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Simpel spielt gern mit Playmobil. Er sagt: »Hier sind alle total blöd«, wenn hier alle total blöd sind, und er kann total schnell zählen: 7, 9, 12, B, tausend, hundert. Simpel ist zweiundzwanzig Jahre alt, doch mental ist er auf der Stufe eines dreijährigen Kindes. Gut, dass sich sein siebzehnjähriger Bruder um ihn kümmert. Doch Simpel zu betreuen ist alles andere als simpSimpel spielt gern mit Playmobil. Er sagt: »Hier sind alle total blöd«, wenn hier alle total blöd sind, und er kann total schnell zählen: 7, 9, 12, B, tausend, hundert. Simpel ist zweiundzwanzig Jahre alt, doch mental ist er auf der Stufe eines dreijährigen Kindes. Gut, dass sich sein siebzehnjähriger Bruder um ihn kümmert. Doch Simpel zu betreuen ist alles andere als simpel. Und als die beiden Brüder in eine Studenten-WG ziehen, da wird es erst recht kompliziert. Doch nach anfänglichem Misstrauen können die Mitbewohner gar nicht anders, als Simpel ins Herz zu schließen!...

Title : Simpel
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ISBN : 9783596806492
Format Type : Paperback
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Simpel Reviews

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2019-01-18 08:51

    AWWW. SO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW. I really did like it and thought it was a sweet book, but I couldn't stand ANY of the secondary characters. Ergo the lower rating. I was so conflicted the whole time! I think the author captured Simple (his real name is Barnaby Maluri) incredibly well. He's got a learning disability and has the IQ of a 3 year old, but he's really 22. His 17-year-old brother, Kleber, is trying to take care of him. I mean, brother books?!?! BROTHER BOOKS ALWAYS MELT MY HEART. So while I adored the premise and their characters...erk. There were so many things I still didn't like. OH! And this book is translated from French! I didn't realise that before reading it and now I just feel kinda cool. Reading French books. BONJOUR. (That is like the state of my French. *ahem*) It's also set in Paris.STUFF THAT ANNOYED THE EYEBALLS OUT OF ME:• Okay so all Maluri brothers end up living in a house of college students (Kleber is going to college) but...agh. So much questionable romance. Like two of them are dating, but another dude loves the girl. And she keeps saying "NO" and he keeps badgering her. Ergh. Isn't that stalkerish?!• And there was a HUGE ephasis on your-life-is-nothing-without-a-woman-in-it. So Kleber was DESPERATE to get a girlfriend and it was awful. He decides which girl he wants and then just goes after her. No romantic attraction. Lust lust lust. And then HE FORCES HER TO KISS HIM. And in the end she's like totally okay with it. BUT THIS IS WRONG, I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS.• There is a lot of forcing people to kiss in this book.• But apparently that's "romantic".• Also one of the flatmates kisses Simple several times. I was not okay with this, because in EVERY other circumstance they treat him like a child, because, mentally, he is one. Would you kiss a child romantically? No. Stahp this. • ALL THE POV HEAD HOPPING. It was so omnipresent. Seriously, one paragraph we'd be in Simple's head, and then the next we'd be in Kleber's, and oh how about the next door neighbour now! Ergh....#nothappy• At one point in a mental institute, Simple has scissors and mutilates his toy rabbit. HOW. How are their scissors lying around?!?!• Also I really hated how they called him Simple. I don't know. Maybe it's a translation thing? But it's so awful and that's how he accepts it and he constantly calls himself "idiot"'s sad. I am sad. BUT ALL THAT ASIDE!!! It is super sweet at times. I love how Kleber understands Simple and even though Simple drives him crazy sometimes...he still wants his brother to be happy. And how at first all the flatmates are so horrible and say things like "Simple is a retard" and all that...they warm up to him and he MELTS their hearts and ajfdklsafd it's really adorable. I loved the character development!! And being in Simple's POV was flawless and smooth and his thought process was so clear and childish and just REALLY WELL WRITTEN, OKAY!??So I had quibbles and the romance made me want to stab myself in the eye with a spork...buuuut I still liked it. And it's super quick! Under 200-pages and I gobbled it in an afternoon. It's heartwarming and unique and sweet. SOMETIMES. I would've been okay if every single secondary character could've choked on a pretzel.... BUT ANYWAY.

