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Creede of Old Montana follows the exploits and heartbreaks of Avery John Creede, an ex-cavalry soldier, as he tramps along the upper Missouri River in search of four Army pals who didn't show up for a scheduled reunion. In Ft. Benton, Avery Creede single-handedly stops a bank robbery. With that action, all hope of sitting on the sidelines and watching the world go by fadesCreede of Old Montana follows the exploits and heartbreaks of Avery John Creede, an ex-cavalry soldier, as he tramps along the upper Missouri River in search of four Army pals who didn't show up for a scheduled reunion. In Ft. Benton, Avery Creede single-handedly stops a bank robbery. With that action, all hope of sitting on the sidelines and watching the world go by fades away. Suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of one conflict after another. And through it all, he makes some discoveries about himself. Throughout Creede's confrontations and adventures, three things remain constant: his courage, his rock-solid faith, and his wounded heart. He knows the first two will never change. And at forty-two, he's not sure the third every will either....

Title : Creede of Old Montana
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ISBN : 9781602855755
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Creede of Old Montana Reviews

  • Laura
    2019-03-21 17:33

    Title: CREEDE OF OLD MONTANAAuthor: Stephen BlyPublisher: Center PointOctober 2009ISBN: 978-1-60285-575-5Genre: Inspirational/historicalAvery John Creede is an ex-cavalry soldier searching for four of his Army pals who didn’t show up for a reunion. When Avery Creede arrives in Fort Benton, Montana, he notices a lady dressed in yellow strolling along the river bank. Something about the situation doesn’t sit right, so Creede heads down that way. The woman starts calling “Help, help” when she sees him and he figures she’s posted to draw his attention away from something else. Sure enough, three bank robbers come running out of the bank.Creede is able to stop the robbery, but at that point all hopes of sitting in the sidelines becomes a distant memory. Now he is the midst of one conflict after another. Will Creede be able to make discoveries about himself and grow through this process? CREEDE OF OLD MONTANA is a book that should appeal to Louis L’Armour fans. It is a western in the truest sense of the word, complete with gun-slinging criminals, dusty streets and small western towns, action, and of course, a beautiful woman. There are some point of view glitches in CREEDE OF OLD MONTANA, making it kind of difficult to immediately get into the story. But after a while, the story takes over and I didn’t notice some of the point of view errors so much. Fans of westerns will want to check this book out for a breath of the Old West. $29.95, hardcover. 518 pages.

  • Janalyn Voigt
    2019-04-08 13:39

    Hold your horses, Pardner! Don't start this book at bedtime or you might just sacrifice a night's sleep. With page-turning action, pithy dialogue and a fine sense of the ridiculous, ex-cavalry soldier Avery John Creede fights for right (and dear life) as he faces danger head-on. A beautiful blonde girl in a yellow dress, appropriately nicknamed "Sunny," enters the picture with gun in hand and turns Avery's life upside down, although his heart belongs to well-bred Carla. And then there's Ace, green but learning fast from his Uncle Creede. While other less stout-hearted folk flee, they stand together against the Rinkman gang.Stephen Bly's stunning writing style brings the Old West to life. With deft skill, he sustains a fast pace but doesn't sacrifice characterizations or setting. My only mild quibble with this book is that the humor, while standing on its own merits, sometimes does cross the line of believability to set up "gags." I'm not a regular reader of Classic Westerns, however, so I don't know what's acceptable within the genre. I highly recommend "Creede of Old Montana" to those who enjoy Western fiction and even to those who might not normally read them. In this world today, we need more heroes. Stephen Bly helps us find them. And that's worth losing a little sleep over.

  • Erin
    2019-04-10 14:39

    I've read many a Stephen Bly book in my day and "Creede of Old Montana" stands on its own as an action-packed adventure with more plot twists than a mountain road. Early in the novel I felt like something was missing -- like this was the second novel in a series and we'd missed out on necessary information to set up where we were. Later there were some nicely-done flashbacks which I felt filled in the gaps, but by the end I was thinking there was such a huge amount of story that it could have easily filled a trilogy. The reading experience was a little disjointed, as if I read a series in 2-1-3 order. It took me a while to care about the characters, but I have to say that once the final 50 pages rolled around I was hooked, once the dangers were out of the way and it was time to make a decision of the heart. The ending was classic Bly with wonderful laugh-out-loud humor and romance.This was a much better novel than Bly's previous release and it was nice to see a strong, if scattered, faith element. I would have rated the overall story 3 stars, but the ending merited 5 stars so I'll meet in the middle on this one. :-)

  • Trinity Rose
    2019-03-29 13:25

    I have never read a book written by Stephen Bly that I didn’t love and “Creede of Old Montana” is the best one ever. This book will have you laughing, crying, holding your breath and just having a great time. As soon as Avery John Creede comes into the story there is one conflict after another. He stops a bank robbery, a beautiful girl Sunny tries to kill him. Then he finds out his nephew has grown up and is now 16. Avery Creede’s love of his life Carla shows up. Also the Rinkman gang is after him and Sunny. All of this happens while John is trying to find his 4 Army buddies. Creede has a strong faith and tries to do the will of the Lord. He is a person who lives his faith and also is willing to share it with any one he comes across.One scene in the book made tears come to my eyes and that doesn’t happen often. It was so touching and full of emotion. Sad, but very beautiful.“Creede of Old Montana” is funny, inspiring, full of love, has many battles and fights, but also has sad, touching moments. So if you love Westerns this is a book you must have. Even if you don’t like them you will love this book. I HIGHLY recommond “Creede of Old Montana.”

  • Randy
    2019-04-04 11:23

    Loved this one.Billed as a Christian western, I didn't know what to expect going in.Avery John Creed, looking for four army buddies that missed a reunion, breaks up a bank robbery in Fort Benton, which runs him afoul of an outlaw leader named Rinkman.Suspicion falls on him when the banker says $500 of the loot is missing. When the amount grows to $5,000, Creede begins to realize he should never have stopped in town.He goes through a series of adventures with his nephew that are often humorous as people try to kill him or get him to leave town.His biggest fear, and uncertainty, is the two women competing for him. One, a rich girl from the East he's engaged to and the other, a poor country girl, the sister of one of his buddies. He likes both but is not sure he's right for either. Very perplexing.

  • Tiffany
    2019-04-07 17:14

    I'm not usually into westerns but I love the author's dry humor. A little more violent than I like.