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In Shelly Laurenston’s laugh-out-loud funny, deliciously sexy novel, a shape-shifting Grizzly and a single dangerous feline collide—and discover untamed, unstoppable attraction…Growing up on the tough Philly streets, Gwen O’Neill has learned how to fend for herself. But what is she supposed to do with a nice, suburban Jersey boy in the form of a massive Grizzly shifter? EsIn Shelly Laurenston’s laugh-out-loud funny, deliciously sexy novel, a shape-shifting Grizzly and a single dangerous feline collide—and discover untamed, unstoppable attraction…Growing up on the tough Philly streets, Gwen O’Neill has learned how to fend for herself. But what is she supposed to do with a nice, suburban Jersey boy in the form of a massive Grizzly shifter? Especially one with a rather unhealthy fetish for honey, moose, and…uh…well, her. Yet despite his menacing ursine growl and four-inch claws, Gwen finds Lachlan “Lock” MacRyrie cute and really sweet. He actually watches out for her, protects her, and unlike the rest of her out-of-control family manages not to morbidly embarrass her. Too bad cats don’t believe in forever. At nearly seven feet tall, Lock is used to people responding to him in two ways: screaming and running away. Gwen—half lioness, half tigress, all kick-ass—does neither. She’s sexy beyond belief and smart as hell, but she’s a born protector. Watching out for the family and friends closest to her but missing the fact that she’s being stalked by a murderous enemy who doesn’t like hybrids…and absolutely hates Gwen. Lock probably shouldn’t get involved, but he will. Why? Because this is Gwen—and no matter what the hissing, roaring, drape destroying feline says about not being ready to settle down, Lock knows he can’t simply walk away. Not when she’s come to mean absolutely everything to him....

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The Mane Squeeze Reviews

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-02-14 15:16

    5 Project: Code Name Bear-Cat Stars *Spoilers*“I am not seven feet tall,” he snapped at her as if she’d really insulted him. “I’m six-eleven.” When she smirked in disbelief, he added, “And three-quarters.”The Mane Squeeze is the 4th book in the Pride series and has now taking the spot of my favorite book in this series. I loved everything about this book. Everything!! Lock is my new favorite hero of the series, bumping Eggie to second place and Gwen is my favorite heroine of this series by a lot!“Now listen up, you Navy-loving son of a bitch! If my friend wants that bear, she’s gonna get that bear. And neither hell nor you nor some big-haired, twenty-hour-sleeping king of the idiots is gonna stop me from making sure she gets that bear!”“You do it every day, don’t you?” “Sometimes. There’s no shame in the toe grab. And look! You can cross arms and grab opposite toes.” “Rebellious.” “I live on the edge, Gwen.”What this book is aboutGwen O'Neill can take care of herself. She is not only from Philly, she is the daughter of the infamous Roxy O’Neill of the O'Neill Pride, and a hybrid (Lion/Tiger) an outcast, a mix breed. Gwen is ready to make a life for herself out from underneath the thumb of her brothers, mother and her mother's pride. So Gwen moves to New York and is running a plumbing business with her crazy best friend Blayne Thorpe. While on a job Gwen runs into Lachlan "Lock" MacRyrie again. She met him at Smitty and Jessie Ann's wedding and then again when when she and blayne were getting jumped by a pack of wolves. He save them and then took Gwen to the hospital because her leg was hurt bad. But she isn't happy to see him. She is still mad at him. The last time she seen him, he promised that he would stay with her at the hospital while she was having surgery, and he left. So what if he was made to leave by the police, he promised!!! So what if he is 7 foot of yummy rock hard grizzly bear goodness. So what if when he looks at her with his big brown bear eyes she melts a little. She doesn't have time in her life for a relationship, especially with some honey lovin bear of a man, but maybe she can have a little fun with him. “No, because we’ll have to wait and you’ll look at me with those big bear eyes and before I know it, I’ll be flat on my back again, and afterward I’ll be too weak to eat.”Lock:Holy shit I love Lock OMG!! He is so sexy. Lock is a huge, sweet, funny, laid back, easy going guy. My God he is so damn cute with his love for honey and playing with his toes. He is protective without being controlling. Hard working and humble over his talent of making beautiful wooden furniture. He is so calm about everything, nothing fazed him. He really did remind me of a cuddle bear. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!! Best hero of the series!“I want you to listen to me very carefully, because I’ve never liked repeating myself. First off, don’t come here, dump your shit at my door, and then walk away before you’ve even given me a chance to figure out what you’re trying to tell me. Second, don’t ever assume, for even a second, that my pauses imply anything. I’m a thinker, O’Neill. Thinkers pause. And third, you’re absolutely right that I want to have sex with you, but I’ll be damned if I let you fuck me because you’re in a pissed-off mood and you want to get even with whoever the hell you’re pissed with. When I have you, it’s because we’ll both want the same thing, at the same time. Not because you think you can walk all over me. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”“I mean,” he went on, unwittingly turning the knife, “not in love with anybody but you.” He thought a moment and added, “God, I’m crazy in love with you. But yeah, I love Jess. Wait…what’s wrong?” He was probably asking that because her hand was frozen in the action of reaching for her ice cream, but she’d been so stunned, she left it dangling there. Staring at her nails, she asked, “You’re in love with me?” “Crazy in love with you. You know, that whole ‘can’t imagine my life without you’ crazy in love with you.”Gwen:“Bring it, bitch!” Gwen yelled, those scary nails of her left hand pointing at McNelly over Lock’s shoulder. “I will kill you, you fucking whore! You touch my friend again, I will kill you!”I love Gwen too. She is so wild and has a big smart mouth. Straight hood, she will fight anyone and she ain't afraid cut someone with her blade that she carries with her at all times. Funny as hell. Gwen has a fear of hospitals and doctors stealing her organs.“Is that why she’s afraid of hospitals?” Lock asked. “No. She’s afraid of hospitals because she saw this documentary on PBS once about organ theft. Ever since then, she’s been convinced they—the elusive ‘they,’ the terrifying ‘they’—want to steal her organs" Gwen is also outgoing, sweet, and loyal to those she loves. Gwen is my favorite heroine of the series and I think she makes a perfect mate for Lock. “Oh, my God,” she gasped. “What?” “It is bigger.” Lock peered down at his cock. “Well,” he offered as explanation, “it’s in a good mood.” “You’re a grower and a show-er.” “Gwen? Are you crying?” “Just a little.” She wiped the tears. “Nothing to worry about.” “Yeah, but—” Her hand slapped over his mouth. “Silence is your friend right now.” When he didn’t try to speak, she removed her hand and placed both on her hips. “Do you know I’m actually concerned I won’t be able to handle this thing?” A few more tears fell. “Do you know how many women actually get to say that sentence in a lifetime…and mean it?”“Because if there’s one thing we both know, baby, is that the one person who was safe in that room was me. I know you’ll never hurt me. I know you’ll always protect me. And I know I’ll never stop loving you.”Gwen was kind of amazed. A mother with several degrees and a prestigious position at an Ivy League college did not ensure that she’d be any less embarrassing to her child than a mother who became a nurse through night school. Gwen knew this when Alla launched into her “unfortunate changes in my vagina after the birth of Lachlan” discussion. Lock had to put his big glass of milk down for that one, his head buried in his hands. The parts of his face not covered by his long fingers turned a lovely shade of crimson. Gwen had nail polish that matched that color perfectly. “Was it his giant kumquat head?” Gwen asked, thoroughly enjoying every second of Lock’s misery. “No. It was his shoulders. He’s always had very large shoulders. I mean look at him. Even as a baby they were freakishly long.” “Freakishly?” Lock snapped. “They stretched me right out.” “Mom!” Brody shrugged and reached for more moo goo gai pork. “I didn’t mind.” “Dad!” “Well, darling, you were always quite large, so it made things a little easier for both of us when it came to sex.” “Mom!”OMG this book is the best of the series. So freakin hilarious. I laughed all the way through this book. As a couple, Gwen and Lock are adorable together. The sex in this book is smokin' hot. I love Jessie Ann in this book and Blayne Thorpe. Mitch drove me crazy. The more of Mitch I see the more I don't like. I really like Lock's parents and Gwen's mom. I Love the roller derby action in this book. The mane squeeze is Great book. Blayne's book next and I can't wait. Below I leave a couple of my favorite quotes from this book:“Hey, you bear son of a—” Lost in thoughts of Gwen, the growling voice startled him and Lock spun around. Immediately the two lions stumbled back and Mitch shoved Brendon ahead of him. “Take him!” Mitch ordered Lock. Brendon glared at his brother. “What do you mean ‘take him’?” “Well, bruh,” the lion explained, grinning, “I am the pretty one.” “You betraying son of a bitch!” “There’s no need to get nasty, you big baby! Take your bear-mauling like a man!”While the two females snarled viciously at each other, Ric grabbed a stick from the ground and waved it between Jess and Blayne. “Look! Look! A stick! Who wants it? Who wants it? Go get it!” He threw the stick and Jess and Blayne watched it flip across the forest floor. Once it landed, they looked back at Ric. “Dude,” Jess told him, “that was just rude.”http://jessicasoverthetopbookobsessio...

