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Does the perfect kiss exist? This smart and funny modern romance from the author of Flipped explores the pleasures and perils of love. Perfect for fans of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.   Evangeline Logan wants a kiss. Not just any kiss—a “crimson kiss,” like the one in a romance novel she’s become obsessed with. But the path to perfection is paved with manDoes the perfect kiss exist? This smart and funny modern romance from the author of Flipped explores the pleasures and perils of love. Perfect for fans of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.   Evangeline Logan wants a kiss. Not just any kiss—a “crimson kiss,” like the one in a romance novel she’s become obsessed with. But the path to perfection is paved with many bad kisses—the smash mouth, the ear licker, the “misser,” the tentative tight lipper.   The phrase “I don’t kiss and tell” means nothing to the boys in her school. And worse: someone starts writing her name and number on bathroom walls. And worst of all: the boy she’s just kissed turns out to be her best friend’s new crush.   Kissing turns out to be way more complicated than the romance novels would have you believe. . . .   “Evangeline’s strong, entertaining voice will pull plenty of readers, who will root for their heroine as she begins to piece together a grown-up life.” —Booklist    “The pacing is near-perfect: readers realize, just when Evangeline does, that it is not a kiss she is [really] after. In the end, the playful title and premise are matched by tender and convincing storytelling.” —Publishers Weekly...

Title : Confessions of a Serial Kisser
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Confessions of a Serial Kisser Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-04-12 12:20

    I couldn't even finish this book. I got less than halfway through and just gave up.First of all, the girl was the most stupid and irritating character I've ever had the misfortune of reading about. She goes around kissing guys at random because she wants a 'crimson kiss.' What. The. Heck. No one is that stupid in real life. You don't just do that. Not even whores work that fast. And is she an idiot? What does she think made the romance novel's kiss a 'crimson kiss'? Two good kissers? Ha. What an idiot. Of course it was love, and that can't be obtained just by randomly kissing a mildly attractive guy! So frustrating. And so much unnecessary drama. On top of that, it was evident that the author was going for sassy humor. And failed. So it may have been a little witty at first. For the first page. But it got old so fast, and just turned tacky and frustrating. Besides, the kissing scenes were terrible. And I get that it's because they weren't with the right person, but come on. In conclusion, who wants to read a cheesy book about a stupid high school drama queen who only wants to have the perfect kiss? That does not sound like a good plot. Of course she was bound to have it come back and bite her in the butt. What else was she expecting? I'm sorry, what an idiot. This book was a sore disappointment.

