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Winter approaches Westeros like an angry beast.The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud. In the northern wastes, a horde of hungry, savage people steeped in the dark magic of the wilderness is poised to invade the Kingdom of the North where Robb Stark wears his new-forged crown. And Robb's defences are ranged against the South, the land of the cunning and crWinter approaches Westeros like an angry beast.The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud. In the northern wastes, a horde of hungry, savage people steeped in the dark magic of the wilderness is poised to invade the Kingdom of the North where Robb Stark wears his new-forged crown. And Robb's defences are ranged against the South, the land of the cunning and cruel Lannisters, who have his young sisters in their power.Throughout Westeros, the war for the Iron Throne rages more fiercely than ever, but if the wall is breached, no king will live to claim it....

Title : A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow
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A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow Reviews

  • Kai
    2018-11-19 12:25

    "Night falls for all of us in the end, and too soon for some.”Part 1 ofA Storm of Swordswas less exciting than it's companions. I grew tired of most of the character's plot lines and couldn't get enough of others. I especially love that we finally get introduced to the Tyrells and the Dornish people. They definitely belong to my favourite characters and make all the events in King's Landing even more exciting.While I really like Brienne I don't care much for yet another long journey with unexpected (parts annoying) turns through Westeros. They stumble and get dragged through places and by characters that I do not have any interest in - same goes for Arya. And I don't like Jaime very much. Catelyn's story is pretty much the same every time, a lot of mourning and sorrow. While I like her and Robb very much, it's still unnerving. Davos and Stannis would be extremely boring as well if it weren't for the Red Lady.So here are the many POVs, starting with the chapters I liked the most down to the ones I didn't:DaenerysTyrionSansaJonBranSamwellAryaDavosCatelynJaimeFind more of my books on Instagram

  • Col
    2018-12-11 16:11

    I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews about this book: people complaining about a slow story line and a ridiculously cruel world where anyone can be killed off without a second thought. My response is: if you want a quick, happy clappy mushy book, you need to get yourself to the romance section. Or even better, the young adult section. My biggest pet peeve in books is feeling that characters are safe. I want people to die. I want people to be miserable. It tells me that the author is serious and that shit is going to get real. Sure, a happy moment every now and then would be nice, but the harsh realities in the world George Martin has created is a breath of fresh air. The character development is fantastic and I almost feel as if I've known these characters all my life. The story line can be slow at times, but that is what fantasy authors just tend to do, so get over it (LOTR, anyone?). Climactic events have me sitting on the proverbial edge of my seat because I know that it can go either way. Predictability has gone out the window, and although I like to believe I know where the story is going, George Martin proves time and time again that I just don't.Now let me stop waffling and get on with the next book!

  • Kristin
    2018-11-30 14:35

    Better than the last book, not as good as the first. Altogether an interesting story, but the pace of the series is very slow and if GRRM mentions one more banner/sigil, I'm gonna lose it...

  • Charlotte May
    2018-11-25 10:32

    "The world grows a little darker each day."Still plowing my way through A Song of Ice and Fire! Book 3 part 1 completed! The plots thicken and intermix, a rising host of new characters to cause a stir are introduced and the battles between kings rages on! Catelyn: with Robb - the King in the North fighting battle after battle. Reeling from the knowledge concerning Winterfell and her two youngest sons, she makes a reckless decision that she hopes will protect her two daughters. "It was different when there was a Stark in Winterfell. But the old wolf's dead and young ones gone south to play the game of thrones, and all that's left us is the ghosts."Sansa: No longer betrothed to King Joffrey but imprisoned in Kings Landing all the same. Another marriage is arranged for her that none are happy about. Arya: Still on the run with Hot Pie and Gendry, they come across a band of outlaws following the Lord of Light who have sworn to return her to Robb. Bran: Heading North with Meera and Jojen, his Warg powers growing ever stronger. Jon: After his ranging mission gone wrong, he hides out with Ygritte planning his next move. While the Wildlings plot their attack on the wall. "The north is hard and cold, and has no mercy."Samwell: I was so pleased Sam got a POV in this book. I love him! He remains with the Nights Watch and the Lord Commander. Awaiting any further news concerning the Wildlings, while fear of the Others grows more and more palpable. Tyrion: Still one of my faves! Living in the nest of vipers that is Kings Landing. Keeping his secrets and plots. Jaime: Another one who gets his own POV in this book! Thrown together with Brienne of Tarth to cross the country with Kings Landing as the ultimate goal. But of course things don't go according to plan. Davos: My other favourite! I love Davos, the underdog that he is! Still loyal to Stannis Baratheon, and recovering from the battle of the black water. He helps Stannis plan his next move, keeping his hatred of the red priestess Melisandre to himself. Daenerys: Last but absolutely not least! Dany is growing in her power and becoming more Queen-like every day! Her army is growing and she is as ruthless as ever. Still absolutely captivated by this world and it's characters! Let's keep going!"Old stories are like old have to visit them from time to time."

