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Skate, drugs, and rock n roll! --Kat Von D, LA InkSkateboarding used to be my life. When I was fourteen years old, I was discovered by Bucky Lasek and Tony Hawk and was on my way to turning pro. I toured the country, signed autographs, and had my photo in skate magazines. Then I got hooked on heroin and threw it all away. Soon I was living in an abandoned garage and begginSkate, drugs, and rock n roll! --Kat Von D, LA InkSkateboarding used to be my life. When I was fourteen years old, I was discovered by Bucky Lasek and Tony Hawk and was on my way to turning pro. I toured the country, signed autographs, and had my photo in skate magazines. Then I got hooked on heroin and threw it all away. Soon I was living in an abandoned garage and begging for spare change. Ripping off my family and friends meant nothing to me. I was a dreamseller, pushing the fantasy that I was a recovering addict. Anything to get my precious next fix. This is my story of struggling to survive on the streets and battling with addiction in rehab. It's a story of trust I betrayed and trust I had to earn back. It's also the story of my friendship with MTV and Jackass star Bam Margera. I would have died a junkie's death if not for him. Bam convinced me to write about how my addiction destroyed my career--and nearly my life. "Entertaining, shocking, crazy, unimaginable." --Bam Margera With 24 pages of photos.Brandon Novak is an actor, TV personality, radio show host (on Radio Bam, Sirius Faction 28), author, and former pro skateboarder. He currently resides in Baltimore. Joseph Frantz is a film producer, cinematographer, and media personality. He lives in Philadelphia....

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Dreamseller Reviews

  • Joseph Frantz
    2019-02-16 15:33

    We all have addicts in their lives: family members, friends, and coworkers, and this book has provided inspiration and insight to thousands of addicts and their loved ones worldwide. If you want to understand what addiction is really about, and if you seek to gain knowledge about this dark disease, you'll want to read Dreamseller.But maybe I'm just biased, I'm the coauthor :)Every day I get mail from children, parents, and loved ones of addicts, thanking me for writing this book, and describing the scenarios where this book has helped them. It's helped children understand their addicted parents. It's helped salvage marriages torn apart by teen addiction. And it has saved lives and facilitated recovery. Thank you to the people who have supported this book. And I am currently writing several sequels. Love, Frantz

  • Kaitlin Panwise
    2019-01-19 13:28

    Brilliant, if you're not keen on reading because it takes ages to get into a book then read this because by the 18th page he's getting a blowjob from a middle-aged man so he can get money for drugs.

  • Tracy
    2019-01-20 12:23

    I agree that everyone has an addict in their lives. With that being said, Dreamseller is one of those books that is so shocking and compelling, none of it could possibly have been made up! Fiction just isn't this good! From the moment I started reading, I was fascinated and drawn into the web of Brandon Novak's cautionary, poignant life story of a person who had the world in his hands yet threw it all away for the love of his addiction. If you are an addict, recovering addict, or have a loved one who is an addict, this book should be not only on your must-read list, but re-read periodically and shared far and wide. Dreamseller delivers a powerful message that cannot and should not be ignored. I am greatly anticipating the sequels! Tracy Valo

  • Christaaahh
    2019-01-19 10:23

    Right off the bat Novak talks about how he let his nasty dick get sucked by some pervy dude just to score $40 to get some shitty drugs and damn I was hooked. Quick and easy which I am sure is exactly how Novak would be in the sack if he was even interesting in actually having intercourse like a normal human being. This dude talks about his junkie days so hard that you can physically smell how putrid his balls and socks must be. This book can be read in a day and it was a score of my list o’ reading books. A classic if you mess up then you fess up memoir.Teenage kids into skating must read this novel, your life will be much better for it.

  • Jessica White
    2019-01-31 12:38

    This review was taken directly off of my blog, A Reader's Diary!Brandon Novak, dreamseller, heroin addict. This addiction memoir is on of the best memoirs I've read. Instead of telling us about how he wants to get clean but can't, he tells us about how terrible it was when he needed a fix. Within the first 20 pages, he's selling his body to an old, married man just so he can get a little bit of heroin. The reoccurring theme in the book is that he threw away his life. He was a professional skateboarded on the Powell Peralta team! He was given that opportunity by his idol, Bucky Lasek. His childhood friend Bam Margera gave him countless opportunities to clean up and get back to skating but he threw it all away for a quick fix. What I loved about this memoir was the way we learned about Brandon. We hear all of these stories when he begins meeting with his rehabilitation counselor. We know his fears, we know his ambitions, we want him to recover. Brandon Novak, at 29 years old was finally clean. But July 31, 2015 Novak had a message for recovering addicts:

  • Mari Anne
    2019-02-04 16:27

    Overcoming any kind of addiction is one of the most difficult challenges, so when your contemplating rehabilitation, it is best to seek advice from someone who's been there. Brandon Novak has not only achieved sobriety but has also written a compelling book about his life and the difficulties he faced giving up Heroin. So what makes Brandon Novak's "Dreamseller" highly recommended to anyone facing addiction or the general audience is that Brandon tells it like it is, straight forward and candid. I personally cannot wait to purchase my copy.Rock Critique and A&R for Record label submissions. @Rock_Critique (Twitter)

  • Tyler Jo
    2019-02-07 15:20

    I absolutely love this book! Being from a family that is full of addictions trying to understand what addicts thought process is, this book in a amazing insight to just that. Not only do you understand the troubles of addictions Brandon Novak is a testament to whatever life struggles you face especially addiction you can fight to rise above it all and show the world what you're really made off. This book and indeed Brandon himself are inspirations to overcome your addictions. Literally can't wait for the sequels and to read how a brilliant man fought one of the hardest battles you can.

  • Alice Smith
    2019-01-20 15:28

    The whole way through this I had to keep reminding myself that it was all real, as for a non-drug-user it's sometimes so hard to believe that someone could get into that state, and go through all that. The style of the book makes it clear that the writer isn't familiar with writing, but it's generally good, and occasionally there are sentences and paragraphs that hold some sort of unexpected beauty.A must read for any Novak fan, and for anyone who wants an insight into the unsettling mind of a drug addict.

  • Francheska
    2019-01-17 11:47

    This book hit me.

  • Amber Burdine
    2019-01-29 15:38

    China Sloan10/30/12O&W 5th blockMr. Bales DREAMSELLER The title of my book is Dreamseller. The author of Dreamseller is Brandon Novak. This book is a biography about Brandon Novak himself. It’s about his life as a kid, adult, skateboarder, friend, and addict. It goes from the highlights of his life to the very lowest he’s ever been. It’s a book that confronts you about what life can turn into and the struggles you can face. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a book. Brandon Novak is the main character of the book. He is also the author of it. Brandon Novak was a popular kid. He had a ton of friends and was very social. He was an amazing skateboarder and close to his family. But then he gets addicted to heroin and becomes a totally different person. He pretty much loses his mind, and himself.As a kid Brandon got noticed as a skateboarder by Tony Hawk. He was only 14 but was already starting to struggle with addiction, so they didn’t hire him. As Brandon gets older his addiction gets worse. He was once being one of the best skateboarders in the world and all of the sudden he had then turned into being homeless and addicted to heroin. His high school sweetheart leaves him and his family pretty much wants nothing to do with him. He has many struggles while homeless trying to stay alive and trying to stay high. Then one day he finally realizes that he’s going to be dead if he doesn’t change his ways. So he makes a phone call with the only 50 cents he has and contacts a friend who takes him to rehab where he makes a full recovery. Brandon has been clean and is now married with a child. I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was very real and honest. Brandon completely just put everything out on the table in this book. There were moments where it made me laugh and there were moments when it made me cry. I think it really teaches you a lesson about life too. It has real issues in it that people face every day if it’s with fighting with your family, losing someone you love, or struggling with addiction. It shows you what should really matter in life. In Dreamseller you learn about Brandon Novak and his life. You start with him as a kid only living for skateboarding and almost going far in life. Then you see him struggle and fight with addiction, he loses everyone and almost loses himself to drugs. Then in the end he finally gets clean and now has a beautiful family. It really taught me a lesson about life and really touched me. This book is about as real as it gets and was written very well.

