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Some people will do anything—and kill anyone—to keep their secrets locked away.Michael "River" Corbett—Confined in the state mental hospital and heavily drugged since the death of his wife, River cannot remember what truly happened the night he was arrested for her murder. But now someone is trying to kill him, and he is forced to run for his life. A fugitive from the lawSome people will do anything—and kill anyone—to keep their secrets locked away.Michael "River" Corbett—Confined in the state mental hospital and heavily drugged since the death of his wife, River cannot remember what truly happened the night he was arrested for her murder. But now someone is trying to kill him, and he is forced to run for his life. A fugitive from the law and from someone who wants him dead, all he wants is the truth.Cassandra "Jax" Jackson—The uncompromising police lieutenant knows she's putting her career on the line when she encounters this desperate stranger and doesn't turn him in. Something in River's eyes has Jax convinced he's worth saving... whether he wants it or not.Dawn Jones—The daughter of a madman, Jax's young friend is haunted by voices she doesn't want to hear. But she can no longer ignore the curse she inherited from her twisted father—because unless she listens to what the dead are telling her, Jax might be doomed to join them....

Title : Darker than Midnight
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Darker than Midnight Reviews

  • Dawn ♥ romance
    2018-11-20 22:36

    I did enjoy this romantic suspense with a touch of paranormal and a intriguing plot that I had me thinking the obvious with a nagging doubt, just how the author intended I suspect. I felt so sorry for the hero and kept cheering him on. I also liked the heroine who was strong and perceptive. Policewoman Cassie 'Jax' discovers Michael 'River' hiding in her home but doesn't turn him in.

  • Megan
    2018-11-11 20:24

    4 ½ stars. Book 3 in the Mordecai Young Trilogy.This is by far my favorite in this series. More suspenseful, more plot, more character development, more mystery (although veterans of romantic suspense will figure out the “who done it” way ahead of time).Michael “River” Corbett used to be a cop. Until he got shot in the head one day and started experiencing black outs where he remembers nothing. Apparently during one of his black outs he killed his wife and unborn baby in a house fire. He was locked away in a mental institution and kept heavily drugged. He escapes after someone is trying to kill him.Lt. Cassandra “Jax” Jackson moved up to Blackberry, VT to take over the job as Police Chief from the almost retired Chief Frankie Parker. Jax moved into a house with a tragic history. A house where a woman and her unborn baby had died in a fire. River makes his way to the house he used to own. He knows two things, he has to have time for the drugs to clear out of his system so he can think, and he has to find out the truth about what really happened to his wife. Jax and River make a brilliant team. Because of Jax’s personal history that her family went through and because River pulled her out of a freezing pond, Jax decides to give River the benefit of the doubt and figure out what really happened the night River’s wife died.Fans of this series will be pleased to find that Dawn has a major part in this story. She has, unfortunately, inherited her father’s “gift.” Fortunately, it comes in handy for helping save her friend’s life.

  • Marianna
    2018-11-20 15:23

    My initial impression was that the author was not using words that she uses in everyday life. You can sort of tell when authors reach beyond their comfort zone and try and 'talk' in a manner that is not their usual. But I was able to overlook that for the most part.Red herrings. I hate them and this book essentially provided us with a whole net of them. From the outset this person was made to look like the killer. Everything pointed to them. Even when the new baddie was revealed it was like someone wiggling their hand in your face while trying to pick your pocket. You see it coming despite the distraction.I hate it when authors try and reinforce a trait their character has. The author kept mentioning how "Jaz" was such a good cop. Over and over again. Like she was trying to say that good cops don't arrest alleged killers. They do. But hey, this is a romance so that part I'll ignore. I just don't need to be reminded constantly that Jaz is such a awesome cop. I got it, in her world she must be awesome.It kept popping up (heh) that Jaz was very up front and brazen when it came to s3x. The author mentioned that every time Jaz thought about jumping Mr. Skin-and-Bones. I get it she likes s3x and isn't shy...shocker...I didn't know there were women like that (*sarcasm*). At least she is more unique in the romance far as I have read.Doubt I'll read this one again.