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2018-12-08 16:32

    A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire #3, Part 1 of 2), George R.R. Martinتاریخ نخستین خوانش: از بیست و ششم آوریل سال 2015 تا 12 می سال 2015 میلادیعنوان: طوفان شمشیرها کتاب 1 از جلد 3 (نغمه آتش و یخ، #3)؛ نویسنده: جورج آر. آر. مارتین؛ مترجم: رویا خادم الرضا؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ویدا، 1393، در 737 ص و شش صفحه نقشه، شابک: 9786002910745؛طوفان شمشیرها سومین کتاب از مجموعه رمان فانتزی حماسی ترانه یخ و آتش، اثر نویسنده آمریکایی جرج آر. آر. مارتین است. در حال حاضر این کتاب طولانی‌ترین کتاب مجموعه است. با توجه به طولانی بودن کتاب در برخی کشورها این کتاب به دو بخش تقسیم شده و به چاپ رسیده است. داستان طوفان شمشیرها کمی پیش از داستان کتاب پیشین است. هفت پادشاهی هنوز درگیر جنگ پنج شاه هستند. شاه‌های باقی‌مانده: راب استارک، بالون گری‌ جوی، جوفری باراتئون، و استانیس باراتئون، برای حفظ قدرت و موقعیت خودشان هستند. جنگ داخلی مردم عادی را از بین می‌برد. داستان از دید ده شخصیت اصلی روایت می‌شود و یک پیش‌ مقدمه و یک شخصیت پس مقدمه هم دارد که در کل دوازده گوینده داستان حضور دارد: پیش مقدمه چت برادر و نگهدارنده سگها؛ سر جیمی لنیستر پسر بزرگ تایوین لنیستر برادر تیریون لنیستر؛ جان اسنو پسر نامشروع ادارد استارک؛ بانو کتلین استارک؛ تیریون لنیستر؛ سانسا استارک؛ آریا استارک؛ برن استارک؛ سموئل تارلی؛ سر داووس سی‌ورس؛ ملکه دنریس تارگرین؛ پس مقدمه: مرت فری؛ ا. شربیانی

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2018-11-20 11:37

    OKAY SO I'M DONE PART 1!! I feel a little intimidated since this is, um, a 600-page part one. Oh gosh. What have I done by getting so embroiled in this series?! THERE IS NO ESCAPE.But I'm supposed to be reviewing this. Right. Let's get on with it. A Storm of Swords (so far) has been waaaay better than A Clash of Kings. It's faster! More action! More character development! There haven't been many surprising or awful deaths (at least of the main characters). And some of the barely-introduced-characters of the last book have been fleshed out more now. (I particularly love Brienne.) Samwell and Jaime Lannister both got turns at narrating (!!) and the characters did more, instead of just sitting around talking about it.I won't talk about ALL the characters, just the narrators. SO HERE WE GO:+ Jaime: We start the book in his POV and, omg, did I used to hate Jaime? HOW COULD I HATE JAIME?!! He's absolutely snarky, witty, and fabulous and I suddenly have a very soft spot for him. I, um, accidentally ship him and Cersei? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??? But, to be honest, Jaime is devoted, never cheats, and seriously actually truly loves her. Unlike 99% of the other dudes in this series. But, nunnnngh. I feel so conflicted about this ship. OBVIOUSLY. But I absolutely looked forward to Jaime's chapters. Plus I loved his interaction and development with Brienne. Omg, their friendship is, friendship? Hateship? I LOVE IT ANYWAY. Brienne is an adorable little darling who, in real life, I would probably come up to her elbow. So there's that. Omg and Jaime lost (view spoiler)[ HIS HAAAAND!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DEVASTATED ABOUT SOMETHING. Well, apart from, like, all the death. But still. I wailed. I'm glad, though, that GRRM is developing his characters through injury/pain and not just lopping off all their heads. (hide spoiler)]+ Tyrion: Omg, I felt SO SORRY for Tyrion. He's basically been fired as being Hand of the King, he's being bullied around by his father, and totally manipulated. No one appreciates him. None caaaaares. OMG POOR DARLING TYRION. (view spoiler)[ I was surprised when he married Sansa, but at the same time, is this weird of me? But I was glad it was him and not someone heartlessly and mindlessly cruel. I was freakishly worried he'd rape her but YAY TYRION HAS SOME HONOUR. (hide spoiler)]+ Sansa: I've slowly grown to love Sansa. Mostly I think of her as a tiny kicked kitten that just needs a cuddle, but her chapters are always fascinating because she's such a flower on the wall. Everyone thinks she's stupid, so she hears ALL THE THINGS. I just feel so sorry for her because even when someone's horrible to her, she assumes they're out to be evil. Poor little mite. I can't believe she's only 13...+ Catelyn: AH. CATELYN. She's not doing anything stupid (like, um, starting a war) in this book, thank goodness. But, I never really enjoy her chapters because I have to suffer Robb. OH ROBB YOU CURLY HEADED FOOL. He's forever making stupid how he abandons his oath (view spoiler)[to the Freys and marries some random low-born lass. Once upon a time I would've said, "YES I AM FOR TRUE LOVE" but omg, not in Westeros, you freaking fools. Marry the RIGHT person so no one kills you. ERghhhh. (hide spoiler)]. And how he usually abandons Catelyn's totally wise counsel. Idiot.+ Jon Snow: OMG MA BABY JON. I LOVE JON. JON IS LIKE MY LITTLE CURLY HAIRED ADORABLE ICICLE. He's with the Wildlings now and, omg, I ship him and Ygritte so so hard. Unfortunately, Jon spends most of his time having existential crises and smooching Ygritte. But it's probably the "happiest" he's been all book. But he still doesn't belong anywhere and he keeps nearly dying and an eagle ate his face at one point. I still love Jon. He's an IDIOT for splitting up with Ghost though. + Samwell: Since Jon isn't with the main host to narrate what's happening with the Black Brothers, we get Sam. YAAAY!! I LOVE SAM. He's pathetic, but he's also endearing at the same time. Plus he's honest. He's like the most honest person around. But, omg, I cried when (view spoiler)[Lord Commander Mormont (hide spoiler)] died in his arms!! THAT WAS SO CRUEL. The dude got through a battle with the Undead, and then died in a squabble over food?!! I hope Sam lives a long time, but ya know, I love him so he might die. Boo.+ Arya: Again her part was more interesting than in ACoK, but she still spent most of the time going around in circles and not getting anywhere. She basically gets kidnapped by the Westeros version of Robin Hood and his gang. So that's interesting if not entirely not moving the plot along.+ Bran: Same as above. LIKE I LOVE BRAN. But I don't like nine pages of what it's like to be a dire wolf and eat deer and smell all the things. Yeah, nope. Don't care. BUT BRAN IS ADORABLE. And I love his friendship with Jojen and Mira. + Davos: NOBODY CARES, DAVOS. He's like a poor little limpet serving a sucky king who doesn't really like him. BUT YEAH. I don't care. Stannis could be dancing in a tutu on top of King's Landing and I still would rather skip past Davos' chapters. + Danaerys: OKAY SHE'S DOWNRIGHT AWESOME. She's becoming more queenly now, which means taking less crap from stupid men. YAY. Although with Jorrah being "in love" with her? Ew. I'm glad she's telling him no. He probably could be her FATHER. Ahem. And there was that part where she nearly "sold" her (view spoiler)[ dragon and I FREAKED OUT. I was so angry I just stopped reading for a while because HOW COULD SHE EVER THINK TO DO THAT??? DARN YOU DANNI THAT'S TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER. But. Yes. It was okay. She didn't.(hide spoiler)] I think Dani has a cruel streak, but daaaang, if she doesn't sit the Iron Throne I'm going to cry, to be honest. So basically I loved it. I'm shipping the wrong ships (CERSEI AND JAIME THO) and I'm absolutely rooting for the mountainous Brienne and I want someone to appreciate Tyrion and I want Jon to be happy and I want someone to rescue Sansa. I'M REALLY EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED AND I KNOW THAT'S BAD. I figure part 2 is going to be horrific, but we'll see, shall we? Onwards! Onwards!By the way, I'm still listening to this on audio and I think it's the best way to go. The accents are GREAT, although I feel like the narrator lost it a few times and gave the wrong people the wrong voices. It really messed me up. BUT. He fixed himself. Still, the audios help me remember all the things and stay really involved with the story. BUT I LOVE THIS SERIES AND I DON'T WANT TO BECAUSE IT'S GONNA MELT MY MIND LIKE A MARSHMALLOW WHEN ALL THE BAD STUFF GOES DOWN. SAAAAVE ME. *sobs in preparation*

