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Ny stark Jungstedt-deckare som utspelar sig i modevärlden // När Jenny, en helt vanlig gotländsk gymnasietjej, upptäcks av en modellagentur förändras hennes tillvaro i ett slag. Hon anses snart vara en av de hetaste stjärnorna och slungas in i en värld fylld av kändisfester och glamour. Medan Jenny njuter av sitt nya, spännande liv i Stockholm befinner sig den några år ynNy stark Jungstedt-deckare som utspelar sig i modevärlden // När Jenny, en helt vanlig gotländsk gymnasietjej, upptäcks av en modellagentur förändras hennes tillvaro i ett slag. Hon anses snart vara en av de hetaste stjärnorna och slungas in i en värld fylld av kändisfester och glamour. Medan Jenny njuter av sitt nya, spännande liv i Stockholm befinner sig den några år yngre Agnes på sjukhuset till följd av svåra ätstörningar. Också hon har drömt om ett liv i rampljuset, nu är hon på väg att tyna bort. Vid Agnes sida vakar hennes orolige far. Dottern är hans allt sedan Agnes mamma och bror omkom i en tragisk bilolycka några år tidigare. Nu plågas Agnes svårt av den oro hon orsakar sin pappa. Och ingenting blir bättre av att hans nya hustru envisas med att följa med till sjukhuset, bara för att otåligt sitta och vänta på att få ta honom med sig därifrån....

Title : Den farliga leken
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ISBN : 9789100124397
Format Type : Hardcover
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Den farliga leken Reviews

  • Sara
    2019-01-27 10:28

    3'5/5La verdad es que me ha mantenido muy intrigada, no tenía mucha idea de quién podría ser el asesino, pero siento que faltaba algo. Aún así, lo he disfrutado mucho.

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2019-02-22 03:18

    I was pleased that Random House UK, Transworld Publishers via Net Galley had auto approved me as they get some really good books, and I am happy to read and review them.Jenny is a girl, pretty girl, who was discovered by a modelling agency. She was thrown into a lifestyle, a world where there are parties and high life all around her, except, she is now right in the middle of it all.Its a lot for a young girl, and we can see how Jenny's head could be turned.We also have Agnes, she used to be a model, but her eating disorder got the better of her and she now needs help. We see how this eating disorder really affects Agnes life. She has a regime to follow when it comes to her eating her meals at the center, however, behind closed doors she finds a way or exercising the calories back off.Agnes gets very very ill.Jenny is having a 'secret' love affair with the high profiled photographer. Things come to a head when he is found in a cabin, we don't know if he is going to live....or die. Detective Anders Knutas has to find out who he/she/they are that are "watching" them. My thoughts:I loved the concept of this detective story. It was well thought out and developed, but for me, it wasn't a 'sit on the edge of your seat, nail biting' kind of read.Its a pleasant read as it reads more like an "whodunnit".The SURPRISE at the end when we learn the answers was well thought out, I did guess though and I think you will too. However, I don't think this distracted me from the story, more the long drawn out DI procedure which I got a bit....yawny....with. Its just like watching one of those TV detective dramas where you see them unraveling the clues. I personally would reflect my thoughts as 3.07 as its definitely and OK book I would recommend to friends who like 'whodunnits'.

  • Labijose
    2019-02-20 03:22

    La octava entrega de la serie del detective sueco Anders Knutas trata sobre todo del mundo de la moda, de los esfuerzos inhumanos que muchas modelos tienen que experimentar para llegar a la cúspide, y de la corrupción que rodea a este submundo. En este contexto la escritora utiliza dos personajes principales, Jenny Levin, una modelo en la cumbre de su carrera, que está encaprichada de Markus, un fotógrafo sin escrúpulos que sufrirá un brutal ataque durante una sesión fotográfica, y a Agnes, que ha pasado de top model a residir en una residencia para pacientes de anorexia. Casualmente Agnes también se enamoró de Markus cuando su carrera estaba en pleno ascenso.La trama no es en modo alguno sobresaliente, sin embargo, encontré toda la parte relativa a Agnes y a sus vivencias la más destacable de toda la novela, haciendo de ella el hilo conductor que consigue que la novela se lea con interés y que no decaiga demasiado.No considero que Mari Jungstedt esté entre los mejores escritores nórdicos del momento. Creo que ha sabido aprovechar el tirón de sus compatriotas y crear una serie de novelas que se leen con interés, pero sin pasión. Esta es una más de esas novelas. Para lecturas más atrayentes recomiendo a, por poner sólo tres ejemplos, Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankel o Arnaldur Indridason. Dicho esto, supongo que seguiré adelante con la presente escritora, con la esperanza de descubrir alguna pequeña obra maestra con la que poder incluirla en la lista. O al menos, con el deseo de que sus libros se mantengan, por lo menos, con el mismo nivel.

