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O desaparecimento de uma menina de doze anos numa pequena cidade rural dos Estados Unidos, igual a tantas outras foi a gota de água. A gota de água para o seu irmão gémeo que procura por toda a cidade a irmã e rondando as casas de criminosos. A gota de água para o pai da pequena Alyssa que abandona um casamento já muito problemático. A gota de água para a mãe que entra numO desaparecimento de uma menina de doze anos numa pequena cidade rural dos Estados Unidos, igual a tantas outras foi a gota de água. A gota de água para o seu irmão gémeo que procura por toda a cidade a irmã e rondando as casas de criminosos. A gota de água para o pai da pequena Alyssa que abandona um casamento já muito problemático. A gota de água para a mãe que entra numa tremenda depressão. A gota de água para o detective encarregue do caso que se sente na obrigação de manter o irmão de Alyssa debaixo de olho e tentar salvar aquela família despedaçada. Mas é também a gota de água para toda uma comunidade, sobretudo depois do desaparecimento da segunda criança. Com esse desaparecimento a pequena comunidade estilhaça-se e todos olham para todos com suspeita mas é aquilo que o pequeno Johnny, ao procurar a sua irmã, vai descobrir que é verdadeiramente sinistro e vai lançar ondas de choque por toda a comunidade. John Hart é um dos mais importantes escritores de thrillers da actualidade....

Title : A Última Criança
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A Última Criança Reviews

  • Melissa
    2019-03-24 10:55

    *4.5 stars*It didn’t take much for John Hart to convince me, I was about to embark on an incredible journey—and by not much, I mean a mere chapter or two. Now, I don’t know about you, but in my book, that’s the sign of an impressive writer—one who manages to catch me with only a teeny tiny taste.Even with the frenzy-inducing suspense, the hefty list of questionable characters and the constant probing of the facts this storyline incites, The Last Child reads more like literary fiction than anything else. There’s something about John Hart’s voice and style that just speaks to me on an entirely different level. His writing is polished and palatable, but somehow still sort of gritty on the tongue. The moral ambiguity of the characters and the heartbreaking circumstances take on a hearty, but craveable note; making this impossible not to devour.After my love for Redemption Road, what took so long for me to pick up this novel? I'm not gonna lie, the fact that much of the story is told through the eyes of a 13-year-old boy, scared me off. I’m the first to admit, I’m not much of a YA reader and logically I reasoned Johnny’s story would have that feel or veer off into juvenile territory, only to leave me wanting. Boy, was I wrong; this is so not YA. I’m happily eating my words right now because this was nothing short of phenomenal storytelling. Johnny—our 13-year-old heroine—is enigmatic and wise beyond his years, through no fault of his own.The disappearance of Johnny’s twin sister, one year earlier, left his family in shambles. And that’s putting it lightly. Every day, he’s forced to confront a harsh reality. No longer are his parents sharing his childhood home or making sure he’s taken care of. Instead, his once present and happy mother is now a drug addled mess that sleeps her days away in the dump they call home and succumbs to manipulation and degradation from an abusive man at night. To make things worse, Johnny’s father—a man overcome with guilt—walked away without a second-glance or a muttered word.So, what’s a brother to do? Find his sister, no matter what it takes, that’s what. Johnny—with his map and trusty sidekick, Jack in tow—spends his time dodging the lead detective assigned to his sister’s case and compiling his own list of shady suspects. Interviews, stakeouts, car-theft, gun-wielding—there isn’t much he won’t do to get the answers he so desperately needs.Through much of the story I wanted to shake Johnny’s mother and make her realize she still had one last child left to take care of; one hurting just as much as her, if not more. I wanted to reach into the story and hug Johnny; to convince the broken boy that somehow, someway things would eventually be okay. I wholeheartedly admired his tenacity, strength and the determination that drove his search. The bitter truth—akin to a brutal punch to the gut—was agonizing, gag-inducing and just plain devastating. “Darkness is a cancer of the human heart.”At its heart, The Last Child is a story about the arduous trek the quest for truth sometimes demands, but even more notably, the healing power of forgiveness and friendship. I can’t wait to see where time and space lands Johnny and Jack in The Hush.

