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A MODERN-DAY INTERNATIONAL THRILLER HAILED BY JAMES ROLLINS AS ?ONE OF THE BEST DEBUTS I?VE READ THIS YEAR . . . HERE IS A NOVEL THAT WILL HAVE YOU HOLDING YOUR BREATH UNTIL THE LAST PAGE IS TURNED.?When brilliant archaeologist Dilara Kenner is contacted by Sam Watson, an old family friend who says that he has crucial information about her missing father, Dilara abandons hA MODERN-DAY INTERNATIONAL THRILLER HAILED BY JAMES ROLLINS AS ?ONE OF THE BEST DEBUTS I?VE READ THIS YEAR . . . HERE IS A NOVEL THAT WILL HAVE YOU HOLDING YOUR BREATH UNTIL THE LAST PAGE IS TURNED.?When brilliant archaeologist Dilara Kenner is contacted by Sam Watson, an old family friend who says that he has crucial information about her missing father, Dilara abandons her Peruvian dig and rushes to Los Angeles to meet him. But at the airport, Sam speaks instead of Noah?s Ark?the artifact her father had long been searching for?and the possible death of billions. Before Sam can explain, he collapses. With his dying breath, he urges Dilara to find Tyler Locke?a man she?s never heard of.Two days later Dilara manages to track down former combat engineer Tyler Locke on an oil rig off Newfoundland. Her helicopter transport goes down well short of the oil rig?s landing pad and Dilara and those aboard nearly drown. No sooner is Dilara safely on the rig than she convinces Tyler the crash was no accident. Tyler agrees to help her uncover the secret behind Noah's Ark and, more important, her father's disappearance. As the picture begins to come into focus, they realize they have just seven days to find the Ark before its secret is used to wipe out civilization once again.With a chilling premise and a blistering pace, Boyd Morrison combines all the best elements of a blockbuster thriller with an intelligent and fascinating exploration of one of the Old Testament?s great mysteries....

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The Ark Reviews

  • Marvin
    2018-11-21 09:43

    Here's a quiz. What book has the following opening scene?In the first chapter, a professorial gentleman is shot and left for dead. Breathing his last few breaths, he frantically leaves a cryptic message that will unlock a biblical mystery which he hopes will get back to his loving daughter.If you are thinking of a book that rhymes with "you pinched me nose"...wrong. I just described the prologue for The Ark, a technological thriller that involves the secrets of Noah's Ark. The prologue also illustrates what is wrong with cookie cutter novels like this. In looking at the reviews, it is interesting that the author's style is compared by various reviewers to Grisham, Cussler, Brown and practically every other best-selling mainstream writer of this genre. Perhaps because the novel has no true style of its own. The hero trips into one action sequence to another with a heroine who sticks to him like Crazy Glue and a sidekick who just happens to be there for comic relief and not much else. I suspect the writer had movie rights in mind more than book sales when he wrote this. I also wasn't too impressed with the plot. The Noah's Ark premise started out promising but when the author was borrowing from Dan Brown, he forgot to borrow the ability to involve the reader with a feeling of awe and mystery. The plot sort of muddles around through more contrived situations but finally develops into a scheme that turns the Ark into...well, I won't indulge in spoilers. Let's just say I was not convinced. Morrison isn't a bad writer by any means but he does tend to rely on cliched dialogue like, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you." That, stiff characterization, and formula action was rampant throughout and made this novel a bit of a chore to read. It isn't really bad enough for a one star rating. However I must admit the second star keeps wanting to topple over. I consider these techno thriller to be a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and I often enjoy them as good summer reads, but this one just left me cold.

  • Skip
    2018-12-05 11:51

    3.75 stars, because I thought the book should have ended earlier. Boyd Morrison writes a quality thriller though, closest to Steve Berry, but I liked Morrison's briefer afterword, which was more thoughtful than Berry's fact filled versions. After the death of her explorer father and good friend Sam, archaeologist Dilara Kenner sets off to save the world from disaster, enlisting the help of engineer Tyler Locke on an oil rig off the Canadian coast. Locke undertakes a daring rescue when her helicopter crashes near the rig, and then saves the rig from sabateurs. Meanwhile, a plane with a Hollywood star crashes mysteriously with the people reduced to skeletons. Tyler and Dilara find themselves with a short time period and a billionaire sociopath trying to create a new world order, including unraveling the location of Noah's Ark, her father's lifelong obsession. Dilara is a female version of the venerable Indiana Jones.

  • Eric
    2018-12-15 11:31

    I have a (very) minor fascination with Biblical mysteries, so when I saw this book on the new releases shelf in my local library, I snatched it up. I suppose it's a typical adventure novel, filled with impossible coincidences, implausible survivals, and non-stop action that bordered on the ridiculous. Since adventure novels are often grounded in reality, you'd think the authors would try to make them more, I don't know, realistic. I had a hard time suspsending disbelief throughout the book. It's light reading, mildly entertaining, competently written, and utterly silly.

  • Bettie☯
    2018-11-30 06:45

    mp3"GET OUT OF THERE!" they shouted.So I did!NEXT!

