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While volunteering to help prisoners earn their high school equivalency, Charlie Kirby meets Caleb Farmer, who asks his help to write a letter to his long-lost son, Junior, to make amends. Touched by Caleb's story, Charlie agrees to help. When Charlie manages to track down Junior, he discovers the man has long since changed his name to James Marshall and wants absolutely nWhile volunteering to help prisoners earn their high school equivalency, Charlie Kirby meets Caleb Farmer, who asks his help to write a letter to his long-lost son, Junior, to make amends. Touched by Caleb's story, Charlie agrees to help. When Charlie manages to track down Junior, he discovers the man has long since changed his name to James Marshall and wants absolutely nothing to do with his father. Charlie understands James's anger; Charlie spent most of his adolescence trying to convince his own incarcerated father to see him, but his father always pushed him away. Now, Charlie has nothing but regret for the past and the lost opportunities, and he wants to spare James the same fate. But Charlie's attempts to help James forgive and forget become complicated by feelings he hasn't experienced since the death of his husband. For them to have any chance at finding happiness, James will have to end his self-imposed emotional isolation, but will Charlie's efforts bring James closer or push him further away?...

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Sins of the Father Reviews

  • Kathy
    2018-12-06 09:14

    Buying this book was a given; this is the third story by D.W. Marchwell that I've read and it totally blew me away. I've loved his other stories, but in Sins of the Father, he's surpassed himself. This is not a short story ~ I was up 'til 4:30 in the morning because I literally could not put this book down ~ but it read as though it were. Was it worth it? Oh heck yes! (I'm using much stronger language in my mind... just so you know.)In fact just after I started reading the book I had to go back and buy the print version. This is one of those authors whose storytelling leaves me wanting his books in any form that I can get them... and, while I have a large list of favourite authors, the number whose books I have in all formats is much, much smaller.Sins of the Father is amazingly rich in detail, the storyline is one that will stand the test of time and the characters? Dear heaven; they were phenomenal and... even thinking about them now leaves me feeling almost overwhelmed with emotion. Connected, involved with, interested in... none of these describe how I felt about them. And the story ~ Wow! Even though I was merely an observer I felt as though I were there with all my senses involved and it and it totally rocked.I'd like to say I'm speechless, but of course that won't wash... but it's taken me 6 hours before I felt capable of doing D.W. Marchwell's Sins of the Father any justice at all.So run, do not walk, and buy yourself a copy... you won't be sorry!

