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Cynthia Eden returns to the realm of the Other, where the supernatural bounty hunters of Night Watch work hard and play harder. . .Sandra "Dee" Daniels is a vampire's worst nightmare. Sure, she couldn't get up to five-six in the highest heels money can buy--not that she ever wears heels. But the monsters in her past and the stake in her boot are enough to keep most bloodsuCynthia Eden returns to the realm of the Other, where the supernatural bounty hunters of Night Watch work hard and play harder. . .Sandra "Dee" Daniels is a vampire's worst nightmare. Sure, she couldn't get up to five-six in the highest heels money can buy--not that she ever wears heels. But the monsters in her past and the stake in her boot are enough to keep most bloodsuckers interested in staying undead out of Baton Rouge.But there are changes afoot on her turf. Rumors of a Born Master in town--a vampire so powerful he can make the streets run with blood. And a new face in Dee's dive bars and alleyways--Simon Chase, a strong, sexy shadow with a haunted past of his own. Simon knows a lot about the dark side of Dee's work. He knows even more about how to make her body spark with desire. But the hot lust shimmering between them is only the beginning. Because Simon also knows a secret that will change Dee's life--if she can live long enough to uncover it."I dare you not to love a Cynthia Eden book!" --Larissa Ione, "New York Times" bestselling author...

Title : I'll Be Slaying You
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ISBN : 9780758234308
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I'll Be Slaying You Reviews

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    2019-03-27 16:23

    ✥✥✥✥ 4 Blood & Galore stars ✥✥✥✥"Some Monsters are not 'Born'....Some are made.."Summery my way:Sandra Dee is not just your average PI.Armed with wooden stakes and a through knowledge of 'The others',she roams the streets and hunts by night to bring down the monsters she despises the most.Vampires.There's a new rumor that's been going around,talk about 'A Born monster in town'.A new mission,Sure just what she needs.But who was that sexy new shadow that shows up at all the right places,at the right time ? Coincidence ? Humm...,I think not ;) Fantastic read.Loved everything about this book! Went in thinking this novel would fall in line with most of the Adult paranormal romances I've read recently.But surprisingly it ended up being so much more by managing to really surprise me with it's original plot,in a very good way of course. :DWitches,Demons,Vampires,Shifters...This series has it all.Though I'll have to admit,in this book the leads ended up winning my heart.I enjoyed reading about Two strong,independent individuals come together and still manage to be their own person.Their banter was fun and their chemistry.Damn ! Sizzling ! ;)Can this book be read as a Standalone ? Yes defiantly. In fact,I didn't quite remember the plot in Book 1 at all until it was mentioned a bit in the middle.So,yeah It didn't really effect this read at all.Would I recommend it? Yes.Great read if you're in the mood for some kick-ass heroine with loads of blood and galore.

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-03-26 12:37

    This is the second book in the Night Watch series, and I actually put it off for a while because the heroine, Dee, irritated me in the first book so I had no desire to read about her.I'm an idiot.No really.This book was great. Up til 1am reading it great. And Dee's personality made sense to me now...and I was able to like her!Dee is a Bounty Hunter for Night Watch and she has a mad chip on her shoulder about vampires. See, they slayed her family when she was 15. And she walked in on it. Then they torched her house, and she ran to the neighbors for help. The nice man next door ran in to help..and was killed as well. Dee had some big issues and major guilt, so she took off. Living on the streets til she was taken in by Pak (whose story I'd love to read one day-hint hint!) and trained to fight. She is tiny, and spunky, and mouthy, and a damn good vampire slayer. Dee is out hunting one night, when some random hot guy plays knight in shining armor and tries to save her from a gunshot. Well, Simon Chase is no "random" anything. He's been looking for Dee, but he can't tell her that. And I can't tell you why, either, and it's killing me to keep the spoilers out of this review. But suffice it to say, that he wanted to use Dee, but he fell for her. Hard. Dee, on the other hand, is all for sexing Simon up, but any touchy feely crap, well, that's a big fat NO. Too bad she falls for him too.Then there is the big huge GIANT shocker that happens midway through and Dee has a new role to play. At that point, no longer is she dealing with this twist, but she's fighting her feelings for Simon, and she's fighting for her life. Lots and lots going on in this paranormal romantic suspense. I can not WAIT to read Cynthia Eden's next book in this series, Eternal Flame.

