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Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Moon has been dreaming of her murder her entire life, and in those dreams, a dark presence is there, watching. When she returns home to Hauser’s Landing, the very place her father disappeared, she comes in contact with a gorgeous boy named Lev Walker, and it’s not long before she’s falling in love. But there’s something wrong with Lev. When sheSeventeen-year-old Elizabeth Moon has been dreaming of her murder her entire life, and in those dreams, a dark presence is there, watching. When she returns home to Hauser’s Landing, the very place her father disappeared, she comes in contact with a gorgeous boy named Lev Walker, and it’s not long before she’s falling in love. But there’s something wrong with Lev. When she realizes he’s the eerie watcher in her dreams, she’ll have to discover the truth. Is he a guardian angel or a sojourner, an angel of death who has come to collect her soul?...

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Sojourner Reviews

  • Traci
    2018-11-05 17:50

    This is the first time in a long time I've wanted to give a one star rating to a book I actually managed to finish. Everybody say it with me once because it's going to get repetitive: "Twilight."Elizabeth (Lizzie) is starting her first day of school in a new town. Despite not having a lot of personality, she is insta-popular, even drawing the attention of two--count 'em--TWO standoffish, high-school-girls-are-beneath-me types. One is Griffin (or at least I really hope his name is Griffin), after whose family the town is named, and the other is mysterious, delicious, fluffy, sparkly (YES HE SPARKLES) Lev. There are a ton of cafeteria scenes complete with salad bar, TWO scenes where our heroine ends up in the hospital, and even the borderline annoying little sister (and I say that with mucho love; Alice was my favorite in Twilight) and the really cool father figure guy! Say it with me now. Twilight.Apparently Lizzie has had a hard time fitting in, not because her parents are gruesomely murdered (but they were) or because her guardian is overprotective (and he is) or because she has just moved back to the town where all this has taken place, but because she's a half breed. The first time I read this, I thought maybe she was a human-alien hybrid or something--it's THAT serious to be a half breed in this town--but apparently her father was Cheyenne and her mother was white. Now, let me just freeze-frame here and say that this is offensive to me on many levels. I'm part Native American myself, AND I live in Oklahoma these days (though not originally from here) and I've never had anyone all of the sudden start channeling Custer when they run into me. Apparently though, being half Indian is the WORST CRIME anyone in this novel's world could EVER think of, because on the first day of school, when no one is even supposed to know who she is (but she's kind of famous anyway--Twilight) someone paints "half breed" in her locker. Later this gets painted on her garage door, and someone breaks into her house and paints it on the wall. In blood. AND they hang a turkey with its throat slashed from her locker as well. If there had been some anti paleface coalition in this novel, I might have understood all the hate, but there wasn't. I mean, apparently the guy who was doing it was secretly in love with Lizzie's mom and got all pissed that she ran off with Lizzie's dad, and this was all his way of expressing that. Severus Snape did it better. Anyway, so Lizzie seems to have lived out her life expectancy (Twilight) and Lev has to keep jumping in to save her. She falls into a river once, which lands her in the hospital for two or three days with a fever of 102 (which isn't that high, I'm sorry, it's not), and then he tries to convince her that he's no good for her and that he totally does stuff like this every day. (Which, okay, I guess at some point he did, but not anymore.) Lev keeps warning Lizzie to stay away from Griffin, and somehow she manages to be convinced that he's dangerous even though... well, he's annoying, and he won't take no for an answer, BUT in this guy's defense I'd probably keep asking for a lunch date too if the only reason someone was saying no was because someone else was whispering "say no... say no!!! It's NOT GOOD FOR YOU!" in their ear. The guy wasn't looking to slip her roofies at the club for God's sake. It was LUNCH. She could have had lunch with him once to shut him up and the problem would have been solved, but instead he's a pest through the whole book. And you know... in the end, he didn't end up that bad anyway. So I'm not sure what the point was.After LIzzie accidentally falls into a river for the second time, and is saved by Lev for a SECOND TIME, her guardian Jimmie freaks out because he thinks someone's trying to kill her and Lev offers to teach her some basic self defense moves. Because he has a black belt in tae kwon do. So far all she's done is fall into the river, so I'm not sure what the TKD will do unless you're going to hurricane kick a waterfall?At this point, Lizzie decides (with very little evidence) that she's convinced Lev is an angel, and he doesn't deny this, but instead promises to come back and fill her in on all the details later, after Jimmie is asleep. He does so, and first he tells her that he's been sneaking in her window lots and lots to hold her while she sleeps (Twilight) and that she's the first human ever to be able to see his wings, which appear to her like a shimmer surrounding him (groan) and THEN he flies her out the window for a romantic moonlight flight. (Do I have to say it?)She's exactly his brand of heroin, guys.Evidently, Lev has been watching Lizzie through many lifetimes because he fell in love with her back in the first lifetime, and has been unable to save her life. He has to succeed this time, or else she will die and be reincarnated and they will be together again (which is what she wants). If this happens, he plans on going to God and asking God to end his existence. Conveniently, he doesn't know the details of when or how she will be dying this time, but there's somewhat of a continuity error there because right afterward he says "I have to stop the bullet."So basically, one of these characters dies at the end of the book. I did actually finish it. Basically summed up here:[image error]

