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Who is driving . . . the fire engine? Elephant! He is driving to the fire station.From fire trucks to convertibles and snails to elephants, here's a book that's full of toddler favorites! Kids must solve the puzzle: which animal is driving which vehicle? With bold illustrations full of funny details, kids will love reading--and playing--this simple guessing game again andWho is driving . . . the fire engine? Elephant! He is driving to the fire station.From fire trucks to convertibles and snails to elephants, here's a book that's full of toddler favorites! Kids must solve the puzzle: which animal is driving which vehicle? With bold illustrations full of funny details, kids will love reading--and playing--this simple guessing game again and again....

Title : Who Is Driving?
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ISBN : 9781599900216
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Who Is Driving? Reviews

  • Dani
    2018-11-18 22:51

    This is a fun guess-ahead game, but it was a little advanced for my preschooler, who wasn't familiar with all the different uniforms that corresponded to the different vehicles.

  • Shally
    2018-11-28 22:59

    great interactive book, but some of the pictures are awfully tricky. Especially when doing it for storytime

  • Casandria
    2018-11-15 01:53

    Very good for story time. A simple question and answer book.

  • Ms. Jeane
    2018-12-02 23:57

    I ordered this book to read during my "Things that Go" storytime but sadly it came in about 5 days late. That's ok, it's still a very good book and maybe next time I do this theme I will get it on time. This book about work for earlier ages 0-3 really well.

  • Mattie Maloy
    2018-12-04 04:57

    This is a very good read along theme book. This book makes it easy for ur listener to predict things in the book and think they are reading along with you. This book could be a good relationship builder between an adult and child. Also this book could get kids interested in reading.

  • Karen
    2018-12-09 03:52

    The 2yo is into keys recently, and has been into vehicles for a while, so this was perfect for his current stage.

  • Katy
    2018-12-03 02:15

    This is a nice little book, but I'm not personally crazy about it. It has hidden visual clues to identify who will be in what vehicle.

  • Kimberly
    2018-11-15 01:03

    This was a fun one to use in storytime (5/23/17). The kiddos took good guesses and were not always right!

  • Joella
    2018-11-15 22:53

    This is a fun picture book about who is driving various modes of transportation (mostly cars). In each query there is asked "Who is driving _______?" Things like a fire truck or a convertible or whatnot. When the question is asked there are four different animals that are holding keys that could be on their way to drive that particular vehicle. But only one has a clue that fits who would be driving that. For example only the elephant is wearing the fireman's outfit so really he is the one who would drive the fire truck. Then the reader turns the page and sees who is driving the vehicles.This is a brilliant book! Not only does it have great illustrations, there is a fun interactive element for readers to actually think and find out who is driving what. And there are always good clues as to who it might be. This is a good example of thought process and prediction that are both skills good readers need to develop--but this is in a picture book! Huzzah for good picture books! Seriously, this is a keeper for reading aloud in storytime. And how often do you find brilliant truck books? They are a hot commodity!

  • Angela
    2018-11-19 04:11

    Interactive-style story asks the reader to guess which animal is driving each vehicle based on their clothes, etc. The text is very simple, leaving the parent/child to discuss the options. Sometimes this is tricky -- like when I couldn't identify whch animal a drawing was supposed to represent. Still, I enjoyed it even though I'm usually not a fan of this kind of book. The illustrations are part of what makes it work: they're a cute & very detailed cartoony style. The vehicle sound effects are a hit with the kiddos, too. Fun, and probably a good matching exercise for the right age of child.

  • Becky B
    2018-11-26 00:12

    Readers are asked on alternating spreads "Who's driving the..." and if your very observant you can match the outfit to the transportation. Of course, answers get checked on the next page spread.This is a fun book to use when having children test their observation skills, predicting skills, when talking about onomatopoeia (the vehicles each make a different sound), transportation, or for career day as it highlights a variety of occupations.

  • Lindsay
    2018-12-09 04:00

    I used this book for bilingual story time as a participation story. I asked the kids who they thought was going to drive the said vehicle, and then on the next page, I had them yell out "who" was actually driving. I also made the sounds that each vehicle makes (the sound is provided, which makes it easier) and had the kids try to make the sounds, too. It's a very simple book, but it's fun. It is also very bright and cheerful-looking.

