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Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus face a familiar sociopath in this electrifying tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.When LAPD Lieutenant Peter Decker reluctantly agrees to do a big favour for old friend Teresa McLaughlin, he knows that his involvement will bring her sociopathic husband, Chris Donatti, back into his life. But then Terry goesPeter Decker and Rina Lazarus face a familiar sociopath in this electrifying tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.When LAPD Lieutenant Peter Decker reluctantly agrees to do a big favour for old friend Teresa McLaughlin, he knows that his involvement will bring her sociopathic husband, Chris Donatti, back into his life. But then Terry goes missing and Donatti disappears, leaving their 14-year-old son Gabe behind.Meanwhile Adrianna Blanc, a party-loving nurse, is found swinging from the rafters of a house in a wealthy suburban area. Her last phone call announced she was breaking up with her philandering boyfriend and Decker questions whether it was in fact suicide.With lives hanging in the balance, Decker and his team need to find answers fast. At home matters are just as precarious: while Decker and his wife Rina Lazarus want to look after young Gabe, with Donatti on the loose, no one is really ever safe…...

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Hangman Reviews

  • Brina
    2019-03-17 18:29

    It is only the middle of February and the month is beginning to drag. There are still ten long days left before the calendar turns to March and women's history month. I have a diverse lineup planned but I am still stuck in February waiting for it to mercifully end. With family members fighting off infections, I decided to back track and revisit a series that at this point is like a visit with family. I am up to date with Faye Kellerman's Decker and Lazarus series and am eagerly awaiting the next installment due out at the end of the summer, so I decided to go back and fill myself in with a case I hadn't read yet. As usual, the Lieutenant did not disappoint. Lieutenant Peter Decker is about to turn sixty and at the top of his profession. Unbeknownst to him, his children and colleagues have planned a surprise party for him in honor of his birthday but not before work gets in the way. Decker receives a call from an old acquaintance Teresa McLaughlin who is the wife of hitman and Decker's nemesis the one and only Chris Donatti. Knowing that Donatti would make more than just a cameo appearance in this case had me giddy, but, unfortunately it comes on the heels of him hitting his wife and her fearing for her safety and that of her teenage son Gabriel. Decker agrees to facilitate a meeting between the couple, and all seems to go well until a panicked Gabriel calls the Lieutenant to say that his mother has disappeared. Wanting to stay a step ahead of Donatti, Decker agrees to take the case as well as bringing the teenaged Gabriel Whitman, who happens to be a piano prodigy, into his home. On top of this case, Decker's long time colleagues Dunn and Oliver receive a call about a body found hanging from the rafters at a home site. The young woman appears to have died of asphyxiation, and the detective team takes on what appears to be a complex case. Adrianna Blanc had been a nurse at St Timothy's Hospital. Regarded in her field, she was in the midst of an unraveling relationship, and someone, either the boyfriend or rival, wanted her out of the way. A few days later, another friend of Blanc's is found strangled in her refrigerator, yet Dunn and Oliver keep questioning the same circle of friends and hope for a lead that will help them to crack this case. In most cases I sympathize with the victim, yet this time around the victim lead a raunchy social life amongst a millennial crowd who still drunk as though they were in college. Some of the women degenerated their bodies and enjoyed their double life outside of work. It is up to Dunn, Oliver, and the rest of their stellar detective team to find one of this crowd who was not either drunk or strung out on drugs willing to talk to them about the case, or else find a lead from an unexpected source. Meanwhile the Lieutenant's birthday weekend goes as planned. All of his children gather for the occasion and there is enough food for the entire Los Angeles police department. The various Decker children are all about to experience milestones: Sammy is finishing medical school and about to get married, Hannah is graduating high school and leaving for a year in Israel, and Cindy and Koby are expecting twins. It is in this whirlwind of activity that Peter and Rina agree to take in Gabriel Whitman as their foster child, at a time of their lives when they are looking toward retirement and settling into a quieter life as grandparents. Yet, the Deckers will provide the younger Whitman more stability and a happy home than his parents ever would, so the Lieutenant, at a time when he is blissful at anticipating the arrival of his first grandchildren, defers to his wife and provides a safe home for another teenager. All this means is more Chris Donatti in the future, and, as scary as he is, that is a good thing as he adds spice to this series that is nearing its retirement years. Having read the later books in this series, I know where Peter, Rina, and their children wind up. It is still fun to go back and read the installments that I may have overlooked. Each visit with the Deckers is like visiting old friends and family. I may have mentioned in previous reviews that I share a similar religious lifestyle to the Deckers and believe that we would be friends in real life, yet, for now I am willing to read about them in print form. With all of these life milestones ahead, Kellerman has plenty of material from which to work from in developing future cases. Until the latest installment is published, I am more than happy to fill myself in on older cases in this fast paced series filled with visits from family and friends. 3.75 stars