  • J.F. Penn
    2018-12-12 04:26

    Full video review: book opens with archaeologist Dilara Kenner meeting a friend of her father’s at the airport. He begins to tell her about her father’s discovery of Noah’s Ark and then dies suddenly, murdered by poison before he can tell her everything. So the chase is on, Dilara must find Noah’s ark and her father’s legacy before she is killed by the bad guys who are clearly after it too, and have an evil plan to destroy the world with a super-plague. The stakes are definitely high from page 1 and the story does draw you in.I found the book to be similar to Clive Cussler with Tyler Locke playing a Dirk Pitt role, rescuing Dilara from a crash into the ocean within the first few chapters, and then beating up bad guys and blowing stuff up pretty soon afterwards. She wants him to help her continue her father’s search. He is quite the stereotypical hero but hey, that’s what action-adventure books are about! I didn’t mind the lack of real characterization for Tyler. I like action-adventure men to be strong and silent :)There are lots of chases, gunfights and fist fights as Tyler and Dilara try to find the Ark and the bad guys try to stop them. Of course, the action must reach all the way to the Ark itself and I liked that section of the book. Noah shut his family and animals in a cave to escape the scourge of disease, the same disease that the bad guys have harvested and want to use on the rest of the world.With a title like The Ark, I actually wanted more biblical focus on the ark and the flood myth in different cultures, but there wasn’t enough of this. In fact, it was twisted into the flood being a disease. I like to learn a lot even from thrillers so that was slightly disappointing, but the story was still fast paced enough to keep me interested. The focus of the bad guys, led by Sebastian Ulric, is more of a representative ark, an underground bunker they will live in as the rest of the world is wiped out by a very nasty plague that totally dissolves people and leaves them as skeletons within minutes. That idea was used on the TV show Fringe in the first few episodes – not sure whether they borrowed it from Boyd! There is some religious rhetoric with the new world and the chosen group being left to remake the world in a new way.Essentially, a fast paced action-adventure that I enjoyed. I like Clive Cussler’s early Dirk Pitt books and this read like one of those. Boyd has another book, Rogue Wave but it is not available for customers in Australia. Please publishers, release your books to all markets on the Kindle!

  • Ashley Thomas
    2018-12-07 05:29

    Dilara Kenner, and and Tyler Locke first meet in a life and death situation, one of many that they share as they adventure around the world. Trying to uncover the truth behind Sebastian Ulric's plot to kill billions of people, the truth of where Dilara's father is and why he went missing, and the truth behind and the location of "Noah's Ark", Dilara and Tyler find themselves in numerous situations where death is merely a breath away. As time runs out and the situations become even more dangerous and billions of lives are threatened the question to be asked is whether Tyler's and Dilara's very close relationship will help or hinder the couple in their goal of saving the world and making the greatest discovery of archeology of all time. The novel The Ark is one that I not only found captivating to read but also a literary work that made me question my beliefs, thoughts, and ideas if only for a moment. When Dilara Kenner finds very old information about Noah's Ark written by those who were the last to see the Ark, she exclaims: "They hid it deliberately. They lied about Noah's Ark to keep it from being discovered." And when Tyler Locke asked what "they" lied about pertaining to the Ark she replied: "Everything." In order to not "spoil" much of the book I will leave those quotes as they are without an explanation. Whoever wishes to have his or her own mind questioning certain facts that have always been just that, "facts", then I greatly suggest they read this novel. I personally had difficulty putting this book down when I was able to read it for more than just a couple minutes at a time. And as I mentioned before, those who enjoy science and scientific thinking should sit down and read the words found in this book. Also, if you are a reader who enjoys romance, action, adventure, history, and especially mystery, then I highly suggest you take a long gander at this novel because you will more than likely greatly enjoy this book. I for one declare this literary work a marvelous page-turner of a book that will leave you wanting to read more. If you do not like to be intrigued or do not enjoy any of the genres or ideas I have already discussed then this book may not be for you. As previously stated I believe this book is quite a good read (with no pun intended). The plot, characters, ideas portrayed and used, details sprinkled throughout, and simply the simple tone that keeps the great amount of detail and information that make up this book easy to process all are strong points of Boyd Morrison's debut novel in my opinion. For example, Sebastian Ulric, the antagonist, has such an awful, demented plot it is easy to dislike him and want him dead; however, at the same time he truly believes what he is doing is right and is justified by God. When Ulric honestly thinks he is the hero and is helping cleanse the world and start over, much the same as when Christians believe the great flood during Noah's time cleansed the earth, it is hard to entirely dislike him as his intentions seem "heaven-sent". This simple explanation of one character shows the depth and dynamic quality that Morrison has developed into even just one character. If there is a single weakness of this book it would have to be that of not having the most captivating writing style. The plot and characters are what keep the reader reading while the more simple style of writing, just filled with lots of information, does not intrigue the reader. Overall, however, The Ark is one book I greatly enjoyed and one book I will most likely revisit sometime in the future. I congratulate Boyd Morrison with his debut literary work!