  • Larnacouerde SH
    2019-01-07 12:30

    Kitabı o kadar sevmedim, o kadar sevmedim ki; kitap okumak boş oturmaktan, tv izlemekten daha iyidir tezimi bile çürüttü yemin ederim. Kitabın bana kattığı tek şey deli bir baş ağrısı. #canthandleitanymore #cryingintheclub #notfunny

  • Tatyana
    2018-12-29 12:47

    Не очень то детская книжка с десятком смешных слов Умника, которые крутятся сейчас в голове :)

  • 2balik
    2019-01-17 11:26

    Engelli kardeşe sahip olma konusunda yazılmış "eğlenceli" bir hikayeydi, zihinsel engeli olan "Basit" ile ona abilik yapan abisinin 4 öğrencinin yaşadığı eve taşınmaları ile ve ilk aşklarla ortalık iyice karışır. Yazarın diğer kitaplarını da merak ettim ama "derhal" okuma ihtiyacı da duymadım :)

  • AnnaWeasley
    2019-01-18 13:32

    Das ist alles andere als simpel. Eine emotionale Achterbahn!

  • Jess MacFarlane
    2018-12-23 11:31

    I recently read 'My Brother Simple' by Marie-Aude Murail. It is about a teenage boy named Kleber Maluri who is looking after his brother, Simple, so Simple doesn't have to go into a institution. I wanted to read this book because I personally don't know anyone with learning difficulties and I was curious to know how others feel about it and how they cope.This book fits in the category of 'A book with a male main character'. I found this category very interesting because usually I only read books that have a girl main character. This is because I can relate to them more and I find them more personal, but, I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it was touching, gripping and also very humorous.I didn't really have any favourite quotes in this book but I had a favourite scene. The scene was set in the flat where Kleber and Simple were staying, it was in the morning with Simple and Aria. Aria is one of the university students that also stays in the apartment. They were both having breakfast when simple started to use spoons to tell his childhood story, how he hated the institution and was so happy when his brother rescued him from it. It was such a sweet scene and really made you think about how positive he was even though he had to deal with such a hard thing is his life. It brought tears to my eyes and it was truly unforgettable and well written.From this book I learn't that you shouldn't care about what people think of you and you should keep your head up, stay strong and do what you think is right. Also don't judge others because of something that is wrong with them, for example learning difficulties, because they might actually be an amazing person with a huge heart.The character in this book that interested me was Kleber because even though he put so much effort into looking after his brother he still had a life of his own. Also he always put his brother first and made sure he was ok as well as being strict and trying to teach him how to behave and be kind to others.

  • Lindsay
    2019-01-15 10:44

    Kleber Maluri is 17 and lives in Paris. His brother Barnaby, known to everyone as Simple, is 22, but has a mental age of about 3, and is inseparable from his soft-toy companion, Mister Babbit. Simple was in a institution called Malicroix, but Kleber knows how unhappy Simple is there, and decides he will look after his brother himself, as their mother has passed away and their father has a new life and is not interested in taking an active role caring for the two brothers.Kleber has his own hopes and dreams, of completing his second year of sixth form, going to University, meeting a girl and falling in love, but above all he cares deeply for his brother and how he is treated, despite the awkward situations that Simple invariably gets himself, or them both, into, as a result of his learning difficulties. Kleber finds a flatshare in the city where they can both live, and the other flatmates all react differently to Simple, but slowly he will come to influence and change all of their lives.This is a heart-warming, kind-hearted and moving tale, with a great young cast of characters. It is deftly written, a quick read on the surface, but with clever humour, sadness, and through the portrayal of Simple's character and the way he interacts with and observes others, the author shrewdly reveals the truth about these people. My Brother Simple is actually a telling exploration of the quick judgments we can make about people and the truth that lies beneath our assumptions. It is an immensely enjoyable and rewarding novel and I would recommend it to young adult readers and older readers too.My Brother Simple was a bestseller in France, and won the Prix SNCF du Livre de Jeunesse, and in Germany it won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis.

  • Noahlitunpeu
    2018-12-24 15:30

    ÉNORME COUP DE COEUR !!!! Vraiment vraiment vraiment. C'est si.. simple à lire, a aimer,... L'histoire en elle même est a là fois simple et compliquée. Simple parce que c'est pour les enfants, ou du moins écrit comme pour les enfants, mais compliqué dans le fond. Parce que la vie de Simple et Kléber n'est pas si facile, il y a des intempéries partout, des méchants partout, des remarques blessantes partout.J'aime de tout mon coeur Simple, Kléber, Aria, Enzo, Zahra et Corentin.Ce livre n'est tout simplement pas simple à fermer.

