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An alternate cover edition can be found here.Terrorists take over executive mansion, slaughter dozens, hold nearly 100 hostages before U.S. president is evacuated to an underground bunker. Mitch Rapp, CIA's top counterterrorism operative, learns that someone in their own government wants his rescue to fail....

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Transfer of Power Reviews

  • RedemptionDenied
    2018-11-10 20:47

    I really enjoyed this book, which is the fourth novel I've read by the author. The other three books I've read are: The Third Option, Kill Shot and his debut; Term Limits.Bandar Abbas, Iran.It starts off with Mitch Rapp on a mission with Seal Team Six to (retrieve?) abduct, Sheik Fara Harut, leader of Hezzbollah - a militant Islamic Group, who is believed to have information about an imminent attack that is going to take place somewhere in the United States. Once the mission is accomplished, which doesn't go to plan, Harut' is to be questioned (interrogated) by Jane Hornig, who specialises in getting people to flap their gums; which he does, as he's being conveyed back to the States; and that's when Rapp learns some unsettling information just a little too late.Back in the States, Rafique Aziz, posing as Prince Kalib; a contributor - is meeting with Russ Piper of the DNC (Democratic National Committee), to set up a meeting with the President of the United States, which is Aziz's way of getting into the White House. Elsewhere, Muammar Bengazi, is hiding in the back of a white linens truck, with other terrorists, waiting for the moment to strike: their plan is to gain access to the Treasury Tunnel that leads to the basement of the White House. When Aziz finally gets his chance to meet with the President, he taps a button on his watch to let Abu Hasan, Bengazi and the others know that the time has come to strike. Aziz's initial plan was to grab the President in the Oval Office, but that doesn't go the way he wanted; when a vigilant Secret Service Agent (Jack Warck) finds out about the last minute meeting between Prince Kalib and the Commander-in-Chief. Anyway, before Aziz can make his move, Warck and other agents surround the President and rush him to his new bunker, that's not quite finished. Aziz isn't too worried about the missed opportunity of grabbing the President, as he's got a contingency plan in place - as well as hostages.Mitch Rapp reminds me of Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell game) and Jack Bauer. There are a number of key players and agencies trying to bring a resolution to the crisis: HRT (Hostage Response Team), Delta Force and Seal Team Six. There are multiple POV: White House, Pentagon, Langley, Vice President's Residence (Naval Observatory), and the CIA, etc. So it stays interesting throughout. There are quite a few tense moments, as well - as the President may not be as safe, as they originally thought. In summation: A high-octane political/military thriller, that moves at a fast pace. There's a lot of talking, reconnoitering, briefings, and heated arguments, dissension, etc. It becomes more interesting when Rapp and Milt Adams gain access to the White House, to better assess the situation.

  • Luffy
    2018-11-16 16:01

    It's been a long time since I read a political thriller, or any kind of thriller. This book was prophetic, and hence became a trendsetter of a bestseller. Did the author write his debut novel thinking it might be his last? I asked that question while reading, because crazy things happen, and the scope and the stakes are off the charts. I absolutely loved the pacing of Transfer of Power. The way the late author achieved this monstrous pacing is by involving the bit players in the action and weaving an intelligent relationship between these characters. I was shocked to see how underused the gun-toting hero, Mitch Rapp, was. This decision enhanced the story in a subtle way. Rapp is not your typical thriller star with the mind of 5 oxen and the strength of Einstein. No, I meant the opposite. Anyway Vince Flynn wrote a story that was smart and simply not cheap. Not gimmicky, stupid, or trivial. At its heart this book has an unoriginal blueprint, but so much happens. I'm flummoxed as to what will happen next. How can the danger of being a shadowy hitman be replicated with such nous without treading trodden ground? You must read this one.

  • Matthew
    2018-10-24 15:58

    Action packed anti-terrorist adventure. Lots of bad-assery in the same vein as the original Die Hard. The characters are the basic character types you see in this type of story, but that is just fine with me! This was my first Vince Flynn, but it won't be my last. If you like Tom Clancy and/or Brad Thor, check this one out!

  • Mark Alford
    2018-11-07 17:50

    This is my third book by Vince Flynn. It is absolutely fantastic. If you like the show 24, you'll love reading these books. Flynn writes like Tom Clancy, but without the lengthy digressions that Clancy puts in about submarines. Replace those with more action. Fantastic!