  • Sam
    2018-11-12 14:44

    This book has such potential, and I was most disappointed that the author never seized the opportunities she created. What results is a rather dull, cliched paranormal romance that struggled to hold my interest.To the author's credit, she did develop a good voice for the main character and her style is easy to read, but that's not enough to excuse the gaping plot holes, weak characters and rushed storyline.Characters1. Lizzie is a bland, stereotypical passive heroine. Her mixed race background is supposed to make her stand out, and yet nothing actually comes of it day to day. She's weak, helpless, doesn't go through any change or development, and is generally annoying. She's even stupid enough to fall into a river twice and to go out alone when she knows someone is after her.2. Lev had great potential, but again, ended up just a cardboard cut out to give exposition. There's no development of his relationship with Lizzie, it just happens, and his motives are paper-thin. And he sparkles. Yawn.3. The bad guy- as we see so little of him there's no way the reader can form any opinion towards him so by the time he 'acts' we don't care. Again his motives are pathetic, unsympathetic, and weak.4. Side cast- again pretty generic and nothing that made me interested in them.StoryWe start off with a really promising start with the sinister dreams...but by a few chapters in they're practically forgotten. There's no build up or intrigue, and the explanation comes far too quickly and without consequence.More holes form- Lizzie and her guardian hate the town and yet no reason is given why they had to move there or why they can't move out. The residents are supposedly 'anti-native American' and yet no evidence of this is shown. It gets even worse at the end when an angel dies from a gunshot wound and yet can fly endlessly and can survive extreme temperatures. Nothing is consistent in the supernatural element and it broke my suspension of disbelief.There was a lot to play with in terms of plot and suspense but the author rushed through it to get to the 'romance', and even that wasn't convincing as nothing developed between the characters. There were no decent inter-character conflicts, but then Lizzie is such a pathetic MC she probably couldn't deal with it.PresentationThe writing is generally good, but there are many typographical errors, omitted words, and spelling and grammar mistakes. The cover is pretty eye-catching as is the title.Overall- a promising premise weakened by poor characters, their lack of development, and no internal plot consistency. A very disappointing read.

  • Emma B
    2018-11-05 13:46

    This isn't an awful book, but I disliked it on so many levels that I couldn't bring myself to give it even 2 stars... The only part I liked was the first page or so, when Elizabeth is describing her death dream. After that, the book went down hill.First of all, the main character, Elizabeth, is so unlikeable! She's weak, whiny and reacts in completely stupid and unrealistic ways. You have a dream that someone watches you die, so what do you do? Leap out of the car and start demanding to know why he's in your dreams?! And don't forget the way the first quarter of the book is just her whining about being mixed race, which might be difficult but plenty of people are mixed race and can you not just get some strength!Secondly, the absurd leap she made to discover he was an angel. She had no proof, nothing to even suggest it, but somehow she managed it. It felt like laziness on the authors part to have her come to the conclusion with I dont know- evidence?!Finally, the plot and characters were extremely poor. I didn't like any of the characters, and the plot was disjointed and uninteresting. Overall, I just regret reading this book.

  • Imogen Rose
    2018-10-26 20:46

    When seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Moon is forced to move back to her childhood town, she realizes that she’s not just an ordinary teen. She’s a teen with a guardian angel, one that is in love with her and has been by her side for seven life times. Each of those life times has been tragically cut short, when she has died before reaching the age of eighteen. Her angel has taken it upon himself to make sure that this time, she survives to live a longer life. However, her move back to her hometown is fraught with danger, and she narrowly escapes several near-death experiences with the help of her angel. Will her angel succeed in intervening and overcoming her life being cut short? Will he do so at the cost of his own existence? Will the love between them survive?Maria Rachel Hooley has written an engaging romantic teen fantasy. I enjoyed every moment of reading it. I was immediately drawn in by the intense feelings between Elizabeth and her angel, willing them to overcome their troubles. The book, as part of a series, leaves many questions still to be answered. I look forward to reading the rest of the books and highly recommend them to YA lovers of contemporary fantasy.

  • Moon Shine Art Spot ~ Lisa
    2018-10-25 18:11

    I got this book free iBook, and really enjoyed it. It was hard to read and if it hadn't held my interest I would have given up because it was a real pain that the formatting was off. One paragraph is one sized font & a few below is a much smaller, & then back to the original. This continues through the ENTIRE book. The writer should also get someone to proof-read to catch the typos. Aside from that format, typo problem I did like the story. Lizzy and her guardian Jimmy move back to the town her parents were from. She is 17, half Indian & half white. Her mother who was white died in a car accident & her father disappeared shortly afterwards (after racial graffiti had appeared against him). As soon as Lizzy starts school she is pursued by a rich, overly confident Griffin, yet she is attracted to Lev, a guy she has been having dreams about her whole life. In her dream she is being killed and Lev just stands and watches. She makes efforts to avoid Griffin & get involved with Lev to find out why she dreams about him. I don't want to ruin the whole story & it does have a FEW surprises at the end! As some other people commented, it did seem a bit much for the girl to be soooo very clumsy, but I could get past that I guess. I may or may not read the second book.

