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Sometimes miracles do happen.When Maggie left her husband Ross that fateful Christmas Eve, their marriage was over.  But a near fatal accident on an ice-slick road changed everything.Now another Christmas approaches.  While Maggie hasn't regained all her memory, she's ready to test her strength at home--with Ross as her only companion.  Sharing a house with him once more,Sometimes miracles do happen.When Maggie left her husband Ross that fateful Christmas Eve, their marriage was over.  But a near fatal accident on an ice-slick road changed everything.Now another Christmas approaches.  While Maggie hasn't regained all her memory, she's ready to test her strength at home--with Ross as her only companion.  Sharing a house with him once more, putting on the best face for their neighbors, Maggie knows she's living a lie.Then she glimpses Ross as he used to be: playful and passionate, the man of her dreams before ambition changed him.  She couldn't know he's feeling the same regrets, the same heartache...or that he fears the return of her memory.  What will happen when she remembers the reason she fled from him last year?It will take a miracle to send the walls of anger and secrecy tumbling down and reunite the divided couple.  But in the small town of Bethlehem, miracles do happen.......

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Some Enchanted Season Reviews

  • Tia
    2019-06-01 15:06

    I'm sorry but this novel was bullshit. A lot of comments say it was good but bottom line the author wrote a novel about a cheater and in order to make it all right, they sent an angel down from heaven to say it was okay that her husband shoved his cock in another woman. Regardless that their marriage wasn't much of a marriage, it was wrong, she shouldn't of taken him back. Fuck you angel, fuck you. Pah!

  • Tina
    2019-05-28 14:22

    As I began reading this book, my first thought was 'Man, this really sucks.' Not the book but the situation. Maggie and Ross have been married for 16 years but they've drifted apart. Ross is a workaholic whose drive and ambition to show everyone who had written him off as someone who wouldn't amount to anything resulted in a need to amass wealth, power and status. So much so that his marriage becomes collateral damage.Maggie subsumed herself in Ross, working so hard to help him realize his dreams that she lost a lot of herself. In the process she realizes that her marriage is nothing but an empty shell.The two were...not exactly content... but apathetic enough about the state of their marriage to let matters continue on or at least limp to a somewhat inevitable divorce. Until Maggie discovers that Ross had an affair. While she could forgive the long hours, and overlook the lack of attention and the lost companionship, she could not forgive this. So she walks out on him during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve where she gets into a car accident and almost dies.The story moves forward a year where Maggie is just being released from a long hospital stay after having been in a coma and undergoing a long and painful rehab process. She has also lost her memory of the months preceding the accident. So while she remembers well and vividly the horrible state of her marriage she has no memory of the proverbial straw that led to her accident.Ross is eaten alive with guilt and remorse. While he and Maggie still intend to divorce, he refuses to do so until he is satisfied that she can live and function comfortably on her own. During the months they are together the two are forced to confront the state of their marriage. Slowly they begin to reconnect and find what made them love each other in the first place. While Maggie begins to blossom under her husbands renewed attention, Ross is waiting for her memory to return and the other shoe to drop....As i was reading this book I vacillated wildly. First I have to say that the author really pulled all the emotional strings here. Maggie's struggle and Ross' guilt and the warmth of the town and the people just melded together to create a very affecting read. But I did waffle. Sometimes I just wanted to give both Maggie and Ross and hug. other times I wanted to kick Ross in his ever lovin' ass. What a jerk he was at times! The other thing I waffled about was, honestly, I didn't know if I wanted them to get back together. I know this is a romance novel but really, the pain and fissures in their marriage seemed so deep and so indelible that I didn't think they could be repaired.And actually, at the end, I don't know if I feel confident that they were repaired --- forever and ever amen. Yes, Ross and actually did redeem himself somewhat and did finally change some of the behaviors that led to the downfall of the marriage in the first place, but they seemed to happen kind of all at once. If I have a real criticism of the book, it would be that. The change didn't seem gradual enough to me. It seemed that the bitterness continued to really affect them well into the book. Only to be replaced by forgiveness and acceptance at the end-game.And there was a Deus Ex Machina element that I could have done without. It didn't work for me because I would have liked the two to realize on their own, without prompting, what they needed to do for each other. I also thought the timing from the point where Maggie's memory returns to the time where she forgives Ross was too abbreviated. I don't think she had enough time to process and really work through what he did. I know the whole marriage, even before his infidelity, was broken, but that one event looms very large in the book as The Event. So you can't help but place a very big emphasis on it.At any rate, I felt this book worked very, very well as a work of women's fiction. I don't necessarily think it worked really great as a romance novel. But it was a very good story with some really great writing. So even if i didn't love it-love it a romance novel I recommend it highly.