  • Jim
    2018-11-11 20:49

    Another good action packed novel, although I had to keep gritting my teeth at all the silent gun shots. Bomb time seemed pretty convenient, too. Oh well, it was fun. Definitely a lot of tension. I'm not sure if I'll read another soon or not, though. 3 in a row might be enough.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2018-11-16 17:46

    3.5 StarsI would assume that this has everything one would want in a military-spy-action-drama story. It has a step by step, detailed look from all players involved, from the terrorists to the hostages to the heroes - and everything in between as politics, press, and multiple governments do battle for their cause.For some reason, this type of story can always hold my attention, because I can’t resist a hardened bad ass alpha who takes charge and saves the world, and Mitch Rapp epitomizes that and more. This garnered extra points for there was an unexpected romance brewing in and amongst life threatening situations, and I’ll never say no to that. Ever.So though this is the first book per publishing order, not chronological, I felt I had to read this before the others since this was how Mitch Rapp was introduced. I can’t wait to read his origin story (shout out to DoB in American Assassin!!) and I look forward to him saving the world again and again and again.

  • Paul O'Neill
    2018-11-19 15:36

    If you loved 24, you'll love this. This was written before 9/11 which I found really interesting. I'll be reading the next book very soon. This is the first book that was published and although it's marked #3, this is the best place to start.

  • Scott Rhee
    2018-10-19 21:37

    In retrospect, this book bears a lot of resemblance to the films "Olympus Has Fallen" and "White House Down", both of which were made years after this book was published. Of the two films, "WHD" was, in my opinion, the superior, which isn't saying much considering they were both summer popcorn actioners. While I liked "OHF", the film was a lot of right-wing jingoistic bullshit. "WHD" was campier, more leftist in its politics, and the villains were believable: disgruntled Special Forces, white supremacists, and an ex-NSA hacker. Flynn's novel has some of the right-wing nonsense that I found infuriating in "OHF", but for some reason it came across better in print, probably because Flynn is an intelligent writer, regardless of his politics.Back in the days of the Cold War and the Evil Empire, Tom Clancy was king of the military techno-thriller. I'll be honest, I stopped reading Clancy after "Rainbow Six", which was a lot of right-wing garbage about eco-terrorists who want to release a poisonous gas at the Olympics because they were pissed off people weren't recycling aluminum cans... or something like that. Nowadays, Clancy doesn't even write his own books. He just puts his name on the cover to sell copies, much like other "franchise" authors: James Patterson and Clive Cussler, to name two. Don't get me wrong: Clancy wrote some great books. To this day, I still think "The Hunt for Red October" and "Patriot Games" are still among the top 20 best books I have ever read. Thankfully, Vince Flynn has kind of taken over the throne that Clancy once sat in. In 1999, Flynn published his book, "Transfer of Power", in which radical Islamist terrorists take over the White House in an attempt to take the President hostage. Keep in mind that this was two short years away from September 11. It's a bit creepy when one reads it with a post-9/11 knowledge (obviously unavoidable), but it is a riveting and suspenseful thriller nonetheless. Basically "Die Hard" in the White House, with a little "24" thrown in, "TOP" pits CIA counter-terrorism expert Mitch Rapp against an intelligent, conniving Hezbollah leader named Rafique Aziz. In one of the most exciting hostile takeover scenes ever written, Aziz and his men infiltrate the White House grounds and proceed to take over the most security-laden building in the country. The ensuing firefight between the Hezbollah warriors and the Secret Service and U.S. Marines stationed in the White House rivals any of the best action scenes Clancy ever wrote, and I say that with the greatest respect for Clancy's skill at creating suspense and writing superb action scenes.Once in, Aziz takes the survivors hostage. President Hayes, along with an aide and several Secret Service agents, have made it safely to the underground bunker beneath the White House, but communications with the outside world has been cut off. No one outside the White House knows if the President is even alive, although they must operate under the assumption that he is. Meanwhile, because the President is not around to fulfill his duty, the Vice-President must step in. VP Baxter is an incompetent with a campaign-mentality. He is driven by the polls and not what is necessarily right or the best for the country. With the advice of a conniving and self-aggrandizing aide (I can't help but picture Karl Rove in this role), Baxter takes steps to ensure that President Hayes and the hostages stay in the White House for as long as possible. I'm not lying when I say that this is one of this books that was incredibly difficult to put down. It is literally non-stop action from beginning to end, and I look forward to reading more books by Flynn.