  • Leslie Nicoll
    2018-11-28 07:58

    THE BLURBTHE REVIEWWondering where the blurb is? I didn’t include it because 1) it completely misses the point of this book and 2) it contains a huge spoiler which totally ruined the build-up to the main part of the story that occurs in the first one-third of the book. If you decide you want to read this book based on this review (and I would be flattered if you do, but more importantly, it’s very good and I can easily recommend it) then use this link, which will take you to the order page at Dreamspinner. Shade your eyes and avoid the synopsis…or maybe have someone else order the book for you!I’ll be honest—spoiler type blurbs and reviews usually don’t bother me. I read tons of reviews before reading a book or seeing a movie. But really, this is a book is best read “cold” without a lot of pre-knowledge. It needs to unfold on its own to be totally enjoyed, in my opinion.So now my challenge is to write a spoiler-free review that will entice you to read this book. Hmmm…is saying it is very good enough? No, you want more detail? Okay, I’ll try.This is a book about Charlie Kirby. From two brief prologues, the reader learns that Charlie’s mother died when he was 17, and a few years later, when he was a student at the university, he met a man named Jesse. These events occurred in the eighties.Flash forward to the present when the story proper begins. Charlie is in a bookstore buying a book from a new author whose writing he really likes. He goes home and settles into his favorite chair, losing all track of time. He forgets that he has a blind date that evening, arranged by his neighbors and good friends, Beth and Deanna. Apparently, Charlie did get together with Jesse, and they shared many happy years, but now Jesse is gone; he died two years prior. (As an aside, we eventually find out how Jesse died, but it is a slow build up and careful reveal, which is the way the whole book is written. It is sort of like peeling away the layers of an onion which is why I believe it is best to read the book knowing very little. It allows us, as readers, to be surprised with every turn of the page.) Charlie is trying to take the steps necessary to move forward and move on but it’s hard—he had a wonderful relationship with Jesse and he’s not sure he can ever find that kind of love again—or if he even wants to.Charlie teaches high school and enjoys his job. He also volunteers at a local prison, teaching GED courses to inmates so that they might get a high school diploma. Both of these activities are very important components of Charlie’s life.That’s about as far as I want to go with specifics. Like I said, you really need to let this story unfold on the page and not know what is going to happen. It’s better that way. Trust me.I love character driven stories and this is very much Charlie’s story. He’s a thoughtful, kind man who has experienced some events that anyone would call challenging. But he has managed to process this information, integrate it into his life, and move on. When the story begins, he is doing the same thing with the loss of his 20+ year lover and making progress. Then life throws a few obstacles in his path, and Charlie has to figure out how to cope.The story was completely absorbing. I started reading it at 8 am. At 2 pm in the afternoon, I realized I was still at my kitchen table, wearing my bathrobe, not bathed, not dressed, and devouring this book. It pulled me in that strongly. For me, this happens rarely. In fact, I found I could identify with Charlie, who sat in his comfy chair and lost track of time. It happened to me, too.That said, it’s not a perfect book, but my criticisms are minor. For example, character names are way, way, way too often repeated. In real life, we don’t say someone’s name in every single sentence; this book needed an editor to X out the totally overused names. Also, there were a few “sort of” plot lines that were introduced and went nowhere—they should have been exorcised. But the core of the story was well written and truly felt and that is why you should read this book.There is a bit of angst (well, quite a bit, actually) and you may find yourself reaching for the tissues a time or two, but it is realistically presented and honest to the characters. Even if you say, “I don’t do angst!” you should give this book a try because it’s worth it in the end as a very satisfying read.D.W. Marchwell is a new author to me. This is his second novel; his first is Good to Know which I will be seeking out to read (and maybe review here, since it hasn’t been reviewed yet). If you read that and liked it, then I am sure you will definitely like this. If not, then here is a chance to discover a new author. If you like contemporary, modern, realistic love stories (a love story, to me, is a higher compliment than romance) then give this one a go. I definitely recommend it.NB: I realize I didn’t give a lot of specifics. Just so you know, this story does not contain any violence, gore, rape, incest, M/F sex, ménage, etc. Two characters have had tragic things happen in the past and they talk about their memories but that is about it for the potential squick factor stuff and instant reader turn-offs.(posted at reviewsbyjessewave, 1/21/2010)

  • Deeze
    2018-11-25 03:07

    When I found myself already in tears within the first 20 pages of this book I had high hopes. Sadly the angst I assumed was to follow never made it. Oh there were still times I teared up, but it was always for the children they were, not the adults they became. Maybe I'm too hard hearted but I found myself anoyed with Charlie and his insistence that James forgive his father. I never liked that Charlie assumed he knew what James would feel if he never forgave his father, when in fact the crimes their fathers commited were totally different in my eyes. Again maybe I'm too unfeeling, but I also found myself anoyed with the writer for trying to make me feel sympathy for Caleb. I guess in real life I get to frustrated with the way criminals seem to lead a better life, even locked up, than their victims do. So in my fantasy world I don't want to feel compassion for the bad guy. The story also dragged in places. Especially the scenes that should of left me feeling closer to James and Charlie as they dated, but in fact just left me bored. I disliked Beth with her knowing attitude, not to mention her and Deanna's baby issues never felt connected to the main story.For me a 2.5 read, but I'm pushing it up to a 3 simply for hearing James recount the time when he was 6. Now that part was real heartbreaking stuff. And if it was me I'd never of forgiven the bastard.

