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A BLESSING IN DISGUISESister Mary Helen is in luck, depending on how you look at it. She and Sister Eileen are in Ireland to attend the weeklong Oyster Festival in the little village of Ballyclarin. They make their first stop at a central oasis of food and drink called the Monks' Table, where Mary Helen overhears a woman saying to the man with her, "I am surprised someoneA BLESSING IN DISGUISESister Mary Helen is in luck, depending on how you look at it. She and Sister Eileen are in Ireland to attend the weeklong Oyster Festival in the little village of Ballyclarin. They make their first stop at a central oasis of food and drink called the Monks' Table, where Mary Helen overhears a woman saying to the man with her, "I am surprised someone hasn't killed you already." The next night, Mary Helen finds the same man in the pub's ladies' room, murdered. Coincidence? Divine intervention? Heaven only knows…which his why Mary Helen must find out—even though the Irish police warn her not to get involved. But sometimes Fate will just not listen to reason…and soon this septuagenarian nun is on the case in one of her bravest adventures to date....

Title : Murder at the Monks' Table
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ISBN : 9780312357689
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Murder at the Monks' Table Reviews

  • Cheryl
    2018-12-16 19:58

    A cute cozy mystery set in Ireland, with two vacationing American nuns helping to solve the mystery. Even though this book is in the middle of this series, I had no problem following the story. A light, enjoyable read.

  • Sallee
    2018-11-19 19:03

    This is the first Sister Carol Anne O'Marie's mystery series I've read. The Sister Mary Helen mysteries is one I will be sure to read more as I found it delightful. This one was set in Ireland and Sister Mary Helen and her friend, Sister Eileen found themselves in the middle of who killed an obnoxious man. I was able to figure out who the murderer was and the clues that led to my discovery were subtle. We have humor and suspense to make reading this a pleasure.

  • Sonia Haynes
    2018-12-11 23:08

    Light, get away from everything read.

  • Monica Willyard
    2018-12-16 03:02

    A fun, cozy mystery investigated by two nuns vacationing in Ireland. Trust me to be the one to discover a series by reading the last book 1st. :-) Ah well, I am joyed what I read, and I plan to read the rest of the books from the series, starting at the beginning. They don't seem to matter which order you read them.

  • Drebbles
    2018-12-16 02:07

    Sister Mary Helen could use a break and welcomes the chance to visit her friend Sister Eileen who has been in Ireland for quite some time. The two plan a nice quiet time attending the week-long Oyster Festival in the tiny village of Ballyclarin. But things are never really quiet when Sister Mary Helen is around and soon she stumbles across a dead body. Sister Mary Helen knows a thing or two about murder and can't help investigating this one (with Sister Eileen's help of course). But even she will have a hard time solving the case - the bodies are beginning to pile up and she'll only be in Ireland for a week. "Murder at the Monk's Table" is another good entry in the Sister Mary Helen cozy mystery series. Sister Mary Helen is one my favorite cozy mystery characters - a septuagenarian nun who just happens to be good at solving mysteries. Author Sister Carol Anne O'Marie shakes things up a bit with this book, moving the location from San Francisco to Ireland, and as a result the book has the feeling of a British cozy mystery in the Agatha Christie style. Since the book is set in Ireland, there is no visit from police detectives Dennis Gallagher or Kate Murphy; instead readers get a glimpse into the life of Garda Liam O'Dea. There are a lot of fun things in this book including the Oyster Festival. The mystery itself is well-done with plenty of suspects and red herrings and readers will have a hard time figuring out who the killer is. However, the book has a few flaws - the plot relies a bit too much on Sister Mary Helen being in the right place at the right time and her reason for withholding an important piece of information didn't quite work (she's a bit too meek in this book). However, despite these flaws, this is a very enjoyable cozy mystery. Fans of cozy mysteries will like "Murder at the Monk's Table".

  • Dark Star
    2018-12-08 02:06

    My first time reading a Sister Mary Helen book but, it won't be the last. In this story Sister Mary Helen and Sister Eileen travel to Ireland, for the annual Oyster Festival. The two elderly nuns are on holiday but it quickly becomes a "working" holiday for the sleuths after two people get assaulted and one person is murdered. Beautiful descriptions of the scenery and characters made this a great read. And the old nuns are quite entertaining!

  • Hapzydeco
    2018-12-12 23:06

    Sister Carol Anne O’Marie takes Sister Mary Helen on the road. Ballyclarin, Ireland, "Home of the Oyster Festival," is the destination. Coupled with a mysterious murder the setting provides lots of Irish color. This cozy allowed Mary Helen to show her knowledge of police procedure is not confined to the Tenderloin district.And may you be in heavenHalf an hour before the devil knows you’re dead. ~ Irish BlessingSister Carol Anne O’Marie died from Parkinson's disease on May 27, 2009.

