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three stories, detailed, and on the spot - which is most fun. lazarov's wordless short stories are full of humor and lust. after StiCKy and Manly the master of sexual pantomime shows this time with Swedish artist Bastian Jonsson how men seduce men: sweet, romantic, and very direct....

Title : Nightlife
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ISBN : 9783867870443
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 80 Pages
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Nightlife Reviews

  • J.M.
    2019-01-30 09:07

    "Nightlife" is a compilation of three gay erotic comics that prove the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words." In the case of these comics, there are no words, just gorgeous pictures that flow seamlessly together as their stories unfold before the reader's eyes.The first story, "Hard Cases," is a tale about two acoustic guitarists who meet while performing onstage at a local bar. Their instant attraction leads to the offer of a night together, and they barely make it home before their lust overtakes them. Passion ensues ~ for several pages the men don't just have sex; they revel in their lovemaking, savoring each other's body and pleasure as much as they do their own. The afterglow is warm, loving, and despite the feeling I got that these two just met, I was also left at the end of the story with a sense of the beginning of a relationship.Jonsson's depictions of the male physique are amazing ~ large, muscular men, hairy and built, comfortable with their bodies and those of their lovers. The beauty he sees in the male form translates wonderfully into his art, and works well with Lazarov's wordless narrative.The second story is "Layover," another hot tale with equally hot lovers. Two brawny men are working late in an airport cafe, stranded by the weather, when they notice each other. Mutual attraction kicks in, and the welcoming glow of a local hotel sign beckons. There is no hesitation between them as they undress, and for the next several pages the two give into lustful feelings. The images are fantastic ~ Lazarov's narrative guides the reader through the scene expertly, even without words, and Jonsson's images bring the moment alive. This story, too, ends on a happy note and the hope that the relationship is continued at a future date.One of my favorite images is in this story ~ it's a full page spread of the two men clasped together in the throes of passion. Though one wears a condom, he has pulled free from the other and thrust up between his lover's clenched thighs as the strength of his orgasm splits the condom. It's little things like this you won't find in the next Marvel comic you buy, I guarantee it.The third and final story in the collection is "Closing Time." I liked this one best because of the age difference between the men ~ one is an older bouncer at a club, the other a younger patron out partying who notices the bouncer upon arrival. It's only when the younger guy leaves with someone else that the reader realizes the bouncer had noticed him, too. Some homophobic punks accost the patrons in a nearby alley and though the new guy quickly disappears, the bouncer comes to the younger fellow's rescue and the two end up spending the evening together.This story touches a bit on fetish play ~ the younger guy is into leather and the older one, not so much. But they go back to the younger guy's place, where he shows off some of his choicer apparel and dresses the older guy up. They don't stay dressed for long. The images of the two twined together in bed and the domestic scene at the end will especially resonate with gay male readers as well as the romantic in all.One thing I love about Jonsson's art is the way he draws men ... REAL men, not stick-thin yaoi caricatures with willowy limbs or disproportional superheroes bulging with muscles. Jonsson's men are built and athletic; like gods, they are paradigms of manhood, covered in hair where men should be, hard and unyielding in all the right places yet soft and pliant in the hands of their lovers.Lazarov's stories transcend words to come alive in a medium not often explored in the world of gay erotica. These aren't yaoi; they're a class of their own, and for that, I'm thankful. I enjoyed the storytelling here without the power dynamics and over-the-top dramatizations often seen in Japanese comics. Unfortunately, I haven't seen many other comics that are erotic and aren't are relegated as "porn" but I promise you, Lazarov's stories are far from it. If my local comic book shop carried these books or sold them through Previews (the monthly catalog comic shops use to order their stock), I'd have to reopen my subscription box. Where were comics like these when I was collecting? That's all I want to know!

  • Gerald Sessions
    2019-02-07 05:16

    Hard back containing 3 stories, no dialogue all told through pictures. Great stories well drawn.Hard cases-- music scene open mike. Layover- hook up connect. Closing time- bar ,bouncer, gay bashing, rescue, life together