  • José Carlos
    2019-02-01 07:14

    Esta saga es increíble, como te atrapa.

  • Anna Walden
    2019-02-22 09:42

    okej deckare liksom, gillade jenny mkt som karaktär. men blev inte helt indragen i berättelsen.

  • Raven
    2019-02-20 05:33

    For one reason or another Mari Jungstedt had slipped off my reading list, so after a slight hiatus for me in the series it was good to embark on her writing again. This is the eighth of the series to feature detectives Anders Knutas and Karin Jacobsson, and is set against the backdrop of the Swedish fashion world, and all the petty rivalries and skulduggery within it.The book opens with a vicious attack on fashion photographer, Markus Sanberg, a dislikeable lothario who seems to spend most of his time seducing the young models he photographs. His latest conquest is Jenny Levin, a fresh-faced and naïve girl from the rural backwoods, and the greatest focus throughout the book is her connection to Markus, and the murders that follow this initial attack. We also meet Agnes, a former model, now incarcerated in a clinic, suffering from acute anorexia, and for me, her narrative was probably the most engaging part of the book. We see through her eyes the inordinate amount of pressure put on young girls in the fashion business, and the traumatic aftermath she has experienced in not only her damaging relationship with food, but how her life has been ruined. Slowly, Jungstedt interlinks the experiences of both Jenny and Agnes as the murderer has connections to both, and how Knutas and Jacobsson enter a world largely unknown to them in pursuit of a murderer...To be honest, I wasn't completely enamoured with this book, and was thrown initially by the relating of two events that even at the close of reading, I could find no connection to what had happened in the main body of the story. Indeed, I was a little underwhelmed with the plot generally, so other aspects of the book became more important. The story largely consisted of a group of fairly dislikeable characters, arrogant Markus, limpid Jenny and so on, that I found increasingly difficult to care about. As I said previously, Agnes was the shining light amongst a fairly mediocre cast of characters, but probably more so in the fact that she revealed to us the dark side of the fashion world, and the daily difficulties she experiences in trying to overcome her eating disorder. I think most readers could not fail to be moved by her travails, and there is a huge amount of poignancy in Jungstedt's portrayal of her, particularly in relation to the events near the close of the book. Detectives Knutas and Jacobsson do not seem to have moved on an incredible amount from the last time I read this series. There is still the air of unrequited love bubbling below the surface, but I did enjoy the sharper focus placed on Jacobsson's reunion with the now adult daughter she gave up for adoption. Their handling of the investigation was fairly straightforward, unveiling few surprises along the way, and the murderer was not exceptionally well-disguised.In fairness to Jungstedt, whose previous books I have largely enjoyed, I will file this one away as a 'bridging' book in the series, with the hope that the next outing for the likeable Knutas and Jacobsson is a good deal more fulfilling. A normally pleasing detective duo, but not given room to shine in this one.