  • Becky
    2019-03-27 10:28

    Van Draanen, Wendelin. 2008. Confessions of A Serial Kisser.I'm on the fence with Confessions of A Serial Kisser. I loved the opening chapters where we are introduced to the narrator, Evangeline, and catch a glimpse of the premise. A young teen girl, who discovers, while cleaning, her mother's stash of trashy, smutty romance books. Out of pure curiosity and with a bit of disdain, she starts looking at them. She starts by reading the blurbs, then progresses to reading random passages. But before long, her attention focuses in on one title in particular, A Crimson Kiss. Delilah and Grayson become role models, in a weird way, for our heroine since her own parents are going through a separation or divorce. She reads the book--along with some of the others I believe--but it is this one book that she keeps clinging to. She reads it again and again and again. She even takes it with her to school. She makes her best friend read it as well. She begins longing for a crimson kiss of her own. And with a little inspiration from a self-help book, she sets out to get that kiss, to find that dreamy guy. It may sound like a silly premise--and I admit that it is in a way--yet it is fun in a giddy-making kind of way. I was feeling a bit of an Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging vibe for a bit. But Evangeline has more character development (more depth, more growth) in this one novel than poor Georgia has had in all of those novels put together.But that is only the surface of this one. If it was just that, folks might think it fun but shallow. But roughly halfway through the focus shifts dramatically over to her relationship with her father. Evangeline has a terrible awful horrible no good relationship with her dad since the separation. (Her father, I think, cheated on her mother and left them. And it is her self-esteem, her sense of security that is suffering as a result of that betrayal.) And it is this angst that is driving--contributing--to the problems in other areas in her life. Evangeline is looking for her crimson kiss, but she's not finding it. She's hopelessly caught up in things trivially not imagining that a kiss is more, can be more than just a kiss.In some ways, Confessions of A Serial Kisser isn't your traditional romance. There isn't the traditional boy meets girl plot. (Or girl meets guy.) It is about the quest for love coming from a dissatisfaction with yourself; it's all about the angst, looking for someone to fill that emptiness inside you. It's about not knowing quite what you want, but knowing that you want something...need something more.All that being said, there were some things that just didn't work for me. The longer I read about Evangeline, the less I cared for her. I know that sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it? Evangeline is losing herself, drowning herself in this quest for the perfect kiss. The further this quest goes on, the less respect we have for her and the less respect she has for herself. And there were some places where the text dragged a bit. It's hard to explain really. But there would be chapters at a time where I'd catch myself skimming paragraph after paragraph and yet finding nothing happening, nothing changing. After half a dozen of those chapters, it's hard to maintain interest. It started so well, and yet fizzled out a bit for me.It has family drama (father-daughter), friend drama, and some boy drama. (Yet the focus is never really on one guy in particular.) I liked the premise--or should I say premises. It was fun to see the mostly funny spin on how unrealistic and silly but sometimes necessary romance novels. It was also interesting to see this father-daughter angst. How her anger, her disappointment, her feeling of loss and betrayal, fueled (or failed to fuel) her relationships with guys her own age. But the focus is split--and not just in two. The friend drama...well...I could have done without it. The plot was busy enough without it. But maybe others will feel differently.Other reviews: Bookshelves of Doom;What I Blogged: ; Biblio File: and The Well Read Child and Overdue Books.First sentence: My name is Evangeline Bianca Logan, and I am a serial kisser. I haven't always been a serial kisser. There was a time not that long ago when I had next to no kissing experience. It's interesting how things can change so fast--how you can go from being sixteen with very few lip-locking credentials to being barely seventeen and a certified serial kisser. It all started one day with dirty laundry. (1)© Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews

  • Tina
    2019-04-17 09:35

    Original post at One More PageWendelin Van Draanen is the author of one of my favorite books ever, Flipped. I love Flipped -- I have read several times and pushed to several people and even cried while watching the movie. I never really got around to reading the author's other works, until I got it for a gift. It took me another year to read it (just like my other books in my TBR, heh), and I thought it would be the right book to cleanse my palate over reading something a little bit more serious.Evangeline Logan is a serial kisser -- she knows it, and she justifies this because she wants one thing: a crimson kiss. The kind of kiss she read in the romance novel she found under her mother's bed, a kiss that will turn her world around. So after a makeover, she goes to school and starts searching for that crimson kiss. How? By kissing boys of course. But it's not turning out the way she expected it as rumors about her started spreading. As if that's not enough, her best friend's too busy and her two-timing dad is making a comeback. And she still hasn't found her crimson kiss. What's a serial kisser to do now?Going into Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Wendelin Van Draanen and expecting it to be like Flipped was kind of a big mistake. I wanted to like this more, but a third into the book I was very annoyed with Evangeline. I'm definitely not the kind of person who would do what she did, but let's be honest now: who would do such a thing? How could she expect that she'd find that perfect crimson kiss by kissing random boys -- by random, I mean strangers too! All because of a romance novel?Okay, that may be the entire point of the book -- that you just can't find a crimson kiss randomly -- but Evangeline not expecting that she'd have a reputation after what she has been doing was just kind of naive. Evangeline reminded me a bit of Kelsey in Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters, but I would be a bit more forgiving with Kelsey if she had done what Evangeline did because she's still pretty young. I had to double check what year Evangeline was already in (junior to senior? There was a mention of emancipation at some point in the book) because I thought her attitude was kind of too young for her age.The chapters in this book are pretty short and they kind of remind me of my stories back in high school. It didn't have the same fluid story like Flipped, and there were some plot points that felt a little too stretched out or a little too contrived. The guitar thing for example -- where did that come from? Sure, she likes music, but the guitar thing just came out of the blue for me. Evangeline's issues could have had more depth in it especially since I'm sure there are kids who are in the same situations, but I'm afraid it veered towards the shallow end with how Evangeline reacted with everything. And that boy who really liked her all along? I saw that coming a mile away.That being said, though, there's an overall lesson in the book that wasn't that bad, really. The book touched a bit on communication and forgiveness, which was pretty nicely done in the end. Evangeline's penance was hard enough, although I wish she wasn't such a whiny girl about it. How her kissing issues connect with her home issues was also explained, and at least that gives an overall hopeful resolution for them. It's just sad that by the time those things came, I didn't care about any of them anymore.Confessions of a Serial Kisser could have had a good story going for it, but in the end I was just pretty annoyed with the main character and there was too much going on that I was just relieved that it was over when it was over. It was pretty fun (and I use the term lightly) sometimes, but if you're expecting something like Flipped... well, better lower your expectations.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-31 15:12