  • Jenna Anderson
    2018-11-19 20:48

    Wonderful story. Yes It resembles Twilight - but millions of people liked Twilight. :-) I will be buying the next two in the series.

  • Sara
    2018-11-08 16:47

    Whoaaa! You can't just leave me hanging there like that! You just can't! I need to read more! And the teaser at the end of this forst book was more of a shock and left me open-mouthed. I liked this book a lot. I loved Lev and Lizzie. And it was so sweet when he embraced her with his wings in her sleep. I was like "Awwwwww! So cute!" At first I didn't like Griffin, but then when it was clear he wasn't a bad guy I kind of changed my mind a little. I liked Celia and Jimmie too. I can't say much about the other guys at school, cause there ws nothing really descriptive about them.I can say I suspected about Mr Maguire but couldn't be sure. The janitor was kind of creepy and suspicious too.The story was good, though reminded me of a mix of other stories. But still, I enjoyed it.I think I'm going to check other book by author Maria Rachel Hooley. Actually 3.5 stars.

  • Diana
    2018-10-22 21:05

    Omg this book is freaking awesome:]

  • Sepideh Sahebsara
    2018-11-01 16:43


  • Kirsty
    2018-11-11 19:49

    So, for a synopsis (warning: spoilers) : Elizabeth (Lizzie) wakes up from a recurring nightmare about being shot, in the C18th in which she is a Cheyenne native. There is a ~mysterious ~man in her dream that she can’t stop thinking about. Anyway, she ponders over her parents’ deaths before getting dressed and going off to school for her first day in Hauser’s Landing, the small town she has returned to with her kindly, if a little overprotective, parental substitute Jimmie. Lizzie drives an old Jeep which she loves, even with its quirks. She refers to as a “thing”–getting any flashbacks here?She bitches about the smallness of the school and makes a reference to Stephen King’s novel ‘Salem’s Lot but does so incorrectly as she refers to the town in said novel as “Salem’s Lot” when we all know there should either be an apostrophe there or the actual name Jerusalem’s Lot. Okay, thank you. (It’s one of my favourite books; bet you couldn’t tell.) Then there’s some purple prose; and Elizabeth goes to class where she has to sit beside this guy (who totally isn’t cute and clearly doesn’t shop at Walmart. “Again with the pop references, author?”I muttered.) Anyway, all the Erics and Mikes and Tylers combine in Sojourner to form Griffin Hauser, who was also blessed by the stupid name Gods. (There will be a lot of that in this novel.) As expected, Griffin is a total jerk with a ~thing for the new girl. Apparently Elizabeth is omnipotent however, as she knows Griffin’s name before he even has chance to introduce himself. He’ll get over it though, and pop up continually to invite Lizzie to come to lunch with him. She’ll continue to blow him off because we all know they’re not ment2b. Poor Griffin. He’s one of the most well developed character in this weakly developed cast, and we have to hate him because he’s not the Designated Love Interest. This whole plot drags for a while until BAM! We’re in the school canteen and hot damn who is that hottie over there? Is it Edward Cullen? No, no it is not. Mysterious!hotboy takes the for of Lev Walker, golden haired strangely shimmery Lev Walker. Elizabeth is immediately taken but informed that said boy hasn’t ever dated. (Strangely familiar, isn’t it?) Not to mention, Lev looks just like the ~mysterious ~man from her dream, and she is determined to get answers. Someone has written a mean comment inside Lizzie’s locker about her heritage, but Lizzie’s not as upset as her guardian Jimmie is. Anyway, turns out Lev lives in the graveyard, so Lizzie goes along after school to ‘see her mother’s grave’. However, she does a good old Bella Swan and finds herself falling into a frozen river, only to be rescued by the very same Lev she came here to stalk! (No waaay!)Blah blah blah, some other things happen, Lev and Lizzie have the most trite and cliche love story ever in which we discover Lev is actually an angel and he’s spent like six centuries watching Lizzie die before her eighteenth birthday and hey, have I read this book before? Apparently angel literature was big in 2009. So basically someone is out to get Lizzie because of her heritage, and it just might be the same person who murdered her father! Lev is hell bent on saving Lizzie’s life this time around because she changed him and made him a better angel or something and I think you can tell by this point I’d given up. There’s some more hate crime towards Lizzie and apparently this time it’s personal. Lev knows that Lizzie is in danger but instead of doing something like persuading her to move away, he goes out of his way to protect her. His efforts are in vain as Lizzie attempts to prove her strong independent woman-ness by walking home in the dark and shit goes down.MY THOUGHTS: Okay, so first and foremost, this was far from the worst written book I’ve ever read. Equally far from being the best written book, but it wasn’t terrible, I’ll give it that. The characters were flat. Whilst I’d give props to the writer for not totally whitewashing her entire cast, I can’t like Lizzie simply because she’s half Native American. She’s more or less a Mary Sue, pretty annoying, prone to needing to get herself rescued and being a bitch to people like Jimmie who only have her best interests at heart. She even gets bitchy towards her One and Only, Lev, when I didn’t honestly feel he deserved it. Lev himself fits the mould for the perfect love interest to a tee. He’s blond, handsome, rugged, strangely old beyond his years (especially obvious after the big angel reveal–which is almost exactly the same as the vampire reveal in Twilight), and what a sweetheart he is too. Why walk when he can carry you places? What a gentleman! Yes, he fits the bill to a tee, but my God, he is so boring and utterly predictable. Not to mention the extremely squwicky scene when he describes watching Lizzie grow up to her. (And you thought Edward was a creeper…)Their romance is boring, cliche and it’s not so much of a “Will they, won’t they?” or an “Ooh, what will happen next?” as a “Just get the hell on with it, for Pete’s sake!” Lev always has to come to Elizabeth’s rescue, and it’s always extremely implausible. Just saying.There’s a couple of side characters who exist purely to push Lizzie of a cliff, and a lame attempt at a Griffin/Lizzie/Lev love triangle. I actually sympathised most with Griffin, because a lot of the time people claimed he was creepy or a jerk when he was just a little bit annoying and pushy. His ‘dickish’ side is never really shown, except for when Lizzie flaunts her ‘friendship’ with Lev in front of him to get him off her case. The novel’s badly paced; some parts go really fast, others creep along at a snail’s pace. Lizzie spends a lot of time fainting, going to hospital and being ill. One of the most dramatic (or supposedly dramatic) moments of the novel is so stupid it seems to me like a total ass pull on the author’s part. The novel’s ending is the most foreseeable thing ever and though I will give her kudos for actually killing her love interest at the end of the book, it’s limited kudos as I can tell damn fine that he’ll be back in the sequels. The ending made me laugh because it was too dramatic, and it had a really bad set up. It just didn’t work.

