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Set in the Wild West. Felix Faust is imprisoned for a drunken disturbance in the town of Paradise's jail and overwatched by Sheriff Oberon. Faust demands to be freed or Paradise will be destroyed. The next day, Sheriff Diana Prince leads two horse thieves to Paradise and finds the town destroyed. She heads to Diablo Wells to meet Kid Flash and Booster Gold, and begins asseSet in the Wild West. Felix Faust is imprisoned for a drunken disturbance in the town of Paradise's jail and overwatched by Sheriff Oberon. Faust demands to be freed or Paradise will be destroyed. The next day, Sheriff Diana Prince leads two horse thieves to Paradise and finds the town destroyed. She heads to Diablo Wells to meet Kid Flash and Booster Gold, and begins assembling a posse.A superhero western starring Wonder Woman and featuring... * Kid Flash * Hawkman * Booster Gold * Blue Beetle * John Jones * Kid Baltimore...

Title : Justice Riders
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ISBN : 9781563892578
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 64 Pages
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Justice Riders Reviews

  • Nicolo Yu
    2019-03-16 20:03

    This is the kind of story that I missed ever since DC Comics had their New 52 launch a few years back. Old DC experimented with different genres that this more corporate incarnation of DC seems averse. Elseworlds was a line of prestige format graphic novels that feature stories with familiar heroes in different genres. For instance, I would have never read a Western comic had it not featured Wonder Woman prominently on the cover.Justice Riders is really a Western story. Some of the character may have superheroes but it feels like a Western movie to me.It has a revenge theme and the way Wonder Woman recruited her posse had a feel of The Magnificent Seven to it.I'm going to read a lot more of these Elseworlds books. Comixology is having a sale on a few of them and I will most likely buy several asfter enjoying this one.

  • JB
    2019-03-13 18:03

    I love Westerns, I love comics. So when I saw this book I had to take if with me. It's a quick read. A very enjoyable little story. The art style and coloring fit the story nicely. I loved the paneling which added a lot to the Western feel.The incarnations of the JLA characters as Western legends worked perfectly. Sherrif Diana Prince the woman wonder, Kid Flash the fastest gun in the West, Katar Johnson the Hawk Shaman, John Jones mysterious manhunter, Booster Gold and the Beetle, maverick gambler and radical inventor. These familiar characters form the legend of the Justice Riders.How the Justice Riders are formed kind of reminder me of the Magnificent Seven (one of my favorite Westerns). And how the main villain destroyed towns and used technology made me think of the Wild Wild West (the steampunk Western starring Will Smith).If you're a fan of Westerns, if you're a fan of any of the characters in this story or a fan of Elseworld stories. Be sure to give this one a try. It's a fun read!

  • Travis
    2019-03-08 17:55

    THe Justice League reimagined as the 'magnificent seven'.When evil land Baron, Max Lord wipes out the small town of Paradise to make way for his own evil plans the sheriff, Diana Prince gathers a group of super powered gunslingers to foil Lord's plan and bring him to justice.Fun mix of super heroes and cowboys.

  • Keith
    2019-03-15 19:54

    This takes is pretty much exactly what the covers suggests, which is to say pretty much a rewrite of "The Magnificent Seven" starring the Justice League. While there aren't any major plot twists or great revelations, it's nevertheless a very enjoyable read, due in large part to how neatly the various characters are transposed into the old west setting. The decision to make Wonder Woman the focal character is a good one, and each of the league members is given their moment to shine. The absence of Superman and Batman benefits the story, because either of them would inevitably have become the focal point, to the overall detriment of the tale. The art matches perfectly, continuing the feel and abounding with nice touches. I found this one a lot of fun to read, enough so that I suspect the concept could have supported a miniseries or even a maxi-series. Worth a look for superhero fans.

  • David Caldwell
    2019-03-03 13:56

    Wonder Woman is a sheriff. Kid Flash is a gunslinger. Hawkman is a native shaman. These are the types of changes to expect in this tale of the old west of a different world then the one in which we are familiar.The story is good. It is both well thought out in terms of plot and the changes to characters with which we are already so familiar. The artwork is nice and fits the story.My only problem is that I never felt that I got a good grasp of the powers of the characters, especially Wonder Woman.