  • Leona
    2019-05-26 15:27

    All I can say is WOW!!! This was a lovely story (from the very first page to the very last page ) about a couple whose marriage is over, yet decide to stay together until she is fully recovered from a devastating accident. It's a story about second chances, love and miracles. There was such a twist at the very end, that absolutely floored me. I never saw it coming and it really made the ending all the more sweeter. I was on the edge of my seat. I never read this author before, but I will definitely seek out more of her work. I highly recommend this one...

  • Booklover
    2019-05-23 19:19

    Very good emotional read,Maggie-Ross had lost each other and their love was lost in disappointments,anger,resentments and bitterness.Both were really lonely and unhappy inspite of being with each other and then the final straw is Ross's affair.The accident gives them the second chance.Both really make effort and try to save their marriage,they talk out how both took each other for granted and how some actions and behaviour of their hurt them and the distance between them got wider as the time passed by.The story was full of tension and emotions.Ross-Maggie know that its too late but they still wanna try n save their marriage of 16 years.There's Noella who helps both Ross-Maggie to see and realize their faults and ponder over it which helped them to re-built their marriage and give 16 years of marriage a second chance.Liked each and every character,looking for other books in the series.Overall i enjoyed the book.Recommend it.

  • Adensanti
    2019-05-27 21:57

    2 stars was too much. but im not THAT heartless to give this book just 1 star.I hate it. i dont like the plot. hate the flow, even more hate ROSS. i would never forgive him if i was her. and im amazed hw this book was written by a women, considering hw the author make what maggie has been through. more so, i hated how the main problem of her terrible terrible accident was put in just the last chapter of the book, and suddenly they got Their HEA. well, Fuck that! and someone up there in heaven need to fire Noell. for as long as i read this book from the get go till the end, i dont feel the sweetness from their so called "union", what union? Maggie was badly injured, she's been in a hospital for the whole FUCKING 8 MONTHS!! She got scarred all over her body, the accident was fatal to her, she almost lost her life!! and then how lovely that she then got her amnesia. she forgot what made her drove at that terrible night, full speed, heartbroken and in a bad wheather without that bastard-scum-cheating husband of her stop her. Nope! he just stood there, he knw it was bad to drive in that wheather and even bad to allowed someone to drive in HER CONDITION! what a lovely husband. for all the plot, i dont felt that Ross felt sorry. no he's not! he just felt guilty and fear of her memory comeback. Ross n maggie were married for 16 f-ing years. for the first years of their marriage, she gave her life, soul n body to Ross, the scum of the earth. she work soo damn hard so she can help ross to finished his college. then he work, got succes, and he bcome greedy, ambitious and forget about his wife's feeling. he left her alone for most of the time. he let her through everything in her life alone. he got her presents, jewelery which choosen by his f-ing staff. and he got a very wonderful friend who dislike his wife. did she left him? nope. she even try to work things out for both of them. but he refused and go back to work again and again. and then maggie got tired and let things just go w/the flow, which im not blamed her! but why the hell the story was plotting as if it was maggie's fault for driving ross away?? and that justifying his affair w/her f-ing best friend. i shoot my BestFriend if i found her cheating w/my husband. and in the last chapter, ross said that the affair is meaningless, what meaningless? you fucked jessica 3times, in 2 weeks and then bfore that you involved in something that i would called emotional cheating. You talk your problem to her, you talk your missery to her, you talk your tiredness to her, while you abandon your wife and you not even knw why your wife bcome cold?? the fuck is wrong w/your brain? it's all about ross. and then, IF the affair is meaningless, he wouldnt gve jessica a diamond bracelet which he purchased fron his favourite jeweler! and whre the F is/was jessica now? it's not written or told in the book. i wish she go died and divorced by her husband. ughh.... and how i hope that the story stay focused of their problem and not dragging maggie's amnesia throughout the whole chapters. it would be good if her amnesia was healed somewhere in the middle of the book. so they can work on his infidelity. i felt cheated reading this book, what they had is fake. she forgetting his mistakes, falling in love w/ross again, and he too. without even dare to come clean and said about his affair. then suddenly when maggie remebering his affair and bcome mad at him, he shoved her with this so called lovely reason "but i love you and you love me, why cant you forgive me? so i meant nothing to you?, my love meant nothing??" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEE...??????????? oh, hw i wish that when maggie left and drive the car, she would got into another accident. and ross is dying w/guilty and crying his heart out. coz he isnt sorry enough for me. all the suggestion of their reconciliation is from maggie. not from ross. god, hw i freaking hate ross!!this book is empty. it's only maggie that suffered. physically and mentally. and ross the pig is never said sorry at all about wht he did. fuck that!