  • Season Meyers
    2018-11-17 22:05

    This book was just ok. Very choppy.

  • Lady Entropy
    2018-11-18 16:01


  • Rivalie (Le Petit Photograph)
    2018-11-04 17:56

    Elizabeth Moon is a halfie, half white and half Native American. Her parents died when she was really young and she's being raised by their best friend, Jimmy. Due to unknown circumstances, they have now moved back to her parents hometown and she meets a boy. Now a lot of people have made the connection of this book to Twilight and I can see why they think that, but in my point of view, this is a lot better. Yes, it does have a new girl and mysterious guy that meet and fall in love almost instantly, but there's a whole new dilemma than just vampires. Racism. Yeah, didn't quite see that coming did you? Like I said before, Lizzie is half Native American which puts her in "different" category in a 99% white town. On her first day, her locker was hacked into and the hacker left a message which I don't remember but was somewhere along the lines of: Boo you're native. To put it nicely. What scares her and Jimmy the most is that before her father's disappearance, he also received these messages. Racism has been pretty popular in American culture literally forever and while everyone is all about equality between blacks and whites, sometimes we forget that Native Americans were targeted just as much as the Africans. The way that Maria Rachel Hooley reminds us of that fact is just amazing and completely unexpected.Now we come to Lev. He's been popping up in Lizzie's dreams for a while and they're not pleasant dreams because she ends up dying every single time so you can imagine the shock when she sees him in her high school. He's pretty freaked as well because he was cursed by the boss of angels to love but never truly love? Let me explain. He's a sojourner, if someone dies, he takes them to heaven, hell, wherever. He is not exactly Mr. Lovable so to teach him the importance of love, he was assigned Lizzie's soul and every time they met, something would happen (in addition to falling in love) and she would die. So that's a little spoiler of why he's Mr. Reclusive, but I had to mention it.Moving on with the romance, Lev knows that after they meet, it's only a matter of time before Lizzie dies. After experiencing the pain of losing her for a couple generations, he's willing to sacrifice his own life to save hers. Remember the threats I told you about? Those freak the heck out of him because that could contribute to death. The ending, the stalker/killer/bad guy was totally unexpected and out of the blue. I agree with some readers that I wish we could have seen a bit more from his perspective which might be because I read way too many serial killer novels, but other than the threats and little attack, there isn't a lot of character in the killer. When they do come face to face, you do learn of the reason behind everything, but I still think the killer lacked character.The ending was a bit predictable which is a first considering I'm very naive when it comes to the truth, the ending, etc. But, that didn't mean it was any less heartbreaking and difficult to handle. That might have just given away what happened, but in my defense I didn't out-rightly state it. :)Read my reviews:

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-11 15:04

    Also posted to Jen in BooklandSojourner was an interesting read. It was alright, but not amazing. It was like a lot of books I have read recently so...maybe if I had read it first I would have liked it more.The book starts off with Elizabeth and her uncle moving back to his home town, where her mom and dad grew up. I am not sure why exactly they moved back. The uncle hates hates hates it there, and is super worried something will happen to Elizabeth since she is half Native American. Yes they need to sell the house or something, but you couldn't have done that without moving back? If it is such a horrible place you think they could have figured something else out.Elizabeth herself is kind of stupid. On her first day at the new school she opens her locker to find someone painted half-breed in it. She just blows it off like it has to be some kind of joke. Um...okay. Then when more things happen she keeps thinking oh it is just someone playing a joke. Sure. Someone vandalized your house with horrible things and it is all some big joke.Then she meets two new boys on day one, Griffin and Lev. Griffin is the popular guy everyone wants to be with, but Lizzie is just like stay away from me. She doesn't like him, but he doesn't give up easily. Lev, on the other hand, stay away from her, but she wants to get to know him. He is the one who has been in her dreams watching her die. So she starts to get closer to Lev and then freaks out on him like why are you in my dreams?!?! How can you be such a horrible person in my dreams, but super nice in real life?!?! Which one is real?!?! Um...real life Lev? I mean you do find out what the dreams are all about, and when you do Elizabeth freaks out on Lev and makes him feel like crap which is just ridiculous. It is like she has never made a mistake ever in her life. It is like calm it down and listen to what he is saying! Geez. She was kind of annoying. Plus she can't seem to not fall into the river, which is just odd. Somehow she gets knocked from behind and that flings her over the railing? Okay. Just go with everything.Eventually Lev and Elizabeth work things out, but Lev is super worried someone is going to try and kill her. So what does she do? Go off by herself! Of course, I mean nothing can happen in a parking lot or in a public place! No one ever gets kidnapped or anything from public places. She is a smart one, but really I was wondering why Lev wasn't following her anyways. If I were him and were really that worried about her I would not let her out of my sight, even if she didn't want me there. Or stay in the shadows of something. It was just lame. The whole ending was a let down and when you find out who is doing all of this stuff to Elizabeth and why it was just like really? That was the best you could do? Okay. I shouldn't have expected a good explanation...overall a frustrating book, though it started off interesting.

  • Amanda
    2018-10-27 17:01

    ****spoiler alert****I gave it 3 stars bc the author can portray a sad dramatic moment beautifully but that was ONLY why this book didn't get just 2 stars.The writing has serious potential but a decent editor would have made the story flow appropriately and smoother. GO TO A LOCAL UNIVERSITY SPEAK TO THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT STUDENTS THEY WILL EDIT FOR FREE BECAUSE THEY NEED THE EXPERIENCE!I think if the author read through and realized there wasn't a depth to the characters while the romance angle is being poorly executed as well as this ridiculous notion about Indians and half breeds seriously?! As well as a vague reference to cheyenne indians leaving their families and vanishing?! I know Indians were subjected to persecution up until the mid 80s by the government but it really is a crap plot for this book. The ignorance of the white mans view on Indians is insulting and I was disgusted with the asinine prejudice. The ineffective school principal and that she has only ONE teacher that ever speaks to her and apparently everyone knows her mother but no one except uncle Jimmie knew her father in a town of less than 6,000 seriously? So onto Lev.He is an angel with an effing soul but not just that all angels have souls. WITH NO EXPLANATION AS TO WHY THE BIBLE AND HISTORIANS ARE WRONG. SERIOUSLY?!He is put off with her at random points and wallows in self pity but then perks up randomly as well as being "I am an angel I am exceptional at everything if I don't lose at video games 98% of the time people get suspicious of my other worldliness" obviously paraphrased and with my own words thrown in but that somes up much of lev. He has no depth that built up to give an emotional attachment she is there she falls into water he saves her she gets pushed over water falls he saves her. He is shiny and speaks like a normal human being but because he used amenable and anomaly THERE IS JUST SOMETHING SO WISE AND OLD WITHIN HIM. I felt like I was going to read "the force is strong with in him".The author has a budding talent but if she fails to get an editor of ANY KIND or take a creative writing class where any person (I am an English major myself.) with any background of basic English and prose would tell her she fell short of the mark 9 out of ten times.It kept my interest but I literally was bitching out loud through out the entire thing. I will probably read the others but I can only hope someone got this woman an effing editor. I was and still am enjoying the book but that and the fact that the main character is in school for like no joke 2 days and the popular guy wants her (which is whatever) but his best friend Matt jokes like 1 time and the next day she is all oh that's Matt just being Matt. As if she has ANY basis for comparison