  • Catherine
    2019-01-25 15:16

    I've been in the mood for funny lately and have been on a marathon of Laurenston's books. This is definitely one of my favorites in the Pride series. Lock and Gwen are so cute together and they are one of the most sane couples we have seen to date. They're sweet and happy together and most of the hilarious situations come from their dealings with their friends and family.I absolutely loved Mitch through this book because I practically died laughing every time he was in a scene! He was constantly leaping out of closets or sneaking up on people trying to catch them scheming about Gwen, his sister. He was way overprotective and was against her hooking up with a bear. It was hilarious to watch him trying to rat Gwen out to their mom (even though she's 26) and trying to control the situation with Lock. It never went his way and he always ended up chickening out and (literally) throwing his brother, Brendon, under the bus and screaming, "take him!" Blayne and the wild dogs were great as well. Honestly, anything with wild dogs in it seems like it will be a hit for me. They're so happy and fun, and it's hilarious to watch them get startled, scream, and run into each other while they try to run away. I really liked the strong sense of caring friendship Lock had for the wild dogs and Gwen had for Blayne. Plus, Lock's friend Ric (of the Van Holtz Pack) was great to read about. Watching him turn into a drooling idiot over Lock's old marine buddy was funny.I really enjoyed getting to see a whole new type of shifter. Laurenston is great at giving her shifters characteristics like the animals they shift into. Lock was no different in that aspect. He was so sweet and cute until startled or angry. Then you better run! Plus, how can you beat an adorable Beta hero who isn't ashamed to admit that he likes to play with his toes?This book didn't really improve my opinion of Ronnie (from The Mane Event) but it did warm me up toward Sissy (from The Mane Attraction). I skipped over her book because I really disliked her in the past books, but she seems more mature and less flat out mean here so I might backtrack and give her a shot. If you haven't read any of the previous books in the series then I strongly recommend you not start here. There are so many prior characters in this book that new readers might be confused and not really get some of the jokes. The only thing that I found perplexing about this book was the lack of mating/marking. What was up with skipping that? I thought that was one of the building blocks of this series.P.S. I cracked up every time Gwen did that thing with her neck. The reactions were priceless.

  • Ally
    2019-02-05 19:15

    I'm totes in to playing with my toes tooI mean, who wouldn't want to play with their toes whenever possible. Other than yoga. That's not playing. That's when you HAVE to touch your toes. Anyway....Setting / Time / Genre: Current. NY. Series: Oh yea and I am consuming them like nobody's biznass. I am going to have withdrawals when this series is over. You know that, right? Sexy times:Uh huh. It's a Shelley Laurensexytimeton. Duh. So if the more descriptive of words puts you off...move on, nothing to see here. Seriously. There are pages devoted to the OP. Plan on reading more by the author:See above. Synopsis: Gwen, hybrid Tiger / Lion, and Lock, the grizzly, are perfect as a couple. This is their story. Along the way, we see more of Deanne and how Rick Van Holtz is all wanting up in her business. We meet Blaine. There are hate crimes against hybrids. There is serious roller derby action. And an awesome costume party or two. The cuteness factor in this book - off the charts and over the rainbow. Hero:Lock / Lachlan. Grizzly man. Suuuuuper calm. Really takes a long time before he commits to saying anything. So fricking funny. Adorbs. This guy keeps everyone chill. Heroine: Gwen. Philly girl. Basically, she will cut you. Why it did or didn't work for me: Sheesh. Come on, people. It worked. I adored it. It was not annoying. Lack basically made the book. He's all chill dude until you scare the grizzly. Then, all bets are off. So, just don't scare the bear. That's my new motto. In fact, every time someone begins to f(3k with me, I am gonna be all like YOU SCARED THE BEAR NOW WATCH OUT AND BACK OFF. I will let you know if this works for me. Read this book. It's worth it. You will smile through your day.

