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"This book is dynamite! The most powerful thing I've read on the subject. Get your Mormon friends to read it."                                                                 --Dr. John MacArthur                                                                     Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, CAMormons claim to follow the same God and the same Jesus as Christians"This book is dynamite! The most powerful thing I've read on the subject. Get your Mormon friends to read it."                                                                 --Dr. John MacArthur                                                                     Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, CAMormons claim to follow the same God and the same Jesus as Christians. They also state that their gospel comes from the Bible. But are they telling the truth? The God Makers, one of the most powerful books to penetrate the veil of secrecy surrounding the rituals and doctrines of the Mormon Church, reveals the inner workings and beliefs of Mormonism. Through personal interviews and well-documented evidence, you'll discover the true nature of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its hidden worldwide agenda....

Title : The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes
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The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes Reviews

  • Darth
    2018-11-10 21:47

    This book was AWFUL...I am no particular fan of the Mormons, neither am I a particular detractor. They have their faith and others have theirs, and I can respect that, even if I think the particulars of any of them are dubious at best.But this book - The God Makers - was so badly written as to actually do less to discredit the Mormons, than to rally people to them. It was basically a few anecdotal accounts that are rehashed and drug out to the point of redundancy. And then capped off with a series of "The bible says this and that is at odds with the Mormon ideals - so they are big stupid heads"My quotes are paraphrased, but that was the feeling I was left with as what the author was trying to impart on us. Save yourself the time and take a nap instead.

  • Rod
    2018-10-24 16:46

    This is the harshest and nastiest book about Mormonism I have ever read. "I loved it!" Sometimes the truth hurts.I've probably read at least 20 books dealing with Mormonism and it's claims. They all say pretty much the same thing: Joseph Smith was a typical cult leader who wanted to be God, or next to God, or more important than God...he ended up being more important to Jesus in the eyes of many Mormons. Although I think Joseph just really like women.That polygamy thing just never gets old does it? Even though modern Mormonism has written off polygamy as a dark secret of the past - just wait a few years...I have a feeling we'll be seeing it again shortly. Except now there are millions of Mormons to try it on.I would love to know what exactly Mormon scholars think about all the quotes from their historical leaders as presented in The God Makers? Sure people can claim they are taken out of context - but after you read a few hundred of them you start to see some similarities. Here's a great quote:Joseph F. Smith (sixth president of the Mormon Church)"I have never pretended to nor do I profess to have received revelations." (from God. Hmmm! How interesting.)Joseph F. Smith (sixth guy blah blah blah...)"...the doctrine of the eternal union of husband and wife and of PLURAL marriage is one of the most important doctrines ever revealed to man in any age of the world. Without it we could never be exalted to associate with and become Gods..."Joseph F. Smith ( more quote for fun - from his diary)"I have seen him, after giving, as he said before, the origin of Masonry, the Kingdom of God on the earth, and am myself a member of it."The worst thing about Mormons is that they claim to be Christian. Yet they don't hold the Bible or its accounts to be the inerrant Word Of God. They only abuse the Bible in order to justify their own writings. If you removed the name Jesus from their teachings they would have very little incommon with historic Christianity. Like this book says, they have borrowed mostly from Masonic, Pagan, and Hindu beliefs. Please leave the Biblical Jesus alone.I do appreciate how the authors brought up the Mormon "Magic" underwear as often as possible.Who ever thought a Mormon would be running for President of the United States: again. :D