  • Paulo Pires
    2019-03-02 16:34

    4.7«Decker tem entre mãos duas investigações, por um lado investiga o desaparecimento de Terry após uma conversa no mínimo tensa com o seu companheiro Chris.Como consequência deste desaparecimento surge Gabe, o filho de ambos, catorze anos e com um dote muito especial... E assim de um momento para o outro Decker e Rina vêem-se na eminente possibilidade de ter que acolher Gabe. Mas Decker não consegue deixar de se sentir a sensação que foi manipulado!Por outro lado, Decker e a sua equipa investigam o provável assassinato de Adrianna Blanc, enfermeira, descoberta enforcada numas obras perto do hospital onde trabalhava. À medida que que a investigação avança começam-se a conhecer o circulo de amigos e as complexas e pouco convencionais relações de Adrianna! O que aumenta o número de suspeitos.Não sei como vocês reagem a cheiros, mas posso dizer-vos que há cheiros que de imediato me invocam recordações, me transportam... O cheiro de terra molhada, por exemplo, traz-me a sensação de paz de espirito, relaxamento e conforto conceitos associados a férias em casa dos meus avós. Essa mesma identificação acontece quando leio os livros de Faye Kellerman! Os meus sentidos ficam apurados e não consigo deixar de sentir um aroma caseiro e a sensação de reconhecimento! É um misto retorno às raízes, de conforto, de aconchego, de segurança! É tão bom ler Faye!A história é dinâmica, e gostei do facto de o livro se dividir em duas investigações, porque nos impele sempre (mesmo que inconscientemente) a procurar relação entre as duas. O efeito é que nos desperta mais para a história e para os detalhes levando-nos a procurar pontos de intercepção, e com esta entrega, no final, ficamos com muito mais que uma pequena história. Cria-se aqui uma espécie de comprometimento entre autor e leitor, dar para receber!Existe nos livros da autora, que tive oportunidade de ler, uma componente forte ligada à família. Mas não num sentido restrito ou preso a um conceito tradicional e estereotipado! É a família que Alvin Toffler profetizava na "Terceira Vaga", em que a família era composta por os cônjuges e filhos de casamentos anteriores de ambos além dos próprios, e todos com ligações muito próximas e enraizadas. O conceito intrínseco de família vertido neste livro é muito mais profundo do que qualquer pseudo-convenção da sociedade e trás ao leitor um sentimento de pertença e conforto digno de se dar nota!Quanto às personagens:Não há como não gostar de Rina, a preocupação natural com todos os seus membros. Um coração grande e genuíno que consegue sempre albergar mais um. E a comida que ela faz, meu deus, só de pensar nas refeições narradas deixam-me água na (...)Ler mais em:Opinião: O Enforcado de Faye Kellerman |Livros e Marcadores

