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An intricate psychological thriller from the master of Norwegian crimewriting— the latest in the Oslo Detective’s series   A recovering drug addict, Katrine Bratterud, is almost finished with her time in rehab. One evening, contemplating her success at the shore of a lake, she senses that she is not alone. The discovery of Katrine’s corpse the following day brings detectAn intricate psychological thriller from the master of Norwegian crimewriting— the latest in the Oslo Detective’s series A recovering drug addict, Katrine Bratterud, is almost finished with her time in rehab. One evening, contemplating her success at the shore of a lake, she senses that she is not alone. The discovery of Katrine’s corpse the following day brings detectives Frølich and Gunnarstranda onto the case and into a web of secrets and lies that stretches back generations. K.O. Dahl weaves an intricate plot, juxtaposing the selfdelusion of drug addicts with the more complex self-delusions of the well-respected middle-class people treating them. Like Henning Mankell, Dahl manages to merge the suspense of the classical whodunit with the detailed precision of the police procedural novel....

Title : The Last Fix
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ISBN : 9780312375713
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The Last Fix Reviews

  • Tempo de Ler
    2018-12-27 02:52

    Um bom mistério, uma resolução razoável, mas uma conclusão muito forçada. «Morte Numa Noite de Verão» começa muito bem: Katrine, uma ex-toxicodependente, cujo atribulado passado vamos conhecendo ao longo do livro, é assassinada depois de sair de uma festa. Os suspeitos são muitos e encontrar o verdadeiro homicida é tarefa que se adivinha complicada.Infelizmente, a intriga e curiosidade que senti ao início acabou por esmorecer, bem como, consequentemente, o meu interesse no livro. A investigação segue em compasso lento e o final - tanto a identidade do assassino como os seus motivos - acabou por ser uma desilusão; o que acontece sempre quando, curiosos, vamos criando enredos e arranjando respostas muito mais interessantes na nossa cabeça. Gostei do livro mas já tive oportunidade de ler, dentro do mesmo género, muito melhor. Em relação à série, embora não antipatize com os investigadores Frølich e Gunnarstranda, não fiquei muito entusiasmada...

  • Xana
    2019-01-19 02:40

    Um policial fraquinbo, que até se lê rápido, mas que não convence.

  • Luana
    2018-12-31 01:52

    3,5Katrine Bratterud è pronta a lasciarsi il proprio passato tormentato – fatto di tossicodipendenza e prostituzione – alle spalle: ha appena scoperto qualcosa che potrebbe cambiare la sua vita per sempre e che potrebbe aiutarla a trovare le risposte che tanto desidera sui suoi genitori biologici. Ma il sogno va in frantumi quando il suo cadavere viene ritrovato abbandonato in un fossato, strangolata e probabilmente violentata. Ad indagare sull'omicidio vengono chiamati l'ispettore capo Gunnarstranda e il suo collega Frank Frølich. Il primo vive ormai solo per il lavoro dopo la morte della moglie, mentre il secondo, più giovane e posato, cerca di trovare un equilibrio tra un mestiere ingombrante e una vita privata a volte non troppo stabile. Entrambi amano giocare a carte scoperte, intenti non solo ad analizzare le prove fisiche, ma anche, e soprattutto, la psicologia dei sospettati.Visto che questo è un bel giallo nordico (ambientato in Norvegia), come da tradizione, i cadaveri alla fine saranno più di uno e la soluzione non sarà poi così scontato: come capiranno fin da subito i due poliziotti, il passato di Katrine giocherà un ruolo importante nell'omicidio della ragazza, ma in maniera diversa da quanto previsto inizialmente. E la povera Katrine finirà per essere più una vittima collaterale.Vediamo quale caso dovrà risolvere il nostro duo norvegese nel prossimo volume (tanto una serie crime scandinava in più o in meno, che differenza fa?).