  • Zoe Targaryen
    2018-11-23 08:17

    There is no way I would ever not love any of A Song of Ice and Fire 's book. Once I got obsessed with the first book and love the characters with all my heart, it will goes the same for all its successor. But I have to admit that Part 1 of A Storm of Swords is a bit of slow paced even for a High Fantasy. There are a lot of unnecessary chapters in which the POV dragged in pointless story line, and encounter all these bunch of insignificant characters. Apart from that, this book is fantastic, those characters we love are going through great development and growth in their lives, and the possibilities of twist and turn of this series drive me crazy. I hope the second part will be more fast paced and I expect it will be more blood curling.

  • Hasham Rasool
    2018-12-05 14:22

    I enjoy this book. What an awesome book! Alhamdulillah. I don't really like the scenes especially sex scenes because I feel there are quite lots of sex scenes in this book. I think I might be unexpected to see these scenes are happening in the first part of A Storm of Swords.This book grabs my attention from the start to the end. I am hooked in A Song of Ice and Fire series.

  • Νόρα
    2018-12-08 13:15

    Εξαιρετική πλοκή,μοναδικοί χαρακτήρες,υπέροχες εικόνες,πάρα πολύ δράση και διάσπαρτες ανατροπές που κρατούν το ενδιαφέρον αμείωτο και την αδρεναλίνη συνεχώς σε ψηλά επίπεδα.Ζοφερό και πιο σκοτεινό από τα προηγούμενα.Σε αυτό τον τόμο κυριαρχεί αυτή η αίσθηση του πεπρωμένου που κρέμεται από μια κλωστή,ακόμα και η πιο μικροσκοπική αλλαγή που μπορεί να κατακτήσει θρόνους και να συντρίψει στρατούς.Μιλάμε ίσως για το καλύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς μέχρι στιγμής.Δεν ξέρω τι άλλο να γράψω.Νομίζω πως έχω επεκταθεί πολύ στα προηγούμενα βιβλία που νιώθω ότι επαναλαμβάνομαι.Ελπίζω το δεύτερο μέρος του τρίτου βιβλίου να είναι ακόμα καλύτερο.

