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Laura Kinsale's unique and powerfully written love stories transcend the romance genre. In this, her first new book in five years, she delivers a poignant, funny, sexy, Regency romance sure to delight her many fans and attract a whole new readership.Trevelyan and Callie are childhood sweethearts with a taste for adventure, until the fateful day her father discovers them emLaura Kinsale's unique and powerfully written love stories transcend the romance genre. In this, her first new book in five years, she delivers a poignant, funny, sexy, Regency romance sure to delight her many fans and attract a whole new readership.Trevelyan and Callie are childhood sweethearts with a taste for adventure, until the fateful day her father discovers them embracing in the carriage house and, in a furious frenzy, drives Trevelyan away in disgrace. Nine long, lonely years later, Trevelyan returns. Callie discovers that he can still make her blood race and fill her life with excitement, but he can't give her the one thing she wants more than anything--himself.For Trevelyan, Callie is a spark of light in a world of darkness and deceit. Before he can bear to say his last goodbyes, he's determined to sweep her into one last, fateful adventure, just for the two of them....

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Lessons in French Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-06-23 20:00

    Laura Kinsale is back....finally! And this book was a breath of fresh air. I felt as though I was watching one of my beloved BBC period historical movies when I was reading this book (hint, hint). Instead of writing a historical romance in the modern style, Ms. Kinsale wrote a romance that reads like historical fiction. There is a strong romance here, but it is well-integrated into a story about two people who have led full lives, although their hearts have always been entwined since they were teenagers.Callie and Trevelyan love each other. They always have. But, that doesn't mean that their road to true love runs smoothly. Trev has a lot of secrets, and he's a wanted man. He doesn't believe that he's worthy of Callie. Callie's heart is wary of love, because she's been jilted three times, four if you count Trev running off and leaving her. Callie is a rich spinster with a serious avocation for cattle breeding. That in itself was a refreshing touch. Usually you will read about a heroine in historical books who is horse mad, but Callie is more into livestock, particularly cattle. She has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge about animal husbandry. Her beloved prize-winning bull Hubert plays a fairly large, and humorous role in this story, and the things that Trev does for Callie regarding Hubert show his devotion, although his plans often go awry.I liked the depiction of small town English life: the social hierarchies, the gossip chain, which was quite powerful, and the interesting (and humorous) characters all added texture to this book. Even Callie's suitor, Major Sturgeon, who happened to be the first man who originally jilted her, managed to show some layers. At first, he was courting Callie (anew) for her money, but he seemed to want more from their union, even though she was happy enough to marry him, allow him his affairs, and access to her money, as long as he didn't expect intimate relations between them. He had a past with Trev that makes their connections to Callie even more complicated, in addition to being rivals for the same woman.I admit that I was frustrated with the obstacles that kept Callie and Trev apart, particularly their stubborn insistence that they couldn't be together. Trev didn't believe he could offer Callie a good life, even though he had money. His name was mud in England, and she is the daughter of an earl who once slashed his face with a riding crop and ran him off after catching he and Callie in a compromising position. Callie has been rejected so much, she doesn't think much of her looks and the ability for a man to love her, even though Trev says numerous times how much he loves her (even before she does). I wanted to yell at them to just take what they wanted--each other. Run off together, already!!! I just had to keep reading.It's hard to say if this book will appeal to some readers of historical romance. The relationship between Trev and Callie is the lynchpin of this story, but their love story unfolds slowly through their interactions with each other and the various characters that they encounter in their complicated lives. For readers who like that sort of dynamic, a fuller story in which the main couple plays their roles, I think they would enjoy this book. It felt very authentic and period, which I am always happy about when it comes to historical romance. This was no modern love story wrapped up in costume drama. The characters were people of their time, with all the expected social values, expectations, and hangups. I loved the mostly subtle, but sometimes laugh-out-loud humor. Die-hard romantic that I am, I found the deep, intense love between Callie and Trev irresistible, and I felt their longing and frustration for them to be together, even though circumstances seemed to work against them at every turn. They were committed to living their lives apart, but it was clear their lives weren't complete without each other. Even though the love scenes aren't terribly detailed, I felt the passion between Callie and Trev. I really rooted for them, and I loved the end of this book. It wraps everything up very nicely, with a very happy ending for this couple, on many levels.Lessons in French was a sweet, delicious, and unique love story. I'm glad that Ms. Kinsale took a chance and wrote something that is quite different from her other books. I'd nominate this one for a movie in a heartbeat!

  • Caz
    2019-06-01 15:46

    I've given this an A+ for performance and a B+ for content at AudioGals.I’m a sucker for a good “second chance” romance, and given that Lessons in French is the tale of two lovers reunited after a decade apart, it was bound to be right up my street. Throw in the words “narrated by Nicholas Boulton” and not only is it right up my street, it’s got its boots off warming its toes in front of the fire at the pub round the corner!Lady Callista Taillefaire, daughter of the Earl of Shelford, and Trevelyan Davis d’ Augustin, descended from a family of French aristocrats who fled the Terror, fell in love as teenagers, but were separated by the earl, who didn’t believe an impoverished Frenchman was worthy of his daughter. You can read the rest of this review at AudioGalsNote from August, 2014:I will try to write a full review at a later date. But for now, ladies, if you haven't heard Nick Boulton reading this: "I want to see your stockings." He growled. "The plain white ones."- in you ear, then you really haven't lived :P(*fans self*) He DOES growl it! That will be forever my yardstick for hearing a hero "growl" in my head.

