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View our feature on Phaedra Weldon’s Revenant.The smart, sassy, single, and "highly original" (#1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs) Zoë Martinique is back- and she's seeking clues on the other side... Zoë Martinique's life hasn't been ordinary for quite awhile. First she developed the ability to travel outside her body at will-where she encountered someView our feature on Phaedra Weldon’s Revenant.The smart, sassy, single, and "highly original" (#1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs) Zoë Martinique is back- and she's seeking clues on the other side... Zoë Martinique's life hasn't been ordinary for quite awhile. First she developed the ability to travel outside her body at will-where she encountered some seriously weird things. Things that left her with powers that she didn't really want or need. Still, a person can get used to almost anything- even being a Wraith. Though more often than not, it plays serious havoc with her love life. But for once, Zoë is glad of her abilities. Bodies are showing up all over Atlanta, drained of blood. They're beings from another astral plane, called Revenants-and they're being stalked by her old enemy, the Phantasm. The Revenants are hardly the nicest of creatures-but to preserve the cosmic balance, Zoë will need to put everything on the line to save them......

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Revenant Reviews

  • Katy
    2019-03-25 03:54

    Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy Reading Level: Adult Disclosure: I received the final book in the series, as well as an omnibus including the short stories related to the series, from the author in exchange for an honest review. I am happy to also provide an honest review for these earlier books, which I purchased myself.Synopsis: Zoë Martinique's life hasn't been ordinary for quite awhile. First she developed the ability to travel outside her body at will – where she encountered some seriously weird things. Things that left her with powers that she didn't really want or need. Still, a person can get used to almost anything – even being a Wraith. Though more often than not, it plays serious havoc with her love life.But for once, Zoë is glad of her abilities. Bodies are showing up all over Atlanta, drained of blood. They're beings from another astral plane, called Revenants – and they're being stalked by her old enemy, the Phantasm. The Revenants are hardly the nicest of creatures – but to preserve the cosmic balance, Zoë will need to put everything on the line to save them... My Thoughts: And now I’m thinking it might have been a good idea to have read Ghoul and Native Soul first, but I only just discovered that these are technically prequels to the series, so it’s a bit late to go back now and do it. Those will have to wait until the last now. However, if you want to read the story in chronological order, you should start with Ghoul and then Native Soul before going on to Web Ginn House, which is where I started. I was not aware of this at the time, which is why I started where I did.At any rate, I was still able to follow the story well enough. Answers continue to be dribbled to us, and Zoë continues to change and grow into her strengths and powers. We also learn a bit more about Dags’ condition, and have a few shocks and surprises to deal with along the way. All-in-all, a satisfying continuation of a really enjoyable Urban Fantasy series. I’m now going to go back and read those prequels before continuing on with the interim novella and then book 5 in the series. Watch for my reviews!

  • Barbara ★
    2019-02-22 05:42

    I had a tough time getting into this one mainly because it's rather complicated and I'd forgotten all the nuances. Once I figured everything out though, the book flew. But man what a cliffhanger! I certainly didn't expect that but I guess I should have because I've learned to expect the unexpected in this series. Can't wait to read Geist and see how the gang rescues Zoe.

