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Lina Inverse doesn't like to brag, but she's a genius sorceress, invincible warrior, and a legend in her own lunchtime. Lina's also in need of some cold cash. When she comes across some stolen loot, she figures the thieves won't mind sharing. But it turns out that Lina also snags a secret hidden in the booty... And now everyone's out to see if she's got the goods!...

Title : Slayers - The Ruby Eye
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ISBN : 9781595320940
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 198 Pages
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Slayers - The Ruby Eye Reviews

  • The Crimson Fucker
    2019-05-18 16:45

    How can one describe the awesomeness of Lina Inverse to a bunch of book snobs?? (let’s face it, if you reading this you are in my GR friend’s list… if you in my friend list you are a book snob… don’t be lying to yourself! You are!) how can one explain to this snobs that a book don’t need to be a literary master piece to be highly entertaining? That a writer don’t need a deep, complicated plot to be great. That sometimes one need to entertain stupid things like “what would happen if I cast a healing spell on a zombie? Would it make it deteriorate even more? Or would it bring it back to life?” that sometimes I’m in no need of an amazing fantasy world. That some times all one need is a story where one can tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy by looking at the clothes a character is wearing… Seriously! Ho can one achieve all that???? Cuz my friend list is full with snobs!!!!!* and sometimes I get review shy cuz I don’t wanna sound stupid to em! Or be “that guy” on their friend list who don’t read deep shit, and don’t know how to properly review deep shit when he reads it!!! But you know what! Fuck it! I will no longer be intimated by y’all and y’all fancy English! And y’all complicated words! I will review it how I feel it!!! Like when I’m dancing and singing in the shower! If you don’t like it, if its not deep enough for you, if you think it don’t make sense! I’ma tell you the same thing I told my cousin that time she found me masturbating in the shower!!! “its my dick and I can wash it any way I want!!!!!” just substitute “dick” with book and “wash” with review! And suck it!Lina Inverse is the shit! Best female character ever!!!! A narcissist sorcerers with a superiority complex so big that can only be rival by her megalomania! But worry not! She also has inferiority complex about her undeveloped body to give some contrast to all of that. I can’t get enough of her cheap jokes! Hell! I may be stealing a few of them! Like “a girl gotta eat, and this girl gotta eat a lot!” (she eats like a pig!) . There is also her badassness…. (I know that’s not a word!!! Remember…. My review!!!) Lina can kick some serious ass! When she is not too distracted by shiny things that may be treasure… did I mention how greedy she is? Well, she is! But in her defense she only steals from bandits… Damn! This is getting to long!!!! Lets abridge what I wanna say! Lina rocks! This book is fun, it ain’t no deep shit… but is entertaining as fuck! I 5! Suck it!

  • Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts)
    2019-06-11 18:44

    Super cute lil novel that follows sorceress Lina on her adventure to find treasure and discover her "true self". Lina's a snarky lil thing with a knack for getting into trouble which leads her to meet Gourry, her new guardian! Gourry is a bit older and a swordsman that feels Lina is too young and weak to be able to survive on her own, so it's his mission to protect her. In this portion of the story, Lina and Gourry are treasure hunting books and materials that could lead them to an even bigger score. There hunt leads them to clash with some baddies that just aren't going to let Lina keep the goods. Unfortunately for them, Lina is neither weak nor quiet about being harassed by goons. Together, Lina and Gourry with the help of a new friend have to save the world.This is a cute, quirky read filled with sarcasm and adorableness. I recommend to others. Keep in mind,this novel covers the first three in the "graphic novel" series. I've read both sets, and there's some fun extras in this one that the comic doesn't cover.

  • Helenn
    2019-05-28 17:37

    Well this is going to be a bit bias since I love the books, the anime and you just wait until I get my hands on the manga and the magazine version. Anyways the book is full of sarcastic remarks and unexpected comments that are just plainly hilarious. Hajime Kanzaka doesn’t beat around the points with his joke; he gets right to the point which makes it even funnier.If you have seen the anime and wonder how Lina’s sister is then this books will be perfect for you. They fill you in with small part of Lina’s birth place and family –mostly memories of her. Being inside Lina’s head is exactly like what Alfonso would be thinking in her situation if he was a guy… which is a bit creepy. Anyways I love it.