  • Viri
    2019-06-24 15:46

    Lo deje al 46%Creo que mi encantamiento duro los primeros dos capítulos... pensaba que iba a ser una de esas lecturas de 10 por tan buenas recomendaciones. Es una lástima que no pudiera disfrutarla igual.Me aburrió demasiado y cuando menos lo pensé ya iba por el 40 y tantos por ciento y me había saltado un montón de hojas así que mejor me di por vencida.No me enganchó la historia y lo del toro no me gustó. No me hizo reír a carcajadas aunque si es notable el nuevo tono un poco más ágil y divertido al que nos tiene acostumbradas Laura.En fin... lo he dejado y me ha costado. Si alguien quiere por favor hacerme spoiler y contarme el final por mensaje privado se los agradecería. Odio dejar las historias a medias pero que se le va a hacer.

  • FlibBityFLooB
    2019-06-20 14:00

    Started out promising, but I got very tired of the story. I would have renamed the book "THE FRENCHIE'S BULL FIASCO" instead of Lessons in French.How much can one withstand reading about bulls in a historical novel? Bleh. I was expecting so much more. Oh well. I have read other books by Laura Kinsale and enjoyed them, so don't let me discourage you. You may like the bull fiasco ;)

  • Juliana Philippa
    2019-05-25 16:41

    I think my constant status updates say it all, but I really enjoyed this book. There were some absolutely adorable and sweet moments between the hero and heroine, as well as some extremely funny ones. Kinsale is a talented writer and she really excels at character creation; both Callie and Trev seemed like people you know or could know in your everyday life. They're complex, yet completely accessible and believable.{ What I Loved }* The hero - Trev is a delicious hero and I thought he was really, really well-written. I completely got a sense of him, of how he would was somewhat of a rebel, always feeling the urge to thumb his nose at authority or cause a little trouble, sometimes act out and be mischievous - I could imagine it every time. He never seems immature because of this - rather, he seems like an actual, real person, which our heroes rarely do, with their fake flaws-that-so-really-are-not-ones. His tendency and need to rebel get him into trouble sometimes and he needs to reign it in - something Callie helps him with - but it's part of who he is and shows that he's not perfect. I loved that his feelings are upfront almost from the beginning and that there are several times before the end where he tells her he loves her. *swoon** The heroine - I'm predisposed to love wallflowers, so Callie had me at hello - or by the first sentence in which she calls herself "a gifted wallflower." She's shy and nervous around people she doesn't know ... and we're actually shown this! Miracle of miracles. It's authentic. As time goes on she begins to be a little more forceful and braver than before, showing more backbone, but I saw this as evidence of her character development, not inconsistencies. By the end, she's still shy and sweet Callie, but she's also shown she has a backbone, can take big chances, and put herself out there. She's also one of those "smart and a little odd" heroines and we're shown this very well, not just told.* The romance - They are really cute and sweet together, but the chemistry is also sizzling; was a perfect mix of both. I loved the back-and-forth between them and how they played off one another; they were a very good fit - an opposites-attract and friends-to-lovers pairing that I could imagine in real life. They give one another what each needs. I loved the flashback to them as teenagers together and only wish we could have had more of those.I also loved how Trev doesn't see Callie as she or many other people do. It's done in a very authentic way, as opposed to somewhat absurd, like in Anne Gracie's The Perfect Rake, which was a good book, but had more of a silly feel to it. Here, while it's a central point to Callie's character - her disbelief and uncertainty that Trev could truly love her - it's also not overblown; we're not told over and over again how plain everyone thinks she is and then given Trev's thoughts that she looks like a supermodel.* The supporting characters - Trev's mother, Lilly the maid, the cook, etc. They all added some great humor and/or depth to the story and the main characters. Really loved his mother, though as someone with a originally non-English-speaking parent (also French), I can tell you that the way Kinsale writes the mistakes aren't right (for ex: for "the coast is clear," his mother says "the toast is clear," when in reality, her mistake would be something like "the shore is clear" - the mistakes always rhyme, when in fact they would be similar words or concepts).* The setting - Kinsale writes the English country setting very well and all the things about the bulls, pigs, breeding, etc. were well-integrated and not overwhelming. It adds so much to Callie's personality and though I don't know about any of those things, as an uninformed reader it seemed like the author had done her research.* The subplot - I'm not even sure the Hubert story and Trev's problems are even really subplots, because they're such a part of the overall story - which in my mind is a good thing. I thought how everything was resolved was great, though the Hubert thing and the fair masquerade was a little over-the-top. With Trev's problems though, I really did not have any idea how it was going to fix itself - which we know it must though - and liked how it was done.{ What I Didn't Like }It was a little unclear to me why Trev went away; we know what prompted it, and I guess the fact that he's so young at the time (only 17) explains why he reacts so dramatically, but one would think as he got older that he wanted to come back, that his desire to see Callie would override his fear of disappointing his grandfather. And the whole thing with Jem, how Trev actually made his money, Mrs. Fowler, etc. - so murky for most of the book. I wish the reader had been told more of that in the beginning; I was confused by it all.I also didn't like the plot ploy of Major Sturgeon. He's a fine addition, until the second half, when Kinsale adds him in as a vying love interest. The only thing that saved it was it remained clear to all that there was no real love between them and we know even if she is considering him, her heart remains with Trev. This was one of the big contributors to the instances of Things Left Unsaid or Medium-Sized Misunderstandings, which bugged me because I hate those in romances. Nonetheless, the pros more than make up for it!Kinsale's attempt to sometimes give Trev this dark persona didn't work for me. It inconsistently comes up and when it does, we're told but not shown. He'll have a rumination about this controlled internal violence he feels or Callie will say she sees this darker side to him because of what he's gone through, but I did not see it at all. I think he could have had that, with the character history the author has given him - and I love tortured heroes - but her attempts here fell flat. Also, question for those of you have read this: twice, it seems like Trev is saying he's practically a virgin because he was waiting for her, but I was confused because we know he had sex with that woman in Belgium (right?).{ Favorite Quotes }So many to choose from!! Please see the million status updates below. No point in copying them all and putting them here, since they go on forever.One or two have extended quotes in the comments section that should be checked out though - the exchange about the pig comes to mind (so funny and cute - a must read)!!Two lovely passages from the Epilogue not included in the updates:He experienced some indescribable prickle of sensation across his skin every time he watched his wife and son together, sitting up late at night in the house he had bought for her, just the three of them together.(p.441)Around them, birds had begun to twitter in the growing light. On the far side of the pasture, a fox trotted into the open, stopped and stared at them a moment, and then vanished into the hedgerow. Callie stood tiptoe on the fence, a little disheveled, her hair trailing loose and her collar turned up on one side.The thought that he might have been in Shanghai at this moment, instead of where he was, brought such a fierce tenderness to Trev's chest that he blinked twice and then informed her brusquely that he would like a moment in private with her, as he had a mind to do some highly indecent things to her person. It was not precisely what he would have liked to say, but he had no words sufficient for that.She turned with one of her sidelong, mischievous smiles and gave him her hand, hopping down from the fence and into his arms. Beyond that, it seemed, words were not presently required.(p.441-442)

