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Ghost Town is the hottest amusement park in the country, offering state-of-the-art chills and thrills involving the paranormal. The park's main ride is a haunted mansion that promises an encounter with a real ghost. When Maia Peters visits during her senior year of college, she's not expecting to be impressed. Maia grew up as the only child of a pair of world-renowned "ghoGhost Town is the hottest amusement park in the country, offering state-of-the-art chills and thrills involving the paranormal. The park's main ride is a haunted mansion that promises an encounter with a real ghost. When Maia Peters visits during her senior year of college, she's not expecting to be impressed. Maia grew up as the only child of a pair of world-renowned "ghost hunters," so the paranormal is nothing new. In fact, the ride feels pretty boring until the very end. There, a face appears from the mist. The face of Jordin Cole, a girl who disappeared from campus a year ago. Convinced what she saw wasn't a hoax and desperate to find answers to Jordin's disappearance, Maia launches into a quest for answers. Joined by Jordin's boyfriend--a pastor's kid with very different ideas about the spirit realm--Maia finds herself in a struggle against forces she never expected to confront....

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Nightmare Reviews

  • Melanie
    2019-03-11 13:27

    Review on Amazon: blog: was pretty sure before I even started Nightmare that I would enjoy it - none of Robin Parrish's books that I've read so far have disappointed me. In fact, Corridor and Vigilante are two of my favorite books and I loved the Dominion Trilogy when I read it years ago!!Nightmare was really weird - in a good way! I don't know if I've ever read a book that went into so many details about ghosts and the paranormal. I liked how almost every other chapter was about a haunting Maia and Jordin went on - some of them were really creepy!I think Nightmare will definitely make you think about what you believe regarding ghosts and the paranormal... it definitely did for me!There was very little to no romance in Nightmare which I found great for a change. Most books I read have a romance story in it, and while I do like that, I love a good suspense/thriller!!I wouldn't recommend reading Nightmare late at night... especially if it's storming. I did, and let's just say I had a little difficulty falling asleep...Overall, I loved Nightmare and recommend it if you like suspense/thrillers and don't mind reading about ghosts and the paranormal.*I got Nightmare on my own and decided to share my thoughts about it. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

  • Sarah
    2019-03-01 13:43

    Excerpt:”Welcome to paranormal investigation. Hours of tedium, punctuated with seconds of skin-peeling terror. Just how it is.”Ghost Town with its state-of-the-arts thrills and chills and own brand of controversy is one of the most frequently visited amusement park in America. So when Maia Peter, daughter of famous paranormal investigators, agreed to go with her senior classmates, she knows what to expect: Nothing. She had plenty of ethereal experiences to get spooked by a fun house. But isn’t expectation always a bust? She did get a real apparition but it was someone she knew, someone she hadn’t seen or heard for in months. It was Jordin Cole and she comes with a warning, “The nightmare is coming.”I used to read Goosebumps by RL Stine when I was in elementary. We had plenty of Goosebumps in our school library and I think I’ve read it all before I graduated to Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley Kids. I guess I read this to get spooked and you know get sleepless, paranoid nights. Unfortunately, I was not spooked but I did figure out something: scary read or not I would still get sleepless nights and as for paranoia, only a cockroach could give me that. Maia reminds me of myself back then not because she had otherworldly experiences but because she rarely gets frightened. I’m not much of a screamer when watching scary movies. For instance, when we watched Juno of The Grudge crawl the stairs or when Samara flashed her scary blue eyes in the The Ring. But I was talking of my 7-11 year old self not of my teenage self where I tend to shriek even by the most trivial things like dropping my G-tech or when I watched the old lady chased the little girl in the Coming Soon movie. (Have you seen that movie? Man it was scary!) Of course, perhaps there are factors as to why I did not get the sickly-scary feeling I was hoping to feel. 1. I read this in broad daylight.2. At night, I read this beside my sleeping cousin. Which gets us to…3. I did not read this alone ever.4. There were supposed to be pictures of the places they visited but since I read this in ebook, pictures are not available.So call me a wimp or a chicken but please a scary story is still scary whether you read it at day or at night. Say for example Touch by Laurie Faria Stolarz or Philippine Ghost Stories. Actually, I had an odd dream last night where I was doing my own paranormal investigation with I think 4 or 5 people. It was not good and all I can remember is the entity or ghost is vicious and we end up fleeing for our lives. See, not nice? I think the book did get to me somehow.Nevertheless, I still like the story. It’s quite different because it does not mention that a person must have a Third Eye or Seeing Eye to see or feel ghost contrary to popular belief. And at one excursion to the next, Parrish just keeps upping the tension and suspense. I think the creepiest part is where they visited the Mount Hope Methodist Episcopal Church. Until now it gives me goose bumps. You could almost believe it’s true because he keeps on shoving you ideas and arguments that seems true. But it’s not all about ghosts too. There’s so much more he offered and that’s all I’m going to say. I also think the book’s purpose is not only to spook people but to let them think. As Parrish said at the author’s note, he wrote the book as a way to challenge us to make our own conclusion and just that and that he is no way endorsing the idea of taking part in the field of paranormal investigation. But whether he endorsed it or not, one thing’s for sure I do not want to do any freaky excursions of my own.Nightmare is a fun if not somewhat creepy ride. I would definitely recommend this to fright junkies out there. As for me, I can’t wait to have another Parrish ride soon.