  • Julie
    2019-04-04 18:05

    The Last Child by John Hart is a 2009 Minotaur publication. John Hart has taken the crime and mystery genre to an entirely new level with this stunning novel. The perfect family is torn asunder when their daughter disappears, just vanishes into the thin air. The marriage falls apart, the father walks out, the mother falls into drug and alcohol abuse and into a toxic relationship, while the last child- Johnny, a thirteen -year old boy, grieving the loss of his missing twin, is left to fend for himself in a horrifying and cruel world. Johnny works has hard has he can to find his missing sister, a task he feels alone in, but Detective Clyde Hunt is nearly as obsessed about the missing girl as Johnny. The case grows colder by the day-But, then another child vanishes….This novel shows why John Hart is a multiple Edgar Award winner. This story is written with a lush literary prose that drew me right into Johnny’s lonely and treacherous life. His journey is so painful and heartbreaking, while his courage, fortitude, and a moral code is exemplary. Every character is drawn with such rich and vivid detail, while the atmosphere is thick with tension and desperation. The suspense hangs heavy in the air as more revelations come to light and Johnny finds himself in an unimaginable situation. This is a crime novel, but it is also a family drama, a testing of faith, an examination of humanity, the best and the worst, a coming of age tale that reaches into your very soul, stirring a melting pot of emotions. I’ve read literary thrillers, but none quite like this one. Johnny is a like a modern- day Huck Finn, a child abandoned, who must survive by pure grit, but one who possesses a tenderness that nearly brought me to tears. For those who are more into the criminal elements of the story, have no fear. This is a dark crime drama with plenty of jaw dropping twists. Novels like this one are rare. I can only wonder at how far this author's talent can take him!! I highly recommend this book!! It will definitely leave a lasting impression.5 stars

  • Mary Beth
    2019-04-11 11:18

    4.5 stars! This is a thriller/ mystery about abducted and missing children, but it stands head and shoulders above other treatments of that theme. There are no gruesome details, but there is rich characterization and subtle psychological exploration of the characters. And there is plenty of riveting suspense. Thirteen-year-old Johnny Merrimon has a twin sister, Alyssa, but she disappeared about a year ago. Johnny’s father, Spencer, had been scheduled to pick up Alyssa from the library that night, but was late, so Alyssa had started home on her own. Johnny’s best friend Jack Cross said he saw her get into a van. Johnny’s mother Katherine blamed Spencer for Alyssa’s fate, and he left them two weeks later. Johnny’s mother fell apart.An old rival of Johnny’s dad, Ken Holloway, who had never gotten over Katherine, moved into their lives, keeping Katherine doped up and beating both her and Johnny. Johnny concentrated on trying to find Alyssa. And he prayed to God for three things: an end to the pills and drugs; for the rest of his family to come home; and for Ken Holloway to die a slow and terrible death.Another family was torn apart by Alyssa’s disappearance too. Detective Clyde Hunt got so obsessed with the case that his wife left him, and his high school-aged son seemed to be in a permanent state of alienation. At one point Hunt reflected that he knew he had a problem being addicted to his job, but there was more: "In the still and dark of the kitchen, Hunt admitted, for once, that he did not much like his own son. He loved him, of course, but he did not like him. Not his attitudes, his beliefs, or his choices. The boy had changed.”Hunt’s withdrawal from his own family is mirrored by his increasing involvement with the Merrimons. He sees what is happening with Katherine and Johnny, and tries to help, but they won’t let him; they felt he had let them down by not finding Alyssa.One year after Alyssa’s disappearance, another girl goes missing: Tiffany Shore. Johnny is convinced that finding Tiffany is the key to finding Alyssa. Hunt is determined not to lose another girl. The tension ratchets up and oozes into your very bones, as the characters race to learn something – anything – before it is too late.This is a book you can’t stop reading, with characters who seem like real people you care about a great deal. Highly recommended!

  • Jen
    2019-04-16 18:18

    Hart does it again. A heart thumping, holy crap, I need to keep reading, adrenaline rush of a thriller that left me breathless with anticipation.Johnny Merrimon is a 13'year old boy who is on the run. His twin sister went missing more than a year ago and he's taken it upon himself to find her. His mom a drug addict and his dad abandoned them, he has had to grow up and fend for himself.As he gets closer to the truth, he witnesses a murder but before the stranger dies, he tells Johnny he's found her.A southern grit thriller that had me in the shape of a pretzel with all of its twists. Hart is a master thriller teller. Thanks to Norma and Brenda for letting me hitch a ride on this exciting travelling sister journey:)All of our Traveling Sister Reads Reviews can be found on our blog: https://twogirlslostinacouleereading....