  • Jerry B
    2019-03-22 11:12

    We’ve read every one of the Rina Lazarus / Peter Decker stories to date; and hate to say this was probably our least favorite. The 420 page book sees the first 50 pages set the scene, then the clues ever so painfully and slowly appear for 350 pages, followed by an intense 20-page ending that reveals all with little or no further work on the part of the detectives. Our high school English teacher would never have approved that outline !!As usual, “Hangman”, mostly about a young female nurse hung from the rafters of a house under construction, is predominantly a police procedural with Decker and his two favorite “D’s” Marge and Scott doing all the grunt work. A missing friend is a sub-plot that is barely more than an excuse to have Gabe, the 14-year old son of Chris Donatti, a long-time Decker nemesis from earlier books, come to stay at the Decker’s, with daughter Hannah (gads – we remember when she was just born!) playing big sister as she finishes high school and heads to Israel to go to college. Presuming more books in this set, we suspect we’ll see more of Gabe, temporarily cancelling out the empty nest. Three male suspects and a female colleague of the dead girl play a big role in the mystery, if you can get by all of the bedtime arrangements between these five and (uncharacteristically) the over-the-top amount of raw language throughout. The builder who discovers the body is yet another suspect, and his role remains unclear till very late in the going.We suppose the Kellerman fan club will turn out in droves to add this to their reading list, but we were left wondering whether it’s getting to be time to call this series done. Decker himself celebrates his 60th birthday in the story, which makes taking in a stray non-relative teenager pretty far-fetched. Perhaps his several noises about a pending retirement will be a good thing?

  • Tita
    2019-03-19 17:30

    O detective Peter Decker foi, há 15 anos, encarregado do caso de Chris Whitman, um jovem que esteve preso depois de confessar ter assassinado a sua namorada, para proteger a colega de turma Terry McLaughlin. Após a verdade ter sido reposta, Chris foi libertado e casou-se com Terry, que se encontrava grávida dele. Agora, Terry voltou e pede um favor a Decker, com quem sempre manteve contacto. Mas a situação complica-se quando, quer Terry quer Chris, desaparecem e deixam o seu filho Gabe, de 14 anos, sozinho. Peter Decker e a sua esposa Rina acabam por acolher Gabe em sua casa, enquanto o inspector investiga o desaparecimento de Terry.Entretanto a jovem enfermeira Adrianna Blanc é encontrada assassinada e Decker e a sua equipa descobrem que, apesar de ser uma boa profissional também gostava de se divertir "à grande". Deste modo, Decker tem que conciliar os dois casos.Foi um livro que me manteve sempre agarrada e que mistura um horrível assassinato com o desaparecimento de uma outra personagem. Com personagens muito bem desenvolvidas e que se tornam bem credíveis, com uma narrativa com muitas reviravoltas e que nos leva a virar páginas atrás de páginas, sem darmos pelo tempo passar.Para além de irmos acompanhando os dois casos de Decker, conhecemos também a sua família e posso dizer que esta interacção familiar foi outro ponto positivo, e que nos permite conhecer melhor as personagens.Gosto de livros assim. Histórias e personagens que poderiam ser reais e foi isso que aconteceu com este livro. Apesar de ter achado a solução do caso de Adrianna um pouquinho rebuscada demais, a verdade é que todo o processo de investigação me pareceu muito credível.Para quem gosta de thrillers e investigações criminais, este livro é uma boa aposta.

  • Wanda
    2019-03-27 14:17

    Faye Kellerman to me is pretty hit and miss. I will pick up one of her books when I know that I won't have much time to concentrate fully on a non-fiction (my preference.) This was a true MISS. Four and five stars -- really folks? It was slowwwwwwww and boring. The details are often irrelevant and trivial (i.e. who cares what Marge is wearing. Faye tells us repeatedly anyway. It doesn't move the plot forward to include those words. It's padding. As is her repeated reference to her claustrophobia) There is much repetition and virtually no action or suspense. To make matters worse the grammar is abyssmal, the typos abound, verb tenses fly all over willy nilly without logic, and please - who "graduates medical school?" They graduate FROM medical school. She AND the copy editors should be embarrassed. A spell check does not substitute for reading the manuscript.The Donatti story line started out with a bang in previous books and this is its wimper.Don't waste your money.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-21 14:25

    Lots of plots in this episode. Liked the boy add, not a lot of profanity and well narrated and recommended.

