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In this page-turning futuristic novel, a young woman finds out what it means to be living in a world destroyed by war, and a young man discovers that his only chance of survival is to question everything his parents taught him....

Title : Vulture's Gate
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Vulture's Gate Reviews

  • RavenclawReadingRoom
    2018-11-17 05:49

    Trigger warnings: violence.DNF on page 45. I tried, you guys. I really did. But when you're 45 pages in, there's been zero worldbuilding for this dystopian world, you don't like either of the protagonists, and the writing style grates on every nerve? Then it's time to quit.

  • Karis Lopiccolo
    2018-12-03 06:56

    In this book there was a lot of climatic events. The idea of the is very good but after a couple chapters in it starts to get boring. There were some parts of the book where the two protagonist would get into a situation and it would have great description and actions but other then that the book wouldn't be that interesting. I liked the book overall but it wasn't the best book i"ve read.

  • Kate McMurry
    2018-12-01 05:35

    Young adult dystopian novelThis dystopian, futuristic story is told in the alternating points of view of two teen protagonists, a boy named Callum and a girl named Boadicea, Bo for short. I really enjoy it when a young adult novel is written that way, and I also appreciated the fact that the story is told in past tense, which doesn't draw attention to itself as present tense does.The story starts with a bang, literally, as Molotov cocktails rain on the roof of the compound where Callum lives. He's kidnapped by his family's enemies, the Outstationers, who sell him as a slave to the cruel owners of a circus who keep him in a cage when they are not training and using him as an acrobat. After several months, Callum manages to escape from his captors and flees into the desert on a motorcycle. When he crashes and is knocked out, Bo rescues him, takes him to the cave where she lives, and nurses him back to health.Bo hasn't spoken to anyone but robots for years, since her guardian was murdered by Outstationers. She's a "techno-hunter" who survives in a hostile environment by hunting small, desert prey with the aid of a team of "roboraptors." These small, intelligent, highly skilled robots are named Chinky, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Silky and Mr. Pinkwhistle, and they seem almost human in their ability to respond to praise and affectionate pats from Bo.In a world filled with dangerous, usually evil adults, Bo has been trained to trust no one. But Callum is her age, is lost and afraid, and clearly needs her help. Most importantly, they soon learn they share a common enemy, the Outstationers. When the small territory Bo has staked out becomes too dangerous because the Outstationers are after them, they set out together on a journey across a ravaged continent, seeking a safe haven in the city of Vulture's Gate, in the process relying on each other totally. During the journey, Callum learns something incredible, which causes him to question everything he's been taught by the men who raised him--Bo is a girl. Callum has been told all his life that there are no females on the planet because they were all wiped out by bird flu. Since that time, children have been created by a process that is, presumably, cloning. There are several types of people born that way, "cybrids" and "hybrids."Like most dystopian novels, the world that Callum and Bo attempt to survive in is utterly bleak. The author is from Australia, and in some ways the world of this story reminds me of the Mad Max films. But there's a big difference in that there are two protagonists whose relationship is fascinating and moving to read about. Callum and Bo are extremely sympathetic characters. They are both survivors who never give up, and they are willing to care and make sacrifices for others.I rate this story in this way:World-building for the post-apocalyptic terrain of the story: 5.Action, adventure and conflict: 5.Characters: 5.

  • Coby
    2018-11-20 02:49

    this book takes place in the future,and girls have been wiped out by the Bird Flu. in the beginning of the book talks about the main character,Callum, in his house all alone and the Outstationers break into his house and kidnap him and take him to a horrible circus. he's there for 3 months before he escapes on one of their motorcycles. he gets far enough he's not paying attention and crashes. when he comes to, he in being cared by a guy underground.a few days later the Outstationers find him and are stopped by the mine field. they get away on the bike and get to a watering hole to rest for a bit. Bo for whatever reason decides to go swimming and( this is kind of awkward to type so...)she takes off ALL of her clothes and Callum says and i quote: "did someone cut it off? it looks like you have a butt in front)( yea don't read this book if nudity is weird for you.)so the Outstationers are still tracking Bo and Cullum down. And their goal is to get back to the flat where callum once lived. when they get there they fid the place in ruins and cullum is really worried, but then they find a metal box and open it up and inside is, 200 gold pieces, some donuts, 4 bottles of water, and a thing he calls Peggy the penguin. theses a message from his dads on the belly screen that says they are going to a place called vultures gate. but before they get there they find an old man who asks them to stop and rest for the night, so they do. they end up staying for a few weeks and one day, while their eating dinner, he tells them he wants to talk to them about something important. He talks about how Bo has some sort of immunity to the bird flu and might still be able to have girl he asks Bo to marry him and have kids with him to try and repopulate the world. so she rejects and the guy gets really mad and looks them in a room together. the next day he comes to cheek on them and sees them sleeping together. So he separates them. they end up escaping and getting to vultures gate, to find it in ruins, there's absolutely nothing. they go down into the sewer and almost drown, but are saved by a group of kids who have been living down there. they go by a few weeks and then are captured by colony drones. they bring them to an island where they line all the boys up and tell them to strip and get under the shower heads. Bo realizes shes in trouble and only take of her shirt, but Cullum says the she cant take of her pants because shes got really sensitive skin, but a drone comes over and cuts her pants off. they realize shes a girl and take her to a special island with lots of other girls on it. Back at the boys island they are trying to turn them into slaves but they end up escaping. Cullum gos to saves Bo at the island and they get to a another island with all the other girls and that's where the story ends.