  • Maverynthia
    2019-06-12 21:45

    Overall this book doesn't seem too bad, whoever it loses massive stars to that whole trying to rape Lina thing. Even if it was changed to "A kiss" it's still sexual assault and the author thought it was a good idea to put in his book.In the afterword he mentions how he has to "think like a girl" which, men just can't do. Considering they never listen when women are talking and just assume things I can only wonder what the next books will be like.At least in the end it's Lina that gives the finishing blow and not Gourry.

  • Kathleen Townsend
    2019-06-05 19:37

    Review originally found on Looking Glass Reads.Slayers: The Ruby Eye is the first book in the Slayers series by Hajime Kanzaka. Originally published in Japan in 1996, the translation was published eight years later in 2004 by Tokyopop. The story is centered on fifteen year old sorceress Lina Inverse and her newfound traveling companion Gourry Gabriev, a swordsman. A simple plundering of a bandit’s hideout for some loot has unforeseen and far reaching consequences for Lina, including a whole lot of people that would really rather see her dead.Lina’s a heroine I can admire. She’s clever, a skilled sorceress, and has knowledge of swordsmanship, but she isn’t infallible. While she can use a sword, Lina knows that she is by no means as good as many of her opponents and needs to rely on her other skills or her companions in a physical fight. While strong and spirited, she’s not infallible with a healthy dose of greed and a bit of a body image problem. Lina feels her age, which I like. She has her clever moments, she has raw firepower behind her, but she’s not infallible.The book is written in first person point of view from Lina’s perspective. Very often Lina’s narration smashes through the fourth wall, giving asides to the reader and answering our internal questions in real time. This works in the books favor, giving us the sort of very personable narration we don’t often see within in high fantasy.There are some familiar tropes that slip into the story, but all are included rather purposefully. There are dumb, ugly bandits. Gourry is a less than smart swordsman, which, to be honest, can get a bit old as his lack of knowledge seems to be used as an excuse for several info-dumps. However, all of these and others are called out by Lina who laments the facts, pokes fun at them, or else comments on the oddity of the situation.The story did feel a bit slow in places. A few conversations dragged on a bit too long. Explanations on how magic works and pertinent world history are stuffed in the context of teaching Gourry things he should already know. While the story has its comic moments and Lina has a fair dose of wit and snark, there are places where the jokes fall a little flat – sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.As for the translation itself, I have some mixed feelings. Overall, it’s fairly well done. There are some places where a bit more finesse could probably have been used. Some onomatopoeias are kept in their original form, which leads to some odd text. On its own this wouldn’t really be much of a problem. As its used during fight scenes between magic users, however, there can be some confusion as to what’s simply an exclamation such as ‘oomph’ or an invented word used to cast magic. There are also a handful of places where a final proofread would have done a world of wonders. A few quotation marks are missing, making for some confusion and rereading of passages to make sure nothing was missed.Slayers: The Ruby Eye is a fun read that any fantasy fan should pick up. It’s quick, it’s easy to read, and it has some memorable characters. While the exposition could have been handled with a little more finesse in some places, we are provided with a solid magic system and enough history of the world to make it feel thought out without interesting yet unnecessary information. If you like fantasy or books written in a strong first person voice, give this one a read.

  • Maya
    2019-06-10 17:48

    I really wanted this to be a 4 star read, but something simply was missing to move it from “liked” to “really liked”.Lina is a cool heroine. Despite being only 15 years old, she is a super strong magician and a reasonable swordsman, yet she is not invincible. She is also not innocent, she has killed people on her journey. And she loves food. So far, so good. Lina’s voice is mostly snarky and funny. At no time does this book take itself very seriously. Unfortunately her narration was pretty hit-and-miss for me. About half of the jokes worked, the other half felt a bit too flat or redundant.Tokyopop made some weird choices with the sound effects. Things like “argh!”, “gii!”, “haaa!!”, “oryaa!” work in Japanese, but in English they sound just clumsy. The spell names, like Fireball, are also quite lame. The rest of the translation is very well done, though.The Ruby Eye is a very short novel and nothing more than a first introduction to the world of Slayers and the three main characters. There is definitely room for improvement, which will hopefully be used in further volumes.If you’re looking for a quick, light and funny read with a kick-butt heroine, Slayers is certainly worth a try.