  • Richard
    2019-02-14 04:14

    This is book 8 in this continuing series set on the Swedish island of Gothland. Here that location alternates with Stockholm as Mari Jungstedt writes a tense thriller set in the fashion world.For me, I share the opinion of The Times who according to the back cover say " One of Scandinavia's best crime writers." Well Mari has long been one of my favourites for her ability to slowly unwrap a mystery from a number of points of view. In the process the reader isn't just following an investigation from the Police knowlege gained but from a wider perspective. I enjoyed again the time she takes in her books to describe locations and build tension. As a reader your mind races ahead, fearing the worse until you read something more shocking than your were anticipating. I also like the fact that not all aspects of the novel are closed; the fallout of the case isn't always neat and tidy.Some of the descriptions of Stockholm were both as menacing as they were beautiful and when you fear that an innocent animal has been brutalised you understand the power of engagement this author manages to sustain through her books.There are a number of important issues raised in this novel. They mainly surround the possible abuse and exploitation of young girls who seek to become models. The unequal relationships and poor financial returns for women trying to make it in this industry are shown in a complex story of broken promises, shattered dreams and damaged individuals. When a leading fashion photographer is attacked little evidence is found at the scene to identify the assailant and the darker aspects of cameraman's life provide a range of motives for the assault.Meanwhile a parallel story expands about a young girl, Agnes, who used to be a model until an eating disordered overwhelmed her. This is in stark contrast to the successful model, Jenny also from Gothland who seems to have the fashion world at her feet. The similarities are clear in their early careers, they worked for the same agency and a had romantic connection with the first victim. The story implies there are links and potentially both could be caught up in any fallout. Set leading up to Christmas and over the New Year this book works on so many levels revealing wider relationships of familiar characters and typical Swedish festive celebrations. I liked most of all, the time taken to introduce activities through characters in this story, who try to provide food for the disadvantaged and lonely under classes in Stockholm. This brief social commentary within this brilliant book speaks of Mari Jungstedt's wider interests and her concern for humanity.

  • Jessica
    2019-01-31 04:38

    My favorite book in this series.In my eyes this book contains the most interesting and intriguing case so far in the series. The character-descriptions are good and while the development of the main characters isn't all that interesting the book-specific characters are. Focus seems to be moved from scenery and setting to characters and I really like that.

  • Anne-marie
    2019-02-12 02:17

    God bog med interessant kig til modeverdenen. Spændende uden at være fuldstændig neglebidende, men med en god historie. Man bliver grebet af skæbnerne, og da kapitlerne er korte, har man hurtigt læst bogen.

  • Jenny
    2019-02-08 10:32

    Bra och lätt att läsa. Det bara flyter på. Lagom spänning.

  • Roviragrao
    2019-02-01 08:39

    Una lectura entretenida, que no es poco para ser la octava de la serie.

  • Karen Peterman
    2019-01-31 08:35

    The Dangerous Game is a good story which I enjoyed although at times I felt that Jenny - a high profile model - was a little one dimensional. Mari Jungstedt’s book starts with a brutal attempted murder at a fashion shoot that features Jenny as the only model.The incident is investigated by Detective Anders Knutas who is the star of several of her other books although this one works as a stand alone. Agnes used to be a model too but she is now ill in an anorexia clinic. By contrast to Jenny, Agnes is very much a well-written character and the writing about anorexia seemed realistic, sympathetic and very well-rehearsed.The story is good and carries the reader along as all the strands come together in a very clever end. No spoilers - a good plot and several great well-rounded characters set against Sweden’s dramatic scenery.

  • Michael
    2019-02-09 05:34

    Banal og rodet. Mangler retning og stringens. Der er for mange uvæsentlige personer og irrelevante begivenheder. Personerne er uden dybde, en stor del af dem kunne slettes uden den mindste betydning for historien.

  • Chantal
    2019-02-03 09:16

    Tengo un problema con los libros de Mari Jungstedt, y es que aunque me gustan bastante, ninguno me termina de parecer excepcional y no me parece que sea de las mejores escritoras nórdicas. Aún así, me gusta leer sus libros, si bien siempre acabo con la sensación de pensar, "me falta algo". En este caso, la novela me ha gustado más que las dos anteriores, y la trama me ha interesado bastante. Especialmente las partes de Agnes son las que hacían que mi interés fuera creciendo. Hasta el final no me imaginé quién sería la persona culpable, y me ha enganchado, así que no le puedo quitar eso. Es un 3/5 para mí. Lo bueno es que esta nota en una saga que acaba de publicar su décimo libro, está muy bien.

