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"An irreverent illustrated chapter book that features a ton of gore and zombie mayhem, but portrayed in such a cartoony, over-the-top style that it will make kids chuckle more than scream." ( is the first book in the heavily illustrated Zombie Chasers series by John Kloepfer. This fan-favorite is perfect for reluctant readers as well as fans of Diary of a"An irreverent illustrated chapter book that features a ton of gore and zombie mayhem, but portrayed in such a cartoony, over-the-top style that it will make kids chuckle more than scream." ( is the first book in the heavily illustrated Zombie Chasers series by John Kloepfer. This fan-favorite is perfect for reluctant readers as well as fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries.A sudden zombie epidemic has turned a sleepover at Zack Clarke’s house into a level three creep-over! Zack’s sister is now a zombie; his living dead, flesh-eating neighbors have wrecked his house; and he’s been left to fend them off with his sister’s snotty BFF, Madison. Luckily Zack’s nerdy pal Rice has a plan to defeat the undead…if these three zombie chasers can make it out alive.Featuring John Kloepfer’s signature hilarious and gory descriptions and Steve Wolfhard’s hysterical black and white interior illustrations, this is an uproarious, gore-streaked kick-off to the ever-popular Zombie Chasers series!...

Title : The Zombie Chasers
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The Zombie Chasers Reviews

  • Carmen
    2019-04-25 03:57

    It's unusual for me to DNF a book, but this was such a horrible combination of mean-spirited and boring that I couldn't stand to waste any more time on it.I liked the opening sentence, though.Dusk settled over the neighborhood. The humid air was thick as pulp.

  • Shelli
    2019-04-17 04:18

    I suffered through this one because my 9 year old seemed to enjoy it so much. Personally I thought it was written for a higher reading level then the interest level would be. Then the book ended on a cliff hanger and my daughter can't wait for me to read the second one with her. Don't know if I will suffer through the second book for her or not ... but sometimes I can't help but torture myself a little for my daughters happiness.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-04-15 04:06

    Students often fail to listen to announcements, but put "zombie apocalypse" on, and 25 boys will come asking for the book! I was very leery of this book for middle schoolers, because the illustrations make it look as if it falls on the elementary side of the Pilkey Line, but it doesn't. My boys want scary zombie books like Z or The Enemy, and have to be convinced to stick with The Vampire's Photograph, but this will work. Zack, Rice and Madison are having a nice birthday celebration when things start to go wrong. Zack's sister Zoe becomes a zombie, and pretty soon most of their town is lurching along, looking for brains to eat. Most of the action concerns escaping the zombies, whether by jumping down a clothes chute into dirty underwear or trying to drive a car. The three try a couple of antidote to try to stop the infection, but they are back in Undead Ahead and the soon-to-be-released Sludgement Day.Strengths: There's plenty of gross-out humor and zombie descriptions, but I don't agree with the reviews that think this is funny.Weaknesses: Twinkles. Really? Turn a cute little dog into a zombie? I was rubbing Sylvie's tummy and she did not approve!

  • Arsh M
    2019-04-07 03:04

    I am currently reading The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer. I'm at the part were Zack and Madison are in the kitchen and they hear some creepy noises coming from the bedroom and are scared. I think the author does a good job of putting a lot of details and making the book interesting because each time I read it I can't get my eyes of the book.I think me and Zack have somethings in common like we both get bothered by our sister and her friends and we both like comics.My favorite character is Zack because he is funny and brave.I think the book is going to be good and is going to have a twist at the end.I picked this book to read because people who read this book told me its a good book and I can't wait to finish it.

  • Kristine
    2019-04-16 06:01

    With the zombie phenomenon only gaining in popularity, I picked this book up to see a take on it for children. While I was deeply amused at parts and liked the pace and the illustrations, I found it to be a little inappropriate for its intended age range. Not because of the gooey grossness, but in some of the pop culture references and vague sexual content. Even beyond that, though, my rating ultimately came from the ending making the whole novel seem more like an anti-fast food and pro-vegan diatribe than an undead romp.

  • Michael
    2019-04-25 07:06

    It was amazing!

  • Bookworm
    2019-04-11 08:04

    Has a lot of action, drama, and zombies! It was awesome.

