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Two months after Jason Bourne's second wife has died, he learns that Martin Lindros, his only friend in the CIA, went missing in Africa. where he was tracking shipments of yellowcake uranium. After Bourne finds him, Martin returns to the U.S., but only after he persuades Bourne to go to Odessa to penetrate the clandestine world of terrorist money men there.In Odessa, BournTwo months after Jason Bourne's second wife has died, he learns that Martin Lindros, his only friend in the CIA, went missing in Africa. where he was tracking shipments of yellowcake uranium. After Bourne finds him, Martin returns to the U.S., but only after he persuades Bourne to go to Odessa to penetrate the clandestine world of terrorist money men there.In Odessa, Bourne is hampered by confusing flashes of memories. He becomes convinced that they're false, but who planted them and why? And how can he function if he can't rely on his own memories? Eventually, Bourne figures out that the man he saved in Africa isn't his friend but a double, a terrorist intent on sending Bourne off on a wild goose chase while he himself steals intelligence and uses the information to coordinate an attack against a major city using nuclear devices.The double, continuing to pose as Martin Lindros, orders a world-wide sanction against Bourne. Now, Bourne must fight off attempts on his life, track down uranium, and stop terrorists from launching an even more devastating attack against the United States of America....

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The Bourne Betrayal Reviews

  • Diane
    2019-03-09 15:03

    Bourne it's NOT! disappointed storyline that's filled with lots of errors...not like the movie if that's what readers are expecting..story does not even connects or grabs you,it's like you're reading all day long and cannot get into the plotline..very boring (paperback!)

  • Diane Wallace
    2019-02-26 12:46

    Bourne it's NOT! disappointed,filled with lots of errors ..not like the movie if that's what readers are expecting...story does not even connects or grabs you,it's like you're reading all day long and cannot get into the plotline..very boring (paperback!)

  • Lisa
    2019-03-02 09:51

    This book sucked harder than a Hoover. I love the Bourne Identity movies, and I figured Robert Ludlum is a famous author, so I figured this would be a fun read. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that Ludlum's name is just put on top in big letters because he or his estate own the copyright to the Bourne series, and this book was written by (in small print) Eric Van Lustbader. So I still don't know how good a writer Ludlum is. What I do know is that Lustbader doesn't know squat about character development, believable dialog or the fundamentals of decent storytelling. His is the most egregious use I have ever encountered of "As you know, Bob" storytelling: i.e., the unnatural use of characters to describe story background even though there's absolutely no need for people to relate stuff that characters in a novel should already know.Here's how that goes: "As you know, Bob, these terrorists have stolen a cargo of high-energy triggers typically used in manufacturing but also in the detonation of nuclear devices." Bad.Bad. BAAAAAAAAAAD.

  • James
    2019-03-05 13:01

    Lustbader manages to write both compelling prose and utter shite at the same time. You could call him the Dan Brown of the thriller world; if Brown hadn't already got that title sewn up himself. Since Robert Ludlum's death, Lustbader has been at the helm of the Bourne series of novels. Taking the original trilogy and, some might say, milking it for whatever he and the Ludlum estate can get. This book continues in that vein and feels a lot like Lustbader had the beginnings of a great idea for a stand-alone novel but was already committed to that pesky Bourne cash-cow, without any ideas for that. So, he decided, why not just crow-bar the burgeoning plot ideas into the novel you've already got the advance for? Perfect.The Bourne Legacy should have alerted us to Lustbader's penchant for the ridiculous – (view spoiler)[as Khan turns out to be Bourne's long lost (believed dead) son (hide spoiler)] – and in this sequel, The Bourne Betrayal, we're asked to believe that Bourne (a man with a history of memory loss and documented paranoia/trust issues) lets a doctor he's only just met inject his brain with 'memory healing nanites' and that an Islamic terrorist would be able to convincingly replace the head of a secret US anti-terrorism task-force – without anybody noticing; not even Bourne, his best friend. Truly incredible.In fact, this magical ability to appear to be somebody else is the central point of the story. Both Karim al-Jamil and Bourne are described as chameleons: one able to fool an entire government department of professional spooks; the other able to fool a tight-knit terrorist cell. This is counter-balanced by Bourne's ability to, once he's realised he's been fooled by the fake Lindros, suddenly work out every tiny detail of the terrorist plot, immediately and, with no real evidence at all. He is the perfect spy I guess after all.As I already own the next three Lustbader novels in the series, I'm almost certainly going to keep going. But these books are increasingly looking like they should be for Bourne completists only.