  • Freda Malone
    2018-10-23 16:00

    Terrorists take over executive mansion, slaughter dozens, hold nearly 100 hostages before U.S. president is evacuated to an underground bunker. Mitch Rapp, CIA's top counterterrorism operative, learns that someone in their own government wants his rescue to fail. Taking over the White House makes any novel look good but when it is coupled with great characters and Mitch Rapp, I'm all over it. This book was written away from the real secrets in the layout of the White House and the strategic responses of our counterterrorism forces but was still a great fictional of a hostile takeover. I've always wanted a house with secrets tunnels, hiddy holes and bunkers. Would have made for a fun slumber party or a game of hide and seek with my siblings. Knowing that there might be hidden panic rooms for the First Family, I now wonder if any of the children of past First Families have ever accidentally found hidden doors or secret hidey holes inside the real one. Children are curious and like me, I'd have wandered around knocking on walls and looking for secret buttons *chuckling*. Fast paced, edge of your seat, great read.

  • Jane Stewart
    2018-10-29 22:03

    The first half is barely 3 stars, but the second half is exciting, engaging, and felt good at the end.A lot of the story is cliched characters - done too many times before and predictable. The Vice President had no brains and followed whatever his smarmy chief of staff (Dallas King) told him to do. Dallas made all decisions based on polls, public opinion, and future election possibilities rather than something intelligent. Those parts pulled the story down - made it drag.The bad guy was evil in all ways - and then lucky when things went wrong. I was annoyed with how easily he got away. His actions have been done before, nothing special or different. But, the parts with Mitch Rapp were excellent fun. The last half was best, when Mitch was making decisions and taking action. Mitch is the smart, effective, undercover guy. His physical description - he won the triathlete Ironman competition.A few times the author annoyed me with too much jumping around in the middle of crisis scenes. I’d prefer some of them completed rather than interrupted. For example, a good guy is secretly doing something near a bad guy. Then the scene switches to military leaders elsewhere discussing what to do. The author was artificially drawing out suspense. Not all of this was bad, but when I get mad at the author and think about the author in the middle of a story, then it’s not good.The ending was rushed. I wanted more development of things.I had trouble deciding between 3 and 4 stars. I finally went with 3 because I don’t have any desire to read more in the series. This was a tough call, because the last half was clearly 4 stars.The narrator Nick Sullivan was good.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 16 hrs and 43 mins. Swearing language: none that I recall. Sexual content: the beginning of one rape scene. Setting: current day mostly Washington, D.C. with a few other places outside the U.S. Book copyright: 1999. Genre: action suspense thriller, terrorist.

  • Jack
    2018-10-22 21:40

    Sometimes you want a break; just a good read, a page turner.Transfer of Power gets great reviews and it fills the bill. But once I started reading I was surprised to find a full throated jihadi terrorist attack on the White House written in 1999, before 9/11.I hope Flynn got royalties from the TV show "24".I have a few minor quibbles with the writing which flirts at times with descent into "Aw Shucks!!!" cliches.Also, Vince, as a lifelong resident of Ohio, I must point out that there is no Democrat that could fill the role of President Hayes. A sensitive conservative public servant who goes into the bunker as Hamlet and comes out as Rambo. You are at least a generation too late - probably two generations. And a venal, corrupt white power politician Democrat from Texas as Vice President - please!!!But if you like you like your secret agents rugged, dark and brooding, and wounded from lost love, and your hostage reporters HOT! then turn off your brain and take the ride.It was fun!

  • Eric
    2018-10-25 16:56

    This novel -- which despite being listed as the third Mitch Rapp book is actually the first that Flynn wrote (he later wrote two prequels) -- may be the perfect military thriller. I'd highly recommend this book, and the whole series, for anyone that likes or has any interest in the genre. Vince Flynn truly was a master, and he will be missed. Fuck cancer.

  • Toni Osborne
    2018-10-24 16:58

    Rafique Aziz, a notorious Arab terrorist finds a weak point in American politics. By posing as a wealthy campaign contributors he gains access to the White House. At the same time his group of thugs infiltrate the executive mansion, slaughtering dozens of innocent bystanders, taking numerous hostages, thus sealing off and taking control of the White House. President Hayes manages to escape to his underground bunker before the bloodbath.Top CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp is sent in to take control of the crisis. With Milt Adams, a retired secret service agent, they sneak into the Mansion through an air duct to collect intelligence and evaluate the situation. When an attempt to smuggle more agents in fails, Rapp must act on his own to save the President and hostages.Transfer of Power is a great introduction to the series as it lays the groundwork for the interactions between Flynn's characters and their respective roles in the government. The characters are deeply drawn and the villains particularly detestable. The plot was captivating and well thought out. The very idea of terrorists taking over the White House is almost unthinkable. The whole political scene with the interdepartmental clashes and wounded egos is easy to relate to. Fortunately, for us, this is merely a work of fiction and a good political thriller.