  • Dawn Teresa
    2019-03-29 08:11

    Originally posted on ReadLoveAll Zack wanted to do was finish the final slice of leftover birthday cake in the fridge. But life suddenly gets dangerous, and more than cake is at stake. His older sister is having a sleepover, and the girls have decided to kick off their night by taping Zack to a chair, giving him a makeover, filming the torture session, and threatening to upload it to YouTube. As if that’s not frightening enough, what started as a struggle to escape the clutches of Zoe and Company becomes a fight for survival when Zack discovers that his house is besieged by zombies!During a long road trip, we stopped into a Barnes & Noble where I spotted this awesome little book. I’ve read YA zombie books a-plenty, but I hadn’t realized that Middle Grade authors were creating their own zombie canon for the younger crowd. Back in the car and headed home, I was so excited to discover what The Zombie Chasers had in store that I began to read it out loud. We quickly discovered this book makes the perfect read-aloud! We were happily entertained for the remainder of trip — about three hours — as I recited Zack’s zombie adventures.Steve Wolfhard’s line drawings add to the pleasure while ramping up the creepiness quotient. I especially liked the chapter heading illustrations where each number is brought to life by an undead or two in various stages of decay. Kids will enthusiastically tear through each chapter looking forward to and relishing these and the other images that pepper the text. Character development takes a backseat to plot which drives the story. Replete with humor, action, blood and guts, there is never a dull moment. Boys everywhere, even those reluctant to read, will be blissfully grossed out as they turn the pages. And when they’ve reached the end, which is a teaser of a cliffhanger, they’ll clamor for more!4 of 5 hearts. A Zany Zombie Gross-Fest for the Younger Crowd.The Zombie Chasers is just the beginning of an already growing series. With subsequent titles like Undead Ahead, Sludgment Day, Empire State of Slime, Nothing Left to Ooze, and the upcoming Zombies of the Caribbean (October 7, 2014), Kloepfer will simultaneously slake his readers’ thirsts and whet their appetites. And you’ll never look at the coming Zombie Apocalypse the same way again!

  • Tisha
    2019-04-23 06:54

    My 2nd graders bit off more than they could chew with this book. They insisted we buy it and read it together. We got about half-way through and they were over it. The zombies in it were mildly scary, but I think it was more the pre-teen mean girls and middle school humor my boys didn't like. They didn't get it and I was glad. Maybe we'll try this one again a few years from now, but probably not. It didn't have much literary merit.

  • Jassim
    2019-03-30 06:56

    Zack, Madison, Rice, and Greg wants to go to the tucson Tucson Air force Base, but there is to many zombies to reach there on time and also zacks sister turned into a zombie and he doesn't wanna leave her behind, so they found out that Madison is the medicine after Greg bit her, then they continued their journey trying to escape the zombies.

  • Matthew Collier
    2019-04-23 03:04

    I read this because a student recommended it. Pretty enjoyable little kid's book.

  • Oliver
    2019-03-26 07:58

    It was so good! Zack's sister's friends were having a sleepover. Then they all had too run for their lives. Luckily, Zack's friend, Rice, knew lots about how to defeat zombies.

  • Christina Hebert
    2019-04-05 02:51

    Looking for a series to read with the kids, this hits the mark, and pleases my zombie needs.Its a middle school aged version of The Walking Dead. Very gross, with cool pictures. Almost a little too realistic, but bashing in brains is what comes with a zombie apocalypse.Will have to say that the bullies in this book are mean, and just terrible. Are there bullies still that bad? They are text book terrible. At times it makes me worry about the kids reading this, definitely a “don’t you ever do or act this way”. Interesting characters, and looking forward to the next book.

  • Able
    2019-04-10 04:52

    This book is really funny the zombie chaser is about a kid named Zack Clark who is really sad and he is annoyed with his sister and her friends. His sisters and friends came to his for sleepover and they took a video of his sister torturing him and putting makeup on him. They where alone and the zombie apocalypse stated and everyone became zombies except for his sisters friend Maddison and Zack Clark and that's how the story started. This book is easy to read and it has many pictures

  • WilliamMarotta
    2019-04-11 07:04

    This was an amazing idea of an book, but there was some flaws with the book ideas. Like that when there is some drama, the book like to take away the drama and put the drama in pictures. That is why that the book only gets a 4 star rating instead of 5 star. I love the book. It was amazing.

