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He is the most dangerous man alive. He only wants to live in peace with his family, and forget the war that nearly killed him...It's not going to happen.Stephen Hunter's epic national bestsellers, Point of Impact and Black Light, introduced millions of readers to Bob Lee Swagger, called "Bob the Nailer," a heroic but flawed Vietnam War veteran forced twice to use his skillHe is the most dangerous man alive. He only wants to live in peace with his family, and forget the war that nearly killed him...It's not going to happen.Stephen Hunter's epic national bestsellers, Point of Impact and Black Light, introduced millions of readers to Bob Lee Swagger, called "Bob the Nailer," a heroic but flawed Vietnam War veteran forced twice to use his skills as a master sniper to defend his life and his honor. Now, in his grandest, most intensely thrilling adventure yet, Bob the Nailer must face his deadliest foe from Vietnam--and his own demons--to save his wife and daughter.During the latter days of the Vietnam War, deep in-country, a young idealistic Marine named Donny Fenn was cut down by a sniper's bullet as he set out on patrol with Swagger, who himself received a grievous wound. Years later Swagger married Donny's widow, Julie, and together they raise their daughter, Nikki, on a ranch in the isolated Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Although he struggles with the painful legacy of Vietnam, Swagger's greatest wish--to leave his violent past behind and live quietly with his family--seems to have come true.Then one idyllic day, a man, a woman, and a girl set out from the ranch on horseback. High on a ridge above a mountain pass, a thousand yards distant, a calm, cold-eyed shooter, one of the world's greatest marksmen, peers through a telescopic sight at the three approaching figures.Out of his tortured past, a mortal enemy has once again found Bob the Nailer. Time to Hunt proves anew why so many consider Stephen Hunter to be our best living thriller writer. With a plot that sweeps from the killing fields of Vietnam to the corridors of power in Washington to the shadowy plots of the new world order, Hunter delivers all the complex, stay-up-all-night action his fans demand in a masterful tale of family heartbreak and international intrigue--and shows why, for Bob Lee Swagger, it's once again time to hunt....

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Time to Hunt Reviews

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2018-12-17 12:54

    This is the third of the Bob Lee Swagger books but for me it's the one I read last...I managed to skip it as I was reading them and had to come back and "pick it up". So, in a way here I'm looking at the entire run of Bob Lee Swagger books. All in all, pretty good action reads, some a bit better than others. My favorite in the series is I, Sniper, the sixth in the series.Here we pick up after Bob has gotten through the events of the first two novels. He's still in sad shape, deep in the bottle struggling to hold on to life and not lose his wife and daughter whom he loves very much. Sadly in spite of that love his own personal demons are threatening to take everything away. Another struggle the family is having is that Bob has not been able to make a really good living and they are mostly getting by on Bob's retirement from the military.Then someone from Bob's past shows up, apparently the Russian sniper that wounded Bob in Vietnam has returned. He shoots a man he mistakes for Bob and then Bob's wife and almost his daughter...Bob has to come out of his funk or really lose everything he loves.The story here opens and about half the book takes place during the Vietnam war both in Nam and the U.S. The story moves forward and gives us some insight and more details on back story that we've known about since the first volume. This one moves along quickly with lots of action a good plot and more information filled in about our characters. Here we get a little more of a "spy novel" flavor than we have in most of the other Swagger novels and there's a twist at the end (though I suspect you'll see it coming). Not a bad book at all. I think I like the first 2 a bit better (and of course as I noted the 6th is my favorite, filled with action and good dollop of humor)in some ways but the look at the Vietnam era in this one is very real. Having lived through it I remember the confusion so many had, the pain, the loss.As noted pretty good book, I recommend it.

  • Todd
    2018-12-05 12:12

    My introduction to the author was this book. Part adventure, part thriller, part mystery, the zigs and zags this story takes you on are so well executed your mind is left reeling. Once you are introduced to Marine sniper "Bob the Nailer" you will seek out all the books he is in. So good even my mother enjoyed it!

  • Bryan457
    2018-11-16 10:59

    More of Bob Lee Swagger. Ranging from the jungles of Vietnam to the present, Bob must find the link that ties himself & Donny Fenn to the sniper Salaratov.This one was slow to start, with 85 pages of Vietnam era peace movement politics. It had a great section where Bob Lee & his spotter take on a battalion of North Vietnamese.