  • Melissa
    2019-06-22 19:38

    Really delightful! A solid 4 rating, I'd say. It's much lighter in tone than the other Kinsale books I've read, but many of her hallmarks are still there -- depth of characterization, lovely and insightful prose, and a story that grabs me emotionally and stays with me after I've shut the book. There's a lot of humor in the story, but also a vein of melancholy and loneliness as the hero and heroine, both of whom are quite lovable, finally find their way to each other.I typically expect a novel by Laura Kinsale to rip my heart out and stomp on it with its dramatic plot and tortured hero and heroine, and to tell the truth I love being put through the wringer like that! But there's also something to be said for having a book where there are some genuine laughs, and where the characters have problems, but not ones that leave the reader prostrated in a teary heap on the floor. Sometimes you want something light and fun, and Lessons in French is that, but it's light and fun with substance, which for me is a perfect combination.Once again I read along with the audiobook narrated by Nicholas Boulton. He does such a brilliant job with these books, bringing all the characters to life and adding such emotion to my reading experience. And, on a shallow note, you haven't lived until you've heard his beautiful, sexy voice whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Especially when they're in French. ;)

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-05-27 14:53

    Lady Callista Taillefaire is described as “a gifted wallflower”, who at the age of twenty-seven is a spinster who blends very well into the wallpaper that people don’t even notice she’s there. Callista knows she doesn’t have much to recommend to herself because she is plain with red hair, very stiff and shy with gentlemen and has such fair skin, that when the wind blows, she becomes splotchy. She’s been jilted three times by men she was engaged to, but for some reason or another, gave an excuse and decided not to marry her. Callista has a fortune, left to her after her father’s death, and enjoys her small town life, waiting for her younger sister, Hermione to marry so she can move way with her and her husband because they live with their cousin and his wife, Dolly, who is a very shrewish woman with her nose in the air. Other than being at odds with these relatives, Callista loves to raise livestock, including her favorite bull, Hubert, who she treats more like a pet than a farm animal.Callista’s staid life is about to become topsy turvy, when her very sick French neighbor, Madame de Monceaux’s son, Trevelyn d Augustin returns home from France to England after being away for almost a decade. Callista and Trev used to be teenage sweethearts. She was given French lessons from the Madame. Trev taught Callista very different lessons in French that is until her father caught them intimately together in a carriage. Callista was heartbroken because Trev left England without a word. He arrives unannounced during a ball and re-acquaints himself with Callista. She’s shocked to see him, as he is her, because he assumed she would be married with children. Trev went to France to search for his family property that was lost during The Terror, as well as fighting at Waterloo. He has returned home to Shelford to see his mother and hide from the law. He’s gotten himself into a big scrape and thrown into prison. He had no idea how close his dear mother is to death and the horrible conditions she’s been living in. He turns to Callista for help. Trev wants to be friends with Callista again because he has missed her all this time. He hopes to find a way to exonerate his name before he’s exiled to either the Americas or Shanghai.Then a series of incredible events occur, starting with Hubert being sold from Callista, Trev trying to buy her beloved bull back and a former suitor of Callista’s, a Major Sturgeon, comes back into the picture and wants to rekindle their relationship. To make matters worse for Trev, Sturgeon and he had a past together. If Sturgeon recognizes Trev, the jig is up and he’ll be hauled away in irons. Callista is torn between Trev and Sturgeon because on one hand, Sturgeon can give her the stability she has always wanted, but on the other, she cares deeply for Trev even though she thinks he only views her as a friend. Trev tries to show Callista that what he feels for her is more than friendship, but because she thinks she has nothing to offer except her fortune, and because Trev is dashing and has been on many adventures, he would never want to settle down with a boring nobody like her. If only Callista knew the truth about Trev and what’s he been hiding from her. When she finds out, it maybe too late for them because not only does she have to figure out a way to get Hubert back, but juggles two men who want her for their own reasons.Lessons in French is a delightful romance that pulls you in, where you are surrounded by the sites and sounds of rustic England after the Napoleonic Wars. I would say this is part adventure, part comedy as Callista and Trev team up together. This duo has a way of falling into some major pitfalls that is comparable to a screwball comedy, but just subtle