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Speaking to children on their own terms, this critically acclaimed book sensitively establishes boundaries for youngsters. In a non-threatening, engaging manner, this guide teaches kids that when it comes to their body, there are some parts that are for “no one else to see” and empowers them to tell a parent or teacher if someone touches them inappropriately. Telling the sSpeaking to children on their own terms, this critically acclaimed book sensitively establishes boundaries for youngsters. In a non-threatening, engaging manner, this guide teaches kids that when it comes to their body, there are some parts that are for “no one else to see” and empowers them to tell a parent or teacher if someone touches them inappropriately. Telling the story of a gender-neutral child who is inappropriately touched by an uncle’s friend, this tale delivers a powerful moral when the youngster reveals the offender and the parents praise the child’s bravery. Most importantly, this narrative assures young ones that sexual molestation is not their fault, and by speaking out, the child will continue to grow big and strong. A “Suggestions for the Storyteller” section is also included to assist in facilitating a comfortable discussion afterwards, thereby helping to prevent the unthinkable from happening to any child. With inspirational rhyming and beautiful illustrations, this is a compelling and uplifting message of what is right and wrong....

Title : My Body Belongs to Me
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ISBN : 9780982121603
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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My Body Belongs to Me Reviews

  • Mary Little
    2019-05-26 01:18

    Brief ReviewThe author of this fictional book did a brilliant job of approaching sexual abuse in a way that a child can understand. She used rhyming words to create a flow, and kept it short and simple. The author prosecuted child abuse and sex crimes against children in New York City for over a decade. She felt compelled to write this book, hoping it could prevent at least one child from being abused. The book also lists additional resources and has a list of suggestions for talking about this topic with children.Content AreasThis is an ideal book for talking to young kids about their bodies, and telling an adult if someone is innappropriate. It is geared towards preschool age through about second grade. In a preschool literacy class, I would read this book aloud. I would probably tell parents that this subject will be discussed on this day. I want every student to instinctively know, if someone touches you, tell! Comprehension QuestionWhat was the problem in the book, and how was it solved? An adult touched the young girl's private parts. She was able to solve this problem by immediately telling her parents or another adult.What was the author's purpose or purposes in writing this book? The author is trying to teach young children that their bodies belong to them, and to tell an adult if someone is inappropriate with them.What do you do if someone touches your private parts or asks you to touch their private parts? Tell a grown up!WondersI wonder if this topic is discussed in school?If a child hears this story and has already been abused, they may wonder if they are bad or if it's too late to tell an adult.

  • Ronnie Dauber
    2019-06-10 04:52

    This book was written with a two-fold purpose: to make parents aware of the violation of sexual abuse amongst children from family members and friends; and to let children know that they don't have to hide or be ashamed of the abuse and that they can and should tell someone. Sexual abuse has been a horrendous ongoing violation against children for too long and this book brings out the issue simply and gently so that both parents and children can be informed, and so that this offence will stop.I recommend this book to all parents, caregivers and pre-school teachers, and I believe that it should become a mandatory book in all schools.

  • Vianey
    2019-06-22 05:07

    This book shows that there are some body parts that are open view and some that are not and called your private parts. Tells the reader that you can always go to your parents or and adult if anyone tries to hurt you. Also it is your body and no one should touch you in your private parts. Learning Extension Activity After reading this book I would have a large group or circle time and talk to the children about our body parts and get up to move around to the song head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

  • Catriona Rogers
    2019-06-02 23:00

    I read this one, but my daughter wasn't interested, so I am returning it to the library. I would check it out again if she ever has questions about body privacy or what kind of touch is okay. It does tell children what to do if they are ever touched in a way they do not like, which might be helpful if they faced that situation sometime. I skimmed a different book on this theme at the library, and I wasn't comfortable with it - thought it might be scary for some children - so this seemed better.

  • Randie D. Camp, M.S.
    2019-06-17 00:01

    Jill Starishevsky is a prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes and she wrote this book for two purposes: to prevent children from becoming victims of sexual abuse and to stress the importance of telling a trusted adult if abuse has already occurred. The text and illustrations are simple, clear, and can easily be understood by even young children. The important thing to remember is that a book like this is a tool for the reader to engage in a discussion with children about sexual abuse.

  • Anna
    2019-06-17 04:10

    Edit 3 years later: I do think this is appropriate at least for older preschoolers. My kindergartner was almost too old for it when we finally did get a chance to read it.Recommended by AhaParenting's Dr. Laura Markham for "every child's bookshelf."I'm not so sure from the description whether I want it for my child's bookshelf. Especially for a just-3 year old. Need to read it myself, first.

  • Tricia
    2019-06-26 07:03

    Unfortunately, molestation of children happens. This title handles the topic without any unnecessary extras but honestly and simply enough that a child can understand. It could be utilized as a preventative/informative or as discussion in the rare situation that a patron asks for a book of this topic after the fact.

  • jacky
    2019-05-31 02:14

    An excellent book for body safety. Natalie liked it, too. She asked me to read it several times. The character is gender neutral. There is an event of molestation, so it was hard to read as a parent. The message is very clear without being at all graphic.

  • Jen
    2019-06-19 23:01

    helpful talking points for parents/caregivers in addition to the rhyming text.

  • Win
    2019-06-24 06:54

    My kids and I read the book together, it gave us a good opportunity to introduce the concept of protecting their bodies. They are now aware what people should not do to them.

  • Jill Starishevsky
    2019-06-07 22:53

    This book is an incredible tool to teach children that their bodies have bondaries. Perfect for parents, educators and the medical community.

  • Amy Rae
    2019-05-27 07:07

    It didn't make a huge impression on me, but it did seem like a good place to begin with body privacy for children.

  • paula
    2019-05-26 05:21

    Good front and back matter, but ugh, rhymes.