  • Jerome
    2019-03-09 18:01

    Characters are bland and undeveloped, if at all. Action sequences don't make sense. Overuse of gee-wiz technology that doesn't exist. Events happen (a good guy gets tied up and beaten) which weren't covered in the prior paragraphs.If you can get past the helicopters shooting down MiG-29s and Bourne in a commercial jet dogfighting with Iranian fighters (I'm not making this stuff up), you still have to deal with the incredible metamorphosis that has happened to Bourne himself between the Bourne Legacy (which I absolutely loved) and this latest offering. The loving husband and father, part-time professor David Webb, has now been totally consumed by the Bourne identity.Lindros asks before he dies that his ashes be buried at the Cloisters in New York City. The Cloisters is the name of a museum built by the Metropolitan Museum and has never had a cemetery. He repeatedly talks about the "Washington National Airport" when that airport was renamed in 1999 to the Ronald Reagan Washington Nation Airport (usually just called the Reagan National Airport now.Omar, the humble and innocent Pakistani waiter is sitting bound to a chair in a bathroom of the Washington hotel where he works, knowing he's about to be executed by terrorists. Does this terrified man beg for mercy? Does he hurl abuse at his captors? Not a bit of it. He lectures them calmly and collectedly on the merits of the Israeli nation: "Israelis themselves are Nobel laureates in physics, economics, chemistry, literature; prize-winners in quantum computing, black-hole thermodynamics, string theory. Israelis were founders of Packard Bell, Oracle SanDisk, Akami, Mercury Interactive, Check Point, Amdocs, ICQ." Clearly satisfied on all these counts and that this would be the normal reaction of anyone about to die gruesomely at the hands of Islamic fanatics, Mr Van Lustbader then lets Omar get into his stride, expounding his beliefs on how Israel should be the model for them to follow. Perhaps understandably, the terrorist leader slices Omar's throat, telling him: "This is gibberish." Mr Van Lustbader go that bit right. What a perfect epitaph, not only to this ludicrous scenario, but to the whole book.I almost stopped reading when the main terrorist character "became" Bourne's good friend Martin Lindross, fooling Bourne and everyone else whi knows Lindross into believing it was really him. Please.Several components are just simply poorly reasearched. I.e. Marine Rangers in East Africa. Rangers are from the Army. The dialogue sounds like actual people and the plot while ludicruous is mostly resolved logically ... but at no point do you actually believe any of it - from the second sentence, you realize you are reading a book and if you have a 4-hour flight delay - this will kill it without you becoming too annoyed since it's so professionally done but like airliner food serves to put food in your stomach and not much more - this book serves to fill up hundreds of pages but as soon as you put it down, I defy you to remember anyone beyond the Bourne character's name.The cliches continue to abound in this new addition to the Bourne series, with the pick of the crop the "turning" of the CI head's assistant by one of the key terrorists who want revenge for an earlier attack by Bourne on their father. Add to this the ease at which CI is infiltrated by nearly every bad guy on the planet, including moles from the Pentagon and another mole who owes his allegiance to the evil Secretary of Defense.Lustbader is absolutely terrible at setting scenes - his descriptions of just where things are in relation to other things, is incomprehensible. It's impossible to get a visual of almost any three dimensional place the author describes, most often because he forgets his left from his right.

  • Ben Jackson
    2019-03-10 10:03

    This is in my bottom 10 books of all time. Poorly conceived, written, edited, and packaged. The plot makes about as much sense as a colonoscopy to diagnose strep throat. It's full of continuity, spelling, and grammatical errors and about as exciting as golf.

  • Ken Gorry
    2019-03-04 13:47

    I thought no one could Kill Jason Bourne, so well done Eric Van Lustbader. Jason Bourne is now dead to me. The villain is boring. and somehow has built a bond style evil base in the Afghanistan mountains. for those of you who don't know the geography of the area it cant be traversed by a motorised transport. Yet somehow our villain managed not only to build a secret base but also managed to get an elevator and a tarmac runway. This is just one of numerous ludicrous scenarios Van Lustbader serves up. Eric Van Lustbader is milking the name of Jason Bourne for every cent he can get. Robert Lidlum must be spinning in his grave

  • T.
    2019-03-15 14:02

    Dear Eric Van Lustbader:Please leave the Bourne series alone. Respectfully,T.