enough where you won’t roll your eyes.Callista is a wonderful heroine who has wit and intelligence, even though she maybe lacking in looks and overall sparkling personality. She’s a very analytical woman. Her reasons for letting Sturgeon court her may turn off some readers, but she has her reasons for doing so. At first glance, Trev may seem to be as cold as Callista’s former suitors, but as the story unfolds, we find out why Trev acted the way he did. You can’t help but root for him because the way he feels about Callista is so beautiful and moving.I must hand it to Laura because she really makes Trev shine. There’s a bit of a mystery regarding Trev, and it’s up in the air whether or not he has waited for Callista, so he can engage in those intimacies most men his age already have. Trev may seem experienced, but has an innocent quality to him. At one point, while Trev is spilling his deep feelings to Callista, you’re made aware that Trev has never fallen for another woman in the time he’s been away. Nothing is more romantic that the hero saying to his heroine- “I seem to be yours, body and soul.”Laura Kinsale has written a lighthearted, romantic Regency romp. Lessons in French is like a breath of fresh air, that twenty pages into reading, I stopped and thought, this is the reason I read historical romance.

  • Bark
    2019-06-07 18:01

    My March local reading group selection. I haven’t read a Laura Kinsale novel in years. She hasn’t written one in years either. Her book Flowers from the Storm was one of my favorite reads back before I overdosed on long, angsty, historical romance novels. I’ve taken a very long break from historical romance but I think I’m ready to slowly delve back in with this here book.Lady Callista Taillefaire (Callie) is cute and has a tremendous fortune but because she is painfully shy she’s been left at the altar three times. She has always had a problem making chit chat with men and now at 27 she has given up on marriage and is content to remain a wallflower, move in with her younger sister and continue her quiet life contentedly breeding her prized bulls. As she’s doing her best to disappear into the woodwork at a society event in walks her childhood friend/crush Trevelyan Davis D’Augustin (I’m calling him Trev from here on out) who she hasn’t seen since they were young teens and her father scared him away. He’s been off in Paris attempting to secure the family dynasty (or at least that’s what he wants people to believe) and has grown up to be quite the hunk. When she sees him she tries even harder to disappear but it doesn’t work. He spots her and immediately heads straight her way and sets her heart all a-flutter with his charm. She is surprised that she can still talk to him without struggling to find the right words now that he’s all grown up. He’s come home to nurse his mom who is dying and Callie offers up her assistance once she learns about the dire situation. When they were teens Callie took French lessons with Trev’s mom. Callie and Trev were on their way to becoming way more than friends when her dad put an end to it. No daughter of his was going to be soiled by the likes of Trev. Now that he’s back all wealthy and sexy Trev appears to want to pick things up right where he left off so many years ago. Will she be able to resist? Seriously, did I just ask that question? Anyway, this book is pretty charming so far as I’ve read. It’s fluffy and light with likable characters and witty dialogue and it is not annoying or boring me. I’m actually disappointed whenever I have to put the book down to get back to reality. In the beginning it’s a somewhat slow moving book focusing in on its characters instead of a rip-roaring adventure or crazy-ass subplots (though we get a few of those later on). It may not be for everyone but it’s working for me. I can see that even though Trev has a shady past that is following him and that he is probably going to keep secrets for far, far too long, he really is a big softie when it comes to making Callie happy. And Callie deserves happiness. She’s a likable heroine, with a sly sense of humor who enjoys nothing more than working on the farm and caring for her bulls. Actually, her love for one of her bulls nearly brought me to tears a time or two. Trev’s arrival changes everything up and Callie soon realizes just how much she missed having her adventurous trouble-prone hunky best friend around. I was sorry to see this book come to an end and I don’t say that kind of thing often being the crab that I am. Trev and Callie were fabulous together; two truly likable characters that were meant to be together despite all of the obstacles and everything the ton had to say. There were moments when they mistrusted each others true feelings and where they withheld things that should have been said. Trev was also hot-heated and impulsive but these things didn’t annoy me as they usually do because you get to know them both so well that their faults, doubts and insecurities are understandable and forgivable. If I didn’t have such a huge and forever growing tbr pile this book would definitely be reread often. I may even dig out another historical romance from the pile soon.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-06-02 14:55