    Confessions of A Serial Kisser is one of the funniest book I have ever read. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve read tons of books which I’m sure you guys all know. :)What I loved about Confessions of A Serial Kisser was the hilarity of the plot. It was entertaining and definitely kept me engrossed in Evangeline’s story. It was interesting to see how Evangeline got her “inspiration” from a romance novel, The Crimson Kiss, and how she went about in obtaining that “crimson kiss.” Her plan, though a bit weird and very forward, was amusing to read about. Her successes and failures and the lesson that she learned at the end proved vital in her pursuit for a crimson kiss.Evangeline Logan is a character that I admire. Excluding her apparent wonderful plan in obtaining a crimson kiss through various means…I really enjoyed reading about her. She’s funny, entertaining, smart, outgoing and best of all, a girl that just wants some love. I can definitely relate to her and I envy her outgoing-ness. She’s able to just reach for a guy and kiss him without any regards to the comments of other people. Though I’m not that ambitious, it would still be admirable for me to gain some of that extrovert attitude.I have a little funny story to share. After reading this book, every time I look at guys now, I keep thinking about kissing them. No joke. I would find myself staring at them thinking what it would be like to kiss them. And the weird thing is, I find myself thinking about guys I don’t even like. I mean, I’m usually only interested in Asian guys (Yan can totally testify to this ;) but now, I’m staring at…other races. Haha. Very awkward, ya know? And every time I think about it, I remember this book and blame Evangeline for putting this idea in my head. But it goes to show how influencing Confessions of A Serial Kisser is. With that in mind, I suggest you guys to go out and buy this book. You’ll be in for the funniest ride ever.

  • Jackie
    2019-04-06 08:24

    This chicklit title can't decide whether it wants to be an outrageous comedy like the Louise Rennison "Georgia Nicholson" series, or be a more serious story about divorce, communication and relationships. It's not bad, but it's not that good, either.Evangeline's parents are separated, and so she tries to help her mom out as much as she can with the housework. While vacuuming her mom's room, she finds a stash of cheesy romances, including one called The Crimson Kiss. She finds herself captivated by the story, and decides to make getting her own "crimson kiss" her goal that year in school.After a make-over, she selects her target, the hottie in the homeroom. Naturally, things don't go as well as she hoped. The hottie's kiss is far from satisfying. But that doesn't stop her from her quest, which at first amuses, and then worries her best friend.Meanwhile, her father is trying to get her to talk to him, only to get completely shut down by Evangeline. Could her inappropriate kissing be a symptom of problems at home? Gee, I wonder...While teen girls will likely enjoy this, I found it too obviously message-y and Evangeline's behavior both ridiculous and unbelievable. And forget getting a boy anywhere NEAR this book.Enh.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-18 12:38