  • Ridley
    2019-02-19 13:13

    This book was like my neighbors: lots of crazy bitches fighting each other and arguing loudly and endlessly without saying a single thing of substance.Hero made me want to buy a teddy bear, though. God, he was lovable.

  • Carisa
    2019-02-19 20:09

    This was so good and funny, what a mismatched H/h and yet so perfect for each other. The author always gives the characters some of their animal traits and I just adored the bear hero. Everything worked for me, love story and subplots.HERO is a Performer, a burnt-out former warrior who’s working towards his long-term goals, patiently but without pause. He’s very attracted to a she-lion with an overprotective family, and although he doesn’t know what a Bear like him can offer to a woman so different from him, he can’t stay away from her.SCENES/CONTENT: several/steamyGENRE/TONE: paranormal/mixedLENGTH: 318 pages

  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    2019-02-07 16:57

    Bazillion re-read at this point.I really love Loc and Gwen together!!! They were super amazing together and this book was truly entertaining. I loved Loc as a H, he was steadfast, calm, and realistic. But most of all, I love how he treated Gwen. Gwen is my type of girl. That girl that has only 1 ride or die friend, who will do anything for each other. Gwen just wants to escape from the confines of her family. Going not very far to NYC and flourishing there, it seems like fate from the amount of times her and Loc bumps into one another. I laughed, it had steamy times, and was very good edition to the series.

  • MelissaB
    2019-01-31 20:06

    *** 4 1/2 stars ***

  • Aly is so frigging bored
    2019-01-29 16:24

    2nd read: April 2014Buddy read with Jo. Jo don't beat me up, it wasn't my fault! I just said I'll read a little at school and then... I finished te thing :|Favorite quotes:***don't read them while eating or drinking, accidents may happen***Rubbing his chest where she’d hit him, Mitch glowered blindly across the street. “She’s up to something. She’s trying to keep Gwen here for some reason.”“Maybe because they’re best friends and she’d rather Gwen be here than in Philly?”“Oh, please. Blayne Thorpe has never been that linear. Trust me, it’s not that simple.”“Uh…” Bren said, “maybe we should let this go anyway.”Shocked at his brother, Mitch demanded, “Why would we do that?”“Lots of reasons, but mostly because I don’t want to be bricked up in a wall like Frankie Caramelli.”Mitch rolled his eyes. “Don’t be such a wuss! They found Caramelli after, like, eight hours. He was a little dehydrated, but he was alive.”Mitch Shaw went right for Lock, too, his claws unleashing as he moved in for the killing blow, the power behind those claws capable of snapping a human spine with one well-placed slap.Even worse, Lock wasn’t startled. A startled Lock meant he could put up a healthy fight. A sedate Lock simply meant he could get his ass…Oh. Oh.Well she hadn’t expected that.Not only was Lock not startled, but he wasn’t frightened either. Nor was he mad. And as Mitch lunged at him, Lock casually reached out and batted the lion down. Gwen couldn’t even call it a vicious mauling. More like a simple sow-swat from a momma bear to her cubs when they were doing something stupid. She doubted Lock put any real strength behind that sow-swat either. But Mitch went down, grunting as he hit the floor hard.Raging now, and roaring, Mitch got back up and came at Lock again. Again, Lock slapped the big cat down. Even worse, Lock still wasn’t upset. He was laughing. Not mocking laughter, either, which she knew well from when Mitch and her uncles had done it to others. More like entertained chuckles as if he’d found a really great toy.Again Mitch got up and, again, Lock batted him to the floor, Gwen’s brother going down with a bam!Lock grinned at Gwen. “He’s fun,” he said, reaching out and cuffing Mitch without even looking at him. “He just keeps trying to get back up.” Bam! “It’s great.” Bam! “Like ‘The Little Lion Who Could.’” Bam!Mitch, bruised and perhaps permanently brain damaged, tried to struggle up again, but Lock held him down on the floor by using the same hand he’d slapped Gwen’s brother around with.“I’ve got to go,” he said to Gwen again, oblivious to the curses and promises of violent retribution being tossed at him from the floor. “But I want you to know I had an amazing time tonight.”The words were said with such sincerity that Gwen completely forgot about her poor—now special-needs—brother struggling on the floor. She gazed into those big brown eyes that were almost too big for Lock’s human face and too small for his bear one and said, “I had a great time, too.”“Then I’ll talk to you later?”“Okay.”He kissed her again, keeping it short this time, but then he pressed his forehead against hers, his silver-tipped brown hair feeling soft and silky against her skin, tickling her cheeks and chin.“I’ve got to go,” he whispered.“You said that. At least three times.”“I know. I’m saying it again.” He took a deep breath and then moved away from her, but not before brushing his skin against hers. It was an almost feline move, and she barely stopped herself from climbing onto his back and steering him like a horse to her bedroom.He made it to the front door before he looked back at her. Then his eyes grew wide. “Oh! I almost forgot.” He came back over to her and handed her a card. “These are my numbers, e-mail addresses, business URL, physical address, and mailing address. You know…if you need to get in touch with me.”Get in touch with him? But he left out his social security number, his date of birth, and his high school GPA. “Thanks.”“If you need anything you let me know. Okay?”Melting. She was so melting. “I will. I promise.”“Okay.” He walked back to the door, looked at her over his shoulder. “Bye, Gwen.”“Night.” He opened the front door and Gwen said, “Lock?”He stopped immediately. “Yeah?” Did he have to sound so eager when he was the one making the decision to go? Damn him! “Uh…could you leave him here? He kind of comes with the place.”Frowning, Lock glanced down. “Oh, jeez!”Oh, jeez?“Sorry about that.” He immediately dropped the lion he’d dragged from the couch to the door, back to the couch, and back to the door. “Habit. Usually I bat my prey around until they stop fighting and drag them off to the brush to…well…you know.” 1st read: November 2012Buddy read with Maru

