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“Caskie’s wit sparkles like a crown jewel.”—New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd Bestselling author Kathryn Caskie tempts historical readers once more with the Seven Deadly Sins—the deliciously licentious Sinclair family of unforgettable rogues and rapscallions—in The Duke’s Night of Sin. This latest family chronicle of passionate misadventures pits Lady Siusan“Caskie’s wit sparkles like a crown jewel.”—New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd Bestselling author Kathryn Caskie tempts historical readers once more with the Seven Deadly Sins—the deliciously licentious Sinclair family of unforgettable rogues and rapscallions—in The Duke’s Night of Sin. This latest family chronicle of passionate misadventures pits Lady Siusan Sinclair against the one man who holds in one hand the power to ruin her…and in the other, the key to her heart. If you adore the amorous exploits of Stephanie Laurens’s sinful Cynsters and Julia Quinn’s delightful Bridgerton clan—or have a passion for the romantic fiction of Lisa Kleypas and Victoria Alexander—The Duke’s Night of Sin is a night you will long remember! ...

Title : The Duke's Night of Sin
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ISBN : 9780061491030
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The Duke's Night of Sin Reviews

  • Joanna Loves Reading
    2019-04-29 20:24

    I read this a while ago and have been trying to remember who wrote it and what it is called. Thankfully, I just ran across the author in my feed. It was slowly driving me nuts, not because I loved it. I actually wanted to avoid the author. This is probably a 2 star read, but I am no longer giving ratings for something read so far in the past.

  • L. (Slay the meaty ones!)
    2019-05-18 00:45

    Got this one out of the cheap bin, and there's a reason why it was so cheap. Completely bland and forgettable. I don't know why Siusan Sinclair was supposed to represent the sin of Sloth as she was no lazier than any other titled lady of this era. She's the daughter of a duke, she's not expected to do anything. And what's up with that "i", Siusan?? As for the hero - what was his name again? Oh yeah, Sebastian. See, he was so forgettable I just finished the book and already had trouble recalling his name. Author Kathryn Caskie expects me, the reader, to believe that despite having a serious blow to the head, as well as facing possibly freezing to death, that Sebastian is still able to have mind-blowing sex. No, I say. No, no, no!There was one all-too-brief scene, just a couple of pages long, that had just a glimmer of hope to it. It was between Siusan of the Extra I and a vertically challenged reporter as they matched wits. If the book had been more like this one scene, if the hero had been the reporter instead of whatshisname, maybe I would have been more generous to the book.

  • Eve
    2019-05-17 23:53

    Enh. I'd probably put it at 2 1/2 stars, because I did read it cover to cover in one sitting. It definitely wasn't bad, however I don't know if I'd be tempted to read it again. It was a bit..simple, and I feel you didn't really get any real depth of emotion or got to know the characters beyond HE wants to find her, and SHE doesn't want to get found.

  • ஐ฿υκєτஐ
    2019-05-15 18:42

    Seriyi sırf bitirmek için zorla okuyorum.

  • İlkim
    2019-05-14 02:50

    3'ten fazlasını hak etmeyen bir seri. Diğer kitaplarını da yazmamış yazar... Yedi kardeşse yedisini de şimdiye yazmalıydı. Bitmiş gibi düşünebiliriz galiba.

  • Lita Bouquard
    2019-04-22 22:44

    Mildly amusing, so-so romance of a series I continue to read while waiting for a great book. Siusan Sinclair another of the 7 Scottish siblings trying to earn their way back into their father's good graces and finances, runs from London when she has a quickie in a dark room with a stranger. I like the way the siblings stick together and don't judge or blame each other. Suisan does make some big mistakes and takes quick employment teaching deportment at a girl's school. Surprisingly she likes teaching the girls and they gain confidence from her. Suisan doesn't want them to learn etiquette and societal rules the way she did- by making mistakes. She even writes down advice for a newspaper- of course earning her way. When she encounters the Duke he doesn't know they met before and they throw sparks. I didn't like that his grandmother was hateful about Suisan and then suddenly changed her mind- oh well if you like her than I will. That just wasn't believable. I would give this 2 and a half stars.