  • Anja
    2019-03-18 17:37

    2.8 stars.This is the fifth book I’ve read by the author and by far the worst. I found myself getting annoyed with the author’s writing style. I read her Midnight trilogy back to back and never had a problem so I don’t know what happened with this trilogy. She uses a lot of one sentence paragraphs but in this book it seemed like there were tons of one word sentences as well. The book just didn’t flow. It was choppy. Stilted. Redundant.There was a lot of action as per usual for this author but this time it was a bit much. There would be a short conversation followed by an intense action scene, more talk, action fight, talk, action, sex, action, action, action, talky, action. How in the world can the leads trust in their relationship when it is based on adrenaline? How are these two going to cope with arguing over what’s for dinner and whose turn it is to take out the trash?I liked that Dee was a kick-ass chick capable of handling baddies on her own but she overshadowed Simon. I never connected with either character and I think it’s because they were so busy fighting that I never got to know them.The plot…*sigh*. I was enjoying the first half of the book. The vampire mythology was getting revealed and I was going with it. Simon’s secret agenda was hinted at. Then I got confused as to why the bad guys did something rather than something else. It just made no sense. Then in the fiftieth action scene we get a situation where the bad guys try to kill the hero and heroine and leave them for dead. The lead henchman heads back to the bad guy lair and tells his boss that they’ll be dead soon. WTF!!!!! Has he never watched Austin Powers ? You don’t leave them for dead. You make sure they are dead. Where does he think the term double-tap came from??? I was so frustrated because it was obvious that these were stalling tactics for the big finale battle.I still think the author is great at writing action-laden paranormal suspense romances but this book didn’t hit the mark. I recommend starting with her Midnight trilogy.

  • Trish R.
    2019-03-25 14:25

    I said I wasn’t going to read any more of this series when I read the first one in January 2015 but I changed my mine.This was a pretty good story. Dee was a hunter in the last book, Eternal Hunter, and I always wondered how a human could be a vampire hunter and not get themselves killed. So, in this book you learned why and how Dee was such an awesome hunter.I didn’t like Dee when the book started. She was kind of arrogant and thought she could kill any vampire she went after. Then, I learned about her and that made her so much more likable. I liked Simon a lot. And I wondered what he really was in the beginning. I mean, he did pay someone to shoot at Dee. So, that was confusing for a time. Kinda’ made it exciting to try to figure it out.I also liked, Zane. Catalina, Jude, Erin, Pak and Tore. And, man’o’man, that Igniter was something else, and evil, too.There was 2 or 3 explicit sex scenes in this, not erotic, in this and the F-bomb was used 110 times.As to the narration: Tanya Eby is always a favorite of mine. She does great voices, both men and women, and reads with such emotion. Never get tired of listening to her.

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-03-24 17:16

    re-read. I love this series. Original review here:

  • JoJosBookCorner
    2019-03-25 11:13

    I'll Be Slaying you is the 2nd book in the Night Watch Series.Some of you who have read the first book Eternal Hunter,it is Judes Story. I honestly did not believe Cynthia could get any better than that, but she has proved me wrong! I truly love that book, But after reading I'll Be Slaying You, I believe Cynthia has out done herself. The story she has brought us just kept getting better and better, and I could not put it down.In I'll Be Slaying You we get the story of Sandra “Dee” Daniels and Simon. Dee is the only person in the Night Watch Group that is human.She may be a little thing on the outside, but don't let that fool you. With a horrible and tragic past, Dee lets nothing stand in her way when taking down the bad guys. Especially if you are a Vampire! Now Dee's character was not one of my favorites from the beggining, she just seemed like a girl who was trying to prove herself as being " a tuff girl" too much to everybody, but then again if you worked with all supernatural beings i'm sure one can tend to feel the need to prove you are just as bad ass as they are. But in I'll Be Slaying You we get a good mixture or the hard core bad ass, and the softer side of Dee.Simon Chase, now Simon is Yummy in a giant package. Full of Mystery and running from a bad past. We don't get to find out what Simon is till about half way through the book, but Dee has many ideas of what she thinks Simon is, and man could she ever be farther from the truth. Simon comes in to help Dee, and knows everything there is to know about Dee. Simon even has a secret of his own about Dee, that will change everything, and the way Dee looks at the world. I really do enjoy Simons character. He's very mysterious, but does his best to help Dee, even when it means she very well may hate him in the end.The world Cynthia has created with The Night Watch, has a great balance of mythical creatures such as Shape Shifters, Vampires, Demons, Witches, and who know what else she will bring us in the upcoming books in the series. We also get a nice mixture of all the characters so far and not just Dee and Simons. We get to see Jude, Zane, and a few other charcters from the first book. Jude.....we can never get enough Jude. But we also get to see Zane, a Demon, and Catalina a witch.I cannot wait to read Zaine's book. But Catalina, I don't like her very much. She seemed like a very good friend, and very strong willed witch, until the first sign of danger and she's running the opposite direction. So we will see how her story fares.After starting this series, I have to tell you Cynthia's Night Watch Series is deffinently in my top 5 of the year!!!(originally posted on Book Lovers INC )