  • Zeek
    2019-02-03 13:05

    At his good friend’s wedding to Smith pack Alpha Bobby Ray “Smitty” Smith, Grizzly shifter Lachlan Macryrie decides the sexy little tigon (half tiger/ half lion) he happens upon is as irresistible as honey covered salmon. But a misunderstanding leads to a brawl causing her to slip thru his paws like his slippery favorite food.Gwen O’Neill, mix breed shifter and sister to two severely protective lions, is a beauty. But does she follow in her Mom’s lioness pawprints and labor in the beauty industry? No, She opens her own plumbing business with her best friend Blayne- much to her mother’s chagrin. When she once again comes across the lumbering bear she met at Smitty and Jessica Ann’s wedding, she has no idea he’s about to become a huge part of her life- and when I say huge, I mean 7 feet tall HUGE. Lock Macryrie is used to people being frightened by him- even in the shifter world, people run in the opposite direction when a Grizzly comes in the room. But Gwen is the odd exception, and when he kisses her even though she’s determined to keep it platonic- he’s fairly certain he cant live without her.Plumbing disasters, a big bad after mixbreed shifters for nefarious means , Roller Derbys, and even her crazy ass family wont keep him away. But what will keep her by his side when its all said and done?The Mane Squeeze is one of the best entries in this series. Lock is laconic and laid back- until someone startles him or gets between him and his loved ones, then he’s full on boar rage. Sure the toe grabbing is a bit weird but who cares when he can articulate his lips? :PI loved the whole Roller Derby aspect of this story. (Yep she had me with the gals rolling onto the track to Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker.) Making Gwennie joining the Assault and Battery Park Babes and beating the crap out of the opposing team the climax of the book was a master stroke, imo. Wildly amusing - I cant get enough of this world.

  • MrsJoseph
    2019-02-03 14:09

    I quite liked this one! Much better than the last two, for sure. Lock is adorable and Gwen's brothers are idiots. What I didn't care for was any of the sex - skimmed right over - and the dangling plot strings. Also, no real interest in Gwen, so... LOVED LOCK. :-D

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-01-25 19:17

    There are not many funny and loopy paranormal books that will have you laughing out loud and rolling your eyes at the same time. The Main Squeeze is definitely one of them. Lachlan “Lock” MacRyrie is not really that interested in social events. But, since this seven foot tall grizzly bear shape-shifter from Long Island, New York has no choice and must to attend his good friend’s wedding, he’ll suck it up and pretend to enjoy himself. Lock enjoys the simple things in life, such as catching salmon in the river and foraging for honey. He feels uncomfortable in most public situations because everyone around him runs the other way when he enters the room. It all comes down to Lock being able to shift into a ten-foot, fifteen-hundred pound, silver-tipped grizzly bear whenever he feels like it. (Silver-tipped because of his hair color.) This latest wedding has all types of guests from shifters that include lions to wolves and other breeds. And when alcohol is consumed, things do tend to get out of hand. Lock is expecting some brawls and is not surprised when he notices a hybrid ready to pounce on some lions who turn their nose up at her. Lock is intrigued by this gold-eyed beauty with a real dirty mouth. Gwen O’Neill is a tigon, a half tiger, half lion hybrid from Philadelphia who is ready to fight anyone who makes fun of her. She puts up with enough from her brothers, who treat her as if she is can’t take care of herself, and a mother who is always criticizing her job and life in general. When Gwen first meets Lock, she finds him annoying. He’s from Jersey, after all, and seems to be a big pushover. There’s no way he can keep up with a girl like her. Lock is very interested in Gwen even though bears and other furry animals usually don’t mix. He comes to her rescue when she and her best friend Blayne, a happy-go-lucky wolf bitch, are attacked by a group of she-wolves on neutral territory. Gwen is hurt protecting Blayne and Lock takes her to the hospital. Gwen has a deep-rooted fear that the doctors will steal her organs. Lock finds Gwen to be too much of a handful, but there is something so sexy and endearing about her that he can’t get enough of. And when Gwen and Blayne move to New Jersey to start up their plumbing business, Lock will have even more drama to deal with, such as trying to figure out who wants to harm Gwen and keeping her brothers from attacking him. Gwen adores this big grizzly and would love nothing more than to call him her own. She just has to keep her brothers and mother in the dark because they are just too noisy for their own good.I have never met a bunch of insane-acting characters who curse like truck drivers and will drop everything to fight just because someone can’t keep their insults to themselves. Ms. Laurenston makes sure to combine humor and snark in some outlandish ways, such as Blayne joining a roller derby team and getting beat up because of her new hobby. And the funny thing is, Blayne goes back for more while her friends, who are a bloodthirsty bunch, watch from the stands.The main reason to read The Mane Squeeze is because of Lock. He is the ultimate beta hero and will have you sighing from the very first page. He’s a great partner and love interest for Gwen, and their interactions and banter are witty and too funny for words. And when these two hit the sheets, it’s passionate and fun. Ms. Laurenston has given Lock a great skill with his mouth that you’ll not want to miss and one Gwen almost faints in pleasure over.There is a bit of a mystery concerning Gwen’s mother, Roxy, and a nemesis of hers who wants revenge for something Roxy did in the past. Because of that, Gwen becomes a victim but won’t go down without putting up a fight. And because there are so many insults and craziness being thrown from all side, it made my head spin more than once. At some points I felt the characters were a bit too immature in the way they handled things and I would have preferred fewer secondary characters and more of an emphasis on Gwen and Lock.Even with some wacky and some eye rolling antics from the characters, I found The Mane Squeeze to be a fun, sexy story where the grizzly bear and his tigon can find happiness in one another’s arms.

