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Young, directionless Casey Eller is the perfect bait for a trap Sheriff Kirkland's been laying for fifteen years. On Christmas Eve, he uses Casey to stage incriminating photos of the most powerful man in town, a brutal sadist who takes his pleasure from torturing his subs. A man whose cruelty has only grown since Kirkland subbed for him.When Casey ends up hurt, Kirkland reYoung, directionless Casey Eller is the perfect bait for a trap Sheriff Kirkland's been laying for fifteen years. On Christmas Eve, he uses Casey to stage incriminating photos of the most powerful man in town, a brutal sadist who takes his pleasure from torturing his subs. A man whose cruelty has only grown since Kirkland subbed for him.When Casey ends up hurt, Kirkland realizes his mistake. Ashamed of himself, he treats Casey's injuries and offers the unconditional acceptance and devotion that a slave craves from his Master. Kirkland knows he can't give Casey a lifetime, but will two days be enough for either of them?...

Title : Word on a Wing
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Word on a Wing Reviews

  • Lily
    2019-05-23 05:21

    Casey Eller is a young man drifting through life. He lives in a small town and works a factory job he really doesn't like. He spends most of his off time hanging out with friends, drinking and smoking pot, while dreaming of some day getting away to a better life.When he's pulled over one night, stoned and with a bit of pot in his car, Casey is nervous but when he sees that it's Sheriff Finn Kirkland who's stopped him, he goes from nervous to flat out scared very quickly. The Sheriff is a no-nonsense, by the book cop and everyone knows that the best thing to do, especially when you're not exactly following the law, is to stay out of his way. Faced with an intent to sell charge, even though it's not true, Casey decides he has no choice but to accept whatever deal the Sheriff has for him.Casey's decision and the sexual encounters he has with Finn during and after his 'arrest' bordered on non-con but served to bring him and Finn into greater contact. As he prepares to take part in the blackmail of a prominent citizen Casey finds himself also becoming attracted to the older man. Finn, close to twenty years older than Casey and very familiar with the dangers he could be facing, ultimately decides to let him of the hook. Unfortunately Casey acts on his own with disastrous results.Afterward, as Finn takes care of Casey the men slowly form a relationship based on mutual need. Finn is a Dom who's been holding back his true nature for a long time and Casey, although relatively inexperienced, finds that he's happiest when he lets himself submit fully to Finn. What follows is a gripping tale of lust, D/s, old hurts, new love, dysfunctional family dynamics and at the end a shocking and unexpected twist that leaves one person dead, another wounded and two at a crossroads in their lives.What I liked...I really liked the character of Casey. I could really 'see' him, young and drifting through life, getting high with his friends to escape the boredom of a small town and an unhappy family life, Casey is a wonderful character despite his flaws. I liked his journey of self-discovery as he learns about his submissive side yet finds inner strength to get through some painful events.I also liked the D/s element of the story as Casey grows confident in himself and gains trust in Finn as well. Their story is wonderfully written and I enjoyed reading the slow development of their relationship, based on their mutual needs to dominate and submit and their growing love for each other.What I didn't like...For a large portion of the story I didn't like the character of Finn. Manipulative and self-serving, I felt he abused the power of his job as he practically forced himself on Casey and then was the cause, however unintentionally, of Casey's suffering. Despite that, he eventually did redeem himself as he cared for Casey and then fell in love with him.Something else that didn't quite work for me was the blackmail scheme that Finn came up with. It just never quite felt right to me that Finn, a strong man and a dedicated police officer, would come up with that plan and then coerce an innocent young man into helping him. Afterward, when Casey does get the material that Finn was after, it's not used. In fact it was pretty much a wasted, and painful, effort on his part.Overall...This is a well written story that pushed me a bit past my usual boundaries. However, once on the other side I discovered that I did in fact enjoy Casey and Finn's story. Despite my reservations about Finn I came to like them as a couple. The events near the end of the book and the way they are handled were totally unexpected yet fit well in the storyline. I liked the POV alternating between them which gave me a sense for who each man really was and a nice look at them as their relationship evolved.This story may not appeal to everyone, in fact at first I wasn't sure I would like it at all, but as I went along for the ride with Casey and Finn I found myself really happy that I didn't give up on them. I did waffle a bit with the rating as I really enjoyed parts of the story while others bothered me but in the end gave it 4 stars because overall I did like it quite a bit. If you like a well written D/s story and don't mind some violence as well as a couple of scenes that may be considered non-con then I recommend Word on a Wing.