  • Jodi
    2019-02-26 11:19

    It says much for a series author when the reader forgets that the characters aren't real. When I read the flap and learned this was a Chris Donatti novel, I had to think back to when Decker first met him. (Justice) and I mentally reviewed Decker's resume to determine where he was stationed. I was aghast to learn that Hannah was going off to college. I remember when she was born. Scary that these characters are so real, so believable. This was a terrific novel that intertwined a gruesome murder with a missing person, Terry McLaughlin, Chris's wife. She leaves behind a 14 year old son who has no one to turn to except Peter Decker, the one man Terry trusted. Decker turns 60 in this book and was looking forward to retirement. Gabe's unexpected presence is a twist for him. For his part, Gabe isn't a normal 14 year old. He's a piano prodigy and he knows he grew up in absolute disfunctionality. He doesn't want to be a burden but he craves the normality of the Decker household and while he isn't looking for new parents, he appreciates their stability. It's a very complicated series of threads that turned into a fast-paced read.

  • Q
    2019-03-01 14:09

    I used to enjoy this series, been reading it since the beginning. This one was poorly written, giving plugs to her other books, which was as tacky as you can get. And not only that she repeated 3 times the same reference to Madge's claustrophobia. The book needed editing. I listened to it on books on cd and the writing did not flow or sound normal. The characters of Decker and Rina and family are great and learning about Orthodox Judiasm interesting. In the beginning of the series Kellerman wasn't trying to compete with her husband or have highly disfunctional and highly violent characters and plots. If she were to slow down and not write a book a year- maybe the quality and plots would improve. She's going down hill in my opinion.

  • Charlotte Guzman
    2019-03-21 11:10

    This book was picked for one of my book clubs.This book was just ok for me. Too many storylines (two to three to be exact) and they didn't relate to each other in the end. The book was too long (400 pages).I actually liked the characters but over all didn't like all the different storylines. 😖

  • Laura Beth
    2019-03-15 10:23

    I read some of the bad reviews for this book so I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this book. I was blown away with how much better this book was than the poor review led me to believe. This book is a lot like the previous books in the series, but that is what I most enjoy about books in a series. The feeling of "home" and the sameness of the books and plots that work and in the case of the Rina and Decker series new and different mysteries and crimes. I love the growth of the characters within who they are. The growing of the Decker family, the descriptions of how they live, who they are, the procedural crime solving that is this series. I love it and this was a great example of what this series is.

  • Alan Mills
    2019-03-05 15:29

    The set up is great. First, an old friend calls on Lt. Decker to observe a meeting between her and her abusive husband (who happens to also be a mob hitman). He does, but then both she and her husband disappear hours later, leaving her teenage son alone. At the same time, a young woman is found by the foreman, hanging by cable wire from the rafters of a residential house he has under construction. As Decker works both cases, it turns out they are far more complex than it first appeared.As usual, Ms. Kellerman does a really good job developing her characters, while at the same time keeping the narrative moving, so that the reader is compelled to keep turning pages until the end. The problem: while the characters are all very believable, and are drawn with a reasonable amount of depth and complexity, the twists and turns in the plot become entirely incredible and--even given the suspension of belief required for all mystery novels--impossible to believe. In fact, Kellerman even has her own characters twice comment how unlikely her plot twists are!So, if you are willing to suspend belief a little more than usual, then you will greatly enjoy this book. If you want more believable narratives, then look elsewhere.

  • Jo Jenner
    2019-03-21 13:22

    I might have been a little bit more forgiving if this had been a debut novel but as it has #19 in the title I have to assume that the author has some experience.However the dialogue felt distinctly stilted and didn't flow and as far as the storyline I can only assume she had started to run out of ideas. One of the characters even says if you read this is a book you wouldn't believe it.Also I got really annoyed at the fact she had to describe what people were wearing everything time you met them. It felt more like E! News does a murder mystery rather than a well structured flowing novel.Not the worst novel I've read the week but definitely not the best.