  • Smokinhotbooks K.C.
    2019-02-10 13:00

    As my college English professor once told me, it’s harder to make people laugh than cry. This was after he gave me a C, but that is another post. This book made me laugh-out- loud. I had happy tears coming down my face. This also could have been due to my antibiotics, as I more than once wanted to swing in circles and shout, “weeee”. This book picks-up after Mane Attraction, (Sissy Mae and Mitch Shaw’s story), where we were introduced to Gwen, who is Mitch’s younger sister and she also happens to be a tigon (half lion half tiger). I felt Mane Attraction kind of missed the chemistry boat, but Mane Squeeze hit the spot for me. Lions don’t do forever…or monogamy. Bears are shifters not to be f’ed with and don’t play well with others.Gwen is a tough gal from Philly who indulges her feminine side by painting her fingernails the color of the Philadelphia Eagles. Lock (Lachlan MacRyrie of the Clan MacRyrie) is a seven foot tall grizzly bear from the suburbs of New Jersey. He has an unhealthy obsession for all things honey and is someone not to mess with. They cross paths (again) while Gwen is running away from a pack of hybrid hating shifters and smacks into Lock causing them to tumble off a cliff. Gwen is dragged taken to the hospital despite her adamant refusal due to organ thieves (damn A&E special). And Lock wants to kiss her and make her boo-boos all better. Gwen’s overbearing brother Mitch rains on the romance parade by kicking Lock out without getting Gwen’s digits! Their paths cross again when Lock’s father is in dire need of a plumber and Gwen appears making Lock’s heart pound. He’s is so not going to let her get away this time.Can two different shifter species make love work? Will Mitch get his way and keep Gwen and Lock apart? With Gwen’s BFF Blayne and the rest of the shifter community, Mitch has his work cut out of him. Lock, Gwen, and Mitch have no idea that mission “bear-cat” is active. His mother was in love. Lock knew it as soon as she set eyes on Gwen that she’d fallen head over heels in love.First off, Gwen was dressed “correctly.” Sturdy work boots, no cute shoes. Curly hair held off her face with a headband, no cute hairstyle more concerned with glamour rather than functionality. Cargo pants with lots of pockets, no cute jeans with a thong hanging out. Long sleeved Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt that had seen better days but still did the job, no “I’m your sexy plumber” cute t-shirt in pink.My ThoughtsI’m really not doing this book justice as I come no where near close to this book’s funny meter. Sometimes when I read a more chick-lit PNR book I’m left feeling a little unfulfilled. Or, if there is too much humor the characters sometimes lack the sexy chemistry and lean more towards a ‘friendzone’ type of romance. Not the case with this story. The reappearance of my favorite character from Beast In him, Jessie Ann, is hilarious. Not to mention Mitch and the rest of the shifter community. I thought the romance really worked for this odd duo, Lock is a sweet, gentle giant – who calls Gwen Mr. Mittens when he’s feeling cheeky. Gwen is a tough, no nonsense, Philly girl that can’t resist Lock’s nice guy appeal. I had so many favorite scenes in this book that they desevered a brief mention. a. Lock in a KILT!b. Gwen and Blayne as roller derby girlsc. Mission ‘bear-cat’ slide show with Mitch and his air guitard. Mitch waking Gwen up via his gnarly morning breathe. Lock putting Mitch and brother Brendon in unconscious head locksf. Jessie Ann many appearancesg. Lock’s lips are like fingers leading to many happy-gams galore

  • Larissa
    2019-02-01 17:21

    Previously Published on my blog: Welcome to Larissa's Bookish LifeSPOILER FREEI was a bit worried about these next few books in this series. I mean, they are all about characters that have had very little to no screen time so far. But, I should have know that I could trust the awesome Shelly Laurenston to deliver, because she ALWAYS will!The Mane Squeeze is the story of Mitch’s {from The Mane Attraction} little sister, Gwen’s story. My first impression of Gwen when she first showed up a couple books ago was, “argh, I'm not gonna like her”, I shouldn’t have worried. Shelly has such a way of creating these characters that you can’t help but LOVE and be fascinated by it and Gwen definitely fits the bill.Gwen is a hybrid, she result of the mating of a Lioness and a Tiger. She is a Tigon {I LOVE these hybrid names hehe} and she ends up falling for Lock, who is a Grizzly Bear Shifter and one of the most amazingly cute characters I have ever read about, not to mention killer protective and HOT!"Gwen stopped putting her money in the bag. "You're giving your father a picture of a door for his birthday?" And she'd thought Mitch marking up pages in her copy of Vogue and telling her, "This is what I'd get you for your birthday if I had money" had been cheap."The heat of these two sizzles up the pages, but it’s their tamer interactions and family moments that captured my heart. I love how Shelly keeps showing a bit of this world she created at a time in each book. It’s no different in The Mane Squeeze, with the curious bears LOL. Lock’s father is one of the cutest characters I have ever read hehe.Another thing that i can’t help but be drawn to, is being able to see all the characters we have read about so far in the background and not have them just be extras, but have them continue being their crazy, hilarious or psychotic selves even if they already have found their HEA."Sissy Mae Smith...stumbled into the room loaded down with even more bags. "You pack like a woman," she snarled when she finally dropped the luggage to the floor. "How can one man have so much conditioner?"His mouth filled with French toast, Mitch pointed at his hair and snarled, "Tawny mane! Do you think this shit stays this beautiful on its own? It needs care and love! Which is more than I'm getting from you!"Yup, I will keep bothering you all until you give this series a shot! It’s fabulous and I want every PNR lover out there sharing in the joy with me hehe

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-02-15 12:22

    Forget shape shifters who make you want to howl, this one will make you want to cover yourself in honey!I really liked the hero of Mane Squeeze, who can deny the charm of a seven foot drop dead gorgeous shifter in a kilt and as a grizzly shifter Lock MacRyrie has an understated danger about him that I found truly appealing and which allows this thoughtful sweetheart of a hunk the ability to make even the fiercest breed of shifters run for cover - or play dead. For a Laurentson leading lady, the heroine tigon (half tiger, half lion) Gwen, is downright sweet - relatively speaking - Gwen just doesn't have that uber-vicious streak like the rest of the past heroines - even though this 'kitty' does bare her claws from time to time. And while it was kind of funny to watch Gwen hiss and climb the drapes after being put in her place by one of the afore mentioned nasty former heroines - I would have like to have seen Gwen regain her power with a little revenge. But that said, even though it sounds like a really strange match Gwen and Lock are good together and there's plenty of steamy stuff as Lock baits the hook and then takes his time reeling Gwen in because he knows she's a keeper. And it is really nice that Gwen is good for him too, helping him to take a chance on turning his very cool hobby into the career he's always dreamt of.I really love Laurenston's books for the combination of humor and heat, and all of the crazy family members are part of what make these books so funny. I'll admit I did have a few issues with the Gwen's lion half-brother Mitch and the half-brother-of-her-half-brother, Brendon, who are so much less here as supporting characters than they were when they had their turn in the spotlight - I actually found them more irritating than funny this time round. But Loch's father and uncles are fun, and Gwen's friend Blayne as the ADD wolfdog hybrid was a hoot.So overall, I really liked Mane Squeeze - it is worth reading for Lock alone - and I hope to see a lot more of Laurenston's shifters in the future. If you’ve read all of her Pride and Pack stories and are looking for some more sexy fun from Laurenston, you should check out her medieval Dragon-shifter stories, written as her alter ego G A Aiken.