  • Samantha
    2019-03-01 17:29

    I’ll Be Slaying You is the second book in the Night Watch series by Cynthia Eden. I’ll Be Slaying You is an entertainingly gritty, edgy story filled with lots of action, humor and smoking hot characters.Sandra “Dee” Daniels is a petite powerhouse. She’s out to eliminate any vampire on set. A member of the Night Watch, she’s seen her share of the darkness, but it’s not the darkness that’s scaring her. It’s the powerful and sexy man who seems to be lurking around wherever she’s at.Simon Chase is haunted. Chasing away some serious demons from his past, he’s sent to Baton Rouge to track down Dee. He just didn’t anticipate the strong attraction and need to protect her. The town is getting hot as soon as the rumor mill starts to spin about a powerful vampire they call “Born of Master” starts sniffing around their turf. Dee is suspicious of newcomer Simon but she can’t ignore the desire but she has a job to do and that is to track down the vampire. Sparks begins to fly as the two tracks down one of the most powerful vampires ever.Dee has a lot of baggage that comes along with her. She’s not just a human who enjoys hunting down “Others” in the world. She has experience first hand what the monsters can do to a person. Every hunt, especially vampires since they killed her family, is personal. She’s a mean, kick-ass female and I loved her strength and need to get the bad guys. However, I needed to feel a little bit more vulnerability from her. There was also the factor that she kept Simon at arms length after he proved his feelings for her time and time again. The guy was some stranger in the beginning and yes his need to be in her life was suspect but once he thrown himself to save her repeatedly, she should have relied on his actions a bit more to guide her. What can I say about Simon except HOT! He was sweet and totally obsessive but in that good kind of way. I was never creep out by him. His emotions were on open display the entire book. The chemistry was definitely hot. The love scenes were sizzling. I’m a fan of Cynthia Eden and this book felt like it had a lot more suspense and mystery to it. I kept trying to figure out how Dee connected to the whole picture. There were a lot more twists and turns than I had ever expected. Simon was withholding a lot of secrets and it all tied in very nicely. I was excited to see the other characters from the 1st book in the series. Let me just say now that I can’t wait for the 3rd book which I hope is Zane’s story.

  • Emily
    2019-03-15 16:15

    The Night Watch books are good for an engaging read with adventure and spicy romance and for the most part I'll Be Slaying You was no exception. Dee was a memorable character in the first book in this series and I was excited to hear that this book was going to be all about her and her sashay towards happily ever after. While her ride wasn't as smooth as the one the happy couple had in Eternal Hunter, I can recommend this book to fans of the first book in the series or to fans of the genre in general. I'll Be Slaying You is the kind of book that takes some common tropes in paranormal romance and runs them through the plot blender to end up with something that feels unique. Dee is a tough cookie overcoming a traumatic past, Simon is the supernatural good guy who's going to help her overcome her prejudices, and together they're going to face off against a super bad guy who's got it in for everything and everyone.As complicated as Dee is, with being a human working for a supernatural bounty hunting agency and dealing with her traumatic past and the deaths of her family and all that, Simon is a remarkably straight shooter. He's got his issues but his primary objective is keeping Dee safe. He completely understands that she might not be able to get over her hangups when it comes to vampires but hopes for the best in terms of having a relationship. He's not willing to walk away and he'll be dipped if he lets Dee take the easy way out.Dee definitely earns her wings in this book. I agree with other reviewers who've said that Dee kind of came off as someone with something to prove in the first book and that that seemed like a liability, but here we see that Dee is a lone operator who talks a good line because she knows how to deliver. Her words are backed up by actions so the characterization feels a lot more legitimate. I was also glad to see that she dealt with issues and conflicts that came up by looking at facts, and didn't blow away a chance for a good thing with Simon because of misplaced ideas or other stupidity.While no new ground was technically blazed with this story, it was enjoyable and fun and made for a pleasant way to pass the time. I enjoyed the cameos from previous characters and my interest was definitely piqued for the next book in the series, and for other future installments as well.Overall Grade: A-Check out more reviews and other good stuff at What Book is That?!

  • Nikki May
    2019-03-21 11:15

    Another Cynthia Eden book and I as usual loved absolutely every single page of it and gobbled it up again, it was filled with the paranormal as she usually promises and well lust and sex scenes that's for sure, they were hot you could feel the temperature just from reading them. There was high tension, high action, sexual tension, desperation, pain and friendship. It had everything you needed and more.Well there were some strong characters in this book, Dee who was a human a strong vampire killer even as a human she is a force to be reckoned with, she holds herself up so tight and doesn't let many get too deep into her heart then when she finally becomes one she's even stronger and hasn't lost any of her human kick ass attitude then she finally trusts someone she never thought she could and then falls in love with one instead. Whereas Simon is so strong and determined to gain his freedom when he lures Dee into is fight that he doesn't realise that he's falling for her but he does and then wow they bounce of each other and just work. Dee has some amazing friends, demons, shifters, witches and she doesn't turn on them even when she becomes the undead.I can't wait to see how the rest of this series goes on, I love discovering more and more about each character and every book within this series gives a more all round picture of each character and let's us as the reader get to know them better and fall in love with them.