  • Josh
    2018-12-08 14:19

    George R R Martin had fun with this instalment – the evidence is in the dialogue and actions of the characters who manage to find moments of jocularity amidst the chaos of war. Tyrion Lannister is his usual swashbuckling self with a sharper sense of violence honed through bloody battle and everyday dealing with his treacherous domesticated life. Robb Stark breaks an oath and gains comfort of the flesh – a choice sure to have ramifications on the war effort. While King Joffrey continues to echo the sentiments of a mad King – perhaps his fate will mirror that of Arrys (one can but hope)? Fan favourites continue to evolve (Arya, Jon, Robb Stark, Sansa, Cersei. Davos the Onion Knight etc.) while newer faces begin their slow rise to prominence (such as The Red Viper, Lady in Red, Stannis, Samwell etc.) through an intrinsically finely weaved web of violence, betrayal, magic, love, and duty. Continuing the series evolution, the fantastical elements are becoming paramount to the core plot with a heavy emphasis on the unnatural and the mythic tales of wet nurses springing true from storybook to reality. There is a subtle beauty to the way Martin sneaks in these creatures of man and monster alike. So gentle is the hand that caresses their introduction that I had to reread certain passages as to ensure I didn’t misinterpret or skim over what was happening (this was not a chore and further enhanced Martins storytelling ability – this book is loaded with worthwhile double-takes). A particular interest of mine is the mysterious landscape over the Wall. Thankfully, the Brothers of the Black, Wildlings, and Others feature relatively frequently in this instalment. Martin did have a tendency to exhaust the readers’ ability to follow the detailed and elaborate history of his well defined world and complex cast of characters by devoting generous passages to the multitude of back-stories. That said; I did enjoy reading the Kingslayers tale of how is moniker was attained and retained and the perception of his honour that both curses and praises him. Dubbed as more a companion piece to ‘A Clash of Kings’ rather than a true sequel (as per the author intro) with chapters detailing events amidst the feverish battles of the previous book, I felt ‘A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow’ actually worked well as a sequel as many of its entries were a direct result of the preceding books outcomes. Much like the previous instalments, if not more so, ‘A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow’ has left me craving more of this world and its deep and violent history – 4 stars.

  • Paul
    2018-11-26 12:23

    Westeros is still in the grip of the War. Joffrey Baratheon holds the Iron Throne, but Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Stannis Baratheon, jostle for their claim with blood and steel. Catelyn Stark has released Jaime Lannister as an exchange for her daughters, Sansa and Arya, who she still believes are at King's Landing. Having been victorious until now, Robb Stark suffers setbacks, and learns that Winterfell has been taken, and his other brothers are now presumed dead.In the North the Wildlings are marching on the wall, with a pitiful small force of Night's Watch to counteract them. With the wights also attacking them, they realise the odds are so far stacked against until they realise that there is a possible way to defeat these creatures of the night. In the east Daenerys Targaryen is trying to raising forces to retake the Iron throne, which she sees as her divine right. She encounters slave trading, and makes plans to release these people from they captors.As the players in the game of thrones move their pieces, the stakes are raised higher and higher. In this world you win; or you die.Martin has managed to continue this epic tale of the land of Westeros in the same vain as before. There is not so much action in this one, but you get a full realisation that he is setting the scenes for the next books as the characters develop and grow, rise and fall, win and die. He is not afraid to eliminate characters as you get to know them, and occasionally even like them. This world that he has created is tough and brutal, and I like that way that the underlying magic, adds a little zing to all that is happening.But what makes this series so good is the political manoeuvring and intrigue that he has infused into this land. As alliances are forged and broken, loyalties are tested beyond all measure.

  • Ylenia
    2018-12-16 11:31

    *4.5 stars*EPIC AS FUCK.Can't wait to read part two!

  • Evripidis Gousiaris
    2018-11-18 16:21

    Δεν ξέρω αν είναι όντως τόσο ωραίο ή αν οφείλεται στο ότι είμαι λίγο "nerd" αλλά ανυπομονώ για την συνέχεια :)

  • Kirstine
    2018-11-24 11:16

    It is a good book. Rationally I know this. And I did enjoy it. There are some great characters, great stories and great writing. It's a very imaginative and epic tale. And it has tons of things I love, like dragons and sword fighting and magic and a huge wall of ice AND WILDLINGS. Rationally I know this.But.. My emotional response?Too many characters. Too many storylines. Too many things happening in different places. AHHH. My poor head. The things is, I care about too few of the PoV characters in these books to make any of them a quick read. I'm sorry, but the individual chapters are simply too short for me to properly bond with anyone who doesn't possess a personality that naturally resonates with me. And it's so frustrating, because I find most of the storylines (and characters) exciting and compelling, I'm just not getting enough of any of them to really get into it. They're like sub-stories, with some a vague (or not so vague) relation to a main story that's hinted at (ALL THE TIME), but won't be revealed till the final book AND IT IS SO ANNOYING. Because am I supposed to read each chapter, because I care about said character and want to know what happens to them? Because I don't. You can't give me 10 pages for every 100 I read and expect me to emotionally bond with ALL (or any) of them. I'll hand it to Martin that he writes all of the characters well, despite them all being so different. They all have their own voices, and that is the mark of a great writer. It's not that the chapters are bad (although some are more exciting than others) it's that they're too short.It's a matter of personal taste, of course. I'd simply prefer fewer PoV characters and longer PoV chapters, and if that lessens the epic scale of the series, then I'm okay with it.I'll keep reading though, because Martin is an incredible writer, and I know hanging on will pay of a hundred times in the end, but right now I am very frustrated. I have hopes that things change with A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons, what with having to split the PoV's up - so more time for each character! - but perhaps things will already get better in the second half. Let's see!