  • Zep N
    2019-06-11 22:10

    I don't know about you guys, but this novel gave me heartache. It unveils infidelity like no other, realistic and vivid. I was miserable by the end of this novel, even the ending didn't manage to convince me of their HEA. I don't believe in divorces, so reading Maggie and Ross fight against all the odds was what made this book for me. I liked the fact that they didn't give up. But there were times, by God there were times, I actually thought the strain in their relationship was just too severe, as if they were better apart! All in all, it's a beautiful read. Definitely recommended to those in need of a good tearjerker with poignant writing. Don't tell me you haven't been warned!

  • Claire
    2019-05-27 18:09

    Well...infidelity sucks. Once in a while, I need a good sad story to clear my tearducts while making me count my blessings. And I knew this book was going to be a double-whammy as soon as I got to the last lines of the PROLOGUE. They went:"She was going to die. Right there. Alone in her truck on a quiet, snowy Christmas Eve.He probably couldn't think of a better gift."Sniff.

  • Cathy
    2019-06-01 15:04

    I have to say, this book took me by surprise. I was expecting a typical late 90’s romance I could skim through, but instead was drawn in by the characters and the magic of the town called Bethlehem and the holiday season. Even with a betrayal present, I empathized with the H and h and hoped for a believable ending. Some Enchanted Season is a book about rediscovery, accountability, and realizing what is important. It’s about second chances. Ross and Maggie were well on their way to a divorce. They both evolved into different people having different goals and desires. The past few years of their marriage had been filled with bitterness, accusations and defensiveness, and misguided intentions. They lived separate lives, eventually slept in separate bedrooms, and most recently, began living apart. With the filing for a divorce simply a formality, they decided to have one last gathering on Christmas Eve at her new home until a discovery and an argument had Maggie hopping into her car on that snowy night and careening into a ravine, nearly dying. The story picks up eleven months later as she’s released after multiple surgeries and intensive rehabilitation, minus her memories of the months leading up to that fateful night. She remembers that she wanted to leave him and agrees they should continue with the divorce. He agreed to take care of her at her home, mostly out of guilt, for the next couple of months and to ensure she can function on her own. This time allowed both parties to reassess the relationship. I really enjoyed how the failings weren’t just laid out on the table and all of the sudden the characters magically understood, kiss-kiss, and it was over. No. Those arguments were thrown at each other over the years which obviously never sunk in, each thinking the other was selfish. It was the quiet times in the characters’ heads that gave way to discoveries. Like Ross noticing that Maggie was wearing his sweater and thinking to himself “she used wear my sweaters just to feel closer to me… when had she given up wanting that intimacy?” Or as he's telling his employees to figure things out on their own “why hadn’t I set these limits years ago? Why hadn’t I set evenings with my wife as private times to be interrupted by nothing less than the end of the world? If I had made it clear to everyone that nothing took priority over her, if I had shown her that kind of commitment and respect, none of the last year would have happened. So many ifs, so many regrets.” Those moments really got to me as i am a sucker for all that is wistful.I really thought I’d hate Ross but I can empathize. I can see how he spiraled out of control and how he landed in the situation he did. They both thought they lost the love they once had and although he felt guilty, he had been resigned for years that he lost Maggie already. I found it warming and heartbreaking at the same time to see his guilt for his actions and self-loathing increase in direct proportion not only to his renewed love for her, but his fear of her regaining her memory. I felt his desperation and despair at the thought of losing her again. This was just short of a 5 star book and here’s why: the ending. I felt that it was unrealistic and needed to be drawn out a little bit more. Even the most insightful person needs some time to come to terms with the events and go through the stages properly to arrive at a believable conclusion. Sure, the discovery happened a year ago, but, that memory was new to her. As far as she’s feeling, it JUST happened. She never had the chance to process it the first time around and the speed of forgiveness took a little away for me. I also could have done without the mystical and divine intervention, but then they would have had to come up with a different title for the book, hmm?Overall, this was a lovely surprise and I will definitely be reading more about the other characters in the town of Bethlehem.

  • Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell
    2019-05-30 18:16

    I very much like this author, however, I have some things that just can not be done in a good book. The #1 thing is "YOU DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE!!!!" If you do this, you are done.....history and stricken from the record. Full stop...period. Under no circumstances is this forgivable not even on an angel infested Christmas. Bleh!!! If he had died, it may have saved it. I don't even think he was properly repentant. The only reason I gave it any stars was out of respect to the author's previous work and the continuity of the series, which as a whole was good.

  • Aisha Davis
    2019-05-29 14:00

    To be hones, I was very disappointed. I have read so many good reviews, but ..the cheating itself was not that big of deal, just the author using it to move the story along, unlike the h make so much deal of. Their marriage was long over before that is happened, may be betrayal of her fried added the bitterness. If there was not religious undertone, I would have given 1 more star but not my thing.

  • Julianna
    2019-05-26 21:01

    Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Do you believe in guardian angels? My guess is that most readers of this book will either want to believe or have their beliefs reconfirmed after reading this enchanting tale. Marilyn Pappano has woven yet another magical Christmas story in the little town of Bethlehem, New York, a place that is watched over by a very special guardian angel. Some Enchanted Season is all about redemption and reconciliation, as well as the precious gift of love that was once lost but found again. I don't think I have ever read a romance novel in which the hero and heroine are already married at the beginning of the story, but are essentially estranged and must find their way back to the deep love they once shared. I wasn't sure if I would like it, because I don't usually care for a lot of relationship conflict in my romance and prefer to watch the couple go through all the ups and downs of new love. Well, I ended up thoroughly enjoying this captivating story that was filled with depth and emotion. While there was conflict, it didn't seem at all overdone due to past circumstances, and when misunderstandings arose they never lasted long. All things considered, I thought that Ross and Maggie communicated pretty well. It was also wonderful watching them rediscover their love that had never truly died but had been long buried under a heavy weight of ambition, anger, resentment and guilt. Having them reignite the passion that had marked the early years of their marriage, and learn that true love can overcome and forgive a world of hurt and past mistakes was equally wondrous.Ross and Maggie were a very likable and relatable couple with a story that was very believable and realistic. The Ross readers see at the beginning of the book is the type of character that it would be very easy to dislike. He is a deeply ambitious man who became obsessed with money and power to the point that it blinded him to the truth of what's really important in life. Ross had also made a huge mistake and the revelation of that event is what led to the horrific accident that changed Maggie's existence forever. Normally this type of element in a romance novel would be a major turnoff for me, but as the story progressed, I found myself understanding quite well what had led Ross to this dark place, making him a very sympathetic character. Also, his intense remorse and self-loathing for his pasts sins, his fear of loosing Maggie forever which made him vulnerable, and the gentle, respectful way he treats Maggie all came together to make me truly like Ross, warts and all. The magic of Bethlehem has a way of healing the people who come there, and Ross was no exception. His change of heart from an almost Scrooge-like character as well as the emotional growth he exhibited were nothing short of miraculous and exceptionally heartwarming. Maggie was an incredibly strong woman who had endured the past half-dozen years of her contentious marriage as well as eleven months of painful surgeries, recovery, and rehab with her spirit, dignity and dreams for the future still mostly intact. I also thought that she had a