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-03-28 16:58

    A year after his twin sister disappeared, thirteen year old Johnny Merrimon is still looking for her. His father has ran out on the family out of guilt and his mother is hooked on pills and shacked up with an abusive scumbag. The only other people who seem to care are Johnny's best friend Jack and a burned out cop named Clyde Hunt. Until another girl disappears... The Last Child is a mystery about a missing girl in a small town but it's also a lot more than that. It's the story of what happens to a family who suffers senseless loss with nowhere to turn. It's the story about a cop so obsessed with a case that his life falls apart. And it's the story of what guilt does to a person over the course of a year.The story starts simply enough. Johnny is out looking for his sister when he witnesses a man run down by a car. The man's dying words are of finding a missing girl. The story zigs and zags all over the place, taking Johnny and Detective Hunt to places most people would be reluctant to go, both physically and emotionally.I'd never heard of John Hart before this book but I'll be picking up his back catalog after this. The prose was a notch above most detective novels and the characters were very well realized, not a paper character in sight. The relationships between the characters and their families drove the book forward, Johnny and his mother, Hunt and his son, Jack and his family. Levi Freemantle reminded me a lot of John Coffey from The Green Mile.Hart kept me guessing right up until the end, dragging me from one false lead to the next. I had no idea who the killer was until it was spelled out for me. That's the hallmark of a great mystery. Hell, of a great book period.Five stars. If I read a better book than this in 2013, I'll be surprised.

  • Norma
    2019-04-04 16:04

    Traveling Sisters Review by NORMA, BRENDA and JEN!!HART has a knack to keep you totally engaged with jaw-dropping moments that even surprised Norma’s deductive sleuthing skills.THE LAST CHILD by JOHN HART is an action-packed, tense, fast-paced, and a suspenseful thriller with lots of surprising twists and turns along the way that kept us all reading and guessing right to the very end.JOHN HART delivers a character driven story here that is brilliantly and cleverly written in such a skillful way that allows us to really get into our main character’s voices and the storyline, Johnny, a young boy’s desperate search for the truth and Hunt’s relentlessness and personal quest in solving the crime which ends up costing him dearly.  Johnny who's mature way beyond his 13 years is on a desperate truth seeking personal mission to find his missing twin sister.  He is shrewd, smart, and vulnerable at times.  We loved how resourceful and determined teenage Johnny was in fighting to find out the truth in an adult world.  With some adults caring, controlling and failing him, making him more determined than ever in finding out the truth.   This is a book that we couldn’t stop reading, with a story that was so filled of heart, and with flawed characters who you couldn’t help but to root for. Highly recommended!    All of our Traveling Sister Reads Reviews can be found on our blog:http://www.twogirlslostinacouleereadi...

  • Zoeytron
    2019-04-02 11:58

    This mystery is so rich and full of story, it is difficult to decide what to focus on for this review. A crooked man, busted up and leaking red., a giant of a man with a ruined face and a heavy load, another man named Jar, he with the jittery eyes. Woods that are deep and secret, a reflection of wings, and then one by one, a gathering of crows. Johnny is a young boy with the heart of a warrior and a predilection for eagle feathers, war paint, and fire. This is Johnny Merrimon, and he continues to search for his missing sister a year after the police fail in their attempts to locate her. Is she a runaway, has she been snatched, is she dead? Johnny can expect no help from his parents, with the father taking off, the mother turning to pills and to an abusive man to distract from the loss. He does have a couple of people in his corner, the detective who continues to be haunted by this case and a best friend named Jack. This novel has been around for awhile, since 2010, when it won the Edgar Award for Best Novel. My first introduction to John Hart was earlier this year with Redemption Road, which was excellent. I like this one even better.