  • Margaret
    2019-03-17 00:48

    Zoe Martinique is getting used to the strange turn her life has taken since she discovered her ability to travel outside her body. Now beings from another astral plane are being hunted by her old enemy, the Phantasm, and it's up to her to save them and preserve the cosmic balance.**### About the AuthorPhaedra Weldon was born in Florida and attended Georgia Southern University from where she launched a career in the graphics arts field. She began writing at the age of 10, reworking the endings of her favorite television shows, especially such classic favorites as Scooby Doo. She has had short fiction published in a number of anthologies and online sites. She lives with her husband and daughter in Atlanta, Georgia. ### Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.**1**Superman makes this shit look easy. Flying, I mean. Just points his beefy hand out with a mightyfist and away he goes. Up, up, up. I do the same and crash into—*through*—and past a building. I guess this is a good thing since Idon’t actually break anything in the process. No bones or concrete. Though that last condo I blasted through had some seriouslyquestionable stuff happening in that middle unit—was that a cato’-nine-tails I saw? I tumbled out and put the brakes on, backpedalingin midair as I concentrated on the darkened world, lookingfor the telltale signs of the Fetch I’d been chasing. What’s a Fetch? Hell if I knew. The only intel I’d been given wasthat if I could catch them easily, I would graduate from grasshopperto padawan. Yes. I know. Mixing media here. It’s good practice,going after the small baddies. Gets me in shape for the big baddies,right? What I did know about Fetches was what I’d read in theDioscuri notes the Society of Ishmael had let me read. Was stillreading. Nasty little suckers. Really nothing more than a stray bit ofAbysmal essence discarded by its creator. They were a lot like Daemons,brought into existence to spy or do icky things. Some wereused as assassins. They weren’t given forms like me or you—butleft naked in a way so they could blend into their environment.This one’d been made out of office supplies—like an Office Depottransformer. And every time it’d gone through a wall, its accoutermentshad been ripped off, and then it’d pulled whatever else wasnearby to itself, giving it form again. Last time I checked—this onewas made of toilet paper—two-ply. Oh—let me explain. My name’s Zoë—and you’d think I’d gettired of reintroducing myself. But see—I never know where peoplejoin the adventure. Or tragedy. Depends on how you look at it. Martinique. Last name. I’m a twentysomething former retail salesgirl turned Wraith.Wraith. That’s what I am. All because—and let me make sure Igot this straight in my own head—I was born an Irin, the child ofan angel, and was touched by the Abysmal plane. Got that? Good, ’cause I ain’t repeating it. “Hey—lover—” came a deep voice to my left. A voice thatrightfully belonged to a detective I knew but was being used by mycompanion at the moment. I was hovering as I got my bearings, myarms crossed over my chest, and turned my head to take a look atmy enemy, my nemesis, and the reason all this shit had happenedto me. Let me introduce you to that part of the Abysmal plane I wastouched by. The Archer. TC to me and my buddies. Trench Coat. That would be the bald guy with sunglasses hovering to myleft. Not that he knew what would happen back then—or I. Butapparently we’re irrevocably linked together in all sorts of oogyways. Before he touched me, I could go out of body, or OOB asI called it. Astral projection. But then things changed—I changedwhen he marked me. I glanced at the light red hennalike tattoo ofhis handprint on my left wrist, could only imagine the streak ofwhite in my otherwise-dark Latina hair. My being was now a miasma of both planes—existing as one. Mutt. This bastard next to me had kidnapped my mother’s soul. Andthen I lost my ability to OOB because of a spell my mom did whenI was a child. Because of this, my dual soul split down the middle.And the evil half of me possessed the man I loved. Detective Daniel Frasier. Love. My . . . darker half drove him to do things against his nature.To kill. And enjoy it. The consequence of that was madness—andan undying passion to kill *me*. He tried, but killed his captain instead. Kenneth Cooper. That’s when I started seeing the skulls. Death masks. I’d seenthem before—on people—when they were about to die. Now I sawthem on everyone. I didn’t go out much anymore. Not in the daylight.I didn’t want to see them. Not anymore. A week later, I learned I no longer needed to go OOB to goWraith. And Archer was there. Waiting on me. Daniel was insane and committed to an asylum. Out of state.Away from me. That’s my life experience. Getting one’s heart ripped out andstomped on a few times. Oh yeah—and condemning one’s soul. Oh—but we haven’t confirmed that one yet. That whole condemnationthing. Seems to be one of those vague provisos in smallprint. In a language nobody speaks anymore. Except for Rhonda.And a guy named Dags. Dags. *No, no, no . . . not going there. That boy is gone. Out of thecity. Out of my life. No thoughts to him. Nope. No, sireeee.