  • Larissa
    2018-11-23 04:36

    For Callum, a colony boy, Vulture's Gate represents hope. After being stolen from his home in the outback by savage Outstationers and sold on as an attraction in a freak show, forced to perform in a circus for cruel masters, Callum escapes and returns to his outback home only to find his fathers gone, and his home destroyed. The only message left for him, his fathers are waiting for him in Vulture's Gate.Bo is a girl living alone in the outback. She has been alone for the last six months, hunting, foraging and surviving. When one day she rescues a boy on the outskirts of her lands, she finds her once isolated home now set upon by dangerous Outstationers. With her home destroyed and all her family gone she feels lost, but with this boy she finds a friendship and something worth holding on to.As Callum and Bo travel together across a harsh and desolate land, they are learning that the world they grew up in, and everything they were taught to believe, is not the world that exists before them. Callum always believed girls were extinct; he had been brought up sheltered from the ugliness that exists in the world. Bo, although taught to read, hunt and put together technology, is naive to the world beyond her lands; ignorant to what it is to be a girl.But it is at Vulture's Gate that Callum and Bo discover the harsh truth of what has happened to the world. There, their dreams are crushed and their futures are left uncurtain, as each comes face to face with the horrors of what it means to live and survive in Vulture's Gate. But once inside are they able to escape?Vulture's Gate is a provocative and well written story that raises questions of gender and society. In Callum and Bo the male and female perspectives are given, and in the story each sex blames the existence of the other all the ills that have befallen them and the world around them. Society is ruled by dictators with their drones and test-tube babies. Beyond that are the anarchists, religious extremists and Festers with their gambolling, bombs and human trafficking. But underlying all that is the theme of hope presented in the fairytales told by Bo.

  • Jan
    2018-12-13 05:51

    This book illlustrates that age old adage, "never judge a book by its cover." The cover is just awful--it gives not a hint of how well done this novel is.Dystopic novels are sure coming fast and furious in Teen and this one is a welcome addition to the genre. Callum is an 11 year old boy who lives in a future where women have been almost completely eradicated by a virulent strain of Avian flu. Callum lives with two "fathers," who are part of a Colony that seeks to impose control upon a lawless society. Callum is abducted from his home and sold to a nomadic circus. He escapes and encounters Bo, a girl living by herself in the desert. Together, they begin a journey to try to find Callum's father, and they must move quickly as they are being pursued by violent nomads. During the trip, they encounter different factions of survivors who have formed tribal groups, each with their own agenda. When they arrive at Vulture's Gate, they find new dangers that they never expected.This book had a fast-paced plot with plenty of interest and characters that are well developed and fascinating. I loved the roboraptor that accompanies Bo and Callum on their journey. I liked that Bo is a strong female character who can fend for herself without any help from Callum. This is a fun read that is left with room for a sequel. Others have complained about the lack of backstory, but I liked that there was just enough hint of backstory to leave me wondering. One of my pet peeves about science fiction is when backstory becomes overly detailed, preventing the reader from being engaged with the story.Teens who like The Hunger Games would likely enjoy this one too.