  • DubaiReader
    2019-01-04 10:26

    Simple has learning difficulties...I think I was expecting more from this book, given its popularity on GoodReads. For one thing it is written in a style suited to quite young children, yet the content is definitely too promiscuous for that age group. For another, the translation doesn't really work; it came across as if the main characters were speaking to French people in English. And I also wonder why the two boys, Kleber and Barnaby Maluri are chosen to be of Arabic descent, an extra complication that is never really dealt with.Barnaby, known (rather insultingly) as Simple, is 21, but has a mental age of 3 1/2. He's been institutionalised for many years, but is very unhappy there, so his younger (17) brother has decided to remove him and find a place for them both in Paris.They eventually find a shared house, with four students, and most of the story covers the interaction between themselves and this group.The characterisations were good and the way the students learned life-lessons from Simple, and vise versa, kept my attention. My favourite character was the talking rabbit, Mr Babbit, Simple's life companion and soft toy, who voices many of Simple's worries and frustrations.A quick, easy read, but not a book I would particularly recommend, unfortunately.

  • Anna [Floanne]
    2019-01-13 11:47

    Che peccato! Nutrivo maggiori aspettative dopo il fulmineo innamoramento provato per "Miss Charity". Non è brutto ma l'ho trovato un po troppo stereotipato nei personaggi e ripetitivo nella storia. Tre stelle le guadagna perché, comunque, si inserisce in quel filone lodevole di letteratura per ragazzi che tenta di veicolare messaggi socialmente educativi. La Murail, infatti, si rivolge ad un pubblico giovane con una tematica, quella della disabilità e del ritardo mentale, che meritano di essere portate alla luce davanti agli occhi di questa generazione che vive alimentando il culto della perfezione e della bellezza esteriore e che troppo spesso fatica ad accettare e trattare con rispetto chi viene percepito come "diverso". Lo farò leggere ai miei figli, ma tra qualche anno; per ora le troppe parolacce e alcune allusioni esplicite al sesso me lo vietano.

  • Alice au Pays des Livres
    2019-01-19 09:54

    WAW WAW WAW TELLEMENT DE SENTIMENTS. J'ai adoré ce livre et tous ses personnages et son histoire et SURTOUT SIMPLE dont je suis tombée amoureuse. Vous pouvez pas savoir à quel point il me manque maintenant que j'ai fini le livre. Bref, désolée pour cette chronique très peu constructive mais c'est un énorme coup de coeur comme je n'en avais pas eu depuis looongtemps !

  • Nadia
    2019-01-02 11:36

    I certainly didn't expect I would enjoy this book that much since I had to read it for school but I was still pleasantly surprised!"He will open your eyes, and still your heart"He certainly did stole my heart <3

  • Bittermilch
    2019-01-03 12:24

    wundersüß."du hast ja gar kein schwanz!"

  • Franzie Lovegood
    2019-01-12 09:45

    Simpel ist ein wundervolles Buch über Freundschaft, Familie und die Liebe. Unbedingt lesen!

  • Dolceluna
    2018-12-22 15:54

    Con Marie-Aide Murail si piange ridendo. La sua scrittura sa sempre trattare temi tosti con un tono lieve tale da ispirare un misto fra compassione e tenerezza. In "Oh boy!", il suo romanzo più noto, ci ha parlato di abbandono, adozione e tumore, in "Cécile" di razzismo e multiculturalismo, e qui accoglie la sfida di un'altra onerosa tematica sociale, l'handicap. I protagonisti di questo romanzo, infatti, sono due fratelli: Kléber, il minore, e Barnabie detto Simple. Simple ha 23 anni e il cervello di un bambino di 3 che si relaziona al mondo con la stessa semplicità e ingenuità richiamate, appunto, dal soprannome. Per risparmiare a Simple l'istituto a cui il padre l'aveva destinato, Kéber decide di occuparsene personalmente e, quando i due trovano una stanza in affitto in una appartamento di giovani universitari, Simple diventa, suo malgrado, simpatico perno e testimone delle disavventure e dei sentimenti che smuovono tutti i personaggi. Finchè accadrà qualcosa che, forse, cambierà il corso degli eventi. Per Simple non si prova pena, ma solo una grande, immensa voglia di abbracciarlo, di raccontargli della vita, di ridere con lui, e con il coniglietto che si porta sempre appresso, il Signor Migliotiglio, che compare anche in copertina e in retrocopertina (trasmettendo un'immediata ondata di dolcezza) e che, in fondo, altro non è che il suo alterego, al quale egli si rivolge nei suoi momenti di apparente assenza dalla realtà. E viene voglia anche di ascoltarlo. Perchè Marie-Aide Murail dimostra questo: che da un ritardato mentale si impara molto sulla vita, su noi stessi, sugli altri, che grazie a un ritardato mentale si può migliorare, rendersi felici, consapevoli di fare del bene, nonostante tutte le difficoltà logistiche che la vita ci sbatte in faccia. E che l'amicizia e la solidarietà (perchè del resto è questa che dimostrano tutti i personaggi) sono fra i beni più preziosi che possiamo ricevere e dare. Insomma, un libro che è una tenera storia, e una bella lezione di vita.