  • Ingrid
    2019-05-21 06:06

    This was a great read. Very heavy on the D's elements (no pain, only control and submission) so not to everyone's taste. Casey gets forced into some blackmail scam that goes horribly wrong. The sheriff Kirkland who forced him into it feels guilty and makes it up to him but under his set of rules. Casey, a trailer park boy with no future, finds out that he likes the regulations and attention he gets. So he goes back for more and he gets it. While the sheriff and Casey try to make things work their blackmail scam fires back on them. I liked this one a lot. The alternating viewpoint from Casey and Kirkland let us know why they like the relationship they have so much, why it works for them, that is not so normal to other people. There is some dub con at the start of the story, so be warned. I was not bothered by it because it sets in motion the whole story but not everyone will like it.

  • Emma Sea
    2019-06-06 03:23

    An unexpectedly sweet and lovely BDSM themed romance. No Sean Michael "Mine", "Yours", "Mine" crap and no instalove: instead two people who seem real, and who find something together that's better than what they have alone.And unexpectedly sweet, because at the opening of the book the Sheriff is an asshole who pretends he's giving our MC the opportunity for free and fair consent, but instead effectively rapes and sexually assaults him. Plus (view spoiler)[ the video of the villain is a total McGuffin! Its only purpose is to bring the two MCs together. (hide spoiler)]. However the couple is so good together, and Casey is so goddam sweet, that I don't care about the flaws.

  • Gigi
    2019-06-06 09:02

    Not in the mood for a cop MC who trades sexual favors to make traffic violation tickets disappear. Will try this one at a later date when I'm in a different mood.

  • Betryal
    2019-06-09 07:06

    Although I gave it a 4 star and Jamie Craig has always kept the reader profoundly entertained the only disappointment I had in this particular book was the whole reason behind Casey's being assaulted, the evidence and the blackmail material was not pursued; tossed to the wayside and this is where I believe the focus of the whole story was lost to me. BUT... the turn of events that did take place, the plot, the brains behind the writing and the ending I never once expected to happen, tilted me on my axis.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-20 03:18

    The strong point of the BDSM novels by Jaime Craig (the authors duo Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean) is the ability, at least for me, to make me comfortable with all the 24/7 Master/slave relationship. The starting point is not exactly positive for Finn Kirkland, the sheriff of a small town in Georgia: he charges young Casey with a crime he hadn’t any intention to commit (intent to sell) and almost forces him to have sex in the open, alongside the highway, on the hood of his car. Doesn’t matter that it’s probably Casey’s wet dream, doesn’t matter that Casey enjoy every moment of it, it’s wrong, so as it’s wrong what Finn asks Casey to do afterward. Finn wants to find a way to blackmail the most powerful man in town, the same man who he knows is continuously breaking the law, but Finn has no way to stop him since Victor has something against Finn as well. Finn wants to play an equal match and to do so he needs Casey’s help. Finn knows that it’s dangerous, and actually he doesn’t do anything to prevent Casey getting hurt, and this doesn’t help the reader in liking him. But actually, as soon as Casey does what Finn wants, and brings back what Finn needs, it doesn’t seem important; Casey being hurt, Casey needing him seems the most important thing for Finn, and that makes him suddenly a more likeable character. True he treats Casey like a boy more than a man, setting a schedule for him, bathing and feeding him like he was a baby; Casey is not at the same level as Finn, but he is not exactly a slave. Maybe since he is hurt, and in this moment he needs more a caretaker than a Master, most of what Finn does is to pamper him like a baby more than treating him like a pet (even if having him eating dinner sitting upon a pillow on the floor still let me a bit perplexed). There is for sure an age difference between Casey and Finn, Casey is 20 years old, and instead I think Finn is well over 30, probably bordering 40. But more a question of age, it’s a question of attitude; for sure Casey lacked a fatherly figure when he was young, without a mother and with an abusive father, Casey didn’t have any chance to grow in his possibility. He is not dumb, but he is unbalanced; he too easily resorts to alcohol and drugs to cushion his mind and not having to think. He has not stimuli to do something better with his life since he hadn’t had a role figure and no prospective. Being treated by Finn like a boy, allows Casey to go back a bit on his age and starting again to learn. Maybe in 5/10 years he will develop enough self-esteem to have the need to change the balance with Finn, but probably then something else would have developed between them, a same level relationship that will allow to Casey to decide, no more in a needy situation, what he really wants from his life. Anyway from the starting point that was more a cop/thriller plot, the story developed in a very intimate tet-a-tet where only Casey and Finn count, and the world is outside there, not really something they need to bother until it’s not strictly necessary.