  • Stina
    2019-01-28 04:42

    Mari Jungstedt er tilbage – Og hendes fans vil elske denne nyeste i rækken :)Bogen er velskrevet, sproget meget letlæseligt og flydende, hvilket gør den til en rigtig pageturner. Dialogerne er for det meste fine, det eneste jeg synes trækker en del ned, er den ufattelig naive og glorificerende omtale af mode delen… Det er hele tiden: den mest feterede, den smukkeste, den mest berømte osv. Det må Jungstedt gerne skrue ned for i de fremtidige krimier.Persongalleriet er mangfoldigt, det er en blanding af helt dybe indre beskrivelser og let overfladiske beskrivelser. Specielt Agnes delen er ualmindelig godt beskrevet, i al sin aktualitet og gru – Hun sidder stadig på min nethinde. I vanlig Jungstedt stil er også denne bog fyldt med levende mennesker og fram for alt: levende omgivelser, hvilket er et stort plus.Politidelen fylder forbavsende lidt i denne krimi, de er der, men de fører en langt mere tilbagetrukket tilværelse, det ærgrer mig lidt, da jeg faktisk husker denne del som god fra de tidligere i serien. Denne gang er de, udover den lidt anonyme gennemgang af sagen, en smule for heldige, der mangler ordentlig gennemgang af beviser og løsninger og de bliver noget amatøragtige til tider.Plottet holder til gengæld hele vejen, selv om man kan gætte noget af løsningen forholdsvis tidligt, er der både spænding, nerve og indhold hele vejen til slutningen. At vi derudover kommer ind i den tids aktuelle verden af unge pigers higen efter unaturlige kropsmål og spiseforstyrrelser, gør krimien til en samfunds-reminder samtidig med at den underholder.Den var let til bens flere gange, og hører klart til i den let-læslige krimi ende – Men jeg var underholdt, tilstedeværende og blev fastholdt hele vejen – Så jeg gentager Jungstedt fans vil blive ellevilde med denne nye i rækken…. God læselyst :)

  • Jo-anne Atkinson
    2019-02-07 10:22

    A year ago Jenny was a normal schoolgirl living on the family farm in Gotland then she was discovered by an agency and is now on her way to becoming a worldwide supermodel. Agnes was also a pretty girl from Gotland but her modelling career wasn't quite so successful and she ended up in hospital suffering from anorexia. Both were signed to the same agency and both had affairs with the same photographer. When that photographer is attacked and left close to death the police are struggling but when the model agency boss is murdered and threatening letters are sent to a magazine editor it is clear to the Gotland police that the crimes are linked and that the answer lies in the background of the models.This is the eighth book in a series featuring the Gotland police team headed by Anders Knutas, however the reader doesn't have to read the preceding books to understand this one. The glamorous setting of the world of fashion is unusual for a 'scandi-crime' novel and that's no bad thing, it adds a twist to the sense of place which really makes this genre work so well. The plot is tight and makes complete sense and I loved the little twist at the end. All in all an enjoyable read.

  • Jackie
    2019-02-16 08:16

    One of the best this author has produced in this series - which I have found hit and miss in the past. Consistently easy reading, this episode is quite plot driven, which is fine if you hae read the previous books in the series as the main characters are already known to the reader. So it made me think of a modern day Swedish version of an Agatha Christie novel.As a whodunnit, it doesn't exacttly keep the reader guessing. After two high profile murders in the fashion industry, it is apparent who the murderer is halfway through the book - the author drops such an obvious clue, she may as well just tell the reader the culprits name. Nonetheless, its entertaining and remains compelling to the end.

  • Anne
    2019-02-05 02:22

    The book before this, "The Double Silence", & this one, "The Dangerous Game", were very pleasurable reads in the genre. Having recently read her Canary Is. novel, which was frothy, I was cautious. But, I'd enjoyed the earlier Knutas series & had already ordered these used ppbk copies.I found both of them wove in interesting views into worlds I'm not particularly familiar with & had enough variety of scene along with enough satisfying detail to make for a satisfying escape from the elections. Very pleased & look forward to more. (Like another reviewer, I didn't miss Emma W's neuroticism.)