  • Matthew Brown
    2019-01-09 07:47

    My Brother Simple is an incredible novel with a flowing plot and perfect characters. For me this humorous love story was impossible to put down. It follows the life of Kleber and his brother who has learning disabilities, Simple. Kleber saves Simple from the Malicroix mental institution, their father’s solution to Simple’s disability. Kleber then takes Simple to the city where they move into a flat with other students at Kleber’s college. Immediately everyone in the flat found Simple frustrating and annoying, regretting their decision to accept Kleber into the flat. His toy rabbit, Mr Babbit, is especially annoying for them. However, they start to see a funny side to Simple’s personality, and things only get better from there. On the whole, My Brother Simple is a heart-warming, knee-slapping novel that you can’t put down.

  • Lauren Staniford
    2019-01-13 09:35

    As a younger sister of an older brother with Down's syndrome, I thought I would really love this book. I really identified with kleber, the younger brother and the responsibilities he faced with caring for simple. The book didn't really answer all my questions though - what about their mother, father, step mother - soon their step brother or sister. The book just ends after a party. I know mister Babbit is symbolic of simples innocence, I just didn't have the energy to come up with my own interpretation. The book definitely was lacking something.

  • Quynh Dao
    2018-12-22 09:50

    Worse than Oh boy, I was disappointed

  • Chris Olusesi
    2019-01-13 10:27

    Its a great book, very different to other books that I have read. This is because of the way it shows very interesting details of an interesting case, the case of a mentally challenged individual.

  • Nolly Rnc
    2018-12-29 07:54

    2.5 J'ai eu du mal à rentrer dans l'histoire mais finalement on ne peut que s'attacher a Simple.

  • Alejandro Gómez Rea
    2018-12-30 12:31

    Una historia para recordar, añorar y querer. Simplemente magnifica, no tengo palabras para decir lo que sentí al terminar este libro. Me conmovió hasta las lagrimas, disfrute cada capitulo, reaprendí que las verdaderas personas que muchas veces valen más la pena, son aquella que no son iguales a nosotros, que son diferentes. Del mismo modo Simple y el Señor Pimpinejo, dejaron una huella imborrable en mi mente, y se que de ahora en adelante siempre recordare ese ¡cucu! ¿Quién es eso?... El señor Pimpinejo.