*I moved a good one hundred feet or so above the reconstructionof the Bank of America Building. I sort of blew it up a month or soago when I rejoined with my darker half. The Abysmal part of me.The media said it was a tornado. Man . . . my life’s so screwed up. Most women when they havea bad day throw clothes all over the floor. Me? I screw with construction.Can’t say it wasn’t my fault. Because it was. TC moved closer to me, dressed in a long black trench coat,drivers’ gloves, and dark glasses, hovering eye level with me. VinDiesel—with a smirk. “I lost it.” His smirk deepened. “Because you’re not *looking*.” He pointedpast me to my right. “There.” I turned my entire body, my wings working independently tokeep me afloat in the air. I saw it, an iridescent paper-covered blobmoving below us, back into the building. I dove down after it, managedto go incorporeal long enough to move *through * the building’swalls, then *through * the offices, right on its tail. *Stay with it*, TC said in my head. That was getting annoying.One of these little new things that kept cropping up since rejoiningwith my Horror self. Oh . . . might need to explain that too, huh? Maniacal laughter echoed through the halls. Uh, hold that thought. Wasn’t sure if the laughter belonged to the Fetch—or somethingelse. The little fucker blasted past me and through a door atthe end of a long hall. I willed myself forward, imagining myselfas a bullet, and sieved easily through the door. Wood. Easier.Though . . . I always felt like I needed to pick splinters out of myteeth afterward. I stopped abruptly. The thing wasn’t moving—just hovering inthe center of some schmuck’s office. A piece of toilet paper fell fromits body and drifted to the floor. In the darkness, the Fetch gloweda soft aqua green through the paper. Usually, whatever it attachesto itself forms into some sort of face—and this one was no exception.The paper looked as if it’d been moistened and molded intosome old bald guy with a look of surprise. Made me think of a sandsculpture on the beach. A beat later, I realized the face wasn’t looking at me, but up ata point above my head. It looked as if it wanted to scream, to boltout of there—but it was frozen in place. Every Wraithy hair on my back and arms shot up as I was overcomewith the freaky factor— There was something behind me. Above me. Something thisFetch was so scared of it couldn’t move. *TC—**Get out of there! * came his reply in my head—his response soloud I felt it reverberate against my skull. I turned just as something struck the side of my head, the forcesending me to the right of the Fetch and into the wall—oops—I’dforgotten to go incorporeal. But then—I was a little preoccupiedwith whatever it was that’d just knocked the shit out of me. I landed on top of the office-desk bureau, doing some seriousdamage to the wood, then bounced forward onto the wheeledchair, which popped out from under me. I settled on the floor witha cracking thud. *Ow*. Laughter filled the awkward silence after my ten-scoring nosedive,closely followed by the scream of the Fetch. How did I knowit was the Fetch screaming? I’d popped off a few of them. There isnothing more disarming than their cry of pain. Imagine taking amillion nails and pulling them down a chalkboard. Your hair standing on end now? That’s what I heard as I moaned and righted myself, feelingmy wings pull in and vanish. I could tell from the dark charcoalcolor of my taloned hands I was still Wraith—sans flight apparatus.Twisting my neck to the left and right, I started to push myself upfrom behind the desk. “Stay down!” TC yelled, and the mental force of his warningyanked me back into a crouch. I sensed that the Archer was in the same room—and peered upover the side of the desk as I heard the sound of scuffling. For me,seeing at night was the same as seeing in the day—only with theadded shadows and wispiness. I could see TC wrestling in midairwith— My eyes bugged out. *What the hell is * that? From what I could see, he was doing an alligator death roll inmidair with—*red hair*? Standing up to my full height—which is nothing to sneeze at—Imoved closer, waiting for the opportunity to wail on the big redhair ball. Seriously—it looked like the comic character Dawn’s redhair had walked off her head and was attacking Vin Diesel, wrappingitself around his neck, his body, his arms and hands. But he wasn’t exactly losing though. He was yelling at the topof his lungs, yanking the hair out by its roots. Of course when helet go of it as if to throw it away, it just got right back up andrewrapped around him. “Zo I blinked. “What?” “Kill it!” “How?” “Yell at it!” Well now, how in the hell was I supposed to do that and not hithim? Boy . . . that was a reversal of roles. I could remember that nightmonths ago—with Daniel’s broken body at the base of that building—taking aim at this asswipe and screaming him into oblivion. And now I was *afraid * of just nicking him. “Zoë!” he bellowed. “Stop fuck’n around!” *Asshole*. I held out my arms, took in a deep breath— Abruptly TC was tumbling in midair toward me. I squeakedand went incorporeal just before he sailed through me and into thewall behind me, physically smashing into the bureau I’d alreadymangled. I winced as I re-formed and looked around for the thinghe’d been fighting. But—it wasn’t there. Besides the creak of wood and TC’s muttering,there wasn’t a sound. The shadows that usually moved likeliquid mercury along the periphery of my vision crept out fromtheir hiding places. A sure sign that whatever that was— It was gone. I moved to the pile of gooey, gloppy toilet paper and pointed.