  • Jennifer AlLee
    2019-03-26 09:54

    Do you believe in ghosts? Your perspective might change after you read Nightmare. In his latest novel, Robin Parrish introduces us to Maia Peters, the college-age daughter of two world-known paranormal investigators. Although Maia used to investigate with her parents, she wants to break away from the family business. But Jordin, a rich classmate with her own reasons for wanting to touch the other side, pulls her back in, putting both of them in a kind of danger they never thought possible.Parrish starts the book off with a bang when Maia discovers a real ghost in what's supposed to be an amusement park attraction. He then takes us back to the year before when Maia first meets Jordin. The book continues in this fashion, alternating between the present day search for Jordin and the past "ghost hunts" Jordin and Maia went on together.Kudos to Bethany House for the graphic presentation of the novel. Rather than put the flashback sections in italics (which I've seen more times than I can count), they made the physical look of these pages different. This makes it extremely easy to keep track of what time period you're in... and it looks cool, too.I was immediately drawn to this book and found it hard to put down. For me, the flashbacks moved the fastest and were the most engrossing. The present day sections slowed down a bit and stretched the boundaries of believability (even for a supernatural novel). While I found Maia's prickly personality slightly irritating at first, she grew on me. Like many real-life people, you have to spend some time with Maia to understand and appreciate her, making her a very realistic character.Nightmare is the kind of book that gets people talking. From the online chatter I've seen so far, the conversation is broken into two groups: those who applaud Parrish for his bold, outside-the-box novel, and those who think Nightmare's subject matter is not appropriate for Christians. As a person who used to live above a mortuary and grew up hearing stories about my grandparents hanging out with Bela Lugosi, I have my own personal take on ghost stories. While I do believe that spiritual phenomenon exists, I'm not afraid of it. (I also wouldn't go looking for it, but that's a whole other subject.) As Parrish emphasizes, the blood of Christ is far more powerful than any paranormal activity. Readers who stick with the book to the end should be pleased with the outcome. I know I was. And I look forward to whatever Parrish comes up with next. NOTE: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.

  • Kita
    2019-03-25 15:34

    This book definetly wasn't what I expected at first. I thought it was just another kids hunt down ghosts-kids tamper with forces too powerful for their control-kids suffer with the added twist that one of them was an expert. I was very delighted that it had something more.The flashbacks were easily the most interesting parts of the story to me. Although not scary, I've always been interested in hauntings so it was nice to see smart characters react realistically without going out of hand.The present scenes seemed slower but pretty interesting, but almost not enough for me to read them with the sole purpose of getting past them so I could get to the flashbacks. They just seamed- dull and not thrilling and suspenseful enough for me to have an avid interest in what happened to Jordin and all of the other victims.I really liked the arguments between Derek and Maia concerning Derek's attitude against the existence of ghosts and Maia's opposing. There were some annoying blocks of information that really annoyed me as I was reading though.The purpose of the art professor and Pierre seemed to be for the sake of convenience.The ending of the story really dampered my fondness for the story. The whole other-dimension/demon thing really made no sense to me in the context of everything that happened. To me, there wasn't enough foreshadowing or even information to support the fact that the demon/cube idea was plausible. Also, the explanation for why Jordin attracted a lot of phenomena was really lacking.2/5