  • Chibineko
    2018-11-19 05:42

    I have to warn people straight off the bat- this book is more action adventure than Indiana Jones. While the character of Dilara is interested in the ark, most of the book doesn't focus around that interest- it is mostly chases, intrigue & action. It is entertaining, but a part of me was disappointed that there wasn't more buildup for it. After watching her mentor die in front of her eyes, Dilara only really knows two things. One is that he was poisoned by a mysterious woman. The other is that before he died, her mentor told her to search out Tyler Locke to help her search for her missing father's life dream: Noah's ark. With an insane cult leader planning on releasing a horrific virus on the entire world, both Tyler & Dilara know that their time is running out. The reason I devoted the entire first paragraph of this review to stating that this was mostly an action driven book rather than a James Rollins or Indiana Jones-esque thriller is because I was very much disappointed by it. I did enjoy the book & this is an easy read, but I'll be honest with you- the ark doesn't really come into play until the last fourth or fifth of the book. The book goes into more detail about the high tech gadgets (the coolest of which was a Tesla-powered car) used in the book than any religious or historical information & during some parts of the book I just really wanted a bit more description. Now for the rest of the review: there's some decent pacing to the novel & I liked the gadgets & technology mentioned in the book. For the most part I liked the main characters, although they never really seemed to be all that deep to me. I'd have liked to have known a little bit more about them. I also liked that there was a bit of re-imagining of the story of Noah's ark & I really, really wished that more info about that could've been interspersed with some research about the ark during the book. This isn't a bad read & I know that if I'd been fully aware of what type of book it was from the start, I'd have enjoyed it a good deal more. The author shows a lot of promise, but the book is a little green- you can tell that it is one of his first books. I'll say this for him- if this is him "green", then he'll be dynamite when he gets a little more seasoned with his writing. There's just a few little things in the book that just didn't read right or seemed like they were oversights- the only one that bugged me was when Tyler called a teammate... a deaf one, with no mention of how the deaf man was suddenly able to hear a phone call. (I presume technology, but I'd have liked to have had it listed rather than assume the author forgot to mention it. While the character has glasses that can read lips, you can't *see* lips over a phone.)If you want something light to read & want to read something with some action to it, this is the book for you.(ARC provided by amazon vine)

  • Steve Walker
    2018-11-25 04:23

    Morrison's book "The Ark" was a fun, quick, and entertaining action-adventure read. OK, it is chock full of stereotypical characters starting with Dilara Kenner, a beautiful archeologist with several degrees, versed in dozens of ancient lost languages, working on dig sites the world over. Dilara's father is a world renowned archeologist who has been missing for three years. Tyler Locke is a good looking muscular former Army special ops, engineer extraordinaire, and a very rich partner with Gordian, one of the world's most powerful engineering consulting firms. Tyler's father is one of the highest generals in the Army. They are the good guys.Enter Sebastian Ulrich, a brilliant chemist, mega-billionaire and owner of the world's largest and most powerful pharmaceuticals conglomerate. His side-kick is the evil and beautiful Svetlana Petrova whom he saved from a lifestyle of trafficking in black market pharmaceuticals. His man in charge of dirty work is Dan Cutter, a former decorated Army special ops gone bad who once served with Tyler. Tyler considers him to be one of the best. They are the bad guys.Aside from the comic-book characters the book has an interesting premise. Dilara's father went missing soon after he became very close to discovering the location of Noah's ark. Ulrich has plans of his own for a new "ark" to house hundreds of the worlds brightest while he cleanses the world with a new disease he has engineered specifically to target humans.OK, even the premise reads like a comic book, but Morrison does a good job of blending real science with science fiction and real history with invented history. He also delivers up the real Noah's ark with compelling additions to the account found in Genesis.Morrison occasionally gets bogged down with fight descriptions and a few distractions, but overall it flows like a Bruce Willis Die-Hard film.

  • Marcy
    2018-11-20 11:23

    The Ark, with it's premise of the search for Noah's Ark to save the contemporary world is reminiscent of other quest thrillers, such as those by Dan Brown and James Rollins, with their non-stop action, danger and more action cycles. For it's genre, it is one of the better ones I've read. That said, I still didn't love it. I read it because it was a free Kindle download and for that, I greatly thank Boyd Morrison. Though this book was well-written and exciting, I tend to enjoy more character driven stories with believable plots. For those who liked The Da Vinci Code, read The Ark - it's better!

  • Steffi
    2018-12-03 09:31

    2.5Erst vor kurzem habe ich vom gleichem Autor ein Buch gelesen, dass mich wirklich begeistern konnte und habe mich daher sehr gefreut, dass ich noch ein weiteres Buch von ihm auf meinem Sub entdeckt habe.Leider konnte mich dieses Buch nicht sonderlich begeistern. Zunächst hatte ich eher einen archäologischen Thriller erwartet, aber die meiste Zeit ging es doch eher in die biologische und technologische Richtung.Spannung kam für mich die meiste Zeit nur wenig auf und ich war stellenweise sehr gelangweilt. Auch die Charaktere haben nicht wirklich zum mitfiebern eingeladen.Erst auf den knapp letzten 100 Seiten wurde es noch einmal interessant und spannend und das Buch hat meine Aufmerksamkeit wieder. Dies hätte ich mir für das ganze Buch gewünscht. Weiterverfolgen werde ich die Reihe um Tyler Locke nicht.