  • Ashish Iyer
    2018-11-08 16:41

    I've recently discovered Vince Flynn and his Mitch Rapp character. This is my third Mitch Rapp novel and my conclusion is that Vince Flynn is the leader of the pack when it comes to political thrillers. He has no close competition.I found Transfer of Power to be just as entertaining as Flynn's first two novel. In my opinion, both books have been well researched. The operations of the military's special forces units and also domestic law enforcement seem extremely realistic. I believe this is evidence that Flynn has really put time into researching the operations of these groups.The characters in this book are all interesting and realistic. Just like his first two book, the good vs. evil plot makes the pages just fly by. The only criticism I have of the book is that the ending came a little fast. Other than that, it was an excellent book.

  • Nate
    2018-10-27 14:47

    Some very fun and tense action scenes, but they were really bookends to 500 pages of boring governmental bureaucracy and Rapp fucking around with camera systems in the White House. At a certain point it became obvious that Flynn was beating me over the head with the whole “bleeding-heart liberals are impotent when it comes to life and death situations and a lot of the time people are more focused on their own careers than serving the greater good.” I wasn’t offended by this stuff, nor do I disagree with some of it, but good reading it does not make. A good 200 pages could have been cut from the novel and it would have been a lot more fun and well-paced.

  • Lena
    2018-10-30 20:54

    ”Nothing else mattered, especially not the political operative who had brought this snake into the White House.” Better than Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down combined is the original, and politically damning, Vince Flynn version, Transfer of Power.These books are my new obsession. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I was suppose to wake up at 4:30 - I blame you for this Flynn! Damn cowardly Hollywood for not making this version into a movie. Done well, this story could make a better movie than book. I say this because there were so many characters, fifty plus military/politicos/reporters, that strained the limits of my mental casting.Still, the whole thing was cinematic. I give it four and a half stars, happily rounded up, because it didn’t read as quickly as the previous offerings. Possibly because technically this was the first Mitch Rapp book. I should have the next book in hand by Thursday and already have requests in for the one after!

  • Jenny
    2018-11-01 21:57

    It was a long time coming, but I finally forayed into the renowned (at least in my family) Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. I figured I might like it because second to books that take place in NYC, I really enjoy reading books that take place in Washington, D.C. There's just something so significant and powerful about stories that take place in our nation's capital, even if they're fiction. But the renowned issue... Mitch Rapp (well, okay, the series in general and of course, author Vince Flynn) are an absolute favorite in my family. Both my parents have read the entire series to date and my husband just finished the seventh (of eleven). And they all RAVE about them. In fact, the four of us just recently returned from a vacation to Washington, D.C. and can I tell you how many times Mitch Rapp came up into conversation? LOL! Flynn's books are an absolute must read for them so I knew I eventually needed to try it out.The first book in the series is Transfer of Power (not to be confused with Term Limits, Flynn's first book that is a stand alone). In it we are introduced to Mitch Rapp (as well as some ancillary characters who I assume may reappear in later books??) who is essentially a CIA counterterrorism bad ass. A well known terrorist, whom Rapp has been pursuing, physically takes over the White House, while taking over a hundred hostages. His men lace the White House with bombs and began making demands of the United States. President Hayes is evacuated to his bunker in time, leaving the Vice President to take over as Commander in Chief. But bureaucracies are everlasting, even during a time of crisis when on-the-spot decision making is most needed, and the vital decision makers cannot agree on whether they should take the White House by force or negotiate with the terrorists. Either way, they put the hostages and/or the President at risk. Mitch Rapp manages to enter the White House to spy on the terrorists and gain intelligence that can help the Vice President decide what to do next. But with the Vice President worried more about how to appeal to the American public so he can win the next election, Rapp and his cohorts take some matters into their own hands.Transfer of Power was an absolutely addicting and thrilling read. It was, however, scary considering the experiences our country has had in the last decade which made the fictional scenario seem more real. Besides that, though, the political drama, the tension, all of it was so thrilling. I imagine that to enjoy this book, you'd have to have some interest in the government (or at least the drama of it) because of course it's flooded with governmental terms and titles. In the beginning it seemed to switch from one scene to another fairly quickly in an effort to set the scene regarding all the players. But I caught on quickly and it was fascinating from there. Definitely one of those books that constantly calls to you until you're done reading it. Only problem is the series itself has the same effect. I have so many other books to read but I'm dying to read the next one already! (Good thing I have all 11 books in the series so far waiting on my TBR). If you enjoy the show 24 (at least one season of which the author actually co-wrote) then you are sure to enjoy Transfer of Power.