    Kinsale is the gold standard in historical romance! Funny, sad, witty, and deeply sensual, LESSONS IN FRENCH is an exquisite romance and an instant classic. Laura Kinsale’s writing is such a pleasure I know that I’ll be rereading LESSONS IN FRENCH for years to come.

  • Lady Wesley
    2019-06-23 14:51

    I find myself surprisingly 'meh' about this book. It's a sweet romance about young lovers reunited years later, and I thoroughly enjoyed that part. I became annoyed, however, with some of the comedy -- the bull being stolen and the livestock show were just distractions to me. Also, the way Trev kept popping in and out of Callie's house, his mother's house, and the hotel were irritating. (view spoiler)[And were we meant to understand that Trev was a virgin? “To answer your question—yes, I’ve had other opportunities,” he said brusquely. “Yes, I’ve taken some up. But something always stopped me in the breach. I don’t know if you can understand that. I don’t know that I understood it myself until lately. But I seem to be yours, Callie. Body and soul.” He didn’t sound as if it made him happy. “I will be till I die.” (hide spoiler)] Rather unbelievable.Laura Kinsale is a beautiful writer, though, and I enjoyed the book overall. Favorite quote:“My God.” He pushed away from the bedpost. “Friends! And do you fall into bed with any man who’s ‘dear’ to you? How am I to take that?” “Of course I don’t.” She stood up, letting the knotted scarf slip away. “I can’t seem to help myself. With you. About that. It’s extremely vexing.” “You’re quite right on that count,” he said sullenly. “I’m damned vexed. I’d like to vex you right here on the floor, in fact. And the idea of Sturgeon vexing you is enough to dispose me to murder. Is that clear?Do you comprehend me?” He took a reckless stride toward her and caught her chin between his fingers. “I’m not your friend, my lady. I’m your lover.”

  • Wicked Incognito Now
    2019-06-23 17:54

    I got to the end and really wanted to cry. Not just because it was over and I think Laura Kinsale is the romance novel priestess, but because it was so darn touching! There were, unfortunately, quite a few misunderstandings. I've said it before, I HATE THOSE. But they went down well. Didn't give me too much heartburn, and the characters were just so darn flawed and likeable that I couldn't help love the story through and through.

  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    2019-05-27 18:52

    Lo he devorado. Qué maestra es Laura Kinsale Nuestra reseña en A la cama con... un libro

  • Ruth
    2019-06-13 22:03

    I really enjoyed this. I loved the rural setting - it's so easy to forget that Regency society would have only spent a relatively short portion of the year in London, and that this was the period in English history when farming, animal breeding and agricultural innovations were rapidly developing as a precursor to the Industrial Revolution. It makes such a refreshing change to have a Regency HR set outside London, and actually set in the fields and cowsheds of the aristocracy, whose wealth was essentially dependent upon the land and income generated through agriculture.The heroine's grand passion is breeding prize bulls and is generally considered highly knowledgeable locally. She is socially awkward, rather unattractive, and uncomfortable with any man other than her father, and the hero, aside from local farmers and when discussing animal husbandry. The hero, meanwhile, is not really a hero at all, likes to get into trouble and then run from it, and has accumulated a fortune from a rather dubious career.The two of them grew close as teenagers, and developed a friendship among multiple adventures. He made her rather dull life exciting and fed her vivid imagination, and she acted as a moderating influence and faithful co-conspirator.The plot, the characters and the language are all so enjoyable in this one. So many "light" HRs are fluffy and fun, with silly plots and characters, but although this is also quite light, it also is quite sad in places. You get to really taste the disappointments both the hero and heroine have experienced. I think the author described it as poignant, and it is such a great way of describing it.

  • Kathleen
    2019-05-25 17:01

    Best narrator ever! Not the best book, though, even though I love Kinsale. The first half was great -- fast paced, funny, sweet, and with fabulous main couple. However, in the second half, the heroine's inability to trust in Trev's love -- fueled by her low self-esteem -- got very old. After he gave his heart to her for the nth time, only to be stomped upon, distrusted, and rejected - and replaced with an unworthy suitor -- I wanted to toss the book against the wall. I laughed in the first half. I liked the bull scenes. I just felt annoyed in the second half. As another reviewer said: "the two main characters danced around the overused "he/she can't really love me, I'm not good enough for him/her ad nauseum."

  • Niusa
    2019-06-10 14:40

    3.5 ★★★⋆Una vez le pillé el punto de humor al libro disfrute con la relación de Trev y Callie, los diálogos entre ellos son tan divertidos por disparatados y los pensamientos de Callie tan fantasiosos que no fui capaz de borrar la sonrisa de mi cara. Lo que no terminó de convencerme fue como se resolvió el tema del chantaje y la herencia de Callie, para mi gusto la autora no hiló fino esa parte y me dejó con la sensación de que faltaba algo o que algo ahí no terminaba de encajar.