  • Marti
    2018-12-09 18:28

    as i was reading this book, i thought how thrilling it was. afterward, looking back, i realized that there were inconsistencies. river corbett is supposed to be very weak from overdoses of medicine and exposure, yet he pulls lieutenant cassandra jackson, a.k.a. jax, out of the hole in the icy pond. she befriends him, a fugitive, which should have resulted in her not getting the police chief position in blackberry, vermont, but also being drummed out as a policewoman entirely. adultery is happening all over the place, and what's with this "i see dead people who tell me thing" dawn character. it is more fantasy--not to mention both main characters getting beaten up, etc and bouncing back like the energizer bunny.

  • Debbie
    2018-11-27 23:24

    It was hard to put it down through the first half of the book. Once the "romantic feelings" surfaced, it got a little boring, repetitive, and quite frankly, annoying. To keep my interest in the book, I found it necessary to skim through the pages referencing Jax and River's "relationship". Even with skimming pages, it didn't take long to figure out "who dun it", although I was interested to see how the story would actually reveal the "real" killer. A pet peeve in reading crime stories, is when you have characters who are larger than life and can get hit by cars, pulled from burning buildings, break bones (you get my drift) and still be a super hero to take down the criminal. If you have the same pet peeve, you may be rolling your eyes through portions of this book too. All-in-all, I gave it 3-stars because the actual crime portion of the story was something a little different and it was interesting to see how everything would play out.

  • Jennifer Ellis
    2018-11-24 19:34

    Good story, would have been better if the humans had solved the crime rather than the ghosts.

  • NV
    2018-12-06 15:44

    Compelling storyCompelling storyline I cried, I was scared, I was determined that the bad guys were going to lose! I just didn't know for a while who they were!

  • ilona
    2018-11-21 23:33

    Good read

  • Raven
    2018-11-20 22:47

    I just happened to see this book featured at a local bookstore, and thought I'd give a try-- I'm really glad I did. This was the first novel I have ever read by Maggie Shayne, but it will certainly not be the last. I was somewhat surprised to find out Shayne has written over 40 novels-- she does come accross as a seasoned storyteller in her writing, but the characters have such a "that-could-be-me-or-my-friend" everyday appeal to them. This book isn't actually a sequal, however there are characters that appear in Darker Than Midnight that have more leading roles in Shayne's novel Colder Than Ice. While I wish I would have known about and read "Ice" prior to "Midnight," Shayne explains enough for you to receive a hint of background and understanding of why/how each character plays into part. The characters come together when police lieutenant Cassandra "Jax" Jackson revisits Vermont after being offered a position as Chief of Police in the small town of Blackberry. Current Chief and acquaintance Frankie Parker will be retiring in 2 weeks or less-- just enough time for Jax to make her decision while spending her 2 week vacation in the house "donated" by the city to the new chief(whoever that may turn out to be). Enter Michael "River" Corbett, a man in the state mental hospital, heavily drugged and suffering from blackouts. Convicted of murdering his wife, River actually doesn't remember what transpired the night she died. After a few "supposed" attempts on his life, River escapes the hospital and searches for the truth. After saving Jax's life one evening, River stays the night with her (only so he won't freeze to death outside), and she becomes determined to find out who he is and why he is running. As news spreads of his escape, Jax now winds up harboring a fugitive, putting her career, and possibly life, on the line. Events unfold, stories of the characters' past come to light, and Jax finds herself compromising more than just HER life. Throw in Jax's parents, River's bestfriend Ethan (who is also his psychiatrist), and Jax's young friend Dawn (who hears and sees ghosts, but doesn't want to), and you have yourself a real ordeal. A lot of interesting, beleivable, and lovable (and hateable!) characters, Darker Than Midnight is exciting, funny, romantic and just plain good. I recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries, romance, hidden clues, and a little of the supernatural. Shayne definately leaves the book open to spinoff more of the other characters, and I hope she does just that.