    I got all the way through this book before I realized it was by Wendelin van Draanen. (It was a Kindle version, so it's not like I saw the cover much.) She is pretty much amazing, that's all I have to say. I've read a couple other books of hers, Flipped and Swear to Howdy, which are both very funny, but perhaps for younger audiences. This one is about a girl who just loses it a little bit and turns into the school serial kisser nearly overnight. Note to self: steamy romance novels are dangerous for young girls' heads. Awesome message though: you will never find the perfect kiss by looking for it. Also, hot guys are not always good kissers. Quite funny, quite realistic, and definitely relateable for anyone who has ever done something very stupid in public. Also for anyone who has ever eaten enough ice cream to realize that ice cream doesn't fix things. :)

  • laaaaames
    2019-03-30 07:18

    This book is what I'd expect from a middle schooler writing about what high school would be like. The voice was never believable to me as a sixteen-year-old.Also: if your name gets written on a bathroom wall for any sort of slut reasoning, guess whose fault it is, writer lady? NOT THE GIRL'S. Girls do not deserve that. Boys are jerks for writing that crap. Girls, kiss who you want. Kissing is fun! Has the puritanical streak in this country run so deep that now KISSING TOO MUCH is an effing problem?Also: kissing a boy you didn't know your friend liked is NOT the same as cheating on your spouse. In case you need a refresher.(read: 27)

  • Jill
    2019-04-14 12:31

    In Confessions of a Serial Kisser, Evangeline has always been a "good girl," receiving good grades, hanging out with "good friends." She now lives with her mother in a tiny apartment having moved out of her childhood home after her parents' separation. One day she's cleaning in her mother's room and finds a box of romance novels under her mother's bed. One of these books, A Crimson Kiss, draws her in, and she sets upon a mission to get her own crimson kiss. This mission soon becomes an obsession as she kisses nearly every boy who crosses her path, including her best friend's boyfriend. As her reputation and relationship with her friend are damaged, she's coming to terms with her father's betrayal and his attempt at reconciliation with both her and her mother. Her life seems to be spiraling out of control as she searches for her crimson kiss.While it's a good idea to expose teenagers to classic, thought-provoking literature, to truly make them lifelong readers, they need to have fun with reading. Give them the opportunity to read fun books that interest them because if reading always seems like homework, they will quickly get turned off. Confessions of a Serial Kisser is a light-hearted book whose title and pink cover with the big red lip print will beg girls to pull it off the shelf. Though it is funny at times and a fast read, its flaws will prevent it from becoming as well loved as Van Draanen's Flipped.Many readers will find Evangeline annoying. She kisses boys without thinking of the repercussions, and she's super quick to judge others when she herself is not a model of good behavior. Robbie Marshall is a "dumb jock," Eddie Pasco is a "stoner," and she's downright cruel to poor Roper Harding who has obvious personal hygiene issues. Speaking of Eddie Pasco, there's this weird, overwhelming and forced anti-drug messaging in book. Eddie is one of Evangeline's "victims," and when she realizes he's a stoner, he becomes the scum of the earth while, Izzy, the creepy record store owner seems like a likely stoner himself. It almost felt like a cheesy PSA at times.There were also some awkward passages that didn't really seem to fit. Evangeline is a rock 'n roll girl, and it's rock 'n roll that helps heal her relationship with her father in the end. She identifies with music and listens to it constantly, which is a truly believable characteristic. However, there are times in the book when Evangeline is listening to music, and she throws out the name of the band, the album, and all of the songs. It interrupts the flow and seems more like Van Draanen's, (a professed fan of rock 'n roll as indicated in the jacket flap) homage to her favorite bands. Also, the fact that Evangeline seems to be a self-taught master hair stylist is also a little unbelievable, and that she has to "babe herself up" to get guys is also a disappointing.To be a truly good book, the reader really has to identify with the main character, and many girls won't be able to do this with Evangeline. While the concept is entertaining, the execution of a believable, likable character is not there.