  • Timi Ogunbekun
    2019-03-24 15:37

    The Bourne Trilogy ( Robert Ludlum's greatest work) was one of the best clandestine-thriller series I've ever had the privilege of reading. Normally the idea of a book series chronicling the adventures of a schizophrenic/amnesiac assassin would be absurd, but Ludlum made it work. He made readers connect, not only with Jason Bourne and his alter-ego, but every other character that was a part of Bourne's Life. He made you want to follow Bourne on his journey through confusion, paranoia, frustration & the accompanying violence. That was the whole essence of "The Bourne Identity"- you, the reader, were not only able to buy into his idea of a schizophrenic amnesiac assassin, but you also were part of the journey of remembering. You wanted to find out about Bourne's past life just as much the character himself did, and that's why you kept reading. Jason Bourne was just a damm compelling character- "The Bourne Identity", not the book itself but the essence of the protagonist Jason Bourne & other key characters in his life, was simply addictive to the reader.Ludlum's ability to weave this crucial aspect seamlessly into every wild thrill-ride of a mystery/action-adventure Jason Bourne is forced into is what MADE the Bourne Trilogy so great. Eric Van Lustbader's inability to do this is what makes the rest of the Bourne Series (Bourne Betrayal & Onwards) so terribly and painfully Awful. I had put off reading the rest of the Bourne Series (post-Ludlum's trilogy) due to the belief that the new Author in the series (Lustbader) couldn't live up to the standard Ludlum had set for the original trilogy. I should have just followed my gut.The most annoying thing is that when I did eventually decide to read the rest of the series, Lustbader completely Blew me away with his first installment in the continuation "The Bourne Legacy" , which was absolutely brilliant and actually surpassed "The Bourne Supremacy" as my favorite Bourne book overall. He HAD the essence of the Original Bourne Trilogy in "The Bourne Legacy", but he decided to completely forgo ALL OF IT in his later books. The plots are all weak and confusing; the supporting characters are always changing and remain underdeveloped before they are "killed off" from book to book. Even the main character is devoid of depth- it's like there's a new Jason Bourne in each succession that's completely different & sometimes contradictory to the Jason Bourne in the previous novel. The author completely abandoned the schizophrenic aspect of the protagonist and stripped Jason Bourne to just another caricatured "Secret Agent Man" in the mold of James Bond. The sheer lack of any semblance of continuity is absolutely gut-wrenching to a fan of the original Trilogy- without it every book is just another typical mass-produced Action Thriller novel with an over the top badass main character and a shoddily put-together plot. And WHY THE HECK would anyone in their right mind devote their precious time to reading a crappy 10+ hr Action-Thriller Novel when Hollywood can give you an Action-Thriller Screenplay with 10x the plot, 10x the character depth, 10x the plausibility, and easily 10x the entertainment in just 1/4 the time!!!.....It's just a damm shame such a well developed & compelling character & series had to go to waste- my faith in fiction novels is shot.