  • R
    2018-11-24 21:32

    This is an intensely gripping, edge of your seat book that you'll have troubled putting down. That doesn't mean that it's good, though.The vast majority of the plot and sub-plots contained in Darker than Midnight work because of one of two things: people being very lucky or people being incompetent and not thinking things through. Both of which are really bad traits in detective fiction which is sort of what this is, the main characters are cops after all and the whole story is driven by a "who done it" plot, but there's not a whole lot of sleuthing that goes on here. Just a lot of really annoying red herrings that are only there to pad the book out to it's ridiculous length.Seriously, this thing could have been at least 100 pages shorter and that would have greatly improved the tale. Especially since the climax was drawn out to the point that I literally said, "Come on, just get to the end already" out loud. You'll know who did it by page 300 and then next 80 pages will just be you sitting there going "really, we haven't solved this yet? Are you people concussed?"Add to that the book's baffling romance which, though steamy, failed to fit how the characters would act given the situation they're in and you've got a bit of a mess on your hands.I should also touch on the fact that this book is the third in a series. I had no idea about that until I logged on here to write my review. Well, that's not totally true, I did have some inclination that there was a larger story going on here, but that's only because the character Dawn's sub-plot was so bizarrely out of place. It felt like there were two stories being told here and the book suffered for it.All in all, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone as there are far better genre books, but I also wouldn't be shocked to meet someone who enjoyed it because it certainly does serve as decent entertainment for the first 300 pages and the writing ranges in quality from gripping to decent depending on the scene. I probably would have given this 3 stars if it weren't for the tedious nature of the ending and the super forced romance.

  • Jesi
    2018-11-24 21:47

    Cassandra “Jax” Jackson goes to Blackberry, VT after being offered the job as the new Chief of Police. Who said small towns are sleepy? When an escaped mental patient saves her from drowning, Jax makes it her mission to clear him of the murder of his wife and unborn child. Michael “River” Corbett used to be a hero at the NYPD, but after taking a bullet to the brain, he suffers from blackouts and missing time. Did he really kill his pregnant wife? He doesn’t remember. With Jax’s help, he intends to find out once and for all. Aside from being somewhat predictable, this is actually a decent romantic suspense novel. I liked the characters, the police work, the action. Having the girl with ESP conveniently getting clues from dead people at the end, nearly ruined it for me, but not completely. ESP girl could have worked had she been more involved in the first half of the book. I was also disappointed that the reader (meaning me) was able to figure out the killer before the two seasoned cops and without the aid of ESP girl. While the mystery left me lukewarm, the relationship between Jax and River was red hot! I really loved the compassion they showed for each other and the gradual descent into love. Jax’s father was also a very touching secondary character. Rex the dog was cute, too.While this is the first book I have read by Maggie Shayne, it is actually the third in a series. Coming in where I did was not confusing. Shayne does well with getting the reader up to speed. Overall, I give Darker Than Midnight…Plot – 2 ½ bookmarksCharacter Development – 3 bookmarksUse of the Paranormal – 1 bookmarkLove Story – 3 bookmarksDream Cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) – Mark Wahlberg (River), Anna Torv (Jax)

  • mlady_rebecca
    2018-11-26 16:41

    I really wasn't sure what I was in for when I picked up this book. I had read some of Maggie Shayne's fantasy books - vampires and witches - but this appeared to be a different breed. Before reading it, I was thinking it was a paranormal romance. Mid-way through I changed my mind to mystery. Now that I've finished, I suppose the spine description "romantic suspense" is the most accurate.This is also the third book in a series, but from what I can tell, the connecting element was one of the background characters. The foreground characters were the potential romantic couple. And as much as I usually go for the romantic element, I preferred the friendship and mystery in this case. I literally fell asleep on one of the sex scenes.SPOILERS...I must say, I figured out the mystery long before anyone else. I'm not sure why no one considered the other cuckolded spouse sooner. (A woman can be cuckolded too, can't she?)If I didn't mention it before, I haven't read the previous two books in the series. It's not obvious looking at the book that it is part of a series. So what seemed like a secondary character seeing ghosts seemed a thin excuse for the number of characters who ended up dead in this one. That last heroic death had me sobbing. It was so unnecessary. And for a romance, it was swept under the bed awfully fast. That last upbeat bit seemed hollow after such a tragic death.So, to tell you the truth, the end ruined it for me. The HEA was tainted.