  • Sally
    2019-06-13 17:48

    This isn't going to be a very long review because I don't really feel that there's anything new that I haven't said in a previous review. I've either loved or really enjoyed pretty much everything that Laura Kinsale has written and nothing changes here. I must admit I prefer the tortured heroes and big adventures but there's still something lovely about her more lighthearted books. Lessons in French isn't the most memorable story and doesn't have the most memorable characters but it all still gave me the warm fuzzies. I do have a soft spot for the heroine, Callie, and her daydreams that she liked to indulge in. I'm not quite sure what to do now - this was my last LK book - I've now read everything! I guess I'll have to go back and listen to my favourite parts on audio!

  • Cassandra Dexter Colby
    2019-06-10 18:01

    Humor, amor y enredos. Una novela deliciosa con un protagonista canalla y adorable. La genial reseña de Kim aquí

  • Carolina
    2019-06-25 13:44

    Me ha encantado, pero...El profesor de francés cuenta una historia entretenida pero poco rebuscada; la autora nos narra los problemas que surgen alrededor de Lady Callista y Trevelyan,compañeros de juegos de la infancia y que vuelven a encontrarse después de varios años alejados el uno del otro.Por el título me esperaba que la historia fuera diferente, es decir me esperaba que hubiera un tutor de francés y que la protagonista sería su alumna pero nada de eso, Trev no le enseña francés sino a mi entender le enseña las situaciones alocadas de la vida fuera de los 'muros del castillo'A pesar de que la historia me ha mantenido enganchada y los personajes han sido muy lógicos en casi todas las paginas, Kinsale no ha logrado que el libro fuera mágico e inolvidable.Quizá lo que me decepciona siempre es saber desde un principio como van a terminar el libro o al menos intuirlo.

  • Giedre
    2019-06-08 18:41

    The last Kinsale book on my list, and, what can I say, it was boring. Wasn't too impressed. Kinsale has written some really fine historical romances, but, overall, her novels are very hit and miss with me.

  • D.L.
    2019-05-29 20:06

    I had mixed feelings about this book, but overall I really did like and enjoy it. It was the first Kinsale I've ever read, though I do have a copy of Flowers From the Storm waiting patiently on my shelf.It worked well as a light comedy, though a times I felt confused about what was going on. Either too much action was going on too follow or it seemed like characters were saying (or thinking) one thing and doing another. Often Callie and Trev seemed to be having these internal angst moments where they swore it was too tormenting to be near each other, and then go right along with their witty banter and flirtations. Either I was seriously misreading or they were being over the top.I really did like all the characters though, especially Trev and Hubert (the bull). For a bull, Hubert had a lot of personality, even if he mostly was just stubborn and ate buns. Admittedly, I have a soft spot for farm animals. Trev, on the other hand, I didn't want to like, but I couldn't help it (sort of like Callie). He bungles almost everything up, and makes more messes to cover for those. Total boyish charm *sigh*.Here comes the spoiler...Something that did bother me though was that Trev was supposedly a virgin (if I managed to interpret that part of the story correctly). I don't know what it's supposed to add to the story, especially since it's rather awkwardly tossed in there. Also, it's not believeable. Trev wasn't in love with Callie until they met again, so what was he saving himself for? Especially with so many chances? It just seemed too contrived for me.Nevertheless, Lessons in French was a fun, light read for me which I would recommend to anyone else who likes historical romances.

  • Terra
    2019-06-22 17:54

    Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale is an adorable Regency story that is sure to tickle your fancy. A story of the magic of love being time tested and still able to stand up to the task. A story of the English breed lady and the French scoundrel that will show there are indeed no bounds where true love is concerned.Lady Callie is not a stunning beauty especially in a plain dress and muck boots that she wears to take care of her cattle. She is however a gem of the highest quality on the inside. She has a tender heart and is quite shy so that when there is a ball she is the wallflower that blends in with the background quite nicely. Having been engaged and jilted three times, she has finally come to the conclusion that at the age of seven and twenty she will become a spinster rather than put up with the fickle temperaments of men.Trevelyn has finally come into his birthright and is a Duke of little import. Having gone to France, fought in the battle of Waterloo and unsuccessfully tried to get back his ancestral home, Trev has realized that it is time to go back and see his mother before she passes from a life of loneliness and heartache. What he is not prepared for however is the woman he has loved since childhood still being available and emotionally wounded.Our author has done a wonderful job at not only showing us that true love has no bounds but that what one person might perceive as plain and dull is another person's sparkling gem. This story is adventurous, daring, comical while heart wrenching as brought about by the cruelty of human nature. But, as with most stories written with a hidden message, it is a story of determination, patience and the ability to forgive that brings about an ending much worth waiting for.