“Ew.” TC righted himself, his shades gone from his face. He lookedlike he wanted to wrap a tree around someone. As he stompedcloser, still muttering, I pointed to the floor. “Uh . . . Fetches don’tusually do that when you kill them.” He was looking back at the pile of cheap pressboard and bentover to retrieve his glasses. Finding them, he plucked them from apile and turned to me, wiping them on the edge of his black silkshirt. “I’ve told you already—you can’t kill anything Abysmal orEthereal, you just sort of pop it out of the form it—” TC stopped when he stood next to me and looked down at thepile. His eyebrows arched, and he hooked his shades on the backcollar of his coat. In silence, he knelt beside what was once theFetch and rubbed at his chin. I knelt beside him, looking at him,then looking at the pile, then looking at him. “Well?” He continued rubbing his chin. “Well—” He looked at me.“This is bad.” “Bad as in ‘wow, whatever that is kicked this shit’s ass,’ or badas in ‘uh-oh, we’re all gonna die’?” He pursed his lips and gestured with the index finger of his lefthand. “The last one.” That wasn’t what I’d expected. “Wha’?” TC looked up at the air, his expression serious. Now, let mereally drill home how odd that was to see a serious expressionon the Symbiont’s face. Normally, TC’s expression rests betweenmildly annoyed to annoyingly smarmy. Angry—he does angry well.And pissed off. Smirking too. The king of smirking. Though Dags had a nice smirk. *Phhhtt . . * . Watching this lack of anything definable on his face made thosehairs on the back of my neck rise. “TC . . .” “I—” He was shaking his head as he looked at me. “I don’tknow what that was.” He shrugged, the leather shushing. “I’venever felt or seen anything like it. The closest in smell is . . .” And helooked at the pile. “I don’t know. It’s like it had the darkness of thePhantasm’s soul, but it had the strength of an Ethereal.” I searched his face. “Like a Horror?” “No . . . not a Horror. This was something . . .” TC sighed. “Ineed to find out what it was. Because this . . .” He nodded to the pilein front of us next to my killer bunny slippers. “This ain’t right.” “Did it kill it?” “Yeah. It did kinda kill this Fetch. It mutated it. It’s all but dead.It won’t ever corporeally form again. I’m not even sure there’s muchof a sense of being left in it.” He raised his left hand, and a red lightsparkled from his palm. Within seconds, the thing pulled and twistedinto that light until the only thing left was damp toilet paper. And bythe time TC lowered his hand, even the paper was dry. “Won’t that give you like . . . indigestion?” I asked. He shook his head and stood. I stood beside. And no matterhow big being a Wraith made me feel, he always managed to makeme feel small. “I don’t think it will. I’ll give it back to the Styx whenI leave.” At that moment, my watch went off. I cussed and lifted myleft wrist, looking at my Harry Potter watch—the only watch ofits kind that could move with me through the planes and still keepon ticking. My best friend and magical MacGyver, Rhonda Orly,had fashioned it for me. In the beginning of my Wraithdom, I’dused it to warn me when I’d been out of my body long enough so Iwouldn’t experience the lethargy and illness that always seemed toaccompany staying out after curfew. “When’re you gonna tell ’em?” TC said as he moved to theoffice window. The moon was waxing, close to full, its glow makingan ethereal halo behind him, casting his face in slight shadow.He looked . . . impressive. I pushed the alarm button. “Soon.” “You said that last week.” “So this is this week.” He shook his head. “You sure they have no idea you’re sneakingout at night moonlighting with me?” I shook my head. “No.” “And you’re sure they don’t know you can go Wraith—withoutslipping your mortal coil?” “No.” Which was the truth. I really didn’t know. But I doubted it.He reached behind him and retrieved his shades. Sliding themon, he turned his face to me. “I wouldn’t be so sure, lover.” Hesmiled, but I could tell he was thinking about that hairy thing he’djust fought. “So sure about what? Mom’s and Rhonda’s reactions?” I madea noise. “Oh, I’m sure they’d be pissed and try to exorcise me.” “No.” He shook his head. I couldn’t see through those shades.“Don’t get comfortable, Wraith. Palling around with me isn’t safe.You’re still a threat to the Phantasm, which makes you a threat tome. You shouldn’t trust anyone—especially me.” He gestured to thewindow, and the glass shattered outward—freezing in midair justoutside. He didn’t have to do that to leave—he just wanted to makean impression. “And you won’t find the answers to your future onthat old society’s books.” “Will you tell me what you find out—about what that was?” He looked back at me and faded away. The glass fell straightdown to the asphalt below. *Don’t trust me, Wraith. Don’t trust anyone.*