  • Aaron
    2018-11-15 07:33

    I picked this one up looking for a readlike to The Da Vinci Code. In some ways it was, and in others, not so much. There is definitely a bit of a religious/Biblical mystery, and you can probably guess that it is tied to the tale of Noah and his ark. There is also a great deal of international intrigue and hopping around various geographical locations. It turned out to be a pretty good premiere novel for a first-time author.The story kicks off with the introduction of Dilara Kenner, a talented archaeologist who is meeting up with an old colleague. When he arrives, he is attacked and dies in front of her. His last words to be a series of cryptic names and phrases that tie in with the mysterious disappearance of her father years earlier.Following her, hunch, Dilara finds herself heading to an oil rig in the American/Canadian northeastern waters. She is hoping to connect with Tyler Locke, a former army specialist turned engineer who has made a great deal of money with his knowledge and skills. As her helicopter is coming in for a landing, something goes terribly wrong, and it crashes into the waters surrounding the rig. Quick thinking and his engineering skills allow Tyler to come to her rescue.After hearing her story, Tyler has some doubts, but he can't help but believe her once the rig comes under attack by a pair of terrorist bombers hoping to silence Dilara and prevent her from spreading what little information she has. Dilara's father, Hasad Arvadi, had spent his whole life seeking out the famed Ark and disappeared just prior to reaching his goal. His research is unquestionably tied to not only his disappearance, but also to a series of recent incidents including an airplane with a celebrity on board crashing after everyone on board disappearing leaving behind only their bones and an attack on the world's newest "largest" cruise ship.Dilara and Tyler quickly find their attention focusing in on Sebastian Ulric, an billionaire engineer who is a competitor to Tyler and his company and who has questionable ethics. It will be up to Dilara, Tyler and a small supporting cast to sort everything out before the worst happens ... and that might just be another dose of God's own wrath.There is definitely no shortage of action and adventure in this first novel. The villains are a little bit stereotypical, but not nearly as cliched as the ones James Bond would take on. Dilara and Tyler seem to continue to be only one step ahead of Ulric in a race that builds up the suspense as it races toward the novels conclusion. Science and religion balance the backstory in a way that really makes for an interesting read.In a way, I felt like I was reading a story in which both Indiana Jones and Robert Landon could be merged into a single hero. This was a pretty good read, and I have to admit that I am already looking forward to what Marrison will follow it up with.

  • Pamela
    2018-12-10 05:36

    The blurbs on The Ark describe the book as a “thriller.” Author Morrison certainly throws enough adventures into the first 100 pages to make readers believe that this is, indeed, a thriller. By doing so, however, Morrison asks the reader to suspend not just some of his/her belief, but all of it.The book opens with the death of Hasad Arvadi and moves immediately to the murder of Sam Watson, an old friend of Arvadi’s, as he tells the dead man’s daughter that Arvadi has found Noah’s Ark. Almost immediately, archaeologist Dilara Kenner, Arvadi’s daughter, is nearly killed not once but twice. In the first attempt, she saves herself. In the second attempt, her helicopter is blown out of the sky and into the North Sea where she manages to stay afloat while holding the pilot’s head above water and keeping the spirits of the co-pilot high. Thirty minutes later, she and all the other passengers are saved by Tyler Locke, an engineer mentioned by Watson. Within hours, someone plants several bombs on the oil rig, but again, Locke saves the day and manages to gather all the bombs and throw them into one of the escape pods and set it free. And so it goes.In the hands of a better writer, this book would, indeed, be a thriller of the first magnitude. It certainly has all the elements, i.e., a quest, a Biblical component, a hero of intelligence, and a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, Morrison is still learning his craft and has ladened his story with enough cliche’s to sink an oil rig. Then there is the misuse of words, for instance, bases for basis. The latter will stop most readers dead in the tracks and they will spend the rest of the book looking for other such missteps.If you are looking for a book to take with you to the beach, this may very well be a good choice. But if you’re looking for an intelligent well-written quest thriller, you’ll probably want to think twice before picking this one up.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2018-12-09 03:46

    Well....not a bad book. I enjoyed it pretty well, but it never got much above the mediocre, mid-range. There's not a lot new here. Now as I've said before that isn't in itself a bad thing. I doubt there is actually any totally new plot line out there anywhere. With thousands of years of stories from oral tradition, to written to video everything will be somewhat a plot that's been used before. It depends on how it's done.We have (another) crackerjack retired military special operator here (a few actually, but I referring to our primary protagonist). This time he's an engineer and he's managed to become very successful. He finds himself dragged into events to save the world (who'd have figured it?)There's the other ingredients required. There's the ultra bad guy (in the Bond villain tradition), the deadly henchman driven by hate and revenge. We also have a budding (but weak) romantic story. There are chases, gun fights, explosions, plots...counter plots...plots withing plots.The book in my opinion ran on a little more than it should have. The story felt a bit stretched (to me anyway) by the time we tied it up and I was sort of yawning by the the time we tied it all up.So, not a bad book. You get some action and a fair story. Maybe try it yourself and see what you think. Good to fair...not great.

  • Mariann
    2018-12-13 04:26

    There's a nugget of something intriguing here and the book is fast-paced, but ultimately the cliched characters, excessive telling (instead of showing) and an an unbelievable Marty Stu hero make this a painful read.