  • Sarah
    2019-03-24 10:38

    (Source: I own a copy of this book.)Maia is in her senior year of college, when her friend Jordin goes missing. The problem is that Maia and Jordin had been investigating ghosts, and now Maia is worried that Jordin may have become a ghost herself.What has happened to Jordin? Does Maia have any hope of finding and rescuing her? And if Jordin is a ghost, how did it happen?This was an okay story, but for most of it I was just bored.Maia was an okay character, if a little standoffish, and Jordin was alright too, even if I thought her a little mad for wanting to chase ghosts.The storyline was okay, but I spent most of the book wanting to put it down and not pick it up again. The story dragged, there was the odd creepy moment, but most of it was just dull, and I found it quite difficult to motivate myself to keep reading. There were some moments that I thought the author had put some work into, such as using the hotel which inspired Stephen King to write ‘The Shining’ as one of the places that Maia investigated, but again, most of this story was just dull for me.The ending was alright, but again, I found it difficult to actually care what was going on, and the last line was unbelievably cheesy. I don’t think I’ll read anything else by this author in the future.Overall; an okay story, but I was just bored.4.5 out of 10.

  • Jessica Gronewold
    2019-03-08 11:50

    I wish I could give Nightmare six stars! Gripping, intense, with numerous twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down and was sad when I had finished the book. Very well researched with multifaceted characters. Excellent read.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-10 11:33

    Sunday, October 17, 2010NightmareA NovelRobin Parrish2010Bethany House PublishersFiction/SuspenseReviewed by Cindy LovenMaia Peters knows more than she really cares to know about the paranormal, as the child of a famous husband and wife ghost hunting team, she has seen the paranormal up close and personal. And she personally wants nothing to do with it. She wants to make her own way in criminal justice, and forensic science and is paying her way through college to study those subjects.A trip to an amusement park that is supposed to boast of paranormal activities, brings Maia the biggest surprise she has had in a long time. She sees the spirit of a girl who she had helped observe and study the paranormal investigative techniques. Maia does not know what is going on, but combining both her paranormal experience and her college studies experience she is determined to find out.Delving deep into something that turns out to be much darker and more sinister that she imagined, Maia knows she has to rescue her friend, and to do it fast.A fast paced moving book, you will not want to put this book down. A Christian publisher with a story about the paranormal is not the norm in Christian fiction and the author is very assertive in pointing out that this book does not promote the paranormal. Nor do I promote the paranormal, I do believe, as the book pointed out, that ghosts are mentioned in the Bible, and while everything connected with paranormal activity, is not a demon it is influenced by demonic powers and activity. That all being said I enjoyed the story, it was a great story, wonderfully written and it was awesome to see the strong Christian in the story take a stand against the demonic forces at work. A book worth reading! 347 pages $14.99 US 5 starsThis book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

  • Frances
    2019-03-19 16:47

    Alright. First the good; this is interesting. The premise is new, the meshing of current events with past investigations flows and manages to advance the story smoothly. It was a fast and enjoyable read, and I was actively curious to find out what's going on. The ending felt a bit abrupt; the tone shifted from investigative to... faintly stylized? Symbolic?I'm not counting it as a horror novel; the driving force behind the story seems to be investigation and mystery. Given the supernatural elements I'm tagging it as fantasy, and suppose it might go on some urban fantasy shelves.On the downside, the writing has a few lightning bugs. There are phrases like "squeezing off his ability to breathe" or "a few inches down in the sediment of a fresh grave" or "in my mind, the thought of doing X was a violent procedure" or "I stared at the pages again, still not believing the words it bore" or "the creepy feeling it imparted so easily on all who visited." And "reign" used for "rein". "Fiancé" for "fiancée". And an injury to skin described as both "inflamed" and "enflamed" on the same page.These don't make the story illogical or nonsensical. But words mean things, and when the words mean something that doesn't match what's happening in the story, it's annoying in much the same way as someone's cellphone going off in the middle of a movie theatre. You have to readjust, filter out the nonsense input, and it pulls you out of the story.I'm glad I got the book; I'm going to look up his other stuff. But I want to say rather sharpish things to whoever let this book out into the world with its shirt inside out and backwards.