  • Jess
    2019-02-28 10:30

    I gave this one 4.5 stars, and the only reason I didn't give it the full 5 was that I was getting a little sick of the constant situations where Dee and Simon were on the brink of death. It became redundant by the end.Other than that minor complaint, this was a great follow up book to the first (Eternal Hunter) and it also gave the reader another look at the main female and male lead from that book. I like when series books give us glimpses of past characters so that I can get a feel of how they are still doing.I liked Dee's character, and her background was a little heartbreaking. I loved how everyone rallied around her when she really needed it. I wasn't that surprised by some of the plot direction, and I had Simon figured out from the start. The romance was pretty steamy and it blended well with the action in the book. Sometimes it seemed a little out of place, like say right after a big fight, but by now I've come to accept that as part of the pnr genre.I also liked that we saw more of Pak and learned a little more about him. He's still a mystery, but I feel like in the last book he was never around at all. At least here we see him, and come to understand that he does care about his team.If you liked the first Night Watch book, you will also enjoy this one.

  • Adria
    2019-02-25 16:42

    I ended up not finishing this book. I read the other two in the series and realized that Eden's stories tend to stretch out way longer than they need to. With each one, I have gotten bored around 3/4 of the way through and had to slog through till the end. This one, being the last (I read them out of order and this is actually the second book in the series I think), convinced me to just put the book the hell down and read something else instead of letting it drag me along for many more hours than I am willing to commit to for a fairly simple story line. Sadly, there is such a thing as too much action when it is repetitious and doesn't move the plot along much (or at all in some cases). How many houses can get burned down around the characters in one book? Grrr! How many successive vampire encounters in dark alleyways does the reader have to suffer through? Condense that shit or at least think of something new!

  • Darcy
    2019-02-28 12:12

    I really like this author, but I don't think that this book lived up to what she can do, or it didn't for me. I think part of that reason is I didn't care for Dee, I am not sure why, can't really put my finger on it, she just rubbed me the wrong way. I did like Dee's chemistry with Simon, they were great together. I didn't expect Simon's story to be what it was, I initally thought he was going to be what Dee was hunting.I didn't care for what Dee turned into, for some reason that really felt like a cop out for me. I will keep reading this series and hopfully it will be redemed in my eyes with the next one.

  • Ann Lorz
    2019-02-25 16:28

    This is book 2 in the short series of the Others. You met Dee in Eternal Hunter. Dee works for Night Watch a supernatural bounty hunters service. Dee HATES vampires. They have ruined her life and she wants them all to pay for it. Simon walks into her life when she least expected him to. She's not really into relationship but decide to give Simon a chance. It's hard not to when the man always has her back. But Simon has secrets. You're going to love this book if you like a good quick read. Eden has a way of making the story move so fast it flies by. I'm looking forward to her next one.

  • Kari Chapman
    2019-03-25 11:32

    This was ok, I guess, but certainly nothing special. I really didn't care for our female lead. I felt that she was very unsympathetic and found her to be really annoying. The male lead could have been interesting, and if more of the book was from his POV, I might have enjoyed the book more. The story line was one that's been done many times before in paranormal romances, and with the unlikeable female lead, it just wasn't done well enough to interest me in continuing the series.

  • April ♥
    2019-03-04 14:18

    I enjoyed this story, but not quite as much as the first book, which is why I only gave it 4 stars. Dee wasn't my favorite character, so it was difficult to feel for her throughout the book. I loved Simon and am glad that he got his HEA.

  • Nefertiti
    2019-03-02 10:14

    3.5 stars

  • Tremont G
    2019-02-27 11:19

    Even though there was a lot of action, I got really bored with this. I couldn't stand Dee, I didn't care about her & even Simon annoyed me. It dragged on & on. Ugh. I skimmed through a good 75%.

  • Stephanie Williams
    2019-03-15 11:25

    Omg I can't wait to read the next book... This one n the last were just to great.... Lol

  • Jess
    2019-03-02 18:29

    I enjoyed this book with just two small complaints. One, use of the word "sex" (and very very little variation) instead of any other term for female genitalia. Just seemed bland, and... sort of immature. Only a couple of "cock"s in there, too. You're already writing a story full of blood and death, can't you use a few naughty words for vagina?My second complaint has to do with formatting. The author uses a lot of short, fragment sentences in bursts of new lines that make for fast-paced but jumbled scenes, especially in action sequences. Dialogue often became incredibly murky as well due to a lack of clarification on who is speaking.Otherwise, interesting world setting, dynamic characters, great action. I'd read the others.

  • Tha
    2019-03-03 12:20

    Hi there again! LolStrange enough, giving 3,3 stars. Didnt expected that.I liked the first book more...dont know why. And i really like vampire storys. But to me, had to much loving moosh (thats my definition! Lol) to my liking. I wanted some soul crunching. Some wild plans and crazyness. But was good in general. But i wanted more than good. Wanted surprise, and crying. And heart going to explode in my chest. That felling. You know?! Really loved that the author didnt use the same nickname for his lover. That a bonus! A big one, in my opnion.But great author and great writing. Still gone read the others. Bye bye and good reads, hoping for the soul crazyness heart explode felling. YaY

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-03-14 12:22

    Sandra "Dee" was the ultimate. She was the one that went bump in the night when things went wrong. She had one sexy vamp that did not smell quite like one but move incredibly fast and efficiently. I loved seeing the gifts that Dee had unfold and come to life. There was no one quite as scary as Dee when she was really pissed off. I loved seeing all the old players Tony, Zane, Pack, Erin, Jude and a few others. We got an instant pack of demons, shifters, human igniters, witches, and lots of vamps on one deadly mission.