  • Elena
    2018-11-17 13:10

    Yes yes yes! Oh how I love this series!

  • Ashton Gibbs ♥ BB&B
    2018-12-10 10:25

    A Storm of Sword: Steel and Snow (Part One) – George R.R. Martin “Martin has captured the imagination of millions.” - GuardianThe above quote which is featured on the front of the book holds so so true. George R.R. Martin is sheer brilliance when it comes to creating an exciting world for readers. Even now, after reading over 2,000 pages of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin is adding details that deepen our knowledge of the land, the history and the people of this spectacular world, and he does so without overwhelming us. He clearly puts an immense amount of work into his art, allowing us to really construct Westeros in our mind and form connections with the characters we love whilst being utterly repulsed by the characters we loathe. *cough* Joffrey *cough* Cersei.Yet again, character development in this book is just magnificent. Arya Stark is slowly becoming one of my favourite fictional characters, and I love reading scenes with her and Gendry. (I totally want them to get together and grow old and have little warrior babies together). Tyrion is another favourite of mine, as from the start. He’s witty, amusing and exciting and it’s a joy to read his chapters, even just for his dialogue.So far I have enjoyed the addition of the Tyrells, and they’re pretty high in my estimation for now simply because they try to help Sansa. My feelings towards Sansa Stark have changed the most out of anyone. I’ve gone from considering her a bratty, little snob of a girl, to feeling for her as a victim, and finally to admiring the clever, young woman she is becoming.My favourite addition to this book, however, are the chapters involving Brienne and Jaime. I need not say much for Brienne, simply that she’s awesome. She’s loyal, kind, innocent and brave. I want a friend like Brienne. Now, on to Jaime. Previously, Jaime wasn’t exactly a strong contender for “Top Character I Feel For” in ASOIAF. What he did to Bran, how he helped Ned’s downfall, and his relationship with Cersei (that s**t seriously just makes my skin crawl, ew.) are a strong recipe for dislike. We are, however, beginning to see the better side and the true depth of this character in A Storm of Swords Part One, and I can’t wait to see more. And I want him and Brienne to fall in love at some point... (Does anyone else agree?)Finally, I want to discuss one more person – Daenerys. I haven’t exactly been shy in the past about how I think she’s a whiny, moaning bitch. This still stands, and I’m gonna add cruel bitch to the list too because I think she’s a meanie moo to Jorah, but... I actually really enjoyed reading her chapters in this book, woooo!Of everything that has been included in her chapters, the Unsullied have been the best. I love how she handled the whole affair, and I can’t wait to see how things unfold with them in the future.I’ve seen people comment on how this book drags, or is uninteresting in comparison to the first two. People need to remember that this began as a hell of a long book and it’s been chopped in half for the ease of some readers. Treated as a lone book it could be pretty disappointing, but as the first half of a larger book, it’s a great run up to bigger and better things. Predictability is currently standing at zero, and I’m expecting lots of drama in the next book, and have been foretold by my brother that the next one is amazing...

  • Janani
    2018-11-16 12:10

    Thanks to my friends. I need to appreciate their works for trying to spoil me. They watched the series and I'm planning to watch it after reading the books. So you know now, how they threatened to fire the spoilers at me. Sometimes I would be so shocked that I need to know what will happen next immediately as the characters have alternate POVs we won't know until their next. In that case, I will ask them, they will explain so nicely and when I tried to relieve my breath in sigh they would drop the spoiler too. And then I was like "Screw me for asking". So after a lot of battling with them, I finished it finally. -- One part down. One more to go.-- I like the book sure, but I just couldn’t understand the hype about it.-- The plot was not enough fast-paced when compared to the first two books.-- As always, the writing was appealing.-- For God’s sake, I’m having A LOT OF trouble with remembering their names.-- The world is quite complex.-- I definitely had some moments with this book.