  • Heidi
    2018-12-04 08:34

    Post-apocalyptic/dystopian Australian futurism. With roboraptors. Roboraptors, people! And the thing is, I don't do post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction. Except that this is so awesome it turns me incoherent. Totally OMG awesome.Awesome like the BtVS episode "Normal Again". Awesome like the movie of "The House of Sand and Fog". Awesome like Brian Caswell's "Double Exposure" and "A Cage of Butterflies.Totally, totally awesome.EDIT(The review written (by me) for the school newsletter)In an Australia of the future, girls are extinct, and chaos reigns everywhere except within the walls of the Colony’s cities. A boy called Callum is on the run from the men who kidnapped him. In the middle of the desert, he meets Bo, who survives with help from dinosaur droids and a robotic wombat excavator. The kidnappers don’t want to give up Callum, and Callum doesn’t want to give up the dream of being reunited with his fathers in the East coast Colony city called Vulture’s Gate.Hopefully students remember Kirsty Murray, one of three writers who visited Wangaratta earlier this year as part of our Literature Feast. Vulture’s Gate is Kirsty’s latest book, published late last month. The book races along at a frantic speed, practically dragging you into the story. The images of Vulture’s Gate – Sydney in the distant future – are both recognisable and horribly different, and present a picture of a disturbing future for Australia. This is decidedly not the sort of book I usually read, but I absolutely loved it, and couldn’t put it down until I was finished.

  • Becky
    2018-11-23 01:41

    In a future world, Callum's life is upended when Outlanders destroy his home at the Colony outpost. Sold to two ruffians who train him to perform in their motorcycle daredevil act, he looks for an opportunity to escape. He is rescued by Bo, who lives in a concealed tunnel in the desert. As they become friends, Callum is shocked to discover that Bo is a girl. He was told that all females were killed by a deadly flu. As the Outlanders close in on their location, Callum is certain he can find his fathers in their old Colony home, Vulture's Gate, where they will be protected. But Vulture's Gate is not the way Callum remembered it from his early childhood, and there's no trace of either of his fathers. It has become a violent and dangerous place, especially for Bo, and they join the Festers, a band of boys rescued from the cruelty of the Colony leaders. But this is not safe either, because the Festers plan to destroy the "old ones" who control the Colony by blowing up their buildings. While seeking shelter, the Festers get captured and, when Bo's secret is discovered, she is separated from the boys. Bo discovers that the Colony's plan is to use her and all the girls they have created or discovered as breeders, and must find a way to escape. Meanwhile, Callum and the Festers plan their own escape. Each one hopes against hope that they will find each other, believing that, no matter what happens, they will survive to find a better future. An engaging, well-written sci-fi adventure.

  • P.M.
    2018-11-29 07:34

    Callum is kidnapped from his two Dads when Rusty and Ruff's Refuge is attacked by Dental and Floss, two hard core Outstationers who run a freak show and traveling circus. Meanwhile Bo lives in a burrow surrounded by a minefield with only her roboraptors for company. These two unlikely allies bond when Bo finds Callum barely alive in the desert. Callum is astonished when he finds out Bo is a girl because girls are supposed to be extinct after a plague of avian flu decimated the population of the world. When Callum's captors attack the burrow, Bo and Callum set out to find Callum's Dads. Mr. Pinkwhistle, Bo's favorite roboraptor, accompanies them as they deal with a cross country trek in the barren outback of Australia. Along the way, they encounter a slightly-mad hermit looking for a wife and a pack of feral boys rescued by the enigmatic Roc. When Bo and Callum are captured and separated, the ugly secrets of this future world are revealed and escape become the only option. I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. Perhaps this is because it is the author's first novel for YA. The characters didn't seem believable to me. In fact, my favorite character was Mr. Pinkwhistle who seemed more alive than the humans. I think the concept was interesting but needed more exploration and development.

  • Annabel Smith
    2018-11-28 04:42

    Sometime in the not-too-distant future women have become extinct. The privileged few live in The Colony, forming all-male families and raising test-tube babies. When Callum is kidnapped by bikies he sees a different world. While escaping, he meets Bo and together they cross the country looking for Callum's fathers. Along the way they face danger and adventure and their bond is tested. Together, they discover The Colony is not all it seems. Bo & Callum are likeable characters - gutsy and tenacious. The social structures of the new world order are well-though out, plausible and interesting. Unlike much YA fiction, Vulture's Gate did not spoon-feed the reader. But I had the same problem with this book that I have with almost all YA novels - I wanted more depth. Murray has obviously thought deeply about every facet of the world she's created in Vulture's Gate, and I wanted to walk through it, savouring every nuance, rather than just skimming the surface, taking in only just enough to whet my appetite.

  • Bryson Shumaker
    2018-12-04 03:27

    Bo and Callum are teenagers that have to fend for themselves in a apocalyptic environment.Callum is a teenager that has lost his two fathers due to him being taken away from them by scavengers/raiders. Bo is a girl teenager that has lost her grandfather that cared for her by raiders too. Now she has to fend for herself with her robotic raptors. Callum and Bo meet up when Callum loses his raiders in a misfortunate gambling accident and gets away ,but quickly falls victim to the dry and scorching hot desert floor. This is when Bo finally finds him and takes him under her wing.