  • Helena
    2019-02-27 17:41

    this novel was intense. the characters rough, pained but inherently good. I normally don't care for vampires they are usually too sexual and brutal for my taste but when written right it makes for an emotional, gripping story. loved both Simon and Dee. strong, relentless characters unafraid to do what's necessary to protect those they love. simon's I love you speech was so beautiful. Just the right thing to say to someone who's lost so much. Trust is such a fragile thing to give for those who know the pain of losing it all. Beautiful.

  • Tracy
    2019-02-28 17:30

    Sandra "Dee" Daniels lost her entire family to vampires when she was just a kid. It was a brutal awakening to the world of Others that still rips her out of sleep with a scream on her lips. Since that bloody night, she's made it her goal to track and kill the vampires responsible - and until then, take down as many other fanged fiends as she can. Her job as a bounty hunter for Night Watch, a...specialty organization to say the least, keeps her connected to the baddies in Baton Rogue, and rumor is there's a Born Master in town - a vampire that isn't one of the changed Taken but an ancient evil that defies human comprehension for his ability to wreak nearly biblical destruction. If Dee doesn't stop him, the Born will make the town run red.She prefers to work alone, but after a couple of run ins with the stranger Simon Chase - a sexy as hell bad boy intent on saving her ass whether she likes it or not, she finds out his past is similar to hers and he's out to take down the Born, too. Pairing up isn't her style, but in this case, accepting a hand may be the only way to keep from losing her head...unless bad boy Chase has his own agenda and isn't quite the knight in leather-clad armor he appears.Without a doubt, Eden pens intense, kick ass action and offers up gorgeous alpha men for our reading pleasure, but in this book, she had her work cut out for her. We met Dee in Eternal Hunter and I quickly realized that while she's loyal to her friends, she's got issues a mile wide...the sort that would make her being the center of attention a potential problem. I can imagine not everyone is going to like Dee in I'll Be Slaying You, as she's not traditionally likable. I, however, did like her, much to my surprise, because while her blind prejudice and quick-to-condemn aggression aren't the most appealing traits ever, I couldn't help but admire the core of her. She's a girl who lost everyone she loved in brutal fashion at an incredibly impressionable age...stumbled upon her family's butchered bodies on the same night she went on her first date and got her first kiss, and despite a horror that would have sent most to the mental hospital, she found a way to make a life for herself - even if she is a bit screwed up from it all. Who the hell wouldn't be? She fights forces of darkness that she shouldn't be able to fight instead of screaming about life's injustices...or just plain screaming, locked up in a padded room somewhere, and I admire that about her, so yes, I like her, even with her flaws. And I appreciate Eden for not glossing over those flaws or eradicating them through the story arc of the book.Liking her self-proclaimed partner in this book, Simon Chase, wasn't hard either. Sexy, yes, and layered with his own issues and motivations. I loved his unwavering dedication to Dee, even as she was...well...being Dee. And I thought their relationship was lusty good fun, if a bit lacking in sweet tender romance. Dee? Do sweet and tender?? Not without a lobotomy, that's for sure. Suffice it to say, the relationship between them may not be my personal preference for heartfelt romance reading, but it was very in line with what we know of Dee and what we've learned of Simon, so I have no complaints.I do have a couple of complaints about the plot, though. It wasn't the most original, to be honest, but I will say that it did take a couple of turns that pushed it into fresher territory, and I liked that very much. Reading it was like walking along a very very well worn path for just over half a journey...and then suddenly the earthquake hits and you turn to race along a slightly different route to get to safety. That's how the plot of I'll Be Slaying You read for me as I went along. Familiar and a bit unoriginal at first - though well told, don't get me wrong - then some surprising aspects came in and made it fresher and more unique.The writing style and character development were really solid, though, and I've loved the backdrop of the world Eden started creating in her Midnight Trilogy and spread to encompass the Night Watch series. I loved getting another peek at Jude and Erin from Eternal Hunter, and of course getting reacquainted with the half-demon Zane and the cop Anthony. I'll Be Slaying You may not have been perfect for me, but it was a good, solid read full of action and lusty good times. I'm looking forward to Eternal Flame due out in December.~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Lyn* Nomad *Worlds await*
    2019-03-19 14:20

    This book was so much better than the first book in the series. Loved Simon and Dee.

  • Lynda
    2019-03-25 17:31

    3.5 stars

  • Josephine
    2019-03-27 13:21


  • Kristina Deluise
    2019-02-27 17:29

    This book started out REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD.............. it had the right element of mystery,sex, romance..........the pace was really good, we were jogging, jogging, jogging, then STOP.and the book died. decided to talk about taking action, then it crawled. crawled. and really lost me.