  • Amy Jacobs
    2019-04-28 20:29

    First of all that let me say that the cover was not that appealing. Sure it had a gorgeous man on the front, but the wow factor of the cover comes when you open the flap of the cover and get the whole picture instead. Yes, I am a fan of covers just as much as books because they are what can capture a readers interest in deciding what will get picked up off the shelf first.With that being said, the story was great. It is the third book in the "Seven Deadly Sins" series. and in my opinion one of the better of the three. The writing was better, the story was better, and the characters were even more enjoyable than the previous two books. This book pushed the envelope with steamier scenes and bolder characters that pushed this series in a better direction. Even though the ending was a little out there for one of the two main characters, I still found it to be an enjoyable read with the perfect balance of romance, sexy and plot.A great new book in a series that will leave readers wanting to cast their own sins once they finish the book.

  • Jessi
    2019-04-26 02:24

    I like the concept of this series (seven brothers and sisters, ignored by their father, decide to live up to their nickname of "the seven sins" ('cause their last name is Sinclair, cute huh?)) This book gives us Siusan or "sloth." She lives to be a lady, directing others. But she's bored and lonely one night at a ball and sexes up the new Duke of Exeter (he thinks he's meeting a prostitute.) When she realizes what she's done, she tells her brothers and sister left at the house what she's done and they hide her in a girl's school where the Duke's ward is conveniently placed. I'm okay with the plot contrivances and contortions, even when the Siusan doesn't recognize the duke and goes home with him for the holidays then saves his life. It goes on and on and on. And for a sloth, Siuzan chases him pretty hard and for such a supposed lady, she's sure a big ol' slut.

  • manic_reader
    2019-04-30 22:49

    I loved this book ! First of all I liked that Sebastian was a normal man,hero. No dark brooding,tortured soul. But normal as Suisan woth her faults. Though sometimes I felt Sebastian was a little slow...Anyways, I loved the story plot bt the nxt one the series,Grants, I think will b much better :)

  • Cozen
    2019-05-09 19:52

    While I did enjoy this story as it began to set everything in motion, I found the out-in-left-field turn it took to be far to odd to even begin to follow any further. Basically I enjoyed this story up until she took off to a school. From there on I couldn't tolerate her arrogant cockiness at all. I kept seeing a snobby side of her personality that just damaged my views for liking this story.

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-04-26 21:41

    DNF 20 pages in. I'm just not into the hero and heroine having sex in the dark anonymously. Also that sex scene was meh and not at all steamy.

  • Canan^^
    2019-05-15 18:50

    İlk 2 kitaba oranla konusu daha hafif ve yüzeysel geldi.keza duygu yoğunluğu da öyle.çok fena değildi ama beklediğim gibi de değildi.Sanırım ilk 2 kitabı daha çok sevmiştim..

  • Shiraz
    2019-05-08 00:47

    Just because you're writing romance novels is not an excuse for poor writing.

  • Kit
    2019-05-14 21:31

    Finished it- but the whole plot just didn't mesh well for someone that likes her romances to have a least a smidgen of believable romance.

  • Lemon
    2019-05-09 18:51

    Bad writing. Bad writing. Bad writing. DNF. Did I already mention bad writing?

  • Olivia
    2019-05-02 00:38

    I want to give this a 3.5 - I enjoy the story of the Sinclairs and plan to continue the series, but the story was a little to quick and easy. Would have been nice to have additional character depth and more to the plot.

