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Who can understand the mind of a preschooler? You can! Know that above all else, a preschooler is a learner. His amazing powers of reasoning and discrimination are awakened through a world of play and imagination. Through home relationships, he learns about love, trust, comfort, and security; through friends he learns to measure himself against a world of peers; and througWho can understand the mind of a preschooler? You can! Know that above all else, a preschooler is a learner. His amazing powers of reasoning and discrimination are awakened through a world of play and imagination. Through home relationships, he learns about love, trust, comfort, and security; through friends he learns to measure himself against a world of peers; and through unconditional love, a child establishes his own unique selfhood. The growth period between ages three and five years is all about learning, and On Becoming Preschoolwise is all about helping parents create the right opportunities and best environment to optimize their child's learning potential. Now influencing over two million homes worldwide, trusted parenting authors Gary Ezzo and Dr. Robert Bucknam once again bring their collective wisdom, experience, and insight to bear on this critical phase of preschool training. From teaching about the importance of play to learning how to prepare a preschooler for the first day of school, from organizing your child's week to understanding childhood fears and calming parental anxiety, sound advice and practical application await the reader. You will find this resource as practical as it is informative, curative as much as it is encouraging....

Title : On Becoming Preschool Wise: Optimizing Educational Outcomes What Preschoolers Need to Learn
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On Becoming Preschool Wise: Optimizing Educational Outcomes What Preschoolers Need to Learn Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-06-17 15:25

    I can see how some mothers would read this and think the authors are complete Nazi parents. But I really like the structure of their parenting advice. I have read all the books in their series (up to my daughter's age) and I like how it makes me feel a little bit more sane and in control than I probably really am. I like that it really focuses on manners and raising a self-aware, curious, and respectful child and that it builds on the foundation that their previous books build. They must have something right because Maddie's teachers tell me all the time that she is a fantastic, sweet, attentive, and respectful student. Of course, she may have been born that way, but I like to think that mothers (and fathers) have a lot more to do with that than we would like to admit.

  • Kim
    2019-05-24 17:33

    I had read Babywise and Toddlewise so when our son, now 7, was showing signs of testing the boundaries again, we happened upon Preschoolwise! It was good to have the refresher of reminding us that at a certain age some freedoms are age appropriate, but to keep that in balance, yet the standard to which a parent should hold their children to when it comes to respect, responsibility, and other behaviors should not be compromised. The book is full of realistic scenarios and applicable approaches to re-train your child to obedience in a loving way. It definitely worked for us when we put the book into action. I highly recommend it.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-28 19:33

    I loved the parenting with a greater mission than to stop the bad behavior. I also found the structuring ideas amazing. I only added 1 or 2 to our day and the boys responded beautifully and some how I feel like I have hours added to my day... more time with the boys and more hours in the day, I don't know how - but I like it. Stacey - your secret is out!

  • Elsa K
    2019-06-04 13:52

    Some people seem to be against the babywise series, but our family has really found them practical and helpful. I've read all of them up to this age and found helpful instruction that is age specific in each book. We don't follow everything, but take what works with our family.

  • Heather
    2019-06-02 19:50

    Got some good information, but not really my style.

  • Mandy J. Hoffman
    2019-06-17 14:49

    Very very helpful for raising a preschooler.

  • Jamie
    2019-05-18 19:50

    You often hear those who are for or against (or in the middle somewhere) Babywise. But, I had never heard much about the rest of the On Becoming series until recently.I really appreciated the practical advice offered in Preschool Wise. Applying several principles right away, I have experienced more order smack-dab in the middle of a winter with too many days of indoor free play gone wild. For example, I have always had a loose plan for the day, but I realized I needed to take yet more ownership on deciding where, when and what my boys play (not always, but often), even with whom. So, now I might snuggle up with one boy while the others are doing puzzles. Or do some reading work with my 5 year old, while the little 2 play side by side in the playroom. While I prep dinner, all 3 have some table time and we enjoy music together. They are getting used to it and the need for discipline has decreased in frequency. I revisited the issue of the importance of sleep, ending in us putting our boys down 20 minutes earlier so they will be asleep at our target time not just tucked in. The manners section was also much-appreciated.While some of the book was review, I did learn many new things. I think the most helpful way to approach this book is in conjunction with the excellent and gospel-rich Biblical principles laid out in Ted Tripp's book, Shepherding A Child's Heart.

  • Cole Ramirez
    2019-05-28 20:25

    On Becoming Babywise is clearly the most popular book in the -wise series, and it has helped countless parents get their child on a healthy sleeping and eating schedule. Unfortunately, I think a lot of parents stop there and fail to continue on in the series. This really is a shame, because while sleeping and eating lay the foundation for a well-adjusted child, the steps parents take to actively guide their child into becoming a good and responsible adult carry far more weight. On Becoming Preschoolwise offers plenty of excellent parenting concepts and strategies and is a great resource to come back to each time another child enters the stage.Fair warning, it has it's bad moments (ahem, the whole "Land of Good Reason" storyline) but I still think it's worth a read.