  • May Mostly Romance
    2019-03-01 15:40

    เรารักงานเขียนของซินเธีย เอเดน ทุกคนน่าจะสังเกตความจริงข้อนี้กันได้นะคะ เหตุผลที่เรารักงานเขียนของเธอ เพราะเรารู้สึกว่า ซินเธียพัฒนาขึ้นในทุก ๆ เล่มที่เธอเขียน เรารู้สึกเหมือนเราได้อ่านเล่มที่ดีที่สุดของเธอแล้ว จากนั้นก็รู้ว่าคิดผิด เมื่อหยิบเล่มต่อไปของเธอมาอ่าน เพราะมันดียิ่งขึ้นเรื่อย ๆ ดังนั้นเมื่อเล่มใหม่ของเธออกขาย เราก็ไม่รีรอที่จะหยิบขึ้นมาอ่านเกือบจะในทันทีที่ซื้อมาจากร้านหนังสือค่ะ และหลังจากอ่านจบ ก็คงต้องบอกว่า เราไม่ผิดหวังเลยนะคะ แม้มันอาจจะไม่ได้เข้าข่ายว่า ดีกว่าเล่มก่อนหน้า แต่เมื่อพิจารณาจากมาตรฐานที่เราตั้งต้นให้กับซินเธียแล้ว เล่มนี้ก็ไม่ได้ต่ำไปสักนิดเดียวI'll be Slaying You ของซินเธีย เอเดนหนังสือเล่มนี้เป็นเล่มสองในชุด Night Watch และด้วยคามขี้เกียจ ก็ขอลอกสิ่งที่เราเขียนเองในบลอกก่อนหน้ามาแล้วกันค่ะ Night Watch เป็นชื่อของบริษัทตามจับอาชญากร ซึ่งบริษัทพวกนี้เป็นเอกลักษณ์นึงของระบบยุติธรรมของอเมริกา ที่การประกันตัวจะมีนายหน้าค้ำประกัน และเมื่อผู้ต้องหาหนีประกัน เหล่านายหน้าก็จะจ้างนักสืบเพื่อตามจับพวกเขาเหล่านั้น เพื่อจะได้ไม่ต้องจ่ายเงินค่าประกันที่วางลงไป แม้เล่มนี้จะไม่เกี่ยวข้องกับชุดมิดไนท์ แต่ก็เป็นเหตุการณ์ที่อยู่ในโลกเดียวกัน นั่นคือโลกที่มนุษย์อยู่รวมกับสิ่งมีชีวิตประเภทอื่น ตัวเอกในเล่มนี้ก็คือ ซานดรา แดเนียล หรือที่ทุกคนเรียกว่า ดี เป็นหนึ่งในพนักงานของไนท์วอช และแม้ดีจะเป็นเพียงมนุษย์ธรรมดาคนนึง แต่ความแสบ และเก่งกาจของเธอก็เลื่องลือไปไกล (ถ้าใครสังเกตก็จะเห็นว่า ดีมีบทออกเล็กน้อยในเรื่อง Midnight's Master) ดีเป็นนักล่าแวมไพร์มือหนึ่ง ดังนั้นเมื่อมีแวมไพร์พิเศษเดินทางมาที่แอตแลนตา ดีจึงเป็นคนที่ถูกเลือกให้ออกไปจัดการแวมไพร์ลึกลับคนนี้ไม่ใช่แวมไพร์ธรรมดาทั่วไป แต่เป็นแวมไพร์แต่กำเนิด นั่นคือแวมไพร์ที่เป็นต้นสายของแวมไพร์ทั้งปวง ตามตำนาน แวมไพร์ตัวแรกเกิดขึ้นเพราะความผิดปกติทางยีน ทำให้จากพ่อแม่ที่เป็นคนธรรมดา มีลูกที่เป็นแวมไพร์ ซึ่งกลายร่างเป็นแวมไพร์เมื่อพวกเขา "ตาย" จากชีวิตมนุษย์ แวมไพร์แต่กำเนิดเกิดขึ้นมาตลอดประวัติศาสตร์ แต่ไม่บ่อยครั้งนัก และแวมไพร์เหล่านี้เองที่เมื่อแลกเปลี่ยนเลือดกับมนุษย์ ก็จะสร้างมนุษย์ขึ้นมา และมนุษย์ที่พวกเขาสร้างให้เป็นแวมไพร์ และแวมไพร์ที่เกิดต่อเนื่องในสายเดียวกัน ทั้งหมดจะถูกควบคุมทางจิตใจโดยแวมไพร์แต่กำเนิดต้นสาย