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Malvel's last beast has arrived at King Hugos castle. Stealth, the Ghost Panther traps his victims and turns them evil. Tom must find a way to defeat him and get the final piece of the Amulet that Stealth wears around his neck....

Title : Stealth the Ghost Panther
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ISBN : 9781408303801
Format Type : Other Book
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Stealth the Ghost Panther Reviews

  • Mrs. Trimble
    2018-09-20 07:07

    My 8-yr-old son loves these books. This is one from the Amulet of Avantia series. These are similar to the Magic Treehouse books. Instead of Jack and Annie going on adventures for Merlin, you have Tom and Elenna (with horse Storm and wolf Silver) going on adventures for Wizard Aduro. In each book, they have to defeat a different scary creature that is wreaking havoc on the kingdom and it's people. In this series, Tom and Elenna are trying to gather all of the different pieces of the amulet so Tom's father, Taladon, can leave his ghostly form and reenter the world of the living. I have to admit, they books are pretty entertaining and not a huge reading commitment.

  • C. John Kerry
    2018-10-10 10:07

    Not sure how our library ended up with a British edition of this book but that is neither here nor there. As with other volumes in this series I found this to be a bit on the short side and somewhat formulaic. However, for the target audience, which is more along the lines of my nine-year old son than adults, that these are probably fairly decent books. At least the authors of the series are able to come up with some interesting variations on the monster/beast theme. If you have a pre-teen boy who either likes to read, or who you are trying to get reading then give these a consideration.

  • Clare O'Beara
    2018-10-10 03:45

    This is potentially quite a scary book as the kindly villagers and townsfolks have been changed by a ghostly panther into people who cannot be trusted. While Tom and Elenna struggle to find a way into the city through tunnels, to seek the last piece of an amulet, their brave horse and wolf may be the only ones they can trust.As always the glossy cover and cards are nice for collectors of the series but I thought some of the earlier adventures relied more on wit and less on swordplay so I preferred them. The text is suitable for kids and will keep them turning the pages.

  • Logan Martin
    2018-10-04 05:09

    I think that it is very sad that all those nice people were turned into evil people but luckily Tom came to the rescue .when they got to the castle the king would not let Tom and Elena into the castle.

  • Tiffiny
    2018-09-23 07:05

    My 10 yr old son: I loved it! It was a great book. I liked how Tom helped his father and I recommend this book to a lot of kids. (5 stars)My husband who read it to him: I've liked the whole series. It's exciting and keeps you interested for more. (4.5 stars)

  • Emma Edwards
    2018-10-14 04:47

    10/10 Love it