  • Angel
    2019-01-10 13:46

    Quando avrete voglia di una storia deliziosa, commovente, reale e apparentemente semplice allora prendete in mano "Mio fratello Simple" e leggetelo. Questo romanzo, breve e sintetico, ha una forza straordinaria che cattura dalla prima pagina e non lascia fino alla fine.La storia di Simple e Kléber è complicata, ma raccontata in maniera semplice e alla portata di tutti. Kléber è un adolescente che si prende cura del fratello Simple. Nonostante Simple sia più grande, secondo i dati anagrafici, la sua età celebrale è molto inferiore rispetto a quella di Kléber.Simple, ventidue anni e ritardato mentale, idiota si autodefinisce. La gente quando lo vede si stupisce, ha paura e non sa come comportarsi. Poi capiscono che devono trattarlo come un bambino, perché in effetti Simple è un bambino, e allora le cose si fanno più semplici. La paura si trasforma in compassione e allora lo accettano e lo amano.Simple con la sua semplicità regala gioia e sorrisi a chi gli sta accanto, persino nei momenti difficili.Kléber cerca di proteggerlo dal mondo crudele ma soprattutto cerca di proteggerlo dal loro padre che vuole mandarlo in un'istituto. Kléber si oppone alle decisioni del padre e decide di cercare un appartamento per lui e Simple.Trovare una sistemazione non è facile. Fortunatamente Kléber trova un appartamento da condividere con altri quattro ragazzi: Enzo, Aria, Emmanuel e Corentin.Per questi quattro ragazzi la vita cambierà ma loro non lo sanno. Non sanno che Silmple cambierà i loro modi di pensare.I quattro ragazzi impareranno ad amare la vita. Capiranno l'amore. Si arrabbieranno. Piangeranno. Litigheranno. Ma soprattutto: vivranno.Simple è un personaggio semplice e adorabile. Lo si ama perché è unico. Nessuno è come lui. Il romanzo parla di sei personaggi principalmente ma il centro di tutto è Simple. Grazie a lui tutti gli altri vedranno il mondo in modo diverso. Lui vede tutto con occhi da bambino, occhi che a volte vedono molto di più rispetto a quelli di un adulto. Insieme al suo amato peluche Signor Migliotiglio ridarà la felicita e il sorriso ai coinquilini. Nell'appartamento dove si trasferiscono lui e Kléber mancano l'unione e amore. Simple, che ha una visione del mondo tutta sua, non capisce il perché di tutta quella tristezza. Non è in grado di comprendere ma di cambiare sì. Con grande ironia, a volte azzardata ma non per questo fuori luogo, l'autrice da vita a un romanzo bellissimo. Composto prevalentemente da dialoghi, "Mio fratello Simple" racconta una storia meravigliosa e triste, difficile e tragica. Una storia che deve essere letta, almeno una volta nella vita.Nulla in questo romanzo è scontato, nemmeno i nomi (un piccolissimo esempio è il cognome dei fratelli: Maluri, anagramma del cognome dell'autrice). Ogni frase è mirata a qualcosa. Ogni gesto racchiude una storia e ogni gesto ne racconta una. Leggere "Mio fratello Simple" significa immergersi totalmente della storia e conoscere a fondo i suoi personaggi. Kléber alle prese con il primo amore e le difficoltà con il fratello grande che grande non è. Simple e Signor Migliotiglio con i loro discorsi sulla vita, amore e crescita. Enzo alle prese con il suo romanzo e l'inconfessabile amore per Aria. Aria e Emmanuel, una coppia poco felice quasi in fase di separazione. E Corentin con i suoi problemi alimentari.Ho amato questo romanzo. Mi ha fatto sorridere perché l'autrice è stata bravissima a proporre temi particolarmente delicati in maniera ironica. Mi ha commosso perché il destino non è sempre come lo vogliamo noi.Leggete "Mio fratello Simple", non vi deluderà. Parola di blogger :)Buona lettura

  • Ninas Bücher
    2018-12-28 09:43

    Klappentext: Simpel spielt gern mit Playmobil. Er spricht mit seinem Stoffhasen. Er sagt: »Hier sind alle total blöd!«, wenn hier alle total blöd sind, und er kann total schnell zählen: 7, 9, 12, B, tausend, hundert. Simpel ist zweiundzwanzig Jahre alt, doch mental ist er auf der Stufe eines dreijährigen Kindes. Gut, dass sich sein siebzehnjähriger Bruder um ihn kümmert. Doch Simpel zu betreuen ist alles andere als simpel. Und als die beiden Brüder in eine WG ziehen, da wird es erst recht kompliziert!Meine Meinung:Dieses Buch berührt einen in so vielen Ebenen und ich konnte es einfach nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. Ich musste es in einem Rutsch durchlesen. Es öffnet einem in vielerlei Hinsicht die Augen und lässt einen über einiges nachdenken und man reflektiert sein eigenes Handeln. Die Story ist einfach wundervoll und realistisch geschrieben. Es ist echt faszinierend, wie sich die Autorin in die Welt des Autismus hineinversetzen kann und Simpel so authentisch zum Leben erweckt hat. Es ist lustig, amüsant, herzzerreißend traurig und sehr unterhaltsam. Es geht nicht nur um Simpel und sein Leben, sondern auch um das seiner Mitmenschen, denn auch diese kämpfen mit ihren eigenen Problemen.Der Schreibstil ist am Anfang etwas ungewohnt, allerdings gewöhnt man sich schnell daran und lernt, mit den Gedankensprüngen von Simpel umzugehen. Es wird innerhalb der einzelnen Kapitel zwischen den erzählenden gewechselt, sodass man von allen Protagonisten einen guten Eindruck bekommt.Die Protagonisten sind alle sehr individuell und liebevoll beschrieben. Colbert, Simpels jüngerer Bruder, kümmert sich rührend um ihn und sucht nebenbei auch noch seine große Liebe. Er ist in mancher Hinsicht schon sehr erwachsen allerdings teilweise etwas naiv. Simpel ist 22 Jahre alt und man muss ihn einfach gern haben, auch wenn ich mir gut vorstellen kann, das er ab und an ziemlich nerven kann. Enzo, Aria und Corentin mochte ich auf Anhieb, denn sie geben Simpel und Colbert eine Chance in ihrer WG und schließen beide bald in ihr Herz. Das Cover zeigt Monsieur Hasehase, Simpels Lieblingsstofftier, ohne das er nirgendwo hingeht und ein Stück von Simpel, der ihn am Ohr festhält. Ich finde es passt einfach perfekt zum Inhalt.Fazit:Simpel ist alles andere als ein simpeles geht um einen autistischen jungen Mann und seinen Bruder, die zusammen versuchen ihr Leben zu leben und dabei einiges erleben. Es berührt einen mitten im Herzen und man kann das Buch einfach nicht mehr aus der Hand legen.