  • Mysterytribune
    2018-12-25 23:34

    Fans of Scandinavian Crime Fiction, without a doubt, are familiar with the work of K. O. Dahl and Detective Frølich series (We recently reviewed The Fourth Man from the same author here). The Last Fix, an intricate psychological thriller from this master of Norwegian crimewriting— the latest in the Oslo Detective’s series is also an intriguing and captivating read.In this new novel, a recovering drug addict, Katrine Bratterud, is almost finished with her time in rehab. One evening, contemplating her success at the shore of a lake, she senses that she is not alone. The discovery of Katrine’s corpse the following day brings detectives Frølich and Gunnarstranda onto the case and into a web of secrets and lies that stretches back generations. K.O. Dahl weaves an intricate plot, juxtaposing the selfdelusion of drug addicts with the more complex self-delusions of the well-respected middle-class people treating them.Similar to other Frølich novels, Dahl has added a poetic and emotional flavor to an essentially police procedural through protraying the complex relationships in which the characters in the book are dealing and the challenges in their lives. As a matter of fact, this aspect of Dahl novels are more interesting than the mystery side of his plots. The result is a crime fiction, enriched with a broader treatment of a culture and the changes in which the modern Norwegian society is going through. After reading many crime stories, I have eveloped the instinct to guess the story-lines and the endings but what makes this book a notable work is a different voice. I found the writing elegant, the storyline solid and the conclusion satisfactory. Overall, it was a great read in the genre of police procedural.I recommend this book to the fans of Scandinavian crime fiction and give it 5 out of 5 stars. More at or @mysterytribune

  • Marilyn Shea
    2018-12-26 00:54

    One of those mysteries in which some of the characters, while not the actual killer, are hideously evil and guilty of so many things besides the actual murder. I found myself certain of one character's guilt because of his past deeds, but no. I was not at all expecting the outcome and felt a little cheated by the author who mentioned this particular character very little. Sort of like Agatha Christie novels, where I never felt I had been given all the clues. But I did like the atmosphere, the whole world of the story.

  • Jennifer Smith
    2019-01-10 02:52

    Centered on the murder of a woman who is recovering from drug addiction & a traumatic childhood. Her last hours are documented in the narrative run up to what will turn out to be her violent death. The end is somewhat satisfying but the person responsible for the crime had little character workup before the final pages...there is a bit of a stretch to provide believable motive.

  • Lynn
    2019-01-06 05:35

    This was a pretty good crime novel. It's Norwegian! It's not as good as the other Scandinavian crime novels that I've read, but overall it was pretty good. The plot moved quickly and the story itself was good. I figured it out about 3/4 of the way through. There was maybe a little too much of the victim's back story, but it didn't destroy the overall positive effect of the book.

  • Veruska
    2018-12-26 01:31

    Gostei, mas não me encheu as medidas....Quando do Norte da Europa só vem policiais/thrillers, a fasquia fica muito mais alta e, para mim, a história tem de me cativar ainda mais e a resolução do assassino algo quase impensável ou recair em alguém que nunca me passaria pela cabeça.Acho que neste livro isso não acontece...

  • Barbara
    2019-01-14 01:40

    I have read a lot of Scandinavian mysteries, but this was not one of the best. Sometimes I feel translations are a bit awkward.

  • Vera Brandão
    2019-01-23 22:33

  • Sharon
    2019-01-19 03:37

    Kjell Ola Dahl, translated by Don Bartlett. Norway. Gunnarstranda & Frølich**6 of the 11 novels have been published in English, these translations have been published in the reverse order to which they were written.The Last Fix. #2. 2000/2010. iBook 2018. Second in the series, based on date released originally only! Not translation dates. Very strange to begin a read with a strong, interesting character who ends up murdered! Rather disconcerting and then Gunnarstranda & Frølich begin piecing together the last hours of her life plus her past and all that entailed. Some good developments and a few more murders before it is wrapped up. This writer has good storylines but a terrible habit or need to write too much totally unnecessary to the storyline detail in. He also is horribly rude about over weight characters! Rather OTT! Again, not NOIR but a nice murder mystery read.

  • Rita
    2018-12-30 22:52

    Um livro bom. A good book. A história é um pouco lenta em determinadas partes, mas termina com capítulos de grande revelação (não estava à espera que o assassino fosse quem acabou por ser). The story is a bit slow in some parts but it ends with more exciting chapters towards the end and with the revelation the murderer (I did't see that one coming).

  • Maddy
    2019-01-12 02:54

    PROTAGONIST: Inspectors Frolich and GunnarstrandaSETTING: Oslo, Norway SERIES: #2 of 7RATING: 4.0Katrine Bratterud is a recovering drug addict who is one of the rare rehabilitation success stories. Despite the fact that Katrine has led less than a stellar life, she is finally beginning to face a bright future when she is brutally murdered. There are any number of potential suspects; it’s possible that someone from her past has targeted her, as she had a run-in with a dubious character while at work. She seemed to know the man but wasn’t very forthcoming about explaining the relationship to her worried co-worker.Oslo inspectors Frolich and Gunnarstranda are assigned to the case. Their investigation focuses on several areas: a close male friend who dropped her off a distance from her boyfriend’s on the night of the murder; the staff of the rehabilitation center; the boyfriend; and various individuals from her dark past. The plot of the book is quite complex, but completely engaging. The fact that Katrine was turning her life around made her very sympathetic. Each of the possible suspects seems to be hiding something, and virtually no one tells the truth. It’s a difficult job for the police, in that there are very few leads. Dahl excels at upping the psychological suspense; it is almost impossible to determine who the murderer is. Unfortunately, that person’s motive was the weakest part of the book for me.THE LAST FIX is the second in the series and has been nominated for many awards, winning the Best Norwegian Crime Novel for 2000. There are seven books in the series, only three of which have been translated into English. Frolich and Gunnarstranda are an excellent duo, one which I plan to follow as the books are released in the US.