  • Von B.
    2019-04-11 13:35

    (Source: I got this as a present from my cousin. Thanks to you, Remy!)I believe that books can be moving and it can affect your life. This story proved it but in the other way around. From a normal, basket-case, academic conscious teenage life, it was flipped by a combination of Romance novel and a Self-help book that made her life a bit exciting, embarrassing, messy and complete... one at a time. She became obsessed over the Romantic Novel, "The Crimson Kiss". Coming from a broken family, Evangeline is on a search for a sign of a true love... The perfect kiss. In which she continuously fantasized for, so she decided to take a leap for her search mission with another help of a book, "Live your Fantasy". And so she lived.... not knowing that fantasy can be a bit slutty. She kissed almost half of her class and believe me, I cannot keep track of their names anymore. I just find myself reading the line "And so we kissed..." Maybe, several times... or more. This book is a roller coaster ride, at first I am really annoyed with the main character, and then I gave it a little more time so I can delve in more in the author's perspective, which is a great decision. I understood the humor and everything that is going on in the book. It was hilarious, entertaining. It's pace is fast enough too. I became annoyed but I was never bored. So... Wendell, here's my rating: Shining, shimmering, blinking splendid in bold and neon pink font color: 4.5 Stars!

  • Arminzerella
    2019-04-05 15:11

    Evangeline is cleaning house one day when she finds her mom’s secret stash of romance novels (under the bed) and discovers “The Crimson Kiss” – the book that takes over her life for the next few months. Evangeline is ready for a change and a challenge after living under the oppressive cloud of doom and gloom her father left behind when he ran off with another woman, so she decides to find her *own* crimson kiss. How to begin? With a makeover! And a double shot of brazen ovaries! Evangeline sets her sights on gorgeous Robbie Marshall, obsessing over him until he can’t help but notice her. But when they finally kiss, well, it’s terrible. But that only makes Evangeline more determined to find the kiss of her dreams. Soon she’s kissed Andrew and Stu and Justin and Trevor and Eddie and Brody and some random guy at Starbucks, and Paxton – whoops. But it’s too late, because Paxton is the guy her best friend Adrienne really likes. And when she finds out, Evangeline is in big trouble. Maybe she is a serial kisser! Maybe she does have a problem.This is a cute and funny quick-read. The girl does not get the guy (well, not that girl and not that guy), but it ends happily for everyone – even the thousands (ok, I exaggerate) of guys bewildered by Evangeline the one-kiss-wonder. I love Evangeline’s determination and spirited experimentation – she’s so brave! Lots of personal growth in this one. And kissing – don’t forget the kissing! Tween romantics will love this one (and me, I liked this ridiculously).

  • Nadia
    2019-03-27 14:23

    I had expected something good from this because of Flipped(Which you should totally read), but this book fell short on that.Why you ask?Because there were a whole lot of unexpected, non-romantic, not-so-drool-worthy of -THISWhile I sort of expectedTHISYes I know this was supposed to be a fun book, but even then it doesn't justify to it's ultra 'cheerfulness' to kissing random people at starbucks or grabbing a guy to get rid of another. In places EVANGELINE (Now what is that name???) behaved like a five year old, though she's turning 17. She quotes, "Kissing is just like saying Hi" Now I would've been okay with that if only something really happened in the book. Nothing really happens.Then there was Brody. At first, (view spoiler)[he doesn't even care that she had a makeover, then all of a sudden he's going 'As you wish' (Which translates to 'I love you' btw). (hide spoiler)] I mean what?The book is dedicated to the fans of Flipped who demanded a kiss, but I'm pretty sure they didn't want this. They wanted a genuine kiss between two people who care about each other if I'm not wrong. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • CeJayCe
    2019-04-12 10:24