  • Molly Looby
    2018-12-29 12:41

    A Spoiler Free Bit About The BookKleber has trouble searching for somewhere to live with his brother Simple who has learning difficulties giving him the IQ of a three year old. Taking matters into his own hands, Kleber moves himself and Simple into a flat with some university students to show his father that Simple does not need to go back to the institution that frightens him.Somehow the flat mates have to accept Simple and Kleber for who they are whilst dealing with the issues in their own lives.My ReviewThis book is like nothing I've ever read before. It was very strange at first. It was written in the third person which I don't usually like because I find it difficult to connect with the characters. But somehow this still felt personal. I understood all the characters and wanted to know more about them. Not at first however. The flat mates took some getting used to as at first I hated them all. But I think you're supposed to.Getting back to the way it was written, it switched from point of view as do many third person novels, but unlike them, it was done without a break between characters. We could be following Kleber and then all of a sudden we're following Simple without anything to tell us other than Murail's voice. Even though it wasn't obvious when we were changing, it was still clear, if that makes any sense at all. I always knew who was in the spotlight at which points and that is pure genius. Murail really does have a talent for voice.I don't really have much else to say. It was odd. It made me think. I enjoyed reading it.The only other thing I can think of is that I had no idea where the plot was going but not in a good way. I was reading and there was no hook because I didn't know where it was going. It almost felt like a sitcom and not a novel. I enjoyed it nonetheless.This will be the shortest review of all time because I'm still unsure what I really thought of this book.EvaluationPlot - 7/10 - very interesting ideaWay Plot Was Pursued - 6/10 - I wanted more to happen but maybe that's the beauty of this book - that it's so SimpleCharacters - 7/10 - I liked them but that took timeStyle - 8/10 - felt weird to read but the 'voice' was great.Pace - 8/10 - nothing wrong with it but nothing to keep me readingWould I recommend it? - Yes, especially if you're looking for something different.Would I look up the author? - No. This was a translation from French and maybe that was why I found it so odd.My Brother Simple was heart-warming and special, there won't be much else like it.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-08 11:54

    "Simpel" von Marie-Aude Murail war für mich ein Spontankauf, der anschließend eine ganze Weile in meinem Regal lag, bis ich ihn endlich gelesen habe. Jetzt bereue ich es ein bisschen, dass ich dieses Buch so lange habe warten lassen, denn es ist einfach wundervoll!Inhalt: Simpel ist eigentlich 22 Jahre alt, aber geistig behindert und auf dem Stand eines Dreijährigen. Lange Zeit hat er in einer Anstalt gelebt, sich dort aber nicht wohl gefühlt. Jetzt hat sein 17jähriger Bruder Colbert beschlossen, sich um ihn zu kümmern. Keine leichte Aufgabe für einen Schüler, der in Paris auf sich allein gestellt ist. Die einzige Wohnung, die Colbert für die beiden finden kann, ist eine Studenten-WG. Die Studenten sind zunächst wenig begeistert von ihren neuen Mitbewohnern.Sprachlich ist "Simpel" relativ einfach gehalten, was jedoch für dieses Jugendbuch angemessen ist und den Lesespaß keineswegs trübt. Die Charaktere haben alle ihre speziellen Eigenarten und teifgehende Persönlichkeiten, sodass jeder der WG-Bewohner die Geschichte auf seine Weise bereichert. Im Mittelpunkt stehen natürlich Simpel und sein jüngerer Bruder Colbert. Besonders Colbert ist oft der Verzweiflung nahe, denn in seinem Alter und mit den Pflichten eines Schülers ist er mit der Aufsicht über Simpel eigentlich überfordert, doch seinen Bruder wieder in die Anstalt zurückzuschicken, die dieser so sehr hasst, bringt er nicht übers Herz.Simpel selbst hat jede Menge Unfug im Kopf und mischt dadurch auf sehr charmante Art die WG auf. Die Mitbewohner, die ihm erst sehr skeptisch gegenüberstanden, sehen sich durch die einfache Sicht des behinderten Mannes auch selbst aus einem neuen Blickwinkel. Sie finden durch ihn den Mut ihr Leben zu ändern oder um ihre Liebe zu kämpfen. Hinter Simpels Spiel und seiner Art, über einen Stoffhasen names Monsieur Hasehase zu kommunizieren, wenn er selbst es nicht kann, stecken aber auch viel ernst und viele traurige und berührende Momente, die dem Buch sehr viel Tiefe geben. Es geht richtig ans Herz, nicht nur dem Leser, sondern auch den anderen Figuren im Buch.Monsieur Hasehase hat es übrigens faustdick hinter den Ohren und stachelt Simpel gerne mal an. Besonders süß sind die Kapitelüberschriften, die ankündigen, was der Stoffhase im folgenden Kapitel erleben wird.Fazit: Ein sehr schönes, berührendes Buch über das Anderssein und den Mut sein Leben zu ändern. Obwohl es ein Jugendbuch ist, ist es auch im Erwachsenenalter sehr lesenswert. 5 Sterne