  • Sunshine Moore
    2019-06-10 17:35

    Sometimes I think the Ezzo's style (in other books) is vague and difficult and overly idealized - but this book has helped me reign in my difficult 5 year old. Our "time outs" were not working and he was becoming increasingly more antagonistic toward me. We modified his time out structure as outlined in the book and accompanied them with very clear instructions on WHY his behavior was inappropriate and what would happen the next time it happened - being clear that if it happened again he would do it knowing that is was wrong. Also very useful is the guidance for "store rules" (we now have "other people's homes rules") and hand folding. Some times I feel like I am training a dog, but I am much happier having a son who listens to me and stays safe.

  • Aisha
    2019-06-06 20:28

    This was a FABULOUS book. I read it with a pencil in my hand and kept underlining.It made SO MUCH SENSE about toddlers and preschoolers and what it takes to lay a foundation for them to be healthy and emotionally happy.There is a lot of research cited about how scheduled children (and by scheduled I mean giving your kids something to expect and count on - not scheduled as in legalistic) are set up to do better educationally.I know in my experience my children are much happier having a basic framework schedule.This is a phenomenal and reasonable book. I was really impressed with the applications and I put it into practice immediately.**read this first time around 2008 or earlier. Wouldn't let me enter 2 dates so entered latest one.

  • Alexia
    2019-06-13 12:49

    I love love loved this book! It has helped my husband and I so much. We were clueless with where to start with preparing our son to learn preschool material. I really trust all of the books I have read by Gary Ezzo. They have really transformed the way we teach, train, discipline, and parent our now 3 year old. Scheduling was one of the best things we began. We lost site of scheduling after our son was sleeping 10 hours a night at 3 months old. I highly recommend this book and the whole On Becoming.... Series.

  • Jeniece
    2019-06-05 14:38

    This book gives some useful advice about interacting with preschoolers. I especially liked the appendix that talked of having your purpose in mind before determining how you'll solve various situations (Beliefs+goals=your why. Why+how=solution.) However, some of his suggestions for structuring the day seems beyond the capabilities of this age. I was also disappointed to learn that he has little or no credentials to give validity to his suggestions, except as one parent might speak to another.

  • Bonnie
    2019-06-10 16:32

    There was some good information here, but for the most part I thought a lot of it was common sense and found myself skimming a lot. It seems the more I read parenting books, the more I see what a great parent my mother is. (Maybe I should stop reading parenting books and just ask her!) I picked up some good information and some pick-me-up incentive to just keep doing what I'm already doing. A nice book, not great, not bad, but nice.

  • Jocee
    2019-06-02 12:28

    Most of the book was just ok, but once I finally made it to chapters 8 & 9, I was glad I had at least skimmed my way to that point. There were some excellent ideas in these chapters. I especially liked the ideas of how to get kids (even preschoolers) to do some chores, a few really fun ideas to promote good positive actions in the home, and what to expect(and teach) in terms of manners from kids at mealtimes. I would only recommend reading these two chapters. The rest was pretty BLAH.

  • Dawn
    2019-06-11 16:52

    This book started to make my routine a little harder to accomplish. I totally see where Dr. Ezzo is coming from, but I think he may have written this one for parents of only one or two children. I found it too difficult to plan my day quite so rigidly, but we were able to incorporate many of his ideas into our routine to help the kids get ready for school.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-29 18:45

    I love this series! Although I am feeling like the books are less impactful it may be that I am just relying on them less as a mother. Even still, a must read for mothers with young children. Wonderful!

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-09 20:39

    What a great book. I am taking what I have learned from this book and starting a structured "learning time" into our day every day! I love the concrete ideas and the wonderful parenting concept in this book!

  • Katie
    2019-05-23 16:39

    This will definitely be a reference book for me over the years as my younger children become preschoolers. I wish I had read it earlier for my 4 1/2 year old, but he still has a year before kindergarten so I can still use the ideas for him and my newly turned 3 year old.

  • Laura
    2019-05-29 17:50

    While some things about this book really irritated me (manifestly sexist, badly edited), some of the information was incredibly helpful, such as info on setting up a routine at home and the discipline information.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-22 14:40

    I like how this book focuses on teaching discipline through morality. So many others out there are about treating the symptoms instead of cause/heart of the matter. It seemed to go with my intuitive feelings on parenting.

  • Chandra
    2019-06-07 17:28

    Some helpful information (ex: good skills to work on with preschoolers before they start school), but if you've read the other books in the wise series, many of these chapters are repeats...

  • Rebecca
    2019-06-06 14:55

    Wish I had read this earlier. Has loads of helpful tips.

  • Angie
    2019-06-10 12:53

    Love this series!!!

  • Todd
    2019-06-08 14:49

    A good book, but maybe a little rigid for our family. Definitely some good ideas, like the positive virtue chart, that we have already incorporated.

  • Karla
    2019-05-27 17:35

    Terrific book that helped me tremendously to define what I was hoping for my child and then figure out how to carry it out.

  • Shanna
    2019-05-23 20:37

    I am learning how to take the whiny out of my three year old! It has helped tremendously by giving me ideas and guidelines so our days can be productive(for him AND for me!)

  • Summer Kelley
    2019-06-10 15:41

    Helpful suggestions and encouragement that have been proven to be effective in my home. Well worth the read.

  • Wendy
    2019-06-03 15:26

    Another parenting book . . . I liked this book because it provided a 'balancing' point of view to Love and Logic. There is a chapter in the book called 'The Choice Addiction' which was helpful.