  • Corey
    2018-10-27 16:39

    The Mitch Rapp series just keeps getting better and better! I found this one to be very different than American Assassin, and Kill Shot, and by the writing style I could tell that it was Flynn's first book written in the series. The plot in Transfer of Power involves a group Arab Terrorists taking over the White House and trying to kidnap the President was has gotten to his underground bunker when they started to take over, and Rapp is sent in to neutralize the threat. This book had a lot of similarities to some of my favorite action films such as Under Siege, Olympus Has Fallen, and White House Down, because all of them except for Under Siege, involve Terrorists taking over the White House, and Under Siege involves Terrorists taking over a Battleship, LOL!Now I'm looking forward to jumping into Book #4, The Third Option.

  • Ali
    2018-11-08 16:39

    It has been a long time since I have read a political thriller. I read this book in a weekend - I couldn't put it down! Now I remember why I don't read these type of books - they take over my life. I felt like there was a lot of suspense that kept me turning the pages. There are lots of charachters to keep track of.

  • Todd
    2018-10-30 21:55

    I'm giving this 3 stars, only because I read the book in a day, so it obviously kept my attention. The book definitely had its moments of suspense and excitement, I'll say that, but I was expecting a bit more. The characters were a bit vacuous and more caricatured than real, it's like the book was written by an obvious Republican who wants nothing more than to demonise Democrats as morons and narcissists. That part was really transparent.This book is for commando fans, commando wannabes and commandos who like to read about which weapon the character is wielding, and which helicopter is being utilised - if that's you, then this is perfect masturbatory material. The pages devoted to makes and models of the tools of terrorism and counter-terrorism I found to be unnecessary, but that's because it's not my thing. If it is, then read this book. I just want a bit more of the intelligent side of terrorism, putting aside the whole "we're right and you're wrong" simplicity of the plot (which these books tend to have), I wanted more. I might give the next in the series a read because I don't want to dismiss the books based on just one, especially when I did enjoy the book, but I was rather generous in my rating of 3 stars. Then again I may not get around to reading that next book of his and that wouldn't be sad for me - if I do, fine, if I don't, well then I've not lost anything in life.

  • Joe
    2018-11-16 14:55

    The third book in the Mitch Rapp series; originally the first until two prequels and origin story books were written.Mitch Rapp is an unofficial CIA assassin and counter-terrorism expert. A surprisingly plausible sounding terrorist attack and siege of the White House occurs. Rapp gets bought in and goes in to sort things out, despite political wrangling and dubious dealing.A intelligent and well-written action thriller with political elements. It reads very much like a big Hollywood action movie but with far greater subtlety and grace. It manages to pull out a surprise or two along the way as well.Characters other than Rapp get developed rather well and all characters fit and work really well in this world Flynn has created. Female characters are not just love interests waiting to be rescued. They are strong for their personalities and still retain that feminine feel; whereas some books strong females need to be very masculine to get along.Overall a very impressive book which gives me confidence with reading the rest of the series.

  • Leon Aldrich
    2018-11-02 19:50

    The GR librarian who marked this as #1 in the series needs to double check their work. They caused me to read another series out of sequence.Ordering #1 & #2 and prepping the coffee machine.Time to read em' again. Although it didn't resonate the same, I can't find it in me to change my rating.Apparently this is my third time through the series; still saddened we lost this author.

  • Jilrene ♥
    2018-11-10 19:34

    O. M. G. This book. I love it! Sure, it stretches reality a bit, but I love it. Action, suspense, and just a hint of snark. I listened to the Audible edition, and the narrator was good. He does different voices for each character. I just like the other narrator better.

