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Fry The Brain is a detailed, original study of urban guerrilla sniping and its employment in modern unconventional warfare. Fry The Brain strives to educate the interested reader in all aspects of modern urban guerrilla sniping. As such, Fry The Brain is a unique, relevant work that is a must read for all students of contemporary guerrilla warfare....

Title : Fry the Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and Its Role in Modern Guerrilla Warfare
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ISBN : 9780971413399
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 450 Pages
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Fry the Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and Its Role in Modern Guerrilla Warfare Reviews

  • James
    2019-03-11 23:35

    Frustrating. On the positive side, this book presents quite a bit of interesting history and technical information. The discussion of the differences between urban sniping and sniping in other environments, and between guerrilla/terrorist sniping and military/police sniping, is excellent, as is the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of weapons for this brand of sniping (with the exception of the nonsense about suppressors and revolvers noted below.)On the negative side, some of the technical information is wrong (two examples: 1. The author talks on pages 74 and 114 about using a suppressor on a revolver, and anyone who knows anything about suppressors and revolvers knows that's impossible - the suppressor works by diverting the hot gas that normally exits the muzzle right behind the bullet into a series of baffles so that when it does emerge it's cooler and moving more slowly; with a revolver, a lot of gas escapes between the cylinder and frame (on Mythbusters, they showed that with a high-powered revolver like a .44 Magnum, that gas is energetic enough to slice off a person's finger if it's in the way!) and if you put a suppressor on the muzzle, the back pressure it created would increase that cylinder/frame gap gas jet even more. 2. On page 116, he writes that police use suppressed firearms when raiding "methadone labs" because the hot gas from an unsuppressed firearm might cause the volatile gases present to explode. Well, first, it's methamphetamine, not methadone; and second, the muzzle blast, as well as the gas escaping from the action when the cartridge case is ejected, is still hot enough to present the same risk, if to a lesser degree.)Mistakes like these are frustrating because they undercut the credibility of any other statement for anyone who doesn't know for sure whether it's correct.My other two beefs with this book are that it restates, at ridiculous length, the old claim that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy carried out by multiple shooters. This topic is not important enough to the subject matter to deserve 23 pages, irrespective of its plausibility (this author presents as fact a version that replaces Oswald with what amounts to a small platoon of ten separate teams and also offers as fact arguments against the 'lone gunman' version that were thoroughly debunked years ago), and that the book desperately needed a lot more attention from a good editor. It is riddled (pun intended) with errors of spelling and grammar, giving it a rough and amateurish feel.If I were the author, I wouldn't have let the reader see this book in this form, because it isn't ready for prime time.

  • Eric
    2019-03-14 00:21

    The author takes a comprehensive look at the art of urban guerrilla sniping since World War II and addresses such guerrilla wars as the German Werwolf resistance movement, the Chechen war against Russia, the PLO's war against Israel, the IRA's war in Ireland, and the recent war in Iraq. The author also takes a detailed look at the urban sniping methodology employed in Stalingrad, in Sarajevo, by Kennedy's assassins, mass murderer Charles Whitman in the Texas Tower, and the DC snipers who offered death from the back of a Chevy sedan. This is not your average sniper book - this work tackles the subject from the view of the urban guerrilla sniper. Subjects addressed include the legality of urban guerrilla sniping, possible sniper tools to be used, suppressed sniping, and all the dirty tricks guerrilla snipers have used since WW II. Balancing out the book are several chapters on counter-sniping tactics, although the author offers the entire book as a counter-sniper manual. This is a refreshingly detailed work on a unique subject that will help readers understand modern urban guerrilla warfare. There are hundreds of illustrations, many of which are rare. Overall, a solid work. Five stars all the way.

  • Greg
    2019-02-25 00:18

    One of the best sniper tactics books in print! The author analyzes numerous modern-day sniper shootings and provides commentary about successes and failures. Since I come from a more classic "school trained" sniper background I found his unconventional thinking about sniper weaponry and tactics to be very refreshing!