  • Ollie
    2019-03-24 12:54

    Below is a review I wrote and posted on Barnes & Noble where I purchased this book for my Nook. It still stands as my review.Despite misgivings and numerous attempts at reading Lustbader in the past, I decided to read his Bourne books solely because of the subject - Jason Bourne. I hoped Lustbader had improved his craft in the last few years and that this series would be good. I was greatly dismayed from the start when I realized he had completely set aside the original and true character of David Webb/Jason Bourne, and his family as they were created by Ludlum. For anyone who has read and loved the original Bourne books by Robert Ludlum, you realize the movies had very little in common with the books. And I loved the movies - Matt Damon was a terrific Jason Bourne. However, the movies and books had bare bones only in common. Lustbader’s Bourne character comes across as if he was a 30something covert ops hero and crashes forward through something like 10 or maybe 11 books/adventures to date. I really wanted to read the 'new' Jason Bourne adventures, although knowing that it would be as if reading about a new character rather than a continuation of a much loved and well-known character. That would have been fine - if Lustbader could really write. He does fine up to a point, but some of his plotting action is so incredibly stupid you wonder if a 10-year-old could have done better. One review I read mentioned Bourne heard his phone while revving a motorcycle with a helicopter flying immediately overhead – and I have to agree that is so far-fetched, I would say impossible. I nearly stopped reading at a point just moments before the ring of his cell phone when he jumped a Harley off the back of a moving rig and pulled a sharp U-turn in front of oncoming cars, ratcheting up through the gears in a chase scene. This whole scenario, from how they got on the street in a chase scene to begin with to the way it ended, is so badly contrived I could barely make it through. Not wanting to spoil anything further for those who might actually want to read this stuff, let me just say that the prelude to the chase scene was a real stumble-bumble scenario - nothing that David Webb/Jason Bourne of the first three books or the Jason Bourne of the movies would have done. Stupid is as stupid does for Lustbader. I waded through more pages until yet another incredibly stupid scenario and I quit. I can only stand to read poorly written, contrived plots for so long and then I just throw the book away or put it in a recycle bag. Unfortunately, this one is on my Nook. Oh yeah. Delete! Delete! Delete! For those who might actually enjoy somewhat poorly constructed action stuff and can ignore the tripe of Lustbader's writing, enjoy. But, please, be aware that all you are reading is Lustbader's bid for his own James Bond type series and it would have been far better if he had simply created his own character and not usurped the wonderful character that Robert Ludlum created. I had to give it a star rating to post the review and couldn't do just a tiny point of a star so let it be known that the star I had to give for this book was for the name - Jason Bourne - and nothing else.

  • Kristen
    2019-03-08 13:04

    If you love non-stop action thrillers, you'll enjoy this action-adventure thriller. With non-stop action, this novel takes you all over the world from Washington D.C. to Africa to Eastern Asia. I remember seeing the first Bourne movies years ago and on TV--now this propels us to post-9/11 world with terrorists and intricate plotlines. I've been wrapped up into a fast paced world. We can see Bourne struggle with his memory and how he copes with his loss. My heart sank with him. But we see him never give up and team up to fight the bad guys in various ways. Even injured, he's relentless. With the fourth Bourne thriller hitting the movies this summer, this one takes off where that left over. Breathless, heart racing a storm, this sent chills down the spine. I kept rooting for Bourne all the way to the end.

  • Randy
    2019-03-23 10:39

    Eh. It was okay. Somewhat engaging with a few twists, but every book further from the original Bourne Trilogy seems to lose something from that fantastic trio of books. Maybe this is a minor point, but I keep thinking back to the time frame of the original series versus these. It doesn't seem that any effort has been made to account for the changes in culture (i.e. cell phones/internet). I'd have to go back and figure it out, but I think this book is a few decades ahead technologically from where it should be. I try to force myself to forget it, but it is distracting.I'm thinking I will go back and read some of the real Ludlum books that I missed before reading more of the Bourne books.

  • Edward
    2019-03-22 10:40

    I often will not even bother putting a three star book up on goodreads. I don't particularly like to give bad reviews, and a three star rating to me means that there are some pretty significant weaknesses.However, Lustbader's early stuff is some of my favorite fiction, and I will probably keep giving him a chance unless he goes the full Tom Clancy. I did think his recent First Daughter was better.So, what was good about the book. The plot was interesting and wellpaced, especially the second half of the book. And he did a good job recreating the depths of the torment of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne.However, the writing was not very good. I do not need literary prose to enjoy a book by any stretch. I like Lee Child and I like Clive Cussler's first ten or so books. But this writing was just weak. Way, way too much use of the verb to be and the passive tense. Even beyond that, the writing just seemed lazy.As I said, I don't like leaving bad reviews. But at his best, Lustbader's previous writing would reach out and grab you by the heart and gut and not let go. I hope he's got it in him to get that back in the future.

  • Judy
    2019-03-15 10:05

    A truly laughable plot line. Although, I'm sure those that love a good spy novel and/or the Bourne series will disagree with me. It really should be kept in the "Fantasy" genre. The characters are able to assume each other's identities with the greatest of ease right down to the last detail. The good guys are able to become the bad guys and vice versa. Not only are enemies able to walk the walk of one another but even their voices are amazingly counterfeited. Sorry, but I don't buy it. The technology just doesn't exist. Unfortunately, because this is such a huge portion of the plot line, the entire book suffered. Perhaps if the book was supposed to take place a couple of hundred years from now it might not have been so bad but it's modern day setting doomed it to failure.