  • Benjamin Thomas
    2018-11-27 11:22

    This is the third book in the Bob Lee Swagger series and another enjoyable read. The plot starts after the events of the last two books but we only get a short teaser into Bob's current life, a quick cliff-hanger before we jump back in time to the Vietnam War era. And once there, the POV shifts to Donny Fenn, a young marine who had been severely wounded during a tour in Vietnam but is now in Washington DC serving in a nice "safe" position. We get to watch him get drawn into the peace movement and be asked to spy on his fellow marines. His story is a poignant one and lasts for quite a while before he makes a courageous decision and is forced back to the warzone where he meets up with Bob Lee Swagger and becomes the master sniper's spotter. That section was quite lengthy, so much so that I was actually beginning to wonder if this was going to be a Swagger book at all. But from there it's all Swagger as we jump around in time to experience the larger plot. Utimately this serves to tie the entire story together and, at the same time, really fleshes out Bob Lee Swagger's backstory. We get to see cool sniping action as well as fall into a mystery/espionage plot and finish with an intense long range battle between two super sniper legends. Along the way we come to further understand the present day demons that Swagger endures and how they came to be.

  • Nate
    2018-11-27 10:02

    After a confusing but necessary slow start and setup this novel blasts into testosterone-laden overdrive with a retelling of Bob and Donny’s epic stand at An Loc Valley in 1972 and then a gripping cat-and-mouse game in the present day. Can’t stop reading these stupid-ass books for some reason. They’re just wonderful escapist well-written garbage and I love it.

  • Greg
    2018-12-17 10:06

    Unlike authors of most fiction involving guns and shooting, Hunter knows and understsnds firearms, shooting, reloading, and all things associated. It's a pleasure to read someething where I don't find myself groaning about mistakes and confusion on the topic.

  • Mark
    2018-12-12 11:19

    This book took forever to get off the ground, with a 109 page introduction of sorts. I did not like it. I've liked all of Hunter's other books that I've read, so I won't toss the rest of them.