  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    2018-12-29 06:51

    - Μέχρι ενός σημείου, είναι ενδιαφέρον και αρκετά σκοτεινό, στοιχείο που αναμφίβολα είναι θετικό για ένα βιβλίο της κατηγορίας.- Η μυστηριακή πλοκή, δεν είναι τέλεια, αλλά είναι αρκετά καλή.- Δίνεται αρκετά καλά το προφίλ των δύο ντετέκτιβ. Φαίνεται ότι έχει γίνει δουλειά στην δόμηση των χαρακτήρων και αυτό, είναι κάτι που δεν μπορείς να μην εκτιμήσεις.- Είναι υπερβολικά φλύαρο με αποτέλεσμα να σε κουράζει. Από ένα σημείο κι έπειτα, επαναλαμβάνεται τραγικά και είναι σαν να κάνεις συνεχώς κύκλους γύρω από κάτι που αποδεικνύεται στο τέλος αναμενώμενο και προβλέψιμο. - Μπορεί η πλοκή, ως ιδέα να είναι καλή ως προς την σύλληψή της, αλλά ως προς την εκτέλεσή της, όχι και τόσο. Το σασπένς είναι πολύ περιορισμένο και η όποια αγωνία, παύει να υπάρχει από ένα σημείο κι έπειτα.- Θα έλεγα ότι συνολικά, στερείται ρεαλισμού και έμπνευσης. Δεν φτάνει να έχεις μια θεωρητικά καλή ιδέα, αλλά να μπορείς να την διαχειριστείς σωστά. Και στην προκειμένη, αυτό, δεν γίνεται. Δεν είναι πιστευτό το όλο κόνσεπτ και δυσκολεύεσαι να πιάσεις το feeling πίσω από αυτό.- Πάρα πολλοί ύποπτοι... υπερβολικά πολλοί ύποπτοι, πράγμα μη αναγκαίο, που απλά κουράζει κι ενοχλεί. Δεν δυσκολεύεσαι να μαντέψεις τον ένοχο, παρά τις φλυαρίες και τις προσπάθειες παραπλάνησης και αυτό, είναι απογοητευτικό.- Το τέλος... αν και γίνεται προσπάθεια για ένα καλό twist, κάπου χάνεται το point και η ουσία της ίδιας της ιστορίας, καταλήγοντας σε ένα χλιαρό και όλως διόλου προβλέψιμο φινάλε.(Αναλυτικό review αν τελικά κυκλοφορήσει...)

  • Mark
    2019-01-13 23:34

    Three stars for the finely drawn portraits of the two main police officers in this ongoing Norwegian noir series. A lack of more stars because, without giving anything away, the Maguffin driving the murders in this story just wasn't very believable to me. In this book, an appealing young recovering drug addict, Katrine Bratterud, is leaving a party thrown by the head of her rehab center when she disappears. There are, of course, plenty of suspects. Her somewhat shallow boyfriend, Ole; her drug camp friend, Henning; the sleazy husband of the camp director; the rough character from her past who threatened her earlier in the day.The virtues of much Scandinavian noir are the dogged persistence of the investigators and their all too human foibles; Frolich is overweight and debating what step to take in his relationship with a woman; Gunnarstranda smokes too much, is widowed and is curt with nearly everyone. The dead ends and twists and turns kept me turning the pages, but when I finally got to the big reveal, I thought, uh oh, trying too hard.