  • Traci Haley
    2019-03-23 17:36

    The last few Faye Kellerman books I've read have been somewhat disappointing... more procedural and less of what I really love, which is the interaction of all the characters that make up the story. In this new entry into the series, however, Kellerman returns to the format that made me start reading her novels in the first place -- lots and lots of interaction between Peter and Rina and the kids, along with the new addition of Gabe Donatti. I knew I vaguely remembered the Donatti family from previous novels, but I didn't remember a lot of detail from those stories. However, it wasn't really needed... Kellerman filled in the gaps that I didn't remember and then built on that story, while also investigating a side story. I'll admit that at times, since I was listening to the audiobook, I zoned out a little when it came to details about the two investigations, so I probably missed a detail or two... but that didn't really change my enjoyment of the novel. Also as a comment to the audiobook production... the different sections of the story didn't really have a pause between them, so it was easy to get confused when one second Peter was talking to Gabe and then a few minutes later I'd realize, belatedly, that that paragraph had ended and now Oliver was questioning a suspect. It wasn't horrible, it was just a little confusing and, if I remember right, it's something that I've noticed in several Faye Kellerman audiobooks.Gripes aside, I really did enjoy this entry into the series, especially with Cindy's revelation (and isn't it about time for another book from her point of view???). Now I'm glad that Kellerman is continuing to write about these characters and I look forward to reading the next installment in the series.

  • Amanda Patterson
    2019-03-14 15:35

    Lieutenant Peter Decker and his wife, Rina Lazarus, are caught up in yet another criminal adventure. This is a good thing. Faye Kellerman is a brilliant crime writer. She has created a 'serial husband and wife couple' who have had incredible staying power. Decker is getting older - he turns 60 in Hangman, his eldest daughter is pregnant, his sons are at university. Youngest daughter, Hannah, is about to leave for Israel, and to be with her boyfriend. However, the Deckers are not the Deckers without a family. Enter 14-year-old Gabe, the son of a hit man, Chris Donatti, who once shot Decker. Gabe's mother, Terry, needs help. Donatti has beaten her up for the first time. She arrives in California with her son, and contacts the only person she believes can stand up to her husband - Pete Decker. Terry disappears and Gabe ends up at the Decker home.Meanwhile Decker investigates the murder of Adrianna Blanc, a neonatal nurse hung on a building site. Her boyfriend, Garth has disappeared, along with two of Adrianna's friends. Adrianna called Garth and broke up with him before she was murdered. She was also seen talking to a hunky stranger in a bar the night before she was murdered. Kellerman manages to weave the plots together, and threads the orthodox Jewish lifestyle of her couple into the story. My one gripe is the idyllic relationship that the couple share. I don't think many wives would tolerate Decker's obsession with his job. But then, Rina is special. I've read all Kellerman’s books, so she must be doing something right. Highly recommended.

  • Julie Graves
    2019-03-25 15:28

    I have to say that this just wasn’t my favorite Faye Kellerman book. I usually enjoy the Decker/Lazarus characters that she writes about. The editing of the book was pretty poor, just to be a bit picky. For an author that has this many books out I would think that the editing of one of her books would be a bit more carefully done.I think there were about 3 different stories going on throughout the book. Decker first goes to be a liaison between Terry and her hit-man/husband Chris. A few days after the meeting between husband and wife Terry disappears. Chris claims he has no idea where she is. Whether dead or alive she has left behind their 14-year-old son Gabriel. Rina and Decker take him in.Next a woman is found hanging from the rafters of a construction site. In the course of the investigation it is revealed that there could possibly be 2 serial killers on the loose. In the midst of all of his investigating Decker also turns 60 years old. Birthday and Shabbos celebration of course is hectic and interrupted by work but his sons and daughters and Rina manage to make it a special day for him.I don’t know, I guess I’m just a bit disappointed. I probably will pass on the next book.

  • Dlora
    2019-02-28 14:18

    I really enjoy Faye Kellerman's novels about detective Peter Decker. She combines the seamy grind of his policeman's job with the softer side of his personal life with wife, children, and friends combining Jewish and American culture. Both police and private sides feels authentic. A policeman's job is full of tedious tracking down of details and finding connections. And family life is not all smooth sailing either, needing work and give-and-take. In this story, the wife of a sociopathic killer disappears and Decker ends up with their brilliant son in his home while trying to find her before her husband does . . . unless, of course, it was the husband who "disappeared" her. In the meantime, his department is investigating the hanging of a young girl. More bodies show up and more information is unearthed but how does it all relate? In some detective novels, I can be sure that a clue at the beginning is going to be important later on, but not necessarily with Kellerman's stories. Dead ends and parallel stories and unfinished plot lines are all part of real life and Kellerman does a good job of incorporating that reality yet crafting a satisfying, rounded story.