  • DramaQueen
    2018-12-04 12:19

    After finishing A Clash Of Kings I couldn't contain myself: I had to pick up the first part in The Song of Ice and Fire-series immediately. And... I finished this bad boy in seven days. I loved A Clash Of Kings, but o my god. I can't even begin to explain how much shit goes down in this first volume of the third book (A Storm of Swords is split in two books (in most editions at least), namely: Steel and Snow and Blood and Gold). "The night is dark and full of terrors, the day bright and beautiful and full of hope. One is black, the other white. There is ice and there is fire. Hate and love. Bitter and sweet. Male and female. Pain and pleasure. Winter and summer. Evil and good. Death and life."A Storm Of Swords continues right where A Clash Of Kings ended. The war between the Five Kings continues (well, at this moment four, to be honest; Robb Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon and Balon Greyjoy; Renly sadly didn't make it through a dark night full of terrors...). Stannis tried to take King's Landing, but failed miserably. It was an intense fight and I must admit that I was kind of team-Stannis, although I would have hated it if Sansa didn't make it. Speaking of Sansa, her life is changing for the better. Although, so it seemed. The Small Council decided that an alliance with House Tyrell would be good, so King Joffrey is to be married to Margaery Tyrell, widow of Renly Baratheon. Sansa is free of the cruel boy and Margaery and her grandmother Olenna, "The Queen of Torns", treat her very well. Yet, her luck changes too quickly: she is to be married to Tyrion Lannister, who she sees as an ugly dwarf."Love’s not always wise, I’ve learned. It can lead us to great folly, but we follow our hearts ... wherever they take us."I might have been team-Stannis in the fight for Kings Landing; in the ultimate war for the throne I am team-Stark. In A Storm Of Swords we read about Robb's fight through his mothers eyes. And Robb is not making the best decisions. He might be winning a lot of battles, he is not making friends: while being engaged to one of the daughters of Walder Frey, he marries another girl he fell in love with. All very sweet, but incredibly dumb. His younger sister Ayra is on an adventure of her own and becomes quite tough on the way. "Old stories are like old friends. You have to visit them from time to time."The Night's Watch have a confrontation with the White Walkers on the Fist of the First Men. The person who seems most unlikely to shine on a moment like this, actually does: Sam Tarly kills a White Walker, using a blade of dragonglass. Jon Snow is on his own expedition without The Night's Watch, joining the wildings north of the Wall. He is constantly in a fight with himself; to which camp does he belong? Definitely since he seems to be falling in love with the wilding Ygritte (loved her in the tv-series, but love her even more in the book) You know nothing, Jon Snow. Jon's "brother" Bran is also on his way to the other side of the Wall. He is able to live through his wolves eyes and his companion Jojen can see certain aspects of the future. I am definitely very curious where this story line is heading. I can feel Bran will become extremely important in later books. Tyrion: "You hide behind courtesy as if it were a castle wall." Sansa: "Courtesy is a lady's armor."Finally, let's talk about Daenerys. If you've seen the tv-series, there are several epic parts you just want to read about, one being the one with the Unsullied, her dragons and Daenerys saying "Dracarys". All I can say is that that scene is extremely awesome. When I finished the chapter I had to reread it right away. Which was the same when I saw the episode for the first time; I just re-watched that bit over and over. Daenerys is one extremely bad-ass lady.Olenna: "Margaery, you're clever, be a dear and tell your poor old half-daft grandmother the name of that queer fish from the Summer Isles that puffs up to ten times its own size when you poke it." Margaery: "They call them puff fish, Grandmother." Olenna: "Of course they do, Summer Islanders have no imagination."I loved this book. I think this is my favorite so far. Just so much things happen. So much even, that sometimes I returned to a character after several chapters and completely forgot about that epic cliffhanger which connected to him or her. I would like to say I will take my time again and that I will not pick up the next book too soon, but who am kidding: I don't have that kind of power over myself.

  • Gregory
    2018-11-20 10:23

    New favorite character: Queen of Thorns. Other than that, I thought this book was the worst entry so far. It was so full of characters complaining (I'm giving a hard side-eye to Sam & Davos, especially) & chapters that didn't really go anywhere, plot-wise. Plus, Martin's sex scenes have gone beyond tiresome & have become completely laughable. Dude, where's my male gaze? Oh, it's lingering on Ygritte's/Brienne's/Shae's "teats."I will say, howevs, that I'm liking what Martin is doing with ability & injury. If masculinity in Westeros hinges around power, & power is only recognized when it flows through a capable, muscled-up warrior's body, what happens when that soldier is brutally injured? We've seen Bran coming to terms with his disability all along, but what about men like Jaime, a man who has been at the peak of his game until -- boom -- he up & loses his sword hand? How will this impact his role as the legendary Kingslayer? I'm sensing that as more & more of our male characters get injured in battle, we will see the food chains start to get shaken up. Soon, I'm guessing, Bran & Tyrion, will no longer be the only two characters who don't measure up to what it means to be a man in the Seven Kingdoms.We're also seeing a rise in the number of female warrior-types (Ygritte, Brienne). Their introduction to the story offers additional ways of being in Westeros. Girls can fight (well, that idea has been around in the novels since we first met Arya, but these women are showing it in action) but perhaps more importantly, boys can be attracted to girls who can fight. You don't just need to be into simpering maids drenched in jewels & silk -- you can *also* fall in love with Amazonian bad asses armored in animal hides & bones.Of course, this leads into what I've been observing since book 1: that there is little interest given (by the characters or the narrator) to the strength of femininity. Sansa & Cersei are good examples of this strength, although Martin repeatedly robs them of it. He makes Sansa into a foolish girl who keeps making stupid mistakes, while Cersei is the venomous femme fatale, the kind of soap opera diva you love to hate, but who lacks the human qualities of a fully realized character. I *loved* the scene in the novel where Sansa is invited to dine with Margaery Tyrell -- it was a glimpse of a female-only space that Martin rarely allows room for in his books. I want more of those kinds of moments. Hopefully in the following novels, Martin's non-masculine characters will grow & improve. Also Daenerys needs more magic. I want her to be the powerful dragon goddess Martin keeps hinting at!