  • Truly
    2018-12-11 08:31

    Tyler Locke. Gordian Engineering. Minta bantuannya. Dia tahu…ColemanRiset ayahmu… mulai segalanya. Kau harus menemukan …BahteraDilara Kenner berusaha menangkap penggalan kata-kata Sam Watson yang sedang sekarat. Baginya Sam sudah menjadi bagian dari keluarga. Saat Sam menghubungi dan memintanya bertemu segera, ia mengira ini hanya pertemuan biasa. Alih-alin temu kangen, Dilara malah melihat Sam meregang nyawa di hadapannya. Sejak saat itu kehidupannya sebagai arkeolog tidak sama lagi.Ayah Dilara, Hasad Arvadi adalah seorang Turki yang beragama Kristen. Ia mengabdikan seluruh hidupnya untuk mencari bukti-bukti peninggalan Bahtera Nabi Nuh. Sebagai besar komunitas arkeolog menganggapnya tidak waras. Namun dari apa yang diucapkan Sam, sepertinya ia berhasil membuktikan mereka salah.Sesuai instruksi Sam, Dilara menghubungi Tyler Locke tukang insinyur pengguji mobil yang sama sekali tidak mengerti apa yang sedang diocehkan Dilara. Belakangan , berbagai peristiwa membuatnya mulai mempercayai Dilara. Dari sekedar percobaan pembunuhan ala penembak jitu, penyusup hingga penculikanSerangkaian petunjuk membawa mereka berdua mendatangi Gunung Ararat. Gunung Ararat merupakan gunung berapi yang berada di timur laut Turki ini berada pada garis lintang 39° 42′ 0″ U dan garis bujur 44° 17′ 0″ T termasuk dalam rangkaian Pegunungan Kaukasus, tinggi adalah 5.165 meter. Aktivitas terakhir adalah pada tahun 1840Secara keluruhan, buku ini bisa dibilang menghibur. Menyajikan tidak saja sejarah namun juga hiburan. Kekurangannya seperti penulisan nama yang tidak konsisten. Kadang Tyler dilain waktu Locke. Lalu cetakannya beragam ukuran, kadang besar, kadang kecil pada halaman yang sama, tidak mengurangi kenikmatan membaca buku ini. Namun kesalahan pada halaman 246 yang tertulis, “ kata Tyler said” seharusnya tidak terjadi.Sempat terjadi perdebatan sengit saat Bahtera Nabi Nuh sedikit lagi ditemukan. Dilara beranggapan penemuan Bahtera Nabi Nuh akan mendukung Alkitab bukan merusaknya. Akhirnya akan menyediakan bukti fisik bahwa Kitab Kejadian memiliki landasan sejarah, bahwa kitab tersebut bukan sekedar buku agama atau sastra.Mau tak mau Dilara menjadi terpesona memandang sesuatu dari kayu setinggi tiga lantaiSelama 6.000 tahun orang mencari kapal raksaksa. Bahtera Nuh ternyata adalah…..--------------------------------------------------------------------Sebuah amplop coklat mendarat di meja saya. pasti dari sesama penggemar buku di kantor. Memo yang ada membuat saya meringis, " Sudah baca? Pasti belum. Tukar pinjam dengan XXX. Dijamin suka, kala tidak boleh di swap" Duh.. yakin sekali dia saya bakalan terpesona dengan buku iniBegitu membuka amplop dan membaca judulnya, kedua alis saya bertemu. Novel misteri kontemporer tentang Bahtera Nabi Nuh. Cerita soal Nabi Nuh dan perahunya memang sudah melekat di masyarakat. Sudah banyak yang mengangkatnya. Saya langsung teringat pada buku Misteri Puncak Ararat karangan Mahardhika Zifana.Keduanya mengambil setting Gunung Ararat sebagai tempat dimana diduga Bahtera Nuh itu berlabuh.Dalam kedua buku tersebut, Bahtera Nabi Nuh dipandang dari dua sisi agama. Namun perlu diingat, bukan sisi mana yang lebih baik, mana yang benar, namun sekedar sebagai landasan cerita agar pembaca mudah memahami keseluruhan isi buku.Klaim mengejutkan dikeluarkan peneliti ‘Noah’s Ark Ministries International’ dari China dan Turki. Mereka mengaku menemukan Bahtera Nabi Nuh. Sisa-sisa Bahtera Nabi Nuh ditemukan berada di ketinggian 4.000 meter di Gunung Ararat,. Mereka juga menampilkan foto dan membawa spesimen dari kapal sebagai bukti penguatSaya menikmati keduanya, sebenarnya…. nyaris sama nikmat. Namun memori akan Misteri Puncak Ararat terlalu kuat ada di benak saya. Sehingga tanpa sadar saya jadi membandingkan kedua. Padahal keduanya sama-sama seru! Teknologi yang ditawarkan dalam The Ark sungguh luar biasa, beberapa nyata, sisanya bukannya tak mungkin sedang dirancang. Adegan serunya bertebaran dimana-mana, menegangkan. Dari sekedar hanya memasang bom hingga adu tembak dalam lift! Muantap…………………!Tak ketinggalan merasa terpesona membaca sebuah Boing 747 yang kehilangan daya setelah menembus kepulan abu dari letusan gunung di Indonesia (hal 78). Bisa menimbulkan insiden internasional jika pesawat itu benar-benar jatuh.Tapi saya terpaksa memberi bintang berbeda. Entah karena kedekatan emosi, saya merasa Misteri Puncak Ararat lebih “Hidup” Buku itu merupakan produksi anak negeri, dimana tokohnya juga orang kita.Cukup bintang 4 saja yah..Acuhkan saja omongan saya!Buku ini sangat menghiburMisteri yang ditawarkan sungguh menawanCatatan :Tidak cocok untuk pembaca dengan kecenderungan cepat gugup,penakut apalagi memiliki kelainan pada jantung