  • Elisa Vangelisti
    2019-01-08 13:26

    Di solito leggo romance e non mi piacciono i romanzi in cui si ride troppo, quindi questo è un libro che va del tutto fuori dai miei standard, ma l’ho amato al punto da fare l’una di notte a letto, ridendo come una scema, alla luce pallida del mio kindle, mentre il marito preoccupato mi chiedeva se stessi piangendo, visti i miei grugniti inconsulti. Mi ha rapita sin da subito l’anteprima e l’ho acquistato in ebook perché credevo non fosse degno di occupare spazio sui miei esigui scaffali, ma devo assolutamente averlo in cartaceo. Il merito va tutto a Marie-Aude per il suo modo di raccontare e a Simple perché è un personaggio magnifico. In sostanza è un ventiduenne ritardato mentale, affidato alle cure del fratello minore diciassettenne perché la famiglia se ne è disinteressata chiudendolo in una struttura per disturbi mentali. Simple rende caotica la sua vita e quella dei compagni di appartamento con i quali troverà una sistemazione, ma alla fine quando rischieranno di perderlo si renderanno tutti conto del valore immenso di un personaggio come lui. Ma fate attenzione, perché gira armato e con la scorta: ha sempre con sé la sua stopila e la sua guardia del corpo è un coniglietto di peluche, il Signor Migliotiglio.Rilettura. Cinque stelle a questo bellissimo romanzo, che mi piace ancora e anzi di più dell’ultima volta che l’ho letto. È profondo, entusiasmante, sagace e divertente. Fa riflettere sul senso della normalità e della malattia, sul valore della famiglia, sulla conoscenza che svela le cose per ciò che sono e attenua il sospetto, sull’animo umano che in fondo è quello di tutti. Un popolo solo. Francesi, libanesi, genitori, figli, vedove e orfani, amanti e innamorati, studiosi e lavoratori, nullafacenti e impegnatissimi, adulti, problemi, adolescenza e crescita, credenti e blasfemi, candidi e saccenti… tutti racchiusi in un piccolo volume dal grandissimo significato.

  • Miriam
    2019-01-16 13:39

    For a more detailed review, please go to my blog.This book is truly awesome. I fell in love with the character immediately, which is always a good sign, because for me, there is nothing more important in a book than the characters. Above all, Simple and his brother Colbert are very cute, not only because of the way they interact with each other, but also in the way the both struggle to live their own life and be the person they want to be without hurting the ones they love. It becomes clear from the very beginning of the book, that the two brothers care about each other deeply and this wonderful relationship is described as so real and unbelievably touching. These two young men only have each other in their lives, but even though they both know how hard that is, they always try to do their best to be there for each other. My Brother Simple is a book about how hard and unfair, and beautiful and wonderful and full of love life can be. It is about decisions, good ones and bad ones, about family and friendship and love. Above all, it's really love in all its different ways.I highly recommend that book for anyone. I read it in only one day, but it caught my attention from the first to the last page. And I sure will not only read it again, but also take a look at what other books Marie-Aude Murail has written. Please do yourself a favour: Read My Brother Simple. It's touching and heartwarming. It will make you laugh and cry and want to hug everyone who is important to you in your life. Not a lot of books can do this to you. But this is definitely one of them.