  • Will
    2018-12-09 13:24

    SUBJECTIVE READER REVIEW FOLLOWS:My first foray into Stephen Hunter's catalogue was the suggestion of fellow reviewer/critic Dan Legare, who read me like an open book making the recommendation that I begin Hunter's collection with book 3, not book 1, of the Bob Lee Swagger series. It took a good 100 pages for the novel to become the latest form of addictive drug, but Hunter somehow built a hybrid of 'American Sniper' and 'Forrest Gump' that all but made me relive my days of living in Washington as a young USAF lieutenant in the mid-1970s. The iconic landmarks and lifestyle references made this damn book fit like your favorite jeans. The front half of the book leaves the reader feeling desperately sorry for poor Marine Corporal Donny Fenn, whose beautiful young wife becomes recycled as his boss' second wife. Hunter pulls this off smoothly because of the 58,000+ American boys that died in that nightmare, the ones left living had to redefine their lives somehow. This book could easily be the epitome of 'all is not as it appears.' In the cruelest twist of all, the hard ass Naval officer that sent Donny off to Vietnam for three months to be hunted like sporting game turns out to be the grand manipulator in the end--but I ain't spoiling it for ya. This novel's got all of the redneck frustration of a 100 country songs, but in this case the redneck-Swagger from Arkansas-is also a supremely intelligent animal. Here's the deal; if you liked Nelson DeMille's 'Up Country,' I WILL GUARANTEE you will love 'Time to Hunt.' Plain and simple, this is one of the 10 best books I've ever read, and that includes 500+ novels in the last five years alone. 'Time to Hunt' might not be up there with Stuart Woods' 'Chiefs' or Vince Flynn's 'Term Limits' but it's up there, believe me. Your only problem might be finding it, as 'Time to Hunt' was published in 1998, but it's worth the time and effort to find a copy, put on those comfortable jeans and prepare yourself for slowing down as you approach the end, not wanting the freaking action to end on ya. My word as an author--this book ROCKS!SPOILER PLOT SUMMARY FOLLOWS:Soviet Mole in Deep Cover. Washington, DC, in spring of 1971 was a war zone, or rather a war protesters' zone, with nearly continuous demonstrations against the ongoing war in Vietnam. Marine Corporal Donny Fenn, already having served a tour in The Land of Bad Things is assigned to the garrison at 8th & I Streets, part of a Funeral Company doing ceremonial burials at Arlington National Cemetery. His high school girl Julie is now a war demonstrator from Arizona and they meet, determined to complete their vows to one another to marry when possible. The Naval Investigative Service-long before Jethro Gibbs made it famous-is deeply involved in ferreting out the criminal aspects of the peaceniks, and extort Donny Fenn into going undercover to spy on one of his fellow grunts. He does so, meeting some heavies in the antiwar movement and is promised promotion for his testimony against Lance Corporal Ed Crowe. When the bust goes down, Fenn is branded the traitor by his fellow Marines, listens to Julie and Trig Carter-an antiwar Moses-and refuses to testify at Crowe's court martial. Washington Navy Yard NIS Head Ward Bonson goes hermatile, banishing Fenn to Vietnam even though he's got only 13 months left in his enlistment. Fenn meets and is taken under the wing of Bob the Nailer, the most terrifying of Marine snipers assigned to their Central Highlands AOR. As fate would have it, Donny survives assured death at Kham Duc, a special forces irregular camp near the Laotian border, backing SSGT Bob Swagger up as he disrupts and entire Division of NVA regulars heading to overrun Kham Duc. On his last day in country, Donny is killed by a Soviet sniper sent in to kill him, even though he and Swagger thought they'd killed Solaratov earlier. Swagger is hailed the hero but was shot thru the pelvis just before Donny bought it. After 2+ years of rehab he rejoins the Corps, his life a nightmare as bourbon is the only thing to ease his pain. After a few years he and Donny's widow Julie hook up, marry and have a daughter Nikki. Out riding the mountains one morning in Arizona, a sniper kills a neighbor riding with Julie and Nikki, then turns the gun on Julie, wounding but not killing her. In the subsequent investigation, Bob moves to Idaho to hide while he seeks out the sniper, who is the same Solaratov, just recycled by the KGB/SVR. Ultimately, Solaratov finds the hide ranch in Idaho and stakes it during a freak spring snow storm. Swagger, now in league with DDCI Ward Bonson, takes a HALO chute dive into the LZ, narrowly avoids death and finally kills Solaratov. In the debrief to this 'hunt,' it's Julie that Solaratov was after, as she was one of four people to identify Soviet deep cover spy Evgeny Pashin, now a star in post-Soviet Russia running for President. Pashin's involvement in the hit on Julie results in his own assassination and all is quiet. Swagger makes one last trip to Trig Carter's mother to tell her of his passing, and how he was not the target but a math student who'd developed math algorithms for satellite imagery. He finds Trig's last notes/drawings, which reveal Bonson as a contact of Pashin's in 1971. Using a claymore mine Bonson gave him for his hunt mission for Solaratov, Swagger confronts Bonson who confesses all, confident his five Spetsnaz guards will secure him. Swagger exits the warehouse the lone man standing and heads west.

  • Nadia
    2018-11-16 11:06

    It's as always with those books: first narrative flows slowly even lazily and then the last 100 pages plot is rushing and you have to pull an all-nighter cause you just can't put it down and not know if Swagger won.I finally came to conclusion that this is a detective stories where old sniper is playing a detective. First story was about himself, second was about his father and his death's secret and now it was time for Donny to tell his story. I wonder. So many things could have gone differently then in 70's but they didn't. And it was really sad to read about those events and know, that they will not end well. I bow before author cause you couldn't tell the moment they were going to die. More then once I was pretty sure that this was it. But it wasn't. And to be honest I skipped part where Swagger gets drunk to remember that morning. I just couldn't read it. Couldn't make myself to do that.Donny was so in love with Swagger. You could see that through the whole book. He idolized Swagger and put him on some kind of pedestal. I first thought that that's what killed him, but unless he hadn't been bitten and killed Solaratov that day... But even then there was a certainty that once at home some accident or another would happen to him. He was dead the moment the chose him to spy on his mates.The great pretender was almost perfect. I didn't suspect him until the end even though I had thought about the perfect cover story. But I'm glad that Bob Lee was smarter and had a rabbit in his hat. I think Swagger's file is marked R.E.D. in those archives of theirs. I also was sorry to see eagle go. It sounded like a great picture. And what also made me think was if that number on the check had any significance? Or was it just a random number? He could just tell "They've got a check" But he specified the sum up to the last cent... Well, nevermind.