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    2019-03-23 15:13

    ✨ 5 "Why did I wait so long to read my first John Hart book?!" stars to The Last Child ✨ I read this book in anticipation of Hart's latest, The Hush. The very first chapter had my heart twisted in knots. I know it's your stomach that is usually twisted in knots, but this book told a strong hold of my heart and did not let go until the end. How remarkable that a suspense/thriller would grab my heart like it did. Johnny Merrimon, the main character, was on a mission to find his lost sister, Alyssa, and while on the search he endured many hardships, forcing him to grow up earlier than his time, as well as coming into contact with several sinister and just plain evil characters along the way. I was on the edge of my seat, and the pacing was exceptional throughout. Just what happened to Alyssa? Who will find out the truth?This book is classified a mystery, but due to the characterization, it was so much more. Another author to love. Another North Carolina author to love. Storytelling at its finest.

  • Suzanne
    2019-04-13 11:02

    Who is this author John Hart?! Late to the party yet again? Damn. Comparisons to Mr Grisham may be very well founded. I don’t normally like to draw comparisons, but this was mentioned on the insert of the back cover. I’m impressed. Not in a courtroom way, but I really did love this book. I also find it hard to use the words ‘favourite’ book of the year, but this was awesome! So glad to be a part of the Goodreads community yet again – thanks to the friends who steered me to this one. I wouldn't have had this pleasure, otherwise. I love finding treasures. It was quite the ride. I was explaining just this morning the plot to my 11 year old son, he was captivated. I loved reading about Johnny, a lad vigilante. I enjoy fiction, so I can enjoy the perks, i.e. the little bits and pieces that wouldn't happen in the real world, isn't that what it's all about?! He was the epitome of cool, despite the torrid nature of his circumstance. His twin sister missing for a year, his poor and brittle mum grieving and suffering against the hand of a despicable predator. This book had it all. At the core though, it was all Johnny. “Five times never caught. Hunt shook his head and tried not to smile. He really did like that kid.”Hunt provided the wounded and strung out D character, committed to the job like no other, and his equally as committed partner Yoakum. Johnny’s mum was also a favourite for me, I liked following her journey. Loved this parting offering “Jack Cross, My Friend’.I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those readers out there who love a thriller and a mystery – it’s tops! Loved, loved, loved, loved it. Can you tell?!

  • Svetlana
    2019-03-27 11:11

    Darkness is a cancer of the human heart.I haven't been able to stop thinking about this book ever since I've finished reading it. For months it was sitting on my shelf because I wasn't bothered to pick it up; but my interest piqued when the lovely Jennifer read and reviewed this book. I finally decided to read it because I also found that the author was coming out with a new book which takes place years after this one. The Last Child was a fantastic read. I honestly loved everything about it and it's definitely become one of my favourite books of this year and possibly of all-time. John Hart has written an intensely suspenseful story that was both atmospheric and gripping. I literally couldn't pull myself away from my book because I was so immersed in the lives of these characters. I just HAD to know what was happening. Hart has created flawed characters that felt so raw and real to me. They were so vividly drawn out that I really felt what they were going through. My heart broke for Johnny over and over again and I truly despised Ken Holloway. God, he was so despicable! Hart is a wonderful storyteller and I'm definitely going to read more of his work. I couldn't recommend The Last Child enough so give it a read if you haven't already!

  • Brenda
    2019-04-07 12:05

    Traveling sister review with Norma and JenLoved sharing the twists and surprises from The Last Child with Norma and Jen. All of our Traveling Sister reviews can be found on our sister bloghttps://twogirlslostinacouleereading....

  • *TANYA*
    2019-03-28 17:03

    Wow!! Simply WOW!! I officially love this author!! Everything came to a full circle. The author taps into very strong subjects but he manages to be subtle and refined, without having to be crude or detailed to get the message across. I loved his latest work, Redemption Road, and in my opinion this book superseded that one and it was a five star read as well.

  • Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
    2019-04-21 10:10

    WAY better than Iron House, love it when giving an author a second chance pans out. They're both thrillers but this one’s improved by a level of suspense, a slow build that about midway picks up then just keeps accelerating right to the end - don’t be surprised if your up half the night. The writing is simplistic (no thesaurus required here folks) more important the dialog is believable. Intricate plotting with characters to care about, a thoroughly entertaining bit of escapism. For the thriller genre it's a solid 4 stars. Yes, it’s full of stereotypes – nasty rich people, pedophiles & bullies abound. And I know, the obsessed cop who throws his personal live away in the pursuit of a perp has been done to death – for a reason. When an author pulls it off it’s fabulous. I fell for Johnny, a misfit, alone except for a basket-case of a mother. He figures if the cops can’t find his missing twin then he will. A fiercely loyal kid who "keeps his shoes laced tight and a knife in his pocket" Who sets about systematically checking out all the weirdo’s in town on his own including registered sex offenders…gutsy. And I fell for Hunt, BECAUSE he fell for Johnny - because just like me he wanted to "put an arm around the kid, make him understand, and at the same time, make him stop" Cons:Bit slow & convoluted at times – persevere. The mother Katherine’s journey of despair definitely overdone, in fact there’s a fair bit of overblown drama. My 2nd Hart, think I’m seeing a trend…Warning:If child abduction stories bother you– avoid this.

  • Karen G
    2019-03-26 12:59

    loved this book!!!!

  • Margitte
    2019-03-31 15:09

    Redemption Road by John Hart was my first encounter with this author's work. It became one of my all-time favorite reads. All the elements of a harsh, gritty reality was present, with a compassionate touch of goodness thrown in to ensure the reader's emotional survival. John Hart wrote a thriller like I wanted it to be. Perfectly so. Perhaps it can be called a literary thriller, since there was just so much more on offer than the usual.For this reason I jumped at the opportunity to read The Last Child about Johnny Merriman and his best friend Jack who encountered the dark side of life when the tide turned against them at the age of thirteen. Johnny's sister and then his his dad disappeared. He took it upon himself to find them and save his mother from a fate worst than death. This is such an endearing, suspenseful, gripping, atmospheric tale. I often had to gulp down my heart that was clogging up my throat. I read large parts of the book twice to catch up on the action, but also to enjoy the clues more that was so deftly woven into the plot.But most of all, the book was not just skillfully written, it also introduced the reader to a young man who had to grow up fast. His mind still wanted to linger on the magic of being a thirteen year old boy on the brink of big discoveries. His heart made him a lion, while his body reminded him that there was still a lot more growing up ahead before he could take on the violent world out there. He encountered the entire specturm of manhood on his journey to find the truth. How to be a real man was a tough lesson to learn. The results of this tale is a southern grit lit experience par excellence.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Victoria
    2019-03-30 13:12

    I have a tendency to pick up books at library used book sales only to gather dust on my shelves. To date there are over 80 tomes beckoning because I continue to go for the next ‘it’ book that everyone on Goodreads is touting. So I’ve made a commitment to dust off the occasional book in between the new releases and boy did I hit the jackpot on this one.This goes beyond the traditional mystery due to its emotional breadth and depth. The author delves into his characters’ lives with such understanding, yet without slipping into sappiness or cliché. There is a breathless pace to the plot twists and revelations as we dig into the disturbing circumstances of a family set adrift by the abduction at the center of the story. This is a tale whose unraveling is sheer brilliance and a main character whose age belies the toll his psyche has endured.What a wonderfully structured, written and realized mystery. John Hart where have you been all my reading life? And how lucky for me that you’re the author of numerous stories of suspense not the least of which, Redemption Road, has been on my must get to list for months. It’s going to take some discipline not to plow through your entire body of work one after another. The library Spring sales are coming up and I see myself digging for more Hart…I better make more shelf room.Highly recommend for fans of mysteries and well written stories, a 4.5 rounded up to 5 for the ability to both engage and surprise me.

  • Tom Mathews
    2019-03-29 14:09

    This was a fast-paced engaging tale that kept me reading far into the night. Hart’s writes sequentially without an outline, a style that makes for very well developed and engaging characters. There are a couple holes in plot but they are mostly fairly minor and didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story. I recently had the opportunity to meet John Hart and he revealed some interesting tidbits about the story. For one thing, Johnny Merrimon, the young man at the heart of this story, appeared in an earlier book of Hart’s. He was the unnamed boy on a bicycle who appeared briefly at the beginning of Down River. Hart liked that minor player so much that he made him the subject of a book of his own. Also, one of the murder victims, David Wilson, is named after Hart’s brother-in-law. ★★★★½