  • Lauraadriana
    2018-11-17 02:16

    4.5 Stars Could have been five stars, if not for just one thing in the story that really bugged me. There were a few glaring typos as well, but I liked this story so much I'm going to overlook them. Also the blurb is kinda off, but again going to just go with it, because I really liked it.Charlie is a widower, his partner died in an accident two years before, and he has just started dating. He's not too interested though. He likes his life as it is. He's been a high school teacher for twenty years, has been volunteering at the local prison helping inmates to get their GED. His own life history is very connected to that jail. His father was a convict who died there years ago.Charlie has forgiven his father for what he did long ago, to him, to his mom, to the people he killed. As a way to find peace with what happened he tries to help the men in the prison. One day Caleb Farmer, a man who is serving a life sentence for killing his wife, approaches Charlie. Caleb is an elderly man, and he wants to write a letter to his son. He has not seen his son since he was a boy, and wants to make amends. The anger that Caleb has lived with, seeped away with the years and he does not want to die with such a regret.So Charlie begins to help Caleb write the letter to his son Junior. The more Charlie works with Caleb the more he cares for the man, and wants to help find his son. He begins his search, and finally after so many dead ends finds James Marshall. James has changed his name and tried to distance himself from that past. From that horrific history that was his childhood.This is where things gets complicated. For Charlie getting involved in this possible reunion, could cost him this new chance at love. James and Charlie, have a connection there is a possibility of something between them. A chance to start over. A second time for Charlie, and the very first for James. They are cautious, but they are open. They realize the amazing opportunity that life has given them.There is so much baggage though, and James is not willing to forgive and forget. Charlie only hopes that when James finally is ready to listen to his father it won't be too late. Things are hard for these men, they stumble and they mess up, but they are so in love already.This was a kind of wonderful story about second chances, forgiveness and just moving on. Finding peace with the bad stuff, and using it to make your future better. I REALLY cared for these two men. They were so great together, and pretty damn hot too. Well written story too. Emotional, but not exhausting, romantic but not instantly that HEA was well earned, erotic and sensual, but nothing gratuitous.Really enjoyed reading this book, and would certainly recommend it.

  • Kassa
    2018-11-29 03:16

    This is the second book I’ve read by this author and I think he’s just not for me. I struggled with this one and became bored about halfway through. I only finished it to see if there was an additional twist at the end, there’s not but I wanted to see what happened. Since there is nothing fatally wrong with the book, this is clearly a case of just not appealing to me specifically. The characters felt boring and predictable as they dance around each other in a push/pull relationship. It didn’t make much sense to me and I found Caleb especially to be a confusing character. He’s by turns incredibly pushy and obnoxious and then flips around and doesn’t want to pressure or force James into anything, all the while thinking James has to do it Caleb’s way or they can’t be together. On the other hand there are a lot of things to recommend this and I can see why some others would really enjoy this offering. Caleb’s relationship with his dead husband is nicely and honestly portrayed. It’s not perfect or horrible but something warm, comforting, and loving. The theme about jailed fathers is interesting and offers some good emotion. Unfortunately I found this to be too heavy and obvious in a lot of ways, which decreased my enjoyment, but I can also see why other readers wouldn’t be as bothered. The long slow seduction is way too long for me and I definitely grew bored with both men and their meandering, lengthy internal thoughts but again...personal preference. In the end I think this author just isn’t for me but fans of the author will likely very much enjoy this story.

  • Daanquai
    2018-11-15 02:09

    I really struggled with this book trying to decide if I liked it or hated it. There were parts where I found myself skipping ahead to get to an interesting part and then I would find a scene that kept my riveted. But ultimately, I just couldn't really get into the MCs, Charlie and James. First, there was too many coincidences that brought Charlie to James: friend of his neighbors, James being his favorite "elusive" author, and then of course, the son of the man in prison he was helping. Most of the story was told from Charlie's POV, but every once in a while the author would head hop into James, and in the beginning, Charlie's longtime love, Jesse, as well. That would throw me off (I really hate head hopping to begin with, but random head hopping?)Charlie was a little too judgmental at times, I thought (he really thought his relationship with James could never work unless James forgave his father? James watched the man kill his mom, for crying out loud. I get his dad had changed, but that's some heavy duty stuff to forgive. I kinda wanted James to telll Charlie off at one point.) Not to mention, there were to many fast forward scenes with the MCs, that I couldn't really invest in their relationship. At one point, I quit caring about them and found myself only interested in Caleb and whether James actually would go visit him before he died.There were a lot of really touching moments in this book that kept me reading till the end, but ultimately I was disappointed. If this were just a story about Charlie and his prison work, I might have liked it better