  • Patrik
    2018-11-05 18:32

    Just before Jesus was crucified he was questioned by the high priest. The high priest wanted to know what Jesus had been teaching. His response was, “I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.” (John 18:19,20 KJV) Jesus conducted his entire ministry in public. He did not teach in secret. Yet, Mormonism is a religion full of secrecy. If Jesus taught in public and held no secrets then why is Mormonism full of secrets to which the public is not privy? Why is the true believe of Mormonism not openly taught? Why is it that in order for me to learn what it is that Mormons actually believe I must rely on the testimony of those who have left the religion and are willing to talk about it? Why all the secrecy? These are questions I have long wondered. In the past I have recommended this book to my friends who have been interested in learning more about the Mormon religion. On the surface it would seem that the theology of Mormonism is no different from traditional Christian theology, which can be very deceptive to anyone who is not well informed. For instance, just ask any Mormon what they believe about Jesus Christ. For me, this is THE center of the any debate on religion; just who IS Jesus Christ. You will find their answer curiously similar to an answer you would have given if you were asked the same question. However, after reading this book, you will find that in reality the meaning behind the words of the answer given are vastly different. After reading this book you will have a much better understanding to what the theology of Mormonism really is.

  • Wendy Seles Shelton
    2018-11-06 20:36

    The God Makers is an older book, but the subject matter hasn't changed, so it's worth your time if you're curious as to how the Mormon Church operates. I first read this book many years ago because I was working with someone sho practiced the Mormon faith and I was curious about Joseph Smith and his, umm, interesting, ideas. This book easily explains the theology, secret rituals and goals of the Mormon Church.

  • Brad Hart
    2018-11-16 17:36

    Pure bullshit!

  • David Ellis
    2018-10-23 17:42

    The book was written to sell, not to reveal truth.

  • Mark
    2018-10-31 18:47

    "Religious Pornography" is one of the phrases used to describe the original edition of this book. It is meant to stir up the fears and misconceptions that many uninformed people have of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It does not, however, provide any insight as to the true nature of the Church, it's doctrine or its members. This book belongs in the fiction section or better yet, in the dumpster. The authors attempt to twist and pervert some of the most sacred aspects of the faith with no regard for truth.As you read the book there is one main overtone repeated throughout, HATE, HATE and more HATE! Ed Decker and Dave Hunt have no desire to provide insight into the Church unless it serves their purpose to vent their own personal hatred and frustration with a religion that they could not understand. They even go as far and to contradict themselves in the book, throwing punches at the Church and its members from every angle they can think of and several that they didn't think of. They've taken anti-mormon stories and exagerated them to the point that even non-believers have a hard time swallowing. They claim the book is intended to "reveal" the truth about Mormonism and persuade current members to leave the, so-called, "cult." If that is their true intention, they have failed miserably. Fact is, they want to express their personal hatred and make a few bucks in the process.Suggestion: Don't waste your time on this compilation of exaggerations and out-of-context references. If you do, keep in mind that the author was excommunicated from the church and wants revenge. Judging The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based on this book makes about as much sense as having major surgery done by a medical school dropout. It is that bad, really!

  • Leisha Wharfield
    2018-11-04 15:30

    What is funniest about this book is the writers, portraying themselves as Christians and Mormons as non-Christians, blasting Mormons for believing wacky stories about Jesus Christ coming to North America and burying gold plates for Joseph Smith to find. Like that's less plausible than the Red Sea parting.

  • Susan
    2018-10-29 17:22

    The premise of the book was to convince the reader that Mormonism isn't Christianity, using chapter after chapter of arguments like "Mormons believe X, but the Bible says Y!!! OMG!!! They are going to burn in hell!!!" Interesting for some, perhaps, but I wanted something more... scholarly.

  • Joy Sterrantino
    2018-11-14 22:50

    This was a lousy book with poor support. It is based solely on emotional appeal, and I found almost all of their claims to be false or twisted into a half-truth. The author quotes information from his own work as if that were his research.

  • Josh Johnsen
    2018-11-11 16:25

    Reading this book 10 years ago led me to believe there was no legitimate criticism of the LDS church. It's so full of half-truths, fiction, and speculative theology that it does more harm than good. The audience is clearly evangelicals who have an axe to grind. Yes, there are problems with the theology. Is Ed Decker the person exposing the church? No. Any of the dozen or so well-written biographies by legitimate historians are doing the work for Decker. This book is just religious pornography.

  • Jill
    2018-11-06 15:40

    Very intresting somewhat complex look at the mormon religion and chruch. Anyone who knows or is friends with people of the mormon faith would be intrested in understanding what they base their beliefs on.