  • WillyBC
    2019-06-03 05:19

    Good parts first: I quite enjoyed the writing style of this author and will probably look into more books from them. The storyline, in general, was pretty engaging as well.But here's the big downside: I found it very, very difficult to reconcile the demanding, exploitative Finn Kirkland we saw at the beginning of the book with the understanding, self-restrained Finn Kirkland we see afterwards. Now, if the story had depicted it so that Finn changed his personality after his whole operation goes south and he saw how his immoral manipulations had severe consequences, that may be fine. But the impression we're meant to believe is that Finn had always been a good trustworthy Dom, that -- if anything -- Casey should have trusted him more, not less; after all, the story tells us, the only reason Casey was really hurt at all was because (view spoiler)[he tried to bring down Nelson without Finn's help, not because Finn was taking advantage of him in the first place (hide spoiler)]. Finn doesn't "change his ways" in light of the consequences of his schemes; he thinks of himself as a level-headed, honorable Dom in spite of those schemes, which is just preposterous.Look, I'm a pretty darn kinky reader; I love stories of dubious consent, of powerful Doms exploiting hapless subs in over their heads, of manipulative masters getting what they want heedless of their boys' worries. But if you're going to have that? If you're going to base the entire introduction and premise of your story on that? Then don't afterwards try to sell this Dom -- Finn-- to me as some sort of studious practitioner of Safe Sane Consensual. Don't tell me that he's some sort of stickler for order and trust, that Casey had any genuine non-coerced choice in the proceedings, when Finn had the boy (view spoiler)[cuffed against his squad car or down in the basement for hours and was threatening him with years of rape in prison (hide spoiler)] if Casey doesn't do what he wants. You can't have it both ways and that's the sort of wishy-washy BDSM that sticks to the roof of your mouth and makes everything else hard to swallow. After Casey gets hurt, Finn expresses a lot of regret and guilt over getting Casey involved in his schemes in the first place, but he's really apologizing for the wrong thing. After all, the villain of the story, Nelson, may be be a mishmash of stereotypical "Abusive Dom" cliches, but at least he's upfront about it.Essentially, to really enjoy the latter portions of the story you have to try and ignore the exploitative person Finn was at the earlier portions of the story. And to enjoy the exploitative person Finn was at the beginning of the story, you kind of have to forget how hypocritical that comes across later on.

  • Juxian
    2019-05-21 05:08

    It's been such a long time since I've read something that made me drop doing everything else - and at the same time enjoy every page without rush - that I've almost forgotten what a pleasure it could be. Actually, BDSM books are the most difficult for me to connect with. It's like I always need an author to be exceptionally convincing this type of relationship is what both characters really need. Jamie Craig was - exceptionally convincing. It was such a strong feeling to see the gravitation between Casey and Finn, to feel how right they are for each other, how either one of them has exactly what the other needs. How together they are so much more than separately - and this is what, ultimately, a perfect m/m romance is about for me.Special kudos to the author for the firm grasp on right and wrong. No shades of grey here. The guilt Finn felt over his rough start with Casey was right up my moral alley. And at the same time Finn managed to be hot as fuck even when doing *wrong* things.Ah, and Casey... so insanely likeable. Beautiful cinnamon roll, duh :)The only little thing I kinda felt wasn't addressed is (view spoiler)[the video of his abuse Casey gave to Finn. It's like Finn never even thinks about it. I mean he was going to go ahead with his plan so he at least was planning to watch it at some point to see if he had the necessary material, and I think the thought of it should have caused him some emotional reaction. Or at least something like mentioning that he was delaying checking it because he found it too difficult to watch it... (hide spoiler)]