  • Sharon Tyler
    2018-11-16 16:59

    Sojourner by Maria Rachel Hooley is a young adult novel. Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Moon has been dreaming about dying in different times her entire life. In each dream there is always a haunting face watching her death. When she returns home to Hauser’s Landing with her guardian, the very place her father disappeared, she meets Lev Walker, who looks an awful lot like the guy in her dreams. Then there is the most eligible bachelor in school, who will not leave her alone, graffiti, mysterious accidents, and more making the return to a prejudice small town harder than it should be. When Lev finally shares his secrets everything begins to close in on Elizabeth and she is not sure who or what to believe in.Sojourner had promise. A girl that does not seem to fit in no matter where she goes because of her mixed heritage and desire to simply fly under the radar. Lev is the mysterious boy that seems to care but also seems to invade Elizabeth's dreams and stands by to watch her die time after time. It all takes place in a town that is prejudice against Native Americans, and most likely anyone that they can label as other. So far so good. But then, I started reading the book. There are so many parallels with Twilight that i had trouble getting past it. Super small town, new girl immediately being fought over, supernatural boy that seems to be trouble, good guy that carries his own brand of trouble, girl driving a temperamental pick up truck, ice causing some accident, accident prone girl in need to constant supervision, and so on. Some of the writing her was better, and Elizabeth seemed to want to be a more independent soul than Bella, but in the end I think the mirroring here was just to much for me, even though I liked Twilight the first go round (I blame pregnancy hormones) the more i think about Bella's dependency and whining the more I wish I never saw the movies, never mind read the final book. therefor I will not be continuing on with this series.I would recommend Sojourner to readers that did, and still do, love Twilight. The angst and desperation and high school drama are all here along with the idea of a destiny that can not seem to be avoided.If you disliked Twilight, then I would suggest that you skip this read.

  • Tarra (Twilight Book Junkie)
    2018-10-31 21:02

    I was kindly given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review. So first off i want to say thanks for that. SPOILERS! DON'T CONTINUE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!**** I really liked this book, it kept me glued to it from the day i started reading, i really liked the romance between Elizabeth and Lev, even though i do wish it was hightened a bit more. The story was really good. It's about a girl named Elizabeth who has lost both her parent's, and is being taken care of by her guardian Jimmie. They move back to her parent's hometown where she is thrust into an unknown danger, because of who her parent's were. She is plagued by nightmares of being killed while a guy just stands in the background and watches but doesn't try and help and these nightmare's feel so real. She see's Lev at school and is stunned to see he is the guy in her nightmare's who just stand's aside as she is killed. When they finally do communicate, after she is in a accident and he saves her, she finds out he is a angel who she has been in love with in her past lives, and that she dies young in all her lives and he plans to intervene in this one and save her, even though it will take him away from her. Elizabeth goes through quite alot in this book, which i cannot even imagine going through, she seem's to be a magnet for accident's, plus she has someone out to kill her. Then she has to live knowing the guy she loves is going to pretty much die to save her and she has to go on living afterward without him. I would recommend this to not only people who like a good paranormal romance story, but also to people who like realistic stories about loss and fear and danger. This book does a good job of putting together a paranormal romance but with a very realistic story of a girl who has to go through and deal with alot. I will definitely continue this series and would recommend it for sure. Happy reading!

  • Martina
    2018-10-24 20:53

    Also anfangs war ich nicht wirklich begeistert und hatte angst, ich würde ewig an dem Buch lesen.Zum Schluss war ich bis halb 2 Uhr nächtens wach um die Geschichte fertig zu lesen.Und, ja, es ist Twilight ziemlich ähnlich.Aber trotzdem unterschiedlich genug um seine Daseinsberechtigung zu verdienen.Drei Dinge, die mir besonders gut gefallen haben:Endlich mal eine Heldin die einen ethnischen Hintergrund hat, ohne das das Buch Zielgruppengerecht in dieser Schublade verschwindet und nur von ebendieser dann auch gelesen wird (s. Hispanics, African-American - haben eigene Verlagsreihen, stehen sicher im Buchladen auch abseits, so dass man sich als weiße Leserin auch ja nicht "vergreift")Lev ist toll! Und zwar vor allem deshalb, weil er nicht Edward ist!! Es ist schön, dass er so gerne lacht und Freude am Leben hat (was man sich natürlich von seiner Natur auch erwartet) - er verkörpert genau die Sorte Engel, wie ich sie mir in einer Romanze vorstelle.Unsd die Geschichte ist spannend! Mit dem lauernden Mörder, den rassistischen Andeutungen etc.Was mir nicht so gannz gefallen hat, waren tw. einige Logikfehler, die sich natürlich nicht auf die Geschichte ausgewirkt haben, aber wenn MIR so etwas auffällt, dann ist das schon sehr bedenklich...Beispiele gefällig?(view spoiler)[ Lev fischt Lizzie aus einem Bach, auf der nächsten Seite ist von einem Teich die Rede. Lizzie bemerkt, als sie das erste mal in Lev's Haus ist, dass es dort weder Radio noch Fernseher gibt, gegen Ende des Buches gibt es dort einen Fernseher.Lev ruft Lizzie an - was mich wundert, wenn er doch keine techn. Geräte besitzt, außerdem gab es bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt keinen Moment der auch unerwähnt gepasst hätte, dass sie seine Handynummer bekommen hätte. (hide spoiler)]