ดังนั้นชีวิตแวมไพร์จึงไม่ใช่ชีวิตที่มีอิสระ พวกเขาถูกควบคุมไว้โดยแวมไพร์แต่กำเนิด ซึ่งส่วนใหญ่ก็จะโหดเหี้ยม และบ้าเลือดดังนั้นเมื่อมีข่าวว่า แวมไพร์แต่กำเนิดเดินทางมาในเมือง ทุกคนคาดหวังว่า เลือดจะต้องนองแผ่นดิน ดีจึงต้องรีบค้นหาแวมไพร์คนนั้นให้เร็วที่สุดก่อนเรื่องร้ายแรงจะเกิดขึ้น ข้างกายดี มีชายหนุ่มนามว่า ไซมอน เชส ผู้ที่กระโดดเข้ามาช่วยเธอ หลังจากโดนลอบยิงในตอนต้นเรื่อง ชายหนุ่มผู้นี้เข้ามาในหัวใจของดีอย่างรวดเร็ว แต่สิ่งที่เธอไม่รู้ก็คือ ไซมอนเองก็มีความลับของเขาเช่นกัน และการค้นหาแวมไพร์แต่กำเนิดก็เป็นหนึ่งในภารกิจของเขาหนังสือเล่มนี้หลอกคนอ่านพอสมควรนะคะ เราตีโจทย์แตกแค่ครึ่งเดียวกันค่ะ อีกข้อตีผิด ดังนั้นเรายกให้เป็นความดีของคนแต่ง (สปอยล์) ที่ทำเหมือนหลอกว่า ไซมอนเป็นแวมไพร์แต่กำเนิด ทว่าความจริงคือ เป็นดีต่างหากที่เป็น และเธอเป็นอย่างไม่รู้ตัว เพราะเธอยังไม่ได้ "ตาย" ไปจากการเป็นมนุษย์เราชอบเล่มนี้เพราะความเหมาะสมและคู่ควรกันของพระเอกและนางเอก ตอนแรกก่อนที่จะอ่าน เรากลัวว่า คาแร็คเตอร์ของดีจะแข็งเกินไป เพราะเท่าที่เธออกมามีบทในเล่มแรก เราไม่ค่อยรู้สึกว่า ดีน่าสนใจ คือดูแล้ว เธอเหมือนนางเอกหนังสือแนว Urban Fantasy ไปหน่อย แต่พอมาในเล่มของตัวเอง คนแต่งโชว์อีกด้านนึงของเธอให้เห็น และเราชอบที่เธอยอมรับความรู้สึกที่มีต่อไซมอนอย่างไม่หลอกตัวเอง และไซมอน ข้อดีของซินเธียก็คือ เธอเขียนพระเอกได้ดีมากค่ะ และในเล่มนี้เธอก็ทำได้อีก เธอให้น้ำหนักความเจ้าเล่ห์ของเขาที่คิดจะหลอกใช้ดี กับความเป็นฮีโร่ได้ลงตัวมาก ๆ แต่สำหรับคนแต่งที่เขียนคาแร็คเตอร์อย่างไนออลให้เรากรี๊ดสลบไปหลายรอบได้ มันก็ไม่ใช่เรื่องแปลกอะไร สรุปว่า สมราคาคุยค่ะ (เพราะคนแต่งบอกว่า พระเอกของเธอเป็นแบดบอย) เราชอบเพราะเราเชื่อในการกระทำของไซมอนว่าจริงใจกับดี โดยเฉพาะ (สปอยล์) ฉากที่เขายอมเสียเลือดใหักับดี เพื่อให้เธอรอด ส่วนตัวเองจะเป็นยังไงก็ช่างมัน ซึ้งมาก ๆเราชอบประเด็นเรื่องมิตรภาพระหว่างดี และเพื่อน ๆ ในไนท์วอชของเธอ ซึ่งแสดงให้เห็นว่า แม้ดีจะเก่งขนาดไหน เธอก็ไม่อาจเอาชีวิตรอดตามลำพังได้ อย่างไรก็ตามค่ะ อาจจะเนื่องจากเราอ่านหนังสือของซินเธียที่สนุกกว่าเล่มนี้ ซึ่งไม่ได้บอกว่า เล่มนี้ไม่สนุกนะคะ เพียงแต่มีหนังสือเล่มอื่นของเธอที่สนุกกว่า มันก็เลยทำให้เราอดไม่ได้ที่จะต้องเอาไปเปรียบเทียบกัน และนี่คือข้อเสียเดียวที่เรานึกออก นั่นคือ มันมีเล่มอื่นของซินเธียที่สนุกกว่าคะแนนที่ 73