  • Sassychassy
    2019-03-16 11:44

    I am a huge fan of Ghost Hunters on the sci-fy channel so I LOVED the flashbacks of their investigations. I thought they were very well described and seemed to be realistic based on what I have heard of the locations they visited. The present parts of the story almost seemed disjointed. And almost like just filler. The real story of what was happening with the missing students was so unrealistic and science fictiony , that it took away from the rest of the story. it was very "Scooby Doo" and for the majority of the time spent at the warehouse, that's all I could see was scenes from that movie But I did like the characters and thought they were pretty well developed with the exception of Pierre. I'm still not too sure what kind of a role he was supposed to have in all of this. And where the check was he when the warehouse scene was going down?? Didn't mention him at all until the very end. I would give this 2.5 straight down the middle beccause I LOVED the flashbacks but HATED the present time story.

  • Abbie
    2019-03-20 16:49

    This one was really dull, and i felt like putting it in the "DNF" pile, even when i was nearly finished! The rating for this one on Goodreads is pretty high (at just under a 4) so i was hoping it would be a good, creepy read. Unfortunately, that hope quickly diminished when the signs at the amusement park came into it."You may vomit" and "You may get night terrors" were some of the culprits i'm talking about.Honestly, if i seen these signs, i wouldn't be scared. I'd laugh and demand my money back.It didn't get any better, either.Okay, not all of the "creepy" bits were as lame as the signs, but they weren't really creepy either. I normally hate having to put a book down to do something else.However, when i had to put this one aside for a couple of hours, i didn't mind putting it down at all.When i went back to it, i just wanted the end to come. Overall, it was a really boring read, and unfortunately, wasn't creepy at all.

  • Robert
    2019-03-04 15:29

    This book actuually hit three and a half stars. The half of a star can only been seen during a waning moon when you hold your screen at a certain angle, oh yeah and it has to be midnight. This book really is a nice overall package with an interesting aside. Two of the main characters go ghost hunting at some of America's most famous haunts taking the reader along for the ride. The author is even helpful enough to plaster a photo of these places at the start of these chapters. So where did the half of a star fall off? The ending seemed a little rushed to me, not that this ruined the book. It just felt a little off. Overall a good book that whet this readers appetite for more of this authors books.

  • Heather
    2019-03-15 13:54

    2.5 starsThe saving graces of this book are the chapters on all of the haunted locations across the country. Those tend to play out like isolated events, however, and the story on the whole, while supernatural in nature, was too far-fetched. When it comes down to it, the real flaw in the book is the resolution. It was so conveniently wrapped up and tied with a little rebar bow that the conflict that played out through the story seemed very over-exaggerated. I felt none of the suspense that had built up the first third of the book. A very disappointing ending to what could have been a great supernatural suspense novel.

  • Becky Meyer
    2019-03-20 11:43

    I really enjoyed reading this book. However, when I got to the climax I was disappointed. Instead of revealing the resolution to the mysteries that had been building through action, the author resorted to long monologues by the characters to tell the story. It reminded me of an episode of Scooby Doo, or an action movie where the villain feels compelled to boast about his great plans right before they are foiled. Also, some characters' motivations for their actions were never shared and that left some holes in the storyline. Still, it kept me entertained throughout most of the book.

  • Candy
    2019-03-05 13:54

    Many of these thoughts are ones I have had myself so I loved this book. Combine that with the fact that the truth of God's word is included and it gets all five stars from me!

  • Kailey
    2019-02-24 15:54

    Loved the book so much I could hardly put it down. The flashbacks were my favorite part of the book. The last few chapters weren't the best. Just wasn't feeling the end.

  • CJ
    2019-03-08 15:29

    I really liked this novel but I tried to read most of it during the daylight hours because it could get really spooky. I loved the ending which almost made the story seem kind of sci-fi, but not space related, and I always love when good conquers over all.