  • Louise
    2018-12-07 21:41

    Wow! talk about a tense, haunting, page turning read!!!From back cover:"Some people will do anything - and kill anyone - to keep their secrets locked away.Michael "River" Corbett - Confined in the state mental hospital and heavily drugged since the death of his wife, River cannot remember what truly happened the night he was arrested for her murder. But now someone is trying to kill him, and he is forced to run for his life. A fugitive from the law and from someone who wants him dead, all he wants is the truth.Cassandra "Jax" Jackson - The uncompromising police lieutenant knows she's putting her career on the line when she encounters this desperate stranger and doesn't turn him in. Something in River's eyes has Jax convinced he's worth saving...whether he wants it or not.Dawn Jones- The daughter of a madman, Jax's young friend is haunted by voices she doesn't want to hear. But she can no longer ignore the curse she inherited from her twisted father - because unless she listens to what the dead are telling her, Jax might be doomed to join them."**Just a side note to those of you who have read "Thicker Than Water" and "Colder Than Ice"...remember Mordecai??? Then read this one too!

  • Heather
    2018-11-26 15:35

    3rd and final book in the Mordecai Young series.Lieutenant Jackson aka Jax finally has her own book. We still see some of our fav characters from the two previous books. Dawn is back so is Bryan, Beth and Josh. We also get Jax's back story as well as a new main character the escaped mental patinet River. This book has so many things going on some might get lost but it is a crazy ride from start to finish. Right off the bat you get emotional drama of Jax back story that plays right along with what is happening today in the quiet town of Blackberry. It seems so obvious who done it I alomst didn't want to keep reading but I kept saying no thats too easy something else has to happen. Maggie Shayne did not dissappoint, I was definatly entertained and entralled by most of the story.I just kept wishing Dawn was in it more or we could actually find out more about her new "gift". She did help save Jax eventually with her "gift" but it was a bumpy ride for her. I could say more but don't want to spoil anything for future readers, but I will say this the bodies pill up again in this book and the ending. didn't see that coming.I'd give it a 3.5 overall.

  • Debbie
    2018-12-10 20:27

    Lieutenant Jackson "Jax" has always been self reliant and one tough lady, but in her newest job, she might need more help than she even thinks. "River" Corbett is a decorated ex-cop who happens to be in a mental institution for the murder of his wife, but after a series of events sends him out the door in a dead orderlies uniform, he tries not to need the help of any stranger, little lone a cops. Together they are trying to unravel the events that sent River over the edge.This being the third book of the Mordecai Young series, it was very enjoyable to start the book knowing most of the charecters. To see the struggles that Dawn has in the realization that some of her fathers "gift" now seemed to be part of her. The relationship of Jax's parents and her are a very good explanation of her personality, the independence, the sassiness of her. Her no holds barred way of looking at life and taking care of things is so much fun to watch. The relationship that builds between River and Jax is one of tension, mistrust and gut intstincts. Very fun interaction between the two of them.

  • Tracy Walters
    2018-11-23 23:26

    After reading all 3 of the Mordecai Young series books, I felt that this was the best one by far. The story was quite interesting (although I figured out the killer in the first 1/3 of the book). I really enjoyed the characters Jax and River and the intensity of their attraction for each other. It was interesting to see how Dawn chose to deal with her "gift" from her father which leads me to think there will be a 4th book coming up in the series or a new series based on Dawn. One thing that I thought was rather funny was that in all 3 novels.....the two main characters that get together and become romantically so and within a week they are in love and getting married.....SO NOT REALISTIC.....but made me chuckle. It was a nice light read and I enjoyed the series for the most part.

  • Lhenry
    2018-11-15 23:39

    I have been chipping away at this series, not in order, but it was still easy to get whatwas going on. I liked the pacing of this novel - it was a good blend of excitement and romance. I agree with another reviewer that it was pretty easy to figure out who the villain was but I didn't really see this as a who dun it but more of how is River going to get out of his predicament. I liked all the main characters and their interaction with one another. I also thought River and Jax were a good couple - I like it when the hero and heronine trust each other to be competent, especially when they are both cops. With RIver's background, I could have seen him being a little more proactive, but still really liked the character.

  • julia
    2018-12-05 20:29

    First off, I hate cutsy nicknames. Why is this employed so vigorously in these types of book? secondly, i read this to better understand the market that some people in my writers circle are shooting for. The writing is rudimentary at best (its like a suspense + romance novel). There was one sentence that had me cracking up all morning. After a judge reviews a second opinion on a mental health issue, he says:"Dr. Cameron! That's a very famous psychitrist!" whole backstory right there. These types of book tend to 'wrap up' too easily which is frustrating to me for some reason, life is so much harder than that. Anyway, it turns out that according to this writing (and she's published multiple times) there is a market. so, um, ugh.

