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Violated sadistically by a man with an insane lust for cruelty, Cynara Rossalyn is maliciously accused as the seductress and sent off penniless to Australia. To survive, she must suffer relentless degradation at the hands of men who rule by fear and abasement.Her days are filled with an obsessive need for vengeance...her nights with unfulfilled longing for Evan Calder. ArrViolated sadistically by a man with an insane lust for cruelty, Cynara Rossalyn is maliciously accused as the seductress and sent off penniless to Australia. To survive, she must suffer relentless degradation at the hands of men who rule by fear and abasement.Her days are filled with an obsessive need for vengeance...her nights with unfulfilled longing for Evan Calder. Arrogantly handsome, magnetically appealing, he awakens fires of passion in her that can never be satisfied. For Evan was there that awful day, and he is a constant reminder of her shame; a tie to a past that must be vindicated.Even when her life-long enemy is destroyed, true triumph eludes Cynara. Her love for Evan can no longer be denied but he will not claim what they both most aredently desire......

Title : Cynara
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Cynara Reviews

  • Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~*
    2019-02-21 16:25

    Pass-Around-Polly-Theme Went to SarahThis review is for why I cant continue. It seemed to start out well,as all these older BR do the Heroine loses her father & there is no money to support her and she is sent off to be a ward to a family friend. Cordelia Ward is a mean old broad,and makes Cynara work as a servent in the home and of course her husband lust's after his "ward" With a clue to Cynara's solicitor being in on "there is no money" with the couple it seemed like I was going to get a good story..maybe some mystery,suspense,drama..ect well here is where it goes downhill for me. Cynara is raped by John Ward(Cordelia's husband) not even 20 pages in. Now how does poor Cynara deal with this? How does she get over her "trauma of rape?" well, she has a sexual fantasy of said Hero Evan the stable boy..come on..really? III add here said "hero" Evan is a moody,mean,and violent in temper fella. So a few more chapters in now Cynara is raped by their son Myles..again Cynara poor wee lass pulls herself out of it by having another "sexual-Evan-fantasy" brave girl is she not? So at this point to make a long story short,which it will be for me the nice Ward family ships Cynara off to somewhere to find her fate(which Im not sure of because for me it ends here) But I did skim threw to a few parts just to make sure what I was thinking was going to happen before I turn this book away. Yes as the back of the book says..MANY..I mean MANY men will have her,Akk..cant take any more of Evan-pull-out-sexual fantasy,does he have her? oh I think so..but not in a nice way,and I glimpsed a part where she maybe pregnant and her thought is "oh there is so many dark curly hair men" who will know? Now I love a good Bodice-Ripper, and I dont mind the "going's-on" far-fetched or not but I prefer it to be with just the Hero and the Heroine and I just wasnt up for a "pass-around-Polly" story with a "hero" that was not to die for. This maybe just perfect for some but Im bailing at this point..on to a better read.I think I was generous with 2 stars,the extra was for the cover..