  • Biblioteca Lardero
    2019-02-08 03:33

    La vida de Jenny, estudiante de bachillerato en Gotland, da un giro cuando la ficha una prestigiosa agencia de modelos y se convierte en una de sus grandes estrellas. Mientras, Agnes, una modelo muy joven, es hospitalizada debido a sus trastornos alimenticios. Pero la tragedia también acecha a Jenny: durante una sesión de fotos en Furillen, el fotógrafo Markus, su amor secreto, sufre un intento de asesinato. A pesar de querer volver a su vida normal, pronto Jenny se dará cuenta de que alguien la vigila, alguien con un particular concepto de la justicia. ¿Podrá Anders Knutas detener a tiempo al asesino?

  • Helen
    2019-01-24 03:29

    Enjoyed this further outing for Knutas and his team, although there was not so much about them in this volume (and the hint in the last one that a different story is to be revisited remains unfulfilled). This one takes place in November, with some of the action taking place on Gotland and some in Stockholm. Lots of observation of the fashion industry, and its possibly associated world of anorexia. There are one or to loose threads left dangling here but the main perpetrator was guessable. The other story remains in the offing, presumably!

  • Alyson
    2019-02-08 05:36

    I don't often read crime and found this to be a good mix of plot, strong characters and twists, without too much gore and blood. I didn't work out the main revelation and I could barely stop reading each time I picked it up. My only slight issue is that there are a LOT of characters, and most of them are introduced at the start, with the first several chapters a different person each time. It's a lot of people to remember, but I coped! Plenty of atmosphere and well described locations.

  • Gary Van Cott
    2019-01-28 04:22

    The good thing about this is the author provides enough information on the continuing characters that you can catch up on their stories quickly. This book has a theme, the fashion industry and skinny models, not a bad idea necessarily, but not one I have any interest in. This book has many short chapters which makes it choppy and prevents the story from gaining any momentum. Also the ending is on the abrupt side.

  • Gerda
    2019-02-21 08:25

    I really liked it. Not five stars though, because the author keeps repeating stuff from previous books and because the lives of the reoccurring characters drag on. I am not that interested about them any more. But I had to keep on reading, because the crime(s) were very well thought off. Even though I had my eye on the perpetrator some time before the cops did, it was thrilling enough up until the very last page.

  • Helle Andreasen
    2019-02-22 04:26

    Den farlige leg

  • Elisa
    2019-02-19 06:42

    Jungstedt es una de mis autoras nórdicas favoritas. Un Juego Peligroso es interesante, aunque me pareció bastante predecible. Un intento de asesinato en el mundo de la moda, que pasa cada vez a mayores y con muchos sospechosos. Es una novela entretenida, aunque no se convertirá en una de mis favoritas.

  • The Twins
    2019-02-09 10:15

    My first book from Mari Jungstedt and her latest in the Knutas series. Glad I discovered her for my long list of Nordic Noir authors. What I particularly like is that the main focus is not solely on the "crime solver", like with many other Nordic Noir authors or crime authors in general, but on the other characters.

  • Ewa
    2019-02-06 08:31

    En av alla i mängden av Jungstedts böcker, tyvärr en av de sämre. Lite tjockare än tidigare böcker i serien vilket inte gjorde berättelsen bättre utan snarare att tanken kom "fler sidor att mata igenom".

  • Marjatta
    2019-01-26 02:20

    Enpä ole koskaan ennen lukenut dekkaria, joka kertoo näin vakavasta asiasta. Nimittäin anoreksiasta. Sairaalajaksojen kuvaus ja ruuan piilottelu ym. oli kerrottu tosi asiantuntevasti. Dekkarinakin oikein hyvä, tosin murhaaja selvisi jo varhaisessa vaiheessa. Ehkä olen lukenut liikaa dekkareita!

  • Mia
    2019-02-19 05:19

    This Mari Jungsted novel is on e of her best ones. I like that it adresses the problems with the way we look at women through the eyes of the media and fashion, and the pressure it puts on all of us to look a specific way.

  • Reetta Saine
    2019-02-12 04:36

    Muotiteollisuus ja anoreksia eivät ole ihan uusinta juttua, mutta ruotsalaiskirjailijan teoksessa - H&M nimeltä mainiten - siihen saadaan kunnon vibat.Tätä voisi pistää kasien genrevinkkaukseen. Jungstedt on kyllä huippu.