds me a big Hollywood comedy, full of color and funny situations, with both happy and sad moments, but obviously with an happily ever after ending on the horizon. Mike maybe is the most surprising character, being him the "knight" of the title, but obviously not having the physique du role: he is a lightheart man, never in his life he has needed to worry for material things, he is used to have all he wants and soon. Now he wants Lee, but with Lee also are arriving a lot more of things, above all responsibility, something Mike is not sure to be ready to accept: at first Mike seems disoriented in his own house and life. Lee is not a bad character, I think I like him, but he is "too" good: even if he is stronger in body, he let himself be lead by the others, first his wife and now Mike. He has not the predisposition to be the master of the house, he reminds me more an housewife than a working man. But he is tender and he is a good father, and obviously he doesn't want to take advantage of Mike's wealth. All in all I like this one, the sex is good but not excessive and the story is very enjoyable. Also very good supporting characters, like Kelly the Drag Queen and Shawn the Priest.

  • Phoenix
    2019-03-14 01:41

    Cash Cole is an amazing author. I laughed, I cried, I peed a little.

  • Davina
    2019-03-06 03:38

    seems like mike was place just in time to help lee with all the heavy stuff. would have like it more if they had more get together before everything.