  • ElaineY
    2019-06-19 05:24

    I expected this to be darker and grittier but it turned out to be aimed at readers who've never read a BDSM book. The author/s seemed to be projecting the newbie BDSM reader onto Casey who is clueless about the whole BDSM lifestyle and needed things like a safe word explained to him.This took me by surprise because from the blurb (and some reviews) I was bracing myself for a real nasty character in Sheriff Kirkland and I'd been reluctant to read this despite having bought it when it was published in 2010. It did seem to head that way because what Kirkland did to Casey I classify as rape. Yes, a nasty character, that Sheriff and I wondered how I was going to accept a rapist as a protag. It can happen but stumbling across another Vadim Krasnorada is rare.So it was weird when suddenly Mr Nasty Sheriff turns into a feeling, considerate lover handling the young man he'd raped just a few days ago with kid gloves. It was too sudden and too contrary to the man who had no qualms raping the 20 year-old on the roadside in broad daylight.

  • Ashley♥Alexis
    2019-06-03 07:02

    I wish the story hadn't ended as soon as it did. I feel like this would have been a 5 star read for me if I got to see more of their interaction together once they got to Atlanta. For me this was a very light BDSM even though Nelson was portrayed as some sadistic monster. I loved Casey, Finn had to grow on me. But after the first time you get a glimpse of his mind, I was hooked. I really enjoyed the characters even if the whole black mail ploy seemed ridiculous. I felt that if Nelson was as sadistic as the author wanted us to believe than Casey should have been more emotionally damaged than he was. Even with my negative criticism I will say this was a great read, it was what I really needed to read the past two days4.5 stars

  • Nene
    2019-05-30 02:24

    It's been a long time since I connected as much to a character as I did to Casey in this book. There was something about him that, well, reminded me of me in a way. There's something appealing about that whole lost puppy thing he had going on, and add to that his insecurities and family stuff and man, I just wanted to pack him up and bring him home with me for a nice long snuggle. I wasn't as crazy about Finn, especially some of the choices he made. I don't think we got quite enough info on Finn to make him a fully developed character. He needed a bit more oomph, particularly in his background details. It was a good read though, but be warned that a few bits are kinda slow.

  • Wren
    2019-06-17 04:01

    I liked this one particularly for Sheriff Kirkland, a dom in a small town. He's prideful, arrogant, strong, and makes human mistakes. He fights his attraction to Casey, a natural sub, even as they grow closer. Casey is young, curious, directionless and also makes mistakes. He has angst and self-esteem issues. There are some great sex scenes. The plot points are a bit over the top and contrived, but that didn't bother me very much as I wanted to know what was going to happen with the guys.

  • Gwengwel
    2019-06-15 06:23

    I can't even vote 1 star.Trying to explain what I felt while reading only the first chapter's going to appear like a flamme. This kind of plot that twisted rape are the worst. Present Casey case to a judge and see what he think of his encounter with the sheriff. Put a lot of warning on the resume. You can be sure that if I knew what the story really involved I'd never buy it, never read it.

  • Tj
    2019-05-29 05:03

    Well written, even if the end was a little to easy to believe. I really enjoyed the growth of the characters. It was easy to hate Finn in the beginning. Let's face it, he was a jerk. It was interesting to see how he became more likable even though he really didn't change much. Interesting read.

  • Virginia
    2019-05-23 10:24

    I really enjoyed this book. Would have been a 5 star read except Finn made me crazy with his actions toward Casey in the first quarter of the book. This is a heavier bdsm read for those it bothers with TPE and there is also some dub con and non con. I liked the heavier D/s story between Finn and Casey. I really enjoy the writiing of the Jamie Craig team.

  • Chris
    2019-06-19 08:20

    Very good kinky m/m romance about a directionless young man who gets pulled over by the infamously tough sheriff and offered a dangerous deal that will keep him out of jail...