  • Célia
    2018-12-16 14:09

    "A Tormenta de Espadas" é a primeira parte do original "A Storm of Swords", geralmente considerado o melhor volume publicado até agora das Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo, da autoria de George R.R. Martin. Apesar de ainda só ter lido metade (do livro original), posso dizer que de todos os volumes lidos até agora este foi o meu preferido. O motivo para isto é que, para além de todos os aspectos positivos presentes nos volumes anteriores, este livro é consistente no que diz respeito ao interesse gerado pelos capítulos das várias personagens.George R.R. Martin consegue novamente contar a história numa escrita fluida, mas desta vez praticamente não há momentos mortos e as surpresas são mais que muitas. Mas o seu maior trunfo, como o próprio admite, é a força das suas personagens: é praticamente impossível não gostarmos delas, independentemente do lado em que se encontram. Esta abordagem multi-perspectiva permite que o limite entre o bem e o mal seja extremamente ténue e poder observar todos os lados da barricada é extremamente gratificante para o leitor.Mais uma vez vos aconselho: se ainda não começaram a ler a saga, façam-no o quanto antes, mesmo que à partida não seja um tipo de livro que escolheriam. Garanto-vos que vale a pena!

  • Sonja ✧ Badass Wanderer ✧
    2018-11-29 16:34

    time slept when swords wokeI'm loving the way the series progresses. There is not a single boring moment. I'm off to Part 2. Ciao. P.S.A Song of Ice and Fire is a series that won't disappoint. It only gets better and better. Promise. If you can't accept that as a fact of LIFE then all I've got to say to you is this: "You know nothing, Jon Snow."A Song of Ice and Fire (Book Reviews)1. A Game of Thrones: 5 Great First Stars2. A Clash of Kings: 5 Royal Stars3.2 A Storm of Swords Pt. 2:5 Bloody Stars4. A Feast for Crows:5 Westerosi Stars

  • Sandy's bunte Bücherwelt
    2018-12-05 10:19

    ... George R.R.Martin ist einfach ein Meister seines Fach und schreibt so bildgewaltig!!!Der Kampf um die Krone geht weiter... In diesem Teil der Reihe, Band 5, werden wieder Schlachten geschlagen und Kämpfe vernab der Mauer geführt. Jon Schnee ist weit weg der Mauer und muss wichtige Entscheidungen für sich und seine Familie/Brüder treffen. Jaime Lennister kommen wir näher und erleben große Überraschungen. Daenerys kommt langsam näher an Westeros. Die größte Wendung kommt rund um Tyrion. Ich will nicht zu viel verraten, also selbst lesen...Der Autor steht ganz oben in meinem Ranking der Lieblingssautoren, denn er schreibt unvergleichbar bildgewaltig, sodass man selbst mitten in der Geschichte ist. Ich bin jedes mal überwältigt, wie ein solch umfassendes und vielfältiges Werk geschaffen wurde, allein von einem Autor.Ich habe es besonders gefeiert mehr über Tyrion zu lesen, denn er gehört definitiv zu einer meiner Lieblingscharaktere und manchmal hatte ich sogar etwas Sympatie für Jaime übrig. Für beide stehen die Zeiten in diesem Band nicht zum besten.FAZITEin MUSS für alle Fantasyfans, die Lust auf Abenteuer haben und Brutalität nicht scheuen.

  • Lisa
    2018-12-09 11:36

    In which the waters are muddied even further as the Seven Kingdoms descend into chaos following the battles surrounding Kings Landing, all the while blissfully unheeding of the threats approaching from beyond the Wall and beyond the sea...As people sworn to either side do horrific things to one another, to muddy things even further we are now given chapters from Jaime Lannister's point of view thus humanising him a little. Dammit, I want to be free to hate him like a cartoon villain! Adding to the moral confusion, I feel for, and start to fear for the Hound as his path crosses Arya's, and start to ponder the 'right' outcome with regard to Stannis and Melisandre.In other news, Sansa Stark continues to only see worth in pretty things as she's wed to Tyrion, who meets a new, possibly quite formidable player, I'm saddened as yet more Stark children are parted from their wolves, and Jon has to add another betrayal to his belt as he comes within spitting distance of Bran.Every time I've thought that I can see what is coming I've had the rug pulled out from under me so I have absolutely no clue as to where else the story could be going from here, but I'm extremely glad that I've already bought the next one ready for me to carry on finding out.

  • Carmo
    2018-11-25 09:18

    Comecei este livro com grande expectativa e terminei-o já a acusar algum cansaço. A guerra fez uma pausa no campo de batalha mas as estratégias continuam nos salões nobres. Forjam-se alianças e casamentos para consolidar o poder, casamentos tão estapafúrdios, que não admira que houvesse tantos bastardos.Gostei da evolução da história em torno da Daenerys e pouco mais. Demasiadas personagens, não vou (nem sequer tento) fixar tantos nomes e tenho dúvidas se irão ter um papel relevante no evoluir do enredo. Aos Selvagens não achei grande interesse e aos Outros ainda menos. As mulheres Stark continuam fortes e corajosas (quando é que aquela miúda encontra a mãe? Caramba, que suplicio!) e até a Sansa começa a mostrar sinais de alguma maturidade.Surpreendente foi ter começado a sentir alguma empatia com Jamie Lanister, o passado começa a desvendar-se e a revelar segredos inesperados.Espero que os próximos volumes provem que este meu (pequeno) desencanto não tem razão de ser.GRRM continua a provar que é um escritor de excelência, com um poder descritivo e uma capacidade criativa fora do comum.