very big heart to forgive Ross for all the past hurts he had caused and be willing to make a forever commitment to their marriage. Occasionally she was a bit short-tempered with him, which was pretty understandable given their history, but she was apologetic when appropriate. Maggie's growth and changes weren't quite as dramatic as Ross's, but she ultimately completed her healing process, both physically and emotionally in Bethlehem.The town of Bethlehem really comes to life in such as way as to almost be a character unto itself, but I think that is owed more to it's gentle guardian angel, Noelle, and the host of warm, friendly townspeople who made me feel like I had just walked into a Currier & Ives painting. There are many carry-over characters from the first book of the series, Season for Miracles, including the hero and heroine of that story, Nathan and Emilie, and their family, as well as the Winchester sisters, two adorable old ladies who are like the world's best grandmothers to everyone, the Thomases, the Walkers, Harry and Maeve from the diner, and Holly McBride, the owner of the only inn in town. There was a little side plot about the Thomases desperate desire to have a baby, but so far being unable to, and a possible budding romance between Harry and Maeve. I will be interested to see if these stories are continued in future books in the series. Readers are also introduced to several new characters who will play major roles in other books. Dr. J. D. Grayson, a handsome psychiatrist, loves kids, left the big city for small-town life, and becomes the hero of the next book, Father To Be. Ross's cynical, cut-throat attorney, Tom Flynn, gets paired with the feisty Holly in book #5, First Kiss, and his personal assistant, Lynda Barone, becomes the heroine of book #6, Getting Lucky. Also, Leanne Wilson, the owner of the local baby boutique, becomes the heroine of book #9, Small Wonders. There are a lot of characters to keep track of, but each one lends something special to the story, and really helps to bring it to life.I found Some Enchanted Season to be a sweet slice-of-life romance that was a near-perfect joy to read. The only thing that might have been better is if both characters had done a little less redundant inner protesting. For example, Ross would begin to wonder if all he really needed was a little moderation in his business dealings to have a life, but then would immediately discard the idea thinking that his business was his life. He repeated this line of thinking quite a few times, even though it was obvious that he was already beginning to make changes. Maggie also had similar repeated introspections about whether their marriage was truly over, but I guess maybe they just needed time to convince themselves of the truth. Otherwise the plot was tight, and even though the ending seemed a tad rushed, it was still satisfying. Since Ross and Maggie spent a lot of time holding each other at arms length because of fears and trying to convince themselves that a divorce was the only resolution to their problems, their relationship progressed at a languid but steady pace, but until they figure things out, there is some nice sexual tension in the form of intense memories of the passionate early years of their marriage. In between, the pages of the story are filled with the mystical enchantment of the holiday season and all the events surrounding it that are so much a part of small-town life. Anyone looking for a holiday read to really put you in the Christmas spirit should look no further. Some Enchanted Season left me with the feeling of curling up in a warm blanket on a cold winter's day, and renewed my belief that miracles truly can happen, not only at Christmas, but any time of the year. It can be paired with it's predecessor in the Bethlehem series, Season for Miracles, for a double-dose of heartwarming holiday cheer. Both have earned a spot on my keeper shelf, and with two winners in a row Marilyn Pappano has earned a spot on my favorite authors list. I can't wait to dive into the remaining books in the Bethlehem series, Father To Be, Gabriel's Angel (a novella from the Yours 2 Keep anthology), First Kiss, Getting Lucky, Heaven on Earth, Cabin Fever, and Small Wonders, and explore some of the other books on Ms. Pappano's backlist.