  • James
    2019-03-11 15:49

    Wow !!!!A real rollercoaster, had me gripped from the start, characters are believable. If you do read this book take the time to read the authors closing comments on the paranormal, it's dangerous.

  • Justin Sherman
    2019-03-15 15:56

    Maia Peters is trying to move on to another phase of her life after being involved for many years as the daughter of a ghost-hunting family of reality television fame. Her peaceful life in college, however, is interrupted by one Jordin Cole – a very rich, spoiled girl who offers to throw money at Maia for guided trips to reportedly haunted places. Much of the story involved how an unlikely friendship formed between the two girls as they hop all over the United States to reportedly haunted places as diverse as the U.S.S. North Carolina and the Myrtles Plantation. However, it only takes reading the first chapter to discover that all of this is actually backstory. In the middle of all this ghosthunting, Jordin-the-spoiled-little-rich-girl, disappears. Enter Derek, Jordin’s boyfriend who is completely her opposite. Derek is a pastor’s kid who has aspirations of being a pastor himself. As he and Maia hunt for Jordin, their completely different belief systems spark tension – but it is also the reason they are actually able to locate her in the quite interesting conclusion.I have mixed feelings about the framework of this story. It sort of works, and it sort of doesn’t. The story of Maia and Jordin interchanges with each chapter with the story of how Maia and Derek team up to search for Jordin. My thought was that the author did this to create tension, and it sort of works for me because I found myself very eager to find out exactly how Jordin disappears, and the whole “mystery” of why she is so passionate about going on the ghost hunts in the first place. What didn’t work in this particular story was that I became a bit confused at times because the story of Maia and Derek was the present-day story. Mr. Parrish used in medias race at the start of many of these chapters (putting the characters in the thick of the action while having to give some backstory about how the characters found themselves in that situation). Because the chapters were mixed already with showing us what happened in the past with Maia and Jordin, this sometimes left me a little disjointed and confused as the reader. Also, there was a bit of deux ex machina in how the wicked Durham Holdings International was involved with the whole thing. Not that I didn’t like this story. I gave it 4 stars, in fact! I loved the story of how Maia and Jordin sort of bonded, and I loved the descriptions of the different “haunted” sites. In fact, I live close to the Myrtles, and now I have to go! I also applaud Mr. Parrish for his braveness in tackling the subject of “ghosts” in light of Christianity. While many Christians are taught that ghosts do not exist, and that any identification of such is, in fact, a demon, Mr. Parrish leaves this to the reader to sort out. This story made me think well beyond the reading of it. In fact, I found myself exploring passages of the Bible about this subject, and any story that nudges me back to the Good Book is a winner! Some minor critiques: Maia and Derek, as you would think by being on the opposite ends of their belief system, have some great discussions. However, a lot of their particular discussions lapse into soliloquy in the dialogue. I would have liked more repartee between them in the dialogue. Also, when Maia visited her parents (the ghost-hunters), this was done largely backstage. Maia is so closed-minded at first in her relationship with Jordin, it would have been nice to kind of flesh out why – and in my mind that would entail discussions between Maia and the parents with whom she has tried to put a little distance. Again, I really liked this book very much and will be seeking more from Mr. Parrish. He is willing to tackle tough subjects for Christians, and to do it in a way that could nudge you closer in your relationship with Him.

  • Imanilovez
    2019-03-08 12:52

    It was a really interesting book. The author was really great at describing the scenes and what the characters and the ghosts were like. Super detailed to where I literally saw in my mind what the main characters were seeing and it was kinda freaky. Overall a great book for people who like ghost stories and are open to discussion of heaven, hell, and what happens after we die