  • Cori
    2019-05-30 03:18

    I thought this book started really strong and then kind of fell flat about half way through - I found myself getting bored and skipping through paragraphs

  • Mandi
    2019-06-14 05:09

    Still loved it on the reread. Violent, somewhat disturbing with some surprisingly sweet moments. Heavy on the domination/submission (which I loved!). Great read by two talented authors. :)

    2019-06-19 04:58

    All based on Master Slave, Casey needs control over his life and Finn provides it, like most of readers at first Finn seems bad Guy that he wasn't but as the story unfold he became gently and tender guy, the best scenes or parts interesting to read were when Casey meet Finn outside of Nelson's house, wounded, hurt, emotionally tired, Finn gently took care of him and forgot about the video evidence and Finn calls him 'A idiot'. And when Casey killed Nelson in fear that he'd hurt Finn and to solve the disaster of life he put the hammer in Nelson's head and runs to release Finn and Finn without thinking help Casey's fear to calm down a bit and remove all evidence of murder, then held him next day. And yes the last part where Finn give Casey a collar and a bracelet engraved with 'Caseys Finn' thst was sweet and cute. Rest story was superb, will read it again and highly recommended.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-06-16 06:02

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsBut this book is so good. The D/s so good in this book, a Master/slave sort of relationship. It was my first real taste of the genre outside of a paranormal setting and I devoured it. Sweet and firm. Dark and sexy. Hot and perfect. I love this story.I adore Casey and Finn. In the beginning Casey is this major screw up who is kind of floating through life, just wandering around, not really living until Finn pushes him to do his bidding. What Finn makes him do. It’s awful. This guy. He’s an asshole. Finn’s not him. I think Finn is afraid of becoming him and it hurts. The growth of both Casey and Finn in this story is so powerful through their relationship that you can actually see that without one another they would literally be in limbo for the rest of their lives. Like they were meant for that time and place even though they’d known each other their entire lives and had no idea these events would take place. It’s kismet. Perfection.I love this story. The emotion. The intensity. The passion. I can’t explain to you the rollercoaster from scene one. The traffic stop. Damn. Just… wow. Finn is so dominant and toppy and Casey is so raw. The chemistry between them is hot. It makes for a wonderful undercurrent. The backstory, Finn’s past, it’s surprising and tough. I found it exciting and intense. I’m captivated by it each time I read. And I’ve read it a lot.Read Crissy’s review in its entirety here.

  • Tristan
    2019-05-24 10:16

    3~3.5/5 This book is a relatively good book, but there were parts of it that didn't work for me. For a start, the relationship between Casey and Kirkland appeared forced. It was more a work of guilt on top of guilt, and later even more guilt. Frankly speaking, guilt isn't a good relationship building block. How Casey hasn't broke down was a miracles. (view spoiler)[ Well he did loose it before he killed Nelson, but I was expecting more. I didn't like how they moved into the relationship right after Casey's incident with Nelson. Nor how quickly they brushed the whole murder off.(hide spoiler)]Then there is Kirkland. It doesn't matter how much he tried to make it up, it just doesn't sit well with me how he had wanted to use Casey for revenge. For all the drama and angst, the book has potential to be an emotional ride. Yet, the book just feel so bland. It feel like I'm just reading another bdsm book. It wasn't bad per se - I did enjoy it while it last. However, it failed to connect the reader with the characters.

  • Kerry
    2019-06-06 08:09

    3.5 starsI am so torn about my feelings for this book. Let me start by saying that I love Casey and Kirkland. They are both such lost souls and I think that they make a wonderful couple. Each is exactly what the other needs. Their romance is beautiful. Their d/s relationship is perfect.So, why only 3.5 stars? The whole backdrop of their romance, from the way the sheriff blackmailed Casey into helping him, all the way to the resolution of that situation, was IMO very poorly executed. I was willing to overlook the sheriff treating a citizen as he did Casey, but I just didn't buy the way the situation was resolved.Overall I enjoyed the book and would definitely like to read more by this author.p.s. What the hell does the title mean? I know I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed, but I have no idea what that title has to do with this book. Anyone want to clue me in?

  • Smokinhotbooks K.C.
    2019-06-18 10:19

    I really struggled on whether to give this one a 2 or 3. How do you rate a book when it is just not your cup of tea? The writing was well executed but I major issues with the BDSM Dom/sub aspects of this book. This is not a light read by any means. I think my biggest issue was how Casey was blackmailed into seducing a known sadist. I kept thinking is this author going to go all the way? This was an uncomfortable read for me -many times I had to stop and think 'can I go on?'. I also didn't buy Casey and Kirkland's relationship. How could someone fall in love with a man that used and basically forced him to be raped? If you've read explicit m/m BDSM books that dabble outside comfortable reading boundaries I do think this is worth reading. The character development is well done, especially with Casey and is well written.

