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Using historical facts and rollicking rhythm, author Jean L.S. Patrick reveals how the mountain was carved and why George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were chosen. Rich illustrations by Renée Graef make the unique history of Mount Rushmore come alive for children....

Title : Who Carved the Mountain?: The Story of Mount Rushmore
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ISBN : 9780975261743
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Who Carved the Mountain?: The Story of Mount Rushmore Reviews

  • Kayla Pollema
    2018-11-30 18:41

    This book tells the story of how the monument on Mt. Rushmore was built and why it was built. This book is written in parts that explains many different aspects of Mt. Rushmore. The main body of text people introducing themselves and how they were involved in the monument. For each character there is a panel of facts about that person or process. This was interesting because the things about the people are easy to read because if feels more like narrative text. The third section of a book goes back to the pictures of the Presidents that were in the book. Then the authors showed things in the offices that depict things about the people in the pictures and the time period they lived in. The three sections in this book give different bits of information but it is all tied into the creation of the monument on Mt. Rushmore.

  • Jen
    2018-11-29 17:29

    We purchased this book last year when we visited Mount Rushmore. It is a great story to share as you learn so many things about Mount Rushmore in reading it. You learn about Doane Robinson and how it was his idea to carve heroes on a mountain. It's interesting to read about what heroes he wanted included! You also learn about Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor who took on the project and changed the design to include the presidents on the mountain today. We also learn why each president was selected by Borglum. In addition to these more famous people, you learn about those workers who had the job of actually creating the faces by drilling and carving. Very interesting read.

  • Heather
    2018-11-16 16:32

    37 months - Picked this up in the gift shop at Mount Rushmore as O spotted it and wanted me to read it to her right there on the spot. All the copies were sealed so we took a chance and bought a copy without seeing inside, this is something I NEVER do. Turned out to be a nice choice. Great illustrations an simple explanations. We will revisit this book to remember our trip often I'm sure.

  • Laura Komos
    2018-12-12 17:11

    As a huge fan of Mt Rushmore, I found this to be a fascinating and informative read!