  • Rob Haug
    2018-11-25 08:13

    I am quickly becoming a Stephen Hunter fan. This is the fourth book I've read from Mr. Hunter, and probably the one I've enjoyed the most.There are no real spoilers here. The book starts with a man, woman, and child riding their horses towards a cliff edge to enjoy the view. A sniper, across the canyon, draws bead on them, and the man is blown out of the saddle. We then flash back to the end of 1971 and beginning of 1972. We finally get to hear the back story (spoiler alert if you haven't read previous novels) of how Bob Lee Swagger's spotter (and then husband to Swagger's now wife) gets killed. Forty percent of the novel tells this story. When we come back to the present, the who and why of the sniper shooting the group of horse riders seems obvious. It is anything but. This is great conspiracy story telling, especially as it doesn't really stretch the bounds of plausibility much. Additionally, Swagger is just a great hero, a moniker he constantly disdains. He is a man who is wired just a little differently than everyone else, which allows him to process information in a way that has him seeing trouble around every corner, and in Columbo-esque fashion, has him thinking ahead of his enemies.Hunter doesn't bog us down in detail, but I find the detail welcome. A great example is the Claymore mine that says "This side toward enemy". Swagger, a marine, figures this is helpful for the army.Very much looking forward to the next one.

  • Tom Tischler
    2018-11-21 12:03

    Twenty Five years after the end of the Vietnam War Bob "The Nailer" Swagger is back in the war zone. A Russian sniper with whom he dueled in the jungle and who killed his friend Donny Fenn has tracked him down to the remote mountains of Idaho. Soon one man isdead and Swagger's family is under threat. Why has this Russian resumed the conflict, is itrevenge or does it go back further to a secret buried in the extraordinary times of the latesixties. This is book three in the Bob Lee Swagger series from 1997. This is one of Stephen Hunters better ones. It has a lot of action and I gave it a 4.

  • Wayne
    2018-12-13 08:19

    This book as the others by Stephen Hunter was brilliantly written. There were many sub plots within plots. You finished one chapter and you were compelled to continue to the next. Bob Lee Swagger was a Sargent in Vietnam and single handedly held off an enemy battalion. His best friend was later killed by a Russian sniper. Bob Lee thought the sniper was after him but no he was after His best friend Lance Caporal Donny Fenn. The plot grew to years later when Bob Lee had married Donny's widow and he learned a Russian sniper was after her. The plot became very intense until the very end when it all came together. This book is an excellent read.

  • Rex Fuller
    2018-12-17 12:59

    First rate. I will read all of the Bob Lee Swagger books Hunter ever writes.

  • Susan
    2018-11-28 15:20

    This is the 3rd of the Bob Lee Swagger series, but somehow I missed it and had to go back and pick it up. Glad I did. This was another great read. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Greg
    2018-12-02 10:08

    Another great book about Bob the Nailer... Well written character

  • Jim
    2018-11-30 09:01

    I am a big fan of author STEPEHEN HUNTER and his sniper/hero BOB LEE SWAGGER. I have now read the first four books in the Bob Lee series plus the World War 2 stand-alone MASTER SNIPER.. They are all page turners for sure. I had started reading (2010) these books with Book 4 - THE 47th SAMURAI - because of my interest in that Japanese legend. I just finished TIME TO HUNT (book 3 plus books 1 and 2 last fall) which gives a lot of the back story of Bob Lee Swagger, Julie (who was married to Donny Fenn then Bob Lee) and Donny Fenn, Bob Lee's spotter in Viet Nam in 1971-72.During the course of the story, which is like reading two separate books in one volume, the reader gets to meet Donny and Julie against the background of the peace movement in 1971 in Washington, D.C. Several other characters are introduced who show up 20 plus years later in the second part of the story. Hunter's descriptions of the peace movement of 40 years ago are right on. It feels like he was there himself. The story follows Donny as he is re-assigned to Viet Nam where he meets and befriends master sniper Bob Lee Swagger. Hunter describes the role of the Marine snipers in Viet Nam in great detail. Not for squeamish!After describing Donny's and Bob Lee's adventures in Viet Nam, the story moves forward twenty or so years to rural and mountainous East Central Idaho where Bob Lee and his family have been forced to move (from Arizona) because of the fallout from his activities in books 1 and 2 in the series. This is where characters from the 1970s resurface. Bob Lee is drawn into a major international conspiracy that could have a very adverse effect on life in the United States. The "hunting" scenes in Idaho are very well done. Bob Lee's relationship with his family reach a breaking point while he tries to resolve PTSD issues and more.While this is a work of fiction, there are some real incidents incorporated into the story. You can check them out via the Internet - I did. There was a movie a few years ago called THE SHOOTER and a recently completed first TV season called SHOOTER. Neither followed the books exactly but were close enough to make them good viewing. If you love these kinds of stories then I highly recommend the books to you. If you think you might like them, then by all means, read them. You will not be disappointed.GO! BUY! READ!