  • Cafelilybookreviews
    2019-03-02 16:36

    Thanks to the recommendation of my friend and fellow reviewer ClickingHerHeels, I became very interested in reading Nightmare by Robin Parrish. See how powerful “word of mouth” can be?I have to be perfectly honest and tell you that if I would have encountered this book on a shelf at the bookstore or library, I likely would have judged the book by its cover and walked on by. Generally, I am not interested in paranormal books and I REALLY don’t enjoy being spooked or freaked out so if I had gone with my first instinct, it would have been MY LOSS!If you’re a roller coaster enthusiast, then you’ll understand what I’m saying when I compare this book to strapping yourself in on the biggest roller coaster you’ve ever ridden. Imagine the frightening anticipation that comes with each “clink” as you slowly make your way up the long, ominous hill.Clink…………..Clink…………….Clink…………….CLLLLLLL-INKAnd then?WHOOSH! You are falling and flying all at the same time and as much as you might want to get off of the terrorizing ride, at the same time you want to stay on. Does that make sense?I could not put this book down. I think at one point, the pages may have been smoking from me trying to read so fast!! LOL If you like suspense and I’m talking nail-biting, hair-raising, on the edge of your seat hard-core suspense……..this book is for you!Without giving the entire plot away, I was compelled to find out WHO (or what) was behind the creepy goings on and I had to know what the whole point of the story was. I have no idea how Robin Parrish came up with the idea for this book but I found it captivating and eerie all at the same time. As he states in his “From the Author” section, this book wasn’t written to endorse the paranormal, or encourage the pursuit of it. In no way does the author suggest trying to make contact with the spirit realm, as described in this story. Robin comes right out and tells you that he wrote this book to make readers THINK. This is a story that will challenge you to think about what you believe and why. It’s a fictional story (though many of the places mentioned are real), that Robin hopes will stir up conversation and thought. It was also written for those who enjoy suspense. Sidenote: As a reader, I no way endorse nor suggest dabbling in the dark side of the spirit realm which I fully believe exists. If you didn’t read my review of Escaping The Cauldron, please do so. It’s an excellent account of a woman’s journey out of the occult and what she experienced when she was a ghost hunter. My personal belief, like hers, is that the only Spirit we should be seeking after, is the Holy Spirit.

  • Christy Lockstein
    2019-03-10 09:29

    Nightmare by Robin Parrish is a terrifying look at the dark side of ghost hunters. Maia Peters is well-known as the daughter of famous paranormal investigators aka ghost hunters. She's tried to separate herself from the fame gained from their television show by enrolling in Columbia University for a career in law enforcement. She's tried to stay away from the hunt, but when wealthy and also famous fellow student Jordin Cole offers her an enormous sum to teach her how to investigate, Maia can't turn it down. The two young women visit several popular famous haunted spots, but the evidence they find is far more than the usual investigation would turn up. Eventually they part, but when Maia visits a haunted house tourist attraction, a ghost who looks exactly like Jordin says to her "The nightmare is coming." She's shaken by the experience, but even more so when Jordin's fiance shows up with the information that Jordin has been missing for weeks. Maia may be the only one who can find her, but when she is threatened herself, it becomes a fight for her life as well. After reading Parrish's previous novel, Offworld, I immediately added him to my must-read list. I didn't even read the blurb about this title before ordering it, because I knew anything from Parrish would be amazing, and this title more than lived up to my preconceptions. While some readers will be angry with him for not denouncing ghost-hunting more fervently, I think he raises some valid and fascinating points about the reality of ghosts in the world. He doesn't romanticize the hunt, anyone who wants to attempt it after reading Maia and Jordin's blood-curdling experiences is out of their mind! Parrish knows how to truly terrify. I couldn't sleep until finishing it, and even then had to turn on every light in the house to get to the bathroom! Parrish is a pioneer in Christian fiction, refusing to toe the line as to what the genre looks like while creating compelling and intriguing stories with fully fleshed characters. I hope this isn't the last we see of Maia Peters, along with Jordin, Derek and Pierre.

