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First published in 1898, this sequel to The Golden Age is an informative snapshot of the late Victorian era that captures the world of imagination inhabited by children. These stories are written with humor and wit as Grahame depicts a private, separate universe of five siblings whose concerns rarely overlap with the world of adults, whom they refer to as Olympians. The coFirst published in 1898, this sequel to The Golden Age is an informative snapshot of the late Victorian era that captures the world of imagination inhabited by children. These stories are written with humor and wit as Grahame depicts a private, separate universe of five siblings whose concerns rarely overlap with the world of adults, whom they refer to as Olympians. The collection’s most famous story, "The Reluctant Dragon," sees the narrator and his neighbor Charlotte following dragon footprints in the snow one winter’s evening. Meeting with a Circus Man, they are regaled with tales of a dragon, which, modest and retiring, was reluctant to fight St. George purely for the sake of convention. The author captures perfectly the tone of a childhood enriched by legend and romance, and unsullied by the concerns of adulthood....

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Dream Days Reviews

  • Joe
    2019-03-07 07:19

    I read "A Wind in the Willows" last year, in my own late middle age, and was awed. It was like finding out there was this guy named Shakespeare who wrote plays--the work transcended a "star" rating.This book doesn't. It's beautifully written, and wise, but a historical curio. It's odd that a book about talking animals would seem to be timeless, and aboom about talking children so dated, but there you have it. Glad to have read it.

  • Alec Longstreth
    2019-02-21 09:21

    The more I read Kenneth Grahame, the more I love his writing style. Like The Golden Age before it, this recounts scenes from childhood with great feeling and detail. Plus the wonderful pen and ink illustrations of Ernest Shepherd perfectly compliment the text. This collection includes an early version of The Reluctant Dragon, one of my all-time favorite stories. I look forward to finally reading The Wind in the Willows next!

  • Timothy
    2019-03-13 11:33

    4 1/2 stars.I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Penrod books by Booth Tarkington. It has the same exuberant, joyful respect for the innocence and seriousness of bygone childhood imagination. And if the last story doesn't choke you up just a little, you have neither heart nor soul and should just go back to your "Twilight" collection.

  • Skye
    2019-02-24 08:18

    Possibly only suitable for those who adore Edwardian childrens fiction, or who, like me, would read a press release for shoe polish if it were penned by Grahame.The best of the lot: 'The Twenty-First of October.'

  • Rauf
    2019-03-11 07:25

    Bloody hell, this book is shiny! Some pieces are stronger than the other...I love "The Magic Ring", "A Saga of the Sea", "The Reluctant Dragon" and "A Departure".

  • Linda
    2019-02-20 08:28

    childhood vignettes - some are awfully close to my own memories.

  • nuzzyfipples
    2019-03-20 10:28

    An excellent book to read to children, but also good to read as an adult. While this is a sequel to The Golden Age, you don't need to have read the first collection of stories to enjoy this one, which is what they both are - a collection of short stories from the point of view of an unnamed boy with his siblings.If you can find it, acquire the Folio Society edition for the wonderful Little Nemo-esque illustrations throughout.

  • Jan1243
    2019-03-07 11:42

    Some lovely, lovely stories about the imagination that blooms in childhood, including The Reluctant Dragon. But there are other gems as well. How must he have loved his only son, for whom he went on to write The Wind in the Willows. Such tragedy, too, that he was traumatized by being shot in the bank he worked in, and that he lost his son, the inspiration of his imagination, to suicide at the age of 22.

  • Marmot
    2019-03-07 11:34

    Not so much a book for kids as a book about how an adult remembered feeling as a kid. Glad o just read this to myself and didn’t bother trying to read it to my kids, they wouldn’t have understood it, and found it really boring.

  • Ed Evans
    2019-03-05 04:35

    Indulge the child in yourself, or the grandchild in your care, or both with this brief volume of treasure

  • Caroline Bennett
    2019-03-12 06:30

    Lovely book. Reminded me of The Bastable family. The last story I found quite shocking.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-16 12:36

    Dream Days was a wonderful follow-up to The Golden Age. The penultimate chapter of Dream Days is "The Reluctant Dragon," on which the Disney film is based.

  • Ulrik
    2019-02-27 04:33

    Fra den gyldne tidsalder for børnelitteratur kommer her en af genrens mestre og hans vidunderlige noveller. Kenneth Grahame skildrer på fantastisk og meget humoristisk vis livet set fra en victoriansk søskendefloks synsvinkel. Grahame har en fantastisk greb på hans børnekarakterer, og placerer de unavngivne voksne karakterer meget smart på et andet plan med begrebet "The Olympians", som fortælleren bliver ved med at bruge om dem. Altså at de voksne i deres liv er som fjerne guder på Olympus, som en gang i mellem blander sig i børnenes liv... for det meste imod deres vilje.Jeg var især glad for klassikeren The Reluctant Dragon, som også nemt kan findes udgivet selvstændig og er den mest kendte af novellerne, og October 21st, som er en lidt rørende hyldest til både Trafalgar Day (og Lord Nelson). "A Departure" er også en vidunderlig nærmest victoriansk udgave af Toy Story.Alt i alt har den her været en ren nydelse af læse... og nok snart genlæse.

  • Don
    2019-03-09 09:21

    This is an odd book, a relict from long ago. It appears to be a linked series of stories for children, but it is written in such a style that no child would, I think, wish to read it - nor even have it read to them. But the subject matter is such that I can't see it appealing to many adults either. Perhaps it is best seen as an adult's recall of how he thought as a child, brought up in rather well-to-do late Victorian or Edwardian England; almost as a sociological phenomenon as well as mildly entertaining light reading.

  • Andre Piucci
    2019-02-22 05:25

    "Grown-up people really ought to be more careful. Among themselves it may seem but a small thing to give their word and take back their word. For them there are so many compensations. Life lies at their feet (...) I only waited till that hateful, well-known “Some other time, dear!” told me that hope was finally dead. It made it worse — if anything could — to hear that stale, worn-out old phrase, still supposed by those dullards to have some efficacy."

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-10 05:46

    I only bought these Kenneth Grahame books for the Maxfield Parrish illustrations (not the books pictured). The stories aren't that great.

  • Mairi
    2019-03-07 09:40

    Hmm, ütleks, et keskpärane. Ma ei saanud päriselt aru, kes peaks olema raamatu sihtgrupp...

  • Rita
    2019-03-09 10:44

    For anyone who was accustomed to whiling away the hours in distant fantasy lands as a child, this book is for you.

  • Peter J.
    2019-02-21 08:27

    Not quite as good as the Golden Age, but still good.

  • Mandy
    2019-03-20 09:41

    Charming, sweet and very imaginative. Captures the essence of childhood so well.

  • Clemencia
    2019-02-22 06:17

    In times of deep anguish or sorrow, this is one of my fall-back resources.

  • Emily Cook
    2019-03-06 08:33

    It's like going back to childhood, only better.

  • Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides
    2019-02-23 08:21

    Sadly, this was simply not as engrossing as its predecessor.

  • Brandon
    2019-03-20 09:19

    Excellent book! Delightful childhood reminiscences beautifully written in Grahame's charming prose. Poetic, tender, insightful, very lovely, a portal into the life of a children.

  • Manuel Alfonseca
    2019-02-22 10:46

    Second part to "The golden age," it contains eight stories based on the author's own childhood, including the famous "The reluctant dragon," which has also been published separately.

  • Shonna Froebel
    2019-03-10 05:43

  • Patti
    2019-03-15 12:44


  • Melissa
    2019-03-15 12:26

    A delightful collection of pieces to while away an afternoon.