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Jon Simon and Samuel Parker have been seeking the same thing: a serious relationship, one that will last and grow into a lifetime of love. When they meet the attraction is obvious, but they know right away that they need to tread the road to paradise carefully if they hope to be there forever....

Title : Paradise
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Paradise Reviews

  • Emily Moore
    2019-02-02 14:45

    2.5 starsJon Simon and Samuel Parker are both tired of casual hook-ups and, despite meeting at a dance club, are looking for a something meaningful that could be long term. Their pairing begins with a chance meeting, which leads quickly to a long and quiet dinner, the first of many dates to come. Jon and Samuel knowingly take things slow, especially when it comes to their sexual relationship, cherishing the deepening of their feelings. Along the way there are a few stumbling blocks for the men which will test their relationship and their love for one another. This is a good story with a solid basis which has readers following along through the deepening of a relationship. Jon and Samuel are attracted to one another from the very beginning and quickly learn that they also have quite a bit in common. They enjoy spending time together and the sexual tension as they move slowly in their relationship is palpable. It was a bold choice to have the men abstain from having sex for a while, one that isn't necessarily totally realistic when talking about men, but is something that makes this story quite unique from a lot of other erotic stories. The men have different backgrounds and experiences but overall they find common ground to stand on. The fact that the relationship is interracial is well handled and a viewpoint is presented that isn't often addressed in stories. Attending Samuel's college reunion, both men deal with both bigotry and shock from others that attended college with Samuel. Samuel ignores the bigots and helps his friends to realize that what he sees is the man he loves, not skin color. It is clear from the beginning where the story is going but I enjoyed following the characters on their journey.Unfortunately there were a few aspects of the story that I found unrealistic when reading about two gay male characters. At one point Jon and Samuel are discussing their pairing and how neither is in any way a twink. Jon says that they are an odd pair, and describes it further for Samuel by saying, "Most gay couples, one of them's obviously the 'girl' but us... we're both alphas." Samuel's response is simply, "Bottoming doesn't make you less of a man." I don't know if the author intends to show here that Jon has a serious lack of understanding for gay relationships, but I don't think that it's ever appropriate to refer to one of two men that are in a relationship as the "girl" and it is especially unrealistic for a man who is confident in his sexuality to make such a statement. I had a hard time seeing the character of Jon thinking something like that, and it pulled me out of the story when I read it.The second issue is an extension of the first and deals with Samuel's expectations of what type of sex their relationship will be made up of. He is sensitive to the fact that Jon only bottomed once at a very young age and it didn't go well, so Samuel doesn't push him to do something before Jon is ready. They discuss whether Jon will ever be ready to go in that direction with their realtionship, and at the chance that he would never want to bottom again, Samuel replies, "'There's more to a relationship than sex and more to sex than my cock up your ass, to put it crudely. I want you in whatever way I can have you. If that means hand jobs and blow jobs, fine. At least I still have you.'" Although I agree with the sentiment that there's more to a relationship than sex, I have a hard time believing that either man would be content for their sexual relationship to not go past hand jobs and blow jobs. And what I find most interesting in that conversation is that Samuel never once offers, and in fact never intends, to be on the receiving end. For their relationship, Samuel will always be the top which is something that I think in reality is extremely rare in realtionships. Often each partner may prefer one over the other, but rarely does one person exclusively top or bottom. To me, real love involves being willing to both top and bottom, even if it's not necessarily an equal split, but to know that you want to be with your partner in every way imaginable. To deny one of those options is unrealistic and detracts from the characterization.I was able to still enjoy aspects of this story but the issues I mentioned definitely colored my overall satisfaction. As a reader, I want the characters in m/m fiction to be as realistic as possible. I can't help but wonder what this story would have become if these two aspects had been dealt with different.

  • Tam
    2019-01-27 16:35

    Jon gets roped into going to the bar with his colleagues to celebrate a big project. He hates it but almost immediately meets Samuel and they take off to go and talk. Samuel is cotent to take their relationship VERY slow and doesn't want to just jump into bed and then have it be over. They get to know each other and gradually take it all the way. While I don't have a problem with falling into bed within minutes, its nice to see another side. Not that they didn't do anything but were in no rush. Later there is some conflict when Jon goes to Samuel's college reunion (a black college) and some of his friends have trouble accepting that Samuel would be with a white guy. Samuel takes the chance to explain more about his background and how those black guys were his support and where they are coming from. A lovely story about getting to know each other and getting past one of those obstacles that some IR couples face. But no big angst or drama, just a nice story. (As I've said, "nice" is good.)

  • Beck
    2019-02-12 13:45

    This story was so cheesy I actually cringed at times ... there were also a couple of consistency issues which jumped out at me and some frankly ignorant assumptions made about gay men's relationships ... when the character started talking about which one of them would be the 'girl' I nearly stopped reading ... if you like your romance cliché and cheesy with no real substance, then this is the short for you.

  • Ana
    2019-02-15 13:21

    Still a little short but much more developed than this author's other short-stories. The romance is sweet and inspiring and took it's time to form. The couple dealt a little with racism, one being Caucasian and the other Black, but it was subtle and not much of a problem. It was a very light and fast read, very enjoyable and interesting.