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2018-12-02 03:34

    I knew I was on to a winner with The Noah's Ark Quest when not even fifty pages in, my heart was racing. This book gave me an adrenaline rush like no other has for a while, and two sleepless nights as I rushed through it. I read to the point where sleep eventually won out.As always it's difficult to discuss the plot, what I consider a brief summary often has people complaining about spoilers so perhaps skip this bit if you are one of those. Dilara Kenner is meeting with one of her father's friends as he has information about her father's disappearance and archaeological discoveries. Before he can reveal all, he dies, but not before sputtering out a number of words, none of which in the beginning make sense. All Dilara knows is that she must seek out Tyler Locke. Dilara soon finds out though that some nasty individuals are determined to take her out, and it isn't long before they have Locke in their sights as well. Together they must fight to stay alive, and work out what each of the words mean, and attempt to locate one of history's most famous artefacts, Noah's Ark.This book is typical of its genre, but what's wrong with that? Aren't the majority of books in a genre similar in one way or another? It is what the author does with their ideas that sets them apart from everybody else and I have to say that the story in this book to me felt both original and authentic. In the background we have a rich billionaire plotting to wipe out over a billion people, and the idea behind this actually felt quite plausible, how somebody with the right amount of cash and contacts could actually carry out something like what is planned in this book. I had no idea how it tied in with the Ark though, but couldn't read quick enough to find out. The author uses real and fictitious technology to tell this story and does so in a believable way. The book does come across very Hollywood at times, and has enough action-packed scenes that the budget for making this into a film would be immense, but that's what I love about Books vs. Film, the author has an unlimited budget - their imagination.Tyler Locke is interesting enough to stand alongside his contemporaries and he does have all those hallmarks a thriller's lead character must have but that's not a negative thing at all. Similarly the relationship he and Dilara go on over the course of the novel has perhaps been done before, but he does have a number of personality traits and strengths that for me set him apart from the rest and I'm definitely looking forward to reading another Tyler Locke book in the very near future. He did have that air of invincibility about him though, and knowing this was the start of a series there was never that moment where I believed he wouldn't survive but my heart didn't seem to know that! None of this is a criticism in my eyes, I pick these books up knowing what I want and knowing what I'm going to get.The storyline in this book I felt was very strong, and moved along at just the right pace. At almost 600 pages I would ordinarily be put off, as a blogger time is of the essence and this was a library book and not a review book, but as I said two sleepless nights later I was finished as I was far too engrossed and caught up in the mystery to care how long it was. Before reading this Noah's Ark was something I learnt about in school (and the nursery rhyme) but this book has really left me wanting to read up about it more and as I neared the conclusion of this book, and everything started to be revealed, it all made sense. I believe this was originally self-published, but it's easy to see why a publisher snapped Boyd Morrison up, this is a series I can't wait to read more of.

  • Richard Derus
    2018-11-21 03:37

    Rating: 3.75* of fiveThrillers are, by definition, thrilling, or there's flat no point to 'em. This thriller is certainly thrilling! It's not overly believeable, but neither are most of the others I've read and enjoyed. Somehow thrilling things only seem to happen to people with oodles of money and contacts at VERY high levels and access to private jets and peculiarly uninterested customs and immigration protocols.Ahhh, so what...the ride's the thing. This ride was a ball. The Ark, as in "Noah's", is the vector for a hideous, all-devouring plague, and the resident Seattle multibillionaire evil SOB has used his money to engineer a superdedooper-a-la-Peter-T-Hooper version of the bug he used the main character's gal-pal's archeologist daddy to find. And the main charactrer, Tyler, finds out about it barely in time to get in on the fun chasing around the globe that stopping the worldwide release of the nasty that Superbaddie Seattle SOB has in mind!So off we go, around the world on planes that apparently never need to refuel, with pilots who never speak or in one case Tyler piloting the plane...onto the world's largest cruise ship, slated for death and contagion via Arkon-C (the virus's catchy nickname); out to Phoenix to assemble the wreckage of John Travolta's a weird-culty Hollywood star's plane, destroyed after Arkon-C ate everyone on it; over to White Sands, New Mexico, to see a demo of the world's most powerful non-nuclear bomb, which test is overseen by Tyler's conveniently powerful Air Force General daddy; out to the oldest Christian monastery in the world, located in Armenia; thence to Mount Ararat, Turkey, where the Ark is; and then to the Ark itself. Of course, Tyker and his gal-pal save the world, and all returns to normal. The end of the world as we know it ain't thriller-ending material.Wow! If the Ark is ANYthing like Morrison describes, I wanna go NOW and see it!! Like everything else about the book, the Ark is hugely improbable, but Morrison has lavished so much creative energy on the idea of the Ark that it came vividly alive for me, and represented the best reason I can give you to make you buy and read this book: Morrison's imagination is world-class and deserves our support. I think the fact that he got blurbs from James Rollins, Steve Berry, Douglas Preston, and Gayle Lynds is readily explainable: They know they need to be nice to the next big man on campus so he'll be nice to them later.A word about how this book came to be: It was a self-published Kindle title, one that was picked up by Simon & Schuster's Touchstone imprint, because it sold quite well in the Kindle-only universe of thrillers that exists. I am seriously contemplating getting a $)(!&*%*^ Kindle so I can read all those trashy boy-meats-boy bromances and otherwise-unavailable thrillers that are out there in abundance.*sigh* O tempora! O mores! (My favorite misquote from the Latin.) (They didn't use exclams, y'know.)