  • Lissibith
    2019-02-22 15:00

    So... I like superheroes. and I love the Western aesthetic, even if I'm not the biggest fan of traditional westerns as far as reading (movies are another matter!). So when I heard this was a thing, I started hunting.And then I heard that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle were in there and I was just sold. Absolutely sold. Any pre-new-52 appearance of these two is a green flag for me.And I'm super glad I did. In addition to combining a lot of things I love in isolation, it comes together to make a pretty solid tale of people living outside the law and others trying to bring them to justice. It features mad science, gunslingers of various types and enough nods to continuity that I recognize the characters even without names while not being too beholden to the regular comics.The story follows Diana Prince, the sheriff of a small town called Paradise. We start with her deputy, Oberon (JLI fans will know him) watching a prisoner by the name of Felix Faust.As expected, he doesn't just reside peacefully in jail until his court date. Things get horrible in a hurry, and by the time Diana gets back from catching a couple horse thieves, the town's been leveled. So she sets out on the trail of the people who did it before they can wreak more havoc.This is one of my favorite elseworlds titles, and I will admit that Booster's part as a dashing if somewhat underpowered gunslinger and gentleman (he compensates for the former :) ) is a huge part of it. But I love Diana leading her posse, and I love Wally West as the literal fastest gun in the West and Ted Kord as an eccentric scientist. Oh... and we get Guy Gardner as a Pinkerton. Did I metion that? Consider it mentioned. Consider it mentioned in neon. So very cool. I wanna see someone cosplay him...It's a short, solid, fun read and I suggest anyone who likes the old JLI stories give it a look.

  • The other John
    2019-03-15 15:58

    (I don't normally review comic books, but this one has an ISBN, so I'll make an exception.)Sometime back the folks at DC Comics must have stumbled across the notion that since their comics are so archetypal, they could take their characters, drop them into a whole new scenario and milk a story out of it. Having been a comics junkie for decades, I tend to enjoy these little jaunts of fantasy, enjoying all the little references to the original mythos that have been tucked into the tale. In Justice Riders, you have the Justice League of America (circa 1997) as they might have existed in the Old West. Sheriff Diana Prince is seeking to avenge the destruction of her town, Paradise. In her quest she gathers people of unique skills to help her--Kid Flash, the Hawk Shaman, Booster Gold, the Beetle and the mysterious manhunter John Jones. They hunt down the wealthy industrialist Maxwell Lord and try to bring him to justice. It's a deliciously rendered offering; a steam-punk tale with just a touch of super-hero fantasy.

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    2019-02-20 20:00

    Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) is the Sheriff of Paradise, and she vows revenge when the town is destroyed. Set in the old west this story is both original and inventive...a great afternoon read.

  • Gayle Francis Moffet
    2019-02-22 20:17

    It's got a good hook: DC heroes as vigilantes in the Old West, and the story as a whole fits together pretty well, but I'm left wondering why, exactly, Wally had his powers and no one else did? It seems the easiest power to switch over, actually. Wally West is the fastest shot in the West. Bam. Done. Five dollars, please.And it nagged on me even while I enjoyed the whole thing. It's Old West Steampunk with some of my very favorite heroes, and I especially liked seeing Guy Gardner as a Pinkerton who was clearly respected. The other characters are great, too. Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and the Manhunter all make a great team, and the use of Booster and Ted as the comic relief/ridiculously large gun carriers made for a fun read.I just can't quite shake the feeling that Wally West wasn't the best fit in this story, but I'm having a hard time figuring out who'd replace him, so maybe it's his power that bugs me and not his inclusion.

  • James Bowman
    2019-03-12 19:48

    A neat little tale reinterpreting the post-Crisis Justice League as Wild West characters. (See alsoTransformers: Evolutions Hearts of Steel, where the same author does more or less the same thing, but with Transformers.)

  • Earl
    2019-02-20 14:50

    The JLA in the wild wild west? Good enough. IT's good having Diana Prince as the legendary Sherrif woman wonder, and it's interesting how even Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle got involved in all of this. This could have been further developed.