  • Bam
    2019-03-24 16:06

    *4.5 stars rounded up. John Hart can create some incredible characters that can tear your heart out if you're not careful. In the first few pages, I thought Oh this book is going to be just too depressing for me! But I'm glad I hung in there for a terrific, unputdownable read. One year ago, Johnny Merrimon's twin sister, Alyssa, was abducted, seen being pulled into a vehicle while walking home after her father failed to pick her up. The Merrimon family's life has been falling apart ever since. First the father walked away, leaving his beautiful wife and son to fend for themselves. Then his former boss, Ken Holloway, took pity on Katherine and her boy and moved them into one of his dilapidated rental homes, where he keeps the woman supplied with drugs and liquor...and takes his evilness out on both of them. At the young age of thirteen, Johnny deals with these problems and his emotions in the only way he can--by taking petty revenge on Ken, doing his best to take care of his mother and spending his free time pursuing clues about the whereabouts of his sister. This last is dangerous territory and he is warned off time and time again by Detective Clyde Hunt, who is also obsessed with the case...and the beautiful, sorrowful mother. Hunt cannot help but admire the boy's loyalty, fierceness and determination but these same attributes could put him in extreme danger. Then another young girl is abducted and all hell breaks loose in that town. Can they find both these girls before it's too late? Is the perp one man, two men, three?This turned out to be such a terrific page-turner of a thriller. I love the way Hart brings in seemingly incidental characters who end up being lynch pins in the story. Great writing! Johnny and his best friend Jack are characters I won't soon forget. I'm looking forward to reading more about their adventures in the next book The Hush, coming out in February! My second 5-star rating for 2018 and both books set in North Carolina. Hmmm, I've got a love-affair going on with that beautiful state, it appears!

  • Carol
    2019-04-06 10:09

    Read THE CHILD so long ago when it was first published and STILL remember a good portion of it.Loved it and John Hart's storytelling expertise!

  • Linda
    2019-03-25 11:58

    We all fail.....sometimes by the things we do and sometimes by the things that we should have done.Thirteen year old Johnny Merrimon has been at the giving and at the receiving end. His twin sister, Alyssa, has gone missing for some time. His parents have retreated into their own versions of darkness. Katherine has taken to numbing the pain with pills and coma-like sleeping episodes. His father has taken to the road to escape his sorrow and his own self-inflicted guilt.But Johnny refuses to lay the gauntlet down. With the strong determination of youth, he creates maps, trails, groupings of suspects, and the luck of eagle feathers to guide him in his pursuit of his sister. But there is one lone figure who has not let Johnny out of his sight. Detective Clyde Hunt had promised a beleaguered mother and son that he would bring Alyssa back to them. Another promise. Another failure. Another sense of false hope.John Hart presents his characters here in varied stages of rawness. Pain envelops them all and in varying degrees. He uses no subtleness to paint his array of human scenery. And that is his intention. To lock eyes with devastation, with desperation, and with the grip of human to human evil. Does goodness and the breath of true spirit stand a chance here?Hart does what he does best. He writes of those souls with stains upon them. He allows us to see beneath the veneer. He will always present his characters in the faintest of light and in the depths of that darkness. And even sometimes simultaneously. This was a heavy, but satisfying read.We await the next offering after Redemption Road. But please, Mr. Hart, don't make us wait on the steps so long.

  • Cathrine ☯️
    2019-04-09 12:56

    3.75★This was my suspend reality read for the month. You know when the words mystery and thriller are used in the same sentence to describe a book, there is going to be too much coincidence and unbelievable thriller stuff happening to characters. But that is why books like this are written and read. Not to be taken too seriously. But not as intelligent as I was hoping it would be. Reality aside, factual details should still count. Example: Johnny's mother could not be coming off drug addiction so quickly and easily, then function the way she did. No. Way. So I have to deduct points for that. There are more. That noted, it was a page turner, block out the real world 2 day ride. Even though I had the who did it figured out by the halfway point, it was far more complicated and twisty and surprising at the end than I could imagine and I did start to doubt my choice at one point. Add points back. And an extra quarter of a point added back because this was written by a man and instead of a book where the main female protagonist does stupid girl stuff, our male detective is defective with his maleness. I don't know why that rubs me the right way; it could be the one glass of wine consumed in writing this review. Enjoy!