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2019-05-25 20:42

    Trev and Callie had a thing when they were teens, then he left for 10 years and she was left at the altar a lot, and is now less than a wallflower. Will they ever meet again? Well of course they will and...He is rich and handsome.She is a nobody, but does have a big dowry. She also likes bulls.He may have secrets.She lives with her cousin and his wife.They flirt, and how fun they have at it. They were they talked to each other, aye, they were perfect, but those silly idiots! Argghhh, he is all no I can't, and she is all, never mind. Stupid idiots, you two belong together.BUT, the last 150 pages were like so long, too long, so unnecessary, it could all have been wrapped up in 50 pages. So yes it dragged at the end, I was all, why just not wrap it up? New things happened it was strange. Just end it so we can get that HEA:

  • *.Amaia.* BlackMagicRose
    2019-06-22 20:48

    Slow paced for the most part, though I quite enjoyed the second half of the book. The storyline lacks complexity, this doesn't feel like Kinsale except for some of the dense descriptions and extensive vocabulary. Best part? hilarious moments the MCs share plus a little bit of hotness :)

  • LauChan (Libros en la Tormenta)
    2019-06-07 14:40

    A mí es que Laurita me encanta. Hasta la edición y portada de sus libros me chifla, con esos cuadros tan bien escogidos. En este caso, la historia me ha gustado pero sin volverme loca, me ha faltado un poquito más de chicha entre ellos dos y en general un poquito más de enjundia, pero ha estado bien. Seguiremos leyéndote.

  • Zumbagirl
    2019-06-02 22:01

    4.5 starsLessons in French - finally, a great title and it actually fits with the book - is the first book I've read by Laura Kinsale - and I really enjoyed it! The first half of the book moved slower than the second half and I had a hard time grasping Ms. Kinsale's writing style. Don't know why, but some authors write in such a way that I devour the book and it's all easy reading (ie, Lisa Kleypas, Julie Garwood, Eloisa James). This book wasn't like that; it actually required some effort and sometimes I felt a little lost with what was going on - but everything is eventually explained fully at the end of the story - and the roles of certain characters was vague, but worked its way out. Callie and Trev were childhood friends who fell in love. They would get into all sorts of hijinks together. Unfortunately, Callie's father does not approve of a relationship with Trev and things take a terrible turn. The story is now in the present, 10 years later, and Callie does not know much about what has happened in Trev's life. Her father has passed on. She was engaged to be married and three times jilted. She's always loved Trev and dreams up different scenarios with him. She's close friends with Trev's mother, who is also very ill. Callie's passion now is with her animals - and she has a prize cow, Hubert, who has a big part in this story. There's a lot of humor in this story between Callie and Trev. I found myself laughing often at their interactions and the different situations they found themselves in. They both still love each other but don't seem to know what to do about it. Callie feels like no one would want her because she's plain and dull. Trev has a lot of secrets in his past and is a wanted man. There's also a rival for Callie - Sturgeon - who was also her first fiance, who previously jilted her, got married to another, had three kids, and is now a widow and also has a past with Trev. On the romance side of things, I found it very romantic but mild on the steam factor. They both love each other to distraction and get mad at one another often due to all the misunderstandings and secrets. I loved this particular conversation: (view spoiler)[ Trev says: "You never believe me, and it's not as if I can do anything to the point about it. I might as well be in love with your hosiery, for all the future there is in it."I don't know that I don't believe you, precisely. You're very dear to me, and I'm sure I'm dear to you too. We're excellent friends."Of course. Friends. And now I'll just go find a suitable cliff from which to cast myself."Oh come," she said with a wan smile."My God. Friends! And do you fall into bed with any man who's 'dear' to you? How am I to take that?"Of course I don't. I can't seem to help myself. With you. About that. It's extremely vexing."You're quite right on that count. I'm damned vexed. I'd like to vex you right here on the floor, in fact. And the idea of Sturgeon vexing you is enough to dispose me to murder. Is that clear? Do you comprehend me? I'm not your friend, my lady. I'm your lover."(hide spoiler)]There were very strong secondary characters and I loved the epilogue. This was a great introduction into Ms. Kinsale's work and doesn't seem to be as angsty as some of the reviews I've read for her other books. I have to work up my nerve to read some of her others!!