  • Book Binge
    2019-04-24 23:27

    This is the third book in the Seven Deadly Sins Series by Kathryn Caskie and it was pretty good. It's not my favorite of the three books but it was still a good addition to a series that is shaping up pretty nicely. Of the seven deadly Sinclairs, this book follows Suisan Sinclair as she journeys her way to her happy ending.Lady Suisan was one of the Sinclairs that I didn't really think too much on throughout the other books. She was there but she wasn't really on my radar but I did like her. Come to think about it, I like all of the Sinclairs...even the little sister that is such a jealous little shit. I will say that when this book starts and we start getting to know Suisan and her true nature, I was surprised because Suisan is a little fast thang. Especially to be living in those times...she sure did get down with her bad self.The story starts out with Suisan and the younger sister (goodness I forgot her name already) at a ball and the younger sister calling dibs on the new duke of Exeter. Suisan is feeling down and out because it's the anniversary of the death of her fiance, Simon and so being at a ball is getting to be a bit stuffy for her. She's not in the mood to be around people and she could give two shits about the new duke so she rushes out to find some fresh air and finds herself in a darkened library (haha) and when a gentleman interrupts her peace and quiet, mistaking her for a prostitute, she just sort of lets him have his way with her.Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. WTF? Seriously?After the deed is done, Suisan rushes from the room and the Duke realizes that the girl he just tumbled with in his libary was not the girl that he was supposed to meet but was in fact, a lady. A guest at his ball, in his home.And he feels like ten kinds of shits.He caught sight of her back as she's running from the library and because sex has never been like that for him, he wants to make things right. He wants to find her, apologize and try to smoothe things over. But how in the world is he going to do all of that if he doesn't know her name or even what her face looks like.Suisan, on the other hand realizes that she needs to get hell out of Dodge before the new duke comes out and finds her so she tells her brothers and sisters exactly what she did and they flee the scene.Talk about unity. There was no judging from her brothers and sisters, they just all up and left with a quickness that was admirable and that was probably my favorite thing about this family and this series. The united front that the Sinclair brothers and sisters show for everyone. It's not just for show. It's for real and it's too cute. I love that they all have each other's back no matter what the other has done.Suisan flees London and hides out in Bath, becoming a teacher at an all girl's school just until Exeter returns to his country estate after the season. Things were going remarkably well for her (or as well as the horse face head mistress would allow) until things weren't going well for her and it made for some interesting reading.Suisan is hiding from the man who shows up to check on his ward, who is a student at the school that Suisan is teaching at and she doesn't even know it. It is while he's checking up on his niece that Suisan and him fall in love. Their love story was slow to build but in the end, I was glad that I read this book. Both Sebastian and Suisan were not the most perfect of characters, each of them making a fair amount of mistakes before getting it right but alls well that ends well.I enjoyed reading their story and I enjoyed finding out who's book is next and I'm anxious for that story to come out already. I'm a fan of the Sinclair family and am always looking for more. If you're a fan of this series than you'll enjoy this book. It's a likable story about two people coming together in love and sticking it out when things get rough.Grade: 3 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Rowena. You can view the post here:

  • Mary Gramlich
    2019-05-21 20:45

    Working your way through the sins of life is such fun readingSebastian Beaufort, The Duke of Exeter is trying to avoid obtaining a wife, making a grand entrance and survive his newly obtained title. Lady Siusan Sinclair is attempting to regain her father’s favor, not commit any additional family sins which is difficult when you family has been labeled the Seven Deadly Sins and stay under any bachelor’s radar.When Siusan and Sebastian have a clandestine meeting every good intention flyies out the window and they both are seeking additional sins that might not have been broken on the sofa, in the dark, without an exchange of names. Siusan does not want Sebastian to know who she is so fleeing to the far regions of England and becoming a teacher makes the most sense. But her idea of what to teach the young girls is much different than they are used to because she wants them to be educated and learn to run a household – very scandalous.Sebastian can’t give up Siusan and seeks her out and when he finds her the pretense of games has to stop. She must admit who she is to him and confess the one sin she keeps committing – lying about her feelings for him. Yet Siusan has other ideas and pursing them will let her stay at the School of Virtues and further educate the girls as well as write a manual for all the other young women seeking knowledge of how to grow up and become respectable wives. Sebastian has other ideas and he keeps pushing them onto Siusan and yet she pulls back still trying to save her reputation and restore family honor.But rain, snow, distance nor carriage accidents can keep them apart and Sebastian will do but is honorable as well as desirable toward Siusan. Even when a voice screams that she has a reason to stop this relationship Sebastian has had the feel of Siusan body and soul are in his hands and he wants and needs her for life. But can the right decision be made and will Siusan choose her family or her lover?This series is riveting because the characters are so full of life and interact exactly as a family would. They stand beside one another through the bad times but never fail to blast you with the truth as they see it. Siusan is tender and thoughtful which offsets Sebastian’s tough and commanding personality. They are a good combination and a wonderful story.