  • ElaineY
    2018-11-06 17:00

    REVIEW OF SECOND LISTEN: AUGUST 23, 2017I enjoyed this even more the second time around, despite my first listen being only 2 years ago. Having moved on to other action/espionage novels since discovering Vince Flynn, what stands out for me is that his plots aren't very complex yet holds my interest and I feel the tension and suspense easily. Other series, like Brad Taylor's Pike Logan or even Brad Thor's Scott Harvath, don't give me the same thrills (but I'm still following them).----------------------------------------------REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; NOVEMBER 11, 2015Narrator: Nick SullivanThis was the first Mitch Rapp book, published July, 1999. Having listened to American Assassin, which was published 11 years later in Oct 2010, and Kill Shot which was published in 2012, I did wonder if Transfer of Power could hold up to the more mature Flynn.My conclusion: the start of the first (now, third) book in the series was a little hard to follow by audio so after finishing the audiobook, I read the first couple of chapters of the Kindle version and everything fell into its place easily. Otherwise, this would have been a 4-star book. With the Kindle back-up and the suspense-filled final quarter, Transfer of Power shot up to a 5-star listen.With three 5-star books in a row and written with a difference of more than a decade apart, I can only declare Vince Flynn as a master writer of thrillers. More so, since I am not a fan of political thrillers and terrorists bore me. I'm tired of reading their anti-US rants the same way I got tired listening to religious nutjobs/serial killers' internal monologues. But, having discovered a new love for police procedurals, I've now come to enjoy these political thrillers as well.I also noted, instantly, Flynn's belief (via Stansfield), that "this was what bothered him most. The threat of one individual bringing biological, chemical, or nuclear annihilation to America was becoming more and more plausible." This being 2 years before Osama bin Laden's 9-11 attack, makes me sit up and pay even more attention to Flynn. I wonder if Kyle Mills (Flynn's successor) does as good a job...The first half of this installment wasn't as action-packed as Kill Shot but I wasn't disappointed, having been prepared to be patient, knowing that the author does improve. But ToP ended surprising me by ratcheting up the tension and suspense all the way as Rapp, operating under his Iron Man codename, works alongside SEAL Team Six from the starting chapters to rescue POTUS and the hostages.It's once again a battle to resist moving on to the 4th Rapp book and I'm forcing myself to listen to a different subgenre.

  • Andre
    2018-11-01 15:37

    I struggled to get through this book, seriously why is this novel so popular? I have no idea... it's not well written, it's boring, way too long and Mitch Rapp has absolutely nothing going for him. Bland and zero depth as a character. Not recommended. Glad this one is finished, no more Mitch Rapp for me after this. Reading Lee Child in stead!

  • Glenn
    2018-11-14 18:01

    "Transfer of Power" by Vince Flynn is an exceptionally well written, well paced action novel that is literally impossible to put down. "Can't put it down" is one of the most overused cliches in publishing but in this case it happens to be true. I devoured it in a handful of sittings. Rarely have I enjoyed a political thriller more. The plot, which in a post September 11 world takes on new significance, involves the capture of the White House by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists and the efforts made to take back the presidential mansion. What comes in between is enough political intrigue and special forces action to satisfy even the most jaded of techno thriller fans. My only criticism is that the character's that populate Flynn's book are a fairly standard lot for his type of novel. The protagonist of "ToP" Mitch Rapp, while a very engaging and likable character, is nearly indistinguishable from Tom Clancy's John Clark or Jack Ryan or any of the other black ops super spy's that are so common in this genre. Other character's suffer from the same sense of familiarity. The exception being the villain. Terrorist mastermind Rafique Aziz is a very well crafted foe for agent Rapp and is one the reasons the novel is so entertaining. I should note that while the characters are fairly standard I still found myself making a significant emotional connection with themIt's minor character flaws aside "Transfer of Power" is an example of the political/techno thriller at it's finest. It moves at lighting speed with not a single wasted page or sentence and packs a number of very satisfying moments. I highly recommend it!

  • Julie
    2018-11-08 16:40

    I just can't put these books down. This one was great. It was like the ultimate episode of 24 - if they haven't made this into a movie already they should. The politicians in these books are believably despicable, the action is intense, and you completely root for the "good guys." I couldn't wait until the copy of the next book came back to the library so I ran out and bought the next one immediately. This guy can write!

  • Yvonne
    2018-11-19 15:52

    I really enjoyed this action thriller. Great "super-hero" doing incredible things!Loads of fun with just a hint of romance. Will be reading what Mitch Rapp does next in "The Third Option".Recommended for action lovers who want an Uber-Alpha in their life for a view hours!

  • Kelly
    2018-11-09 21:46

    4.5 stars. Love Vince Flynn, love Mitch Rapp...maybe I just love testosterone :)

  • Dave Schultz
    2018-11-07 16:35

    I am really enjoying re-reading this series. Flynn was by far the best author in this genre.