  • Hissa Reads
    2018-12-16 12:36

    The first book is still my favorite one:(

  • Nivedita (thebooklovingnerd)
    2018-12-09 16:24

    THIS WAS EPICCCC! I cannot wait to read the next one.

  • Laura
    2018-12-08 08:10

    Let's not deny it. George R. R. Martin is a bloody good author. But he's super confusing! Why did he kill Renly with a shadow, but the shadow was born afterwards in a cave? Did Melisandre gave birth to two shadows? And who are the Dothrakis in Westeros? In the chapter about Arya, after Lord Beric was "slayn" by the Hound: "Two of the Dothraki managed to regain their horses and flee" (P. 564) I did not have a clue what this was about! But in my opinion the major mistake the author made was making Robb to one of the main characters, but not giving him his own chapters. Everybody was talking about the king in the north, the young wolf, but he did not have his own chapters. We have no idea about his point of view. Such a waist! The King in the North deserved his own chapters!

  • LeseMaus
    2018-12-10 09:10

    🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁George R.R. MartinSturm der SchwerterDas Lied von Eis und Feuer Bd. 5768 SeitenIch bin weiterhin restlos begeistert und eine ausführliche Rezi gibt's zum Schluss.

  • Deniz Balcı
    2018-12-09 13:33

    "Kılıçların Fırtınası" ile birlikte emin olduğum bir şey varsa; o da 'Game of Thrones'un dizi olarak yakaladığı popülaritenin kitap için bir olumsuzluk yarattığı ve sonrasında da yaratacağıdır. Dizi, kitabı olduğundan daha hafif gösteriyor. Karşılaştırmalı bir yorum yapmıyorum, yanlış anlaşılmasın. Ortada ciddi hacme sahip bir seri var ve karşılığında da 8 sezonluk bir dizi. Okumanın külfetine girmeden diziyi izlemeyi tercih eden çoğunluğun nüfuzu; 'Ateş ve Buzun Şarkısı' dünyasının daha eksik ve dejenere algılanmasına sebep oluyor ve olacak bence. O yüzden kitapları okuyun derim, çok daha lezzetli.Martin'de hayran olduğum en temel şey bu kadar çok karakterin ve zıtlığın; bütün karmaşa ve kaosa rağmen, gayet sistemli ve temiz bir şekilde aktarılmış olması. Bunda karakterler üzerinden bölüm bölüm yazmasının büyük katkısı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Bu ilk kez denenmiş bir şey değil elbette ama ortaya çıkan sonuç açısından en başarılılarından bir tanesi bence. "Kılıçların Fırtınası"nda çok ayrı kollardan devam eden hikayenin, gücünü çok iyi koruduğunu söyleyebilirim. Hikayelerin birleşme noktaları, kurgusal açıdan son derece usta işi.Bunlar genel olarak seriye ait düşüncelerim. Okudukça görüşlerimde olgunlaşıyor. Daha çok fantastik olmasını arzu ediyorum. Tek beklentim bu diyebilirim. Ama arka planda yavaş yavaş gelen buz ve ateşin, karanlık ve ışığın kavgası bu beklentimi karşılayacaktır diye düşünüyorum.8/10

  • Adam Woodward
    2018-12-14 16:36

    NOTE: When reviewing these books, I will not allow my love of the show to influence the score; if the show is ever mentioned, it will not be for the purpose of comparison. Due to 'A Storm of Swords' colossal size, the book is split into two parts in the UK: 'Steel and Snow', and 'Blood and Gold'. Because of this, I decided it was unfair to review this book as a complete experience and will instead review it in the same way I might answer the question "So how is it so far?", as I'm technically only halfway through the entire thing. So, how is it so far?Short answer: it's good. Really good, in fact. In terms of the overarching narrative, not a great deal of shocking things happen in part one - which isn't entirely surprising. Forgetting the fact that I know what happens in part two (and it's my favourite season of the show so I'm very excited to see how the book portrays these events), I could appreciate how Martin was assembling the individual cogs of the machine, getting characters to where they needed to be ready for the explosive moments of part two. The new viewpoints are fascinating - especially Jaime's (who knew that a murdering, traitorous, sister-f****r could become such a likeable character) - and Lady Olenna really is my favourite grandmother in any novel ever, she's fantastic. Of course, as with any ASOIAF novel, there are some viewpoints that aren't as exciting as the others, particularly Davos, but the others are so good that it's worth ploughing through the ones you don't like just to revel in the brilliance that are Tyrion's chapters, or Jaime's. Overall, I really, really liked 'A Storm of Swords - Part One: Steel and Snow': it still has the same issues as the previous instalments with its sometimes excessive descriptions and some underwhelming viewpoints, but by taking the time to slowly establish the chess pieces ready to knock them all down in part two, 'Steel and Snow' has really made 'A Storm of Swords' look like it could be the strongest section of the series to date.