  • Joel
    2019-03-05 11:40

    If this were a video game it would be rated M [Strong language, Extreme Violence, some sex, drugs]The body count was high and it seems that every character is either an assassin, murderer, or both, so I had a hard time deciding whether or not a particular character was a "good guy". Getting past all that, this was an exciting read. Each time the author jumped between characters I wanted to stay with the one he was talking about because I was so engaged.

  • Euni
    2019-03-07 10:43

    The fact that they are using Robert Ludlum's name and the character from his previous books, does not make this a thriller. I'm falling asleep reading this book and trying to figure out when the character is going to act like Jason Bourne. Or even David Webb.I'm afraid I cannot recommend this book to anyone.

  • Robbie183
    2019-03-05 15:57

    Do not read this book!!I can't believe the publisher allowed Robert Ludlum's name to be associated with it. Following on from the excellent Bourne series, a cheap ploy to capitalise on a sound reputation, by a sub-standard writer.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-27 16:42

    Unworthy og the name Bourne.

  • Steve King
    2019-03-13 09:56

    When the deputy director of CI and Bourne's only real friend is captured in the field by a well organized terrorist cell Jason Bourne will stop at nothing to rescue him. His quest will span three continents and as always, involve a number of death defying scenarios. However, the capture of Martin Lindros is more than an attempt to eliminate Bourne. The terrorists have a deadly plan to replace Lindros, gain high level access to CI and plant a false flag while they attempt to set off a nuclear bomb in a major US city. Snaring Jason Bourne in their trap is only the cherry on top of their sinister plot. While the plot of The Bourne Betrayal is generally okay (if a little cliche) there are a lot of problems with this turd-burger of a book, the biggest of which is that I don't think author Eric Van Lustbader wrote a Jason Bourne book. Bourne feels wedged into the role, rather than the role being about him. It felt more like Lustbader had an idea for a book and them jammed Bourne into it to cash in on the franchise. Jason Bourne feels and acts nothing like Ludlum's iconic character. He could be replaced by any highly trained action hero and the book would read the same. All of Bourne's past history is pushed aside or ignored so the author can do what he wants with the character. This problem is highlighted at the very opening of the book where Jason visits a psychologist specializing in memory loss and recovery and allows him to inject him with a (poorly explained) set of something like nanomachines to alter Bourne's memory. Allowing a perfect stranger to tamper with him in such a way is totally off character for Bourne and while many thrillers are an exercise in disbelief, there's only so much that can be tolerated without kicking the reader out of the flow of the story. Doing this at the start of chapter one put me in a position where from the outset of the book, I was prone to questioning everything about the author's motives. Beyond the glaring issue of finding the story unbelievable from the outset there's a lot of technical flaws and scenes that are just outside the physical realm of possibility. In one action sequence Bourne kicks a stalactite from a cave floor and uses it as a thrown spear to kill a man. Sure, I know Bourne is near super-human but literally detaching a stone formation with a kick? Come on. Worse, most of the action scenes are just vanilla. There's no real grit to them, even in worst-case scenarios. They read like a series of bullet points. Jason punches the guy. The guy chops Jason in the ribs. Jason kicks him in the head. He dies. Next. At some point in the book I started dog-earing the pages with technical flaws or otherwise absurd passages. In one scene a female CI agent is driving and we get this: "Soraya drove hard and fast, always staying within the speed limit, the last thing they needed was to attract an patrolling police car." So wait - she was driving hard and fast but also carefully and inconspicuously? I kinda feel like you can't do both. The Bourne Betrayal is filled with this sort of thing - someone "charging down a hall, trying to avoid detection." Again, charging and attempts at stealth seem contradictory. In another scene, we learn that a Chinook transport helicopter has shot down two MiG jet interceptors despite the fact that we were told what armaments the Chinook was carrying and that that list did not include air to air missiles. As an Army veteran with some understanding of military hardware, I'd sure like to know how a transport helicopter, even a super-badass CI version, shot down two jet fighters (since we're only told that it happened, not how). It stuff like that that just dragged The Bourne Betrayal down over and over again into a pit of unbelievable ridiculousness. I was disappointed with Lustbader's first Bourne novel. This one was bad enough to put me off the series for good unless Ludlum's estate finds a new writer to carry on the series. This was a close call between one and two stars. I'm being generous by giving it two.