  • Sharif
    2019-04-17 06:53

    It’s a good book with all kinds of actions

  • Haiden Cleary
    2019-03-26 07:59

    it was awsome and action packed

  • Andrew
    2019-04-18 06:08

    First book Andrew read on his own outside of school

  • Shayne
    2019-04-12 10:57

    it is a good book.

  • Hillary
    2019-04-12 09:54

    Sufficiently gross and fun. Great zombie illustrations that middle grade boys would respond to. Strong cliffhanger for Book Two.

  • Adam
    2019-04-13 07:15

    personal response- This book got my attention because its about zombies and is fairly short. There was always something to keep me reading and keep the book interesting. I can read this book faster than others, maybe because its interesting. Plot Summary- Zack finds himself in the middle of an apocalypse with his zombie sister, her friend madison, and his best friend rice. Their goal is to get to the air force base for safety and to hopefully cure Zack's sister. They find trouble on their way but find out that madison is immune from her vegan diet and could be the cure, but the base has the doors closed and the zombies are hoarding around them.Characterization- Zack has changed from the nerd that gets pushed around by everyone else, to the brave kid who helps his friends get to safety. He overcomes his fear and helps his friends on their way too the air force base. He is brave and always has a way out of tough situationsRecommendation- I recommend this book to someone trying to get more good reads before the end of the quarter. It is not that long of a book and easy to read. I read it within a week.

  • Collin Y
    2019-03-25 09:57

    I thought this book was really good and had some adventure. The book is about some kids trying to survive the zombie invasion. The book has 6 other books and I can not wait to read the rest of the seires.

  • Tanner Markle
    2019-03-25 09:15

    Title: The Zombie ChasersAuthor: John KloepferIllustrator: Steve WolfhardGenre: Science Fantasy FictionTheme(s): Friendship, TeamworkOpening line/sentence: Dusk settles over the neighborhood. The air was thick as pulp.Brief Book Summary: Zack, Rice, and Madison find their neighborhood overrun by zombies. They hear a message from the president telling people to go towards the Tucson Air Force Base. On the way there the three discover the cause and the cure for the zombie outbreak. Professional Recommendation/Review #1:Paula Rohrlick (Children's Literature) When Zack arrives home one Friday evening, he is dreading only the usual obnoxious shenanigans from his older sister Zoe and her eighth-grade friends at their sleepover. After all, no one ever expects their neighborhood to become suddenly zombified, but suddenly Zack, his best friend Rice, and his sister s friend Madison find themselves fighting off the lumbering, moldering undead and running for their lives. Even Zoe has been turned into a zombie, but they bring her along, carefully trussed up so she can not bite them, as they attempt to flee from Phoenix to the Tucson Air Force Base, as the President advises. They take the family Volvo and inexpertly head down the road, battling zombies and picking up Madison s classmate, hunky but dim and cowardly Greg, along the way. Rice s hunches that ginkgo biloba is an antidote for zombism, and that a new fast-food chain called BurgerDog is responsible for the zombie outbreak, seem to be correct, but their troubles are far from over; a sequel, Undead Ahead, promises further adventures. Full of details of popped-out eyeballs, spilling intestines, and missing limbs, which are carefully rendered in cartoon-like black-and-white line drawings, this gruesome tale is played for laughs. There is lots of sniping and squabbling between the characters, whose main emotional reaction to the zombies around them seems to be more ew than terror. Zombies have been popular lately, and the high ick factor of this offering will hold appeal for upper elementary students who enjoy being grossed out. 2010, HarperCollins, $15.99. Ages 9 to 12. (PUBLISHER: HarperCollinsPublishers (New York:), PUBLISHED: c2010.) Professional Recommendation/Review #2:Daniel Kraus (Booklist, Apr. 15, 2010 (Vol. 106, No. 16)) The two-page illustration that opens this macabre madcap sums it up: a cityscape crowded with roughly 30 people, all of whom would be kind of cute if they weren t leaking brains, gushing blood, and dropping appendages. What makes this latest entry into the developing middle-grade zombie canon stand out is Kloepfer s gleeful insistence on gore intestines slop, flesh liquefies, and one character collects severed fingers in a baggie. The plot itself is perfunctory. After a sudden zombie apocalypse hits Phoenix, seventh-grader Zack, fashion-plate Madison, and best-buddy Rice navigate the hungry hoards with makeshift weapons, lots of name-brand products, and plenty of snark, calling one another loser, dork, and freakazoid at every opportunity. It s Wolfhard s squiggly drawings, appearing on nearly every page, that really bring the laughs (and the gagging), especially his gruesome chapter numbers. Along the way, the makeshift monster squad comes up with both cause and cure for the virus, as well as a reason to stick around for the next vomitous volume. Grades 4-6 (PUBLISHER: HarperCollinsPublishers (New York:), PUBLISHED: c2010.) Response to Two Professional Reviews: I agree that this book would be very intriguing to young male readers. However I fear that female audiences may dislike the book due to the very graphic content. The book is very entertaining and quite humorous throughout but it is important to be mindful of the audience that this book will be shared with. Evaluation of Literary Elements: The imagery used within this book is very prominent. The author paints a very gore-y picture within the text that is further pronounced through the many illustrations on almost every page. The author also takes an interesting approach with their use of humor throughout the book. It gives the sense that the main characters find the zombie apocalypse to be more of an minor inconvenience than a truly horrifying event.Consideration of Instructional Application: I have heard from many professors this semester that students love to write fictional action/scary stories for creative writing. I think this book could be a great introduction to a writing lesson to teach about visualization and descriptive factors to be used when writing these fictional tales.

