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The brutal slayings of a string of her patients in New York and a horrific attempt on her own life leave Hailey Dean down, but not defeated. After a yearlong respite back home in the Southland, former violent crimes prosecutor Hailey Dean finally returns to her apartment in the sky overlooking Manhattan. Hailey's determined to rebuild a normal life and settle back into herThe brutal slayings of a string of her patients in New York and a horrific attempt on her own life leave Hailey Dean down, but not defeated. After a yearlong respite back home in the Southland, former violent crimes prosecutor Hailey Dean finally returns to her apartment in the sky overlooking Manhattan. Hailey's determined to rebuild a normal life and settle back into her growing practice as a therapist. But in a twist of fate, Hailey agrees to follow her heart and fight crime once again, this time in a new arena, in front of a camera! Under the hot lights of a TV studio, Hailey learns the TV industry's not so glamorous. In fact, it's downright deadly! Waning celebrities, all stunning actresses, each one a shining star turned has-been now struggling to get off the D-List and back into the limelight, meet with a bloody stage exit . . . murder! Hailey's archenemy, Lieutenant Ethan Kolker, the NYPD cop who hunted Hailey down for the murders of her own patients, now wants the past forgotten and reaches out for Hailey's help to solve the murders. In a race against the clock, Hailey has no idea that TV can be murder! In best-selling author, attorney, and TV personality Nancy Grace's second Hailey Dean thriller, life on television is no less dangerous than life in the courtroom!...

Title : Death on the D-List
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ISBN : 9781401323134
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 288 Pages
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Death on the D-List Reviews

  • Britney
    2019-05-02 16:54

    This is book 2 in the Hailey Dean series. D-list celebrities are getting killed and Hailey is asked on the show to talk about the the criminal system works since she used to be prosecutor. This was a more complete story than the last one. All the chapters seemed to fit within the story unlike before. The more I read about Hailey's character the more I like her. She tells it like it is but in a nice why.Detective Kolker came alive in this book. He is a good addition to the story line. It would be nice to see him and Hailey get together if there is more to the series.

  • Danielle Gonzalez
    2019-05-04 20:58

    Another great thriller from Nancy Grace. This is the second novel with Hailey Dean as the main character. Hailey returns to New York to resume her psychology practice, but is invited to appear on a news talk show. Her first show puts her at odds with the antagonistic host of the show. Because of ratings she is asked to return to additional shows to provide her knowledge and expertise relating to criminal law, all the while sparring with the show's host. Meanwhile, she works with detectives to solve another string of murders. Detective Kolker returns in this story, and it is interesting to see his interactions with Ms. Dean. Hailey is a very likable character, as a smart woman not afraid to stand up for herself or what is right. (Kind of reminds me of the author). This is a well written story that leaves you wanting to read more. While the murders are solved (and the killer is a surprise) there are some loose ends which make me hope there will be a third Hailey Dean mystery.

  • Althea
    2019-04-26 23:50

    I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the third one in the series. I find that this entire series, especially this book, was written well and keeps you guessing. The characters are explained perfectly and each one is written into the story very well. Every piece of the story seemed to flow well, unlike, the first one in this series where there were two stories going on once. I loved that you saw a return of many of the characters from the first one. This was a really good mystery.

  • Darth J
    2019-04-29 19:14

    I thought this was much faster than the other novel, though a little more predictable. It was really fun to read and you can tell that the author is setting the audience up for a third one - which I can't wait for!

  • Debra
    2019-04-22 23:54

    Too many story lines. Way too much detail. Really glad I didn't buy this book! Love my Library!

  • Lchamp
    2019-05-16 20:08

    I guess I would say that this novel is marginally better than the first in the series, but not worth another star. I may read the next in the series...or maybe not...I'm not sure.