  • Phiwa
    2019-03-04 14:56

    It will hurt your common sense. Do not read this stinker. The plot is extremely under cooked and the character coincidences will rattle your common sense. The story begins with a great sequence albeit with the now-all-too-common the American CIA agent outsmarts the native-world-other. In other words the American is intelligent and the non-American is dumb. The novel has too much of this ideology. Before I continue I have to ask, Why does the teenager Tyrone know so much and do so many impossible things. It is true that if you want to enjoy the story, categorise it as 'super-fiction', but Eric van Lustbader should've known that he was writing a plot that any right-thinking adult will rubbish. As for the middle part of the plot, Jason Bourne has not reason to be in that country because he achieves nothing there and meanwhile the terrorists are blindsided by an unrealistic pride laden blind spot. I mean, "c'mon". Ouch, this story was very difficult to finish. As I read it in 2017 I envied readers who'd long past it in 2013 for having past the pain that the story causes to common sense. Every screenplay has a plot hole as does every novel particularly what Gene Siskel called "the fallacy of the talking killer". This being the killer that talks instead of killing the hero. Hhaa! There's just too much of it in here. If you do start reading it and you want to be sado-masochistic to yourself, dig in and finish it. Wow. You will feel what it's like to hurt your common sense.

  • Bob Cutler
    2019-03-10 15:04

    Didn't finish this one. My suspension of disbelief was tested right from the start. I enjoyed the Bourne movies so I thought I'd like the books. I quickly realized that there's no way an organization like the CIA would keep someone as mentally damaged as Bourne around. he'd probably be "asked" to resign and then become a police chief for a small town in the Midwest. Anyway, Bourne is sent out to find someone by himself because all of the resources of the CIA can't seem to. Really? I drew the line at the impersonation and the eye transplant. That was just plain ridiculous. I walked away at that point, never to return to the series and possibly not to the movies either.

  • Audioreader
    2019-03-19 10:40

    I used to love the old Bourne books by Ludlum, but this Van Lustbader guy just can't live up to him. Sure, he's great at writing action scenes, and the one thing that I like better about his books as compared to Ludlum's is that the book is always at a fever pace of action, whereas there can be long, boring stretches in Ludlum's.But other than that, the book is totally far-fetched and unbelievable. And you don't identify with Bourne as much as in Ludlum's novels.

  • Larry Lange
    2019-03-12 14:54

    I had read the previous Van Lustbader Bourne series book and didn't enjoy it. After many years, I thought I would try again. I listened to it all n audio and enjoyed it considerably more. A couple of times early in the book I thought there were some things that got by Bourne that didn't fit the character, but I was able to move on. I will read the next book (or listen to it) .

  • Rodolfo Baez
    2019-02-24 14:00

    The Bourne Betrayal is to me, the most boring book of the whole series. It’s missing that suspense which makes you want to keep reading more. I had to motivate myself to keep reading this book simply to know of any new characters or events that may appear on a later book from the series ( which do happen) so for that and that alone I would recommend this book. There’s way too much reading of things that to me are pointless and an excess of characters with little development.

  • Jonathan Desimone
    2019-03-26 10:02

    A solid Bourne adventureIf you like Ludlum and Jason Bourne as a character, this book is a nice fast read. Not quite as complicated or long as the identity, ultimatum or supremacy but still pretty good.

  • Richard
    2019-03-05 17:47

    not finished... my first non-Ludlum Bourne novel. Oh boy, what has happened to them? Is it my memory playing tricks, I'm sure the originals were a little bit of escapism. This one just missed the mark.

  • Jerry King
    2019-02-27 17:07

    2007 (read)

  • Randa Mcnair
    2019-02-24 14:43

    So many characters, it's kinda hard to keep up with who's who. The story line is quite captivating. I look forward to the next tale.

  • Tim Pulsford
    2019-03-14 16:54

    Actually didn't mind this Bourne adventure despite having my reservations to Van Lustbader taking over Ludlum's character. 4 stars because I couldn't give it 3 1/2.

  • Evander v
    2019-03-01 17:57

    So, I find Lustbader's Bourne books pretty ridiculous compared to Ludlum's. This one was full of stereotypes which is just tiring. But it's entertaining enough as a guff action plot lol