  • ♥Jamie
    2019-03-16 12:34

    Second book in the series, I'll be slaying you has some similarities to Immortal Danger but only a few. I have loved every book so far and I did enjoy this one. It's just really not my favorite. Being honest, it's my least favorite. But still entertaining.Summary:A vampire who wants to continue living the undead good life does not want to come face to face with Sandra "Dee" Daniels. We met Dee in Eternal Hunter when she helped her fellow Night Watch colleague, Jude and his mate Erin, battle a hybrid werewolf. Dee is the only human on the Watch team, but that doesn't slow her down. She's the best vampire hunter there is because she's trained and fueled by vengeance. Dee's family was brutally murdered by a group of vamps when she was in her teens. With no one else to rely on, Dee took to the streets until she was taken in and taught by Jason Pak, leader of Night Watch. Now Dee lives her life to kill vampires that step over the line while she hunts for the illusive group who shattered her world. Dee hates vampires with all that is her, and she has just learned a Born Master has come to Baton Rouge. Though Born's are hard to kill, she takes up the fight because she wont see another blood bath, but she may have a very surprising ally. Simon Chase has been looking for Dee for a while now. Now that he's found her, Simon wont be letting her out of his sight as he has big plans for Dee. See, Simon is a vampire and has learned that a prophecy was made and Dee is destined to kill a Born Master. It just so happens to be the Born Master that has come to town and the one who is linked to Simon through his blood link. Simon needs all the help he can get in order to kill the Born and break the link that makes him a puppet on a string, andDee is the key. Obviously, Dee's hatred of vampires makes it impossible to confide in her from the beginning, so Simon carefully lies and maneuvers situations to help Dee trust in him. The two never expected the burning lust that would consume them when they meet. They want each other badly, and although they both have their secrets and inner demons that are very similar but altogether different, they cant fight the burn they feel. They become lovers and Simon takes Dee's back as she hunts for the Born, but a surprise twist in the prophecy and Dee's destiny will confuse, anger, and test the limits of loyalty not only for Dee but also for her fellow Night Watch friends. Now, with pieces of the prophecy falling into place, Dee will have to let go of the rage from her past to learn a very important lesson, and trust in Simon and his feelings for her in order to live through the battle of her life.I loved Simon. Yeah, he wasn't very honest, but he had his reasons and was still very open about how he felt for Dee throughout. I really don't think I could connect with Dee. I was heartbroken for her and what happened to her family, but I didn't like her with Simon as much as I thought I would. When she finally confesses her feelings, it seemed more like she did it almost reluctantly. I definitely feel like overshadowed him a lit in the book. Supporting characters are still very interesting and I want to read on for Zane's story. I was hoping for more from Catalina. I really liked her and enjoyed seeing her with Zane. It would have been interesting to have a witch lead. Maybe we will get more info for her in Zane's book. <3

  • StephanieG
    2019-03-04 18:28

    There are vampires, demons, and shifters among us and the bounty hunters at Night Watch try their best to keep them in line. Sandra "Dee" Daniels is one of the best that work for the agency. She also happens to be a human with a violent bloody past that she can thank vampires for. She is exceptionally good at taking down the creatures of the night and when there is word that a Born vampire, the most powerful of its kind, is in town, Dee doesn't hesitate to take the case.Simon Chase is new to the streets of Banton Rouge and has his eye set on Dee. The man is tall, well built, handsome and has a dark side that if revealed too early to Dee, may send her running. While there is a definite attraction and sexual spark between the two, Simon has another reason to stay close to Dee. He has learned a secret about Dee that she isn't even aware of and could be the key to taking down the evil that is after them both. My opinion of Dee has changed since she first appeared in Eternal Hunter. I felt as if she tried too hard in the first book to come off as tough. She is a human who works with shapeshifters and demons (plus whatever else is employed at Night Watch) so I understand the need to not want to be seen as weak but I thought it was too much at first. In I'll Be Slaying You, her character developed into someone I actually enjoyed reading. Walls have been put up around her and her emotions since she was young. She isn't heartless just on her guard at all times. I like several things about Simon Chase's character (the fact that he is gorgeous is one) which includes the way he breaks through Dee's defenses. Dee was letting what happened to her years ago rule her life today but then Simon came in and showed her she wasn't alone. Am I saying he came in and made everything better? No. He just made it more bearable and started helping her move forward. The story itself was interesting with a few twists but nothing that caught me by too much surprise. Chase's real identity was easy to figure out and what I think was supposed to be a huge shock involving Dee, I figured it out at the end of Eternal Hunter because of something Jude, shapeshifter and main character of the book, said about Dee involving her appearance. Although, I didn't expect how deep it really went. I did like how more light was shed on vampires. They are my favorite paranormal creatures so I liked learning more about their part in the Other world. Jude and Zane, who were my two favorites from the first book, return. How could I not like two strong, attractive, and loyal males? A character I didn't care for was Catalina. When things got rough she wanted to just run away and hide. She is a friend of Dee and Zane's (not sure about Jude) and while I think they would have done whatever they could and more for her, she would only be willing to go so far for them. A person I would like to know more about is Jason Pak. He is the head of Night Watch and is wrapped in mystery. I guess that can also be the appeal of him. I'll Be Slaying You is a fun, fast passed read that I didn't want to put down. The story isn't overly complicated or complex but there is still depth to it that keeps your interest and makes you want to read and learn more about these characters and their world. I look forward to continuing the Night Watch series with Eternal Flame, which will be released on November 30th. ~Stephanie G