  • Min
    2018-12-13 08:02

    There were parts of this novel where I felt the weary urge to just skip through the pages in hopes to get to somewhere interesting and moments where I really felt for the characters. Unfortunately all the characters I empathized with died and those who were left behind I could never find the desire to care for.Charlie is a high school teacher and a widower who also volunteers at the local prison helping inmates earn a basic high school degree to prepare them for when they return to society. His own father had been sent to that same prison for manslaughter and remained there until the day he died. It is at this prison that he meets Caleb Farmer, a dying and illiterate old man who has finally realised his mistakes after many years of destructive behaviour and contemplation over the actions that brought him to where he stood now. Caleb now wants to right at least a part of his wrongs by reconnecting with his son Junior.In the meantime, Charlie’s neighbours and good friends, Beth and Deanna, have been constantly trying to set him up with a new partner since his husband, Jesse, passed away two years ago. It just so happens that Deanna is buddies with James Marshall (AKA Junior), and Charlie meets up with James on one last blind date to satisfy his neighbours.The rest of the novel pretty much touches on Charlie trying to help James past his hatred of his father and his own attempts to move on from the death of his husband. The novel tries to touch on the human problems and pains that exist such as Beth and Deanna’s relationship as a couple (which sort of faded into the background and fizzed into forgotten land) and Charlie and James’ past issues and hurts, but I really never got to really get close to them. I just didn’t feel much personality and character that would normally draw me like a moth to a light bulb. A lot of the time I felt like I was reading about the lives of wilting daisies. It didn’t really help that a lot of the plot points practically fell down from the sky to fill the puzzle either.It was amusing, though, to see the past written in present tense and present written in the past tense. I barely noticed the change until I realised I had stopped cringing every so often a few chapters in (I personally do not have much love for present tense, but I deal with it if I like a story). It noticed that the author used ‘the smaller man’ and ‘the younger man’ quite often when differentiating between Charlie and James. For me it was a bit distracting and slightly odd to read again and again.It was unfortunate that I couldn’t connect with the novel, but there were some touching moments such as Charlie’s memories of his life with Jesse and Caleb’s regrets and earnest attempts to write to his son. I think I would have been much more empathic and captured if I was reading about Caleb and Jesse in their respective stories than the actual main characters’ since frankly the living left me colder than the dead.

  • Hank Mcallister
    2018-12-11 03:12

    got turned on to Marchwell's books through a friend. never knew these kinda books even exist but bought sins as sono as it came out. as with his other stories this one is full of heart. i think i like the cereberal aspect of the writing not what anyone would call action or adventure - if that's why your reading you'll be disappointed. has a good mix of the regular blue collar man and just tryin to survive

  • Raevyn
    2018-12-06 02:01

    This book was an emotional roller coaster for me, but I could not put it down. The characters are well written and it is not full of fluff and sweetness. It hits you in the gut and makes you think long and hard.

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2018-11-20 04:18

    4 StarsHeart-breaking, but ultimately positive and uplifting. Very emotional; the flashbacks to and memories the MCs have of their childhood traumas are haunting...and I loved the way DWM humanized Caleb - without excusing or belittling the crime he committed.

  • Nicci
    2018-11-16 04:03

    Slow start but interesting as the story moved along. What I like about this book is how an almost similar childhood trauma affected the adult men, James and Charlie. Something that cannot be measured nor judged, people internalized differently. For James, the tragedy is more harsh and there is there underlying feeling he'd been abused as child by his father. He goes through life coping and not having a strong relationship until he meets Charlie. Charlie is luckier than James. His mother protects him and provides him with safe haven until she dies when he is seventeen even though Charlie never gain the respect and the friendship of his peers. Both James and Charlies will suffer the consequence of their father's terrible actions.In college Charlie meets Jesse. They fall in love. They stayed together for 20 years before Jesse dies. It is Jesse who becomes Charlie's guiding light. His care and devotion helps Charlies to grow into a compassionate, respectable man who is confident and forgiving. The question becomes, can Charlie do for James what Jesse had done for him? Sins of the Father was tragic, poignant, and lovely for its exploration into human dynamics.