  • Desiree Norwood
    2019-01-25 10:33

    I read Dreamseller over 2 years ago, because I was very much into Bam Margera and his lifestyle. I watched all of his movies, t.v. shows, and I have even listened to every last radio show that he has ever recorded through out the years. I grew up a Jackass fan at a young age (being the tomboy-princess that I was)therefore I was very much involved in the characters from the show/movies.I was listening to Bam's old radio shows and realized that they began mentioning Brandon Novak writing a book about his (at that time) 7 year battle with heroin addiction. And because of his hilarious antics and tendency to fall down drunk with his pants down, and the way he would "kick game" to bar flies that would - for whatever reason - go home with him for the night, I thought wow! I need to get my hands on that book.I looked up the book, and ordered it online through Amazon - I read the sucker within a week, loving every bit of it and adoring how in depth and descriptive he would explain the antics he used to get himself into. Every chapter was an "oh no" war story that left you wondering how ON EARTH could he do what he did and live his life that way for so long. He gives the best perspective of how a dope-head junkie really lives if he were balls to the wall, had nothing to lose except the ever necessary pull to cop another pill or rock.The very best part was knowing Novak well enough (as a fan of course) to know that none of it was a lie. Knowing that every story was an honest to God account of how things went for him. He has no reason to lie, and it did nothing but make the memoir even more read worthy. Yet because of that, it is hard to not feel a trigger coming on while reading this book.I still listen to Bam's radio show, and Novak is planning on yet another book, and I'm looking forward to it. I will most likely be rereading this book for years to come. It will remind me of the summer when I was 17 and looking for trouble in literature, films and music because it was when I discovered rebel art was the way to go.

  • Oscar Finnemore
    2019-01-20 11:38

    Book review- DreamsellerAuthor - Brandon NovakGenre- autobiographyThe auto biography is all about a famous skateboarder and tv start that threw it all away for drugs. Mainly heroin.When brandon novak was about 14 years of age, he got his first sponsor from Powell skateboards and was progressing fast in his career. He was even going on tours with the greatest skateboards like tony hawk. He was also in a number of tv shows and movies like jackass, viva la bam, haggard and even a radio show. One day a drug dealer approached him and soon enough he was an international drug smuggler. This turned into drug taker then addict. He lost his sponsors and then eventually he was living in a car garage doing anything to get his daily job. The book is mainly about his withdraw and stories about the drug. He talked about how the actual withdraw and getting the drug out of his system isn't the hardest part, but its the everyday routines that is the hardest part to change. Ie. having a cigaret after dinner. He also talks about going in to rehab is pointless unless you are determined to change. Because if you aren't you are just going to get right back on it as soon as you walk out. The thing i like about this book is that it shows what its actually like to be a junkie. Most people just tell you to not do them but this shows you why to not do them. The thing I didn't like was that he didn't speak enough about his career. And didn't explain enough about his experiences doing drugs when he was still doing skate demos and competitions. In conclusion "Dreamseller" shows you about how easy it is to get addicted to a drug, what its like doing them, what the withdraw is like and what its,like after you are off the drug. Sadly Brandon Novaks doctor gave him sleeping pills but now to this day brandon is addicted to pills.

  • Amy
    2019-01-22 16:42

    "Entertaining, shocking, crazy, unimaginable." This book was everything that Bam said it was and more. It was heartbreaking, brutally honest and very powerful. If you want to get inside the mind of a junkie and really understand the disease of addiction, then read this book. It's an easy read that doesn't disappoint and you won't regret picking it up.The saddest thing about Novak's situation is that he had everything. Money, fame, talent, a promising skateboarding career... and he threw it all away on drugs. He had the potential to be better than Bam, but he blew it. If it wasn't for Bam and Scott, he would have died a junkie's death and this book never would have been written.Now that it's been years since this book was written and released, Novak has been back on drugs. So much more has happened. He's in jail, he just suffered the loss of his and Bam's (and many other's) friend, Ryan Dunn. (R.I.P. Ryan <3) I can't imagine what he's going through, what he's been through. I'm so happy that he's working on a second book and I can't wait to read it. I feel like it will give closure to the ending of this book and everything else that's happened.I'm writing a letter to Novak. I have to after reading his book and everyone else should too. He replies to everyone. Frantz is currently running Novak's offical twitter and re-tweets all the pictures that people post once they get a letter back from him. I love Brandon Novak and I truly wish him the best. I hope he can turn his life around for good one day.