  • Cris Mtz
    2019-01-05 11:32

    En definitiva es muy difícil en tan sólo 238 páginas tratar de exponer en su totalidad todo el aprendizaje que implica el convivir, velar y cuidar a un ser humano con alguna discapacidad. Más sin embargo me he encontrado con historias que perfectamente faltan la escéncia y logran transmitir al lector lo maravilloso que es tener a un ser tan lleno de amor. En el caso de la historia de simple creo que hay aspectos rescatables más sin embargo no logra llegar a ese punto medular, que es el ver la discapacidad con los ojos del corazón.Cabe señalar que sí tiene puntos a favor, como lo es el hecho de que simple logra con pequeños detalles, hacer conscientes a las personas a su alrededor de sus propios sentimientos. Pero reitero eso sólo se logra captar en pequeñas escenas, y no se profundiza en ello.Me hubiera gustado que la autora hubiera explicado un poco más del por que Kleber siendo aún un adolescente menor de 17 años se hace cargo de una persona con necesidades tan especiales como lo es su hermano Barnabe. Otro aspecto que no se indaga es el hecho de que el padre de simple y Kleber no queire saber de los dos, y al contrario está completamente dedicado a su segundo matrimonio, pero entiendo que a veces el perjuicio se encuentra en la misma familia y que se debe de trabajar la aceptación desde esa plataforma. En cuanto a argumento lamentablemente todo pasa muy rápido. Y hay situaciones que por ejemplo se quedan en el aire sin tener un cierre en concreto.Así que le doy 3 de 5 universos, por que la verdad yo esperaba una historia más redonda. Más sin embargo amo a mi pequeño Barnabe con todo el corazón.

  • Laura
    2018-12-26 15:38

    En Simple és... especial. No faré l'error de dir que és simple, perquè no ho és pas. Crec que el llibre només es pot llegir de dues maneres: Si no coneixes cap persona com en Simple, el llibre t'endinsa en el seu món, tot i que no estic segura que sigui gaire creïble. Si coneixes algú com en Simple... El meu cas és el segon. Jo conec algú com en Simple. I si bé el llibre m'ha agradat molt, també m'ha fet patir molt. El fet de veure com el germà petit d'en Simple (que encara no és major d'edat) se n'hagi de cuidar, i no pugui seguir del tot la seva vida, em feia patir. La frase d'en Simple de "la mare és morta i el pare no m'estima" fa veure que en Simple no és tan idiota (com es diria a sí mateix) com sembla. Ell veu les coses, i si bé no és capaç de comptar fins a 10, sap veure les relacions personals fins i tot millor que altra gent. Perquè en Simple no és simple. Simplement, viu en un món diferent, té la ment d'un nen de 3 anys en el cos d'un adult, però tot i així és capaç de veure les coses i de fer deduccions (i de posar potes amunt la casa si el deixen sol). La descripció que fa el llibre d'en Simple és tan real, que de tan real sembla mentida que pugui existir algú així. Però m'imagino que l'autora coneix a algun noi com en Simple, perquè és com la vida mateixa. En resum: una bona lectura per algú que no coneix cap "Simple", i una manera de pensar en com actuem pels que coneixem algú com en Simple...

  • Rosa
    2019-01-02 09:36

    "Mio fratello Simple" è il primo libro della Murail che leggo e sicuramente non sarà l'ultimo, ho già inserito altri suoi titoli nella mia infinita wishlist. In questo romanzo la scrittrice affronta una tematica estremamente difficile ma il tutto con ironia. Il protagonista è Simple "Semplice", un ragazzo con un ritardo mentale che gira sempre insieme al suo coniglietto, Signor Migliotiglio, e che vive insieme al fratello minore Kléber. La storia è incentrata principalmente sul rapporto tra i due fratelli che ho trovato meraviglioso. Sicuramente non sarà facile per il fratello minore prendersi cura di Simple ma cercherà di restargli sempre vicino anche quando il padre, assente, proporrà al figlio di mandare Simple in un istituto per ragazzi con problemi. Kléber affronterà difficoltà lungo il cammino, ma troverà un gruppo di ragazzi estremamente simpatici, che, nonostante l’iniziale diffidenza, si affezioneranno a Simple. Tra i vari personaggi secondari il mio preferito è sicuramente Enzo, un ragazzo che, gradualmente, si avvicinerà a Simple ed riuscirà ad instaurare un bel rapporto con lui fatto di risate e complicità. Lungo il romanzo, Kléber, prenderà anche decisioni non facili ma il legame tra i due fratelli è veramente forte ed è proprio questo, secondo me, la bellezza e la forza di questo romanzo. Quindi pur essendo un romanzo indirizzato ad un pubblico giovane, io lo consiglio a tutti.