  • Barbara Sykeshaha
    2019-03-11 00:35

    Wow what a great book Read these books in order. Very important to really understand the characters and the storyline. I have loved these characters in all of Phaedra 's writings. You simply must read Ms. WELDON'S books if you love action, strong characters, twist, turns, humor, & little bit of romance.

  • Stephanie L Jones
    2019-03-05 05:43

    Avid readerLove this story. Can't stop reading the series. Hope she keeps writing. The action has picked up and I want more on all the characters.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-03-06 07:29

    Favorite Quote: "Fine-I warned you. Don't. Trust. Anyone."Zoe Martinique has had a busy year. First she learns to travel outside her body; encountering some strange and unusual things. Then her encounter in the Abysmal left her with some new and incredible powers. So just as things begin to settle down and Zoe starts to learn her new powers, Atlanta Revenants are popping up dead and drained of blood. Zoe will need to learn her role as a wraith sooner then she thought because she will need everything and everyone to keep the balance in the world.Zoe, with the help of her enemy(?) Archer, is learning to adapt to being a wraith. She is keeping her new powers and teacher a secret from her family and friends. As Archer always tells her,"Trust. No. One." But that is easier said then done. Zoe soon learns that Revenants (First Borns who became vampires by hosting w/humans) are being hunted and slain for ritual purposes. When Zoe digs a little deeper she learns that the Book of Grimore may contain an incantation that not only can kill the Revenants but also the Phantasm. The same Grimore that may have been melded to Dags soul.As all this is happening, Zoe is still trying to come to terms with her love for Danial and Dags. Also the fact that her BFF Rhonda also loves Dags, but is dating someone else.Read the rest of my review at Smexybooks

  • Kitty Muse Book Reviews
    2019-03-21 06:31

    Zoe Martinique is…unique. She is a Wraith, with a side of Horror. Her friends include witches, vampires (oops, excuse me—Revenants), Symbionts, humans, and who knows what. Well, what can one expect when one’s father is an angel?Zoe has had some unbelievable adventures (see Phantasm and Spectre, the accounts before this one), but this one might just break even her endurance.Someone on one of the alternate planes of reality is trying to destroy the First Borns, or Revenants, as they are better known. Finding out the culprit is one thing; surviving that knowledge is quite another.It’s going to take a lot of cooperation between all of these creatures—something that is in short supply.I have to say right off the bat that I love Zoe. Her snarky, badass attitude strikes a chord in me. How else can someone survive all that she has gone through?The take on Revenants/vampires—a really unique idea, right down to how they feed and survive. It really needs to be read to be understood.I did not read the first two books before this one, but that made very little difference. Like the scent of (insert your favorite smell here) on the wind, the author inserts memories and flashbacks in a very tempting way. I know for sure that I will be reading the others as soon as possible!Great story!

  • Jeanine
    2019-03-15 01:52

    I can't recommend this book unless you like lazy writing which uses devices such as: "She looked in the mirror and saw..." Sure, the author winked at the reader when she did this, but still. Lame. The narrative is in a style that appeals to the Facebook addicted: littered with pop culture references, heavy use of slang, bad grammar -- I could go on and on. Mix in a bit of the fantastic - witches, ghouls, seraphim - and you've got a sure fire hit for the Twilight loving crowd who doesn't know what good writing sounds like. Because I'm compelled to say something nice, here it is: Revenant is a fast read, and would be good for times when you want to be a lazy reader and not think too much: poolside, plane ride, beach. And for other such places where it is likely you will forget and leave the book behind. You won't miss it much.