  • Martin
    2018-11-20 10:04

    Another Bob Lee Swagger book and a super one. I love books about snipers and sniping, fiction or fact, and I love Bob Lee. You might have seen the Mark Wallenberg movie 'Point of Impact' which did a decent job of a Swagger book - the book was better.Bob Lee was (and for part of this book is) a Marine sniper. The author describes him as 'the looks of Clint Eastwood and the voice of Gomer Pyle' - cute but Bob Lee has a laconic drawl which is quite unlike Gomer. This book starts in the days of the Vietnam War protests in Washingon, DC which had me wondering and not too engaged but this is essential for the book. It also fills in some of the blanks for us Bob Lee fans. The rest of the book is split between Vietnam and the US - Oregon and the DC area. Ironically, the Vietnam part is located in Da Nang, Hoi An, and Kham Duc - all places we'll be visiting next March! The Kham Duc part is what made Bob Lee the legend he became and fill in essential blanks in other books.The ending could have been better for me but didn't really detract.PS gave it 4.5 stars on Librarything.

  • Ron Holmes
    2018-12-02 15:56

    This is the third book in the series of the Swaggers. And, since some of it takes place around my home town of Mena, Ark (aka Blue Eye) I am always interested in reading another good story. There are some very good twists in this story, taking us back to Viet Nam in May of 1972 and the forward into the 1990's. I recommend the book in spite of very little sex or sexual situations.

  • Mark Taylor
    2018-12-16 12:08

    The original. Great books. Swagger, and Hunter, were at the best in these first three or four books. Definitely a page turner. Tightly written gun fights and bigger than life Bob Lee. A worthy companion for some bad winter weather or a nice stretch of beach time.

  • D.E. Heil
    2018-11-28 12:04

    This particular book by Hunter really kept my mind occupied, which no easy feat. I really enjoyed how the story interwove through a number of scenes that kept my interest and cost me a fair amount of sleep when I could not put it down.

  • Nalin
    2018-11-24 11:22

    this is the 3rd entry of Swagger saga ! Part adventure, part thriller, part mystery story :) kinda got bored with 85 pages long Vietnam era peace movement. but other than that all good :)looking forward for next entry

  • Will Leskin
    2018-11-27 09:10

    4 1/2 stars. Story has an epic sweep to it and a very compelling plot. Started reading this series because I was out of Jack Reacher books. I thought Point of Impact was very good and clever, but this is something more special.

  • Bob Chadwick
    2018-12-08 16:19

    Really like the Bob Lee Swagger books.

  • Sabrina
    2018-11-17 14:54

    Really enjoying Bob Lee Swagger series!

  • Chris Ketterhagen
    2018-12-15 12:10

    Knowledge of ballistics and military protocol provide background to.Good read with many twists and turns. Loved it. Able to relate to Viet Nam and the peace movement thanks.

  • Helene
    2018-11-29 13:03

    This is the second Bob Lee Swagger novel I have read, and I'll try others. Great character, good plotting, excellent writing.

  • Don Miller
    2018-11-24 13:01

    Twists, turns, fast paced! Brilliant!I loved the action, the pace, the characters, the remembrance of the war and the losses. Thanks to Stephen Hunter!

  • Patrick Schultheis
    2018-12-14 11:17

    Another terrific Bob Lee Swagger book. I often dislike a book where a significant part of it is backstory. It works here, though, and helps explain some questions from the earlier books in the series

  • Howard
    2018-12-03 09:10

    Was really better than I expected. I didn't realize it was a prequel. The whole story in Vietnam was necessary, but I was wondering were it was leading, then I understood.

  • Charles Sloden
    2018-11-27 09:16

    Bob Swagger saves his wife's life and uncovers a mole deep in the US government. There is nothing this country boy can't do!