  • Alison
    2019-03-04 11:28

    Yet another page turner by Faye Kellerman. I really enjoy reading the Peter Decker/Rina Lazrus mystery novels and the way Kellerman weaves the intensity of Peter's job with the soft side of his personal life as he relates to his wife, his children, and the outsiders he takes in. In this particular story Kellerman captures your attention as you try to figure out "who dunnit"; were there several serial killers? were they related? It's a fantasy world, but I like to believe Peter Decker's team is representative of how police detectives work in real life.One thing you learn from this book, or are at least reminded of, is that you should always be careful of who you meet at bars, where you walk at night, and where you park you car! And, be careful, your best friend in college may not have your best interests at heart.Kellerman does an outstanding job of educating the reading public in the history, mores, traditions and life style of adherents to the Jewish faith without being preachy.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-10 15:09

    I've read all of Faye Kellerman's Decker/Lazarus books and they never disappoint, but this one is better than average. She twists together the brutal murder of a nurse with the reappearance of hit man Chris Donatti and his wife, Terry. Decker first met the pair as teens in Justice, one of the best books in the series, and later confronted Donatti in Stone Kiss. Kellerman's talent for revealing the complexities of her characters shines in this novel as she untangles the mysteries, and the pacing kept me turning pages long past an appropriate bedtime.I love how Kellerman ages her characters in real time; we've seen Decker move through his middle ages and take on a young wife, adopted sons, a new baby and a new religion, while reconnecting with his older daughter and strengthening his relationships with his colleagues. I think it is harder for a writer to keep up with these relationships in real time, which is why many series keep the characters aging on a much slower path or not at all.

  • Judith
    2019-03-09 10:18

    Hangman by Faye Kellerman is her 21st Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus mystery. Professional hit man, Chris Donnatti, has been mistreating his wife, Terry, so she has fled to L.A. with her son Gabe. She agrees to a meeting with Donnatti only if Decker will attend to protect her. Shortly afterwords Terry disappears, so Decker and family take in 14-year-old Gabe, while trying to locate Terry, not to mention Chris. Meanwhile, there is a homicide case to solve that is growing serial killer characteristics. All the usual suspense Kellerman does so well, but some sloppy places -- does nobody edit anymore? Gabe turns out to be a real asset to the family story, which was especially gratifying to me because I usually find the Chris Donnatti stories disappointing.

  • J L's Bibliomania
    2019-02-24 15:28

    #19 of the series about Peter Decker and the cast of many. Like many long-running series, I think the best books are the ones in the middle. It took a few books for Mrs. Kellerman to polish her writing craft, the series peaked, and now we are riding the long, though still enjoyable, tail to the end.

  • Skip
    2019-02-26 14:20

    A bit better than her last two books. Two decent plots, a young woman found hanged at a construction site takes up Peter Decker's invetigative time while he also has to help figure out whether his friend Terry was murdered by her professional killer husband, Chris Donatti and what to do with their musically talented son, Gabe, who was abandoned in his and Rina's care.

  • Donna Herrick
    2019-03-14 12:36

    What I appreciate the most about Faye Kellerman, one of my favorite authors, is how her stories blend a fast-pced crime plot with a story that exposes the happiest, most satisfying explication of the goodness and kindness of family life.

  • Janet
    2019-02-24 13:33

    This is a really good double murder mystery with a surprise ending, well written and a fast read. I would have liked to have seen the characters developed a little more, but a good read anyway.

  • Judith
    2019-03-21 18:22

    This is one of the better written Decker/Lazarus police procedurals. It is a quick read.

  • Dawn
    2019-02-27 10:21

    Another great book by Faye Kellerman. I thoroughly enjoy the books in which Peter Decker and wife Rina are main characters. Great investigative work and great parenting by them.