  • Arec Rain
    2019-05-21 21:48

    Wow, I immediately feel in love with this book. Out of the three novels out in this series, I felt that this was the most developed and had more plot than the other two, which actually isn't saying much. Of course, I am a huge fan of erotica, and this book started out steamy. Although, I found it completely ridiculous that she allowed Sebastian to have sex with her in the library when she did not even know who he was. Not only that, but she wouldn't allow him to pull out when he ejaculated. I highly doubt anyone can be that…empty headed. I could be wrong though. After realizing just how much she screwed up, Siusan suitably freaks out and decides to stay low. When Sebastian uses Priscilla’s stocking to track Siusan all the way to her house, Siusan realizes she needs to get the hell out of Dodge before her scandal is exposed to the world. She then ends up at Sebastian’s ward’s school. More chaos ensues when Sebastian shows up at the school, although he has no idea who Siusan really is. After some bantering, Sebastian gives Siusan the idea to publish a novel of how to be a proper later which proves to be very successful. Even though they are completely unaware of the other’s true identity, the two begin to fall in love.While I found the plot to be slighty ridiculous, I still enjoyed to reading the novel. It was one of those novels that I kept reading just because I wanted to read about Siusan and Sebastian getting together. I knew it was going to happen, I just wanted to read it unfold.

  • Mona
    2019-05-03 18:49

    A delightful concept for a story, Kathryn Caskie introduces us to a family of seven siblings aptly nicknamed The Seven Deadly Sins. Their father is so disgusted with them he cuts off their funds until they prove themselves worthy of his name and his money. One sibling, Lady Siusan Sinclair, is decidedly 'sloth' and proud of it until her reputation is on the verge of ruin. She decides to hide long enough for the gossips to forget about her, so she takes a job (gasp) at an exclusive school for young ladies. The problem is, the uncle of one of the students makes her weak in the knees. He seems familiar to her, but she can't place him. He knows exactly who she is, though. She's the woman he made love to in the dark study of his castle when he should have been greeting his guests as the new Duke of Exeter. He couldn't see her face, but he'll never forget her body or the way she felt.This is one of those stories that made me smile as I read. I hope Ms. Caskie gives us stories about the other Deadly Sins, too.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-26 19:32

    I really enjoyed this story of Lady Siusan and Lord Nicholas. She grows, he recognizes his love for her instead of insisting on being a bachelor forever, and there is real character development. My only gripe is that their father started this whole thing with his neglect of the siblings as young children yet he is making them pay for it by abandoning them and making them earn his respect back?!? I was really hoping that Siusan would set his straight, but no, once he says that she has passed his test, she's all gooey and starry-eyed. Someone please tell me that eventually the dad gets his. I was so disappointed that everyone of these people were so easy on him. UGH!My other gripe: the next book doesn't come out until 2012!!! A year??? Why?

  • Nancy Badger
    2019-05-16 19:53

    I will have to disagree with my friend Babs...the first chapter's sex-in-the-dark was the best opening to a book ever! Because I read this snippet in the back of another of this author's books, I ordered The Duke's Night of Sin immediately! I felt the heroine's sorrow on the anniversary of the loss of her beloved, the misunderstanding was plausible, and you missed out, Babs, on how this hoydon redeems herself during a carriage accident in a snowstorm after hiding out at a girl's school, teaching! Please keep reading until the end! The author's writing is crisp and the dialog funny (I love the Scottish Sinclair family), and I was able to keep up with a series that must have started several books back. I will search them all out!