  • Angela
    2019-04-15 05:06

    Zach wants nothing more than a nice relaxing night at home, eating his last piece of cake after the horrid day he had at school. Problem is, his day is only going to go from bad to worse once home. His sister, Zoe, has friends over and they decide that Zach is the perfect target for a new online show they want to start. So he is duct taped and gets a makeup make over. Yuck! To make matters worse his sister's friend is eating his cake. Then things go wild when zombies appear. Where did they come from? Is everyone seeing these zombies or just where they live? Is there a way to get away from them? Is there a cure for if you become a zombie? Zach really hopes there's a cure because his sister was bit and is now one of them. His parents will be so mad...if they are still humans that is. I thought this was a pretty amazing read. I picked it up to read because it was a favorite of my son's when he got the series as a gift. I picked it up and within two days I had it read. The pace of this book is amazing! It takes off right away and doesn't stop, not even on the last page. It's away book that is so descriptive you feel like you are living it with the characters, which doesn't always happen in young adult books. I loved the characters too! Zach, Madison, and Rice are just hilarious and are just so fun to read about. I love the development of the characters too. They really grow a lot in this book, from kids who don't get along well at all, to kids that are all about helping each other to survive and stay strong. I very much recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and amazing read. I loved the Zombie aspect of this book. It was like a horror movie in book form, but with comedy sprinkled in to make it less terrifying while reading. If you want a good young adult read this is it!!! I think I may have to pick up the next book in the series just to see where things go from here. 5/5 Stars!!

  • Serena
    2019-04-14 06:13

    The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer, illustrated by Steve Wolfhard is a graphic novel of sorts for kids age 8-12. Zombies are flooding the quiet Arizona neighborhood while parents are at the school with teachers and Zack is being duct-taped to a chair by his big sister, Zoe, and her girlfriends, Madison, and Ryan. Locked in his room, Zack scrambles for a way out and water to wash off the clown makeup his sister put on his face. As he sneaks out into the kitchen to get the last piece of his his birthday cake, he spies his crush, Madison, forking bites of the cake into her own mouth. As they argue about the cake, the zombies make their way into the house, forcing the two unlikely companions up into Zack’s room where they formulate an escape.The illustrations are black and white and accompanying the events in the text as Zack, Madison, and Zack’s best friend, Rice, hack their way through town. Rice thinks of himself as a zombie expert, and like typical kids, there’s arguing about who’s an ugly faced dork, and who’s a snotty brat. There are funny moments, gross moments, and scary moments as the kids try to escape the zombies and find a solution.Read the full review:

  • Emmanuel
    2019-03-27 09:15

    Zombie Chasers is a about a boy who on his way home remembers that his sister is having a slumber party. While on his way he hears a moan that distracts him but thinks nothing of it. All of the sudden he finds a bag going over his head and later is astonished to find out his sister was the one that played this prank on him while filming it live and streaming the video on the internet for everyone to see. Later everyone starts making fun of him and making him feel humiliated. He is so tired of his sisters’ pranks that he wants to prank her back. This is when he realizes that the cookie crumbles and finds out life outside of his house is turning against him. Zombies are taking over the world! I was surprised when the author brought the zombies early in the story because it’s not often when the plot of the story is in the early chapters; however, I liked the comical vision of the author by making the zombies so dumb and vulnerable and the people so idiotic. The other vision from the author was to make the main character outgoing, strong, intelligent, heroic and supportive. The plot of the story had a lot of action and a unexpected twist by making a burger the zombies evil tool for their success. The narrative voice was outstanding and brilliant describing each character to the outmost detail. A must read for some fun fantasy and science fiction reading!

