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What do you do when you’re the new girl at school? If you’re Lissy, you make a friend. A paper friend. And to Lissy’s surprise, her little origami bird opens his eyes and says hello! So she quickly makes more friends. And soon Lissy has more friends than she can count! But what do you do when your friends have to leave? If you’re Lissy, you make another friend . . . but thWhat do you do when you’re the new girl at school? If you’re Lissy, you make a friend. A paper friend. And to Lissy’s surprise, her little origami bird opens his eyes and says hello! So she quickly makes more friends. And soon Lissy has more friends than she can count! But what do you do when your friends have to leave? If you’re Lissy, you make another friend . . . but this time one that stays.Utterly imaginative and charming, Lissy’s Friends is a fresh take on the importance of friendship....

Title : Lissy's Friends
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ISBN : 9780670060726
Format Type : Hardcover
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Lissy's Friends Reviews

  • Lisa Vegan
    2018-12-22 13:05

    This is such an almost unbearably adorable story. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “making friends.” It does stress the importance of friendship, and kids will respond to its message, I think.It’s so interesting to me that this author-illustrator’s art style remains nearly identical throughout her various books, but it works for me better in some books than in others. Here it works moderately well, mostly because Lissy’s friends are just so cute and colorful.I loved origami when I was a child, though I never graduated beyond making relatively simple things. I loved seeing the animals that Lissy makes in this book.Even though we always came back to our same apartment in San Francisco, my father traveled for his work and through age 11 I had to travel with him, so I was the new girl in school a few times, twice entering a class in the middle of the school year. I would have been impressed with Lissy’s way to cope with being the new girl, and I would have cheered on her success at making friends, of paper and with other children. The story is both poignant and amusing.The two pages long inside back cover gives and shows instructions for how to fold a paper crane. I feel like a dunce when I look at it. Perhaps if I tried I could succeed at making an origami paper crane; the instructions look clear, but I remember making simpler things.

  • Margaret Henderson
    2019-01-12 07:45

    Lissy's Friends is a great book to represent culture. Lissy moves to a new school but doesn't make friends right away so she 'makes' them instead. Her friends are made from origami which represents her culture and who she is. I really liked the illustrations in this book. I thought that the bright color made it a very positive experience. I think that Lin take 'imaginary friends' to a very different and creative way. At the end of the book, Lissy's classmates notice her very interesting origami and want to befriend her. When she gains actual real friends she no longer needs her origami friends so they blow away. I thought this was a great way to explain transitions and show that Lissy eventually made friends at her new school. At the end of the book we see the origami traveling the world and keeping in touch with Lissy. I loved this aspect of the book. Instead of taking her imagine away, Lin just interpreted it differently. I think this would be a great book for teaching about visual representation. It could also be read on the first day of school and children could bring show and tell to explain who they are.

  • Julie
    2018-12-25 13:57

    My daughter received this for the Lunar New Year and it's positively delicious. Probably best for girls, ages 4-6, and a few boys, too! As usual, Grace Lin's illustrations are bold and delightful, and this is a great little story, especially for any children who are new to a group or school, or anyone who ever feels left out from time to time (so, everyone).

  • Lakeira King
    2019-01-05 11:08

    This book will come in handy when teaching kids about making new friends and even being the new student. I am sure lots of kids can relate to that. I used this book in a lesson I did in my Kindergarten internship and we all made our own imaginary origami friends at the end.

  • Harley Stine
    2019-01-08 13:43

    Lissy just moved to a new school and had not made any friends at school yet. She often plays alone on the playground and eats lunch alone. Out of boredom, one day at lunch Lissy makes a origami crane out of the lunch menu. She names it "Menu" and becomes her first friend at school. "Menu" comes to life in Lissy's imagination. Lissy makes more origami friends and takes them everywhere with her. She takes them to the playground with her and they all get blown away. Lissy is very upset because of this. A little girl, named Paige, finds "Menu" and returns it to Lissy and they soon become friends. Lissy teaches Paige how to make origami and in return Paige introuduces Lissy to new, real life friends.I found this book to be a little odd. I thought it was a sweet story but found it strange that a girl was perfectly fine with only having a friend in folded paper animals. The ending was very sweet. Lin includes a postcard from her lost origami friends. They landed in Paris and are continuing to travel the world. Other than that the book was a little slow but beginning readers would love it. Of course in my class, this book would inspire my students to want to learn the art of origami. The back includes how to fold a paper crane. I would have my students create any animal possible with origami. We would then construct stories about our "friends" like where they met, what their friend likes and dislikes, etc. Age appropriateness: Pre Kindergarten-2nd gradeThemes: origami, bashfulness, friendship, school