  • Zuichiki
    2019-05-25 20:29

    La novela está en inglés. Con un nivel medio, pierdes los detalles, pero si eres seguidor del anime, sabes exactamente qué hacen en cada momento. El humor típico de Slayers está presente y es muy divertido. Si sabes inglés, son novelas ligeras muy recomendables. O si eres seguidor del anime con un nivel de inglés medio, tendrás algun dato nuevo que no te dan en la serie.

  • Kereesa
    2019-05-20 19:21

    Written in the manga novel style, this first volume in the Slayers series is a comedic magic medieval adventure. Following our spunky heroine, Lina as she 'accidently' comes into possession of a very powerful magical item and thus the consequences that come with it, The Ruby Eye is a delightful mix of laughter and magical mayhem. The characters, especially Lina, are well done and we are provided with just enough detail to get a feel for their character and still be able to expect much more development for the later books. The plot moves quickly and uses lots of suspense and comedy to keep the reader entertained. The only downside to this novel is the lack of description in terms of surroundings that can leave readers a little confused. As it is, however, a manga novel, there is an expectation that much like manga itself, scenery isn't what your interested in. Short and sweet, The Ruby Eye is perfect introduction to the many novels to come. 4/5

  • Mileena
    2019-05-29 14:25

    Slayers the Ruby Eye3.5/5 stars Lina Inverse is something else. She is wacky and sassy and everything that a strong badass female lead should be. I originally picked up this book expecting it to be a manga, because that's what it looked like but when realizing that it's a novel, I decided to give it a try. Lina was awesome and I loved the sorceress aspect of her. Gourry was an interesting male protagonist and his relationship with Lina was really cute.It was really short and exciting and kind of reminded me of the guild. There were too many characters constantly being introduced so it kind of polluted the story and parts of it was repetitive but I enjoyed it enough that I will continue with this series.

  • Rose Corcoran
    2019-06-01 17:21

    This book is exactly my cup of tea! Not only is Lina one of the most realistic 15-year-old female protagonists I've ever read, the narration moves easily between action scenes, dialogue, and backstory (which a lot YA 1st person POV struggles with). I also have a burning need in my life for humorous fantasy, and this book totally delivered.

  • Kim
    2019-06-07 14:35

    I sort of liked this,but I found it confusing at for some of the time. I must admit that I was reading this under the influence of seasonal alergies and I was pretty much out of it yesterday. That being said, I would like to see the anime that this inspired. Evidently, this came first, then the anime which I guess is sort of unusual.

  • Arthur
    2019-06-18 16:46

    Still my favorite characterization of a world-wandering sorceress of all time. It astounds me that such a short novel became the anime series that it did. Simple, light, witty, amusing, and full of character.

  • Ariel Sidfield
    2019-06-11 22:41

    Completely and totally awesome. The setting is great, Lina has great descriptions of her magic use, and is totally awesome. The story has humor, action, memorable characters and engaging narration. It also was translated impressively well to English.

  • Tor Gar
    2019-05-21 22:39

    Leída la versión en castellano de Eterno PoderLa novela que dio origen al manga y a la serie de dibujos animados. Entretenida, divertida y recordando a alguno de los personajes y para saber cómo comenzó todo. Es muy similar al anime aunque varían algunas tramas.

  • Amanda Huber
    2019-06-18 19:50

    The TV series is much better than the manga surprisingly and not all of the manga have been published in English anyway--not that it appears that they will be published in English anytime soon, so watch the series!

  • Jason
    2019-06-11 19:25

    This is the first light novel I've read, and it was more entertaining than I was expecting. The translation was, I suspect, a little loose, but good overall. The hefty amount of nostalgia I have for the show helped, of course.

  • Jane Lebak
    2019-05-25 22:40

    It's hardly literature, but a lot of fun. The ending wrapped up a bit too quick, but I don't really care. I dove right into the second book.BTW, I love Lina's voice. She's perfect as a fifteen-year-old with far too much confidence and not enough experience to know when enough is enough.

  • James Strocel
    2019-06-15 14:33

    It's easy to see why this novel series was adapted into anime. It has a unique voice that you just don't anywhere in high fantasy literature!

  • Anthonia
    2019-06-03 19:20

    Lina Inverse is something else if she is not killing bandits, then she is trying to make more money, and she is always stealing gold from the bad guys. A must read manga

  • Valerie
    2019-06-11 18:37

    Quick and entertaining.