  • David Arko-Mensah
    2019-03-25 05:50

    The book The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer tells the story of a group of kids traveling far out to stop the zombie virus, save their friend from it, and the rest of mankind. Overall, I thought the book was amazingly written and well detailed. The characters in the novel all had their own personalities that brought the book to life. Some problems they encountered were losing their transportation, being surrounded by zombies on an ice block, and even had one of their friends turning into a zombie as well. My favorite character was Ozzie because he was always so full of energy and ready to fight of the frozen undead ( they were in a very cold area hence the term "frozen"). He's a character I can relate too since he's always ready for action. The best part of the book was when after they got over the icy Niagra Fall and they thought they lost their dog twinkles, but he returned out of the mist. There wasn't one part that that I didn't enjoy in the novel. Although, If I could change anything about the book I think I would add more places for them to go to. If you're looking for a funny, action-filled novel I highly recommend this book.

  • Mercadoodles
    2019-04-19 04:53

    Admittedly, I picked this up because of the chapter opener illustrations which made me giggle out loud (Chapter 5 is the best one!). The text and illustrations complement each other. The Zombie Chasers is laugh out loud funny when you read it and see the accompanying images.I've read some objections to the grossness of the text and the lightness of the plot, but honestly, what did you expect from a zombie book? Zombies are inherently violent and gross, and there is only one way to destroy them, which is through violent means. Any kid reading a zombie book ain't reading it because the main character had an epiphany about life. Plus, this is the set-up. I was forgiving of the underdeveloped plot and characters because to me the first one is all about the atmosphere, which Kloepfer did well. I hope he dives in to, meatier stuff in subsequent titles. The cliffhanger, though, I don't think it is enticing enough.To me it was a three-star title, but the illustrations are too clever not to give credit to, hence the fourth star. Kudos to Steve Wolfhand for making zombies hilarious and oddly accessible to kids. I would not have decided to read the book otherwise.

  • Sps
    2019-04-09 05:14

    review for work:Humor, zombies, and a Boggle (pug-beagle mix) feature prominently in this first book of an ultra-contemporary series. The action-movie plot revolves around three middle school students who have managed to avoid turning into zombies, all three of whom are fairly two-dimensional characters. There’s our hero, the Wimpy Kid-esque Zack, his chubby, geeky friend Rice for comic relief, and Madison, a petulant, vegan Mean Girl. Plus Madison’s Boggle puppy, Twinkles. Who becomes—oh yes—a Zoggle, once zombified. Along with the school bully and Zack’s sister (both also zombified), they travel across Arizona fleeing zombies, fighting zombies, running over zombies, stepping in zombie slime, bashing in zombie skulls, and so on, all while trading snotty remarks. Goofily gruesome spot art adds to the fun. Morally instructive it is not, but then neither is Captain Underpants. Give it to your Jeff Kinney/ Dav Pilkey fans and those who, like Rice in the book, gleefully yell “Sick!” at everything gross.

  • Rad
    2019-03-27 11:15

    Got this from Goodreads First Reads!Sometimes I think novels suffer from an overuse of the thesaurus tool. I mean, it's okay to say the word "blood" three times in one paragraph, especially if there's actually blood in the scene. Using other words to describe blood, well, that just clutters up the writing and calls attention to itself.Other than that, I actually really enjoyed this book, especially the illustrations (although some of them seemed to go completely against the text). Also, I'm not sure what the point of the whole cake fiasco is - to make us hate Madison? We already do. (Okay, that's a lie, I actually love Madison. Most of the time.)Anyway, I think any middle-grader you gave this to would really enjoy it. Boy or girl! And maybe it would inspire the girls to someday write books that don't portray girls quite as shallowly. (I still do love Madison, though. I just worry about how other people view her.)