    So far, the chapters are irritatingly short. I don't know why the author feels the need to create a new chapter for every conversation, train of thought, or miniscule event; but it's aggravating and unnecessary.As far as my thoughts of the main character are concerned, she's coming off to me as something resembling a slut. There's nothing wrong with wanting a kiss to be special or fantastic. But that doesn't excuse the fact that all she's really doing is flirting with and kissing random guys she barely knows and then brushing them off like it's nothing. And if she took the time to look at herself from anyone else's point of view, she'd probably realize how slutty that makes her look. With Robbie for example, she's irritated with the fact that he won't stop bothering her about the kiss. But if you kissed a person you thought was interested in you, would you let it go if they didn't at least explain why they acted like they were interested in the first place? Especially since it's clear they aren't anymore.No, probably not. At least, I wouldn't. But all Evangeline is thinking is that he wasn't a great kisser so time to move on. She doesn't even stop to consider WHY he's still pushing the issue. From his point of view, she probably just seems hot and cold.It's unfortunate to say that I don't really have much else to go on since the book doesn't do that great of a job in describing her personality(apart from her kissing obsession, of course).

  • Katie
    2019-04-17 07:33

    Evangeline is in search of the perfect kiss. She’ll stop at nothing to find a kiss like the one in A Crimson Kiss, the romance novel she found hidden under her mom’s bed. But finding that life-changing kiss proves to be more difficult than she had anticipated. Lots of boys seem to have potential but when tested are really “missers”, ear lickers, or fish-lipped kissers. She wonders if any of her kisses will ever rival Delilah and Grayson’s in A Crimson Kiss.Evangeline gets a bad reputation for her kissing activities. Her name and phone number even end up on the urinals in the boys’ bathrooms. Her serial kissing gets out of control when she inadvertently kisses her best friend’s new crush. Eventually, she realizes that there is more to kissing than she originally thought.I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting, funny, and honest. I could relate to a lot of Evangeline’s kissing experiences. Everyone has had at least one of the experiences that Evangeline did. This book keeps you on your toes because you never know who Evangeline will go after next. I think I actually lost count of how many guys she kissed. The underlying story about her parent's relationship problems is deeply touching and explains a lot about their daughter. The music references also create a nice soundtrack. Confessions of a Serial Kisser was very entertaining and I absolutely recommend it.

  • Yolanda
    2019-04-06 14:14

    Moral of the story....don't go around kissing strangers becasue in High School you will be thought of as a slut. Or something like that.Actually I think letting yourself be free enough to try and find your passion or your dreams is a really cool thing. Most of us, myself included, don't allow ourselves to open up to the possibility of the possibility. We instead wonder what if? That's what I need to do, like Nike says, Just do it. Stop worrying and wondering what if and just do it. And that's why I like this book. That and it was such a girly book and I am such a girly girly. Even though I am WAY past being a teenager.

  • Mei-an
    2019-04-17 12:21

    This books is about Evangeline, a high school student, who after finding a romance novel under her mothers bed, dreams about the perfect kiss. Which she calls a crimson kiss. She embarks on a journey trying to have that perfect kiss. To do this she kisses almost every boy in her grade to see who can give her a crimson kiss. On this journey she struggles with her best friend and family issues, while realizing the perfect kiss isn't so perfect after all.I chose to read this book because my friend recommended this to me and I love chick lit. I enjoyed the plot of this book, although the writing was simple.

  • Arianna Largo
    2019-04-02 15:30

    The book " Confessions of a Serial Kisser " was okay. The story was not at all relatable to me. Evangeline the main character goes around looking for boys and when she finds what she thinks is the perfect guy she wants to have what she calls a " Crimson kiss." To me whats she does doesn't make sense.I mean who would want to have a kiss with pretty much everyone boy you meet. Anyway I would recommend this book to any one who just needs a book to read.

  • Jocelyn
    2019-04-21 08:36

    The book,"Confessions of a Serial Kisser" by Wendelin Van Draanen, was one of the best books I've read.Even though I couldn't actually relate to the main character,Evangaline,I enjoyed the book very much.I could though relate to school events and activities.When I first started reading this book, I didn't want to put it down at all.I thought that this book was funny,descriptive,and entertaining.I would recommand this book to any girls who like funny and emotional stories based on teen girls.