  • Hanna Culgan
    2019-01-24 13:20

    I read this book twice already. About to start reading it again for the third time. It's so hard for myself to imagine on all the twist and turns an addict can go through all everyone's life, now I know. My sister (Melissa) that is 40 years old is an addict and still suffering with stuff she did in the past and recently. Heroin, pain killers, crack and etc. And its hard for myself, my family and her 5 year old child to deal with this shit everyday. The reason why I bought this book is I love Novak hes a great guy and hes human just like the rest of us in all of are crazy lives and that he needs all the help and support from all of his fans out there. When I first bought this book, I thought it was going to be bad. My thoughts were wrong that I couldn't put it down. I'm not going to say this book helped me but I will say it helped me see the point of view of an addict and what goes on in their head everyday. So like Jared Padalecki says in his campaign "Always Keep Fighting" NovakThanks to Frantz and Novak to get me too read again and everyone else that inspired this book-Hanna Culgan

  • Letitia
    2019-02-14 10:49

    Dreamseller was one of those books that I pick up and can't put down. It is quite well written and Novak can sure spin a tale. I know of the author from his appearances with Bam Margera, so thought it would be interesting to learn more about him.I had no idea things had gotten this bad for him. Dreamseller is definitely a cautionary tale, this guy threw away a promising career as a pro skater, to shoot heroin, beg for change and live in squalor on the streets. But it also manages to avoid the, all to common, recovery speils in the last half of the book.It does go into one of his rehab stints, but this is written more in story than NA speak. Dreamseller surprised me with the intelligence of the writer, Novak. This guy is smarter than he comes across on TV.Such a waste of talent and opportunity, but he can certainly tell a story.

  • Celina
    2019-01-27 09:20

    If you want to read a book that will put you on an emotional rollercoaster this is it! From laughter, tears, shock, to are you freaking serious!Brandon Novak will definitely take you on a unbelievable adventure through the eyes of a heroin addict. Joe Frantz once again will blow you away with this interview.If you, family, friends, or anyone you know is struggling with an addiction problem this is a must read. Not only do you see through Brandon's eyes; you will also see through the eyes of his family and friends.FACEBOOK: Celina Uribe

  • Sophie Boddice
    2019-02-10 13:34

    iv always been a fan of cky/jackass, and Brandon novak was always the one everyone laughs at etc, but this book really makes you see the serious side of drug addiction, and i actually found this book to be very sad. Obviously not the best writing style in the world, but it made me think, and i will probably remember this book for a very long time.

  • Chris Slaughter
    2019-01-21 13:48

    Gave me a new look into the horrors of drug addiction and knowing addicts myself, its given me more understanding of how far and how deep people sink into addiction. Never thought Novak had a real problem until this. Now I see the reality of it.Chris Slaughter

  • Julie Herbert
    2019-02-14 14:30


  • John Tranter
    2019-01-20 13:47


  • Ayesha Marie
    2019-01-17 17:34

    I had been quite intrigued by Novak and his back story for a while, and then my friend gave me Dreamseller to read.I'm usually fussy with books - Unless it interests me within the first chapter, I usually give up. Dreamseller had me completely hooked!This book is all at once entertaining, harrowing, hilarious and interesting. I have never read something that's so insanely gripping. The tales of Novak's past - his addiction, his recovery, his struggles, are all so hooking. I couldn't put Dreamseller down.Although it's a story of a junkie who threw his life away, the way Novak (and the co-author Joe Frantz) have written this book completely takes over your emotions and makes you feel ridiculous compassion for his poor soul. Throughout the book, you just really want Novak to come out the other side clean. You root for him.This is my favourite book in the entire world. I have a hard back copy (so hard to find), and I've read it 9 or 10 times on the past four years or so. Each time it's just as intense and interesting as the previous one.If you haven't read this book, then please please pick up a copy. You will not regret it! Plus, I NEED all the interest Novak's story can get so him and Joe Frantz can release more shit and I can read the hell out of it! These guys are awesome and so very genuine. I can't wait for the next steps in this story!Ayesha Marie Scott x

  • Aleena Logan
    2019-01-18 15:28

    What do I think about this book.. WOW.. that is what I think. This book is just truly amazing. I have a friend(s) that are going through some hard times dealing with additions and its not fun to be the one going through it or the one on the other end. This book opens the eyes of how hard something can be to beat and how low it will bring you down with out you really noticing its a problem. I had gave a friend my book to read while he was detoxing and he said it scared him as well as made him cry. Its crazy how a book like this can open your eyes,mind and heart so wide and make you think a million different things all at once. I rate this book more then a 5 if i could and to go out get a copy and read it but REALLY READ IT. Put yourself in Novaks shoes become Novak and see just how the feelings and reality hit you. This book will make you see that no one is invisible and that addition can happen to anyone, I cant wait to read the next book! Thank you so much for making a book so amazing and TRUTH!Aleena Logan

  • Samantha Hookem
    2019-02-03 17:32

    I've read this book repeatedly and I still find it so hard to put into words just how much it resonated with me. The stories make for an extraordinary read, but knowing that these events are only a small insight into the world of addiction makes it very hard hitting. Drug addiction is a curse, and the conclusion of the book shows that it is not always a clear cut ending. There will almost always be pitfalls, relapses and heartbreak. The knowledge that Brandon Novak kept pushing forward even through the darkest of times shows real determination and strength of character, and that it takes an awful lot of courage to talk of the hardships he has faced. I genuinely wish him all the best for the future and hope that he is able to maintain the positive outlook on life he has displayed since his recent successful completion of rehabilitation. Samantha Hookem.