  • Nora St Laurent
    2018-12-15 07:39

    I signed up for a review copy of this book for two reasons. One, because I thought it was Christian Fiction book, and two, because it sounded like an exciting adventure story about Norah’s Ark—I hadn’t read anything like that before so I was intrigued. This story was most definitely filled with action, adventure and a few more things I never expected.Dilara Kenner meets Sam Watson, an old family friend, for an urgent meeting in a very public place were he tells Dilara her father had found Noah’s Ark right before he went missing. As soon as Sam tells her this and strongly urges her to contact Tyler Locke for help, he dies. This puts her on the run. Dilara realizes that someone is out to kill her and doesn’t want her to reach Tyler Locke, who is on an oil rig in Newfoundland. Why did someone want her dead?Tyler and Dilara’s search for the Noah’s Ark reveals a plot to take over the world and destroy everything they hold sacred. They begin a race against time to stop this terrorist attack.I’ve been spoiled in reading exclusively Christian fiction where I can count on there being no foul language, sex scenes and agree with author’s world view. I found the cussing in this book very distracting and unnecessary to the story. This novel made me appreciate Christian fiction books even more. There are ways to convey the same feelings mentioned in this book without the use of cursing. There’s an art to pulling that off and I didn’t realize how much so until I read this book.There is only one sex scene in this book and it’s not graphic, but I wished it wouldn’t have been in there at all. This book didn’t disappoint on the action, adventure, drama and suspenseful mission Dilara and Tyler were on. But it would have been a better read for me, personally, if there was no cursing. I also found the authors view of Noah’s Ark vastly different from mine, his interpretation of the bible passages he quoted from the bible inside this book didn’t match up with anything I had heard of. I was disappointed in this book because it was marketed as Christian fiction. It is not. It’s definitely a main stream action adventure story with a very unique and creative twist on the whole Norah’s Ark story. I'm sure it will be well received in that market place.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”Nora St.LaurentThe Book Club Network www.bookfun.orgThe Book Club Network blog Book Fun Magazine

  • Nicole R
    2018-12-09 09:50

    Take home message: The best thriller I have read in years! Slightly nerdy, wicked handsome, ex-military engineer hero; kick-ass PhD archaeologist heroine; an alternate view of the Biblical Noah's Ark; and a bio-warfare agent that will leave you terrified.Dilaria Kenner is an biological archaeologist who comes by it naturally, her father dedicated his life to discovering Noah's Ark and unraveling the mystery of the Biblical flood but disappeared under suspicious circumstances three years ago. Now, she is being summoned from South America back home by an old family friend and psuedo-uncle, Sam Watson. Sam insists on meeting her at the airport and is acting uncharacteristically paranoid, all for good reason: with his dying breath he tells her that her father found the Ark before he died and whispers a series of words: Genesis. Dawn. Oasis. and finally Tyler Locke. She is curious about what is going on but does not doubt Sam when she almost dies twice in 12 hours - what is so important that someone wants her dead? The key seems to be Locke.Dilaria and Tyler, along with wildly lovable Grant Westerfield, embark on a mission that unearths a fanatic religious society that believes the only way to save human civilization is to start again, a series of cryptic clues left to Dilaria from her father that encourage her to continue his search for Noah's Ark, and a premonition that these two unlikely scenarios are related through the threat of a biological disease that is unstoppable.What makes The Ark so much better than every other thriller book in recent memory? The action-packed storyline that has you madly flipping pages and sitting on the edge of your seat as Morrison weaves together a terrifying current threat, a Biblical mystery that has thwarted scholars for 6,000 years, and characters that are not only likable but also realistically flawed. The ex-military background of Tyler and Grant give the story another extra touch of relevance and their engineering know-how throws in enough science talk to have this girl smitten.Move over Dan Brown, Boyd Morrison is now at the top of my thriller must-read list!

  • Paul Pessolano
    2018-12-03 07:24

    If you like Steve Berry, James Rollins, and Matthew Reilly, you will really like, "The Ark"."The Ark" has the Biblical history that can be attributed to Steve Berry, it has the technological and archaeology of a James Rollins, and the excitement and adventure of a Matthew Reilly."The Ark", as in Noah's Ark, is the sought after biblical artifact in the book, however, the reader is made to believe "The Ark" may be something other than what is referred to in the bible. Oh, the basis of the story may be the same but the real truth may have been altered by the many translations through the years.The action starts with Dilara Kenner's father dying and leaving her a message that could lead her to his lifelong obsession of finding Noah's Ark. It quickly changes to an airline flight and the frantic voice of the pilot yelling, "I'm melting! We're all melting! Make it stop!"An Air Force jet is scrambled and flying close to the 737 but cannot see anyone in the plane. The 737 crashes and an attempt is made to either find or cover up its terrible secret.Dilara finds help in Tyler Locke who uncovers the possibility that all of this may be the work of an ultra fanatic leader of an offbeat religious group. The "Church of the Holy Waters" may be trying to duplicate, "The Great Flood", to rid the world of the unworthy and repopulate the world in their image.Wonderful, wonderful read that provides action and mystery from start to finish. A very interesting and iventive twist on the biblical story of "The Great Flood" and "Noah's Ark".

