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Love knows no limitsBriony considers herself easy to please. All she wants is a Dominant who's wickedly creative and completely devoted to conquering her and only her with joy. She has everything she wants until her Dom takes on another girl. Bri delights in fantasy role play, inventive toys and bondage at Hell Mary's BDSM club, but she doesn't do poly.Now she's on the hunLove knows no limitsBriony considers herself easy to please. All she wants is a Dominant who's wickedly creative and completely devoted to conquering her and only her with joy. She has everything she wants until her Dom takes on another girl. Bri delights in fantasy role play, inventive toys and bondage at Hell Mary's BDSM club, but she doesn't do poly.Now she's on the hunt for a new play partner who'll give her exactly what she needs. A little flirtation with Hell Mary's Dungeon Monitor is just the thing to ease her back into circulation except the hardass wrapped in khaki treats her like she needs protection.Behind his imperturbable DM mask, Chris has eyes only for Bri. It's his job to make sure things don t get out of control at the club. Despite her bravado, Bri's broken heart is like a target painted on her back. She needs to learn some things on her own, but when a private scene goes too far, he can t wait any longer to step in and show her she doesn't need fancy trappings.His body is more than enough....

Title : My One
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ISBN : 9781605049038
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 63 Pages
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My One Reviews

  • Heather in FL
    2018-11-25 04:34

    This was on the shorter side, and maybe it suffered for its length. It was an interesting story, though not great. I wondered early on if I would DNF it, only because it felt like I was thrust into a scene with no real background on the characters. I didn't get it. And then, all of a sudden, I was feeling really bad for Briony. Her original master, Ridge, was a bit of a presumptive asshole. How 'bout talking to her before deciding you want to take on another sub??Anyway, once she'd acknowledged Ridge wasn't the one for her, she embarked on a journey to find her "One". She had all these ideas of how he'd look, how he'd act, what kind of implements he'd use. She had no idea that her "One" might not be anything like she expected. Chris was very imaginative, and I kinda liked that he didn't need to use any toys or accouterments when he was playing with Briony, and it was sweet when they became a permanent pair. I think my biggest issue was the pretty darn quick declaration of love and proposal of marriage. I get that Chris had probably been watching Briony for a while before she became single, but there's more to love than sex, and their sexual encounters were kind of all we were privy to in this story, so I didn't get how quickly it happened. It was sweet, just a bit too much insta-love.

  • Cid Tyer
    2018-11-28 03:20

    I liked the premise of the book, but it didn't read the same way. It opens and you have Bri with her original Dom. I was rooting for her to leave him, no lie. You would think that Bri would begin a journey that would have her brushing paths with the DM who you know from the blurb she ends up with, but instead she goes off on her own for a while and the story focuses on her finding herself. That's cool! Everyone should know who they are, but when Bri and the DM Chris finally do get together there's no explanation of who he is, no reason why she falls for him other than her day dreams and suddenly the book is over. I would have liked to have gotten to know Chris, why he was so amazing and stole her heart. He gets kudos for looking after her, but we never learn in the story that he's been in love with her, just aware of her. It left me wanting more to the story, but the steam was there.

  • Red
    2018-11-27 10:48

    I must say that this is one of the most unique BDSM stories I have read. This story gravitates to the more mental and emotional demands that a D/s relationship requires. It also touches on how somebody could get mentally messed up as Briony did. I found it extremely interesting how Chris was able to help correct that negative mind set. This was a really good short story. I would actually love to see a continuation of their story. The only thing that I would change about this story is that I would have LOVED for it to be longer. I could really connect with Bri. My heart ached for her. There is also something to be said about Chris's version of Domination. It is very different and emotionally charged versus physically. I enjoyed that aspect of BDSM you don't find that as often. I look forward to more great things from this author!!!!

  • Pallavi
    2018-11-16 10:33

    Yes, as someone says the use of emotional control as opposed to an assortment of instruments was a refreshing change but for me that's because the heroine needed the emotional control. And it was good to read an honest description of what she needed and the simplicity of her relationship with Chris, the way the book was written made all of these things pack a punch. A keeper, one of my favourite books.

  • Toni (U.A.C.)
    2018-11-29 05:30

    Briony thinks she's in a great D/s relationship with her boyfriend Ridge until she finds him with another woman. So she picks up the pieces of her heart and tries to find another Dom. Eventually she finds Chris even though she already knows him.Liked it. Really liked the Emerald scene between Briony and Chris. Wow.

  • Rida
    2018-11-25 03:25

    Well written BDSM novella. What I find refreshing is the use of emotional control rather than physical. This very appealing aspect of BDSM is rarely exploited in BDSM erotica. I look forward to January Rowe's next book.