  • Alissa
    2019-04-04 13:09

    The book was okay. I didn't really like it that much. I had an expectation of what the book would be like but then, reality hit me. `What I really liked was that i enjoyed the book but not as much as i wanted to. What I didn't like about the book is that i only liked the ending. i would recommend this book to anyone who... well anyone thats bored.

  • Katy
    2019-04-19 14:24

    One of my least favorite books of all-time. The main character was annoying and stupid. It doesn't take a genius to know that a "crimson kiss" isn't just with the most popular boy or with the proper setting. The number of escapades that she went through took up the entire book.. it was soo incredibly boring and annoying.

  • Ms Threlkeld
    2019-04-16 14:16

    A sweet story about a girl who kisses many boys in search of a "crimson kiss." She is struggling with her parents' divorce, the repurcussions of kissing so many random boys and problems with her best friend. I read it in one sitting and felt very satisfied at the end.

  • Luke Reynolds
    2019-04-20 15:29

    I'm really not feeling this one. After a promising start, Evangeline's quests are getting more repetitive, and the juvenile writing and voice makes her come across as 13 instead of 17.Plus, having a bunch of guys pining after her is gonna get annoying, so I'm out.

  • Anna Motteler
    2019-04-15 08:25

    I just finished reading this book, and I thought it was amazing. I literally could not put it down, it had me laughing nonstop. To picture this actually happening is quite funny, and makes you wonder if someone would actually randomly kiss you, just to get the crimson kiss.

  • Anita Prince
    2019-04-21 11:23

    Evangeline finds a romance novel called The Crimson Kiss under her mother's bed and becomes obsessed with finding the perfect kiss. In her quest to find her Crimson kiss, she makes some serious errors in judgment but eventually learns what she's really looking for.

  • Sue
    2019-04-15 11:38

    This book was written by the same author as Flipped which was so cute. I was hoping for more with this one and was disappointed.

  • April
    2019-04-10 13:16

    "I also finally see that a crimson kiss isn't something you can chase because it's more than just the passionate meeting of mouths. It's a confession. It's the truth that your lips whisper to someone you love." When I first started reading this book, I thought that it was one of those fluffy little YA books about a girl who is looking to get a great kiss. If it had been, it would have been a well-written and entertaining book. The real reason that I loved it, though is that it is so much deeper than that. This simple little story touches about so many real issues that young adults (and often us older adults) deal with. It touches on family dynamics, loyalty in friendships, the consequences of rash actions, real love, forgiveness, and even how people do not always fit the stereotypes we put on them. Plus, there's a huge psychological element about the ways in which people may act out or search for love in all the wrong places when a relationship falls apart. The protagonist of the novel is 16-year-old Evangeline Bianca Logan. Disillusioned with love because of her father's infidelity and the resulting separation of her parents, Evangeline thinks she's found the definition of real love in a romance novel. One evening while cleaning under her mother's bed, she discovered a cache of romance novels. One of them was called A Crimson Kiss. Evangeline begins reading about the love story and the perfect kiss between Delilah and Grayson in the pages. She reads the novel again and again, and begins to fantasize that she would find not a love like theirs, but a kiss like theirs. With some encouragement from one of her mother's self-help books, she begins to speak her fantasy, see her fantasy, and then sets out to live her fantasy. With the help of her best friend, Adrianne, Evangeline sets her sights on the boy that she thinks might possible give her the crimson kiss, she has been seeking, Robbie Marshall. Robbie is a cute jock, who has all the girls fawning over his bulging biceps. Evangeline gets him to kiss her one morning after math class. When Robbie's kiss leaves her feeling flat, she continues her search for the crimson kiss in a variety of guys. Along the way, she begins to develop quiet the reputation as a serial kisser, and people begin to get hurt, including Adrianne. Additionally, Evangeline's estranged parents are trying to reconcile, but Evangeline is still unable to forgive her father for his infidelity. She is angry and surly and not sure what to do with all those feelings, plus her ruined reputation, her guilt about all the people she's hurt along the way, and her broken friendship with Adrianne. Eventually, Evangeline finds herself and is able to mend fences. Along the way, she learns that a true crimson kiss comes only from the lips of someone you love. Follow, Evangeline on her at times poignant and at times hilarious journey in Confessions of a Serial Kisser.