  • Darcy
    2019-03-13 00:40

    I had a hard time with this book. Usually when I read this author I can devour the book in one sitting, but this time around I had a hard time reading more than 50-100 pages in a sitting. The reasoning I think is because there was so much of this story that was just talking, talking about what had happened, talking about what will happen, and talking about a new species that they all were introduced to. All that talking made for a boring read, even with the action that happened.With the new species that was introduced, there was a whole cast of characters which made it hard to follow along. There were significant things that happened in this book, some game changing moments, with the ending leaving you with your mouth hanging open. I am hoping the next book will get back to the normal fun book.

  • Amy
    2019-03-10 07:40

    I'm finally feeling comfortable with this series. Weldon has a lot of sub stories that seem only available as eBooks that I'm sure make the story more complete (lots of references in the novels). I do like how over these first four books we start to understand more as Zoe does, and by this fourth book she's finally sounding as intelligent as some of the other characters.I'd like to read the novellas that accompany the series (wish I would have known about them in the beginning!), but I'm not sure it's worth going back (especially if I have to pay for an eBook vs. going to the library).

  • Christina
    2019-03-05 04:36

    It drives me crazy how no one in her little group deems it necessary to give Zoe information that could affect her. TC is very dynamic, and in this book you start to grow a bit more fond of him, especially since a large chunk of his past is revealed. I'm torn between Dags and Joe since I like them both for different reasons. And her dad is an asshole, and I hope he gets whats coming to him. Do you think he holds the position of Seraphim in the Ethereal?

  • Crystal
    2019-02-23 05:48

    I think it was the best of the series so far-although I wouldn't recommend starting with this book. The author does a great job of summarizing past events without the infamous info dump but a lot has happened in this series and I think you'll still get lost.I will say that it has the mother of all cliffhangers at the end. No firm release date for the next in the series which the author is tentatively titling Nephilim but I believe she stated in a blog post that it will be out summer 2011.

  • Liberty Abbott-Sylvester
    2019-03-08 00:41

    Okay, I had a hard time getting into this book at first but after the first 100 pages or so I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed learning about the new species and OMG! the ending! I can't wait to read the next book!

  • Gypsie Holley
    2019-02-28 04:55

    I believe this is the best one so far! This also left a hell of a cliff-hanger! Where is the next one? How fast are you writing Phaedra? I musts have this soon. (yes, I did put the extra "s" there) I can't wait!

  • Cindi (cheesygiraffe)
    2019-03-04 23:53

    I enjoy the characters but sometimes I don't understand what's going on right away. I have to reread a scene to get it. I started getting the picture toward the end. Ugh! The ending sucked for Zoe. I hope the guys can help her.

  • Shandra
    2019-03-09 07:30

    I neglected this on my shelf for too long, but once I started it, I could hardly put it down. It is getting to be quite complicated, plot-wise, and it took me awhile to remember what I had read in the previous books. Definitely don't start here, but this series is getting very engrossing!

  • Aleshea Fouts
    2019-03-04 07:43

    This book was great in tell the end. I will never read another book by Phaedra Weldon this is the last book for years and you leave it like that well I'm not waiting around again just to be disappointed again.

  • Selena McDevitt
    2019-03-08 07:49

    The only reason that this isn't getting 5 stars is because of all of the slang. Otherwise this book is wonderfully written, paced, and researched. The cliffhanger is killing me, though! I can't wait until the next one comes out!!

  • C.E.
    2019-03-14 03:41

    Yawn, snore, whatever. Not as lively as the Succubus series by Richelle Mead, and unable to stand alone.

  • Christine Hayes
    2019-02-24 04:45

    I enjoyed Revenant much more than Phantasm. The ending was amazing ,can't waint to get the next book.

  • Maryanne
    2019-03-20 07:47

    I have just finished this book now I want the next one Love these characters epecially poor Zoe she makes me laugh with all her asides in her head and sometimes blurted out

  • Rachael
    2019-03-12 02:44

    FINALLY! Improvement :) Can't wait to read the next one. Hopefully the next one wont be a disappointment.

  • Heather Anne
    2019-03-18 06:49

    Sadly forgettable. But I felt obliged to finish it. Some action and adventure.Perhaps I would have liked it more if I had kept better track of what had come before in the series.

  • Topher
    2019-02-24 02:39

    Glad to learn a little bit more about the, errr, ecology, as it were, of things supernatural in Atlanta. Curious to see where the series goes from here.