  • Cin Hartling
    2019-02-17 13:50

    This book is amazing and I have recommended it to many of my friends (all enjoyed it). What Brandon has overcome and lived through to make this book just blows me away.. I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know what else happened! It feels like he is right there telling you about all these things that he went through.. His successes.. His fallings.. It is an incredible read. To share such a story that Brandon has lived through (and continues to live), hopefully he will inspire others who need help.. To show them it's not too late.. Or even inspire someone who knows an individual struggling with addiction. I wish all the success to this book and more, I have actually read this book a few times again. Cin Hartling

  • Aly Rose
    2019-01-27 13:31

    I've been a fan of Novak since I was about ten years old, while it started out as a crush I learned that there was more behind this gorgeous celebrity who gets to fuck off with his friends all day. I remember one day being like wow you know who i haven't heard about in a long Novac. So i hoped onto FB and found him; to my surprise he wasn't as actively filming with the guys anymore and just overall didn't look healthy or happy. Heroin took everything from him.. Personally seeing my small town in upstate NY overrun with a heroin epidemic ; it brightens my heart to see that someone who was down for so long is able to come back to the top and with A GREAT FUCKING BOOK. Keep on keeping on Novak ; lots of love and positive vibes your way!!Aly Rose

  • Maddy Barna
    2019-01-30 16:23

    Dreamseller, where do you even start? Especially from a young mind like my own it literally paints you a picture so you feel like youre walking the streets of Baltimore with the not yet infamous, Brandon Novak. The book is so full of tiny important details, its so hard to talk about it without giving anything away ! It is an absolute MUST READ. Every person in life has been faced with addiction, whether its a pretend joking matter like being addicted to cake or ice cream, or a serious matter like drugs or alcohol. With that reason is why i recommend you read this book. Believe me, you WON'T put it down .Maddy Barna

  • Lacie Walters
    2019-02-09 12:28

    I like books like this.I'll admit that I'm a Jackass fan and that I picked up the book because I wanted to know what happened to Novak and his relationship with the other Jackasses. I honestly couldn't put this book down. I'm not glorifying his choices and I know that the lifestyle depicted is not easy or desirable, but I have to say that it is interesting to know how the other half live (if you can call it that). It's endearing to read all the things he went thru and how he was able to pull thru it (altho that's over now). I would like to read more books like this... Does that make me a sadist?

  • Samantha Fetzner-Dayton
    2019-01-21 17:37

    Dreamseller is a graphic view into the struggles of addiction and the pitfalls of perceived invisibility that comes with celebrity. Brandon Novak could be any of us, but fortunately this book helps serve as a cautionary tale. His struggles through the trials and tribulations of his battle with heroin are enough to make the reader ill, but also good reinforcement to not follow in his steps. Brandon did an excellent job of depicting and detailing his life in ways that not only deter you as a reader from the lifestyle, but allow you to develop a better understanding of his psyche. I highly recommend this book. -Samantha Fetzner-Dayton

  • Cody Oakes
    2019-02-08 10:39

    Dreamseller is a great read! Story of a heroin addict doing anything to get a fix. Personally, I had a hard time putting the book down. Brandon Novak had it all, and pissed it all away in such a horrific fashion. Only downfall of the story, it does not have a happy ending. Novak continued to use drugs and alcohol for a few years after book was published. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a drug problem, or anyone that has been hurt by someone with a drug problem. It answers the question "how could he/she do this to me?" This story will bring many hurt people closure. Rated 5 stars.

  • Matthew Hatley
    2019-01-25 17:32

    I thought the book we was really good, enjoyed the authors style and couldnt put it down, i would recommend this book if you can relate with the situations described in this book, and if you are inspired in reading about how people overcome the obstacles in their lives. I think its very inspirational to read about people being capable of great things overcoming on what seems at the time a mountain in our life that is really only a small hill. And no matter what give up or put your head down and keep pressing forward with life and make the most of it!