  • Amanda Williams
    2019-01-18 11:47

    Summary: A young girl named Lissy moved to a new school and had no friends the first day, so she made a paper crane and named it Menu. Throughout the day, she made more and more animals that became her “friends”. When she was playing with them outside, the wind took them away. Another girl noticed Menu and brought it to her, starting a new friendship. The girls played together and made paper animals. Lissy had now made many friends.Theme: Be yourself and good things will come of it.Personal Response: I think this book is good for learning that if you just be yourself, you can make friends that will accept you and have fun with you. I personally had a tough time with the idea of coming to college and meeting new friends but I was myself and it made it all worth it because I found the best friends I could ever have.Recommendation: This book would be good for students to learn about identity and friendship and will help them see that they do not have to worry about changing themselves just to make friends and that if they are themselves, they will be able to find the people who are genuinely friends.Key Quote: “When Lissy jumped on, the merry go round was empty! She looked up and saw her paper friends flying away”

  • Dolly
    2019-01-21 10:50

    This is a wonderful tale that helps to show how difficult being the new kid in school can be. The narrative is short and perfect for reading aloud. And the illustrations are colorful - we just loved the origami animals. We talked a little about how important it is to welcome new children and help them feel part of the group and our oldest talked about a new boy who doesn't speak English well and how hard it is to communicate with him. Overall, I think this is a good book to read at school or at home to help children empathize with new children in the classroom. Our girls have only had to experience this one time and at least it was at the beginning of the school year. It was a tough transition, especially for our oldest and I'm glad that we don't plan to move again. We really enjoyed reading this book together.

  • Alyssa Adams
    2018-12-29 14:06

    Lissy doesn't seem to be making friends at her new school. So instead of sulking alone, she decides to make her own out of origami paper. Soon she is having a blast, but when her friends disappear she wonders what will happen next. Other kids find her origami skills really cool so she begins to teach them and everyone soon becomes friends. The media used pen, paint, ink , and colored markers to tell this story. Again this stroy is about unlikely friendships but it also highlights that your unique talents can help foster friendships.

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-02 15:07

    3.5A cute story about how difficult it can be to make friends. Lin does a great job of humorously showing the sometimes disconnect between what child say/mean and what their parents (mis)understand. I enjoyed the book design, art (Lin's art is well-suited for this story), and the tale itself--until the end which I felt was a little too neat. However, the letter from Lissy's old friends at the very end was a nice touch and made me smile.

  • Carly Gates
    2018-12-31 06:58

    Loved it. This is a good book to discuss different cultures and being nice to new students. I would have children being in something they like to do at home and share it with their friends. It would show that they should embrace differences, because they might actually learn something new from them.

  • Carolyn Ferguson
    2019-01-01 14:56

    This is a good book for younger children that may be introduced into a new place. Being the new kind at any age is not a fun experience. It can be very scary and stress full to make new friends. I believe that this book could be a great teaching tool for the classroom because it explains loneliness in an easy and creative way.

  • Auttumn C
    2018-12-23 13:57

    If you have ever struggled with making friends in school then this book will tug at your heart strings. This book is so relatable with so many children especially students who are new to the class. This would be a sweet book to read to a class with a new student. It would help encourage the other students to be friends with the new boy or girl.

  • Rebecca Dean
    2019-01-12 15:01

    This is a good tool to use in the classroom when you know someone is having trouble making friends. This could even be used when a new student joins the class and it can be followed by everyone showing something special about theirselves.

  • Rebecca Saxon
    2018-12-23 10:11

    An adorable book about Lissy who's the new girl in school who doesn't have any friends until she starts making origami animal friends. Grace Lin's illustrations are so colorful and gorgeous. A great book about making friends.

  • Peacegal
    2019-01-18 13:46

    Youngsters are introduced to the art of origami in Lissy's Friends. I loved the concept of this book -- Lissy is shy around her classmates, so she makes some friends--literally--out of folded origami paper. Cool illustrations too.

  • Kate
    2019-01-03 13:50

    New girl in school Lissy fights loneliness by creating her own origami friends. Her paper animals come to life, but are carried away by the wind. Will Lissy have the same success making "real" friends?

  • Anna
    2018-12-26 10:56

    I probably would never have picked this book out but it came to us free. My son likes the animals that Lissy makes. It would be a good book for kids moving to a new school.

  • Grammy's
    2019-01-02 14:01

    Nice pictures and it's fun to name all the paper animals.

  • Ellen
    2019-01-18 15:03

    Paper cranes are my weakness.

  • Johana Salazar
    2018-12-27 10:45

    It is a very sad book about a girl that have a lot of paper made friends. At least at the end she makes a friend in the park but I really wouldn't like to read this book to my kids.

  • Valenza Whitaker
    2018-12-29 11:03

    Knowing what children go through today. This book teaches children how treating each other is a good thing. And you should be kind to everybody.

  • Audrey
    2019-01-07 07:49

    A good find for our K-2 Friendship week.

  • Vandy
    2019-01-22 13:49

    lizzy has NO friends- finds it hard to interact - makes paper mates with origami -etc....

  • Sarah Jost
    2018-12-24 10:56

    I think this is a great story for kids. It is a relatable story to most kids. It is scary to make new friends and put yourself out there but the book stresses the importance of a friend.

  • Jane
    2019-01-15 10:46

    A whimsical and heartwarming story about a new girl at school who makes new friends through her Origami creations.

  • Janni
    2019-01-09 09:57

    A charming book that I'm tempted to argue gets right the things Rainbow Fish gets wrong, in spite of being a completely different story.