  • Vanessa Montês
    2018-12-26 01:39

    (...)Admito que achei que o final não fora assim tão bem explorado quando isso, mas foi algo de que não estava à espera inicialmente. No início do livro julguei que a resolução estaria relacionada com a sensualidade inerente que Katrine tem e que é descrita ao longo de todo o livro e afinal não fora nada disso. Tive pena por alguns erros que detetei ao logo deste livro, essencialmente erros de revisão, faltando letras pelos meio das frases, pontos finais e afins, mas não é nada de mais. Apenas reparei porque a Porto Editora costuma ser uma editora perfeita nesse aspeto e neste livro não o foi, sendo essa grande diferença o motivo que me levou a referir esses pequenos erros.Um bom policial que embora diferente do normal nórdico tem uma vítima com uma vida muito curiosa de que queremos saber mais e mais. Recomendo.Opinião completa em

  • Maria
    2019-01-05 03:42

    Morte numa Noite de Verão é o segundo livro da série Detectives Oslo, constituída pelo inspector Frølich, embora este seja o primeiro livro editado em Portugal.Katrine Bratterud está prestes a ser livre. Livre das drogas, livre da clínica de reabilitação, livre para fazer o que quer. Mas na noite da despedida acontece o pior. Quando sai do carro para se refrescar num lago, morre misteriosamente.É aqui que entra os inspectores Frølich e Gunnarstranda que vão investigar o que se passou nessa noite em casa dos directores da clínica e depressa constatam que esta foi uma noite atípica, com Katrine a sentir-se mal ao ponto de vomitar e de os convidados se dispersarem entre o ficar em casa e sair para um bar.Opinião completa:

  • Laura
    2019-01-01 02:38

    This was an interesting, though dark, book. I thought the mystery was pretty good - there wasn't much suspense because the murderer isn't really a central character. I thought that characters in the book were very interesting, and I was sympathetic to Katrine and Henning. I wasn't as interested in the relationship between the two detectives - maybe because this is the 3rd book in the series, so I'm not aware of all their history? Or because it didn't seem that interesting?I liked the double-meaning of the word fix. Things did come together rather neatly at the end, but this was still an enjoyable read (and I'll probably try to check out the two earlier books). The writing was a little choppy in places, but I think that might be due to translation more than anything else.

  • Doug
    2019-01-09 03:39

    A recovering drug addict who is bright and well on the road to a better life is found murdered. Gunnarstranda & Frolich are brought into the case as they explore the past life of the victim and the people at the drug rehab facility. As usual they find that many paths cross which complicates the solution to the murder.I find that Dahl's books are not overly exciting but they always keep my interest as the characters develop. Gunnarstranda shouldn't be long for this world considering his habits.

  • Maria
    2019-01-05 22:25

    Ich mochte diesen Krimi. Die beiden norwegischen Kommissare sind so schrullig dass sie liebenswert sind, und haben einige widersprüchliche Facetten, was das Ganze nur noch lesenswerter macht. Das Gleiche gilt für die anderen auftretenden Personen. Der Plot an sich war spannend und durch einige philosophische Einsprengsel teilweise sogar anregend - selten für einen Krimi. Das Ende fand ich nicht ganz überzeugend, daher "nur" 4 Sterne, ansonsten aber werde ich diese Krimirehie definitiv weiterverfolgen!

  • Paola
    2019-01-25 05:30

    Gustato. Si. Senza aspettarsi troppo,direi però che Ola Dahl ha saputo costruire una buona storia, dei due poliziotti e della loro vita privata/amorosa veniamo a sapere il minimo indispensabile, la descrizione psicologica dei vari figuranti é molto ben fatta, e insomma uno dei migliori gialli nordici letti ultimamente, dove tutto é in buon equilibrio e direi più che realistico.Da leggere nelle fredde serate d'inverno.

  • WR
    2019-01-05 02:37

    I think this is my favourite in the series so far (just #3), so thats a positive sign. Perhaps there were a few too many characters in the story, providing something of a distraction, but it was a dark, gripping mystery, which kept its momentum well.

  • Susan
    2019-01-06 02:47

    The plot development had some (minor)flaws, and some things were predictable: I won't go into detail so as not to spoil what is otherwise a very good read. Strong points are the two detectives, whose personalities are well-fleshed out, and the relationship they have with each other.

  • Jim
    2019-01-03 04:55

    very slow and plodding story. at 380 pages was far too long. half way through this novel- I just wanted it to end. skimmed last 40 pages to see how author wrapped up murder. of the 4 books I've read by K.O. Dahl -this one was a real clunker !!!

  • Alinda
    2019-01-16 04:52

    Just starting! Am hooked on the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish mystery writers!

  • Judith
    2019-01-11 00:45

    Though I did like this book, the writing seemed to be a bit off. Maybe a translation (to Dutch) issue? Still, as murder mysteries go, this was a good one...

  • Brenda
    2019-01-15 05:27

    If you like thrillers and murder mysteries this is a good read.

  • Vasco
    2019-01-11 01:36

  • Diana McClure
    2019-01-16 01:40

    A fun crime/mystery read. Vivid characters.

  • Susan
    2019-01-03 02:54

    A mystery by a Norwegian author. Good--I liked it better than The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that I read last summer.