  • S&M
    2019-03-16 12:18

    Este libro me ha encantado, me ha tenido absorta en la lectura desde la primera página hasta la última.Me gusta mucho la pluma de la autora, pero sin duda, lo que más me ha gustado es la facilidad que tiene de enlazar unas historias con otras mediante pequeños detalles como lo pueden ser un personaje, un objeto, un acontecimiento, por lo que para mi sorpresa el libro no tiene una sola historia principal, sino que son 3. Cuando me dí cuenta de que la autora había priorizado las 3 historias por igual me dio un poco de miedo, ya que pensaba que quizás no iba a profundizar en todas todo lo que me gustaría y que me iba a quedar con un sabor mal sabor de boca, como si se dejase muchas cosas en el tintero y hubiera hablado de las historias solo por encima. Pero para mi sorpresa, no solo a profundizado en todas las historias, sino que a demás te enganchan todas por igual y no podrás estar un minuto sin leer sin estar pensando en quien será el asesino, en qué le habrá pasado a Terry y en otro personaje que en un principio es secundario pero te dejará la boca abierta cuando descubras que la autora lo convierte en uno de los personajes principales con una historia muy escalofriante.Gracias a la editorial Harper Collins Iberica y a este libro y a Almas robadas de Emilie Scheep me he dado cuenta de que este género es uno de los que más me gustan por lo que quiero agradecerles no solo que me hayan enviado los libros, sino que me hayan abierto los ojos y me hayan brindado la oportunidad de leer un género que desconocía que me fuese a gustar tantísimo.Si te gusta el thriller, la novela negra, de suspense o policiacas no puedes perderte esta novela.Sin duda le doy una puntuación de 5/5.

  • M
    2019-03-18 15:34

    Too Many Plot Lines Makes For Unsatisfactory Ending There is a lot going on in this book, so much so that IMO this should’ve been two books or 1 novel and a novella. What is touted as the main plot line (missing female doctor, abusive stalker husband, their teenaged child) is subsumed by the more interesting plot(s) involving multiple murders . . . with TWO serial killers. The more interesting serial killers plot(s) are short-changed by the missing friend plot and the inclusion of Decker family drama. I tracked what is essentially 3 plot lines and the Decker family drama, not to mention a plethora of characters—the police which includes detectives from other jurisdictions, many victims, victims’ families, victims’ friends, suspects galore, and tertiary characters. Furthermore, the author adds to this multitude of characters by flying in Decker’s adult relatives (2 sons, a pregnant daughter & her husband) For a few chapters. The last few chapters move at light-speed (compared to the first 80% of this book) as the author attempts to tie up MOST of the loose threads. The very last chapter seems tacked on to remind readers that the author began the book with Decker’s missing friend.

  • Gregory Bateman
    2019-03-26 17:18

    This 422-page book claims on its cover that it is "well-plotted and fast moving", when, in fact, its two greatest defects are in those very key areas.The book suffers from, first, defects in the plot and, second, many obviously unnecessary descriptive passages about minor and forgettable characters or events that clearly - as you read them - have nothing to do with the plot. The author seeks to explain the key part of the plot between pages 398 to 404. In doing so it becomes obvious, first, there is a critical error and, second, because the author herself is struggling to explain matters in a coherent way she is forced to use a literary device that merely outlines what might have happened and an acknowledgment that there are gaps of knowledge.As to unnecessary descriptive passages, a good editor could reduce about 20% of this book and make it move faster.

  • Roni
    2019-03-27 17:17

    This novel of the Decker/Lazarus series has Lt. Decker and his team searching for the murderer of, a young women found hanging at a construction site. They soon find the body of another girl and the main suspect is on the wind. In the mean time Peter intervenes on the behalf of a young woman, who he had helped years ago, when he discovered the young man she was in love with was a hit man. They have a child together who is now 14 and a brilliant pianist. When the young mans mother goes missing, it soon becomes clears, that her use of Peter was a ruse. That she meant to leave the country and entrust his care to Peter and Rina. While searching for one killer, the team stumbles upon a serial killer. This novel is filled with many pathways, you just have to follow them.

  • Laurie Hanan
    2019-03-10 16:33

    I’ve read many of Kellerman’s books, but it had been years. I was fortunate to find this one on sale, and snatched it up. Great fun to catch up with Lt. Decker, Rina, and their kids. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed this tightly-wrought, fast-paced mystery. It’s a police procedural, but so much more – the perfect blend of dogged crime-solving and complex characters who work their way into your heart.