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Old Foot-Eater has been living in the forest forever, so it was only a matter of time before he ensnared the lost boy. But the lost boy has been making friends with the scorpion and the rattlesnake, and it is because of his kindness that he might be able to escape becoming lunch for the awful old monster....

Title : The Lost Boy and the Monster
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ISBN : 9780399229220
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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The Lost Boy and the Monster Reviews

  • Sarah Stumphf
    2019-04-12 04:04

    I understand what this book is trying to teach children, how everything has a place in this world. However, I am a little concerned with what children may actually take away from the story. For example, rattlesnakes are okay to approach at all, and scorpions are safe to be around. Believe me, while reading this with my six year old, I made sure he understood that these creatures are best left alone!

  • Bradley Cooper
    2019-04-12 03:22

    A Native American folktale that is done well. Seemed a lot more modern than most.

  • Lori Taylor
    2019-04-09 06:54

    The incredible art and story are captivating and speak to young and old on how to be in the world.

  • Dagmar
    2019-04-22 06:09

    Reminiscent of the Lion and the Mouse, this is the tale of a boy who helps others and is then helped by himself. My students just loved this book and clapped as I finished it. The monster is creepy and comical and the boy's good deeds are laudable.Old Foot Eater is an awful monster who lives in a tree and catches young children by coiling a very sticky rope at the bottom of a tree. Old Foot Eater particularly likes eating the feet of small children. A lost boy, who has wandered so long that he's forgotten his own name, sees a rattlesnake sunning himself on a rock. Rather than trying to strike at the snake and kill it, the boy acknowledges the snake's place in the world and lets it be. As the boy continues wandering, he runs into a scorpion. He also lets the scorpion live. Suddenly, the boy walks right into the Old Foot Eater's trap and is hauled up into the tree by the monster. Caught and placed into a cooking pot from which he can't escape, the boy is saved by the rattlesnake who hangs down from the edge and helps the boy escape. The monster sees the boy escape and chases him. The scorpion gives him a medicine bag that allows the boy to spread prickly cactus on the ground around the monster, leading to the Monster's own demise.

  • Craig Strete
    2019-04-19 03:06