  • Adara
    2018-12-03 09:57

    This one was a touch slow to start off with. I found the beginning to be a bit confusing when laying the groundwork for who the characters are because how they fit together in the story was not immediately apparent. Once I got around 20% in, then it started making more sense.The descriptions were fairly lengthy. Sometimes this appeals to me and sometimes not. This time it didn't quite catch me. Too much description over living the action. Point of view also seemed to hop some. It's mostly from Charlie's POV, but occasionally I found glimpses from James that seemed to be out of place to me.That said, I enjoyed the story. The characters' thoughts, motivations, and actions generally made sense. I was a bit surprised at how Charlie talked himself into what he did at the end - that he just gave up essentially - but I give it enough benefit of the doubt to not be too bothered by it. It ends well anyway.

  • Neet
    2018-12-08 06:07

    I love this book! The sins of the father have affected these two very different young men in different ways. Can they get over their past and have a future together. I like that Charlie who some might see as a goody two shoes has flaws and how his new love interest might look tough, but really is a good guy. This book is one I'll read again! ****I read this book again and still love it. Just love the story of Charlie & William and the minor character are well written also..12/11/14

  • Nightcolors
    2018-11-21 06:15

    Very touching story. And I understood the message about forgiveness and letting go of the past, but I couldn't help but think that were I in James's shoes, I'd also have an incredibly hard time forgiving Caleb... Still, I was very glad for James and Charlie that they could move on, free from it all.

  • Kimmy D
    2018-12-08 06:10

    I highly recommend this excellent book. The author's prose really pulled me into the story, and I felt very invested in the lives of the main characters. I practically read this entire book in one sitting; the author kept me on pins and needles wondering if everything would ultimately work out for characters who so richly deserved some happiness.

  • Francis Degroot
    2018-11-14 09:16

    I decided - despite the blurb - to pick this up because I really enjoyed his other two stories. What a shame that they couldn't come up with a better blurb; the story is about so much more than what's mentioned in the blurb. Completely absorbing, introspective and an emotional journey I won't soon forget. Kudos, Mr. Marchwell!

  • Eyre
    2018-12-08 06:57

    This one was a tearjerker for me. As I read it, it made me think of my students who are sometimes defined by those around them by who their parents are and the things that their parents have done. It also made me think about forgiveness and if there are things that are unforgivable.

  • Mabz
    2018-12-10 09:59

    I'm still trying to wipe the tears!!! I dont know why i waited so long to read this book but in a way i am glad. Kind of makes me want to redo my life or at least have more fun than now. Beautifully written, and well rounded, but then this author has never disappointed me

  • Gordon Logan
    2018-11-21 09:11

    a lot of angst, but very well written with a beautiful ending...definitely recommend

  • John Fassbinder
    2018-11-26 02:11

    couldn't be happier to support a fellow MB...excellent book, incredible emotion plus a HEA

  • Antonette
    2018-11-14 05:17

    Loved this book. I was practically weeping towards the end.

  • John Binner
    2018-11-25 04:12

    simply astonishing!

  • Gary Jones
    2018-12-09 03:52

    what a roller coaster of a ride but it was well worth it in the had me hooked from the start please read this book as you will be silly not to

  • Roman Johnston
    2018-11-16 03:13

    Couldn't agree more with Bookwenches...picked this up b/c of their recommend.

  • Deanna
    2018-12-12 04:02

    Slow/confusing beginning. Pretty good middle. Strong ending. Unnesessary epilogue.Contrary to pretty much every other review - I didn't find it sad.

  • Juniper
    2018-12-11 10:01

    Recommended read. Not a huge amount of sex, but not a lesser book for it. Cried buckets.

  • Alli
    2018-11-27 10:09

    4-4.5 Very well written, very emotional story. The compassion was misdirected at times, so it seemed like the wrong person was begging for forgiveness...but still enjoyable.

  • Lillyg
    2018-12-05 02:02

    Tha was strangely emotional.

  • Patty
    2018-11-27 05:18

    Truly a great story. DW Marchwell is a new author for me. I'm so glad that I found him. I will definitely be ordering more of his books.

  • Holly
    2018-11-19 07:07

    Entertaining story, racing against the clock, but the sentiment does get laid on with a shovel. And even the bad characters have got hearts of gold. A bit more grit and it could have been 5 stars.