  • Claire Wessel
    2018-11-16 19:48

    full of histrionics. While there is a little bit of fact in this book, most of it is quotes taken completely out of context and overly dramatic prose. Definitely not the book to read to learn about what Mormons believe as compared to mainline protestant Christianity.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-17 21:23

    Good intro into the history, intricacies and inner workings (read: bizarro rituals/beliefs) of the Mormon church.

  • Enriquez
    2018-11-04 16:35

    If you have ever or will ever deal with LDS/Mormons in defending your faith and/or ministering/witnessing, you need to read this book!!!

  • Bill reilly
    2018-11-19 19:43

    Having read a few books with some Mormon history, I had my interest piqued enough to read “The God Makers”. On a personal level, I am a white man with a past which includes interracial relationships. Therefore, I am deeply disturbed by the prophetic assertions of Brigham Young regarding “race mixing”. Young called for death on the spot by blood atonement for this transgression; hey holy man, get that knife away from my throat. The black race will eventually be redeemed, but only after being saved by resurrected white men; I cannot make this s*** up. The most fundamental tenet of the church is for man to become a god with his very own planet to rule; what a concept, every good man a god. Scientologists share the same belief. The founder, Joseph Smith, was visited by aliens from Kolob and later wrote of a god called Elohim coming to earth and impregnating Mary, resulting in the birth of Jesus Christ who will return with Joey to save the world; beam me up Scotty The other basic foundation of Smith and Young(sounds like a law firm) was the belief in polygamy, a practice halted by the United States government. The bobsey twins, Joey and “Bring ‘em Young” had a multitude of wives(30-80?), including teenage girls; a forgotten and neglected portion of the two dirty old men and not a much different concept from Islam’s 72 virgins. My favorite aspect of the one true religion is the baptism of the dead by proxy. Living Mormons stand in to baptize dead ancestors who can choose to enter the Salt Lake faith and enter paradise. In 1832, Smith gathered a personal army, the Danites to bring the Millennial Kingdom to the promised land of Missouri. He assured his Christian soldiers the assistance of “angels of the lord” in their battle. The Missouri State Militia easily defeated Smith’s army, as the “angels of the lord” apparently forgot to leave their fort. 185 years later and the prophet has still not returned to Missouri; feets don’t fail me now, I am heading for the show me state. The problem with this book is the constant and repetitive use of the word pagan in describing Mormonism and any other non Christian religion. I flashed back to my childhood at St Ann School in Ossining, NY and the nun’s use of the phrase, “pagan babies, mostly un-baptized African children. Religions of all stripes contain many kinds of mythology. Joseph Smith sought buried treasures in upstate NY with a peep stone. Court records from the 1800s prove that he was arrested and convicted of fraud. His later claims of golden plates are the foundation of the religion. Mr. Smith did not go to Washington; apologies to Jimmy Stewart, but instead declared polygamy as the only way to become a god and enter the celestial kingdom. The authors head a bit off the rails with comparisons to freemasonry and Satanism and seem to have their own agenda, proclaiming the only true salvation is in the belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ; bad news for the 5+ billion followers of Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. In the news recently, was the story of two Muslim girls who were beaten to death by Hindus for stealing “sacred cows”. Evangelicals await the Rapture and Orthodox Jews claim that land in Palestine has been promised to them by God, the real estate agent. It seems as if everyone has God on their side.