  • Billy Young
    2019-04-16 10:00

    This is a real rollercoaster of a book, filled with twist and turns to keep you reading. At times I found it hard to put down so I could get some sleep. If there was a flaw it was that sometimes the story moved from one scene to another without the usual break you expect but this is minor and one which I quickly adjusted too. My first impression on this tale were swept away as the story of Johnny looking for his missing sister was turned on its head as this 13 year old boy struggled with his own fears and became an unlikely hero. Yet that is could so easily been the end to this book but no as there is more to this story than just that. This is where the the twists in the tale take this book to another level.

  • Jim
    2019-04-09 14:18

    This is a horrible book - in a good way. It's well written with superb characterization & a mystery that kept me wondering until the very end, but the basis of the story, child abuse & abduction, was heart-wrenching. I don't like books about kids being hurt & yet this one captivated me.The drive of the main characters was incredible, yet believable. They were flawed & noble, driven & swept away by events & powers outside their control. A cop haunted by a case he can't solve. His passions & compassion tearing his life, both official & personal, apart. A boy who can't stop looking for his abducted twin & treads the fine edge of insanity. A mother who is demolished by her losses struggling to continue for what she has left & the media circling like sharks. Secrets, mysteries, & lies abound. Who is good or bad isn't always easy to figure out.I can't say much without spoilers. I guess I could hide more under spoiler tags, but then I'd write a book. Just read it. If you like murder mysteries, this is one of the finest. Why only 4 stars & not 5? I never want to read it again & it added nothing to my life save for entertainment, but it was a hell of a ride.

  • Mara
    2019-04-09 17:06

    ThinkSling Blademeets Mystic Riverwith a touch of A Prayer for Owen Meany. All three are among my favorite movies/books, respectively, but The Last Child made my concurrent reading about the Armenian Genocide feel uplifting by comparison.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-09 09:59

    This book is John Hart's third, and the third that I've read. There is a common theme in his books. Take an ordinary happy person and turn their dreams into nightmares.In this book, Johnny's sister was abducted a year ago and never found, which resulted in his father leaving, his mother turning to drugs and alcohol, the loss of his home, and his obsession with finding her.In this book, a well-respected detective has lost his wife, is losing his son, and is also obsessed with finding Johnny's sister, which he has failed to do.What a rich, meaty story! The setting is sometimes depressing, with such realistic descriptions that I felt I was there. The characters sometimes do things that are frustrating. But, omg, the circumstances that are revealed in the end are heartbreaking. And uplifting. And hopeful. And show how events are related and affected by other events.I loved this book! I hated to put it down, but there were times I had to just to think about what was happening. I highly recommend this book!

  • Syl
    2019-04-21 18:03

    This is a missing child mystery which turns very intense. Alyssa, an ebullient 12 year old went missing one afternoon , returning from school. Her twin brother Johnny's friend Jack claims he sees her being pulled into a van by an unknown person. Alyssa'sparents are devastated and their marriage suffers as the mother blames the father who was supposed to pick her up, but forgot to. Father too disappears one fine day. Mother, Katherine turns a drug addict and Johnny is almost an orphan, who will leave no stone unturned to find his sister, even if it means following pedophiles around. Detective Clyde Hunt too is unable to get off his guilt and depression in. not finding the child.One year passes by, another girl goes missing, and the hornet's nest is stirred with unbelievable repercussions. I was engrossed in the tale most of the time, barring occasional pages of boredom.The conclusion was not what I expected. The twists towards the end were totally not foreseen. I am also intrigued by the title - The Last Child. Who is the last child? , and why?How I came across the book:I borrowed this from my friend Manju's 5 star rated books. (I am on a quest to read one 5 star book each from my friends' shelves without their knowledge )

  • James Thane
    2019-04-20 16:51

    Johnny Merrimon's picture-perfect family is shattered when Johnny's twelve-year-old twin sister, Alyssa, goes missing. A year later, Alyssia is presumed dead. Johnny's father, broken by the girl's disappearance, has abandoned the family while Johnny's mother has descended into a blurry fog of pills and booze, and is being victimized by a wealthy twisted sexual predator. Abandoned for all practical purposes, Johnny continues his own search for his sister, refusing to believe that she is dead, and putting himself at enormous risk. A freak chain of events reinvigorates the official search for Alyssa, but Johnny manages to stay one step ahead of the police detectives who are leading the investigation. This inevitably puts him in even greater jeopardy as the book races toward a stunning climax. The book does suffer from a couple of amazing coincidences that are hard to imagine and Johnny sometimes seems wise way beyond his years, especially considering that he is only thirteen. Some of his exploits also strain the bounds of credulity. But these are minor quibbles, and "The Last Child" is a book that any fan of crime fiction will thoroughly enjoy.