  • Kimberly Kasper
    2018-10-23 19:59

    This book was great! I really fell in love with the characters and the plots. There were many twists and turns that I did not quite expect, but over all, I enjoyed it tremendously and cannot wait to read more from this author. --Edit-- This entire series was really enjoyable for me. The characters were intriguing, the plot was consistent through out, and I have moved on to reading other works by Hooley. If this wasn't the book/series for you, be sure to check out her other work. She writes in a variety of styles and I believe there's something for everyone. I have read other reviews giving it a one star for being too much like Twilight and honestly I just wish people would stop comparing the two stories. Twilight can be compared to many other love stories that took place long before it was written as well.A love story can be written only so many ways. I think that this author was able to put her own twist on a tale as old as time and I think her twist was wonderfully done. Many of the complaints are coming from readers who didn't even buy the book. I've also seen complaints about writing errors and things of that nature. The book was realize that, right? Seeing that it was free, it's quite hard to validate such a complaint. Since first reading this book I have gotten to know this author and decided I wanted to interview her. I have put the interview on my blog so please give it a read so you can learn a bit more about the mind behind the Sojourner series. Visit my blog here:

  • Marie DeLaRosa
    2018-10-30 18:07

    Elizabeth Moon has grown up living a life that can be difficult at times, being a "half breed" she cant seem to fit in either world, but luckily she has her guardian Jimmie, who has been like a father to her since her mother died and her father went missing. Though content to have Jimmie, she been losing sleep, seeing the same young, handsome man in her dreams when she sees him at her school she cant believe it and tries everything possible to get close to him. But she doesn’t expect to find out the secret he’s been hiding not only about himself but about what will happen to her....This book had me interested because of the title, as soon as I started reading I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. The Authors style of writing is captivating as you can see the hardships Lizzie has to go through and the awful things that begin to happen to her at school. I did not expect the book to end in such a way as it did, but it prepares you for the next book that is surely to come in the series. I would highly recommend this book to those that have a love for the paranormal that deals with angels. I give this book 5/5 bats.~Marie

  • Danielle
    2018-11-05 19:05

    This was a good concept, the execution was just a little rough. There were several grammar mistakes that, while not extremely distracting from the plot, really bothered me. It switched between past and present tense a couple times, and I couldn't help but find myself mentally editing it. Overall, though, I liked this book. The ending really upset me, though, because it wasn't a well-executed cliffhanger. At least, I didn't think it was. I'm definitely going to read the next book, though, just to find out what happens, so I guess it served its purpose. I thought the plot twist with Maguire at the end was pretty surprising, too. I has a sneaking suspicion that it was the janitor (Hensley or something?) who was causing all the trouble, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong. I would, however, have liked the action scene between Maguire, Lev, Lizzie, and Griffin to have been a little more drawn-out. Also, I would have liked a little more development between Lev and Lizzie. But, oh well. In conclusion, this was a pretty good book.

  • Nada
    2018-10-28 21:43

    SLIGHT SPOILER! ~ In the beginning, I don't know why, but it kind of reminded me of twilight. Elizabeth is a good character but sometimes I think that she over reacts a bit, and doesn't really think of the obvious answer. The story line is good, and how Lev came into the book was great. She dreams about him then see's him in school. I personally think that the love between Lizzie and Lev went by too fast. Griffin is a funny fellow, I always knew he was good guy. I suspected the Janitor to be the bad guy but in the end it was the teacher. Who knew that what Lev mean by "when i save you, I'll be gone" or something like that, was that he was going to die....I then said to myself "Angels don't die!" The cover of the book isn't my favorite. At first glance, I personally didn't feel like reading it at all until I read the synopsis. The cover should be Levs' bare chest and his wings with Lizzie or something. I personally recommend this book for those who are into deep tragic love stories. Because i enjoyed it very much! <3

  • Kristin Howell
    2018-10-20 14:57

    I like a good fantasy type novel as much as anyone else, but I've always been a bit wary towards angels. The cliche-feeling beautiful supernatural creatures left me feeling slightly unsatisfied at first, but I was able to look past it. It was different, and throughout the story, I expected a stereotypical happy ending. Suffice to say, I wasn't really expecting what happened (although I felt like I should have been, for some reason). The story gave me a Twilight vibe (small town, supernatural hero to the poor damsel, fake family of said supernatural beings, etc.), but I tried to overlook that, and I thought it was well written overall (other than some grammar and whatnot errors). I wish the characters would have had more depth, and that there would have been more focus on the events that happened in the book. There was a lot happening with not a whole lot of details or explanation.Definitely had potential, not completely met, but I enjoyed it as a pretty superficial kind of read.