  • Heather
    2018-11-23 01:52

    I really liked the beginning, but I did not love the book as a whole. The premise was fabulous, but I felt frustrated that so little was explained. As a result, many aspects of the world didn't make sense to me. Also, I was completely disturbed by the exploitation of the young girls and the (discretely) mentioned rape of one of these preteens. Although the characters are preteens, the situations (rape, murder, kidnapping, exploitation, etc.) are probably only for older teens. However, I don't know any teens I would recommend it to, especially as there are so many dystopian tales to choose from.

  • Meg McGregor
    2018-12-03 07:49

    I am really on the fence about this book.On the positive side I read this book in only one day. I just couldn't put it down.I also enjoyed how the story was told from alternate points of view. I thought the author does a very good job of presenting her main characters as real people.I know this is meant for young adults but I found myself feeling quite awkward reading all the passages where nudity is involved and where babies come from. And in the future babies are born in labs where love and compassion seems to be a forgotten part of the equation.I just hope that our future never turns out for our children to be like this one was. A scary thought indeed.

  • Judy
    2018-11-26 02:55

    Even though he is half dead, Callum is lucky. It is Bo's roboraptor who finds him--not the rogue Outstationers from whom the boy has escaped. But even as Bo nurses Callum back to health, the Outstationers are homing in. The two barely escape capture when Callum discovers something incredible: Bo is a girl, maybe the last girl in a world in which females are thought to beReluctant readers -survival FIC Murray 334352

  • Shul
    2018-12-13 02:32

    The beginning of this book was good, the setting was interesting. However, as I continued to read, I found myself thinking that this book would have been better as an adult novel or at least have a much higher rating to be whole. A lot of places in it seemed lacking because it's written for young teens. I also thought the ending was a little weak, but I think that young teens would enjoy this novel very much.

  • Laura
    2018-11-27 02:52

    I was very much into this book, but I found the ending too rushed to give this any more than three stars overall. I don't know if there is to be a second book, I guess there's scope for one. Anyway, the whole book was pretty cool. There were robo raptors and an electronic wombat, feral boys, feral men, a world mainly void of girls, a plague, poisoned food, bombs, a new take on the Eco warrior! Plenty of interesting stuff going on. A short novel worthy of your time.

  • Nova
    2018-12-02 05:45

    I enjoyed this story set in the future where women are virtually extinct but are 'farmed' on a secret island.Callum has been separated from his fathers and on his way back to find them he meets Bo, a resourceful girl. Together they travel back home, running into and escaping from various disenfranchised people. This is a good read for 11 to 16 year olds.

  • Leonie
    2018-11-18 04:29

    My 18yo daughter recommended this to me. Up until about halfway i was rating it a 5 but was disappointed with the last half when some really interesting characters got introduced but didn't make it through the rest of the story.

  • Julia
    2018-12-17 05:56

    This was a cute novel.The beginning dragged out way too long and then all the "action" happened in the last few pages.And the ending was just yawn...No excitement.Which is sad because it had soo much potential to be great. :(

  • Joel A.
    2018-11-26 04:47

    as is typical for the last several gender/sex apocalypse stories, this one--ostensibly meant for teens--is far more honest and emotionally engaged than so many of the ones for adults.

  • Jamie
    2018-12-02 08:41

    Lots of good adventure, even though the plot (all girls are gone, or ARE they?) has been done a lot already. Probably a sequel to follow. Not a lot of background/world building though.

  • Ginny
    2018-11-30 09:27

    rather contrivedbegan well - got worse - ended badlyread like a 'B' moviefull of cliches

  • Okie
    2018-12-15 05:37

    Fabulous READ!

  • Jenny
    2018-11-20 07:37

    Futuristic, apocolyptic. An excellent, powerful beginning that develops into a compelling though not quite as tense as expected story. Over all, entertaining and well done.

  • Stephanie A.
    2018-11-23 04:56

    My mistake; I thought I was requesting a regular war-torn survivalist novel, but then it showed up on the shelf with a science fiction tag and consequently bored me to tears with its dystopia.

  • Alissa
    2018-11-28 08:56

    This book was pretty good. I would have liked a little bit more detail about the world the characters are in, but we only know what they know, which isn't very much.

  • Pam Saunders
    2018-12-10 04:54

    What would the world be like if there were no girls? In Vulture's Gate Kristy explores this theme and also has created a fast paced adventure. Includes wonderful robot character's too.

  • luiloth
    2018-11-25 03:38

    I was curious about the title since it was not mentioned in the book. Now I know that a grouping of vultures is called a wake of vultures. Good title for a good book.