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Dinosaurs-the word means "fearfully great reptile"-have been a source of fascination ever since their discovery in England early in the nineteenth century. Aside from birds, all dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, yet, before then, they dominated Earth's terrestrial habitats for about 160 million years, far longer than primates, or humans, have been around. DDinosaurs-the word means "fearfully great reptile"-have been a source of fascination ever since their discovery in England early in the nineteenth century. Aside from birds, all dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, yet, before then, they dominated Earth's terrestrial habitats for about 160 million years, far longer than primates, or humans, have been around. Dinosaurs present the ultimate puzzle in forensic science, but we have learned a great deal about them, especially in the last fifty years. Our view of dinosaurs has changed radically, and the evolution and biology of dinosaurs has become a popular topic in college curriculums. This lecture series will explain how this changing view of dinosaurs developed, the evolutionary and ecological relationships among dinosaurs, what it might have been like to be present in the Mesozoic Era during the time of the dinosaurs, and the question of what ultimately brought about the total extinction of all of the non-bird dinosaurs and the end of the Cretaceous Period. Although extinct, dinosaurs have never been more a focus of science than they are today. Course SyllabusLecture 1 What Is (or Was) a Dinosaur?Lecture 2 Digging Up DinosLecture 3 Dinosaurs DiscoveredLecture 4 The Bone WarsLecture 5 The Museum That Dinosaurs BuiltLecture 6 Dinosaurs Enter Pop CultureLecture 7 Dinosaur OriginsLecture 8 In the Days of DinosaursLecture 9 Dinosaur DiversityLecture 10 Dinosaurs Become DynamicLecture 11 Dinosaurs Become AirborneLecture 12 Dinosaurs as Living AnimalsLecture 13 T. REX Deconstructed and ReconstructedLecture 14 The Cretaceous Extinction Event...

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Behold the Mighty Dinosaur(The Modern Scholar) Reviews

  • Jim
    2018-11-29 04:12

    What little I knew about dinosaurs came mostly from school & old movies over 40 years ago, so was extremely dated. I've read a few articles about some of the changes: brontosaurus was incorrect & is now several others, their gait was more upright, they probably weren't cold blooded, & may have had feathers. I didn't know just how far our understanding of them had changed, though. This series of lectures made a lot of that clear.That we know so much about dinosaurs is incredible. There aren't that many scientists studying them & they lived from 65 million to 200 million years ago. All we know of them are from studying the fossil record which is spotty, at best. Kricher makes that & many other points clear. He not only tells what we know, but shows how much we don't know & why. Best of all, he clears up a lot of the old misconceptions & puts them in their proper perspective.He tells of the early gathering & publishing of samples. It wasn't always pretty, but it did lead to some heroic exploits including Roy Chapman Andrews whose exploits were the basis for Indiana Jones.I knew dinosaurs were no longer considered lizards, but he explains what ectothermic (cold blooded) & endothermic (warm blooded) mean in terms of the organisms features & needs. Scientists don't think most dinosaurs could have been fully ectothermic. He also discusses what we know of the digestive properties of some samples & shows how few we really have. Some scientists think we only know about 20% of the species, many think less. It's a pretty unlikely set of circumstances that creates a record that lasts for millions of years. For instance, there are only 10 Archaeopteryx fossils, all from the same place. Why? Part of the reason is that it's one of the only places that could have created these fossils due to the exceedingly rare, fine stone. All in all, this was a great series of lectures & he's excellent at it. They're not my favorite method of learning in just audiobook form without a study guide. Luckily, I could google a lot of the information as it was needed such as "dinosaur pelvic structure". I'm not familiar enough with bones to really understand those references without some pictures, but a couple of simple ones sufficed. I highly recommend this.

  • Brad Wheeler
    2018-12-12 04:16

    I was randomly in the mood to learn about dinosaurs, so I picked this up. There are precious few adult audiobooks on dinosaurs, it turns out; most of them are kids stuff.This lecture scratched that itch pretty thoroughly. He takes you from knowing nothing about dinosaurs (nothing about biology or zoology or paleontology at all, really) and brings you up to speed. From the history of fossil hunting to a detailed analysis of T. Rex, he covers his subject broadly. There could've been more depth in some areas, but overall I felt like the lecture did its job. It's like taking a university survey course, one with a good professor, in ten hours instead of ten weeks. I learned a ton.There are a few annoyances: the lecturer loves to mention that additional information will be available in later lectures. Seriously, like every paragraph. Also, he discusses dinosaur endothermy--admittedly a hefty subject--to such an extent and in so many different places he steamrolls other, equally interesting topics.Overall, I'd recommend this lecture to anyone who wants to know more (or anything) about dinosaurs, or anyone who kind of misses being in college.

  • Todd Martin
    2018-12-04 03:15

    Listening to Behold the Mighty Dinosaur is like having a super-cool professor over for dinner to chat about dinosaurs. John Kricher, a Professor of Biology at Wheaton College, has a great conversational style and infuses the course with interesting facts and anecdotes. And of course the subject matter kicks ass, if you aren’t interested in dinosaurs there’s something very wrong with you (seriously, I’m pretty sure that indifference to dinosaurians is a documented condition within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). The Modern Scholar bills its product as “a series of recorded college-level courses presented in lecture-style format”, so Behold the Mighty Dinosaur isn’t so much an audiobook, but an audio-lecture (though I’d characterize the level as more junior-high or high school than college-level). Regardless, it’s interesting throughout.

  • Lacy
    2018-11-23 08:00

    This was an easy read, very understandable and engaging. I felt like my main issue with it was that I was mostly aware of all the science/biology behind a lot of what he had to say, and it was a little too elementary for me. Luckily, the history of fossil hunting and the pop culture aspect of dinosaurs was all new to me and quite fascinating. If you are new to dinosaurs, this would probably be THE perfect place to start.

  • John
    2018-12-05 04:49

    Oh man, I had no idea these courses were even on Goodreads. This is great because I go through a ton of them, and now it doesn't have to be "wasted" reading that doesn't count toward my yearly goal!

  • DavidO
    2018-12-12 09:52

    pretty informative.

  • Chris Rock
    2018-12-06 06:11

    Such a great series of lectures about dinosaurs. Very comprehensive. Gives a history of paleontology and goes into the evolution of dinosaurs throughout the Mesozoic era. Also discusses the role of dinosaurs in pop culture and details all the things they got wrong/got right in Jurassic Park (among others). Very entertaining lecturer. Recommended to anyone interested in dinosaurs.

  • Sariene
    2018-11-29 04:59

    I already knew a good deal of what's in these lectures, but that's because I love dinosaurs. Regardless, these were very informative and well put together. The explanations of dinosaur metabolism were particularly fascinating. If you're interested in dinos, you should really give this a listen.

  • Vicki
    2018-12-03 09:13

    I didn't think I was that interested in dinosaurs but I really enjoyed reading this history. This author is especially good at making facts interesting. His love of the subject came through to me.

  • Kim
    2018-12-13 05:10

    An informative and fun audio lecture series about dinosaurs, delivered in a clear, concise, and enthusiastic tone by someone who clearly loves the subject matter. Thanks John Kricher for making a lengthy road trip with an inquisitive small child a lot more enjoyable for all of us!

  • Melanie
    2018-12-09 04:04

    Link to the review on my blog:

  • Karen
    2018-11-29 04:09

    A very interesting book, although after reading it I feel that I have certainly fulfilled my Dinosaur Information Quota for the foreseeable and distant future!!