  • Gail Cooke
    2019-05-07 22:01

    It is so satisfying to read books by authors who really know their subjects, and Nancy Grace tops that list. She was a prosecutor of perpetrators of violent crime in inner city Atlanta for over ten years. And, while doing so she racked up a perfect record – almost 100 prosecutions and no trial losses. She later became a part of Court TV. Today she's eagerly watched on theHLN show Nancy Grace and the syndicated program Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. On top of all that she pens first-rate thrillers such as Objection!, The Eleventh Victim (the first Hailey Dean mystery) and now DEATH ON THE D-LIST. With stories based on her life experiences each novel compels with reality and crackles with excitement from page 1 to the closing paragraph. DEATH ON THE D-LIST begins with Hailey's return to NYC and a feeling that it is as if she had never left – feels the same as before, “Before two of her favorite clients were murdered at the hands of a man who was once her courtroom adversary, a man who not only passed as an upstanding and highly successful member of the Georgia State Bar, but before that, as an Atlanta beat cop....” With those thoughts in mind Hailey is looking forward to building a quiet, normal life – as quiet as it can be for a therapist. Nonetheless, before long the urge to fight crime takes over and she agrees to do it not on dark streets but in front of a television camera. However, TV appearances turn deadly when former stars trying to get off the dreaded D-List and back in the limelight are murdered. It's up to NYPD cop EthanKolker to solve these murders, and he wants Hailey's help. Forget the fact that Kolker once hunted Hailey for killing her own patients. He's been trying to make amends with flowers, chocolates – all of which she returned. But nothing gets Hailey's attention like unsolved murders. With DEATH ON THE D-LIST Nancy Grace has crafted a carefully plotted thriller that captures until the final page. - Gail Cooke

  • Cynthia Repsher
    2019-05-19 18:55

    I like Hailey Dean. She is very smart in the courtroom and this aids in her discovery for the truth when she helps track down a killer.

  • Jan
    2019-05-15 20:18

    Hailey Dean, a former prosecutor returns to Manhattan after a terrible attack on her life. Her fiance was killed, and her heart is still broken. She had been unjustly accused of his murder by a NYPD Police Officer, and he had made her life hell. On finding her innocent, he had tried to make it right, but Hailey Dean was having none of it. Starting a new life, she finds herself in the middle of another murder mystery. Movie Stars on the D List are being murdered, and she is asked to join a T.V. show to answer questions on crime, she is also a Therapist. She is blindsided by the interviewer, and instead of backing down, she fights back, and becomes an overnight success on the Show. Asked back again and again. However, the TV Industry is not all it is cracked up to be, and there are deadly twists and turns, as new stars are killed, each of them having had a "last interview" on the T.V. Station. In the background is a young man who believes all these lovely ladies are his girlfriends, all in his mind, he wonders, has he killed them? Great story, good ending, enjoyable read.

  • Erin George
    2019-05-17 16:07

    Bombshell tonight. I knew the murderer on page 100. I love Nancy Grace. I watch her all the time. I bought the book because I expected more than I got with Death on the D List. I feel like Nancy didn't give her readers enough credit. She tries to get us stuck on two suspects as possible killers but goes overboard with hints that lead any half-brained reader right to the real murderer. The only mystery in this for me was how long it would take for her to reveal that I was right.I did like the charactor development in the book and felt it was an easy read. Definitely entertaining but not something to take seriously. More like a lazy reader by the pool...

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-21 20:03

    Interesting story line, it moved along at a very good pace. Hopefully some of the characters will be in other books, other than the main character, because otherwise I don't understand why she would put them in their if not to continue their storyline. I assume this character is based on Nancy herself, just from the small amount of information I know of her this character seems to be based on her life. Will probably try a few more books by Nancy Grace to see if I continue to find them interesting.

  • Jess Kittelson
    2019-05-04 00:02

    Another great book by Nancy Grace! She writes her books using fiction and nonfiction. Some of her main charaters life is part of Nancys real life. This book is again written from many points of views. Unlike the first book all points of view make sense and you understand it's all the same story. The first book seemed like 3 seperate stories that never tied together till the end. The way this book ended I am sure that Nancy will be coming out with a 3rd story. Nancy deffinitly has bite both in her real life and her book life.

  • Moni
    2019-05-10 17:00

    It was okay. Took a turn I didn't expect but took a long time to get there. Hailey Dean returns to New York and ends up as a guest on a talk show. She is on to help with the legal analysis of the stories featured on the show. It goes through several different suspects only to end up being the producer of the show who ends up being the murderer. She did it for the ratings... Seems there may be another book coming in this series....

  • leslye
    2019-05-13 22:02

    This was an effective crime drama. Nancy Grace clearly knows what goes on between prosecutors, defense, police, perps, victims and their families. The crimes were compelling and the character of Hailey Dean was believable (based on Nancy Grace, I'm sure). The subplots slowed the book down, but Ms. Grace is better at building suspense than I thought she'd be. It won't be long before the book is turned into a movie on Lifetime.

  • Karen
    2019-05-05 22:12

    I've just started this, but I am pretty sure it spoils the previous book in this series by telling what happens, over and over and over again.Oh well, one less book to read from the to be read pile...Death on the D-List had a clever plot, nicely revealed, and Hailey was well written.Most of the other characters were a bit over the top and lacked believability.I borrowed this copy from the Friends of the Library. Perhaps the next reader will enjoy it more than I did.