  • Callie
    2019-04-07 07:16

    I picked this up because I finished Flipped and I was going through withdrawals (the author mentions this book in the interview at the end). The book was a cute, outlandish story about a girl who goes on a hunt for the perfect kiss. Language: Some more mild bad language. Sexual content: A lot of teens kissing (it was the premise of the book after all), but no sexual situations. Reference to (probably inappropriate) romance novels, which is what makes the character decide to hunt for a perfect kiss. It is speculated at one point that main character is a lesbian (she's not). Other insinuations here and there. Not as squeaky clean as flipped, so I'd probably call it a young adult novel (meaning it may not be actually appropriate for young adults, depending on your child and convictions). I probably wouldn't let my young teen read this, because do young teens really need ideas put in their heads about kissing? I think not.Message: In the end the character figures out that she's just been trying to distract herself from a painful family situation with all this kissing. Family and developing as a person outside of relationships is emphasized in the ending.Overall, it was okay, and it fit my light-read criteria (I just needed something not too serious to read). BUT it was no Flipped. Not even close. But the ending was cute.

  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    2019-04-04 07:26

    Van Draanen, Wendelin Confessions of a Serial Kisser, pgs.294 Random House-Knopf Books for Young Readers. Language~G, Sexual Content~G; Violence~G; Evangeline Logan,16, is your average “A” student at Lakemont High. After stumbling on her mother’s hidden stash of trashy romance novels she comes across one that speaks of a ‘crimson kiss.’ Then at breakfast, she stumbles upon her mother’s self-help book that promises to make your fantasies real by following these steps “1.Speak your fantasy 2. See your fantasy 3. Live your fantasy.” Evangeline decides to make her fantasy of receiving her own crimson kiss come true. Thus begins her career as a serial kisser. Evangeline starts out by planning her kissing rendezvous, but eventually resorts to just taking what she wants without thinking of the consequences. These consequences get Evangeline in to hot water with the school, her grades, and her best friend. Van Draanen has given readers a fun, quirky, and at times serious novel about a girl on the edge of adulthood who is trying to find out who she is and what her life should be. MS/HS –Advisable. Allison Madsen~Teen Librarian-SJO Public Library

  • Anastasia Jillian
    2019-04-17 12:17

    I don't normally dnf books, and there wasn't anything particularly wrong with this one. It was enjoyable and fast paced, but about 50 pages in, I found it hard to get into the story. I think my biggest issue was in fact that protagonist. The way she spoke (both in exposition and dialogue) indicated she was younger than she was. Something about her general colloquial presence read as much more...coltish than a sixteen year old in high school.I love Van Draanen's work (Runaway is one of my favorite books) so I think I might revisit it in the future, but for now (especially since my TBR pile is so big), I'll be benching this book.

  • Rebekah
    2019-04-19 14:29

    A YA romance onionOverall story: Great read. At first I thought this was sheer romance fluff, however this is an onion that had multiple layers giving you a little more than you bargained for. A true coming of age story about a teen who has to figure out who she is before she can really find a romantic connection with someone else. I liked the discussion about female musicians in the end. I really enjoyed this book.Content: cleanLanguage: Overall clean. Religious: Not at all.I'd recommend this one to 12+ readers. Happy reading!

  • Debbie
    2019-04-17 10:21

    In the aftermath of her parents' split, Evangeline discovers a stack of romance novels and self-help books under her mother's bed. After reading them all, a book called The Crimson Kiss inspires her to experience her own perfect kiss. Her journey takes her to some unexpected places and has some unexpected consequences. Overall, a light read, but with some surprising depth, especially the subplot with her cheating dad.