  • Brianne
    2019-05-23 02:42

    I don't know how I feel about this book. It was sort of ridiculous (naked (unmarried!) cuddling! in 1816!), but I really liked Lady Siusan (despite the spelling, and that she's Irish seems to be the reason). She's spunky and interesting and you can see actual growth throughout the book. I didn't love the Duke of Exeter quite as much, but mostly because he was a sort of non-entity. With no real personality to show, it's obvious that this book is not about him, but Lady Siusan and her family. I liked the little twist at the end, but again: needs more personality on the hero. I will probably have to look up the other books in this series, but I think it's time I switched over to contemporary romance for a while.

  • Naima
    2019-05-02 01:53

    jelek!!! aku kecewa banget baca ini sungguh. idenya sih menarik. tapi eksekusinya mengecewakan. Jalan ceritanya memang tidak terduga tapi sama sekali nggak nggigit menurut aku. Aku gak merasakan sedikitpun aura duke pada diri Sebastian. Dan nama heroinnya kesannya kok konyol "siusan"? Belum lagi kesannya kok si siusan ini cewek gampangan banget yak?! di tempat gelap digituin kok semangat banget. Oke lah kalo alasan pertamanya dia waktu itu lagi sedih banget karena mengingat kematian tunangannya setahun yang lalu. Tapi yang kedua kali, walaupun di tempat terang dan dengan pria yang sama, tapi kan siusannya gak tau kalo pria yang dulu dan yang kemudian itu pria yang sama. Jadi yaaa... lightskirt gitu deh menurut aku. sepertinya aku kapok baca karya penulis ini deh.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-24 02:46

    I was so disappointed with this book. I had been looking forward to Siusan's book since the beginning and after I read the preview chapters on the author's website I was sure this was a cracker. Unfortunately while I loved the first third, the book then died in the water. It seriously felt like the first draft was published, not a fully edited book. I loved these characters but just didn't like how the book was written. There was so much promise but while the storyline could have been awesome the writing of it made it just a bit blah. I so hope she comes back for the next book in the series. I can't read another one where it feels like the first third is a completely different awesome book.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-11 18:36

    More like 3.5* This book was well written, but I found myself getting angry and frustrated with the characters. Why couldn't they just tell the truth? I realize that there would not be a story if they just told the truth, but honestly! All the deceptions was frustrating. I understood why Siusan did not tell the truth the first time, she was embarrassed and was hoping that if she could get away from it then that would mean it didn't actually happen. But after that, ugh! Still, I did enjoy the book and I love this family so I will be reading the next one.

  • Mindy
    2019-04-29 00:28

    I liked the way this installment of the series started out. It had potential. I loved that Siusan worked and actually made something of herself. I feel like of all the Seven Deadly Sins, she actually had the most believable change of all so far. But somewhere after she left Bath, the story went downhill. I'm not sure why or what exactly happened, but I think Siusan could have made much more of herself that simply wife to the Duke.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-13 22:47

    Got this as a free book and enjoyed it but it was just ok. Nice story premise of siblings as seven sins. The general plot of this story is intriguing but Siusan's behavior was a bit much for the time. Found that "i" in her name totally irritating. The main characters were ok but the whole story just lacked pizazz. I may try the other books in the series but not for 7 dollars.

  • Jennie
    2019-04-22 20:25

    Perhaps the best of the series so far; a quick, entertaining read. While the heroine's actions are somewhat over the top self-sacrificing at the end, with the theme of the series, that is likely somewhat expected. Overall though, a swiftly moving story that leaves the reader looking forward to Grant's story in 2011.

  • Megan
    2019-05-11 23:46

    While I rarely pick up a book that is in series out of order, I had no problem reading this and actually it intrigued me to read some more in this series. I really enjoyed this book and reading about the family. I seem to enjoy the family series where you get to read all about them. Solid 3 stars.