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Byron made a promise to his old friend, to take care of the Inherent's daughter. The child has grown up to be an amazing woman. Byron never expected her to take on the duties of helping to run his territory, and he certainly never expected to ache with desire for her. The most amazing thing of all happens when, feeling guilty, he tries to send her away. That night, Byron fByron made a promise to his old friend, to take care of the Inherent's daughter. The child has grown up to be an amazing woman. Byron never expected her to take on the duties of helping to run his territory, and he certainly never expected to ache with desire for her. The most amazing thing of all happens when, feeling guilty, he tries to send her away. That night, Byron finds Kit in his bed....

Title : Byron and Kit
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ISBN : 9781452410258
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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Byron and Kit Reviews

  • Tilly Slaton
    2019-01-02 08:50

    How very disappointing. Total bummer.One of the things I love about paranormal erotica is that I am rarely often disappointed. Even if the book is a complete flop, the sexual content keeps me from dying from boredom.Byron is just another lonely 100-century-old vampire who spends his night hunting child rapists and abusers. Kit is a werewolf and daughter of his best friend who promised to watch over here and see to her happiness. How about that for a dying request?He struggles against his attraction of her. She struggles and rages as she watches him bed woman after woman. Flaunting threesomes, requesting her presence knowing she'd witness him screwing some woman in one orifice as another man takes whatever other hole he chooses.I really don't have a whole hell of a lot to say about this book. It began as thrilling and interesting. I was intrigued. This story is short and...boring :(I am glad that I finished it before the day is up and am now moving on to Jonathan and Lori's story.I recommend this book to mature adults only ... and only those reading this series. Otherwise, what's the point? Strong yet brief and unimaginative sexual content with some mild to moderate violence.~happy reading

  • Paris(kerbytejas)
    2019-01-24 05:55

    short story - so much room for expanding the story. i would call this a rough cut (even though it is the final publised story)

  • Sandy S
    2019-01-22 06:44

    HUNTERS: Byron and Kit is another re-issue from author Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series of novels. Byron is a master vampire introduced previously in Eli and Sarel’s storyline. Shiloh is hoping to re-issue her entire Hunter series in ebook format in 2012.Byron was entrusted with the life of the young ‘were’ female-Kit. When her father was discovered dying from a combination of poison and silver-tipped bullets, Byron was told that Kit “will want what she wants”. Ignoring the ramblings of his dying friend, Byron pledged to raise the young female wolf-pup as his own and give her everything she wants and needs. Little did he realize that when Kit grew-up, she would want Byron as her mate.Kit was raised and educated by the best. But there was only one thing missing in her life- her soul mate. Although Kit knew that Byron was her soul-mate, she couldn’t forget the sounds of the numerous sexual encounters and trios that Byron did partake of. But a note, supposedly sent by Byron, to come to the office, would reveal more to Kit and Byron than either had anticipated or known. Set up to ‘see’ Byron with one of his human female companions, Kit would suffer rejection when Byron wasn’t able to recognize that Kit was his mate.HUNTERS: Byron and Kit is the 3rd storyline in Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series. The early books are erotic, paranormal fantasy stories with explicit sexual encounters. The Hunter series involves vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural beings. And in most cases, the previous characters will continue to surface throughout the many different storylines. If you have never had the chance to read Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series, now is the chance with the ebook release of the series.

  • Tania
    2019-01-04 03:48

    "The Hunters: Byron and Kit" by Shiloh Walker. Book 3 in The Hunters series.This novella length book was even shorter than the first two books in the series. It was short, fast and to the point...and still managed to have more sex in it than I thought possible.Byron is a vampire. While his best friend (a werewolf) lay dying in his arms he promised to take care of his daughter Katrine. Now Kit has grown into a beautiful woman and Byron is trying his best to do the honourable thing...stay away from her. But it's kind of hard when she's his second in command in his enclave.Kit has loved Byron since she was a little girl. She knows he is her soul mate and she's told him so numerous times but he just won't accept it. Now Byron is sending her away and she's has one last chance to convince him they are meant to be together.Unrequited love vs. honorable vampire. I actually think I liked this one better than the first two books! And this one was way shorter! I guess that's the romantic in me, I like a good story about two people pining for each other finally getting together. Overall, I really liked it.

  • Aimee
    2019-01-23 06:56

    I tried to give this series a chance, reading books one, two and part of three, but it is entirely too juvenile. Being a huge fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I had hoped that I had come across a similar series in which each book would be the love story between two individuals but no. There is little to no character development and the "intimate" scenes read like a teenage boy fantasizing during puberty. I recognize not all of us enjoy the same predilections but come on every single encounter either starts or ends with anal? I also wonder, what virgin woman is gung-ho on threesomes right out of the gate? This series, at least the first three books, are simply porn on paper - and this is from someone coming off of the 50 Shades trilogy.

  • L Bongiorno
    2019-01-13 10:35

    They just got together and develope their bond and he goes on to say next time we'll have a three way?? They made it sound like sharing wasn't normal with a mate except for our first couple who accidently established a three way bond and they still kept it distant. Disappointing!

  • Holly
    2019-01-24 07:42

    This is a short story. It didn't advance the overall story arc of the series much, but I enjoyed the romance of it. Byron acted like an idiot at times, but Kit made him own it. A sweet, sexy short read.

  • Anna
    2019-01-06 09:43

    This one was just ok.

  • Greeneyes Belle28
    2019-01-12 05:58

    Very, very, very good....!!!!!

  • sharon e hochstetler
    2018-12-26 03:51

    Very goodGood for Kit to stand up to Byron. He needed a slap upside the head and Kit figuratively knocked it off. I was hoping for more of Malachi though.

  • E_bookpushers
    2018-12-30 09:55

    So love this world. Those poor guys always resisting more then they should in their attempts to be noble.

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-01-22 03:44

    Wish it was longer but, still very hot!!!!

  • iDreem2
    2019-01-20 02:46

    4.0 overall starsCouple 4.0Sex 4.0Plot 3.0Series 4.0

  • Moka
    2019-01-06 04:39

    Great! I love the mixture fantasy, fate: the one, love and sex.

  • Nawnee
    2019-01-20 04:00

    This was a great short story based in the hunters world. There wasn't a lot of characters from the other books in this book it was really just about Byron and Kit and there happily ever after.