  • Sarah Mac
    2019-02-22 11:05

    I originally rated this four stars, but time & distance have kicked it up to five. I was glued to the story from beginning to end; none of it dragged, & equal facetime between hero & heroine made no difference to my eagerly turning the pages. Our heroine is Cynara, a well-educated teenager who is robbed of her inheritance by a skeevy solicitor. She goes to live at Lyrebird Manor, the sprawling estate of a distant relative...and from there her true adventures begin. The master of the house rapes her the night she arrives, & his grotty son follows suit within days. Meanwhile, the mistress forces her into servitude & the staff look down their noses at her educated upbringing. Her only solace comes from brief snatches of quiet time with a young stableboy named Evan. Evan's past is mysterious. He's lived at Lyrebird his entire life, but knows almost nothing about his heriage. He's badass; he's broody; he's anti-social. He's more at home with animals than people. He's prickly, self-conscious, & angry that he feels shy around those who he perceives as his social superiors. He has a violent temper & lashes out at the slightest affront to his pride. His first reaction to anything remotely tender is to glower & put up another brick wall. He'd rather eat broken glass than admit to having the smallest introspective emotion. ...I just LOVED him. <3 *swooooooon*...Where was I? Oh, right. The name of this book is CYNARA, not EVAN. :PThrough an outlandish bodice-rippery setup, our hero & heroine travel to Australia. They also meet up with a pair of 'spirit guides' that help balance their fiery traits; for Cynara, that person is a golden-hearted prostitute named Sarah, while a swanky importer/exporter takes Evan in hand & teaches him the ropes of business & bedding hookers (one of which is Sarah -- GO, NAMESAKE, GO!) But while Evan builds a name for himself, Cynara isn't so lucky. First there's an abusive husband -- whose abuses aren't detailed onscreen, but you can imagine based on his personality. Then there's the even more abusive tavern owner -- a situation all the more ghastly because of Cynara's frustration re: another woman's battered wife syndrome. But despite the setbacks, Evan & Cynara eventually return to Lyrebird Manor, there to have a final confrontation with the duo of Rapey McRapersons. (Along the way, of course, Evan is cornered into having Real Emotionz & it makes him even pricklier than before. D'aww. ^__^)All in all, it was a roller-coaster. Some of the abusive moments are rather graphic & not for the faint at heart. Cynara bends but doesn't break; there are times when you wish she would break, since it'd be easier to fall on the bed & let that grotty innkeeper finish the job...but she refuses to completely crack under the pressure. I liked her. *nod*The prose isn't perfect. But I can forgive rough spots if a romance novel has what I love, & CYNARA falls into that category. The characters are well-rounded & the story sweeps along with their emotions & tribulations. There's brutality, secretive tenderness, a splash of gothic, a hot-ass hero, & a resourceful (but not annoying) heroine. The secondary characters are all unique; nobody has a cheap cardboard extra feel.An honorable mention goes to Sandi for passing this one along. :D I'm sorry you didn't like it...but not too sorry, otherwise I couldn't have adopted it. ;)

  • Karla
    2019-02-19 13:02

    When Cynara's daddy dies, she makes the nasty discovery that no only she is now dirt poor, but her guardianship has been transferred to a distant cousin and her husband. Far from being a pampered and welcome houseguest, Cynara is made a servant and chased after and raped by both the master of the house and his spoiled son.The only bright spot in Cynara's miserable new life is the sullen stable groom Evan, who is treated just as badly by his betters and only rarely lets his more sensitive side show to anyone. Though they both fall in love with each other, they keep the other at a distance and let events and circumstance keep them apart over and over.This one has both the good and bad of the old bodice rippers. Cynara is a rather capable and level-headed heroine...but she has a stupid streak that mercifully shows up very late in the game. Evan is super-swoonworthy (totes one of my favorites for all time), the damaged hero with an iron pride that keeps him going through all kinds of bad turns....but he is easily thwarted when he shouldn't be. The Big Misunderstanding starts out small...but it grows and grows by the end.So there were plenty of teeth-grinding moments, especially after the halfway mark, but it started out very strong and carried me all the way through to the end and left me feeling very satisfied and happy that Flores wrote one other bodice ripper chunkster (Bittersweet).Cynara is a real rough one, with the heroine enduring multiple rapes and odd sexual situations from quite a few quarters. She and the hero don't sleep together until very late in the book. But I was so happy when it finally happened, even though these two crazy kids did their best to sabotage any good feelings they might have within seconds. Yeah, they're that kind of romance couple. The kind you want to hug and throttle.It also has a mystery woven throughout about Evan's true parentage that dovetailed nicely into the final climax with the murderer being revealed and inheritances getting sorted out. It didn't feel rushed or thrown into it like so many other mysteries in romance.Overall a great and emotional old school romance, but not one for the squeamish.

  • Vivian Itsedi
    2019-02-08 14:21

    One of very favourite books.