  • Cindy
    2019-02-13 13:21

    Good read. The hero's a 7 foot shifter [who we discover looks EXCELLENT in a kilt:] and just happens to turn into a grizzly bear. The heroine's a mere 5' 8" [practically a munchkin in the shifter world:] mixed-breed who just happens to be Mitch O'Neill/Shaw's little sister.The author delivers her customary hot scenes intermixed with laugh-out-loud humor. Mix together plots [both nefarious and well intended:], shifter prejudices and politics, over-protective brothers [and their mates:], and girl roller derby [shifter style:] and stand back... All the characters from the previous books appear [after all, what's the point of getting them all together in the same city if they can't interact?:]. Pride1. The Mane Event (2007)2. The Beast In Him (2008)3. The Mane Attraction (2008)3. The Mane Squeeze(2009)

  • Bo
    2019-01-20 15:00

    REREAD DECEMBER 2017I had to rerate this to a 5 star read because it's freaking awesome. I feel like any book I can reread more than a few times deserves it. Gwen and her 180 head turns, and Lock with his toe grabs still crack me up. If you're wondering what that means then read the book. 😊 It was just as wonderful, if not better than the first time I read it. Love this series!!!

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-01-29 14:06

    So good!

  • Penny Watson
    2019-02-02 20:21

    I think it's pretty apparent why shapeshifters and romance became a successful genre. There is something inherently sexy and domineering and elemental about a wild beast. Strip away the humanity, and what you have left is a being who thinks about eating and survival and sex and protecting his pack and loved ones. There is nothing sexier than an intense, mysterious werewolf claiming its mate (oh, how I love you Vane Kattalakis).I love serious, intense shapeshifters (Sherrilyn Kenyon). I love funny shapeshifters (Molly Harper). I love steampunky shapeshifters (Gail Carriger). And I especially love Scottish shapeshifters tortured by vampires (Kresley Cole). But for some strange reason, I am not getting the whole Shelly Laurenston thing.I know folks who absolutely adore this author, but I couldn't stand the first two books I read by her. Beast Behaving Badly was a bad introduction to the Pride series. I thought Blayne was a horrible heroine--irritating and hyper. There were too many confusing characters and I didn't get the humor. Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack series) was even worse. I hated the hero, the heroine, and all of their friends. I didn't find cussing, slapping, and constant insults funny, nor did I find it sexy or romantic.I just finished reading The Mane Squeeze (Pride series #4) and I really enjoyed this story. (I will get back to that review in a moment.) But it finally dawned on me what is totally bizarre about these books.In a nutshell, it's Animal House. With real animals.All of the characters act like drunken fraternity brothers. The guys. The girls. Their parents. Their grandparents. And I'm not talking about one of those geeky fraternities where the guys wear glasses and are computer geniuses. I'm talking about John Belushi-style fraternity boys, waking up in a pile of their own vomit and drool, and wearing underwear on their head. The animals in Laurenston's books act like a bunch of immature, idiotic fraternity boys. They party. They slap each other around. They cuss and insult each other. They resort to violence in short order. And the girls are actually worse than the guys! Even the parents act like imbeciles. Honestly, I think Laurenston is giving the animal kingdom a bad rap. Real animals behave better than most of these losers.Now, it could be funny I suppose. Some folks find these very humorous. But I keep waiting for a real grown-up to show up. They never do.I think one of the reasons I really enjoyed The Mane Squeeze is that it has a lot more subtlety than the other two I read. The hero is a sweet beta bear, and the heroine is not as unlikable as the other heroines. The over-the-top antics are still here, but slightly toned back, and the humor was perfect. I did laugh out loud more than once.Strangely, I loved Blayne in this story. She is still hyper and weird, but also charming and sweetly loyal to her friend. Too bad those qualities didn't dominate her own book. However, I still found the number of characters overwhelming, the complicated family structures confusing, and the politics of all the different packs difficult to understand. On the plus side, I love that Laurenston has Asian characters and black characters and hybrid characters, and deals with the bigotry and intolerance they experience.I'm glad I finally read a Laurenston book I liked, but I think I'm done with her series. I can only take Animal House in small doses, and I like my shapeshifters a bit more dignified and sexy. (Playing with one's toes is cute and goofy, but not so high up on the sexy meter.) I'm sure the Shelly Laurenston fans are going to let me have it. Bring it on. I can take it. I already got slammed by a JD Robb fanatic at Bertucci's and I lived to tell the tale.Struggling with a strange urge to do a beer bong,Penelope

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-02-19 17:21

    Just when I feared every single shifter in the world of the Pride series was an over-the-top, bizarre, or arrogant joke, Shelly Laurenston proves me wrong. Only HALF of this couple fits the bill. Yes, tigon shifter Gwen is violent, bawdy and a bit, er, low class. But the hero, Lock, is actually kind of normal. At least, as normal as a guy who shifts into a grizzly bear can be. This is progress.You may remember Gwen from the earlier books in the series. She is Mitch's half-sister from Philly. I mention her hometown, because it's brought up so often in the book, it must be very, very important. Anyhoo, she is now moving to New York to join a business venture with best friend --and fellow hybrid outcast-- Blayne. As the story begins, the two women are attacked by some vicious wolves --and they run to Lock for cover. Gwen remembers him from a friend's wedding (Smitty & Jess from The Beast in Him) where he stepped in to save her from a fight. She figures he could save her again... and he does, but she is still injured in the skirmish.The two forge a connection that day, but it's not until months later that their relationship is rekindled, thanks in no small part to some friendly meddling by Blayne. These two are so different, yet they strike a real chord with each other. I liked Lock much more than any of the other heroes we have met in the series. He is humble and unassuming, even though he is one of the biggest and baddest shifters out there. He is earnest and genuine in his feelings for Gwen and he doesn't take shortcuts in their relationship.Gwen is somewhat less appealing. She's not all that different from Ronnie, Sissy May, or the other farcical characters we have met already. She's always spoiling for a fight; she loves to talk trash; blah blah. Just instead of making her hillbilly, the author makes her "street." She does soften around Lock, though, and that is probably her saving grace.There's a bit of an external conflict going on with a family feud, but the romance is the real draw. Gwen and Lock really work in an "opposites attract" sort of way. The series' trademark humor is still present; so is the smoking hot sex. And I feel like we got a pretty good set-up for a Dee and Ric story, which intrigues me.I think this has been my favorite installment so far.Rating: B