  • jenjn79
    2018-11-24 19:26

    Good book which I enjoyed quite a bit, but there was just a little something lacking. Not sure what, but it's worth reading. It's about an ex-cop with a head injury who suffers from black outs. During one of those blackouts, he supposedly murdered his pregnant wife. For a year or so, he's been in a state psych ward, all drugged up. He escapes and gains the help of the towns new sheriff and tries to unravel what happened the night his wife died. Like I said, it's interesting, but it seemed to missing a little something. If you decide to read it, there are 2 books that precede it in semi-series (basically, there are a set of characters who then each have their own story). Titles: Thicker Than Water, Colder Than Ice.

  • Olimpia
    2018-11-23 18:24

    Darker Than Midnight, book three from the Mordecai Young series, is another great novel by Maggie Shayne. River Corbett can’t remember if he killed his wife. He has repeated blackouts that make him lose time from his memory. Someone doesn’t want him to remember though. River finds refuge and an ally with Jax Jackson, the cop who helped Dawn and Beth from Mordecai’s treachery. Dawn’s been hiding a secret. When Mordecai died, she received his gift for seeing spirits. Each one plays a part in finding out who killed River’s wife. Darker Than Midnight is fast paced, action packed and filled with lots of twists and turns. A well-written romantic suspense novel.

  • LadyShadows
    2018-11-10 23:25

    I will be reading more of Maggie Shayne! Awesome book! Great writing, lots of never ending twists and turns and a tear jerker ending to boot which is rare for me. Glad I picked it up at the library and gave it a shot. Police women Jax finds a man River escaped from the mental ward since the death of his wife that he was accused of in her new home.She desides to help him try to remember. Her friend dawn is haunted by ghosts and trying to deal with her curse or is it a gift? I don't want to spoil it with too many detials but a great read and cant put down page turner!

  • AliciaGordon
    2018-12-06 18:45

    I Love this book and the characters! the only thing I didn't like was how every character seemed to talk the same. Like all of them having the same speaking style, if that makes sense. Actually that really bothers me because, It makes it sound to much like a story being told to me rather than me being there and watching everything first-hand. I like to sometimes forget I'm even reading...but still I loved the book :]

  • Drucilla
    2018-12-05 15:49

    I liked this one better than the previous entry in the series. The story was awesome. The thriller/suspense essence is really there. You really feel that the characters are in danger. I actually found myself wanting that more than any romance in the plot. The characters are cool too. The author did a good job of working in characters found in the previous two novels into this book, which is something that not all series writers are good at.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-16 20:51

    This is by far one of THE BEST books I have read. Shayne keeps you on edge and guessing what is going to happen next. I read this book in 3 sittings; I could not put this down! Jax is smart, tough, and brave. This book is action-packed with a side of a hot romance. This book also contains a ghost story, a mystery, and a villain!

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-08 15:49

    I'm done with Maggie Shayne. This book had an interesting premise, but the plotline was unbelievable. Multiple law enforcement people with lots of experience and the story is resolved by a teenager who communicates with the dead. This is the second book by this author that dabbled in this area, so I won't read anything else by her. That being said, it's a quick, easy read.

  • Natasha
    2018-11-28 17:45

    I thought this was good in that it kept my attention all the way through and had some suspenseful parts, but it was also a little on the cheesy side and there were parts that were so incredibly unbelievable.

  • Angie
    2018-11-16 20:31

    Kept me hanging until the last sentence.I would recommend this book to readers who love suspense, as well as romance. I read all three books of the series and enjoyed everyone of them.

  • Teresa
    2018-12-03 16:27

    This book wasn't nearly as scary as it claimed but it was still quite suspenseful. Kept me hooked until the end...even though I had the ending figured more or less well before the book ended. The two main characters have great chemistry.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2018-11-23 20:34

    This one was odd. It is a bit forgettable. I liked the first two better. This one seemed to have plot twists on the villains but my guess as to who was causing the problems was correct. I just had to finish the book to confirm my suspicious. Not that much of a suspense.

  • Tammy Pickens
    2018-11-23 15:39

    Loved it. Maggie Shayne writes a great book. Fast paced, good characters, great plot.