  • Athena
    2018-12-01 11:51

    [image error]Frantically looking for a novel to read, I was lucky to get my hands on an advance reading copy of The Ark (May 2010: Simon & Schuster) by Boyd Morrison.Boyd Morrison draws on his experience as a NASA and Microsoft engineer to deliver a thoroughly convincing and intriguing story. There was more than one night when I stayed up past my bedtime because I couldn’t bring myself to put the book down “just yet”.Morrison added an afterword that helps the reader determine which things or places in the novel were real or were not real (yet). I appreciated that thoughtful touch in his writing.Boyd shares some personal insights to his life (which are compelling and witty) on his website at It’s worth the time to check it out.Morrison has another book coming out in December 2010 and another in December 2011.Yep, I highly recommend The Ark.Check out his new book trailer for The Ark

  • Elizabeth
    2018-11-20 09:44

    The Ark by Boyd Morrison offers an interesting mixture of the past, present, and maybe not so distant future. Dilara is a representation of those who believe there can be some truth to the Biblical stories, even if not literal. Tyler on the other hand, only believes what he sees.The line between reality and fiction is so blurred in this book; often the reader won’t know one from the other. This gives the novel a realistic feel despite the large amount of unrealistic content such as the disease they discover, or some of the technology used. For the most part, I enjoyed this blur between reality and fiction. I liked not always knowing what was real and what belonged to Morrison’s imagination. However, I felt disappointed by his loose interpretation of the Biblical story. Still, since it is a piece of fiction I don’t believe the loose interpretation takes away from the novel. For romantics, a budding romance does spark between the two characters, but it never takes over, the novel remains a thriller through and through. The Ark offers a fun and interesting read that I would recommend to those who enjoy a good-paced thriller.Review copy provided by Simon & Schuster.

  • Brian Wilson
    2018-11-26 07:47

    This is a pretty straight-forward beach/summer novel. As long as you don't go in expecting anything more than that, you won't be disappointed. I do like the main character, Tyler Locke. He is a very no-nonsense protagonist who drives a story forward; when presented with a problem or an obstacle, he typically finds an innovative way around it. The book is set up to establish him as a recurring character and to allow for many, many sequels. The female character, Dilara, is also very intelligent and has a mission all her own in the story that just happens to coincide with that of Tyler Locke. It is nice to have a decent female lead character who doesn't fall into cliche. The villian, although introduced as an anti-cliche character, quickly falls into that territory as the story goes along. All in all, a good, quick read. Even though it took me forever to read it (my own problem with finding time to actually sit down and read). I wouldn't mind following this character into another summer.

  • Paula Howard
    2018-12-03 05:38

    The Ark is the 1st Boyd Morrison book I have read. I have already downloaded the 2nd book to my nook. Well writtenWhat if the meaning of Noah's Ark and the flood was miss interpreted?Dilara returns to the US for a dig in Peru at the urgent request of a family friend, Sam. He is killed before her eyes. In his dying breath, he gives her some names to follow. One of those names is Tyler Locke, an engineer. She head to an oil rig to speak with Tyler. The helicopter she is in blows up ,..... the 2nd attempt on her life.Tyler eventually believes that she is in danger and goes with her to get to the mystery. It centers around Noah's Ark, which her father, Hasad, was searching for. He has been missing for 3 years and is presumed dead. The have 7 days to stop the destruction of the world.

  • Robert
    2018-12-11 10:27

    The Ark is a good thriller with plenty of action and a good story line to carry it along. I would go more on the order of three and a half stars on this one. Losing half a star would be due to the predictability of certain aspects of the story. I was also looking forward to hearing more about Noah's Ark. The main portion of the book focuses on an object that has been removed from the Ark. As you get towards the end you will find out more about the actual Ark. Overall I did like this book and would say that fans of James Rollins works will feel comfortable with this book.

  • DulleNL
    2018-11-26 06:36

    3,5 sterren eigenlijk. Maar omdat ik zo een positieve gozert ben maar voor 4 gegaan.Vlot geschreven zonder een saai moment. Personages zijn leuk en je geeft dus ook om ze. Mijn probleem is alleen dat de vraagstukken en mysteries iets té snel worden opgelost. Het gaat allemaal net iets te soepeltjes...

  • Tanya C.
    2018-12-05 03:25

    I really enjoyed this book. Sure, there may be some places where the science goes awry a little, but what thriller doesn't have it's moments of disbelief? I really enjoyed the two main characters as well as Locke's right hand man, Grant. The pace was fast and the action terrific, with characters compelling enough to keep me interested in their fate.

  • Stephen
    2018-11-21 07:40

    This book is a whole different take on Noah's Ark. It follows the traditional Biblical thinking for most of the book, and then the author takes us on a whole different tack. Like the Engineer Tyler Locke, Boyde Morrison builds a solid foundation then makes it an even better house. No spoilers here, but you need to read the book if you like the archaeological thriller genre.

    2018-11-28 03:42

    An adventure book that I enjoyed.The combination between an archaeologist and an engineer works well when you are trying to find a different interpretation for the Genesis. A bit of puzzle, chase, massive weapon, two heroes and a crazy multimillionaire in a funny adventure with a blurred line between fiction and reality.

  • Vaelin
    2018-12-06 08:39

    Very entertaining adventure/thriller recommended to fans of Cussler, Rollins etc.I was keen to try Boyd Morrisons solo work after thoroughly enjoying his co-authoring with Cussler on Piranha. I'm hoping he does a few more books with Cussler as Morrison has a solid writing style for this genre.