  • Maureen
    2019-05-14 20:06

    This is my second "Hailey Dean" series by Nancy Grace. Though I enjoy the books I feel she adds information to fill pages. Such as, we ate lemon meringue pie and how grandma or someone made it, or what type of food and drinks they were having. Too much information unnecessary to the relevancy of the book. If her writing could focus purely on the case at hand and not fill it with trite information I would be giving 5 stars. I just get annoyed with all the fill in writings.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-04-22 23:00

    This is the 2nd in a series by Nancy Grace, entitled "Death on the D-List." The novel is exactly about what the title says.Ms. Grace gives us many suspects to wonder about. I only truly locked in on the culprit at the ending. The story was a quick read due to the well structured formula of the writing. It is amusing, sad, pathetic, and intriguing. I was very pleased.

  • Paula Hebert
    2019-05-11 17:11

    I just recently discovered nancy grace as a author, and I must say I really enjoy her writing. with an ex- protagonist with a similar background to her own, she serves up a good mystery that keeps you guessing. the story moves along at a rapid pace, I enjoyed the dialogue, and especially enjoyed her blatent disgust of most of the media talk shows and their race for ratings.

  • Kristine Victoria
    2019-05-11 18:00

    Although Nancy Grace has great books out there, this one took a little longer to read. It for some reason just keep my attention as I wish it did. It is a "TO READ" book, but it is not on the top of my priority reading. Sorry. I really hope someone else rates it higher then I did. It is one to keep in my collecting as I love the author.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-01 21:54

    The plot was good, but there were a lot of characters to keep track of. Also, two were introduced that had no follow-through. I like a book to end, not imply that you have to be the next book to get the rest of the story. If the TV world is as cut-throat as this book made it, I don't know why anyone would want a career in that field.

  • Jeannie Niles
    2019-05-16 17:06

    I was prepared not to like this book because I figured a well known person like Nancy Grace was just trying to capitalize on her popularity to sell books. The first three chapters were disappointing, but after that the big was very very good.The ending was spectacular....equal to any ending by Kellerman, Turow, etc.

  • Darlene
    2019-04-24 17:58

    Death on the D list was an alright book. I thought that it was gonna be more real life than fiction. It was a fast read book- however, this book in the whole was missing something for me. It is a great book. I would say you should read it and see if you like it. As everyone is different.I give this book a 4 star rating- this is the first book I have read of Nancy Grace.

  • Donna
    2019-05-04 17:57

    As a big Nancy Grace fan, I couldn't wait to read this book. It did not disappoint. With Nancy being a former prosecutor, I felt throughout as though I were reading about an actual court case featured on her hit show. The book was great and well-written. I hope Nancy will be writing more books in this series.

  • Alisha Thomson
    2019-05-12 17:53

    InterestingI like I thriller where I can't figure outside the ending before the story over but some these characters where pointless and the killers motivate was dumb differently not as good as the first book

  • Joann
    2019-04-30 20:08

    Nancy is a very good writer. Much of Hailey's dialogue sounds so much like Nancy's on-set delivery. This one had me down until the end. I didn't figure out who the killer was. Keep creating Hailey Dean mysteries, Nancy.

  • Merelyn
    2019-05-08 19:12

    This book had a good story outline, but the writing was not too great. A very easy read while on a trip or waiting for appointments? Several d-list Hollywood types get murdered, & MS. Haily Dean goes on the hunt!

  • Christie
    2019-04-26 21:00

    While I loved how the main character had to hunt down the killer, I wasn't happy that the story line from the first novel. On page 88,Cruise says that he has unfinished business in New York. But, he is never mentioned again. Very odd. Other than that, I really enjoyed the novel.

  • Sherrill Watson
    2019-05-17 21:00

    All the people in this story, with the possible exception of Hailey Dean, are strange Hollywood types, and I do mean odd, perverted and, well, strange. Not all working people in the movie business are like this! I read this book and was sorry I did. Aren't there any NORMAL people out there?

  • Joyce
    2019-04-27 19:19

    It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good either. Fortunately it was also not as strident as I find the author to be on her many TV shows (no I am not a fan). The book was formulaic, but I am also certain that her prose will improve with future efforts and I may attempt to read her again.

  • ReBecca
    2019-05-22 16:53

    I really didn't care for this book. I felt it jumped all over the place. Though it was a quick read, I didn't want to pick it up. It took me longer than it should to read because it didn't bring any interest to me.