  • Annie
    2019-03-24 10:57

    This was very excellent, but I could have really benefited from seeing a therapist while reading this. John Hart is an excellent writer. I like when the author paints such a clear picture of what is going on that I feel it, not just read about it. However, that meant in this story that I felt a lot of emotions that were not of the feel-good kind. This story about a 13-year-old boy who searches for his sister who went missing a year ago involves A LOT more than I initially thought it would. The good news is that the author doesn't go into graphic detail about things you don't want to know about. There are surprises in this book that I never saw coming. I also liked the very real struggles with faith and how there were some positive things that came out in the end that may have helped with that. Definitely recommend, but I'm going to read what I think is a feel-good read next.

  • Antoinette
    2019-03-22 10:09

    4.5 STARS. This book was electrifying and totally unputdownable. This is the first book I have read by John Hart and will definitely not be my last.This book is a suspense thriller and it certainly delivers. There is so much to love about this book, but what I loved the most were the people.First there is Johnny a thirteen year old whose twin sister went missing a year ago. He has been conducting his own investigation because he is convinced she is still alive. His mother has fallen apart over the strain of losing her daughter and her husband, who walked out on them. You can’t help feeling sorry for her and wishing you could help her. Johnny’s friend Jack is another conflicted boy- he has a deformed arm for which he is endlessly teased and a super star brother who makes his life hell as do his parents. Another character you wish you could just step in and help. The detective on the case- Clyde Hunt has been on the case for a year and can’t let it go. The good cop whose life has fallen apart because of this case. There are other peripheral and not so peripheral characters that are so integral to the story as well.The author never let up- I honestly think if you love suspense novels, you will love this one. It certainly lives up to its promises and then some. The sequel is coming out in the next month and I look forward to connecting with the returning characters.

  • Poonam
    2019-03-27 16:01

    3.5 starsBuddy Read with Supreeth.This is my first novel by John Hart and I did not really know what to expect while picking this one up. It has been characterized as a Mystery Thriller so I was all prepared for the suspense but the way the story moved still took me by surprise.Johnny has lost his sister (his sister has been kidnapped a year back) and it has broken his family up. His dad has left them and his mom has completely lost control of herself and her surroundings."The church, the cops, his mother-- none of them could make it right, none of them had the power. For a year, Johnny had lived the new, brutal truth that he was on his own."Coming from a loving and happy normal family, it was really difficult for Johnny to cope up to the drastic way his life took a turn after his sister is kidnapped. It is now up to him to find his sister and try to glue the pieces of his broken family. What a burden for a 13yr old kid!!We go on a journey with Johnny on his search for his sister (Alyssa). Will he able to find his sister? Will his dad come back to them? Will his family be normal and happy again? These were the questions that went round and round in my head the whole time.There are multiple small stories moving about with the main story-line and I was wondering how the author is going piece together all these stories into one big reveal. But the author did it and did it well. By the mid of the book I was sure I knew who the culprit is but BY GOD I couldn't have been more wrong. So all in all I was unable to guess the ending.The only loop-hole as per me in the story due which this is 3.5 and not a 4 star- BIG Spoiler-(view spoiler)[So Jack knew something but he lied throughout. I find it a little difficult to believe that a 12 yr old held up his lie as a witness to a police investigation. That too when he was forced to lie. (hide spoiler)] All I can say is stranger things have happened. Soooo.....Did I like the ending?(view spoiler)[Yes, I did. The ending is bittersweet but I guess it couldn't have been a happy ending altogether and I am satisfied that it at least is a peaceful end for Katherine and Johnny (as peaceful it could get after all that happened). (hide spoiler)]