  • Kassa
    2019-01-20 07:09

    Dale Lazarov has returned with his trademark no dialogue style to infuse a collection with sensuality, sexuality, lust, passion, and romance. The three stories depicted all carry a similar theme and one of the best aspects of Lazarov’s work is the ability to discover and decide that theme on your own. With the lack of text, these images expand the imagination and allow readers from any culture, background, and language to indulge in the feast of sex, sensuality, and joy that is depicted on the pages. Perhaps what one readers sees will be very different from another and this variety makes the stories change and grow with each viewing.The collection is beautifully drawn with colorful images that leap off the page and create a stunning tribute to the male form. These men are larger men, hairy, muscular and athletic. The sex they indulge in is vigorous and exciting. They vary position after position for pages, glorying in their passion, and sometimes even wearing out toys and busting out of condoms. These details show not only careful attention but translate the exuberance of the men’s passion and enjoyment. Whether these men just met or are in long term relationships, each story is packed with emotion.The first offering is “Hard Cases” about two musicians that meet at a club and enjoy a night of entertaining and engaging sex. The parallels to a young couple on the subway offer more depth and insight than simply hot sex. The next story “Layover” shows two men stranded in an airport that decide to pass the time in much more delicious ways than working. The details in their sexual encounter are whimsical, hot, and thoroughly entertaining. The final touch is “Closing Time” showing a bouncer and a young man as the stylish younger man shows the old dog some new tricks. A gay bashing scare combines subtle details to deliver a truly absorbing story.What’s most interesting is that the first time I read these stories, I thought they were all depicting men that just met with perhaps hints of a future together. The sex is undeniably hot and the detailed panels show a veritable orgy of sex and hedonism. These one night stands indulge every whim and delight with passion and fervor. Upon a second and third reading, I have a completely different idea of what each story represents. Here I thought perhaps the stories were of long term relationships that give a glimpse of perhaps role playing to spice up their sex lives. In the last story with such an age difference, here the younger man shows the older bouncer what life is like through his eyes and the last panel shows the true contentment and domestication of their relationship. In “Layover” perhaps here are two lovers going on vacation that indulge in a little game pretending to just meet as they await their flight. Perhaps the first story tells of lovers remembering how they met.The wealth of possibility in these stories allows the reader to decide for themselves who these men are and what the circumstances are. Each night time setting offers a glimpse behind closed doors into the delights of sex and the subtle details will amuse and entertain. The loving and careful depiction of the men’s physique shows an appreciation for the male form that easily translates. The great artistry makes this collection well worth the hard back price but the continual change to the stories keeps each offering fresh and unique every time. I can easily recommend picking “Nightlife” up and deciding for yourself.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-11 09:03

    Nightlife is comprised of three stories written by Dale Lazarov and illustrated by Bastian Jonsson. Dale’s signature lack of text adds intimacy with the script being carried by subtle positioning of characters, facial expression and excellent attention to narrative structure and pacing.One of the stronger impressions I came away with is that not all sex necessarily needs to lead to a picket fence to be considered romantic. The passion, joy and downright hotness of the encounters, with a partner who instinctively understands who you are, was beautifully done. There were parts of this that felt a little more erotic too and totally floated my boat. Much smex. Is good.Hard Cases has two men meeting at a kind of open mike night, both playing guitar who develop an instant attraction. The characters felt warm and tactile and there was much re reading of this story. It was hot and the rawness of the sex was very appealing.Layover begins at an airport, with flights being cancelled left and right, and two men meeting in a bar. My favorite pages involves the robustness of condoms. heh. Finally, Closing Time is about a bouncer in a club who rescues a young man from a violent confrontation. Out of the three stories this might just be my favorite and it is all down to one of the final pages that show the passing of time and development of the characters intimacy. It appealed greatly to my inner romance nerd and was rather heart warming.Bastian Jonsson’s work has a really distinctive quality. I kinda liked the line work and his use of shadow and color. It makes the panels feel less contained and very vibrant. I became oddly obsessed with his legs. Bastian gives good legs! It was certainly a different style for me initially, but I like the solidness of his men and how he approaches movement.This is another beautiful, erotic volume from Bruno Gmünder and one that will sit very nicely on my shelf!Check out the original review here. Be aware there are several NOT WORK SAFE images.

  • Eyre
    2019-02-07 11:19

    Nightlife is an anthology of sorts. Lazarov gives us three different stories of meeting and seduction, and these stories are unique in that they are told completely without text. Instead, each story is told through extremely erotic pictures and the reader is given the pleasure of creating the dialogue in his/her own mind. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about that. This book is definitely unlike anything that I'm used to reading; however, by the end of the third story, I'd come to the conclusion that Lazarov has presented us with very sweet and sexy encounters. My favorite was the third in the book--a May-December interlude that begins with a serious tone and then turns into an enchanting, humor-filled romp. If you enjoy stories of seduction and erotic artwork, then I'd recommend that you pick up one of Lazarov's works. I'm looking forward to more from this author.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-22 12:05

    After reading all three of Dale Lazarov's books I have to admit just how much I enjoyed the diversity of the stories and how erotic I found the pictures. Each artist with whom Dale worked has done a fantastic job interpeting the stories that he tells. In Nightlife, Bastian Jonsson has brought to life the characters that people this book. Erotic, sexy and fun are three words that I would, without hesitation, use to describe these books. And as a romantic I have to add that they satisified that as well.Beautifully done gentlemen!

  • Bijan
    2019-01-18 05:25

    It's not the best gay comics ever, but it's still quite enjoyable. I always give Dale Lazarov the credit for his interesting storytelling style, which is using no words at all.

  • Emily Moore
    2019-02-01 11:19

    4.5 stars

  • Wayne Sutton
    2019-01-30 11:07

    Great art. I could definitely get the story!