  • Wicked Nyx
    2019-02-16 15:18

    Ok, I am usually a fan of bad-boys, you know the ones - totally alpha, controlling, socially unacceptable, etc. I now have a new favorite type of hero - the Lochlan McRyrie type. Lock is a grizzly shifter, nearly seven feet tall, over 300 pounds of muscle. He is sweet, funny, caring, considerate...and totally terrifying. Oh, and he looks *amazing* in a kilt! Obsessed with honey (naturally) and fixated on working his way into our girl Gwen's life.Gwen is a hybrid, her mom is a notorious lioness and her dad a tiger. Hybrids are a sort of underclass of the Other world, not really accepted by most Packs, Prides, Clans, etc. So while her family loves her, she isn't really a part of the O'Neill Pride. Just to be clear, our heroine is what one might call...errrr...*plucky* - or bitchy, psychotic, scary, know, to-may-to/to-mah-to.Like most bears, Lock likes things calm, as surprises generally end with a mauling. But he just can't seem to stay away from Gwen, even though she clearly has some high-maintenance issues. She isn't afraid of him, a rarity in their world, even when he is in full-on grizzly rage. Oh, and she smells like honey. He never really stands a chance of resisting her.I loved the chemistry between Gwen and Lock, and their interaction and growth throughout the book was awesome. Also, this is flat-out one of the most hilarious books I have read this year - I was laughing out loud at 1 in the morning, trying not to wake anyone up.I really appreciated that this was not an insta-love scenario, and the characters don't fall into bed at first sight either. They actually go out and learn about each other, and meet each other's families and struggle through issues. I have not read the other books in the Pride series, but you can bet they are next on my TBR list after this. Fans of the series will be happy to know that the main characters from the previous books are featured, as well as from the Magnus Pack series.I absolutely could not put this book down, and it moved immediatly and instantly onto my keeper shelf. Five hilarious, fabulous, wonderful stars!!!

  • Megan
    2019-01-23 12:17

    re-read and the book is still fabulous.Oh my God, I LOVED this book! Shelly Laurenston is my new favorite author. I love everything she writes. It all makes me laugh. Lock is the greatest shifter ever on the face of the Earth. Gwen was hilariously crazy. Like she was kind of a nut job. She was terrified of doctors, thought they were going to harvest her organs. Im not quite sure why that was so funny to me but it was. Lock was extremely laid back. He is one of the best written bear shifters I have ever read. Lock was huge, he was curious about everything, he loved honey, he took all the drama in and didn't really care about it, and he played with his toes. Seriously, I am in love like I have never been in love before. I loved how he was with Gwen and I loved how little he cared about all of her brothers drama. I am almost too in love with this book to talk about it rationally. I keep wanting to say I love it and then my mind goes all gooey and lovey and I want to marry Lock. So this is all I'm going to say. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I LOVE LOCK! I loved the relationship he had with Gwen (even if I hate her a little bit ;) This is by far my favorite boo from the series. I honestly don't think it can get any better.

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-01-19 13:59

    AudiobookI don't know if I'm in a funk with this series but I'm not enjoying them as much as I did when I first started reading them. It seems like the same jokes are repeated over and over - her head turning, he's so big, she's scared of her sister-in-law. These were amusing the first time but by the 5th time I wasn't even smiling. The romance was cute. Now the hybrid will have a part bear, part tiger, part lion baby - what in the hell will that look like. I'm going to take a long break from the rest of this series so hopefully I can come back appreciating it again. 3 out of 5 stars.

  • Emily
    2019-01-22 12:04

    Gwen O'Neill is not sure what draws her to the handsome Grizzly Lachlan "Lock" MacRyie, but she seems to always find herself in his arms. When they "accidentally" bump into each other again, he finally asks her out, after all bears are deep thinkers. Lock has never met anyone quite like Gwen, sexy, unpredictable, and addictive and he can't think of his life without her in it.Not sure why I kept putting this one to the side, thought it was fantastic. A lot of sub stories that could lead to more sequels. Gwen's family is always interesting. Had a really really funny section that has to do with a hospital in the beginning, hilarious.**Just reread, even better the second time

  • Georgie
    2019-02-12 14:14

    Absolutely gorgeous beta-type hero is the best the thing about this. Shape-shifting is not a genre I'm familiar with, which may be why the rest of the book left me cold: it didn't seem to me that there was enough plot / development to sustain the book outside the frequent dog/tiger/wolf fights.

  • N.J. Walters
    2019-02-06 19:06

    If you love shifters, you have to read Shelly Laurenston!

  • Sarah (A Weebish Book Blog)
    2019-02-08 17:01

    This review was updated on A Weebish Book Blog as part of my TBT Review feature. Review publishes on 11/30/2017.Hey y’all! PNR is one of my favorite genres, and Shelly Laurenston is one of the reasons why. She’s so talented at writing goofy, lovable, memorable romances that never grow old. THE MANE SQUEEZE is one such book. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread Gwen and Lock’s story and I still believe them to be one of the hottest couples of the Pride series.I love Gwen and Lock so much I had to bombard you with some of my favorite scenes. You’re welcome.She extended her leg, resting it on a small boulder in front of her and letting out a breath, her eyes shutting. “I know it’s healing, but fuck it hurts.”“Let me see.” Lock got to his feet, ignoring the aches and pains he felt throughout his body. By the time he made it over to her, she opened her eyes and blinked wide, leaning back.“Hey, hey! Get that thing out of my face!His cock was right there, now wasn’t it? He knelt down on one knee in front of her and said, “This is the best I can manage at the moment. I don’t exactly have time to run off and kill an animal for its hide.”“Fine,” she muttered. “Just watch where you’re swinging that thing. You’re liable to break my nose.”Gwen is a tigon hybrid—mother is a lion, father is a tiger—though hybrids are treated better than they were twenty years ago, she and her wolfdog bestie Blayne are still the black sheep of the shifter world. Because of her hybrid nature, Gwen has never been part of the O’Neil pride, even though she was raised with the love and support of a close-knit family. She is thankful to escape Philly and the restricting family ties of the O’Neil Pride behind to help Blayne take over her father’s plumbing business.Yep. They’re plumbers. They are excellent at their job if you don’t factor in the battles with badgers. *cough*Gwen is one of those characters that worms their way into your heart and just takes up residence there. She is tough-as-nails, somewhat insane, and completely charming. I crush hard on Gwen O’Neil.She was stubbornly determination not to fall for Lock, and boy does she have her work cut out for her! To say the adorable grizzly is hard to resist is and understatement. Even if he is sticky from eating honey and plays with his toes for fun.Yes, I said toes.“This isn’t going to end up on the Internet, right? I’ll be really pissed if this ends up on the Net.”“Trust me,” he said again. And when Gwen looked at him he was playing with his toes.With a shrug, Gwen stretched out beside Lock, lifted her legs up, and grabbed her toes.“You can roll back and forth, too.”All right then.“What do you think?”“This is…uh…kind of…nice actually.”“I know. I do it anytime I’m really pissed or depressed or bored or…playing.”“You do it every day, don’t you?”“Sometimes. There’s no shame in the toe grab. And look! You can cross arms and grab opposite toes.”“Rebellious.”“I live on the edge, Gwen.”Laughing, Gwen dropped her legs and curled into Lock’s side.“What? What’s so funny?”Hdsgfaflfrgjfd SO MANY FEELS. I really don’t know how Gwen lets him out of the house. I would chain him to my bed and keep him there.Gwen is a doll, but Lock? Lock is the cutest, cuddliest grizzly bear ever.Jess walked up to them and raised her brows at Lock.“I’m not a dancing bear,” he complained.“Please?” Jess pushed lightly, giving him a smile that made Gwen want to deck her.Appearing more embarrassed than Gwen had seen him, Lock looked down at the children – and roared.The children screamed and took off running, scattering in all directions while Jess clapped and laughed.“And today’s Lack of Dignity award goes to…” Gwen muttered.It’s hard to imagine he’s an ex-marine. He plays with his toes for fun, eats way too much honey, and almost kills Gwen with his penis.If you haven’t already, READ THIS BOOK! Seriously. You will not regret it.THE MAN SQUEEZE was hilarious, smoking hawt, adorable, and loads of fun. There is so much to enjoy in Laurenston’s silly but sexy shifter romances and she always manages to entertain.

  • Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship}
    2019-01-26 18:11

    Bears! My first bear shifter book and what an impression it made! He may not be an alpha male but Lock's very size (6ft 11 3/4inch human and 10ft bear) and demeanour means he can pretty much do whatever he wants as evidenced by his treatment of the "kittens" Mitch and Brendon, sometimes forgetting he was still dragging them like battered ragdolls in his hands. He was very entertained by these two playthings, much to their chagrin...and need for a hospital afterwards. -LMAO!Lock's bear nature was so sweet and adorable, riveted by the simplest of pleasures -playing with his toes and eating anything honey but woe betide anyone who threatens someone he loves, my god the boar rage -yikes! Oh and never startle a bear, never, that's if you want to keep your head on your shoulders. His father's notoriously fierce curiosity was hilarious, even his toddler niece was aware of it. His mother's protectiveness -woah! Mitch forgot one of the major rules of dealing with bears -never get between a mama bear and her cubs. Whoops.Gwen is a mixed breed as a tigon, a tiger/lion mix which has unfortunately meant that she's received much racism, both verbal and physical. She's overwhelmed and embarrassed by her mother and feels claustrophobic by her brother Mitch's protectiveness. She's beautiful but not high maintenance. She's a qualified plumber and an experienced beautician, well she had to be with her mother owning her own hair salon. She also has a homicidal streak she tries to hide but comes out when her BFF Blayne is injured in a strange and dangerous game, that only Lock can deal with (she can't get around his size, thank goodness).I completely agreed with her when she realised what Lock's bear lips and other appendages could do when she said "Marry me" -LOL! I also found it very sweet the way she was reassuring Lock the perfectionist about his art, creating one-of-a-kind furniture out of wood. And the prices she negotiated for them -bloody hell! I bet every writer would want her for an agent! I absolutely loved the story, adored the characters (yay for seeing Niles Van Holtz again), the abundance of laughs and the growing community we've got going and even the family feuds. It all made me very happy.DeeAnne -What a relief...because I wasn't sure...Anyway, I can't wait to read her book now. And remember: Conditioner -it's your friend. Nair, is not.

  • Chumchum_88
    2019-02-08 20:19

    This one was cute and funny, a really light hearted kind of book ^^- I loved the cuddly hero, he was so so so cute with his honey obsession and playing with his toes and how gentlemanly he is and how close to his parents he is plus he's cute when he blushes oooh lets not forget there was a kilt involved XD- The heroine was ok, she garnered some sympathy with her hybrid origins and how this affected her life with bullying and attacks and such stuff, but she was a tough girl, I preferred her best friend actually.- The wild dog pack is just awesome they are so funny and quirky and so full of life and enjoyment, whenever they get mentioned I know the scene would turn out good and funny.- The parents scenes where super hilarious , first with his parents then her mom, I'm just glad that my family isn't THAT open to such talks XD- The Shaw brothers were funny cute punching bags for the hero, it was cute seeing how amused and happy he was swatting a lion like he was his brand new toy XD- I liked how this couple didn't have any commitment issues or any hesitation they knew what's in their hearts and they said it, not like all the previous couples in the series.- I loved Rick's reaction to Dee every single time XDOverall, *thumbs up*

  • Elise-Pinterest+Goodreads=The Perfect Book Boyfriend
    2019-01-20 18:04

    While I enjoyed this book simply because I like bear shifters and this story gives a better view into the prejudices against mixed breeds, there were a lot of unanswered questions at the end. Also, the heroine is such a scaredy cat (no pun intended). I never get the feeling that she could pretend or defend a grape. Lock on the other hand, is totally hot and I have decided in shifter world, I want a bear. Also, I know that the way it ended with DeAnne was suppose to really make me want to read the next book, however, it does not. Especially if Ric ends up being a soft handed wuss. There are some hints that he might have a "side" to him that is alpha, however, he and his whole waffle making family do not make me hot in a literary way. I am not burning to read the next book. If someone has read it and thinks its worth the time, let me know. For now, I am going to take a break from Shelly.

  • valee
    2019-01-23 18:24

    I'm just so disappointed with this one! So many things were wrong with it. I had been loving the books in this series and I was having a great time reading it. I'm worried though because everybody rated it very high, but I just wanted it to end. First of all I hated the "bad guy", or girl in this case. Also I didn't like at all the heroine either. Gwen O'Neill was boring and lame. The thing about the derby didn't attracted me at all and the rest of the characters were lacking in comparison with the other books. The only thing I really, REALLY loved about this book was the hero. The cutest and sexiest hero ever,LOL. But the rest was just depressing for me. I hope next book gets better.