  • Natalie
    2019-06-02 10:24

    I wanted more depthI've enjoyed a number of Jamie Craig stories and some BDSM, so I decided to give this a try. I got past the dub-con and the non-con. It was not something I liked, but it was the setup for the story. At least the non-con wasn't totally Finn's fault. I did also enjoy most of Finn and Casey's interactions during the two days they had (except the crawling. I hate crawling.). After that it went very downhill. I can accept Finn maybe didn't have time to use the evidence, but he should have easily predicted Casey could still have problems with Nelson. So he broke his promise to Casey. It also seemed rather foolish of Finn to cooperate with Nelson, when he still had evidence that could have protected Casey and his Dad. Big plot holes for me. I didn't deduct anything for my personal dislike of M/s scenarios and the way Finn acted with Casey.

  • J
    2019-06-10 06:09

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4. I think I'm in the minority here but this book intrigued me. It starts off really rough with a county Sheriff taking sexual advantage of a young, obviously drugged up young man, during a traffic stop. Seems the Sheriff wants to use the young man as bait to bring down a powerful man in the community and he needs to scare the bejesus out of the kid to do it. It was raw and instantly made a villain out of the Sheriff.However, as the story progresses we see the Sheriff' reasons for his aggressive ways and also see him redeem himself as he tries to save the lost young man from a life of drugs and alcohol. The Sheriff definitely worked himself back into my good graces and my heart just broke for the lost young man. I liked the story.

  • Teetee
    2019-05-21 08:16

    This book started out on a sour note for me. The two MCs start out with a ‘hot’ sex scene right off the bat, even before we’ve gotten much of a chance to know the characters, and it didn’t bode well for the rest of the book. I am glad I stuck with it though, it did improve. I liked Casey, wanted to give the kid a hug and tell him to straighten up and fly right! Finn took some time to warm up to, but due to the nature of his character I think that’s what the author intended. Not sure what I think of the ‘incident’ towards the end, but it tied up all the loose ends nicely so I guess the lack of consequences evened everything out. Anyhew, great story, and sweet epilogue!

  • Ami
    2019-05-29 06:55

    3.5 starsI really like Jamie Craig's stories (well, those that I have read) and this one is no exception. There is a heavy element of D/s, as Casey tries to deal with his nature of being a sub with the dominant character of Finn. I think, though, what stop me from giving this a 4 star rating is the fact that I think Finn is a manipulative jerk. Even if in the end he ends up redeeming himself, protecting Casey from the bad guy, and how he takes care of Casey, teaching him to the better life, STILL, he manipulated Casey in the first place. I can't get pass that fact easily. I like Casey though, his curiosity is endearing.

  • Shelley
    2019-05-26 10:09

    This book was really hard to get through in soe places and took me way out of my comfort zone in others but overall it was a good read. Both of the MC's are pretty flawed but somehow they fit together. Casey in particular won my heart even though he had a couple of too stupid to live moments. Finn won me over by the end of the book but I don't think that will be the case with everyone. There were definitely some elements that squicked me (view spoiler)[ like the Finn/casey/nelson basement scene w/ the stockade(hide spoiler)] but that's just my personal "nope" buttons being pushed. Overall it's a good read if you can get through some of the more uncomfortable and potentially triggering content.

  • CB
    2019-06-06 02:22

    I have a love/hate relationship with the MC character (the Sheriff) - he is a real jerk and if you focus on a couple things he does, he can really give cops a bad name. I chose to get over those and focus on him as a whole, that's when I stopped hating him - although I never really did get to the "love" him part... He is perfect for the other MC though. A good balance the author brings to light that makes the story really hard to put down. The Sheriff helps the underprivileged kid escape out of a dead-end world and turns himself around too. With lots of really hot sex thrown!

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2019-06-12 10:23

    3.5 starsBDSM is very mild. Right and wrong, good and bad are very twisted in this book. I was a little uncomfortable with it because we're supposed to really like Finn but he does some very unacceptable things that just fall clearly in the "very wrong" category for me. Even so, the tone was not as dark as I had expected.