  • Sandy M
    2019-06-02 17:48

    When I heard Ms. Kinsale had another release coming out, I’m sure I was just excited as the rest of her fans. I’ve read only a few of her previous works, with Flowers from the Storm being my favorite. It’s an all-time favorite for me, in fact. I’m wondering if that’s why I’m just a tad disappointed in this book. Now, that’s not to say that LiF is not a good book. It’s just not what I expected, perhaps.And maybe that’s not fair of me. After I finished this story, I read somewhere that Ms. Kinsale wanted to write another light-hearted book. Maybe that’s what I needed to know before I started reading this one. I didn’t expect that aspect of it. which kind of threw me for a bit, though I did get used to it as the story went on.But another thing that nearly didn’t work for me is Trev, the hero. He’s such a dichotomy I’m not sure which way to go with him. One minute I like him just fine, the next I’m irritated with him, the next I don’t like him much. And our heroine, Callista, is sometimes in the same boat. But she had the good fortune of loving him since she was a little girl. I’m not so lucky.Trev has finally gotten word his mother is gravely ill, so he’s come home at last. He’s the one Callie has always loved and he’s a sight for sore eyes after the stigma of her three broken betrothals. The attraction is still there, though Trev left her years before after her father caught them in a very compromising position. Trev is haughty and arrogant to a fault. For me, a little too much so, considering his background during the years he’s been gone. It’s not sterling. And he admits it, is a little ashamed of it. But it is what it is, according to him. Dichotomy No. 1.He also brings good news when he returns home. He’s been able to purchase the estate and properties lost to his family years before and bring good recognition to his family name once again, something that puts his mother’s mind at ease. But his reassurances aren’t all they’re supposed to be. He talks a good game a majority of the time and everyone, even the reader, believes him wholeheartedly. Dichotomy No. 2.Another example, Trev has a temper. At first with everyone but Callie. With her, he’s gentle, calm, and loving. However, at one point he’s jealous and angry and starts in motion circumstances that endanger a lot of people, including Callie. When she learns it’s all his doing, he is repentant, of course. He’d never hurt her. But he also doesn’t think when anger gets the best of him. Dichotomy No. 3.Callie is as independent as can be for a young woman of her time. She’s witty and doesn’t take much bull from anyone, thanks to her previous near-marital mishaps. Of course, the one person who trips her up every time is Trev. But she eventually conquers her anxiety when around him and their relationship grows, despite knowing they can never have more than a friendship.Things get a little silly when it comes to Callie’s prize bull, but since it’s all for the lightheartedness of the story, in the end it works out. Trev does anything and everything for Callie and comes clean when needed, and he was still growing on me at the end of the book. He’s not one of those heroes who takes an early lead in a read and never looks back. But when he does all the right things at the right time, you know you’re headed at least in the right direction with him.This is a fairly solid read, even though it’s not quite what I expected.See my complete review at

  • Jacqui
    2019-06-22 14:40

    A new book by Laura Kinsale. Of couse I wanted to like this, I wanted to devour it like I have just about all of her other books, richly textured as they are. But unfortunately, I didn't. I was really disappointed in this book. Maybe because its written by Laura Kinsale, I judged it more harshly that I would have any other romance novel. The story initially seems interesting enough. Lady Callista is in her late twenties and has been jilted by three men. In addition to this, she had a childhood romance with her neighbour and a young french emigre. He abandons England and Callie abruptly when they are about seventeen. But now he is back and all of a sudden Callie is thrown into emotional and physical turmoil. This premise seems promising but the book doesn't hold up to further interest as it progresses. In fact, it becomes rather boring and tedious. The narrative becomse a little confusing and lacks an emotional centre. Ms Kinsale has been reported as saying that she wanted to return to a light hearted story like her earlier book "Midsummer Moon". But even this earlier book had some good characterisations and had a certain depth to it. "Lessons in French" lacks all of this. There are flashes of pure Kinsale in her early descriptions of Callie and Trev and in the scenes between them at the start of the book but for the most part, the book doesn't hold up to alot of her other work. But maybe I just like my romance novels serious and brooding.

  • LaFleurBleue
    2019-06-17 21:39

    Quite different from other Laura Kinsale's books I previously read, as the angst was limited to the bare minimum and the overall tone fell much more towards romantic comedy than tragedyAnd this worked out pretty well for me, as I deeply enjoyed reading that bookWhich was all the more surprising that I am not a huge fan of high-school sweethearts reuniting stories, in that case teenage neighbours. Characters were fully-dimensional and extremely engaging. And the overall story/plot played well along a progressive discovery of the secrets hidden by the leads, especially the hero. As well as a farce ridden with misunderstandings and a game of dissimulation to save face with a prize bull - that might not please all readers, as the bull mistake quickly took mythical proportion and drove a significant part of the plot. The feelings of Callie and Trevelyan for each other were so obvious that there never was any doubt that those were intended for each other and would be able to make it work whatever came their way

  • Lady Wesley
    2019-06-16 13:58

    It is, by now, superfluous for me to describe how good a narrator Nicholas Boulton is. You simply have to take my word for it, along with the word of every reviewer on In the case of Lessons in French, I wasn't crazy about the book when I read it, but Mr. Boulton single-handedly turned it into a five-star read. His narrating voice is impeccable, but it is his ability to find just the right voice for a wide variety of characters that is truly stunning. A consumptive French duchesse. Her loving son, French as well but reared in England. Sweet, stubborn Lady Callista. Haughty soldier Lord Sturgeon. A drunken, slatternly cook. A kindly innkeeper's wife. The participants at the local livestock show. He can do it all.And by listening to the book, I came to appreciate the story of Callie and Trevelyan much more than I did after reading it.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-06-05 19:57

    Fulfilling regency. It was lighter not totally full of angst as LK's books can be but there was an angsty element. The hero who made good but not in the way he wanted to so he felt a failure. I really liked that they had been childhood sweethearts and that they had always pined for each other. In fact I would have enjoyed it had the book started when they were young. This was one of the most realistic portrayals of premarital sex of most any historical I've read. Even though they didn't go all the way, it was shown how young people get carried away physically. They always have and they always will. A light hearted amusing story without being so goofy it's unrealistic. I loved the hero.