  • Megzy
    2019-06-11 18:06

    I am not sure how to rate this book. I liked how well it was written and how intense their story was. I loved the setting. I loved how determine she was to get herself back on her feet both physically and mentally. I hated his deception. I hated that an angle was used to excuse his cheating. I hated that he cheated with (view spoiler)[her married best friend. I hated that he lied... he said the affair was long over but he bought the bitch a very expensive bracelet and gave it to her on Christmas Eve while she and her husband were guests in his wife home for Christmas holiday.(hide spoiler)]He was a scumbag in my eyes. He ignored her during their marriage; She quit school and took two jobs to put him through school and he rewarded her by putting making money ahead of his family. He also cheated on her. The bastard even thought about how inconvenient his half an hour weekly visit to his wife was. She was there with amnesia, broken hip bone, broken legs, broken ribs, etc She was there for almost a year and had to relearn how to even walk. Did I forget to mention she ended up in the hospital and almost lost her life because of an accident after she left on Christmas Eve in a snow storm while she was emotionally distraught from finding out her husband has been cheating with (view spoiler)[ her best friend(hide spoiler)]? I am going to give it a 4 rating because it effected me enough to want to rant about it and since it was so well written.

  • Sherein
    2019-05-19 18:17

    I don't understand the hero the author didn't concentrate on the point of infidelity. what were the circumstances that lead to this. yes we all know that he was sad but why did he turn to the bf of his wife? what was so special about her? and don't just tell that she was willing she was married and he knew her husband for god's sake. why did he give her themost stunning diamond bracelet in front of his wife and believed that there relation won't be discovered? as a businessman this was such a foolish action. may be he did on purpose to hurt his soon to be ex wife. I prefer the confrontation in A Perfect Marriage as it reveals the feelings and actions of the H & h, the heroine just drove the car and ran away not strong enough to face them. The h did it again for a second time she didn't wait to get the answer from the hero and she wasn't even curious to know the extent of the relation! the duration, was it a love story or just lust. The Devine part is such a limb way to get through real feelings

  • Joy
    2019-05-24 16:18

    A woman gets into a car accident right after leaving her husband...on Christmas Eve. Nearly a year later, she is finally out of the hospital and he's returned to care for her as she readjusts to normal life. Can they overcome their problems and renew their marriage? And will she ever remember the secret he dreads coming out? A feel-good holiday tale only slightly marred by the presence of a completely gratuitous expository plot angel telling everyone what they need to do at the end.

  • Venus84
    2019-05-26 15:06

    He cheated on his wife, that is not ok in my planet. HE CHEATED!!!!!!!!

  • Onu
    2019-05-25 20:05

    This is simply wonderful! Beautiful story about second chances. I am so overwhelmed!

  • Katie L.
    2019-05-29 22:13

    Albeit cheesy, it was just the right amount and the perfect book to curl up with on a cold Winter’s night.

  • shms
    2019-05-20 20:03

    This was a re-read after many years. I don't remember it being so sad. I couldn't work out why it made me feel that way but it had this really sombre and almost dark thread running through it. Maybe it was that and yet it had its moments of whimsy with Noelle saving all. My sympathy was with the h all the way, the H just struck me as being a cold fish. His redemption was a slow build but I think I believed it. I don't think I particularly enjoyed this read and the secondary characters irritated me, I think appear in other books. But for all that there was something that pulled me in.

  • Zizz
    2019-05-27 18:21

    No problem that love couldnt overcome, no sin that couldn't be forgivenI really wish I can be as gracious as that. Still, I did love this book. This book that I've wanted to read in forever but always stayed away from. I was too chicken. And I had every right to be. My heart hurt the entire time. But it's the ones that cut you up with so much raw emotions that give such satisfying conclusions and warms even the hardest of hearts and/or the cynics of this world.

  • Juju
    2019-06-09 21:17


  • Tiffany
    2019-06-15 18:58

    Great book. I got teary eyed so many times reading this book. I couldn't put it down and now I want to read the other books in this series.

  • Alysa Farrell
    2019-06-13 15:18

    This book was shipped to me by mistake and I got to keep it and so decided to read it!! It was a good book, a nice weekend read, but very sad. A little reminder to never let go of love.

  • Jacqueline Coote
    2019-06-15 16:26

    Guilt ridden Ross only shows his love and compassion after his wife recovers from a traumatic accident. They say love cures all, but in this case, I think that Maggie was too forgiving much too quickly, or at least she should have given him a run for his money. After all, she was the one that was hurt, emotionally and physically, while he played and enjoyed the limelight and his position as a multi-millionaire. Money isn't everything and a moment in the bedroom can't erase the past, the errors that were made. Understanding Maggie's position as a lonely wife, wanting children and a home, one has to take into consideration the hurt she experienced. I gave this story a 4 star as I enjoyed the story line and the backdrop of a small town the preparation of the best holiday of all, and of course the surprise ending.

  • Cathy
    2019-05-27 20:10

    Very touching..Story started out slow, but then grabs your heart. Hero started out to be a jerk but turned into a knight in shining armor. Heroine definitely was admirable and strong. The ending was sooo tender and sweet :)

  • Dawn ♥ romance
    2019-05-29 17:14

    A very powerful Christmas story but it dragged in the telling. The beginning and premise were good then the discord was restated way too much. Maggie runs from her failed marriage, gets in car accident, develops amnesia and her husband Ross takes care of her during rehab.

  • J.ashcroft
    2019-06-13 19:14

    Interesting story - but too long for the story line. Could have been a shorter book or more plot lines.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-23 18:15

    This was a free book from amazon. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed reading it. I lost my first review, and when I do that I don't feel like repeating it.

  • Dionne Kathleen
    2019-06-10 20:26

    This was romantic.. 5 stars

  • Michael
    2019-05-30 17:13

    LOVED this book. Very emotional and I really felt for both leads

  • Beverly
    2019-06-04 17:58

    Good story.