  • GateGypsy
    2019-03-15 14:55

    This book had a pretty interesting premise. I enjoyed the first two thirds of it quite a lot. I liked the way the story flipped back and forth from past events to present events chapter by chapter, interspersing tales of the main character's paranormal investigations and photographs of the visited sites. I felt it moved along well, timing wise, and didn't feel rushed or forced. I also appreciated that, more than once, the characters in the book said, basically, "Geez, every time we go out investigating the paranormal, SO MUCH PARANORMAL STUFF HAPPENS! That's odd, right? This is something we should be worried about." Because, yes, it was fun to hear about haunting stuff, but I needed them to say "This doesn't always happen!" for me to be OK with it ALWAYS HAPPENING.Until about page 200.That's when we stopped getting flashbacks and suddenly things took a really odd turn. I also felt like there was too much explanatory dialogue. Show, don't tell, Robin!I had to suspend an awful lot of disbelief to make it to the end of the book. But I did make it!I also figured out during that last bit that the book was clearly written by a Christian Author. I had not, previously, been aware of that, since I just sort of stumbled across it in the digital library one day and thought it sounded like a fun read. And it was that, a fun read, even when the Christian-with-a-capital-C stuff was said, because it was pretty well placed, to be honest. I mean, there were demons involved. Just like in Supernatural, you can't have one without admitting the other side has a team, too.All in all, I don't regret reading it. I would even tell my bookish friends that it's a decent book (I actually already have. Had a friend say, literally the day after I finished reading this: hey! Looking for a ghosty book that isn't jump-out-and-say-boo scary. Any recommends?)

  • TinaB
    2019-03-23 14:33

    Maia Peters has grown up chasing the paranormal, along with her parents who are world famous ghost hunters. Haunted places are like second nature to Maia- but after years of living in the shadows, Maia wants a change and decides on college hoping for a new career and disguising her looks as well.Jordin Cole is extremely wealthy and very interested in the paranormal world. She needs a ghost hunter and fast. After discovering who Maia is she begins hounding her for help, she offers a high payday and waits eagerly for some real life ghost hunts. Maia eventually can’t turn down the money, knowing it will pay for her college tuition and decides maybe one good haunted place will scare some sense into Jordin. To Maia’s surprise not only does the first night in an abandoned sanatorium not scare her, it fuels Jordin to find out more about the paranormal world, that is until Jordin winds up missing.This book not only scared the pants off me but also kept me on the edge of my seat with a nail readily available to be chewed off. Parrish’s writing was amazing and paced so well that the story held my interest and my chills all the way through to a brilliant end. Nightmare is told through present day with flashbacks of Maia and Jordin’s investigations that twist together a creepy and thrilling plotline for the reader. I think my favorite aspect to Nightmare, was the obvious well researched information in it. I loved that during the flashback times in the novel; each place that Maia and Jordin investigated were real and had an actual picture along with details about the specific haunting......don’t read this alone at nighttime would be my suggestion.................

  • Jason
    2019-03-18 17:50

    This easily could have been 4 stars or better, but otherwise is a good horror novel. This is a ghost story that has a lot of good things going for it. It is well written, tight, and suspenseful. Parrish does a nice job of bringing some back story into this one as the plot line moves forward. The story is about a young woman who happens to be the daughter of famous TV ghost hunters, being hired to show a friend the paranormal. It is very interesting that the haunted places that are talked about through out this story and that are key to the plot, are in fact real life places, all of which contain their own ghost stories. The story is fast paced and not long in length. My only real complaint about this one is that I really never became invested in any of the characters. Nightmare would make a great teen horror movie where the audience would be routing for the kids to be killed. I really believe that great horror can only be achieved by first having the audience care about and be invested in the protagonists. Without this, the level of suspense, terror, and scares are dramatically reduced. I will definitely be looking up more work from Robin Parrish and do recommend this one for horror lovers.

  • Daniel Osborn
    2019-03-14 14:55

    A really good book for those who are interested in the paranormal and research dealing with hauntings. You can tell there is a lot of research that went into this. I am a fan of the paranormal shows and this deals with a girl whose parents have a show. Her mom is a catholic and father an atheist. A girl by the name of Jordin wants Maia to take her to all these haunted places and be her tour guide. A lot of paranormal things happen and suddenly Jordin dissapears. Derek Jordins fiance goes with Maia to look for her. Jordin and Derek have these dreams in which all they could hear is that The Nightmare is Coming. After the dream Maia has this symbol on her neck. They find out that these people take their souls and make them into ghosts. Derek and Maia goes and finds Jordin at this office building which she is in a room with the symbols in the room. She explains she is held there under control that the symbols are controlling them and wherever the symbols are they can't do anything to get out. Derek finds a way to help Maia and Jordin out and Maia breaks one of the symbols while the entity is in the room. The entity disappears and they are al saved.