  • CJ
    2018-11-28 19:07

    This last Sister Mary Helen book is among my favorites in the series. The setting is completely new yet SMH still manages to find a dead body. New, interesting characters play vital roles, but Sister Eileen is back to the forefront in her native country. I'm sad that there are no more, but even sadder that Sister Carol Anne is no longer around to add to the catalog. She must be smiling down on all her readers. Job well done, Sister!

  • Laura Reading
    2018-12-04 02:13

    I was looking for an uncomplicated mystery read to enjoy over summer. That is what I found. I will read others by the same author.This is the last book by Sister Carol Anne and I may have enjoyed it more if I had begun at the beginning of the series.The story and the characters were enjoyable. Well described. I could picture them clearly in my mind. I wish the ending had been a bit more dramatic.

  • Marianne Jay
    2018-11-24 20:15

    This is the last book by this author and I am sad. Her books were adorable. They were not great works of literature - they were sweet little cozy mysteries that made you smile. I liked them.The author has passed and with her, her wonderful characters who are now alive only in the pages of her books.

  • Maria
    2018-11-22 00:21

    Sister Mary Helen travels to Ireland. She seems unable to stay away from murder. This is my first Sister Mary Helen cozy. I liked it. Being in Ireland was a nice little get away. Though I would read a couple more in the series before rating this series higher. This was a good read a nice cozy.

  • Rosanne
    2018-12-11 20:12

    Another cozy from Sr. Carol Anne O'Marie. This one takes place in Ireland and in addition to being a quick, entertaining cozy, I learned quite a bit about Ireland that I didn't know. Sister Mary Helen mysteries are always good fun.

  • Carol Stanley-Snow
    2018-12-17 00:14

    Who knew a Nun could write such a good mystery! A trip to Ireland for some R & R turns into a murder mystery and Sister Mary Helen does her best to stay out of such luck!A very good story with a few laughs...

  • Diane
    2018-11-26 22:15

    A good light weight mystery. Nothing too sinister and with just enough clues for the reader to be fairly sure who the villian is, but not so sure that you won't keep reader to make sure you are correct.

  • Jan
    2018-12-06 21:00

    Sister Mary Helen from a convent in San Francisco, CA is visiting in the Oyster Festival in Ireland with a fellow sister, Sister Eileen. Balancing American views of Ireland with exploring the whirl of small village life, they find murder in the festivities. A little slow but not a bad pace.

  • Enid
    2018-12-03 23:56

    I enjoy reading cozy mysteries who sleuths are clergy, but what a wonderful twist using nuns as the heroines. Delightful story set in a lovely country. I want to read more of Sister Carol Anne O' Marie's books.

  • patricia
    2018-12-04 00:06

    After reading more serious kind of books and long ones I wanted a break. So Carol Anne O'Marie's Murder at the Monks Table fit the bill. Sisters Eileen and Mary Helen are on vacation in Ireland. Needless to say they get involved in a murder. Loved it. A good fluff book

  • Dru
    2018-11-19 01:19

    Decided to try a new author. Just picked a book off the library shelf that was a mystery. Turns out it was a good one. Reminded me of the writings of M.C. Beaton who I really like. I would definitely read another one by this author. A very light mystery.

  • Cat Kwiatkowski
    2018-11-19 00:59

    Charming mystery that takes the main character out of her natural habitat and into a small, beautiful, and gossipy community in Ireland. Great read, easy to pick up and hard to put down.

  • Ruth
    2018-11-22 03:11

    Sister Mary Helen goes from San Francisco to Ireland! I love these cosies and wish I knew if I had read them all.

  • Ruth
    2018-12-18 18:55

    first time I have read any from this series.. pretty entertaining. may read others from the series...

  • Sandybear76
    2018-11-26 01:06


  • Sarah Hearn
    2018-11-24 20:19

    A nice, easy read, as all her books are. Not too much religion (unlike Andrew Greeley, who uses his books to proselytize), and interesting characters.

  • Kim
    2018-12-20 01:14

    Oops! Somehow, I thought this was the first in a series new to me. It has a couple of ones in the series number, but it isn't first. I will be reading more of these.

  • Amy
    2018-11-22 00:06

    It was ok..don't think I'd read another by this author though. Didn't keep my interest..but it did take place in Ireland!! :)

  • Gerry
    2018-12-01 21:08

    This is a light mystery--a welcome change to some weightier books.

  • LDuchess
    2018-11-26 00:00

    Library. (A cozy, set in Ireland. Two American nuns, Mary Helen and Eileen, are visiting from San Franciso.)

  • Lorlee
    2018-12-10 21:09

    A cozy -- relatively thin. But the setting is enjoyable (Ireland) This is the only one of this series I have read. Probably won't read another

  • Hstrait
    2018-12-09 22:19

    OK. A bit too old-ladyish for me.

  • Barbara Radisavljevic
    2018-12-03 02:08

    My review for this series is under Novena for Murder.