  • Mspink
    2018-11-21 09:39

    This is not your typical story, either romance or bdsm... its also not for the faint of heart. I think the synopsis of the book pretty much encompasses the story. Briony is trying to find her "one" true master after being betrayed by her previous Dom. Chris wants her but patiently waits and gives her time. They have a few confrontations throughout the story before he finally corners her. He's not your typical Dominant. His methods and needs are very different than she's used to and almost a little uncomfortable for her. Over time she begins to understand him a little better.This story takes us, first person, through her journey to discover herself and what she truly wants and is capable of giving. Chris is confident in what he can offer her and knows it will be enough, even though its so different than what she is used to. "Love" was not the overwhelming emotion in this story. You could feel it resonating in the background but it wasn't the star of the show, for sure. Eventually it evolved in to that and it was very powerful. It was interesting to read this from her perspective. And the uniqueness of the story in so many ways was as thought-provoking as it was refreshing...I don't know if I could personally wrap my head around all the dynamics of this bdsm story but nonetheless it was a good read and did not fail to affect me deeply, even though it was a short story. If you like bdsm stories, you will probably enjoy this book. Its an interesting change to what we typically read. I'm interested to read future works from this author...

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!
    2018-12-14 08:31

    This one was hard for me. I didn't feel connected to Chris at all. I felt like he needed a "project" more than a sub. I was also disappointed because when she asked for a safeword, he said you don't need one. That's a HUGE red flag for me.Bri was messed up as well. She lived in a fantasy world and seemed disappointed that real life didn't meet up with her fantasy world. I was glad to see she insisted on a safeword with Chris, but she won't use it. She demonstrated that with Sterling. She should have safeworded with him but she didn't.She kept saying she was SSC but I didn't see it in her. I felt like she was a lost soul and I still feel like she's a lost soul. She doesn't have an identity outside of submissive.

  • Erica
    2018-11-30 03:29

    Ehhhhh. Not that great. I really thought it was going to be good after the steamy opening scene on the ski slope with Briony and her ex, but it just never really got going for me. I thought the whole Dungeon Master/doctor routine was a really cool twist, but the book was not long enough to do any character development with Chris OR with their relationship. The emails that Briony received in response to her personal ad though were pretty darn funny...even more so because they weren't meant to be so at all!

  • Buffy Scott
    2018-11-29 04:46

    So I bought this book because it was cheap and looked like a quick read. I was a little put off at first by the first person POV, but once I got into it everything moved very nicely. This is a quick, fun BDSM read. I loved the responses to Bri's personal ads. Chris is hot as hell and the sex is nice and kinky. All in all a good time.

  • Miranda
    2018-12-03 03:23

    ...This BDSM perspective feels different from previous fetish novels I have read. Not sure if that is because it is based on real life experiences or if it is the research showing through....Enjoyed the light bantering both during the novice top proposition and doc's dates. Felt like Ms. Rowe was really getting into her groove there!

  • Madhellena
    2018-11-26 07:41

    I really didn't like this one. The story is about a disappointed sub that finds a new Dominant and learns a different type of submission.First, it's written in the heroine's POV and it really doesn't work well. Second, the sex scenes are sad and boring. Third, I felt no connection to either character.The only interesting (and funny) part of the story were the e-mails.

  • Bea
    2018-12-13 04:38

    This short book spent too much time on emails from potential online doms and not-that-steamy fantasies. Absolutely no character development for Chris. No closure with the ex. Little development of the love story. I couldn't relate to this one at all.

  • Susan
    2018-12-06 08:18

    This is an interesting book. I enjoy reading about things I don't quite understand sometimes.

  • Lily Marlene
    2018-12-15 02:43

    I started to read it and couldn't stop until it was finished!! too bad that it's so short! I found it very very original, funny, hot and sweet.

  • Graelynn Grimm
    2018-12-07 09:37

    I only rated 4 stars cuz I wanted more! Just too short to be so damn good!

  • Julz
    2018-11-23 05:39

    3.5 starsI enjoyed this one. Was a different taken. good quick read.

  • celticminx (aka: kristi or
    2018-12-09 08:29

    This was a big improvement on Management Skills. Scenes were played out more completely. Nice for a quick read and I was happy for Bri when she finally got her HEA.

  • Kerste
    2018-11-19 09:25

    short and not very transformative. I want my $2.80 back.

  • Miz
    2018-11-24 08:18

    I really liked this book... Reading the emails in between was hilarious. though there were some confusing parts. Wished this story was longer.

  • ~Mel :)~
    2018-12-10 05:27

    It was alright. I didnt care for the scenes in her head imo..could have been better