  • Airaology
    2019-02-26 14:47

    The book definitely has interesting themes surrounding it, like what happens when we die and can you extract a soul from a physical body. The scary bits thrown in are done nicely, especially considering the book isn't writing in quick successions but you can still imagine how it happened. The bad guy wants to break the barrier between the physical and metaphysical. That's heavy bruhRandom quotes I love"Science may be the glue that holds the universe together… But who or what caused those laws to work and give them the power to govern the universe, to begin with? Who wrote them into being? Who made science? Science can't explain everything. And it never will, because it, too, requires a Creator."And"'Structural possession' is the formal term," I said. "Genius Loci-The spirit of the place. Most investigators think that 'confinement' may not be the right word to describe it. I mean, there is no direct evidence to indicate that it goes is strictly unable to leave a certain place. The more except that explanation is that they're unwilling."

  • Jerry
    2019-03-08 11:39

    A Quickie ReviewRobin Parrish is one of Christian literature's under-appreciated talents. His Dominion trilogy grabbed me from the beginning, and even Offworld, as strange as it was, was riveting as well. This novel, which deals with ghosts and the paranormal, is decidedly strange, but just as engrossing. Even the back-and-forth chronology, which usually bothers me, didn't this time around.(view spoiler)[Now, I want to address the ending. Some people have said the ending was in the style of Scooby-Doo, but, honestly, I didn't feel that way; such an ending would have involved the captured individuals simply having their faces projected, not actually having their souls removed. I actually expected the ending to be corny, but it was better than I expected. Though some may feel differently, I think Mr. Parrish's point was that, though many people encounter the paranormal in their lives, experimenting in the areas that the "mad scientists" did is simply asking for trouble. (hide spoiler)]Score: 4.25/5

  • Lawrence
    2019-03-23 10:35

    For a synopsis of the story read elsewhere. Following are my thoughts on the story.I believe in the "paranormal" but not at the level of this story. My understanding of the "spirit world" comes for a Christian / Biblical perspective. A perspective held by one of the characters in the story. The story focuses on the major characters interfacing with ghosts and demons. Scary business, fictional or real. However, this is not a horror story. Rather, it comes across more as a documentary or reality show. It was an entertaining read.The conclusion seemed to be not well thought out. Almost as if there were two semi-connected stories. As well the commercial (money making) aspect of the conclusion just sort of brought the story down.So, here is my conclusion: This book is a bunch of campfire ghost stories woven together with a conclusion tying everything together....well, not really tying things together, just bringing the story to a close.

  • Tracy Walters
    2019-03-04 10:40

    This book was great when it was telling the escapades of Jordin and Maia thru several of the most haunted places in the even had a few pics that showed the creepy buildings which was fun and helped to make the reader visualize the adventures more realistically. Then people started disappearing and that was even a bit intriguing because strange supernatural things were happening to Maia and Derek, Jordin's fiance which helped the story to feel like 'maybe' this could really happen.....Then....the story had to go into 'huge corporation dealing in secretive dealings.....evil is taking control of the world'!....UGH!!!....that really made the story go downhill fast.....big bad demon......super brave heroine.....silly stupid plot line......major disappointment.I'm still holding out for that one paranormal story that will scare the holy bejeebers out of me......and this one was not it......bummer.

  • Joshwa Walton
    2019-02-25 10:50

    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was sad to see the character development end so abruptly. As Parrish explains at the end of the novel, the story was strictly intended to open a discussion, and tried to explain multiple perspectives on the paranormal. At the same time the novel was meant for entertainment purposes, right? (SPOILERS)Well... while this story had some very fascinating, fast-paced chapters with references to real life locations and haunts, the ending once again did not feel satisfactory. Plot holes and flawed logic accompany an ending that once again incorporates futuristic technology that felt out of place-similar to Offworld and Corridor. Unlike Corridor, the technological aspect of Nightmare was totally unexpected. If you like a decent debate on the paranormal from different views, this is a good read, but if it's more about the plot (or if you didn't like Offworld) don't expect a masterpiece.