  • Drew Graham
    2018-12-08 23:09

    There are lots of vehicles ready to go, but who's the driver for each one?This is a fun idea but the art style is off-putting to me (random example that comes to mind: the hippo's weird periscope nostrils). I know it's a personal preference sort of thing and it's not like revolting, but still it just makes me less inclined to pick it up on repeated occasions. It does (mostly) amuse me how The Boy (3.5) guesses the wrong driver I'm pretty sure on purpose.

  • Maria
    2018-11-24 23:01

    My four year old LOVES this one. It's cute and clever and easy to keep him engaged throughout. Illustrations show a small group of animals but only one matches / fits with the vehicle. There are lots of subtle clues so it's a very fun, interactive read. This one is high on our list of favorites!

  • Katy Houseman
    2018-11-10 04:01

    This book is fun for children who like solving puzzles and like vehicles/planes. In this book children will read along and try to figure out which animal will ride in which vehicle/plane. Children will use critical thinking skills and predicting to come up with their own idea of which animal will drive what.

  • jacky
    2018-11-25 03:08

    This one was read at story time today. I thought the idea was good and I liked how it wasn't overly simple. For example, the driver of the fire truck was easy to pick out, but not so much the driver of the convertible, limo, or tractor. I also liked the variety in vehicles. We weren't very close so I didn't see the illustrations very well.

  • Deatrice
    2018-11-17 06:52

    I love how the reader gets to guess which character is going to be on the next page, my children were thrilled when they were correct. The illustrations are great for children learning how to make connections. Plus the pictures are a lot of fun to look at!

  • Jenny
    2018-11-13 05:56

    Really cute book. Liked the pictures and the movement of the story. My 2 1/2 year old was practically "reading" the book as he turned the pages, telling me who would drive each car. Really enjoyed that he was understanding the concept so well.

  • Esther
    2018-11-16 02:14

    This book tests kids critical thinking or problem solving skills in a fun way. Who is most likely to drive this kind of vehicle? Then a parade of very cute animals all dressed differently go by and you have to choose.

  • Kristen
    2018-12-03 02:54

    I really enjoyed this one. It's a simple guessing game, although not all of the drivers are easy to guess. It was fun to read aloud and ask the kids who they thought was driving. A great pick for an interactive, participatory book in storytime!

  • Rachel Watkins
    2018-11-14 03:56

    This was more than the usual board book. The illustrations are very captivating and the children at our Avid Bookshop story time had a blast reading this one. Predicint who would be driving each car was so fun!

  • Natalie
    2018-11-16 05:52

    The reader must look for context clues in the illustrations to match a series of drivers paired with cars. For example, the guy in the overalls would be the one driving the tractor. But it gets more complex. Great way to strengthen visual intelligence.

  • Danica Midlil
    2018-11-24 04:10

    LOVE the pictures, but I have trouble using this book since my preschool storytime audience never guesses the right driver! There is usually one tricky option and they always fall for it. Maybe it really needs a kindergarten audience or older...

  • Renee
    2018-11-14 05:09

    Kids will enjoy trying to guess which animal will get into each vehicle. Once again, I dislike the female giraffe wearing pink getting into the pink car but at least there was a female cat wearing blue getting into a blue car....

  • Jen
    2018-12-11 04:15

    Zany animal drivers in fun vehicles. A nice lil guessing game for me (the first time around)- I actually was tripped up by one of the drivers. Too young yet for Finn to guess, but he loves all vehicles - the jeep and tractor the most!

  • Brendan
    2018-11-29 06:13

    Fun pictures (you can't go wrong with animals driving cars) and prompting questions that will draw your audience in. This one was a big hit at my transportation-themed storytime.

  • Superboy
    2018-11-20 04:03


  • The Library Lady
    2018-11-18 06:00

    Going to try this one at a story hour. I think it should work well with a group, and it certainly will work well one on one with a vehicle loving kid in your lap.

  • Lindsay
    2018-11-19 23:56

    interactive, transportation, wild animals

  • Sara
    2018-11-30 00:49

    My students enjoyed guessing who might be driving. Nice opportunities for building sentences given the repetition.