  • Echo
    2018-11-12 20:47

    I got this book free from Amazon and I enjoyed it. However, I did start seeing similarities to another bit of YA fiction almost immediately.If you liked Twilight, you'll probably like this. It has the addition of a bit of extreme racial antagonism to give the main character a reason to require saving but otherwise the story is much of a muchness.Also, one odd moment; for a character so aware of how awful small-minded people can be when it comes to equality between people with different coloured skin, I found her callous disregard for equality between the genders strange - she seems to think a man who cooks is being unusual and worth mocking. This really bugged me.This book overwhelmingly reminded me of Twilight in it's structure and story line. The twists were in substituting an angel for a vampire and throwing the heroine into the midst of a racist town instead of her having to face up to a hunter vampire.

  • Cristina Contilli
    2018-10-23 16:44

    Un urban fantasy davvero inquietante...L'inizio di questo libro non è particolarmente originale perché c'è la solita diciassettenne (in media i protagonisti degli urbvan fantasy sono adolescenti tra i 14 e i 18 anni probabilmente per giusticare le loro insicurezze e il loro percorso di crescita nel corso del libro, ma anche per rispecchiare l'età dei lettori di questo genere di romanzi)... dopo un inizio un po' lento e prevedebile scopriamo però che il misterioso ragazzo di cui si innamora Rachel potrebbe essere il suo sojourner ossia l'angelo che la deve portare via al momento della morte... il che trasforma la storia in un incubo inquietante come quelli che fa la protagonista e che rischia di fare anche il lettore troppo sensibile... per cui non credo che leggerò il seguito di questa saga...

  • Steven
    2018-11-05 19:51

    Sojourner (Book 1) was really not worth the read unless you are a 13 or 14 year old girl. It is very derivative of Twilight. And Lizzie is just as whiney as Bella. A good, solid, tough teenage girl (see The Hunger Games) is far preferable.So what is good about this book? There is an unconvincing romance (are any of them convincing), there is the joy of discovery of the hidden powers of one of the characters. But that is the nature of so many books or movies in a series. It was free which is good for me (ever the frugal Vermonter). It was the first book that I've read on an iPad using the Kindle reader. That was fun. And the writing itself wasn't bad aside from a very insipid plot. Why would they have to stay in town to sell a house? Duh! There are realtors.Really, don't bother with this one.

  • Christine Butler
    2018-10-23 15:54

    I'm only on Chapter 3, and I had to stop. The writing style is first person present tense and very choppy. There's no real flow. The characters are already flat or over emotional for no apparent reason. There seems like there might be a good story in there somewhere, but I'm not real sure it's worth the continued read.An example from the book on writing style... From the end of Chapter 2: "My feet hit a patch of ice. I try to regain my balance. Then I fall toward the side as open as the sky. I reach for some part of the rail and grasp air."It seems as though this book were written for an 8-12 year old comprehension level, while in content it was meant for a much older audience. I just couldn't get past that.*Update - re-read & got all the way to Chapter 15 this time... enhanced review below in comments... it does contain spoilers.

  • Jane
    2018-10-23 22:06

    This is a lovely story about a young girl, frightened by all that is going on around her. A beautiful love story that cannot end well, for however it ends it is not possible for Elizabeth and Lev to be together. The book tackles the questions that young adults raise in wanting to know the truth and even, tells the reader why it is so important, even if meant well as a means of protection, the truth should be told. Although the story is set as a paranormal romance it does tackle everyday issues in the life of a teenager, trust, love, understanding a parent's decision and making one's own choices whether right or wrong and dealing with the consequences. A recommended read for this age group.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-18 19:56

    I really tried to read this book. I couldn't get past the constant references to the main heroines ancestry. I get that the author was trying to show racial prejudice, but it didn't really fly. Firstly, the girl was half Native American/half Caucasian. She is described as beautiful of face. Not sure why teenagers would then write half-breed on a mirror inside a locked locker (like a teenager would know what a half breed is) and slash her tires. Seems too outdated a premise. The other issue i had, aside from grammar mistakes, is the initial descriptions, described her short, spiky dark hair, and then later in the same day she is tucking her long hair into her coat... I think this story could use a harsher editing eye.

  • Melissa Brandt
    2018-11-14 13:45

    Sojourner was the first book I've read in a long time that I was unable to put down. I chose this book while exploring books in the Goodreads app. What made the book even better was that is was a free download in iBooks.As I read the book I spent a majority of the time realizing that it bears a STRONG similarity to the Twilight series. Unfortunately this book did not seem as strongly written. Regardless, I still found myself rooting for the match between Elizabeth and Lev, hoping there would be an optimistic third alternative to their fate. I didn't want to put the book down and had to read it to the end. The story itself is just starting to unfold with the first book. I hope the next book in this series holds my fascination as strongly as the first.