  • Whitney
    2018-10-21 19:24

    I'm at a loss on how to review this book... it's a hard, painful, heartbreaking read. Having been an active "temple going" member for 10 years, there were some statements that were a little emotional and overdramatized. That's not to say the journal writings and historical quotes weren't accurate. Some of the recent LDS church essays are sharing historical events as fact now which in the past were taught as Anti literature, the information is out there if people really want to find it. In my opinion, stating fact without emotion gets the point across better and I wish the authors wrote with less emotion and let the evidence speak for itself. I found my way out of the church not by someone preaching AT me, but by listening to Christian radio stations, hearing Christians speak of their love for Christ, reading the Bible with an open mind to what Christ said even if it was the opposite of church teachings. I found Christ in believing the Bible, not believing it "as far as it is translated correctly" but truly taking Christ's words and believing in Him. The connection between Masonry and Mormonism was astonishing, something I knew little about, but overwhelming for my heart to learn. I needed this book to heal, to become more knowledgeable about how deceived I was, and to prepare for any questions friends may have for why I decided to leave. I have true joy in Jesus Christ of the Bible and His teachings are what I want to follow.

  • Jill Crosby
    2018-11-07 21:35

    More of a book on Christian apologetics than an in-depth analysis of the theology of mainstream Mormonism, this book is a repetitive collection of unconnected bits and pieces of LDS dogma, arranged in a sensationalistic manner in order to tie Mormonism to the occult. I was hoping for a more thoughtful and academic discussion of the origin of Mormon beliefs and mythology; what I got instead was a laundry list of Joseph Smith's foibles and the rickety foundation upon which his church is built. Lots of info, not a lot of thought involved---a sluggish read. Was NOT as good as the movie of the same name. Possibly one if the only times I'll admit that the "movie is better than the book."

  • Annette
    2018-11-09 16:37

    I've only gotten about a quarter of the way through this book so far, but I'm shocked and appalled at the arrogance and audacity of the leaders of the Mormon "church". It's going to take me a long time to finish this one because it's not easy reading. However, I do think it is worth reading to know what a scam this "religion" really is. Very disturbing.Have read a little more, and I think I need to stop! It just makes me angry. The Mormon leaders are leading people astray, all in the name of Jesus, and it's a farce!!! These leaders are just power hungry and money hungry. It's disgusting.

  • Joshua
    2018-10-20 15:22

    I found this book to be most helpful in understanding the Mormon cult, the only thing that prevents me from rating it five stars is the fact that I found the writing style to be a bit hard to follow and I wish Decker and Hunt provided more material on how to talk to Mormons about Christianity. Regardless, this book is still a must read for everyone to understand Mormonism.

  • Maura
    2018-10-26 15:50

    An expose that shed light on the more secret aspects of the Mormon faith. It may be a bit abbrasive and has a definite adgenda anyone interested in the ceremonies and temple ritual things this is a good book to start with.

  • Royce Ratterman
    2018-11-07 16:45

    A great resource for the researcher and enthusiast.Read for personal apologetic research.I found this book's contents helpful and inspiring - number rating relates to the book's contribution to my needs.

  • Roger
    2018-11-05 14:32

    Have in friends who are Mormon and watching the new show on tv about polygamy USA, a friend told me about this book, this book is about what the Mormon church really believes. Let me say I was shocked an could not put it down, a must read....

  • Ernie
    2018-10-22 14:31

    Much better than the second book God Makers II. It had a lot more specific facts about the Mormon Church. It fell down like the other follow up book in that it preached too much to the point of irritating me.

  • Sherry Kilpatrick
    2018-10-25 16:24

    This is a great read. I think anyone who belongs to this faith or prehapshs thinking about it should read this book. I could not put it down

  • Ana Paula
    2018-10-24 15:21

    Beins one of the books that are forbidden for LDS to read, I read it while I was leaving that church. It was a deception. I still don't remember why mormons can'r read it...

  • Marianne
    2018-11-08 21:29

    This book was very informative, however I already knew most of what this book was about. The link between the Mormon Church and the Free Masons is interesting.

  • Jessica Cammarano
    2018-11-01 14:46

    EYE OPENING, a factual account of the birth of the Mormon "religion" and how it intends to spread around the globe.

  • Jay
    2018-10-19 17:49

    If you are curious about Mormonism, this is a must read. Great book to have on hand when the missionaries stop by.

  • Alex Blance
    2018-11-06 21:37

    well, What can you expect from the Antis?...but tell brethren, the issues can be handled in a polite way...nothing to fear hehehe...